Millennials Can’t Handle Donald Trump

Earlier this week, it was reported that more than 60,000 Democrats in Pennsylvania had switched to the Republican Party ahead of the primaries. This pattern has been found in many states across the country, proving that Donald Trump may be the first Republican in many years with the ability to reshape the electoral map.

Alas, you have to take the bad news with the good. For Trump, the bad news comes in the form of a new Harvard Institute of Politics poll that shows that millennials are not on board the Trump Train. According to the poll, released Monday, millennials prefer Hillary Clinton to Trump 61% to 25%. Among this group of 18-29 year-olds, 60% want to see a Democrat take over for Barack Obama in January. Only 33% said they preferred a Republican.

With a gap that big, it’s hard to make any grand pronouncements about millennials and Trump specifically. It appears that young people are too hopelessly liberal to vote for a Republican, regardless of who it is. On the other hand, you can’t ignore the facts, and the facts are that Trump is the most likely man to get the nomination. These millennials may have been answering a Hillary/Trump question even when it wasn’t specifically asked.

Also…it’s hard to take this poll seriously.

When you compare polling results like this to the reality on the ground, it simply doesn’t add up. According to the Harvard poll, 60% of young Clinton supporters are “enthusiastic” about their candidate. Really? What are the hard numbers here? If they found ten Clinton supporters and six of them were “enthusiastic,” it doesn’t really say much. This feels like one of those polls that’s meant to move public opinion, not measure it. If there is one thing Clinton does not have on her side, it’s enthusiasm.

The other thing she doesn’t have? Young people! Poll or no poll, it’s blatantly obvious that young Democrats are being drawn to Bernie Sanders like flies to honey. It’s the biggest reason he’s not winning: all of his support comes from people who – historically speaking – do not vote. They can make him the most popular man on Instagram, but they can’t make him the Democratic nominee.

As for Trump, he’s the picture of political incorrectness in an era that has no tolerance for conservative thought. He stands for everything these kids have been raised to hate: individuality, wealth, and patriotism. It’s no wonder they disapprove.

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  1. Unfortunately the Millennials are victims of ideological subversion… They have been taught that down is up, and up is down, left is right and right is wrong… It is very sad what has happened to them.

    I hope defector dude is wrong about them being worthless and unfix-able.

    • They are fixable, its just going to take a little fate to slap them in the face before there eye`s are opened.

    • ..yes they are the victims of long running social engineering on a massive scale …and now…we are seeing how successful they have been at it. Many of these young people talked about here are the direct result of this manipulation. They are not taught the same things me and my peer group were taught about respect for others and it is all about them.

      I had a very short conversation with a couple of those poor young men just a while back.

      They accosted me in a park here where I live just before dark and told me that I needed to give them my money if I didn’t want to get hurt. They didn’t see Handsome laying under the bench quietly catching a couple of quick Z’s waiting for me to go home and feed him. He was trained by a military dog handler friend of mine to hand as well as verbal signals, so I whistled him up so to speak. Out he comes from under the bench and from the looks on their collective faces it was a huge surprise!

      My Fur buddy Handsome is a 95lb four year old Rot/Dobe mix who considers me the Alpha Male in his pack. They froze in place as he stood there in front of me showing all those magnificent teeth he has in that long narrow snout of his. They were on full display hanging out of his snarling muzzle! …quite impressive actually.

      They frozen in place when they saw and heard him. They got even a little more frozen when I said in a very quiet voice “Don’t run…don’t even consider it!…he loves fast food!”……hahahaha….couldn’t resist. By that point in time, I had my Sig out at the low ready and added to the lesson they learned that night.

      Then to make my point about how F****ing stupid they were, I made them open their wallets and leave there money on the ground or I would let Handsome come and get it. Don’t believe they will be doing that again anytime soon, and now realize that not everyone is going to become a victim without a fight and some times when you go out to do those things, you meet the boogieman and his devil dog!….chuckling quietly here with the memories….

      • Michael Dennewitz

        Dude!!! Why did you have to print that? I’m building a dock and laughing so damned hard I’m missing the spikes and hitting my left hand !! ROFLMFAO

        • …chuckling…..yeah…I still laugh with the memories…..I picked up $50 bucks there that night and the next day, went to the Pet store and bought Handsome a pile of his favorite chow and chew toys…the squeaky ones…he goes nuts when I being one of those out of his goody bag. He goes through one of those a week….got to keep those beautiful teeth clean and healthy even though he hasn’t ever tasted “fast food” yet!…hahahaha….good luck on the dock my man….reminds me that I need to get up river to my place on the lake and do the very same thing before the water gets back up to high.

          • It was YOUR turn to spread the wealth. LOL! …Maybe you should have let Handsome make sure they weren’t able to procreate more libTURD millennials.

          • Oh man!…that was in the cards and they freaking knew it!

            I was so proud of him. He did exactly what he was trained to do when I gave him the signals.

            Believe the comment of “Don’t run!…he loves fast food!” was the one that really got their attention and made them freeze in place while I put the leash back on him one handed even more than his beautiful white tooth smile!…hhahaahha….

            The Sig at the low ready in the other hand added another more deadly deterrent though no doubt….. a fast death vs a dog ripping you to pieces!…..emmm….choices …choices…choices…. which shall I choose? Wisely they chose to stand there until I let them go.

      • I TRULY Love Stories that have a Happy Outcome. Outstanding!

        • He is a hell of a fur buddy I got to tell you. He rarely barks but goes on alert with that low rumble when I need to pay attention. So when he does bark, he has my attention immediately.

          I sleep up stairs but don’t allow him in my room so he sleeps on the landing at the bottom of the stairs facing the front door. Use to let him sleep outside my bedroom door but it was a problem when my lady friend stays over. He didn’t like the competition one little bit …at first…..hahaha! …but got it worked out with my lady friend.

          She being the smart animal lover she is… well ..she came over one night with a new tasty treat to him. Introduced him to Beef Jerky……ohhhhhhh….damn! Now he loves to see her car because he knows….with great certainty, that that nice lady with the Jerky purse is back again!…for joy!….for Joy!.

