Millennials Hate Trump…But Like His Ideas

After two years of constant brainwashing, young Americans have learned to despise President Donald Trump with every fiber of their being. But a new survey from the Institute of Politics at Harvard University shows that while only 32% of Americans from 18-19 years of age approve of the president’s job performance, many of them are quite fond of some of Trump’s primary ideas.

60% of those questioned, for instance, think that it is a wise move for Trump to “crack down” on countries whose unfair trade practices make it difficult for American workers to compete in the job market. Only 13% think that meddling with trade agreements would make things worse for American workers.

And while the stereotype is that millennials are all a bunch of cop-hating social justice warriors, the survey shows that this isn’t necessarily the case. In fact, 48% of those surveyed said it would be a great boost to the nation if Trump could “end the anti-police atmosphere in America,” which is something that no one in the Democratic Party would ever do.

Millennials don’t support all of Trump’s policies, of course; when it comes to Obamacare, the border wall, and his ban on Middle Eastern immigration, the majority of young Americans believe his ideas would make the country worse.

But they are right there with him when it comes to the mainstream media. They may disapprove of Trump’s first 100 days, but they have even harsher opinions about the coverage of those first 100 days. Only 10% of those surveyed gave the media an “A” for their coverage while 26% slapped the networks and newspapers with an “F” grade.

Unfortunately, many of these young Americans have no idea just how influenced they’ve been by the very media they claim to dislike. It is only because of the hysterical media that sensible policies like those Trump is supporting on immigration can be denied. But that’s fine. At least this shows that millennials are not walking around in a completely brainwashed funk like we suspected at one point.

This is the power of Trump. He’s not a dyed-in-the-wool conservative by any means, but that allows his policies to appeal to a broad swath of Americans who don’t necessarily identify themselves with any particular political ideology. But he’ll have to get past the unfair reputation given to him by the media if he wants to realize the full power of that transcendental position.


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  1. the millennials, parasites, coffee shop commies, and half of the women voters (and non voters) hate Trump due to the media and the manure that flows from the mouths of air head ahole politicians such as nance pe$lutsi, chucki shoooooomster, and the idiot savant max headwaters…..they are being indoctrinated to hate GOP on command..and to perform like circus animals at the request of their commie handlers….

    • Read the 1963 communist goals that speak to education. They are in the 20’s. Those on arts and entertainment are also very interesting.

  2. Main Stream Media is in fact the cause of many deaths. Because of not reporting the truth and real facts. They may not have pulled the trigger or personally use the knife, they tried their best not to expose the real enemies but they protect the killers as the victims , they can even ruin a honest and good persons life to cover for the ones that are committing crimes and corruptions

    • Oh boy did they EVER .. SCREW UP ROYALLY

    • True islam is promoted and spread by the Lamestream media.

      There are only 2 ways to get “Moonie Muslimes” to denounce Muhammad/allah, 1st total destruction and deaths of everyone in Mecca and Medina, 2nd if the 1st fails is total eradication of all “Moonie Muslimes.”

      The “Moonie Muslimes” will not cease their executions of non-muslims, so it is us or them.

      • Obama and Biden ,Bull Shitted the GULLIBLE NIT WIT voters,into giving these two “anti American” ass holes the opportunity to begin to destroy our constitution,and in the end our country!!

  3. This is a generation that was born naked and dumb, like all of us, went through the indoctrination of the so-called schools, were given a smartphone when they were 8 years old, by parents who didn’t want to be bothered, and now believe that they are adults. Take away their smartphones and you will see real truth about what they really don’t but, need to know, how to be a grown-up adult, maybe!

    • The indoctrination centers formerly known as schools spew out hate and fear. Home schooling has become a great thing to avoid these pits. Main stream media is a extension of those centers.

      • All paid for by Arab oil money, just proves no matter how despicable the payers are the payees are just as wicked for accepting the money.

        There is nothing good about islam, never has been and never will be, it is a terminal viral epidemic.

