“Morning Joe” Hosts Annoyed They Can’t Get Mattis to Insult Trump

The frustration was palpable. For anyone watching MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program on Wednesday, it was as obvious as could be that hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski had one reason and one reason only for inviting former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis on the show. And no, it wasn’t to talk about the intricate and interesting details of his decades on the front lines of America’s overseas conflicts. And no, it wasn’t to talk about President Obama and the disagreements he may have had with his then-chief of U.S. Central Command. It was CERTAINLY not to talk about Joe Biden’s ignorant role in pulling our troops out of Iraq.

No, the MSNBC hosts were interested only in hearing Mattis lower the boom on his most recent boss, President Donald Trump. And when Mattis (repeatedly) refused to do so, the hosts grew visibly agitated. At one point, Brzezinski came very close to insulting Mattis as a “problem” for the country because he wouldn’t play their gossipy little game.

Mika got upset because, after the hosts urged Mattis to bash Trump for re-allocating billions in Pentagon funds to build the wall, the man they call “Mad Dog” refused to take the bait.

“I’m not in a position, I think, to walk out of the administration over a policy disagreement and then become a critic,” Mattis said “I don’t want to add to what’s simply right now the corrosive political debates. I don’t think it’s helpful. I don’t think it’s necessary.”

“With all, you know, due respect, there are obviously national security secrets and issues you can’t speak on, but there’s so much to say about the damage being done to our alliances, the breakdown of our core values,” Brzezinski said. “The respect for the basics of our Constitution. At what point, when is it time to stand up and speak to what is happening? And at what point is it important to say something or become part of the problem? Because we know what is happening, we see what is happening, and yet nobody speaks to it with the insight that perhaps someone – you would have, like you would have.”

Read: What I believe to be true IS undeniably true, so if you’re going to deny it or stay quiet, you’re as bad as Bad Orange Man!

To be accompanied, in the imagination, with the pounding of fists on the table, like a tantrum-throwing toddler.

Later, Scarborough jumped in, asking Mattis if there might be some “statute of limitations” on how long he would remain silent about Trump’s leadership. At that point, Mattis acknowledged that he might one day feel it’s okay to open up about his disagreements with the president, but he maintained that it would not be THIS day.

“We think you should make an exception before the 2020 election,” Scarborough said.

Really? Why? Does Joe Scarborough really believe that one more voice speaking out against Trump is going to do anything? Come on. Doesn’t MSNBC have enough of them?

For us, Mattis’s refusal to criticize the sitting president for whom he worked is a refreshing example of honor and leadership. And though he’s been waved off as a “Democrat” by his detractors, he proved that he’s not willing to cast aside his ethical beliefs just to help the left win an election. That shows true character, something Mika and Joe would know nothing about.

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