Mike Pence: Trump Will Bring End to Abortion

Vice-presidential nominee Mike Pence said this week that that by electing Donald Trump, conservatives could finally put the country on a path to making abortion illegal. At a town hall in Michigan, the Indiana governor said Trump could be counted on to choose Supreme Court justices who would overturn the worst decision in judicial history.

“I couldn’t be more proud to be standing shoulder to shoulder with the next pro-life president of the USA,” Pence said Thursday. “I believe we’ll see Roe v. Wade consigned to the ash heap of history where it belongs.”

Trump himself has expressed little interest in the abortion debate, and his most significant moment in relation to the issue was a disaster. Caught in an uncomfortable corner by MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, Trump said that if abortion were to become illegal, “some punishment” would have to be incurred by women who violated the ban. He walked that statement back by the end of the day, but we’ll hear it a thousand times before this election is through.

Still, he has proclaimed himself to be pro-life, and he has vowed to appoint conservatives to the Supreme Court. As long as he sticks to that promise, his personal beliefs are of little consequence. Suffice to say, Trump didn’t run for president to get rid of abortion. But if he nominates the right kind of justices, it could turn out to be his ultimate legacy.

“While we’re choosing a president for the next four years, this next president will make decisions that will impact our Supreme Court for the next 40,” Pence said. “Go tell your neighbors and your friends, for the sake of the rule of law, for the sake of sanctity of life, for the sake of our Second Amendment, for the sake of all our other God-given liberties, we must ensure the next president appointing justices to the Supreme Court is Donald Trump.”

About this, there is no doubt. Some NeverTrump conservatives bristled this week when Trump said that they had “no choice” but to vote for him, specifically because of the Supreme Court. They insisted that he could very well nominate the same liberals that Hillary Clinton would prefer. And sure, that’s possible in a world where anything can happen. But would it not still be wise to choose the person who at least says they will nominate conservatives to the court? With Hillary, there’s not a single chance in a million that we’ll get another conservative on the bench.

After fighting for more than a half-century, it’s hard to believe that we could actually cleanse this country of this heartbreaking shame. But if there’s any possibility…well, that’s motivation enough to pull the lever for Trump.

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  1. Walter H WILSON3rd

    It has always astounded me, that liberals, protest to save, the plant life , animal life, oceans, the planet and of course,Above All Else themselves!!!!!! The one thing they enjoy more than anything else is the mutilation of human life, harvesting parts of yet tobe born infants for the securing of enormous prophets!!!!!!!! Evil, has no mind, soul or heart to change or soften!!!!!! The only, and I mean right now, is the ballot or The Bullet!!!!!! This outcome, is a direct result of empowering themselves soulection of who lives, and in doing so give other humans the right to control death!!!!!!!!!

    • Exactly right! There are so many people out there that want children and can’t have them. This is so sad to me. Most people will support the mother fully until birth to have a chance at having a family. I believe we should have centers that educate pregant women and bring them together with people who are willing to stand by them for 9 short months to adopt these babies. I think a lot of the decision to abort lies in the fact that these pregnant women have no where to turn during that time. I believe if that were an option we would see a huge decline in abortion rates. Just my opinion tho.

      • There are centers such as you wish for. In several states they have been declared illegal due to providing and forcing women to view false information.

        The decision to terminate a pregnancy does not cause:
        Breast cancer
        Suicidal thoughts or

        Health wise an abortion is safer than carrying a fetus to term.

        • I believe that most women do not believe that they will get depression or breast cancer by being pregnant. I believe they just don’t see any other way out of their predicament. I believe this comes from the fact that their support unit has failed them and thus they take the quickest way out. Studies have proven that women are less likely to commit suicide while pregnant compared to those who are not. They also proved that teenage girls have a huge decrease in suicide attempts while pregnant. Also the risk of developing breast cancer within 10 years after a birth is very, very slim. Experts say this is not a reason to prevent pregnancy.

        • I read somewhere that if man over 45 yrs old votes for Drumpf, his dick falls off

          • That would be good. Obviously his nuts never descended too.

          • Pithy! OK, what are Hillary’s solutions for fixing the economy? “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” I’m sure you lack cojones, you’re a limp wrist liberal!

  2. ObomoTheStupidNiggerTerrorist


    • Walter H WILSON3rd

      What you are suggesting is so, very, very wrong!!! What you are suggesting, is the evil of liberals, is that who you really are????? No infant, to be born, is born evil!! Evil has always been indoctrination from someone who was indoctrinated on Evil and so on and so on and so on!!!!! You want to stop the evil, restore “GOD” to his rightful place in America as the foundation on which we stand!!!!!!!

      • ObomoTheStupidNiggerTerrorist


        • Walter H WILSON3rd

          For you to suggest that Trump is GOD, means you are no patriot, A Patriot would Never even say it in jest!!!! And the Spy thing, tells me you’re just a juvenile!!

          • ObomoTheStupidNiggerTerrorist


          • Walter H WILSON3rd

            Oh, you’re one of those, you’re probably not even old enough to vote. I’m telling you he’s not GOD! And time will tell if he can save America. And name-calling is a liberal trait not the trait of a Patriot or a Republican!!

          • ObomoTheStupidNiggerTerrorist

            EXECUTE HILLARY 2016

          • You have been reported to the Secret Service for threatening the next president.

          • You mean Goldman Sachs and Wall Street owned Hillary? Trump2016!!

          • That is a very treasonable saying, shall I call the FBI

          • I already took care of it.

          • Oh YES!!!! You and that other fckn idiot Ben~

          • I’d rather see her lose her mind while rotting in prison.

          • Huh, I’m a patriot and I swear like a mthrfckr~

          • Walter H WILSON3rd

            Read it again, I said name-calling not swearing. I could careless how you conduct yourself, as long as you’re on the front line when it starts.

          • Same-same~

          • Walter H WILSON3rd

            I’ve read some of your comments, you really should join the Democratic Party they started racism and the murdering of babies.You’d be more at home there!!!

          • Fck the democrats and being a racist has nothing to do with eradicating useless trash- Can you imagine how much of YOUR money would be extorted to pay for all that black trash? I’m sure you’re a proud BLM member~

          • Trump is by no means God. What you say is blastphemy. Mr Wilson is right. Liberals are taught to oppose what is right to benefit themselves. A true American who puts the country first is an American who’s respect is for all even if you disagree. Apparently you do not fully understand that because if you did you would not be so quick as to judge Mr Wilson. I believe Trump is the better candidate for president. The fact he can save America is yet to be seen.