        • Google the Quran,and read the ideas and commandments it promotes. It calls for the submission of “infidels” (non Muslims) and demands that they either pay a “non Muslim tax” or be put to death. The claim of rape by a woman ,MUST be supported by 4 males,or the charge must be disallowed. Islam is a male dominated CULT, and can hardley be considered a “religion of peace” and my not even be considered is far from peaceful, and has been the cause of millions of deaths( in the name of ALLAH) It is a misogynistic,and woman “demeaning belief”

    • And don’t forget we can’t keep score because we want everyone to be A winner. Bull Shit!!
      One learns a lot about them selves when they finish second looser!
      Work harder, put in the extra time and then you can be A winner!! That is what built this Country to be the greatest in the world up until the mid 1970’s. that is when the lazy generation began to take over!!!

      • The only lazy ones i noticed in the mid 60’s to mid 70’s were the hippies. They wouldn’t work tasting pies in a pie factory. They were the laziest people ever born. The rest of us worked our butts off and kept things going. But I have seen a decline in workers for the last 10 years. They are in for a long, hard road in life.

        • The ACLU,has deluded the public, and particularly, minorities and impressionable youth,into believing that they were being educated,when all the while they were being INDOCTRINATED,all with the blessings of the Democrat party and its’ political arm the
          “Teachers Union” which does the bidding of the DNC!!

        • Deb good comments- The Lazy draft dodging hippies of the 60-70s
          Are now running our colleges as Professors brainwashing numerous generations with their Socialistic/Communistic viewpoints and Comunistic style of common core teachings. Our academics are worse than ever — the chart added shows we are far below many other countries and we should be in the top five- disgusting/shameful.

          • That’s a bad chart, and sad. And as for those hippies, draft dodgers, etc (don’t get me started on them) I couldn’t stand to see them wearing our army jackets all the time, yet would not defend our country and burned our flag. I was raised in Atlanta and Decatur, Ga. you would see them everywhere, in the parks, sleeping on benches, hanging on street corners. You couldn’t go to Piedmont Park for their nasty …..appearance, and begging for money. Now they are trying to run our country into the ground. Half of our Congress are ‘hippies,’ and need to be voted out. Otherwise, this country is never gonna get right. We have to take away the ‘hippies’ hold our country!! God Bless.

          • I’m glad to hear that the DOE is to be scaled down in size and each state will run its own education not based on the communist model ( common core). We should be in the top 3 when compared to the rest of the world. Singapore leads in all categories. That would be a good starting point to getting a new educational program. Hiring constitutional supporters/ scholars as professors should be part of their criteria. No Socialist/ communist methods ever taught in our schools- hello common sense.

          • I agree.

    • Yet again, why careful research is of such vital importance:

      Smart phones did not become popular in the U.S. until the later part of 2000

      Although categories of cultures by age in the United States is abstract to say the least the Millennial generation ended at the end of 1995 and Generation Z picked up from there.

      As for being major spazoids who are deeply intranced and completely out of touch with reality, I believe that attitude, the ideology of U.S. citizens are affected by geographic location, here in northeastern WI I do not notice extreme lack of cognizance among Millennials or Generation Z people.

      You are correct in regards to the Stupid devices though, not the device part, but being that the parents refuse to communicate with their own children the children become overall dependent on finding answers to their problems Online, or through their friends who are just as Lost as they are.

      If our planet is ever hit by a high frequency EMP from a CME the claim 2/3 of the world population being wiped out is a very Conservative amount, because the vast majority of all members of the Generation Y (i.e.) Millennials and the Generation Zs will go into a coma, books?, what are books?, table of contents, etymology, index, glossary, what do those terms mean?

      Personally I believe the partial power outages in New York city, Los Angeles, and San Francisco were all coincidental, but although I always thought the power grid for northeastern WI was completely self contained, thought, and the vast majority of the time is, except if when other areas need to partial shutdown power for repairs then apparently they rely on another power company to pick up the slack.

      Another example of how corrupt our politicians are is the sad state of electrical grids across the nation, never compelling the investors to pay for failsafe systems and keep their equipment up to date.

      As for EMFs/EMPs Failsafe systems should have been created and installed decades ago, but you know scumbag politicians as long as they are protected that is all they care about.

