Mom Holding 2-Year-Old Jumps to Death at Baseball Game

Raquel Wilkins’ boyfriend, Christopher Browning, said that his girlfriend was increasingly delusional when she clamored over a railing with her toddler, Denzel Browning-Wilkins, and fell from the Petco Park upper deck last September.

The partner of a California mother who leapt to her death with her 2-year-old toddler in her arms at a San Diego Padres game last year is speaking out, describing the deaths of his loved ones as “planned” by his girlfriend.

For months, 40-year-old Raquel Wilkins had been drifting “further and further away from reality,” her boyfriend Christopher Browning said, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune.

In the months leading up to the California mother’s death, Browning said Wilkins had become increasingly delusional and had recurring thoughts of self-harm. And, on the day of her and her son’s deaths, Wilkins twice spoke to him about what height to jump from in order to successfully kill oneself. In another instance, she asked Browning, “Why don’t you just kill us both?” he said.

Prior to plunging more than 80 feet to their deaths, Wilkins searched online for “easy suicide” and “means of suicide,” according to an autopsy report obtained by

Wilkins bought cotton candy for her 2-year-old son, Denzel Browning-Wilkins, at San Diego’s Petco Park on Sept. 25, 2021. The couple and the boy were observing the “beautiful views” from the stadium’s upper deck when Browning said Wilkins stared deeply at him with an “eerie silence, like in a movie,” he recounted, per the newspaper. “Literally a split-second later,” she dove from the concourse with their son and disappeared from sight, he said.

“Both of them went over,” Browning recalled. “It was very quiet. I was in complete shock.”

Browning has described the incident as “very intentional, very planned.”

“To grieve in a healthy way, you have to honor the truth,” he said. “I’m grateful for the years I had with him and I am sure I will see him again,” he said.

Witnesses at the ballpark, however, appeared split on what happened. One individual told investigators the fall appeared “100 percent intentional,” according to a police report, per the Union-Tribune.

“Her demeanor walking up was so calm,” the witness said, per a police report. “She didn’t even look down. It looked just like she was trying to hop over a fence.”

A concession worker, however, said the way Wilkins fell over the railing looked “accidental.”

“Her state of mind, when I encountered them, was that she did not want to end her life,” the witness said.

Wilkins’ family has disputed the city’s autopsy findings.

“They concluded she did it [intentionally] but there is no evidence she did it,” Wilkins’ family attorney Dan Gilleon told the newspaper.

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  1. “They concluded she did it [intentionally] but there is no evidence she did it,” Wilkins’ family attorney Dan Gilleon told the newspaper.

    So according to the lawyer, she did it but she didn’t do it. What a crock of SH!T!!! This scumbag lawyer is looking for a payday from the ballpark.

    The poor little boy never had a chance to really live his life.

  2. That is what I was thinking! Imbalance chasers até só bunch of scum bags! This world is going mad and Satan are running free, recruiting millions by the minute?

  3. No one tried to stop her?

  4. Well, we live in a day where so MANY women don’t care about the ( oife ) of a Baby anyway… born or unborn…

  5. My wife and I were walking across a very high bridge, out west, when a man in his (guess) 30’s ran from one side to the other and jumped. At first, I though it was a stunt. I went from side to side, looking for a chute, but there was none. It’s time for God’s church to get out of the pews and start saving some people.

  6. It would seem her partner knew she was in distress and stated as much. Why not get her help after she ask about how high up would she need to be to fall and kill herself….the very first time and especially the second time?

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