          • ObomoTheStupidNiggerTerrorist


          • No, you don’t see the point. I do believe Trump can save America from this kind of opression. He has been my candidate from the beginning. We are saying the same thing but in a different way. You know that God is perfect and the savior of people who believe through faith, but Trump is not perfect. The definition of Trump is a man who can possibly save our country, hopefully. The definition of God is the only being that can save the whole world through faith not deeds.

          • ObomoTheStupidNiggerTerrorist


          • Doubt in him? He can’t even shit without it coming out his mouth.

          • Okay, you can go away now.

          • ObomoTheStupidNiggerTerrorist


          • When people resort to the god excuse, you know damn well they’re brainwashed~

          • ObomoTheStupidNiggerTerrorist


          • If Trump is the answer, we might as well plow civilization under.

          • The USA just might get its heads together and vote for the woman……….4 more years of sanity

          • Sanity?

          • Ja take yer meds today?

          • Dont need any, but obviously you do…….but why using Swedish words

          • We have a poor choice

          • Well you do not have a choice because hitlery is the candidate of death, selling out our allies, and corruption which is the same as the last 7 years. However we Conservatives do have a choice and that choice is TRUMP 2016 baby!!!!

          • In hitlery!!!
            But only an idiot would vote for a democrat~

          • I am sorry for you You are late with Trump. I think GOP should withdraw Trump nomination now and let’s have only one candidate – Hillary on November 8 at 8 am. After all Trump is falling in the polls badly. As today Trump is trailing Clinton by 13 points in red-state. There is no way Trump can recover given his goofs of an on especially with Russia and now with the military. Why goes Trump every time he wants a new woman, goes abroad to get illegals as wives. We have plenty of beautiful women here in this Big USA and they come in all colors: Black, White, Chinese, Japanese, Indian and Latina. Why does Trump go to Eastern Europe; that is a big question. I suggest that GOP withdraws its nomination now. Hillary should be the only one competing for the WH job on November 8 at 8 am.

          • She got a bump in the polls after the democrats got a bump in the head after the convention. When he takes off her clothes on the Clinton Foundation many liberals on this board today will vote for Trump.

          • Yep, we can definitely recognize a liberal democrat-
            How can only ONE person compete with no competitors?

          • There is no god, but if there was, we’d have NO liberals~

          • I guess It’s easier to believe in nothing than it is to believe in something.

          • Rite, and believing a liberal, is believing nothing~

          • You will be the first cast into the pit of fire. Racism does not fly in any religion.

          • One fckn bible thumper and now the entire conversation goes to stupid religion BS-
            As perceived, I have no religion, but I’m a proud and admitted racist- MOST people are prejudiced and it will NEVER change~

          • You will never be happy in this world with such language. You must been raised a bad boy. In fact it’s now too late for you – you better hang yourself by the feet. We do not want you to hang yourself by the neck. We want you to live. Join us and vote for Hillary on November 8 at 8 am.

          • ObomoTheStupidNiggerTerrorist


          • You are one sick POS~

          • He didn’t say that, you see/read what you want~

        • You are a patriot at the same time as being a racist shit eater?

        • Are you a plucking ignorant twat

          • That fucktard will be picked up soon. He threatened Hillary and I have saved a screenshot which has been referred to the Secret Service.

          • Hillary has threatened every woman groped or raped by Bubba the molester.

          • I bet he’s shakin in his fckn boots!!!!
            Hopefully the FBI will pick YOU up and put you in a mental facility- You’re definitely wacked~

      • There’s the answer!!!! The bible thumper has the problem solved- What a bunch of BS~

    • “ARE CHILDREN”??

      Get this–“ARE” is not a possessive pronoun. Those who employ it as such are literacy-challenged.
      In your case, that simply adds one more element of mental insufficiency.

    • And have YOU invented an in utero test for determining the ultimate political orientation of fetuses, such that they can be targeted for abortion and the ultimately conservative fetuses be permitted to go full term?
      Obviously not, since your laughable ignorance in such matters confirms that you would be no more able to perfect such a test than you are to post intelligent commentaty on this forum.

      • Wow you must be reeling from that 1 2 punch huh. I guess he was spot on.

        • I merely pointed out the impossibility of Obomo, etc.’s racist longings. No one-two punch provoked my answer. Obomo, etc. is incapable of delivering anything potent enough to be classed as a one-two punch. His racist comments have all the punch of a feather gently stroked toward his opponents and missing by half a yard.

          • Name calling is childish.
            Most give it up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.
            Temper, temper …
            You need to practice more, you have not yet gotten the adult part down.

          • Uh, AKLady, my reference is to “ObomoT-S-N-T,” the true racist in this discussion, not to the President whose name he has distorted.

          • Again you see yourself as the voice of reason. I’m not buying it. Liberals lack the capacity tro reason.

          • hi, where
            have you been I missed you?

          • All over the net. Where have you been?

          • same a same as you you all over . mostly hung up I was off for 5 weeks because the police were worried about me they made me close down . I had a scammer that as tellin me he wanted a 1,000. dolllars from me or he would mess up my computer. in the meantime I had called the police and they were heen in minutes and were shocked at what eh was telling me so the lady cop said she wanted to talk to ihm I said ok and when she was thru she said ok shut it down and get your phone number changed pronto . ihad no time to even tell anyone about it. ther is more but I just got interrupted. again and I don’t want to lose you . so w ehave to talk about something else

          • I din’t read any racism in his post, however, if we outlawed abortion we’d be overrun with ignorant black crack babies- Happiness is a needle away~


          • WTF are you yelling about- I interpret your second sentence as a question?- If so, evidently nothing.
            A normal scenario with abortion is, some slut gets
            knocked up, no daddy to be found and she likes the screwin part, so she flushes it- No obstacles-
            Problem solved, no strings and it’s back to doing drugs and screwin her life away-
            SO, WHY IS THAT A PROBLEM TO YOU??????


          • it is if we are paying for the abortions . and we have been . now If you want to talk to me you will need better control over your mouth your language is not acceptable. if you want to be hard then clean up your mouth. I do not deserve that kind of treatment. from anyone.

          • I don’t wanna talk to a dumb splittail, so go adopt some black crack babies and don’t reply~

          • you are the most sickening person I have ever talked to and I won’t be talking to you again , why ,because you are out of here.

          • ????? The apparent standard among the wingnuts who contaminate this site is language filthy language.Surely you have noticed THAT!

          • Fu ck you you fa ggot. I hope you kill yourself today, or tonight, which ever you prefer.

          • STFU you dumb cu nt! You continually spout off nonsense and try to come across as some holier than thou saint but you are really just a f ucking stupid left wingnut wh ore.

          • Babies that die because their parents are irresponsible reprobates are every decent person’s business. Do you see yourself as decent?