          You should see him dance and listen to him whining before I can get the door open. She drives a 1965 Chevelle SS and it is a sweet sounding car so Handsome he knows she is back!…Jerky!…oh boy!…oh boy!….JERKY!…and she makes him sit down next to her and feeds it to him a little piece at a time which he very carefully takes out of her small hand. Bring him jerky and you would own him….he is a slut about that stuff!

          Never thought I would have a dog but since he came into my life, I have a hard time imagining him not being around…..big sigh… Dog people!…hahahah…have a great weekend friend!

      • If your dog had bitten any of them, it might have been a god idea to take the animal to the vet.

      • Now that is the best laugh I have enjoyed throughout this entire narrative

    • We are underhandedly being manipulated by the left by a takeover of the Republican Party via Trump who is a Democrat/progressive at heart. He tells us what we want to hear about the wall and trumpets certain concerns of the most angry voters, but he says he’s going to change. We’ve seen how he consistently changes his message in the same conversation and sometimes in the same sentence.

      Trump is not who he says he is…he tells people what they want to hear, but he seems to be on the path to secure his personal (not the American people’s) place of power in a takeover regime of the U.S.

      Also, Boehner and Rand Paul openly support Trump. What should that tell you??

      • Then Stand: It should tell me that hitlery thinks I can keep my doctor and insurance plan (she’s still on the “video-did-it” story). The last I knew Boehner supported Paul Ryan for a contested RNC candidacy, and Rand Paul said he would support the Republican Candidate. Where did you find those huge changes that MSM is hiding?

        • I’m sorry for the misunderstanding. I meant to say Paul Ryan openly supports Trump. I later corrected my entry. Here’s the article on Paul Ryan, a deceptive progressive single-payer legislator:

          Paul Ryan Says Trump and GOP ‘Come From the Same Principles’
          Published on Apr 27, 2016

      • If Trump is a Trojan horse, we can only hope that Trump is changed by the support true conservatives and Republicans have given him…

        It looks like Trump is the chosen one, By the MEDIA, by the people he talks to, and by the elites.

        • We can hope, but the reality is he’s bad news too! We have got to do our best to support Cruz, who has a solid conservative track record and has stood for the U.S. Constitution and the sovereignty of Texas and the U.S.A. against the U.N.

          Cruz is for transparent free trade, but voted against the secretive free trade Obama recently tried to get through and passed, which keeps dealings between Obama and foreign governments who hate the U.S. secret.

          • I agree with you that Liberals are now in control of both political parties.

            Boehner just helped out Cruz, he came out and attempted to insult Cruz…. That aught to give Cruz a boost to have that clown hating him.

      • Blather, prattle!

    • Trump is a Stupid fuck who wants to take over the world banish this Fraud to Siberia

    • They believed the hogwash they were fed.

      • It is disgusting really. I am a person who can do simple math in my head no problem…% calculations are no problem for me….I can add double digit numbers in my head like Mrs. Lund taught me to do in the 4th grade …along with multiplication and division. But todays late teens to early 20’s think I am a genius to be able to do that! But as I tell them, I was taught to do mathematics…not liberal voodoo new math – common core – that takes 10 minutes to do solve a problem that I can do in my head in a second or two.

        That reality is disgusts me beyond being civil about it!

        I am not a popular person around groups of teachers because if they go there when they find out where I am, they never have any answer about why the current kids in the schools today lack of understanding in the basic skills comes up. Todays High Schools are in great part day care for teenagers.

        “Well!…I don’t make those decisions!”…is usually the defense to which I ask…”So you know you are teaching kids a method that will make them a failure or severely hamper them in life because what you are teaching them …DOES NOT WORK!?!

        So far, I haven’t got an answer that makes any sense what-so-ever to that question.

        So!…teachers of America!…start standing up and outing this Abortion called Common Core because if you don’t …well, as far as I am concerned then you are part or the problem and should be called out as such. Think your union will support you if you take that position?…nah. Neither did I….just saying…

  2. Millennials have a problem with micro aggressions….

    I will bet a million dollars that Trump has never been called a micro aggression…

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      • So how many different people have this same room mate named
        Mary, who only 2 days ago bought a grey McLaren P1?

        Inquiring minds want to know…………….NOT !!!

        Get lost !

      • Flagged you scum puppet.

        • I believe Patricia (of friend of MacLaren ownership claims) has targeted YOU. I’ve never seen a MacLaren ad, but perhaps you unknowingly answered one. I knew a rich Mary once also, but she was a hooker (not ‘known’ in the Biblical sense, but similar vocations obviously; I flag them also)

          • Patricia has a dozen names, with the same picture. I flag them all and my scum puppet comment seems to get the monitors to remove patricia’s posts.

            I think it is a computer program that chooses posts that are high visibility.

      • Wow prostitution sure seems to pay well.

  3. If Millennials want any chance of working after graduating from college Trump would be the best choice over “I will bury America if elected, Hillary.”

    • Peter You got that right FOR SURE!

    • they can get a job– below minimum wage unless they are at the top of their class in the right field
      that’s 1%
      the rest are in call centers at 24K per year

      • “my room mate Mary Is getting paid on the internet 98$/hr”..,……..!wc856ctwo days ago grey MacLaren P1 I bought after earning 18,512 was my previous month’s payout..just a little over.17k DoIIars Last month..3-5 hours job a day…with weekly’s realy the simplest. job I have ever Do.. I Joined This 7 months. ago. and now making over. hourly 87 DoIIars…Learn. More right Here !wc856:➽:➽:➽➽➽➽ http://GlobalSuperJobsReportsEmploymentsMagazineGetPayHourly$98…. .❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦::::::!wc512………..

        • Go join your intrusive self to a den of rattlesnakes. We need no con games advertised here.

          • don’t tell me what to do unless you can back it up has always been good advice
            but on the net- type whatever ridiculous rubbish you want
            it’s all good!

