Midterm Domination: Was It the Economy All Along?

It was impossible not to smile as the results rolled in late Tuesday night. In state after state, Republicans handily defeated their Democratic opponents. Voters almost everywhere came out to express their displeasure with the Obama White House, and Democrats in Congress took the brunt of the anger. Looking at exit polls, I have to wonder though: was it the economy all along?

Republicans ran a campaign destined for the record books. Fresh off an inexcusable loss in 2012, the GOP went into these elections with a take-no-prisoners approach. They hammered liberals on everything from illegal immigration to gun control to ISIS to Ebola. They slammed Obamacare. They took advantage of every embarrassing misstep by their opponents and – critically – made none of their own. They nationalized the election and turned it into a referendum on Obama himself, a strategy the president was all-too-happy to oblige. If the midterms had gone any other way, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus would have had some soul-searching to do.

But as the exit polls show, voters came out on Tuesday with one thing in mind above all else: the economy. According to Fox News, roughly 70 percent of polled voters said they rated America’s economic status as either “not good” or “poor,” a fairly damning rejection of Obama spin. 77 percent of voters said they were at least “somewhat” worried about the future of the economy, and 70 percent claimed their family’s financial situation was either the same or worse than it was two years ago.

Did all of this concern about the economy make Republican triumph an inevitability? Voters nationwide tend to vote according to their wallets, so it’s not an unreasonable theory. There is unquestionably deep concern about a number of Obama’s policies, but nothing short of another terrorist attack is going to displace economics as the number one factor at the polls. The question is, can Republicans do anything to get us back to our pre-recession levels?

First on the Senate agenda are those bills that have been blocked by the obstructionist Democrats. Getting the Keystone Pipeline deal through and removing the medical device tax from the ACA will likely be the first, easy measures. From there, a lot of it will depend on where Mitch McConnell decides to focus his energies. If he’s wise, it will be on putting Americans back to work. Voters aren’t impressed with Obama’s recovery, even as the White House continually trumpets its successes. If McConnell wants to set the stage for another dominant election in two years, he’ll need to prove that his party can fix this lagging economy.

There are other concerns, to be sure, and not all of them are unrelated. Obamacare, the fight against ISIS, and Obama’s executive action on immigration are all big concerns among conservatives. They also pose ominous danger for the economy. If the Republicans can address these issues while putting together some strong economic legislation, Hillary Clinton will be a non-starter in 2016.


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  1. It seems the Obama administration–touting accomplishments in the economy that don’t exist in reality–likes to make folks think their economic woes are separated from an economy that is booming everywhere else… that are unattainable to the average family. Don’t kid yourselves…there is no recovery going on. The only industry that Obama has stimulated is “resettlement” of invaders from south of the border. Those profiting from it speak Spanish fluently… yep, mostly the invaders themselves. And, of course, the social service sections of Catholic and Lutheran organizations performing these “humanitarian” services, which are illegal acts themselves.

    • In short, 0bama’s lies caught up to him. It turns out young people don’t like being lied to either and I think the young simply chose not to vote for a liar, so they simply did not vote.
      I still think there is a whole lot of vote fixing going on.

  2. Economy ? NO NO NO No , It was real Americans rising up against this tyrant and his band of enablers

    • I must agree with you. The economy probably played a role but a very very small one. True Americans have had enough of our Muslim resident and his Muslim friends running the government. I so hope that these same Americans fight back in the 2016 elections and that the GOP gives us the ammo to fight with.

  3. conservatives have a lot to do in two years. almost insurmountable odds??

  4. It was the economy without doubt, but it was so much more! It was due to all that Obama did and represents. He is without doubt a Muslim and the most evil president ever. I pray for him, yet at the same time I deeply resent him and all that he stands for and does!

    • I think the young were tired of 0bama’s lies and simply did not want to vote for a liar.

    • I differ with one of your statements ; Osama Obama is not my president nor is he a legal president of the United States of America.

    • Too much garbage and it was still “the economy, stupid”. That so called recession never ended. What happened was that the small minded Americans just got used to the recession and quit bitching about it. What is coming up is two more years of Obama vetoing things and sneaking in more executive orders. The country will remain dead in the water for awhile more.