          • decent? only when I wanna be-
            Not my business what some slore does with her trash- Solution, don’t want it, throw it away-
            Ya gotta remember 99% of these splittail are nothing but useless trash and shudda been aborted themselves~

          • Again,he didn’t make any claims,idiot.

          • His screen name is obviously racist. His wish was political in nature.

      • sounds kike an Obama a
        supporter,waitng to vote for killary..

        • You could not be more correct as to subject matter, but your “a” has no place in your sentence, and the second word in your un-capitalized entry should be “like,” not “kike.”
          Are you smoking something strange or are you just marginally literate?.

          • He is a red state dropout.

          • Your elitism is noted.

          • I suppose you never made a typo in your life.

          • bud wood also misspelled waiting. That equates to one and one-half typos per line, which exceeds the threshold I use for commenting on errors. I rarely make typos, certainly not at the rate so often seen on the part of the nutjob ultraconservatives who contaminate this forum.

          • I see you consider yourself a superior form of human;one, a cut above all us uber-conservative troglodytes. You are incensed when someone wishes you could have been aborted. [a barbaric procedure you otherwise support] but consider people who don’t share your political views contamination. Your elitism and contempt for others is noted.

          • if we were worried about typo errors we would not be here. So I suggest you stop being the typo error checker, I did not hire you and since this is my site I can ask you to leave or stop doing it. nobody cares about errors. we are here to relax and enjoy what we are doing.

      • You missed the fact that he started his post with “If only” When did he claim to have invented anything? He didn’t, idiot.

        • You miss the larger point. Obomo, etc.’s proposition could be achieved only if such a test as I described could be placed into effect. Having eructated his load of evil wishful thinking, he needed to be instructed on the impossibility of achieving his nefarious desire without some kind of in utero test method. I performed that service for the hapless, ignorant moron.

          • Actually I didn’t. He obviously knew there was no chance of his wish becoming reality. I’ts funny how a liberal can call selective abortion evil. That happens every day in America. I believe modern liberalism/progressivism/socialism is an evil to be eradicated. Abortion isn’t my answer. Educating people of the impossibility of creating a Utopian society by force is. There will never be a man made heaven on Earth. No amount if social engineering can eliminate basic Human nature. That is a lesson liberals are yet to learn.

          • Please advise as to where I might find those who desire to create a Utopian society by force. Also tell us how any society created by force could possibly be Utopian.

          • Liberals/ socialists think they can solve the worlds problems through government programs. Those programs are not optional,they are mandatory. That type of control is anti-freedom and tyrannical. The government never takes no for an answer. I don’t believe that Utopia can be created by humans,liberals do.

    • I have a better idea. Abort racists and even better, post birth abortions for them.

      • I believe you meant “Terrorists” NOT racists. Your subconscious mistake.
        There are no racists, just Americans with Moral Compasses wanting their strong Nation back! Communicating with words is better than communicating with head lopping or massacres don’t you believe? Or are you on the side of the terrorists?

        • No, I said racists and that is exactly what I meant. Specifically, the racist bastard here who can’t find their caps lock key with that ugly epithet in their handle.

          • I’m fairly certain saying n I g g e r does not make you a racist. He has a problem with onumbnuts as do we all. Have you ever said anything about a driver after you see their license plate and they’ve cut you off? Same thing. You do notreally hate everyone from that but when you areangry you will say the strongest insults you can think of. Now if he said I want every black person in a blanket then that is different.

          • So, then, Obomo. etc. is to be regarded as angry all the time and thus incapable of anything except the strongest insults he can barf up? A pathetic state to be in, wouldn’t you say?

          • No, but you are an immature individual engaging in racism.

          • Uh, AKLady, my reference is to “Obomo, etc”, the true racist in this discussion, not to the President whose name he has distorted.

          • Thank you.
            I will endevor to remember that fact.
            My appology.

          • Here we go, we got the ni99er troll fired up~

          • Racist speech is just that, racist speech.

          • As is yours~

          • Oh you’re talking abt ‘obomothe***”? Unfortunately if you blog on many different sites like I do, you will see a pattern of people so angry and fierce with their comments that they are explosive! What you see here is the norm even if it makes you upset.

            We have very angry Americans that are only getting angrier by the minute because we have a weak president incapable of diffusing their tempers. What scares me is if Trump doesn’t get elected, lots and lots of Americans are going to revolt and there will be bloodshed. Doesn’t that bother you?

            I’m an emotive/realist and the same signs are on all the different blog sites. How do we take away the anger? People used to be polite and civil with each other. Now they say everything and anything to one another, leaving angry destructive words that can hurt as bad as a slap.

            Our World is flipping and not in a good way. People like “obomothe**” has hit his tolerance level and is spilling over on everyone
            I wouldn’t want to be in his family right now — too volatile!

            You know you can block his comments. See the down arrow on the right side of his comment across from his name? Click on the arrow. A drop down menu opens up and you can hit Block. You won’t have to see his comments ever again. Good luck and God Speed.

          • No, we have ignorant, racist Americans who blame everyone else for their mistakes and failures.

            The load up their shopping cart with foreign made goods and then blame Obama for the unemployment rate in America.

          • Well, excu-u-use me if I do not withdraw from these discussions and leave the field to the little knot of wingnut extremists and their racist, murderous eructations who unload their ignorant bile here. ! I do not believe that the angry-and-getting-angrier Americans you describe constitute anything other than a tiny, though very outspoken minority. They are assuredly no “norm” in any sense of that term. Their ilk is full of swagger and bluster, and their capability of pulling off any kind of successful revolt is negligible. Nevertheless, they should not go unchallenged.

          • I understand that. However I have been blogging for 9 years and have seen several Seniors develop Health issues from becoming overstressed and so directed on “trying” to change up the minds of some irritating bloggers. Ailments like high blood pressure, heart issues, even personality changes can change lives, even your life. Just be careful. Those Senior bloggers didn’t think they were so invested in these arguments until it was too late and they got ill.

            Be my guest and let him have it – just keep track of what it’s doing to your health. Power on!

          • Don’t worry about me. I am on here and other forums simply to needle the nitwits. My participation is simply recreational. I am aware of the adamantine asininity of the wingnuts on here and the improbability of changing their disordered minds. Besides, I have plenty of outside interests.

          • Awesome! Enjoy your journey!

          • I am not blocking that racist. His sorry ass is going to jail for threatening Hillary.

            You wrote… “What scares me is if Trump doesn’t get elected, lots and lots of Americans are going to revolt and there will be bloodshed. Doesn’t that bother you?

            WTF? I will be damned if we just cede this country to the fascist forces of a Trumpster uprising after he loses. We have plenty of bullets, cattle prods and tear gas in the military and National Guard, plus jails for the survivors. After they spend a few years bending over as somebody’s personal punk, they might learn their lessons.

