Millions Of Americans Facing New Medicine Issue

Photo by Christine Sandu on Unsplash

( – Many Walgreens pharmacy workers have been planning walkouts and strikes in opposition to the harsh working conditions they are facing. This count potentially leads to longer lines to get prescription medication in the United States could be longer, as well as lines for getting flu shots.

Walkouts are going to take place from Monday to Wednesday on hundreds of Walgreens locations with some employees having made the decision to walk off for one day while others will be striking for three days.

According to Nationwide, Walgreens has over 8 million customers.

One of the organizers of the walkout took to Reddit to state that the demands made by the corporate organization were both unfair and unrealistic for workers and customers. They added that the current situation requires them to cut back on hours while at the same time taking on additional responsibilities and tasks. As they pointed out, this could end up being unsafe for the customers, patients, and employees.

They added that they have spent hours trying to explain to customers why they were scheduled to get vaccines that they do not have. They then pointed out that within a single day, they were called to administer more than 100 vaccines. They added that all concerns they had had previously been ignored by the company. This was why the user was calling for people to help make their concerns known.

He then pushed that if someone from Walgreens calls people should inform them that service did not meet their expectations.

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