Mom Explains Why She Just Joined the NRA for the First Time

The motto of the Democratic Party and their liberal whackadoo supporters: If it’s worth doing, then it’s worth overdoing. And man, have we ever seen that philosophy in action over the last couple of weeks.

Okay, so the kids at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School had something to say about gun control. Fine. Let them have their say. But do we really need to hear from David Hogg on every single news broadcast on every single cable station? Is what he has to say so greatly profound? No. It isn’t. It’s the same exact gun control tripe we’ve heard from a gazillion liberals over the last decade. The only reason the left has fallen in love with this kid is because they think he should magically be beyond criticism because he happens to go to that school. Well, that’s baloney.

As always, the left is going to run this into the ground. We’re lucky we haven’t yet been subjected to another ridiculous “sit-in” in the House of Representatives. Maybe if we stay real quiet we can still get an encore of that beyond-the-point-of-parody event before the winter is out.

In any event, you can bet that the leftist media – far from “winning” the gun control debate – is turning independents and rational thinkers away in droves. Even some who probably went into this thinking we should “do something” about AR-15s are beginning to realize, “Man, these people be crazy!” Sometimes the best defense is just to sit back and let the opposition expose themselves as the extremists they are.

Lauren DeBellis Appell is a conservative and a Republican, but her essay at probably speaks to many who aren’t. She’s a mother who is fed up with watching the anti-gun hysteria dominate the conversation in the wake of every mass shooting, and the Parkland aftermath actually inspired her to finally shake her head and join the NRA.

From Fox News:

As a mom of kids in elementary school, I became a proud member of the NRA for the first time last week. I did so because the absence of common sense that I’ve witnessed recently is alarming to me as a parent.

We’ve seen deeply misguided hatred and rage directed toward people who want to protect themselves with a gun rather than targeted at the heart of the problem. It’s time for reason and sound judgement to prevail.

Though it seems like an easy solution, the deep divide we’re facing in this country is not nearly as simple as “banning guns” equals “problem solved.”  This battle we’re facing isn’t about guns, it’s about evil. Evil in the hearts of those who choose to act with a gun.

We can keep going around the same, tired circles every time something like this happens…or we can try a new approach. Appell is just one of many moms, dads, sisters, and brothers in this country who have had it up to here with the left’s politicization of every shooting. If there is an appetite to “do something,” let’s do something about the people who perpetrate these crimes – not the tools they use.

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