          • Just like I told “headonstraight” — defend your position but be totally aware of how much you are vested in these arguments. During the 9 years I’ve been blogging, i’ve seen several Seniors become ill because they got to caught up in these arguments and developed high blood pressure, etc. I’ve seen several guys develop medical issues and had to leave the blogging world. Just be aware of your own body and how it is taking the anger being thrown at you. You migjt want to back away for a week if you notice symptoms…just saying. No little twit is worth losing your life over…

          • Okay, tell me how you SAW all that sht on a printed page- Like with some proof~

          • We blogged on the same sites and shared our comments. When things got too hot we would watch for signs in our blogging that we needed to back off for awhile…and we’d warn each other of what we saw. And yes, there were times when.each of us wouldn’t believe that our blogging was running our lives — we let it control what we did and didn’t do. At that point, you are pretty much on your computer 24/7 screaming at other bloggers…then the screaming bounces over to your family, etc.

            Thank God I had some bloggers who could see I had become consumed by blogging against some pretty far out dudes. And thank God I could see that was happening to other bloggers and we discussed how to back away. Everyone of the bloggers I talked to removed themselves temporarily for several weeks from blogging. When they returned, they learned not to be consumed by other’s condescending and demeaning words, but to “bring” something worthwhile to the site to discuss.

            After all, we all live in this mess of a country and we all want lives to be better for Americans and yelling obscenities and being vulgar doesn’t accomplish a thing but make people angry. We have enough anger floating over our nation. Let’s find some do-able answers so we can all live together in peace!

          • Well, I swear a lot and have been for years-
            Everywhere you go that involves people, someone is swearing- Movies, TV, Radio and especially that useless fckn ni99er rap- Except you, I’m sure~

          • No, you are wrong. I can out cuss a sailor when my temper is cut loose. Just ask my adult kids. They found out that their parent is fallible and normal…I just choose to say my thoughts verbally. I also try to keep a lid on that aspect of my life because I found that a little patience, a lot of listening, and a careful choice of words gets the job done faster…and many times finds a new friend.

            Each of us has to choose the best way to communicate our thoughts. I learned mine through experience and try to apply it to my daily conversations. It’s a challenge! Often I end up sticking my foot in my mouth. Guess we’re never to old to learn the lessons of life.
            Blog on…have fun…just don’t let it get too serious!

          • Okay, now that I have your permission and I try never to get serious, just a ball buster~

          • You are so funny! We need more people with intelligence and humor on this blog. I’d miss your comments if something happened and you couldn’t blog any more. Just watching after my fellow bloggers!
            Besides I’m not so naive to think any adult would do as I say…it was just a suggestion, not a.command.
            I look forward to your next attack comments! It is quite fun to see the reactions you get! Take ’em down Bigotist!

          • Ah, who may I ask is going to put him in jail?

          • Bet ya didn’t block ’em~

          • The only one I blocked was aklady — who is totally unreachable. I should have done it a long time ago like many bloggers told me. Guess I had to learn the hard way…

          • I was gunna, but she’s such a kunt ya just gotta keep it wound up- it’s fun~

          • after so many years of her you start thinking why is she here ? she must know nobody likes her. but she is a little off the wall. I have had her removed for a year at a time.

          • thank god for small favors, she is like a bad dream she keeps coming back.

          • I know, I know. What rock did she crawl out from under? Love that “Block”!!

          • Are you talking about the home of the KKK,the Democrat party?

        • “There are no racists”!!!!!! Do you really believe that irrational statement? Anyone who seriously contends that there are “no racists” must have his head deeply buried in heavy confining sand. Surely you misspoke!

          • Just checking to see who’s paying attention. It worked, didn’t it?
            Of course there are racists. I believe every family has there own member who truly is a racist. I have several in my family including one who doesn’t realize he has racist tendencies.

            I’ve known Blacks to be very racist against Latinos. That was because I lived in a gang infested Latino neighborhood. And when I say gang, I mean several generations of gang members with the head honcho being in his 60’s but still running ALL the younger gangs under him. We met him on one of our walks and had a nice chat! Little did we know he was “The Man” in charge.

            Having both Blacks and Latinos as friends, when we spoke of where we lived, our Black friends just shook their heads and said that was the worst place in So. CALIF to live…they didn’t trust nor work with anyone from that area…except us, who they knew. The KEY WORDS ARE: “Who they knew”.

            A lesson about Racism: Before any of us sit in judgement of another race, we must first get to know the people in that race…not just their names on paper, but the actual people. It took our living in that Latino neighborhood and us being the only White family in the entire neighborhood, to see first hand that many times people get it all wrong about a certain race — because they’ve never lived next to them, shared dinners and experiences, and counted on them to protect what was yours as you protected theirs.

            I am not a racist because I love ALL PEOPLES in general, equally. But as there are good and bad in all races, you can dislike those that try to hurt others for financial gain. THAT’S NOT BEING RACIST, THAT’S BEING SMART!

            FYI: After living in that neighborhood for almost 10 years, we came home after a Company Christmas dinner to find the local cops digging bullets out of the front of our home and in the street. An innocent 14 year old boy was killed in the cross fire between rival gangs (Blacks & Latinos) right in front of our home. That being the 6th killing in the entire neighborhood in the past 4 years, we sold our home and moved out of that entire area.

            People change, areas change, societies change, Nations change. The U.S. is morphing into something we don’t recognize because of elitist actions. Either you go with them and become their slaves or you stand up and fight them. Personally, I’ve never been a slave to anyone and I don’t intend on starting now. I’m always willing to give people a chance to redeem themselves, however: “Screw me once, shame on you. Screw me twice, shame on me!”! I try never to let it happen twice! How about you?

      • Typical liberal, promoting the murder of anyone who doesn’t believe as they. Sounds a lot like Islam.

      • If only. That right there would take care of 60-70% of the racist demotards and allow this country to heal from the infestation that is obuma.

        • Name calling is childish.
          Most give it up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.
          Temper, temper …
          You need to practice more, you have not yet gotten the adult part down.

      • Are you saying that Margaret Sanger should have been aborted?

    • You appear like the rest on this pigsheight forum to have slipped thru the murder net

    • And would you say that for, maybe, Jews, or Irish, or Italians ……

    • Babies are clean “slates.” They aren’t born with precognition toward being a particular political party. The indoctrinating school system has been the biggest threat to our children for the last 60 years. Add to this the fact that the last couple of generations have had little to no “raising” by their parents because their main “learning” has come from the schools and television. Today most parents are too busy being their child’s “friend” instead of being the adult figure in the household, or they are too busy working 2 jobs to put food on the table, unless of course they’re on gubmint assistance and are too into themselves and many of them have no idea where their children even are or what they are doing. Abortion is never the answer. Holding parents accountable for raising their children, good old fashioned discipline, teaching children to respect themselves and others is where the answers lie.