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    • Trump and all his wind would make a good balloon pilot or a hand held leaf blower but the worst possible president . Any who are seeking education to get a job are seeking education for other than to refine the mind and enlarge the soul, for which it was created, is there for an unintended reason of education. There are larger goals of man than income. I suppose if your speaking of trade school education then the purpose is job related but it will not expand mind or soul. Real education is self serving; education is to become educated, for a bettered self to better serve mankind. Bringing home the check from that service should be considered as a secondary, or lesser, side effect. I have a masters degree and working on my phd but have never considered using that education to create personal income. The goal being to cause self expansion and mental/artistic/esoteric growth.

      • One should consider the paycheck during education, how else are you paying back the loans and starting a family and buying a home?
        Trade school doesn’t expand the mind?? Can I get some of your “medicinal stash”?

      • Michael Dennewitz

        Sheesh! Another damned liberal TROLL !!

        • LOL. They always come, don’t they? I have never gone on a liberal comment site and bashed them. It would be a waste of my time.
          Still, it is interesting to study the mind of a liberal. It often appears there is a cog or two missing.
          Therefore, I never tell them to leave the site.

          • Consider yourself invited to “any liberal comment site” you wish. They will not invite you to leave because it will be more fun for them to keep you and your nuttiness there and eat your lunch.

          • I do realize that! They are incapable of seeing truth and facts, and they cannot help that.

      • Well, this retired school teacher suggests that while you educate yourself for personal reasons, throw in a few grammar and reading classes to better read with comprehension and to write with expression.

      • Good thoughts, but the simple minds that dominate this wingnut forum will not appreciate them.

      • In your Opinion. Your words are no more than a rant and an opinion without any reason or right than the hot air that you would say Mr. Trump is spouting off.
        If you aren’t expecting a higher income from your degrees then you are a Socialist or a fool. College adds income, if it is earned during a time of prosperity when jobs are available. Right now, this current President is trying to explain how his 7 years in the White House has not had a growth of over 3% in any given year. That is what you would most likely say is a good thing and a way to use that education that he got. I say it was wasted education and too many wasted votes from people that were hopeful for a miracle from a man that was nothing other than a black man with a well spoken way and manner but no real achievement to back him up and no real skill other than reading.

      • Are you still living at home?

      • Apparently you are from the ‘first we philosophies, then we eat’ school of thought.
        You sir, live in a space separate from the facts and practicalities of the real world.

    • What is the source of your Hillary quote ?

      • h m rowland, there was no direct quote! Didn’t you notice that the quotation marks included her name also”? He was using the marks for emphasis, of course. I agree with his remark, the Hill will continue to bury America. We have one or two more “gasps” and then we are gone unless Trump is able to turn it around.

        • Your “explanation” is no explanation whatsoever. When something is placed between quotation marks and attributed to a specific source, it is identified as a “direct quote” and nothing else. That is what such punctuation signifies, universally and unequivocally. So stop trying to weasel away from your corrupt misrepresentation. Cheap shots like that prove nothing other than that the person making them has little integrity.

          • In case you are so far out of reality that you don’t know this: THIS IS AN OPINION SITE, not an informational site. We can express our opinion as we choose.
            I do realize the Liberal mind has made those that have it impervious to truth and facts. I even realize that you perceive that your beliefs are right. A Liberal person with a truly liberal mind cannot perceive facts or truth when it stares them in the face, because those folk have have gone through a process that totally blinds them. The first step is “Demoralization.” You could Google that, but you won’t if you have already finished that process. You are lost to the real world.
            AND, you don’t know your grammar.

          • So I don’t know my grammar? I challenge you to make good on that, Mary. Show me what you consider erroneous about my analysis of your use of quotation marks. Or will you weasel out of that challenge also?

    • The problem is the Universities are all so damn liberal! Our children are learning all this crap when we send them off to school!! Maybe the only answer is NO DAMN SCHOOL!! I’m kidding of course, I think!

      • Send your kids to a Voc/tech. Where they actually spend their time learning a trade or profession, where most of the instructors have spent years in the work force and not in some ivory tower..

        • I am with you on that! I even say that the public schools for elementary and high schools are often not a good place for America’s children. I know many folk cannot afford anything else.

          • Tony Donaldson

            It’s been said over and over. If you start their conditioning when they’re young, you will have government controlled idiots by the time they reach the age of 18.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            btw- I’ve heard unborn baby parts are very nasty to clean….not unlike veal. Just make sure you get torso parts, as they are reportedly the most tender and less likely to be cut up from a less than skillful abortionist when he removes the UNBORN CHILD.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            btw- I’ve heard unborn baby parts that have gone to high school are very tasty….not unlike veal. Just make sure you get torso parts, as they are reportedly the most tender and less likely to be cut up from a less than skillful abortionist when he removes the UNBORN CHILD.

      • StupidConservativeValues

        btw- I’ve heard unborn baby parts that never attended school are very tasty….not unlike veal. Just make sure you get torso parts, as they are reportedly the most tender and less likely to be cut up from a less than skillful abortionist when he removes the UNBORN CHILD.

    • work? what a stupid idea- start pumping out the nigglets is the way to live a good life in America
      on the free ride!

      • Hey there, racist swine!

        • hey back white trash! you got one set of pudgy fingers on the keypad and the other set hoisting cheap sugar snacks and soda pop or down below
          keep on inbreeding!

          • No, BoWhetstone, this so-called “headonstraight” is much, much worse than that!
            I am closely associated with folk just like him. I know what they are!

          • gay blades? men suckling on each others post anal drip for breakfast?

          • Anyone who cozies up to BoWhetstone is automatically eligible for induction into the racist white trash sector.

        • headonstraight, you really don’t have your head on straight! I held my cursor over your pic and read a bit about you. IF you are telling the truth about yourself, there is NO reason for a retort like this.
          You SHOULD know that having babies and babies and babies on welfare does not speak well of folk!
          I am not racist just because I speak out against doing that, no matter WHAT color the baby factory is!
          You should consider entering reality for a while! I am betting that you are prosperous and your life doesn’t even touch the real world! I know some folk just like you, and I really pity them. If anyone is trash, then it is YOU!

