Mitt Romney Calls Trump What?

Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah has called former President Donald Trump “the aging pitcher who keeps losing games.” He also criticized Trump for the GOP’s underwhelming performance in the midterm elections and warned others against supporting him for a 2024 presidential run.

Romney told MSNBC’s Saul Kapur that President Trump appeared to have helped people who were not “effective candidates”

The recording of these comments was played on MSNBC’s “All In with Chris Hayes.”

Romney at the time had said that while he understands that Trump would most likely announce his bid for the Presidency on the next day, this felt “like the aging pitcher who keeps losing games.” He added that if the GOP wanted to win they would need to get a “different pitcher”. He also added that while some fans may love him, it was still time to get him “off the mound”.

The senator has been a critic of Trump since the 2016 election. In the past, he has called him a “fraud”. Romney also voted for Trump to be convicted during both of his impeachment trials. In May, he had said that if Trump chose to run he would most likely be the 2024 Republican presidential nominee. Trump announced his presidential bid on November 15th, after previously teasing that there would be a “big announcement” on that day. November 15.

Romney’s comments come at a time when many in the Republican party are trying to find who to blame for the underwhelming performance during this year’s midterms.

As of Monday evening, the Democrats have retained their Senate majority. The House majority has not yet been determined. Republicans had previously hoped for a “Red wave” during this midterm election.

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  1. I am so dissapointed in Mt Romney. His words and attitude is so beneath him. He wanted to be apart of President Trumps administration in 2016 and when he wasn’t chosen he is now hurting about it.

  2. Romney, Hatch and Trump both behind you, but they were both terribly disappointed in you as you turned out to be the #RINO. You also lost your presidential to Obama, and now you have the guts to bash Trump. Hopefully Trump wins and you get booted out with the rest of your Squad. Anyway, DeSantis said he would not run this time around, he wants to keep Florida safe from you liberals for now. WE WILL NEED HIM FOR SURE NEXT PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.,

    • Oh Mit, you’re such a weenie. Mr. RINO, I thought you switched sides. Do the Mormons still welcome you in church? Two faced politician is all you’ll ever be.

    • Ron DeSatan has the same idiotic ideas that tRump has. That presents a problem for America because he is more intelligent than tRump and might be able to accomplish some of his dangerous goals. We Americans need to make sure NEITHER of those traitors is ever POTUS.

      • We can no longer fix your stupidity if you’re not aware of the South Border Crises, Afghan Chaos & Deaths (13 US soldiers, & Injured militaries & civilians), much higher Ga$, Crimes and Inflation that Beijing Biden Created not to cite Biden’s family corruptions through Hunter Biden’s “Influence Peddling” as being EXPOSED in his famed “Laptop from Hell” Investigation!

      • Says the guy with blue blood!

    • Romney is a piece of old Rhino s*** who needs to be kicked out of office there’s so much needs to be term limits just like there is for the president I do hope if we ever can get by the cheating in the elections that we will win and be able to change this country

    • Romney didn’t just lose to Obama, he was either a coward for not confronting Obummer’s lies during their debate or he was offered more from Obama than from the American people. He’s a quitter, can’t be taken as truthful no matter the circumstances. His ancestors must be turning in their graves as he drags their name through the mud.

  3. OMG, Romney’s got room to talk. The worst Senator from Utah EVER!!!

  4. Romney should be euthanized, he’s got an incurable disease.

  5. Dirty politician… his family is up to his elbows in corruption in Ukraine and he’s just part of the dirty establishment that’s why he hates Trump so much… Because Trump is the anti-establishment leader in this country and we need a lot more of leaders like him.

    • The only thing tRump ever Lead America to is the grifting trough, well maybe to the golf course. He damn near ruined the entire country & now Biden is doing a masterful job of repairing the damage caused by tRump and his family cabal of thieves and grifters.

      • jErry lynch, This babble coming from a moron who supports the party who elected fEtterman. Nuff said.

      • Same Reply to a Useful IDIOT: We can no longer fix your stupidity if you’re not aware of the South Border Crises, Afghan Chaos & Deaths (13 US soldiers, & Injured militaries & civilians), much higher Ga$, Crimes and Inflation that Beijing Biden Created not to cite Biden’s family corruptions through Hunter Biden’s “Influence Peddling” as being EXPOSED in his famed “Laptop from Hell” Investigation!

        pres. Trump Donated ALL his 4 YEAR SALARIES Except $1/Year just for the record keeping purposes! Pres. Trump did not ENRICH himself…as a matter of fact LOST about $2BILLION in Salaries and Revenues as CEO of the Trump Organization!

      • Says the guy with blue blood!

  6. What a loser. At least Trump won the Presidency, unlike “RINO Romney”. Romney’s problem is that he keeps talking but no one really “Gives a Rip” what he has to say. He is just another useless member of the Washington swamp and anyone with an IQ greater than that of an earthworm knows it. Time for this clown to realize that his political career is done and over with, so he might as well just go back to Utah and crawl back into whatever hole he crawled out of in the first place.

    Oh, and by the way, for all those on the Right who keep attacking Trump for our mid-term results, how about taking into account that the majority of those he supported actually won their races. Not a bad record for someone who is such a pariah for the Republican Party. At least Trump tried to help the people we had running, unlike the majority of other sitting members of the GOP in Congress and the Senate, who just sat on their hands and did absolutely nothing to promote our candidates. They are the ones who failed our Party and the American people, not Trump.

  7. Who’s to blame? RINO Mitch taking FTX funds to support more RINO’s like Murkowski and the Democratic party excessive cheating in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Georgia etc, etc IS WHO TO BLAME…filthy cuck

  8. Romney has definitely shown that he is not a true Republican. I wonder if he worked with the Democrats to get Obama re-elected in 2014. He certainly didn’t do a good job in his running for President. Every since he has constantly worked with the Democrats. Have no use for people who pretend to be a Republican but facts shows different.

  9. Romney just a other self pity Loser, he has no room to talk, that guy could not win his Presidential run.
    Just a other Carrier Politician with wide open pockets…!

  10. Romney has always been a foul ball. He is not a team player and has a very low average everywhere except Utah, and that is because of his church affiliation.

  11. What a MORON!!!!!
    Oops I meant MORmON!!!

  12. Romney and Chaney tear the Republican Party apart and then have nerve to criticize anyone else who has worked to keep people engaged and optimistic. Check your own contributions to the 2022 midterms, how many candidates did you get across the finish line Mitt? Seems you turned against Mike Lee for another candidate, thankfully Mike was elected once again. Seems like you are the real loser Mitt.

  13. I live here and consider Romney nothing but RINO trash who stabs Americans in teh back daily who needs to be gone.

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