Millennials Hate Trump…But Like His Ideas

After two years of constant brainwashing, young Americans have learned to despise President Donald Trump with every fiber of their being. But a new survey from the Institute of Politics at Harvard University shows that while only 32% of Americans from 18-19 years of age approve of the president’s job performance, many of them are quite fond of some of Trump’s primary ideas.

60% of those questioned, for instance, think that it is a wise move for Trump to “crack down” on countries whose unfair trade practices make it difficult for American workers to compete in the job market. Only 13% think that meddling with trade agreements would make things worse for American workers.

And while the stereotype is that millennials are all a bunch of cop-hating social justice warriors, the survey shows that this isn’t necessarily the case. In fact, 48% of those surveyed said it would be a great boost to the nation if Trump could “end the anti-police atmosphere in America,” which is something that no one in the Democratic Party would ever do.

Millennials don’t support all of Trump’s policies, of course; when it comes to Obamacare, the border wall, and his ban on Middle Eastern immigration, the majority of young Americans believe his ideas would make the country worse.

But they are right there with him when it comes to the mainstream media. They may disapprove of Trump’s first 100 days, but they have even harsher opinions about the coverage of those first 100 days. Only 10% of those surveyed gave the media an “A” for their coverage while 26% slapped the networks and newspapers with an “F” grade.

Unfortunately, many of these young Americans have no idea just how influenced they’ve been by the very media they claim to dislike. It is only because of the hysterical media that sensible policies like those Trump is supporting on immigration can be denied. But that’s fine. At least this shows that millennials are not walking around in a completely brainwashed funk like we suspected at one point.

This is the power of Trump. He’s not a dyed-in-the-wool conservative by any means, but that allows his policies to appeal to a broad swath of Americans who don’t necessarily identify themselves with any particular political ideology. But he’ll have to get past the unfair reputation given to him by the media if he wants to realize the full power of that transcendental position.


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