          • My greeting to the racist swine, BoWhetstone, obviously has to do with his racism, which ought to be obvious to you. My reply to him said nothing about babies or welfare. I merely identified the vulgar varmint for what he obviously is–a RACIST! The defamatory term he used proves it.

          • Sure, you read the truth, because everything I posted about myself is true. I have NOWHERE endorsed having babies on welfare. You are stretching to reach your conclusion on the irrelevant basis that I have correctly identified as a racist someone who, by his egregiously racist choice of words, has shown himself to be a racist. That I have identified him thusly does not mean that I favor having babies on welfare. My criticism of his racism and my attitude toward personal responsibility are not not inseparably conjoined factors. Keep your facts straight and properly organized. You are imagining a connection that is not logically there. BoWhetstone does not get a pass from me when he uses such terms as “nigglets.”

        • headonstraight, so you started working privately and for the gov’t age 8 wwoa that is impressive.Phew! and a church deacon who exhort the younger generation to abstain from work to get by. Maybe you will help me get to the portion of the Bible which says …THAT IF ANY MAN WOULD NOT WORK NEITHER SHOULD HE EAT?……2nd Thes 3:10.. in one of the epistles of Elder Paul.I always prefer those who made it in life by their boots lace and not on welfare.I presume your kids are on it too.and not being RACIST.

          • You need to read more carefully. My profile does not give my AGE as 53 years. It says the I have been MARRIED 53 years. I most certainly did not get married at birth, as your clumsy math and confusion would imply. And you grossly misrepresent my advice to the “younger generation.” I have never rendered any such advice to anyone, young or old. My two girls are both well-paid professionals and very successful in their vocations, so your presumptuous nonsense about them is as erroneous as the other drivel you have contaminated this forum with.

    • But they had better not enroll in Trump University, which is in big legal trouble and will prove a major embarrassment to the Trumpster as he faces the music from his flim flam “operation.

    • StupidConservativeValues

      btw- I’ve heard unborn baby parts are very tasty..not unlike veal. Just make sure you get torso parts, as they are reportedly the most tender and less likely to be cut up from a less than skillful abortionist when he removes the UNBORN CHILD .

  4. I personally think as we near the November election…many Millennials will come to Trumps side…we haven’t even got to the actual point of politics yet…Get TRUMP nominated…Get the Lib. side nominated…it’s still not a certainty that Hitlary will even be nominated yet & then get into the actual period of ONE ON ONE & you will see Millennials suddenly become very intelligent!

    • wrong- young americans are stupid in ways- no vision of the future- or not an accurate vision anyway.
      the shallow end of the gene pool youth are 90% on the free ride. no father in the home.
      working class americans have been buried by Obama- no changing it. doom and gloom from now on
      and you let your wife vote for the traitor

      • My wife never voted in her life…I voted AGAINST BHO both times & knew what he was before many did…in about 2010 I read “The Manchurian President” not an easy read but I got through it & it only took about 3 or 4 chapters to know what BHO was & is…the book is like a text book on him…his real father is probably Frank Marshal Davis & when he knocked up BHO’s mom, her father made a deal with Obama Senior to marry her & Senior said ok if you help me get to Harvard & put UNKNOWN on birth certificate when the “father blank” is…That may be the reason BHO’s REAL birth certificate hasn’t shown up…THINK ABOUT IT & SEE THE DVD…”DREAMS FROM MY REAL FATHER”….

      • Who is it that framed this ‘accurate vision’ of which you speak and what is the ‘accurate vision’?

      • Bowhetstone, I don’t know just what age you may be, but it doesn’t HAVE to be doom and gloom. First of all the adults of this nation created and formed these poor youth of our. WE are responsible to change things for them.
        It is not too late for America. Remember this: WE ARE AMERICANS and will only take so much, so it will never really be too late for America!
        But the people must rise up. I think first, we elect Trump and see if he will or can begin on the necessary changes to get us back on track.
        It won’t be done overnight, he will need time, and we all may have to tighten our belts.
        If not, then we need to consider something a bit more violent!!!!

        • let me get this right- the bucks pump out nigglets all over the city- leave them for welfare to raise and I AM RESPONSIBLE TO CHANGE THING FOR THEM???
          what kind of fantastical dreamer booshee it that?
          it’s all a working class parent can do to raise his and her own kids
          and quit dreaming of a savior rescuing American political system- it is so corrupt and inept it will and can never change for the better
          besides Obama is planning to cancel the election and stay in power

          • All you say may very well be true! I do know that.
            And, if you are of an age to be rearing a family, you were not really a part of causing this mess.
            But folk around my age (71), ARE responsible, for we were busy rearing a family and working, so did not mind our government very well.
            As a matter of fact, even we did not know the extent of governmental corruption until DT came on the scene. Whether or not he becomes Prez, he has awakened all of us to this.
            I will not give up hope!
            I want my progeny to have the opportunities I had. Right now, it doesn’t seem that the status quo is planning for that to happen.
            The best to you. Thanks for posting.

          • you welcome- what we did is set twenty large in an account and have them keep a current passport- urge them to apply for citizenship to new Zealand or Australia- so far them stay in America working chump jobs- even with a degree they cant break 30K
            we need to relocate first-get settled then urge them to come over—

  5. that’s because they don’t have anything yet. share the wealth sounds good when you don’t.

  6. Many millennials can’t seem to handle much of anything unless it’s free or it’s anti American. It seems that their passion is protest and not growing up. To all millennials who do not fit this description, try to enlighten your peers.

    • My belief is it is only REPORTED that “Many millennials can’t seem to handle much of anything unless it’s free or it’s anti American.” I have a fervent hope that, like myself 50 years ago, what they are being spoon-fed doesn’t ring true. Of course, left-leaning tactics have changed over that time, but I still think that despite the “flower power” and “protest-for-the-sake-of-protest” media aggrandizement and innate desire to best their parents, our nation still has much to offer and attract them. Fortunately, the “growing up” part will be inevitable, but whether it is with “forward vision” or “kicking and screaming” will be, like every generation, split between leaders and loafers.