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  4. When asked to identify famous Americans from the past, by showing them photographs, many could not even identify Lincoln. Many, when interviewed, placed Washington as president in the 1990’s.We have an uneducated troop of folks that vote the way they do because of media laced with hate and not even an inkling of our past. Their past has been presidents like dirt bag Obama.

    • These millennials are at a terrible disadvantage, whether they realize it or not. They are not be taught in most colleges today, they are being indoctrinated! Their minds are being messed with, and unless they see what is happening, before it is too late, they will become ignorant liberals, which is exactly what the liberals want them to be! Then they can be easily influenced to believe whatever BS the liberals tell them!

    • You think that’s bad? Waters World I believe it was, asked a slew of millennials the question: Who was the Capitol of the United States named after? Now mind you, these were college educated kids. Answer? NOT one of them were able to answer the question correctly! NOT ONE!!!

      I WAS APPALLED!!! These are tomorrow’s leaders? OMG!!! We are in for total chaos and destruction of our country, if there isn’t another avenue to educate this imbecilic and moronic “know nothing” generation.

      The millennial generation RICHLY DESERVES the “snowFLAKE” label!!!

      • The problem is far worse than any of us can imagine. These liberal left leaning democrats are unable to look at themselves and see the hatred and political destruction they are creating. They destroy people in the wink of an eye without a thought. They are right and anyone with an opposing view about anything is wrong, period.
        One need only to look at Berkley, and most Universities hold the same views. Universities are the breeding ground for future. close minded
        left leaning liberal democrats, The MSM wing of the democratic party has
        and is playing a crucial role in molding the new left into a group of non thinking, accept what the media says, robots.

        • I cannot agree with you more, William. It should be that the federal government under their tutelage, should step in and banish these left leaning progressive ‘enemy’s of higher learning’ and banish them from influencing our children to Marxist idealogy.

    • These millennials represent an attitude that has festered in this country for the past 15-20 years; political party leaders are here to tell us what we will and will not be able to get out of Washington, how our elected representatives will and will not support constituents, say what party leaders tell them to say, converse as their morning “talking points” dictate,; think, speak and do as they are told to do!
      With a $2.2 billion dollar marketing budget at his disposal, Obama was able to buy the media and push his agenda trough the reporters and talk show hosts selling half-truths, lies, and confused acts onto the minds of the people!

    • Just look what’s being taught in the Universities, especially the BLUE states, California, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, etc. they hire only fare left Liberal’s that wasn’t properly educated themselves. Ones that think they know all, but know nothing! When I went to college we were taught respect for others and to be able to make it in the real world, I would not ever hire a graduate from these college without first vetting them and there back ground!

    • The white hair with a bun wig had them confused.

    • Bet the blacks recognize a photograph of Martin Luther King though, they all fail to consider that even though the latter built upon Civil rights it would mean nothing without the acts by the former.

      As for civil rights and racism I may not always be the most sympathetic, but racism causes exploitation and oppression, consider the industrial revolution took off after Slavery was ended, you notice how much exploitation of illegal aliens harvesting fruits and vegetables in CaliMexifornia resembles black slaves picking cotton.

      The technology already exists to harvest all fruits and vegetables, but having people do it is still cheaper, no initial purchase cost or maintenance costs as parts wear out, boo hoo share croppers.

      Corporate owned plantations is what you have in CaliMexifornia, majority wise the same holds true for Dairy farms as well, besides, quality of CaliMexifornia produce is low because it is tasteless, whereas their Dairy products have a bad taste.

      • Vijayakumar Samuel

        Craig you need to balance between human labour and machine use, the man- machine conflict will be more pronounced in the days to come. I am from India, what if all agriculture labour is done by machines, what will the poor do for their livelihood, depend on food stamps/ turn to looting and stealing.Well our labourers are spoilt by the politicians with lots of freebies so they dont want to work even if offered a decent affordable wages. I understand your concern as there was influx of Mexicans due to the requirements in farms as labourers. But the government that allowed them in should have regulated by issuing temporary passes and make them go back home when the harvest is complete. If that deportation had been done the Mexicans who worked in American farms would have been more careful in investing their monies in the development of their homes.and lands as well.
        Well if that had been done may be President Trump would not had much of a chance in getting elected,probably the moozy influx would have done it.
        God Bless America, a great nation.