  5. Mr. Priebus and the Republicans still have some soul searching to do. The controllers at the top of the party are corrupt.
    I will not forget what they did to McDaniel in Mississippi. Their political tricks with the liberals, along with the use of campaign dollars to put Cochran over McDaniel not only disenfranchised about 55% of the Republicans that voted in Mississippi, It showed just how far Priebus and those in control will go to maintain their power.
    Until the controllers at the top, embrace the Tea Party, (Which is MUCH bigger than they think) they will not win in 2016.
    I believe the reason we won so big was the young people were tired of 0bama’s lies and simply chose not to vote at all.

  6. So “It’s the Economy, Stupid?” where and when have we hear that before? And Yes, that was a MAJOR ISSUE. Second should have been national Security,. . . Meaning both securing our borders, True Immigration reform, (not deform), and restoring the Strength of the Military. Also, the perpetual wave of Scandal Gate that continues to plague O Bomb Out’s Administration.

    In each area, here are some things the Republicans CAN and MUST do upon being seated, in order to turn the tides on the now lame-duck Czar of the United States of America.

    I. The Economy. Repeal the Income, estate, and Capital Gains Taxes , and replace the with NOTHING. We need to eliminate all regressive taxes, if we INTEND to initiate a Reagan-like Economic Boom.

    2. become Energy-Independent, by revoking all bans on exploring and drilling for oil. Today’s processes are much safer and cleaner than those used when Big Oil was young. And stop knocking the Oil Industry. Without them, where would be? I know e all agree that pollution of our Air, Land and water must be reduced and eliminated. And it shall be done.

    A sound energy Independence Policy would seem to include utilizing cleaner-burning fossil fuels for the present, adding modern and safer nuclear power plants to the mix, and perfecting Solar P, which till hasn’t seen the light of day. I’m undecided about wind-turbine power, but it’s probably a possibility as well. And we should develop geothermal Power as well. The Earth is ancient compared to us, and yet it powers itself better than we’ve learned to do since 1901.

    3: As far as Scandal Gate, appoint all of the special prosecutors necessary to unravel every Scandal that has hit this country in the last five years.

    Investigate the I.R.S. Scandal, punish those responsible for it, and the dissolve it.

    4. Restore our privacy by passing the First Ever Constitutional Amendment protecting our privacy, as follows:

    An Amendment to Protect Personal Privacy

    Section 1: The right of the people to be secure in their electronic communications and records, against unreasonable searches and seizures shall not be violated,, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or Affirmation, and particularly describing the records to be searched, the equipment to be seized, and the reason for the seizure thereof.

    Section 2: No Agency of the United States Government may obtain the location information of an electronic device
    without a court order. A court order granting access to location information must be issued only if the government entity shows that there is probable cause the person who possesses an electronic device is committing, has
    committed, or is about to commit a crime.

    Section 3: They shall not keep either temporary printed files or permanent electronic databases, containing Names, Addresses, phone numbers, banking statements, phone records,credit or debit card receipts, or records of other electronic transactions or communications, which could be used at any time to invade the privacy of any Citizen of any State for any reason.

    Section 4: All privately owned organizations maintaining such files shall release them to Federal, State, and local law enforcement agencies, upon the receipt of a warrant, showing probable cause, and supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the records to be obtained, and the specific reason for their being seized.

    Section 5: National Identification or Voter’s registration Cards containing computer tracking chips are prohibited,and The citizens of the States shall not be tracked by any form of biometric Identification. All implant chips and DNA sampling is proscribed.

    Section 6: Forced or voluntary fingerprinting of American citizens to obtain drivers licenses is is prohibited.

    Section 7: The Social Security Number shall be used exclusively for the collection of Federal Social Security and
    Medicare benefits, and all use of said number for other purposes of identification shall be immediately terminated.

    Section 8: At no Time shall any Agency with in the National Security Community utilize unmanned drones to track and secretly maintain surveillance of American Citizens within the United States.

    And if such surveillance of American Citizens shall be necessary in foreign Countries or other regions of the World, they must first provide proof that said citizens represent a clear and present danger to the Security of the United States.

