Middlebury College Cancels Planned Speech After Coddled Liberals Complain and Protest

Two years ago, Middlebury College in Vermont was host to one of the most disturbing acts of anti-free speech fascism in modern academic history…which, as you know, is saying something. When controversial professor Charles Murray gave a lecture at the college, liberal protesters not only disrupted his speech, they physically attacked the “Bell Curve” author as he tried to leave the campus. In the melee, another professor was seriously injured and hospitalized. Middlebury went out of their way to crack down on the chaos by bringing disciplinary action against exactly NONE of the students who participated in the attack.

Well, it turns out that nothing much has changed at good old Middlebury. When the angry liberal mob says “jump,” the administrators ask, “how high?”

This week, the college announced that they were cancelling an invitation to Catholic philosopher Ryszard Legutko after liberal activists organized protests against his speech.

From the Washington Free Beacon:

In the days leading up to the speech, some Middlebury students and professors wrote an open letter demanding the university rescind its sponsorship. The liberal activists took issue with Legutko’s pointed critiques of multiculturalism, feminism, and homosexuality, calling them “homophobic, racist, xenophobic, [and] misogynistic.”

“Inquiry, equity, and agency cannot be fostered in the same space that accepts and even elevates homophobic, xenophobic, misogynistic discourse,” they demand. “Bigotry of any kind should not be considered a form of inquiry.”

Hours before the event was scheduled, Middlebury Provost Jeff Cason and Vice President for Student Affairs Baishakhi Taylor sent a campus-wide email indicating the lecture was canceled.

“In the interest of ensuring the safety of students, faculty, staff, and community members, the lecture by Ryszard Legutko scheduled for later today will not take place,” the email read. “This decision was not taken lightly. It was based on an assessment of our ability to respond effectively to potential security and safety risks for both the lecture and the event students had planned in response.”

Professor Joshua Aronson of New York University was disgusted by the college’s cowardice.

“They took the worst lesson abusing @charlesmurray and his sponsor: that most administrators and academics are cowards, too afraid to stand up to adolescent discomfort with viewpoint diversity,” Aronson tweeted. “Ceding the freedom of speech and the mission to college adolescents is crazy!”

But that IS the lesson that today’s leftist college students have taken away from that incident and so many others. If they threaten protests and sit-ins and all the rest, the school will bend the knee. Until we have deans and school presidents willing to tell these kids to take a hike, the inmates will continue to run the asylums.

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