      • ObomoTheStupidNiggerTerrorist

        ONLY IF

      • If ya can’t afford it, abort it~

        • That’s disgusting.
          If they can’t afford the baby, give it up for adoption.

          • If the ni99ers don’t want ’em, who does?
            You take ’em, problem solved~

          • You really are a special kind of stupid, aren’t you?

          • Nor really, but you surely are-
            If yer such a smart kunt, what’s your solution?

          • You’re not only a special kind of stupid, you’re unable to converse without foul language which exemplifies your stupidity. This will be my last response to you. As for a solution, it starts with females having some respect for themselves, keeping their legs together instead of sleeping around with anything on legs. “Their body, their choice” ends when it comes to killing an innocent unborn baby. Their right to choose does not supersede the rights of the unborn child’s right to life. There are too many methods of birth control and abortion isn’t one of them. The next best solution is putting the baby up for adoption. Abortion is NEVER the answer, it is MURDER.


          • Thank you but no, I’m not, but my God is and it is He who gives life and He said that anyone who offends one of these little ones would be better off with a millstone around their neck and to be cast in the sea. I can only imagine what He thinks of those who MURDER his innocent children. God bless you for continuing the Fight for the unborn.

          • yes you are right, i will continue to fight as long as God gives me the strength to do so. i Think Donald will have closure for us very soon on this matter.

          • I believe God put Trump in office and I hope he keeps all of his promises, especially this one. I’m thankful that Trump is going to be our president. These past 8 years have been a nightmare to say the least.


          • Absolutely. Every child has a right to live. I am a retired nurse who worked with the severely mentally retarded and physically handicapped population for more than 22 years and they too deserve to live and their desire to live is as strong as yours and mine. No one has the right to take their right to live away.

          • thank you for you sharing, you sound like a very caring person. if youput out their 22 years to help these children i m sure we can do a little time to help the rest.

          • You’re welcome, it was my honor to be able to care for these children, and adults. I’ve been retired for 5 years now and I miss them but not the daily rat race.

    • “Where ARE children aren’t brain dead IDIOTS “. Where OUR(pronounced as ‘a-oo-er’; same as ‘hour’)children; not “r” children. Your (yoo-er) an idiot, not, ur an idiot.

    • Amazing how this is the top comment, you guys truly are terrible.

    • Actually, Hitler had a plan similar to that, weeding out retards and vegetables~

  3. As long as whoever is on the supreme court follows the constitution and doesn’t make up their own laws I could care less who is on it. We already know that all of them are in the back pocket of this administration.

  4. I wish Pence as right. But since the medical profession cannot determine for sure when life actually begins, we are stuck with the Supreme Court decision. That gags me but that is where we are on this issue. For us Christians the answer is simple. Humans do not control life and death. Therefore no woman has the right to determine life or death. Abortion is just plain murder.

    • Jerry the JERK…………its a fetus Jerry the Jerk, and not until the baby is born and takes it frist gasp of shitty US air, then you can murder the infant………….but not until then Jerry the Jerk

      • anibanib,
        Sorry but the medical profession does not agree with you. Some say when the fetus feels pain and some say after so many months or weeks. Take your pick.

        • You could very well be correct,but that only applies to the USA,no where else in the world

          • anibanib,
            Because of US medical beliefs hands are tied in the Supreme Court so it matters only in the US. That being the case, no legislation is possible as long as the Supreme Court plays its present role in curbing First Amendment rights. From a pure secular standpoint, abortion is a woman’s right.

        • “some say”?

  5. Right wing turds crow for strict constitutionalist judges until they want an issue their way. It should be illegal to ask a potential SC justice how he or she would rule on specific issues. Not having heard the case, that is prejudging.

    • This crowd doesn’t want democracy or freedom, they want an authoritarian to enforce their demented, antiquated view of the world and of life itself. Like little children at Christmas they want that shiny new bike even if it means brother and sister only get a new pair socks.

  6. sssssssssss

  7. I don’t want to pay for someone else’s promiscuity. Women get pregnant by choice, not by accident. In the case of rape, incest or danger to the woman, they should have the choice. If they CHOOSE to have unprotected sex, the responsibility is theirs and their partner’s. I should not have to pay for their promiscuity. There are over 12,000 other choices for women’s health in this country so PP should be OUT.

  8. David Melnick David

    I see this as a challenge for all who love no responsibility. That’s what this lame abortion issue is. Liberals will be scared that they will have to work & not get a free check.

    • slowchildren@play

      • The most welfare recipients are in CA,, Hawaii and in inner-cities run by democrats. The democrats moved their cotton plantations to the ghettos.

        • Come on over ‘n we’ll take the ‘Trail Park/Gov’t Housing Tour” of Indiana, Ohio, W Va, Kentucky. White red neck uneducated Teabacca spittin’ Pence/Trump waitin’ on the first ‘o the month m fers. I’m not saying they don’t deserve and I pay my taxes with joy to help but its not what your racist comment portrays .

          • Poor response, no offense, did you even graduate high school? CA has 33% of all the welfare recipients in the US, with Hawaii being a close second, last time I checked they were blue states. Not to mention the inner-cities that are always under democrat rule.

            Calling me a racist? Do you think you have the moral high ground? LOL. Calling someone a racist is the liberal white flag of surrender!

          • None taken , yes an M.A.

          • “CA has 33% of all the welfare recipients in the US”

            So you are saying California a poor state? And Hawaii sucks? Where in the hell do you live? I’m guessing Ohio.

          • “Not to mention the inner-cities that are always under democrat rule.”

            So blacks are victims of government too? Who isn’t a victim in America according to you? Anyone?

        • “The democrats moved their cotton plantations to the ghettos.”

          So blacks ARE victims of the government? You sound like BLM.

    • A legitimate fear thank goodness. I can’t wait

  9. Of course, because if Millertrump is elected we will have a Pence presidency, we know this because of the offer made to John Kasich to handle both domestic and foreign policy(which is everything)while ‘the Don’ pumps his ego. Mike Pence was my fascist congressman, famous here for sucking off corporate big wigs. Pence was poised to lose his governorship in November so here’s a run to try and save his political CAREER . The Governor has renewed back alley abortions here and death of teen girls. Many companies left the state taking jobs and millions of dollars with them because of his bigoted stance on LGBT issues and the NCAA threatened to move from basketball central if Pence signed his pro discrimination bill into law. There were celebrations in the streets of Indy when Millertrump took him off our hands, God help us all if President Pence becomes a reality in November . Kasich at least is rational in his thinking. I guess that’s why he didn’t want his name connected to the con man. Who can blame him?