    5; Foreign Policy. Replace John Kerry with a Conservative who is strong On National Security.

    6: National Defense: Replace Chuck Hagel with a Conservative who is pro-military, so restoration of our Military Might can begin, and, fully-restore funding to all Branches of the Armed Forces.

    7: Education: Dissolve the US Department of Education/Indoctrination, end Common Core, and return control of Education to the States.

    8: Restoring the American Republic: Call a Convention of the States, for the purpose of proposing Amendments tot he Constitution, Propose, ratify, and send to the State Legislatures all Amendments contained in Mark Levin’s book “The Liberty Amendments, Restoring the American Republic.”

    And finally, Implement talk show host Michael Savage’s Savage manifesto as found below.:

    The Savage Manifesto


    A. Regulate Wall Street: End short selling. Try tycoons who profited from bailouts.

    B. Cut Federal Income Taxes by 2 percent per year over four years, for a minimum total of 8 percent over four years.(Suspended my my tax proposal above)

    C. Reduce Federal Government Departments in size by 4 percent each
    year, for a total reduction of size by 16 percent over four years.

    ( I would say by 5 percent, for a reduction of 20 % in four years).

    D. Eliminate all public assistance for able-bodied recipients. Cut
    off all public assistance for immigrants for five years. Repatriate
    those who are not working, after two years.

    E. Immediately impose tariffs on cars and trucks owned by foreign entities, even if they’re manufactured in America.

    F. Have illegal aliens build a wall between the United States and
    Mexico, and then, repatriate them. Pay them a one-time worker fee.

    G. Increase pay for active duty combat troops by 10 percent. Number
    Two. [Fire any unmarried military person becoming pregnant while on
    active duty.] Yes on part 1.

    H. Make abortions illegal, except when the physical survival of the
    mother is threatened, to be determined by three medical doctors. Require
    Norplant for all women on welfare of childbearing age.

    I. Close all houses of sex and massage.

    J. Expand the DEA, while decriminalizing most drugs.

    ***K. Regarding the media; one, eliminate all foreign ownership of any
    American media entity. Two, break up overly large conglomerates, like
    News Corporation.***

    L. Encourage child bearing among tax paying citizens. Create a
    marriage incentive, through lower taxes for married heterosexual
    couples. And a government subsidy for each child conceived and carried
    to birth. Increase the subsidies for each year the couple remains

    M. Repatriate all illegal immigrants now incarcerated. Encourage all
    other illegals to self-repatriate through double taxation on wages and
    fines on employers.


    A. Iraq. Send in Iraqi troops to mop up pockets of resistance. Make
    Iraq pay with their oil for the cost of the war. Cordon off Sadr City,
    force all residents to leave, then go in and mop up all resistance
    fighters. Divide Iraq into three to four sectors; Sunni, Shiite, Kurd,
    and International. Next, remove all U.S. troops after above achieved.

    B. Iran. One, sanctions embargoes and mine their harbors. Nothing goes in, nothing comes out.

    C. North Korea. Destroy their launching platforms, impose a Naval blockade on all goods coming in or out, except food.

    D. Israel Arab Entities. Give Israel four years to become self-sufficient. Cut off all foreign aid to all nations.

    E. China. 20 percent tariffs on all China made goods immediately;
    rising by 5 percent each year for each year China refuses to revalue
    their currency.

    F. United Nations. Withdraw immediately. Remove all Diplomats and
    staff. Convert the United Nations building into housing for the working
    poor. (YES. Also, end all implementation of U-n programs in the United States).

    G. Mexico. Force Mexico to pay one barrel of oil for every illegal alien in the United States of America per month.

    OH YES, IMPEACH Comrade Barack Hussein Adolph Obama, and Vice President Joseph Biden Immediately, in order to remove the rotting heads from Power over our Nation.

    Done right, these actions could be completed within 90 days, That’s by April 3, 2015;

    Hold their feet tot he Fire. We elected them, they MUST fulfill our Will!

    • Pretty darned good Mark, but you forgot a couple of things. NO welfare of any type to Illegal Aliens FOREVER, not just 5 years. They can leave and go home. Get rid of every agency and department used against American citizens. So add the DHS. TSA, HUD, Interior, EPA, CIA, FBI, and many more to your list of the IRS and Education.