        • Craig Vandertie

          Did you notice the last sentence of my my post, CaliMexifornia food is low quality.

          What about technology, arts and crafts, have you seen how much people are willing to pay for Amish furniture.

          That serious earthquake that they have been predicting since the 1906 San Francisco earthquake will eventually happen, in terms of fruits and vegetables the vast majority of the U.S. will not be prepared.

          Why our government is not providing low interest loans and promoting gigantic Green Houses is beyond me.

          Primarily all states east of the Rockies grow nothing but grains, our frigid to moderate climates do not permit growing of a major amount of fruits and vegetables.

    • THINK TEACHERS UNION,when you see how UNEDUCATED our children are when it comes to history and in particular, AMERICAN HISTORY!!

      • Think Administrators with no guts. The teachers union does not agree with teachers that do not belong. Unfortunately administrators do not follow up and do am investigation of poor behavior because they don’t want to rock the boat. The vast majority of teachers are good but the media focuses on those that should not belong and if a administrator is weak he won’t pull the plug.

  5. The millennials are at a disadvantage. They are not well educated. Those interviewed only show their ignorance.

  6. Millennial’s “Profound Split Personality” continues!

    Michael Savage has said for decades that “Liberalism in a Mental Disorder” . . . and the Left continues to proves its accuracy day after day after day . . . . . 🙂

  7. There is just one Simple way to Describe Millenials that even their SIMPLE minds can understand….they are

    Fooked up ASSHATS!!!

  8. As much as everyone wants to “rag” on our youth for being “young and wisdomless”, well they are that – just like we all were growing up!

    I can remember thinking I knew it all and my parents weren’t very smart – until a few years later when I had children of my own. Oh the eye opening moments hit me square in the face. I really didn’t have the corner on the intelligence market…not even close.

    However, before the kids came, there was College where “like minded” people gathered, expanding their knowledge — but still no wisdom of life itself and how it works, who to watch out for and who to listen to. It definitely was a learning process on all levels – then came my children and the responsibility of raising loving, caring, responsible young adults. I learned very quickly that I had a lot to learn about life so I could raise my children into caring intelligent adults. I did my best and my now grown up children are respected and loved by all who meet them! That was no easy job!

    So our youth may fall down a few times before finding their places in our Society, which is the normal progression of life. We did it and now they are doing it. Give them time to find themselves. All their bluster is youth expressing its wisdomless selves. Soon youth fades and reality/responsibility sets in and they view everything thru different eyes.

    President Trump may be someone they actually will listen to — sometimes, when experiencing an idle moment. And that will be the first experience of “wisdom” actually creeping into their lives!

  9. the monkeys in the zoo are more intelligent and have a better grasp of facts than today’s generation.

  10. The biggest problem Trump has is also his greatest strength. The people, more than even the MSM realizes. The left hates him because he beat Hilary and it continues the hatred towards Republicans that have had since the 2000 election of Pres. Bush, the right dislikes him because he has the support of the unwashed masses (the same people who have given the Republicans the majority in both houses) rather than the upper crust they have been identified with for so long. What Trump needs to do is let the Republicans know in no uncertain terms that his help will get them re-elected and get them the super majority that can totally neutralize the Democrats in Congress. If they to are willing get along with him then he will get all his projects into action.

    • I think the Republicans are just as frightened of President’ Trump’s willingness to at least try to put forward projects that live up to his promises during the campaIgn as the Dems are. In fact, they might like him even less because he is not beholden to any of them, nor does he need their financial backing to do what he thinks needs to be done. Go Trump!

  11. Richard Muccillo Nmd Dcm

    obunga and biden his time –2 corrupt slugs

  12. For 1 thing Millennials are people born between 1980 and 1995 anyone after that is a Generation Z, get with the system you idiots, nothing I despise worse than fake news or articles based on poorly researched data.

