Most Americans Say Biden Is Tanking the Economy by “Listening to Too Many Liberals”

A snapshot of voters finds that most Americans feel that President Joe Biden is screwing the economy by “listening to too many liberals.”

On CBS’ “Face the Nation,” host Margaret Brennan appeared with a “Listening to America” focus group of voters to discuss issues concerning Americans. Among the six voters on the panel, not a single person claimed that Americans were in a better place than they were a year ago.

“All of you are saying no, even though the jobs picture is brighter, even though the direction of the economy recovery is happening,” Brennan said.

Some of the voters on Brennan’s panel blamed “Covid fatigue” for the unfortunate state.

“They’re kind of in a lag on the science,” Independent Trump voter Beth said.

“I think this whole country is suffering from Covid fatigue at this point. It has become confusing and depressing,” Biden voter Mildred commented.

But still, others put the blame squarely on the shoulders of the increasingly unpopular President, and that sentiment continued on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” where host Chuck Todd spoke with a panel of three independent voters.

“President Biden is walking a tightrope. In addition to flagging enthusiasm in the base, he faces eroding support among independents,” Todd reported.

Just as the voters on Brennen’s show, Todd’s panel similarly criticized Biden’s performance as well as his avoidance of issues they considered more important.

‘It’s almost $400 just to go to the grocery store for three people. I mean, that’s insane,’ one voter said.

“Leading into the argument about elections and election fairness in either direction turns me off,” Georgia voter Jonathan Lochamy said.

“We got a lot of problems. We’ve got high inflation. We have supply chain issues,” fellow Georgia voter Jason Murphy commented. 

“I think he’s listening to too many liberals,” he later added.

These appearances followed a recent report from the New York Times that surveyed 14 independent voters on political issues. Opinion editor Patrick Healy wrote that Covid no longer seems to impact Americans as much as the economy.

“How do independent voters feel about President Biden and America after his first year in office?” Healy asked. “Let’s put it this way: His weak approval ratings might go up if he pulled a Trump and just declared that America was moving on from the pandemic and he was going all-in against inflation and high gas prices. Never mind about voting rights or avoiding another Jan. 6. It’s the economy, Joe.”

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  1. ABSOLUTELY!! 100% He can’t think for himself Why did he cancel Trump’s policies when they were favoring our economy Hopefully it wasn’t out of spite for his known hatred of Trump

    • It was out of spite and Biden himself told us so. Biden is for destroying anything that Trump did and that is the only thing Biden is good at doing unfortunately.

  2. Ronald Wilson Hagler

    Our economy is in shreds, inflation runs rampant across the U.S., and Biden insists his plan is working! I just purchased an average sized bag of shrimp for $20.00 that cost me $10 49 two years ago. I just spent 32% more to fill up my gas tank than two years ago. Banks now pay less that 1% interest on savings while charging 18% to 21% on credit card balances. My breakfast, in a restaurant, cost me a $1.50 more than it did 18 months ago. Restaurants are having to shorten hours, or have employees pull double-shifts because Biden’s administration has made it more profitable for low waged service workers, restaurant service personnel, convenience store assistants, department and grocery store stockers and storeroom employees, et al, to stay home, living off government handouts, than to go to work. This “paid-to-stay-home” plan by Biden is killing businesses: especially small independent businesses. All this falls squarely on Biden and his unreasonable dictates!

  3. IMPEACH F.J.B. and then go back to Jan 19th 2021, and start fresh and put back the pipe line, and then arrest F.J.B. for treason and grab his puppet master barry soetoro , on the way to jail .

  4. It isn’t JUST the economy, although that is a big part of it ! It is also the constant harping about Masks & Jabs!! He thnks it s OK to take our Constitutional Rights away because HE WANTS TO! Then there is the constant FLOW OF ILLEGALL ALIENS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD who don’t need Vetting , Jabs or even a medical screening! NO Application Form, No address where they will b ~ NOTHING !!! Burt if one of us goes into Laredo Mexico, we have to jump thru all sorts of HOOPS to get back!! A US CITIzen has less rights than ILLEGAL ALIENS at that point !! Plus the money he Keeps handing out to the Illegals & the Lazy citizens who would rarher sit at home than get a job !!! EVETYTHING he has done since day ONE has been WRONG !!! This country was humming right along without him . ven WITH COVID !! But joey has done EVERYTHING he could to screw u over & take us down!! he is breaking OUR LAWS & OUR CONSTITUTION ! He KNOWS it & is relishing the whole process!! HE NEEDS TO BE IMPEACHED & HUNG !!!

    • yup, and any environmental wins have been wiped out by the monumental oil giveaways and the illegals flooding the US-direct result of Americans demanding decent wages……cheap bastards won’t pay wages for people to live on

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