      • Thanks, Becky. No I didn’t forget those ideas, they weren’t mentioned, because it’s not always possible to cram every possible thing into one post.

        I’m not sure about dissolving both the FBI and the CIA. If the FBI would limit itself to performing Domestic intelligence activities that don’t intrude on our private lives, and the CIA would stick to performing International Intelligence gathering, and both were aimed EXCLUSIVELY at protecting us from foreign and domestic terrorist threats, they’d be NO Problem.

        I’m with you on the remaining agencies. ESPECIALLY the Department of Homeland Security. I never liked the Idea of this agency, simply they weren’t given a specific duties to perform, and then held to them.

        T.S.A., well let’s just say I call them the Transportation Stupidity Agency. I worked at Detroit Metropolitan Airport, and here’s one example of over-doing their job. In September of 2007, when I started there, I carried a key chain with a small bottle opener on it.. Not the famous Indiana Jones “KNIFE”. a small bottle opener. Every day, I checked in through Security, and went to work, no problems. Then one day. it had to be removed, because “suddenly” it was not allowed in the airport.

        Then, there was an incident where women entered the airport with broken glass in their purses, because some dufus T.SA. guard didn’t think it was worth mentioning, when he (or she) saw it on the scanner.

        As far as the other Agencies to be dissolved Immediately here’s my order 1) I.R.S.: 2) Education; 3) the Environmental Pain in Our A*ses Agency; and any others that aren’t specifically-granted Constitutional authority, since their primary duty is to strip us of our Civil Liberties. One Amendment I created , regarding the Presidential Power of Appoint Military Officers. No doubt, it would send major ripples throughout the establishment.

        An Amendment Defining The Presidential Power as Commander in Chief

        Section 4:: The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States of America, when called into the actual service of the United States.

        He shall have power upon the approval of a majority of the Senate,
        present for that purpose, to nominate, an to appoint the Commandants of the United States Coast Guard and Marine Corps, the Secretaries of the Air Force, Army and Navy, the Chief of Naval Operations, and the Secretary of Defense; provided they are first chosen by the personnel within their respective Branches, by secret non-partisan Ballot.

        He may require their Opinions, in writing, upon any subject relating to the Duties of their respective Offices, and he shall have power to grant Reprieves and Pardons for Officers against the United States, except in cases of Impeachments.

        Subsection 1: the Commandants, Secretaries, and the Chief of Naval Operations,
        as the Commanding Officers of their particular Branch of the Armed Forces, shall have power by and with the advice and consent of the Senate to nominate, and upon the concurrence of two-thirds of the Senators, to appoint all of the Principal Officers within their Service. And each Princpal Officer shall have the same power to nominate and appoint, (as needed) the personnel within their Department or Office, thereof.

        Subsection 2: The President shall have power to Declare War, and to order full
        deployment of all Military, Air, and Naval Forces, ONLY AFTER receiving a Congressional resolution, declaring that a State of War exists.

        He shall also have power to declare peace when all fighting has ceased, ONLY AFTER, receiving a Congressional resolution, declaring that a war has ended.

        But, He shall never reveal classified information, regarding troop movements, exit strategies, time tables for withdrawal of personnel, or any other such information to the media, for dissemination to the enemy, as doing so could jeopardize the compleation of military or naval actions in a given theater of Battle.

        Shall any president ever reveal such classified information, he shall be censured by Congress, Impeached, and charged with treason against the United States for aiding and abetting the enemy.

        Subsection 3: As Commander in chief of the Armed Forces, the President may order the personnel of any or all Branches of the Amed Forces to Stand down, (Take no action) in a given situation, but the Commandants, Secretaries, the Chief of Naval Operations, and the Secretary of Defense, as the Commanding Officers in charge of the personnel of their respective Departments, upon concurrence of two thirds of the Principal Commanders under their command, may override such Order, provided doing so shall lead to the achievement
        of the original goal of the Campaign. Otherwise said order shall be obeyed without question.