      • 50 years ago the majority of people in the world were smarter than now. Unfortunately for America, younger people became really dumbed down when America became more prosperous and after wars. When the draft stopped and young men didn’t have to serve their country or fear going to war they got weaker and they got lazy. Look back in the older magazines. Look back on older movies. Younger people were better at most everything. They worked for something that they needed or wanted badly instead of expecting it from parents or the Government . College was earned. Not expected. Careers were worked toward. Not given out as due for being a certain color because of a Government mandate toward a majority of persons of a certain gender or race.

        • And weren’t those “separate but equal” drinking fountains and toilet facilities back then a neat thing? And wasn’t it a broadening experience for those persons of a minority race not to be allowed in segregated restaurants or motels/hotels? And surely the people of a “certain color” appreciated the inferior public schools to which many of their children were assigned! But of course an informed citizen like yourself who gets his/her history from watching movies and reading old magazines is eminently equipped to compare the 1960s with circumstances of today. Good grief!

          • No one has said that those time were “perfect.” But those times were better.

          • They were very IMPERFECT times for those, millions in number, who were treated as second-class citizens! I daresay the law enforcement folks in the South are better than those back then in your golden era. Ever heard of Bull Connor? Jim Clark?

            Here is some history from your beloved 1960s:

          • Then how do you explain the ones who lifted themselves out of dispicable conditions and went on to becoming sucessfull ..?

          • headonstraight

            Their task of lifting themselves out of those despicable conditions was harder that the task the majority whites faced in order to find success. And yes, those conditions were as YOU describe them: DESPICABLE! Are you in favor of the imposition of despicable conditions upon people because of the color of their skin?

        • Thank you, runnindeer, for that excellent informational posting.

    • Bravo!!! Excellent analysis!

  7. They left out a lot young kids do not like Trump hair // Just sayin

  8. Trump IS a democrat, running on the republican ticket, put there in colusion with Bill Clinton!
    Old Bill still has a BRILLIANT idea, now and then!

    So, for her sake, Hillary and Donald wont face off until the national election in November. By design!
    A win-win scenario!

    In all likelyhood, she will mop up the election with him, since he cant even pull 50% of the republican party, let alone thise democrats that crossed over fo Hillary’s sake in the primaries! (She knows that she has the best chance against WEAK, Trump! She wants this democrat in the national election!)

    Trump is FINE with same sex marriage, PP, bailouts,illegal immigrants, (he hires them, got fined), other than muslims.

    The “Wall”, is “deal material”, and his companies are overseas! Heavily invested in Russia, so Putin has him by the short hair, and yet Trump thinks Putin is his buddy!

    Get ready for disillusionment, IF he should somehow make president!

    In reality, if he is the nominee, we have NO republican candidate in this election!

  9. It’s time for all of this PC BS to go!! That is why Mr. Trump is resonating with the voters of this country. He’s not afraid to tell it like it is, where the Bear craps in the Buckwheat Field, how much, and what color!! This PC stuff in fear of hurting someones feelings has gone on for too long!!!!

  10. These kids have no clue in the real world, my daughter is one of them. They get “stressed out” over everything. Personal accountability???? What is that.
    Socialism works great…….until it’s your paycheck.

  11. Yeah right …just another MSM progressive slant on shaping opinion and doesn’t ask the question on who is the best candidate to make the jobs they went to school for, available. A thoughtful person will be able to determine it sure isn’t going to be a Hiliary or a Bernie. Thus the question needs asking to the 3 of every 5 college graduates, who had to move back in with their parents, is who’s policies will make jobs available when your parents no longer can help you survive. A thoughtful person should be able to determine, it sure in’t going to be those of Hiliary or Bernie. That will be the real wake up call.

  12. Anything poll coming out of Harvard is suspect; however, Millennials have gone through grammer, middle, and high school (not to mention college) being brainwashed by liberal teachers. They have been so wussified, it’s pathetic. A friend of mine has two millennial-age BOYS and they are horrified by DT’s suggestion that we might want to water board some terrorists in order to get information about captives.

  13. Well I’m a senior and I can’t handle Trump, he’s not conservative enough for me.

  14. 18 to 24 people are not aware of what Socialism really means. Should be taught in H.S. as well as Capitalism, and Communism. To get them started on learning this before they vote for a Democrat or support Black lives matter or move-on, the first thing they should know about Socialism is that Socialism is Communism is Socialism on Steroids. Of course most socialistic countries do not convert to Communism but at least understand it before dumping a true Capitalist like Trump. OK Cruz or Kasich but not Socialist like Hillary and Bernie. When they think of Socialism and Communism they should be aware that the richest man in the world is Vladimir Putin.
    They should stop being naive and letting Democrats fool them like they did our forefathers just to get the vote. Letting prisoners out of jail it to get the vote, a newer trick other than duping immigrants with free stuff.

  15. h m Rowland-hey MORON! We’ve already had enough wind bags in the democratic party like your hero Obama and the felon Hillary. Stop posting stupid things and just wait for your welfare check to come it you dope!

  16. Frankly, Millennials don’t know what they want or who they are. They’ve been on Mommy and Daddy’s health insurance programs all their lives, probably went to college at age 18 where for the next four years they were submerged in loopy leftist, professorial drivel about their absolute right to live and subsist at the expense of the American taxpayer. Go to work, live on your own for awhile, take care of yourselves and be responsible human beings. Then you can tell me why I should give a hoot about what you have to say.

  17. Millennials do not like Trump since he stands for hard work and personal responsibliity

  18. Trump all the way 2016, the kids have been brainwashed. Thats why the Gov want`s teach them instead of letting there states do it and the parents.

  19. 6 years as active duty Marines will help them see reality

  20. Of course millennials like Bernie! He will give them everything for free. These poor folks actually think like that. But, as Mr. Trump has explained time and again, it always costs somebody else for anything one gets for free. Millennials aren’t paying so, no skin off their noses! But they have no knowledge of right vs. wrong either, since they have not been taught. It’s not entirely their fault but we have GOT to educate them! Good thing most can’t vote.