  10. Conservatards are retards. Pence is a feeble minded leech.

    • It is very sad that the Grand Old Party has allowed Teatards to take over, sad for all of us. According to Republican strategist Matt Lewis tells us in his book ” Too Dumb To Fail”, that the party made plans after the 2012 loss “to corral the stupid into the party”. A plan to broaden the base, so here we are. Perhaps you’ll remember Millertrump saying at a rally, “I love the uneducated, love the uneducated “…you bet he does ! The Republican Party needs to scrape the teanuts from their shoes and let them prop up their own neo fascist candidate, Pence is the trade off with party bosses, he gives them control if numb nuts is elected, still scary. The bosses didn’t read “Frankenstien” evidently; ignorant and fearful towns people, pitch forks ‘n torches attacking the gentle ‘monster’.

  11. I really like the Trump/Pence ticket. I wish they wouldn’t make announcements like this. It’ll only help HC.

  12. Hillary = the death of morality, the death of US borders, the death of the US constitution, the death of america.

    • What caused the death of your gray matter? The way you jabber senselessly about nothing, it seems your head is full of sawdust.

  13. If women want to use abortion as a birth control method, that’s fine. I don’t have to like it. But I shouldn’t have to pay for it either. Let them pay out of their own pocket. I didn’t knock them up.

  14. Go Trump 2016

  15. Simple solution: When a Demoncrat becomes pregnant, abort it. Better yet, kill all female Demonrats.

  16. Well, Mr Pence…you just lost a lot of votes with that one….who in hell are you to decide what a woman can do with her body…you dumb ass…

  17. So he is going to put abortion back in the back alleys. Who is going to be hanged when it happens? The mother, the doctor or the father ?

    • Pence has already sent it to the alleys here in Indiana and we already have teen deaths.

    • Yeah because everything should be legal from murder to incest right. Heck didn’t you fools just pass that suicide law. Funny how you lefties b I t c h about the death toll in this country and then legalize death. Oh well this will help fix the erroneous numbers death by handguns.

      • So you are the typical Republican. You danced right around my question. Who do you want to hang if a woman aborts her baby?

    • No one, as long as it gets done-
      Just don’t know how plastic hangers are gunna work??

    • Actually there have been over 58 million innocent infants who have paid the ultimate price for their parents’ irresponsibility. Why do you think that babies deserve the death penalty? Why is wanting to be born alive a capital crime? After all,you liberals think serial killers can be reformed. Why do innocents pay and the guilty skate. Oh yeah,if Hillary can commit treason and skate why should mere killers be punished? After all only babies deserve to die,right Forrest?

      • Barney, if you are not going to answer my question and just make false allegations then you needn’t make a comment.

        • Hanging was your idea alone you dunce,no one else’s. You making the assumption that anyone wanted to impose the death penalty for abortion is your silly notion. I’ll comment on you any time I see your pointed little head pop up out of your hole. There were no false allegations, only factual numbers. Those numbers are something you don’t seem to think exist,VERIFIABLE FACTS. Now I ask you again. Why do you think it is OK to murder babies?

          • No it was a question. You just put your twist to it. The question was if you want out law abortions then who are you going to hang for it? Should you hang the mother, the doctor or maybe the father. If you want it to be illegal what is the charge?

          • I don’t answer loaded questions Forrest.I have one for you.When you beat your wife to a pulp do they charge you with a felony or a misdemeanor?

          • I have asked every pro-lifer that question and have yet to get an answer. So you are not a virgin to the question.

          • You know every pro-lifer in the world?


  18. The issue of whether a woman carries to full term or not is, and should always be her decision and her right! It is not the men that must deal with it. They don’t carry the child, procreate it or birth it. And most don’t even care and feed it 24/7. It’s our financial responsibility to provide the essentials for life. For those that would place themselves on the high alter of morality, answer this. What quality of life do you expect a child to have that is so crippled before birth occurs that even if it survived, it wouldn’t know it’s mother, will never see, talk, run or play. What quality of life do you think that child will have if it required 24/7 medical care just to keep it alive for the rest of it’s life? Are you going to come down off your altar and tell that mother, “Gee, that sucks, but you have to keep it alive anyway and you also have to foot the catastrophic medical bills too!” Are you going to provide for it the rest of it’s life? Is not “pulling the plug” to end life support and life saving measures for family members that no longer even know who you are and will not recover the same as ending a life with abortion? Should someone on their high alter of morality tell you and make it a crime that you cannot end the life of a loved one, no matter how much they suffer in pain or require extreme medical intervention to keep them alive at devastating costs? To completely ban abortion and take away a woman’s right to decide will send millions of women to jail, death by back alley abortionists, and worse. It will multiply the numbers of babies already “dumped”, both living and dead after birth in terrible places where the living will die, They will not be rescued. You can’t save them. It happens every day! Far better that life should not have even been born than to die in a plastic bag in a garbage heap or tossed along side a road like a piece of trash. The right to choose must remain between a woman, her husband, her doctor and her God. NOT those that place them selves on the altars of morality because they believe it’s wrong!

    • Over 100 million Fetuses have been killed since legalizing abortions and that is just plain wrong for any civilized community. It should not be legalized. Human life is precious and should be protected. Yes there are circumstances that make sense to abort a child( dammaged fetus, incest, rape victims, and mothers risk of dying) however most abortions are healthy babies and it’s just plain murder. Allowing it to happen only helps to destroy our values and bring down our society. If parents don’t want their child it should go up for adoption many parents cannot have children and would love the opportunity to raise the child. Forcing taxpayers to incure paying for
      other people’s mistakes should not be allowed period.

      Go Trump!

      • There is no method of forcing taxpayers to pay for people’s mistakes. And just how are you going to determine the difference between a mistake by a young girl vs an actual need to abort due to defect by a young girl? Some crystal ball? There are thousands of “safe” turn in centers across this country where a woman can turn in her unwanted baby. And it doesn’t make a damn bit of difference! Young women and even older ones still kill their newborns because they don’t want them, they are ashamed, they can’t afford them or other reasons. That is the target population you will never convince to turn in their newborns without harm. The plan to defund Planned Parenthood is the death sentence for millions of women and their unborn or newborn babies. I will vote for Trump for many other reasons. But it is hoped that human dignity, mercy and humanity will prevail and continue to fund this vital program. I know women that aborted because they were in no position to support a child. Services were not available to take that child in. And I know women that carried their child to full term, gave birth and have born the emotional strain and financial burden of caring for a child that would never grow up, would never know their mother’s love, never play or laugh due to overwhelming birth defects such as microcephaly, and multiple defects so severe the child could not see, speak, feed them self or understand any spoken word. One of these children lived to age 16 and died due to inspiration of her own vomit in an ER. The other is still living now, but will die in the near future. If you find it so wrong, are you personally willing to take in ALL NEWBORNS no matter their physical condition, support them financially with housing, medical care, clothing, food and education if possible? If you are not, then butt out! Your moral opinion doesn’t matter to that woman that is pregnant no matter how it happened! It is not your right to tell her what she can or cannot due with her body! You may voice your opinion as guaranteed by the 1st Amendment. BUT THAT IS ALL YOU MAY DO!