        Subsection 4: The President shall remove Officers from command Assignments, upon approval of two-thirds of the Senate, and he shall provide a letter to them, specifically-describing the reason or reasons for such removals.

        Shall the Senate not concur by a vote of two-thirds, such officers shall not be removed from their Assignments,, suspended, or be otherwise reprimanded by the President for retaining their posts.

        He shall grant final permission for all Naval and Military personnel to retire, provided he recieves a properly executed request for retirement, submitted after being approved by the Secretary or Commandant of the service to which the Officer is assigned.

        Subsection 5: The President shall also have power upon approval of a majority of the Senate, to nominate, and upon the concurrence of two-thirds of the Senators present, to appoint the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs [of staff], to his legally-appointed Term; after he he has been chosen by two-thirds of the personnel of each Service, by secret no-partisan Ballot.

        • I really like your line of reasoning. My only difference of opinion would be taking down the EPA as FIRST priority, right up there with Education. Simply because they have become too harmful to home owners. No agency should remain in existence for one minute after they’ve become ANTI Americans. They have. I also like all the restrictions you promote for the CIC. Too bad we didn’t have something like this in place for this thug. Hopefully we’ll never have another NON-American elected by our stupid population.

          • O.k. So take them out FIRST. I completely agree. I believe President Kennedy wanted to eliminate the CIA. And you’re right, IF we could remove the Socialist Thugs from both Agencies, then at lest the F.B.I could be kept.

            As for the President, here’s another Idea in a group of them, which would have forced even Comrade, (or is it Komrade) Obama to do his duty: I call it the Christopher Stephens Amendment:

            Subsection 1: The President shall have power with the approval of a majority of the Senate, to nominate and to appoint Ambassadors to foreign Countries, and he shall provide military protection for them when they are in danger of
            attack by all hostile forces.

            After swearing, (or affirming) to protect, preserve, and defend the Constitution to the best of his Ability, the President shall be responsible for the safety and security
            of all American Military and Civilian personnel stationed throughout the World.

            He shall Immediately Authorize and dispatch Military personnel to protect the lives of American Citizens living in foreign Countries, who are either in any Danger from attack by hostile Forces, or who are being attacked by hostile Forces while living in a foreign Country.

            He shall never order Any Military Personnel to Stand Down [Take no Action], in response to requests for assistance form American citizens who are endangered by
            attacks of hostile Forces while living in a foreign Country.

            Shall the President fail to dispatch military personnel to repel hostile forces attacking American Diplomatic Personnel assigned in foreign countries, the Vice President, The Secretary of Defense,or the Secretary of State shall immediately dispatch such personnel for this purpose.

            Shall the President fail, or refuse to dispatch military personnel to protect American Diplomats and Diplomatic facilities, and shall he repeatedly-deny that dispatching such personnel was necessary to protect them, he shall be censured, and removed from office, according to Section 1, Part E of this Article.

            Actually, you haven’t seen 1% of the Amendments I’ve created, at least not yet. And I suspect you’d love every one of them.

          • Stephens Amendment. That is another good one. Excepting the part about protecting American citizens overseas. Some of our foolish and stupid Americans defy the travel warnings and go anyway. I wouldn’t put anyone else in harm’s way to save them.

            I probably would Mark.

          • This is why we have free will. We’re able to make our own choices,whether or not they end up being the best ones for us.

            One of many treasonable acts perpetrated by B.O. was that during the Benghazi Attack, he chose to go home, go to bed, and then attend to a campaign event.

            If Ronald Reagan had done anything like this at any time during his presidency, the Liberals would still be screaming about it. But since its their man, he’s above reproach.

          • Again I agree with your assessment. Probably all we Conservatives agree.

          • I say Mark for President. Will you run in 2016? I’d vote for you in a heartbeat! You’re pretty thorough and I agree with every single thing you’ve stated. I’m sure I’d agree with the rest of what you’ve come up with!

          • Thanks. You’re the second one whose asked in recent years. i think the other was on the Townhall site.

            I’m still trying to earn my associate’s Degree to become a Library Technician. I don’t think I’d have the patients to put up with the daily B.S. candidates, let alone elected and seated Presidents are required experience.