  13. Re: Obamacare, immigration, etc….I believe that the millenials are ignorant of what’s at stake. Obamacare has only been good for those with pre-existing illnesses and those receiving hefty subsidies. Ask the guy who lost his employer-furnished insurance and started living with ever increasing preniums and deductibles. Because of Democrat inspired media BS, Obamacare is becoming more popular than it ever was when it was forced upon us.
    Those same snow flakes aren’t aware that Trump is not going after all illegals(which, by law he could), but only the criminal element. Again, thanks to a media barrage and/or silence about this program.
    The “ban” is to keep America from suffering the mass immigration that has been going on in Europe, followed by frequent terrorism. These damn fools don’t know who their friends are.
    Add into the mix, the travesty that is being perpetrated by our universities regarding speakers that don’t sing the tunes that the Liberal/Progressives, who run our schools, want to hear.
    The last time the world saw the the type of anarchy that’s been going on at Berkely, was in Nazi Germany. Even a few card-carrying Liberals are beginning to worry. Where are we going America????????????????

  14. From ….”18-19 years of age”…? Misprint, or just a very narrow slice of this demographic group?

  15. The snowflakes are very confused. They have been programmed to believe that money is the root of all evils, that we owe them everything and the crazy notion of climate change. It will be a long and hard job, but we hope eventually they will come back to their senses. We need to bring them to the reality of life.

  16. Yup a new generation of pot heads so stupid they will wave a white flag when the shit hits the fan and this country either is invaded or the Muslim army Obama allowed to infiltrate this county is told to wage their war against the infidels.

  17. They threaten with law suits to keep POTUS 5 busy so he gets nothing done: guess again!

  18. I watched a clip where the things Obama did were not good when college students were told that Trump did them

  19. Many millennials are products of the Liberal indoctrination centers also known as colleges and universities. They have been led to believe things that are not true. They need to open their own minds and figure some things out for themselves. We live in an age where information is readily available for those who will take the time to look – at least for now. When you hear governments saying the want to take control of the internet just look at what they have done to the main stream media.

  20. Young people used to be the backbone of a country. Now they are forever useless crying babies. REALLY SAD.

  21. America, we weren’t flat out deceived. We stopped paying attention. Things seemed to be going right so we stopped looking in over the “do’ers” shoulders. If not for Obama, America would have slipped even further into some abyss. Obama just brought home in total clarity that we the people voted a muslim, a liar and a thief into office and began believing every lie told to us. This resulted in a Trump entry to save our society, our values and beliefs. If Trump had not won, America would have sunk even deeper into the depths of some other society than we ,as Americans, still value and want. There are always those die-hards, like many Liberals, who really believe if they keep digging deeper in their party’s pile of horseshit there will be a silver lining rather than just a putrid smell. Many mean well but totally lose sight of the fact that their negativity can only invite even more negativity.

  22. Most of these kids would not know how to do anything without their smartphones. Too bad the voting age is 18, should be 25 unless they are serving in the military or are working for a living.

  23. The good thing about these little idiots is they pay taxes some day than they grow up!!!!!


  25. When have those ejacqulated college level stupids who don’t have a hair of an idea about what is in our future like the past tells all who can get smart before we all perish in flotsam!

  26. anthony j. manzo

    It is not surprising. After all they do not believe or understand the constitution the first ten amendments. It dos not fit into their mentality, or intellect or want if they have any. Of course they have been brainwashed by a society that reveries brain dead celebrities and has a herd mentality. It is simple how can you love apples but hate the apple tree. GOD BLESS AMERICA. and go, go TRUMP. From an eighty nine year old Harry Truman , Democrat. ( an AMERICAN FIRST)

  27. Paige Erickson

    Seriously, why do we care what 18 & 19 year olds think about any President, let alone President Trump. They don’t have any real world experience. Let them get out and work for 20 years instead of sponging off mom and dad and THEN get their opinion. What’s this world coming to when our journalist spend so much time writing about college kids? The working people don’t find the articles of importance.

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