  21. We have no one to blame but ourselves. These kids are the product of parental neglect. The neglect came when we did not attend parent teachers conferences because we were too busy or too lazy to attend ! How often did you say to a teacher that you disagreed with the curriculum or asked how can we change the curriculum? We let these far left teachers have the minds of our children and now we are reaping the sour rewards of our ways. How many times did we ask our kids what they did in class or that we disagree with what they are being taught? How many times did you celebtate with your kids for getting a participation trophy instead of one that promoted competetion? Remember that every time we complain about how weak willed and immature and unable to cope these kids are.

  22. poor babies,

    they can’t handle wiping their own asses

  23. Michael Dennewitz

    Millennials are like a 13 YO boy (otherwise known as hormones in rebox) that would prefer a girl just drop her panties and say here it is boy, rather than show her he has “honest” intentions.. Check out the girls in the Philippines – 9/10 of the 17, 18 and 19 YOS have kids already..

  24. The one yhing this article forgot to discuss is that most of these “young” kids are either still in our liberal run educational system or thry have just left it. Either eay, liberalidm is “Fresh” in their minds. No wonder they dislike conservatives. They have been brainwashed in schools reshaped to promote homosexuality as “normal” and now transgender issues are being discussed.
    If you want to have a more balanced young adult, get rid of Common Core and it’s abstract teachings and go back to the 3 Rs. And, start background checking teachers to find out how liberaluzed they are. Students will never be well rounded in a school that teaches nothing but liberal ideas.

    Lastly, try to remember what you felt like growing up at those ages. Perhaps a little rebel about life acting out against the establishment either by smoking pot or wearing wild unacceptable clothing? Kids haven’t changed that much but when a liberal teacher grabs hold of an already liberal mindset, well it doesn’t take much effort to convince naive minds that our world is too Conservative and should be more liberal, now does it? Wisdom comes with age and experience not in the form of a tatooed, pierced individual with green hair.

    • I have 2 millenial daughters. The oldest at 25 is the one I worry about. I can almost guarantee that she supports Bernie Sanders. I refuse to talk politics with her because I am sickened by the way she thinks. The youngest at 19 is more conservative. I often wonder why the two, both raised in the same exact way, are so damned opposite.

      • I so understand about having two siblings so different personality wise. I have a son and daughter, 3 years difference between them with my son being the eldest. My son has always been receptive to any discussion and willing to listen to all sides. My daughter, not so much. As they are now both in their 40’s, my daughter is mellowing somewhat and more receptive to view points opposite of hers…maturity has something to do with this. She has always been strong headed when younger, especially the early to mid twenties age span.

        Perhaps your eldest daughter just needs to mature a little more to see things differently. Just because she is older doesn’t mean she is wiser.

        Bernie Saunders is a Socialist and Socialism destroys societies and countries. Greece is trying to survive their Socialistic mistake. The people are dirt poor and the govt bankrupt. Life is NOT good there. Portugal was Socialistic and barely survived as a country.
        Socialism doesn’t allow for brilliant young minds but wants everyone to be just average. It kills one’s spirit and all ambition.

        Once Socialism takes hold, you have the workers and the slackers. The workers provide the money to support the slackers. When the workers figure out that they are doing all the work and getting nothing for it, they stop working and become part of the slackers — no more workers mean no more $$. The country goes bankrupt.

        Does this sound familiar to you? The middle class is disappearing in America because the slackers are so many, making more money than the workers, so the workers quit working. Soon there will be more slackers than workers and the Nation will go bankrupt.


        Your eldest daughter has been brainwashed and caught up in the liberal world of misguided ideas that have never been researched or investigated. If you can suggest to her to research all the Countries that adopted Socialism and the results of that misguided action, she will see for herself that Socialism and Bernie are both bad for our country. If she will do this, she will understand why she shouldn’t believe in Saunder’s ideas for our Country. Don’t argue with her, just make the suggestion and let her see for herself.

  25. just another report proving that universities are bad for our kids!!

  26. The Millennals are not the only victims of ideological subversion.

    We are underhandedly being manipulated by the left with a takeover of the Republican Party via Trump who is a Democrat/progressive at heart. He tells us what we want to hear about the wall and trumpets certain concerns of the most angry voters, but he says he’s going to change. We’ve seen how he consistently changes his message in the same conversation and sometimes in the same sentence.

    Trump is not who he says he is…he tells people what they want to hear, but he seems to be on the path to secure his personal (not the American people’s) place of power in a takeover regime of the U.S.

    Also, Boehner and Rand Paul openly support Trump. What should that tell you??

  27. Hillary is hugely, tremendously, amazingly, and fantastically favored by women voters (couldn’t resist using those favorite Trumpian adjectives), and that will probably assure her election. Get used to it: “MADAME PRESIDENT.”

    • Hey headupyourass, INTELLIGENT women are NOT voting for Hilary.

      • I don’t care how you choose to characterize the women who will vote for Hillary. The fact is that she will get the votes of a majority of women voters as well as the majority of the votes of minority voters and millennials. Thus, however you might wish to arbitrarily classify her supporters, they exist in numbers sufficient to put her in the Oval Office. Trump can have the votes of all the goobers, but there are far more women, minorities and millennials than there are goobers. Eatchaheartout!

        • What holds your allegiance to someone who deserted our people in Benghazi, and who has breached our national security with her irresponsible use of secret information on her private server; and who has made numerous bad judgment calls that have hurt the American people, not to mention women whether it be those whom her husband brought harm to or those whom she wants to be on the front line in war???

          • One thing that holds my allegiance is the horror that jars my being when I think of the disastrous and calamitous outcomes that a Trump administration would likely produce.
            Bebgazi? Faggettabouttit! Umpteen Congressional hearings and other investigations have produced a dry hole. The e-mail investigations have produced little of real substance as regards national security. “Front line in war”? That is where Bush and the neocons sent hundreds of thousands of our troops.