            However, it I could get my (numerous) ideas to the incoming (conservative? I hope so ), Republican Majority, and they take control and be the winners, I believe positive change would begin.

            Here’s an idea that would eliminate the Lame Duck Congress, completely, and force the Senators and Representatives to work more like the (so-called) average worker.

            Actually. It’s subsection 2 of a completely-new Article 1 Section 4, although

            I think I may have originally-titled it AN AMENDMENT TO CREATE A PART TIME NATIONAL LEGISLATURE. Either way, I GUARANTEE that it would absolutely- terrify all of the present leadership of both parties, and their lobbyist-financiers.

            Subsection 2: Each newly-seated Congress shall be sworn in, and shall assemble on the first Monday following the national day of election unless they shall by law appoint a different day.

            The Congress shall adjourn at least once in every Year, and that day shall be on the 3rd Day of June, unless by law, they shall appoint a different Day.

            Congress may take a one-day for the Birthday of each of the President’s of the United States, [President’s day is hereby removed from said days], and Martin Luther King Day, Mother’s Day, Armed Forces Day.

            The the traditional Week-long [unpaid] Easter Recess, (begiing on Good Friday), is retained;and those following other faiths shall have a one week personal recess,when their religious beliefs require it.

            The Three-day Memorial Day recess is retained, provided said day occurs between Monday and Friday; otherwise,only the actual day upon which memorial Day falls shall be considered as a paid Federal Holiday.

            And on said holidays, no Senator or Representative shall receive a Compensation for their services, as they are not in session, representing the people, or the States, as required by the Constitution.

            Neither House, during the Session of Congress, shall, without the Consent of the other, adjourn for more than three days, nor to any other Place than that in which the two Houses shall be sitting.

          • Great ideas! I’d like to see something where their pay raises should be brought to a vote by the people they represent. That way if we the people don’t think they have our state’s citizens interest at heart we can say no way. If pay raises are declined more than X number of times, they are barred from being eligible to run for office again.

          • You Asked for it. Here’s Subsection 3 of My Amendment to restore the House of Representatives, which addresses this problem:

            Subsection 3: The Representatives shall receive a Compensation for their Services, ascertained by Law, and paid out of the Treasury of the United States, by the Speaker of the House, and such compensation shall be neither increased, nor decreased, except by the people during a general election.

            No Representative shall receive Compensation for any days when Congress is temporarily-recessed during government shutdowns, due to Congressional
            stalemate, regarding issues related to funding the continued operation of the United States Government.

            And no compensation shall be received for days during which Congress is temporarily-recessed due to inclement weather conditions.

            And then, here’s part of my Amendment to Restore the Senate, which also addresses this topic.:

            Subsection 5: The Senators shall receive a Compensation for their Services, to be ascertained by Law; remitted to the United States Treasury by the Senate Majority Leader from their State of Residence, and paid out of the United States Treasury by the Majority Leader of the United States Senate; and such Compensation shall be neither increased nor decreased, except by the States’ legislatures, upon a concurrent vote of two-thirds of the Senate of their any State.

            However, provided of two-thirds of the Senators of any State’s Senate concur, said Compensation shall be withheld for the Senators representing their State, if they determine that any United States Senator from their State has abrogated his responsibility to represent the interests of their State, while serving as a Member of the United States Senate.

            No Senator shall receive Compensation for any days when Congress is temporarily-recessed during government shutdowns, due to Congressional stalemate, regarding issues related to funding the continued operation of the United States Government.

            And no compensation shall be received for days during which Congress is temporarily-recessed due to inclement weather conditions.

            You may be wondering why 2 separate Amendments? Because the Amendments I produced to Article 1, Sections 2&3 completely replace those sections.

            If you’re interested, let me know, and I’ll post each complete Amendment.

          • Wow! You’ve thought of everything! You really do need to submit that to your state senator or run for office yourself. With as much time and thought you’ve put into it, you really should take it as far as you can. Don’t ever give up!

          • Thanks. I’ll start with the easiest one. A lot of it required actually reading posts on various sites, listening to the Great One, Rush, Sean, (when we still got his show in Michigan), and even Dr. Michael Savage, who I still haven’t completely figured out..

