Millennials Can’t Handle Donald Trump

Earlier this week, it was reported that more than 60,000 Democrats in Pennsylvania had switched to the Republican Party ahead of the primaries. This pattern has been found in many states across the country, proving that Donald Trump may be the first Republican in many years with the ability to reshape the electoral map.

Alas, you have to take the bad news with the good. For Trump, the bad news comes in the form of a new Harvard Institute of Politics poll that shows that millennials are not on board the Trump Train. According to the poll, released Monday, millennials prefer Hillary Clinton to Trump 61% to 25%. Among this group of 18-29 year-olds, 60% want to see a Democrat take over for Barack Obama in January. Only 33% said they preferred a Republican.

With a gap that big, it’s hard to make any grand pronouncements about millennials and Trump specifically. It appears that young people are too hopelessly liberal to vote for a Republican, regardless of who it is. On the other hand, you can’t ignore the facts, and the facts are that Trump is the most likely man to get the nomination. These millennials may have been answering a Hillary/Trump question even when it wasn’t specifically asked.

Also…it’s hard to take this poll seriously.

When you compare polling results like this to the reality on the ground, it simply doesn’t add up. According to the Harvard poll, 60% of young Clinton supporters are “enthusiastic” about their candidate. Really? What are the hard numbers here? If they found ten Clinton supporters and six of them were “enthusiastic,” it doesn’t really say much. This feels like one of those polls that’s meant to move public opinion, not measure it. If there is one thing Clinton does not have on her side, it’s enthusiasm.

The other thing she doesn’t have? Young people! Poll or no poll, it’s blatantly obvious that young Democrats are being drawn to Bernie Sanders like flies to honey. It’s the biggest reason he’s not winning: all of his support comes from people who – historically speaking – do not vote. They can make him the most popular man on Instagram, but they can’t make him the Democratic nominee.

As for Trump, he’s the picture of political incorrectness in an era that has no tolerance for conservative thought. He stands for everything these kids have been raised to hate: individuality, wealth, and patriotism. It’s no wonder they disapprove.

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