          • Shitlery and her TRILLION DOLLAR tax and spend plan are believable only to the delusional morons who prefer to be welfare leeches than go out and get real jobs. Once it is dissected for you morons you’ll understand what a disastrous and calamitous outcome looks like.

        • LOL!!! Wait until Trump j=hits her over the head with her TRILLION DOLLAR tax and spend plan. That with the fact that she has vowed to expand the failed policies of the current Morn In Chief and you are looking at the POS C U Next Tuesday getting SCHLONGED AGAIN!!!

        • And if something that horrible really does happen, it will only prove that US women & minorities are the stupidest people on the planet.

        • Not really. You, just like so many delusional morons, are acting like she’s going to be in without a contest but, the young voters, women and minorities included, are going to receive a crash course on her lies and corruption. They are going to learn EVERYTHING there is to know about her ways of flip-flopping on everything including the treatment of Limp-Willy’s rape victims as well as immigration. We’ll see how things shake out after that.

        • That head that isn’t quite on straight will explode when Paula Jones, Juanita Broadrick,Eileen Wellstone,Carolyn Moffet,Elizabeth Ward Gracen and Bill’s other victims tell their stories of fondling,sexual assault, rape, and character assination by the “bimbo eruptions unit” and harrassment by private detectives, threats against their families and IRS audits all ordered by Hillary to protect her husbands Political carreer is all revealed to the young voters you count on for the first time in nationally aired campaign spots, that support will quickly evaperate.

          • Dream on, Daniel. You wingnuts have been hammering Bill Clinton about those things for two decades and he is still the most respected politician in the country.

          • You’re the dreamer. Bill’s victims were almost exclusively Democrats. Lemmings like you think that only Republicans believe the truth about their corruption. You are in for a rude awakening this fall.

    • That is laughable. Have you seen what is on her immediate horizon? She’s going to be exposed for the lying, corrupt, cheating POS that she is to all the voters who haven’t been exposed to her crap. She isn’t “hugely” favored by women, she’s favored over the others but, once they are immersed in the reality that is that filthy C U Next Tuesday, she won’t be able to find a rock big enough to hide under. Keep your eyes open for the movies that are about to premier about her, you’ll love them!!!

      • Have you always wallowed in delusion or did you just take up that habit recently?

        • Hi HEADUPYOURASS, I’ve watched that demented, delusional, corrupt, lying POS since her rapist husband was governor and she’s left a LOOOOOONG trail of stuff to crucify her with. She’s nothing but a filthy C U Next Tuesday and she’s going to get drummed hard and heavy with all her misdeeds, not to speak of her delirious TRILLION DOLLAR tax and spend plan. She is as stupid and moronic as they come and those who support her are doubly so.

          • And it is raving maniacs like you who will destroy any credibility that belches forth from the wingnut propagandists.

          • LOL, you ARE as delusional as her support base needs to be. There are a couple of excellent movies coming out soon that will show the world what a POS she is. I’ll be looking forward to watching them. You’re just pissed because the libtard lamestream media isn’t the only source for information and the truth is coming out. Talk about propagandists, she has had the media hush all the stories she didn’t want publicized but, those days are over. Her lies and corruption will soon be on full display and there’s NOTHING a moron like you can do to stop it.

  28. I hope these sissies don’t commit suicide when Bernice drops out of the race!



  31. Charles E Knowles

    This Millionaires pay big thing got to be a scam because it always show 1/2 naked women to get you to look at it .

  32. Trump heralds the rise of the Fourth Reich.
    History forgotten is bound to be repeated.

    • There you are, you moronic POS. You always post your brain dead, stupid shit, without anything to back it up. We all wish you would do us a favor and drop dead. You’re as worthless as your posts.

      • Get an education.
        The last time someone like Trumo was in powe, over 8 milllioon innocent men, women and children were murdered.

        • Your diseased mother should have aborted you. Who is “trumo” and when was he in “powe”? You need to stop getting drunk before posting on here you worthless POS.

          • There you are, you moronic POS.

          • LOL, can’t come up with your own material? Typical of you, you brainless POS. You are the poster child for abortions. I’ll bet your diseased mother wishes she had aborted your stupid ass.

          • There you are, you moronic POS.

          • ROTFFLMFAO!!! You delirious runny diarrhea, go get cleaned up. You are a pathetic waste of flesh and blood!!!

          • ROTFFLMFAO!!! You delirious runny diarrhea, go get cleaned up. You are a pathetic waste of flesh and blood!!!

          • I showed your responses to a bunch of friends at a party and their responses were PRICELESS!! Did you know that people consider you unstable, deranged, delusional, demented AND a blathering drunk? Of course, the one thing EVERYBODY called you was a moronic demoncrap. We also decided your mother regrets not having taken a coat hanger to you when she found our the bar flies at her local truck stop knocked her up with your stupid ass.

          • What makes you think I give a tinker’s damn about either your opinion or that of your slum friends.

          • LOL, you could literally drop dead RIGHT NOW and that would do nothing but please most of us. You’re a demented, delusional POS who doesn’t matter to anyone and wouldn’t be missed by anyone if you did us the favor of dropping dead. The ONLY use we have for you is that of ridiculing your stupid comments. That ALL you’re good for.

          • Thank you for proving my points.
            Your have given then a clarity far better than I could have ever come close to.

  33. It is sad when a generation is not willing to work for what they want out of life and it sure is funny that every generation before them has worked for what they have managed to get out of life… I worked a long time and did without tons of stuff just so I could buy a house and have a savings to fall back on… Now a entitled lazy ass generation is telling me that I should give up some of it so that they can have something too, B.S…. Get off your back sides and put down your phones and WORK for it…

  34. Most of the millennials in my area are hard workers and Trump fans. Many lost their insurance because of Obamacare or else they were forced into junk policies and are anti Obumer. From my son and his many friends…..
    1.They think Bernie is a joke because nothing is free. “Where’s his money gonna come from?”
    2. Hillary is liar and can’t be trusted. They have some other choice words, also.
    3. They feel Obama is a joke.
    4. Cruz and Kaish need to pull out and let Trump win. They think “Cruz is okay, but the other guy is annoying!”
    5. Trump all the way. They like that he doesn’t care what people think.
    The above article sounds like Liberal Left propaganda!!!!