            Here’s A Suggestion that would terrify John Benedict Arnold Boehner

            Subsection 2: The House of Representatives shall choose their Speaker, and he he shall be the President of the Chamber, but he shall have no Vote, unless they be equally divided. When a new Congress is seated, or immediately-following midterm primary Elections, the Speaker may be elected by the Members of the House
            by secret Ballot.

            The Speaker shall preside over special joint sessions of Congress, in which the House hosts the Senate; and shall set the House legislative Calendar, by determining when bills will be debated and voted upon; planning the daily, weekly, and annual legislative agendas; consulting with members, as to party sentiment; and in general, working to advance the goals of the majority party.

            He shall be chair of the majority Party’s steering Committee; and he shall be third in line of Succession after the Vice President of the United States; and He shall nominate, and upon the concurrence and presence of 2/3s of the Representatives, he shall appoint all of the Officers of the House, each of whom shall serve Terms as ordained by Law.

  7. Foreign invaders is what did it for me, they gotta go, you do not reward law breakers, we can’t afford 6.3 trillion dollars to house,feed, medical for whole family, plus schooling for kids that can’t speak english, KId’s that mug and carjack 93 year old men,don’t forget the 4500 dollar they get to by a car,courtesy of the taxpayers, not that they will obey or learn our traffic laws, or buy car Insurance, that’s why it’s a hit and run,alot of the time, and lets not forget the criminal element, thieves, rapist, muggers, dope dealers, murderers, cartel gangs, They gotta go.

  8. THE “WORM” is turning and it is apparent that the most INCOMPETENT, CORRUPT and IDIOTIC ADMINISTRATION EVER has us in a spot where it will take years to cleanup! TYRANT I doubt, but nonsensical, and stupidity reigns! It`ll take years and years to clean up this mess, not only in Presidency, Senate and House, but in the established corrupt mess of Staffs of these currents miscreants. I`m getting too old to do it, but hopefully there will be a Messiah to come to the frorefront. God Bless us ALL! Let`s all pray for one.

  9. It was against this FRAUD President, against Reid and the Jacka$$ Democrats!

  10. Unfortunately, no…This was a punch in the face of a POS, acting like a dictator rather then a president. This was bitch slap for a terrorist muslim loving, JOKE, that has been disrespecting our military on a regular basis, This was a spit in the face of a lil boy, running around race baiting, This was a “boot in the ass” of a worthless democrat who does nothing but play golf all day, This was a cutting of the head, of a individual that has allowed millions and millions to slither across our borders, This was a bacon spray to the face of a American hater, who has done EVERYTHING he can to destroy this country….shall I continue? I still have a high heeled boot I’d like to hit him upside the head with…

  11. economys in the crapper because some bafoon seems to think inflation cost of living expenses and gas prices have nothing to do with whats going on in washington DC the dictator seems to think he is the one and only ever to dawn the oval office of course he is now in china allowing imports into our beloved country and why should they pay any fees that would pay down our 40 trillion$ deficit yes sir its slower than a snail on the salt flats other than that well he is quite the economist

  12. The real fear that drove the voters in several states,among my friends, was of something we are not allowed to mention without being labeled, and that is the muslim/sharia takeover of our country in public places, schools, gov,etc.Even the teenagers were having to fight the Obama’s where their lunches were concerned. The endangerment that this administration has caused will never be overcome. The president is not mislead or misguided. He is simply a traitor and if he gets his way and he probably will, the sites like this where you can still voice an opinion will be carefully scrutinized and people will be arrested.

  13. Hillary, with all her baggage, is a non starter. I would love to see a presidential debate between Hillary and Cruz!

  14. its the econnomy has been the economy not gays not immigration not homo agendas jobs jobs jobs

  15. The Affordable Care Act, Landrieu and Hagan lost because they voted for the ACA. The Republicans hold a 10 seat advantage over the Democrats.

  16. No! It is all about what the communist party of America has and is attempting to do. And we Americans say, “NO MORE”!

  17. 2 bad we can’t tar and feather those lying SOB’s…………nothing but lies on a 24/7 basis

  18. It certainly WASN’T ‘the economy’. It was the criminality, deception and tyranny.

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