        • I stand by my comments and I have just as much right as you do to express my opinion ( so if you want to bud out go for it Bimbo).
          There are many ways to insure a child is healthy prior to birth so don’t say it can’t be done. Willfully Killing a healthy fetus is murder and many doctors tell stories of the horrors of seeing a fetus with their little hearts beating. Allow the baby to be borned if healthy and not incest/rape/ or
          Life threatening for the women. Many people can’t have kids and would welcome adopting a child creating a win win situation. If the women don’t take responsibility to prevent a pregnancy then it should not be legal to kill the fetus in most situations. It’s a human being and life has already begun ( just because it can’t speak doesn’t make it right) Most Americans are against abortion and Christian faith does not support this approach. This is purely a Democratic shove it down their throat approach- soo Wrong!
          Go Trump

          • I stand my ground! You, nor anyone else has the right to tell a woman what she can and cannot do with her body and her ability to procreate. It doesn’t matter how many ways there are to determine the health of a fetus. If the woman has no insurance, can’t afford it, cannot risk her family finding out or other reasons, they won’t take those steps. It doesn’t matter to them. And it is not strictly the woman’s responsibility to prevent a pregnancy. Her partner has an equal obligation to do so! Unless they’re as backward as you! If the woman is forced to carry and deliver it by law and doesn’t want it, then I believe all those good folks like you should be mandated by law to step up and assume full financial responsibility for the child no matter how much it costs. That includes medical, housing, education, clothing, and transportation until the age of 24. And this responsibility cannot be voided by any court for any reason. I believe that meets with your intent.

          • You are Dilusional and definitely a person who does not take responsibility for their actions ( sounds like a liberal crack head).
            Over 90% of Americans do not believe its right to abort a healthy baby
            80% of Americans have their own healthcare and the ones incapable of working or just too lazy fall under Obamma care. Lack of proper planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part. People like you do it to yourselves and then you expect responsible people to cover your ass ( our tax money). Our society has many more just like you and most are all crackheads. Move on liberal troll – you and your type are all about free things and not about FREEDOM! You are part of the problem why America is falling into a cestpool.
            Wake up if you love your country — Go Trump!

          • You are so fucking out in left field as to who I am or what I believe. I am a retired vet with 21 yrs. You have none! Your statistics are totally off and probably fictional at best. You vote to ban abortion and force women to carry an unwanted child for any reason no matter how conceived, then you have an obligation to support it! Otherwise it will and often does wind up dead! I’ve seen and read too many stories of women in NYC and elsewhere that have thrown their newborns out of windows, tossed them into dumpsters, left wrapped in plastic bags on a beach or just left where ever! Very very few survived. I also happen to be a registered Republican, never did drugs and would take great pleasure in shooting drug dealers, islamic trash and radical antiabortionists! I will vote for Trump and want the Obamamonkey hanged or shot without trial. That includes the Bitch Hillary! I fought and worked for what I have. So I have paid my dues!

          • Thank you big KAhuna , I really appreciate you jumping in with your perfect timing.

      • If human life is so precious, why do Repukes want to take away Obamacare? They want ever baby to be born, but after that they don’t give two shits about that life.

        • Wrong Benny boy – Republicans don’t want socialism ( does not support our constitution ) – over 70% of the people where against it yet Obama shoved it down the taxpayers throat

          A healthcare plan we are forced to purchase,
          · And fined if we don’t,
          · Which purportedly will cover at least 10 million more people,
          · Without adding a single new doctor,
          · That provides for 16,000 new IRS agents,
          · Written by a committee whose chairman said that he didn’t
          understand it,
          · Passed by a Congress that didn’t read it,
          · And exempted itself from it,
          · And signed by a President who smokes,
          · With funding administered by a Treasury chief who didn’t pay
          his own taxes,
          · For which we will be taxed for four years before any benefits will
          take effect,
          · By a government which has already bankrupted Social Security
          and Medicare,
          · All to be administered by a Surgeon General who is obese and
          · Financed by a country that is broke,

          So what the blank could possibly go wrong?

          Want more of this—be stupid and Vote Democrat!

          • Pay no attention to that fckn idiot, he’s? just a liberal retarded troll~

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Just think of that all abortion meat going to waste, munch, munch!

          • hehe, not all of it- they sell alotta of it for cat food~

          • Thanks for the support. There are a coule others that pipe in from time to time ( such as AK Lady) they must be on drugs and completely full of BS. I send them on their way yet we all can delete them from being able to respond which I will do from now on. I guess there will always be misinformed, drug supporting, gay rights loving, liberal bots to deal with. I can’t find anything appealing about that party (Satanic)
            They represent all the bad things in a society:
            Gay rights
            Transgender approval
            Legalized drugs
            Muslim immigration supporters
            Planned parenthood
            Many forms of Welfare
            Obama Care
            IRS profiling
            Corruption throughout
            Excessive spending

            All of the above are detrimental to our way of life as stated in our Constitution ( the document that made us great)
            Go Trump!

          • Agreed, but I endorse abortion. Not only for the rite of women for their own choice, but also to assist in reducing the influx of ni99ers and white trash.
            This scum has an overwhelming burden on the responsible working class~

      • StupidConservativeValues

        Just think that all abortion meat going to waste. We could feed all the hungry starving Republicans.

        • Your beyond sick – it’s no wonder why the democratic platform has
          Entered into no mans land and now referred as the real Satin within America. Pandering to you and your kind of trailer trash is whats destroying the values that made us great. Your living proof that some Indians did mate with Buffalos- move on liberal Troll.
          Go Trump!

    • Well, I worked for a medical service and believe it or not the vegetables born aren’t sent home w/mom- They’re “immediately” placed on Soc.Sec. and the cost is “born” on the taxpayer 100%. I recall the mothers? rarely give a sht what happens to it~

      • Those parents I know their child went home with mom. Maybe the ones you recall were single and their income was already lower class, poverty level, or they had no medical insurance. That isn’t necessarily the way it is for more well to do parents with health insurance.

    • BS!!!!! Why should I or anyone else be “”financially responsible”” for some dumb kunts stupidity???