  35. It is a shame to let Children vote, immaturity breeds idealism, and when you’re young, you believe in flying pigs and unicorns, and Liberalism. It has a much sweeter sound than reality. Maybe, many of these Children who voted for Obama, might be old enough now, to realize they really messed up. Grow up & vote Trump, he is your Future!!!

  36. There isn’t anything new or different about this . If you have followed politics for many years you will note that younger people, first time voters, and college students or people under 30 prefer Democrat’s. They have heard from peer groups or from their teachers that ‘republicans are elitist.’ All rich and none care about the average person or about progress. That has been the normal way of things since the 1960’s and in some respects a little before that time in certain States. Households with people that are black or not affluent seem to gravitate to Democrat party representatives during any election and they pass that on to their children.
    Listen to most young people now and you will note that they don’t understand what is shown on very popular weekly programs such as ‘ Mad Men, ‘ which took multiple awards and was very realistic , yet it was ( way over their heads.) They also don’t understand programs that are about History unless it is done in a way that allows for a discussion about clothing trends.. Otherwise, a huge majority of ( millennials are just not smart enough to know what Donald Trump is talking about .) They hear their peer’s say one thing about him and their teachers say bad things about him , they listen to main stream media bad mouth him and he becomes a villain.

  37. These millennials are dumber than the long haired pot head queer balls from the sixties and seventies. And, that in itself is incredible.

  38. Here’s one millennial for Trump…the rest see him for the neo fascist jerk he truly is.

    • You mom is pretty cute for a “tard!!!

      • This isn’t my mother I took the pic at a Drumpf rally. My mother is dead and your comment is not very original, try saying its my sister like every other asshole does . Dayton rally / real Drumpf supporter.

        • The fact that your mother croaked doesn’t mean this isn’t a picture of her “tard ass as a teenager, dumbass. I suppose you support the lying, cheating, POS scandal that is Shitlery? I hope so, now that the 2 new movies are going to premier and show the world what a filthy C U Next Tuesday she is, she’ll have to go crawl under a turd to hide from the world. Just like your ‘tard ass.

  39. The Millennials are going to get blindsided when the facts not taught in our so liberal institutions of higher? learning appear. That is, nothing’s FREE! Sooner or later, the hard working honest American gets the bill for the FREEBIES for the low info types and that includes the ones with degrees!

    • Very TRUE!!! And now Shitlery has unveiled her TRILLION DOLLAR tax and spend plan that has those morons celebrating her. She says she can pay for it all by taxing the top 1%, raising death taxes as well as taxing Wall Street. What they can’t comprehend is simple economics. None of that is sustainable and, if she gets into office, she’ll raise taxes on everyone and say it was necessary for bigger government. She’s also said that anything congress doesn’t agree with, she will simply pass through executive action!!! We won’t have ANY choice in the matter.

  40. It is much more then ‘Conservative Thought’, It is about corrupt politics and politicians of which they all are !!!

  41. Unfortunately our public schools are working hard to brainwash the youngest generation that all the lies being spewed by Obama are actually truth. Their parents are absent either mentally or physically, so most do not even have a decent understanding of American History. Hopefully Bernie will actually encourage some to vote for Trump or at least not vote for Hillary. It is better that the ignorant stay home than vote for her.

  42. Millenials are a waste. The men are pussies and the women are disfuctional. None have any desire to work hard and embrace the capitalist system…..They are bred for Socialism

  43. millenials are a bunch of white trash rainbow kweers. only place to find good smart people anymore is in the hoods

  44. soldier for liberty

    You can’t blame them they are the product of years of communist programming !

  45. Millennials had better realize that they can lose everything by not researching the difference between candidates.
    Hillary and Bill have made sure that China received from them, the US Missile Guidance System Technology,the
    Stealth fighter technology, and the bomb carrying DRONE. That is called TREASON, look up the punishment we
    need to sentence them for espionage. Do you speak any Chinese? Russia received 20% US Uranium Assets from
    the Clintons, Do You speak Russian? With Obama, Clintons, the smuggled into and the illegal Obama Treaty, you
    could end up in the worst Socialist American- Riches- Grab by our enemies. Research U.N. AGENDA 21 SCAM .
    Both families are trying to shred the US FLAG, U.S. CONSTITUTION, That is why OB wants your guns.

  46. Proof positive brainwashing works!

  47. People changing their party in order to vote for Trump, tells me that Republicans are not the ones electing him. He is at best a RINO. And the Millennials are correct, Trump is more of the same just packaged in gaudy paper.

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  49. michael schimanski

    These stupid kids have been brainwashed into what the democrats want and have wanted for years . Open borders , mass immigration , welfare states , and they don’t know that they are the ones who are going to have to pay for it so day , thats only if the muSlims have not taken over our country , like obama , clinton and the democrats want . I feel sorry for these young fools , it will be to late to save them . You reap what you sow . Donald Trump President of the United States of AMERICA 2016

  50. You can take theHawvawd poll or a quarter and see if either gets you anything worthwhile. Did you expect this cesspool of liberalism to find anything different? These children are the offspring of the generation of hippies, those braindead LSD using nitwits,and their first generation of nitwits of the late 90’s.

  51. PatriotForever

    Its no wonder that the CYCLE of LIFE happens and the Democrats will soon have their hands shriveled from emptiness when we, the Baby Boomer die off. There will be no one to pick up the slack and they will turn like hungry rats on themselves. And AMEN TO THE SIGHT

  52. They are wanting all the free stuff no one ever mentioned they might have to “WORK” Where do they think that “free stuff” comes from ? ..Us the working tax payers

  53. StupidConservativeValues

    Hell, trump can’t even handle Trump with those little sausage fingers. Wonder what his wife, Melanoma thinks about his pubic “bump?”

  54. Anything tastes better than the shit liberals are made out of. Nothing better to do than wait for your welfare and food stamp handout you disgusting POS

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