  19. Be careful what you ask for. Abortions prevent more fatherless welfare recipients of the future

  20. The attack on a woman’s right to control her own body and to make her own medical decisions is utterly disgusting. Who are these know-it-alls that gives them the right to make decisions over other people’s bodies and their reproductive choices. Gloria Steinem is reported to have said: “Listen, honey, if men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament.” Think about it!

    • Uh… I must have missed something. You said a woman’s right to control her own body and to make her own medical decisions should be her own choice, more or less,. However, by getting pregnant she more or less gave up control of her own body, did she not? Maybe if she had exercised her control of her own body in the first place she would not have gotten pregnant nor exposed herself to potentially major complications that can result from a botched abortion. usually when someone exercises poor judgement such as driving drunk their driving privileges are suspended, was the woman drunk when she allowed herself to get pregnant? Pregnancy is not a disease to be cured, however it is a preventable condition first and foremost. Think about it!

      • They will not even approve the morning after pill.Abortion would be allowed only if a woman’s life were at risk.
        Tell me you think a woman who is raped should be forced to carry a child that was produced from this rape? What about incest? And lets fast forward to the child that must be told this is how they were conceived,what about them?
        Or is she already has children and her husband or boyfriend dumps her at this time…..then what??

        • You abortionists always go to the dark side to push your views. Why not ask about women who are forced to breed with aliens from outerspace or from the world of politicians. Women who usually do not want to become pregnant are protected with some form of contraception. With all the gays getting married adoption is abundantly feasible. Yet you refuse to point out the women that do not want a baby bump getting in the way of putting on a bathing suit while on vacation so they kill the little snot.

  21. Not a Democrat or Progressive, but I don’t believe this for a minute. Let’s look at this realistically. Neither a President Trump nor the Congress have the political will to make abortion illegal. Regardless of how I might like to see it, let’s not kid ourselves or hop on some holy bandwagon. Trump would not have the authority to do it and Congress won’t have the will to do it. What we CAN do is put an end to taxpayer support for abortions. Guys, that’s the greatest thing that can happen with this issue. After that, whatever happens with privately paid procedures happens anyway. Pick your battles and define them with a scope that’s actually doable and likely.

  22. Abortion should not be a political issue. Even when one believes it is wrong, it still is a personal issue between them and God and politicians should not get involved.

    • I don’t know about the god BS, but agree the gov’t or the church are full of sht telling you about abortion~

  23. All we can do is pray that Trump receive guidance.

  24. Pence — promise anything to get elected.
    Congress makes the laws.

    Trump and Pence cannot violate women’s Constiutional rights.

    Sould they try, the U.S. Supreme Court will slap them down.
    Sould they try, Congress will slap them down.

  25. If Pence wants to abolish abortion…i hope he has a big house..don’t force your views on others…my suggestion…bring all babies to Pence and have him take care of and use his money to support…oh what a different song he would sing. This subject is best left alone.

  26. I want him to bring an end to female mutilation. That is NOT who we are.

  27. Of course he will. Because the entire years of Bush presidencies somehow… couldn’t get around to it.

  28. I wish abortion were retroactive and Trump could be gone.

  29. Next thing we know, he will be joining up with the Sharia Police, whipping people for their own free choice. Not all people, including all Doctors believe it is murder in early stage. Until every child is taken care of by even the public, women have to have the right to end suffering, especially of handicapped like Zika.

  30. Is it really the job of a small government to enforce an encyclical written by a dead Pope in 1968 on non-catholic citizens?

    In 1968, I had just graduated from Rockhurst High School (the same one as Tim Kaine). Even the Jesuits were not totally sold on the desirability let alone the legality of imposing catholic prohibitions on non-catholics. People remembered not just the death of JFK but that he ran on the promise of being a President to all of the people, not just catholics.

    That was especially true because evangelicals like other protestants were anti-papist and would oppose being forced by government to do anything backed only by the Pope, an autocrat (look it up) who dictated over a foreign country (the Vatican is a country).

    Any American who obeys the orders of a foreign leader over the Constitution, over laws democratically drawn and even over contracts that had been previously signed must be a traitor (look it up) to this country.

  31. No human can stop the abortions, as people have become too evil! We are in a war against principalities and powers! Only Jesus’s return can stop the abortions!

  32. StupidConservativeValues


  33. This election is not going to be about Trump or Hillary. It will be about the US Supreme Court! So all of you hard headed #Never Trump straighten up or we will be on a FREE FALL TO COMPLETE ANNIHILATION! Just grit your teeth and do the right thing.
    BereadywhenHecomes.com If you are still being stupid go to http://www.Arkancide.com

  34. Mr.Pence, while I agree the abortion laws are far too lax, please use some discernment and common sense regarding this as an outright ban would not be right either. As an OB nurse, there are cases where it should be an option in hospital between the mother and physician. As far as later term abortion: Consider gross congenital malformations/anomalies requiring extreme corrective measures that may or may not work, severe danger to a mothers life when she has children at home that need her, rape ir incest of course (especially to a minor), an accident causing severe injury to a mother and/or baby and other possibilities not thought of-things happen. As far as early, simply put a scientific reason based time limit on it (definitely nothing past the first trimester, preferably find ways before 6 weeks). I do believe planned parenthood should not be funded due to their highly unethical practices. Maybe clinic abortions should not be done and this should be put back into the hands of ob/gyn’s on a case by case basis. Make early detection so affordable that a drawerful is affordable to anyone thus avoiding the need for a clinical abortion and rather plan b pill could be used before the blastocyst phase ends/before implantation. It’s a solemn affair and I wish pro-choice advocates would act in more of a manner to reduce or eliminate the need for abortion, especially later term. You’d gain more respect in the right to choose. It’s a difficult thing for most anyone to do regardless of the circumstances and should be treated so, but a total ban seems unethical as well. God gave us the ability to perform medical wonders (such as amniocentesis and ultrasound) discernment and possibly sparing a child from misery, children from the unnecessary loss of their mother or numerous unthought of possibilities may be the more ethical thing to do in certain circumstances. Thank you for listening and please treat this with care.


  36. Nobody will end abortion. It’s the worlds second oldest profession after prostitution.

    It will always exist. If not publicly and legally, private and illegally.

    There is one sure fire way to end abortion once and for all though. (with exception of medical reasons or sexual assault)

    That is do not have unprotected sex if you’re not prepared to deal with what the whole process sex is designed for. (Which spoiler alert, is to breed.)

    You have a choice whether you open your legs and let a man in, you have a choice where you put your penis. A foetus does not have a choice in it.

    If you decide to not use a condom, a pill, a diaphragm or whatever. Then live with the consequences. Unless you were raped, nobody held a gun to your head.

    But no, we live in times where common sense and personal responsibility is dead. It’s always everyone elses fault and others should clean up our mess for us.

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