Michigan: Liberals Decriminalize Public Urination and Defecation

In Michigan, the pee-and-poop party has got the official green signal from the liberal administration of Kalamazoo as it has decriminalized urination and defecation in public.

On Monday (July 18, 2022), the city commission of Kalamazoo voted to decriminalize both urination and defecation in public. By the new law, people who engage in either act won’t face a misdemeanor charge anymore but just civil infraction, which is a non-criminal violation of a rule.

So why this dive into stinky business on the streets? According to news sources,  Kalamazoo’s Democrat mayor David Anderson says the “effort” is part of changing ordinances for equity. It was not explained by the mayor’s office how encouraging people to relieve their bowels on the streets offers equity—fairness, and justice. If anything, it is quite the opposite of equity: unfair to the businesses in the city, the residents, and to any tourists or visitors.

Mayor Anderson also has another justification for decriminalizing urination and defecation in public – sparing police the work it takes to arrest violators of the law. Michigan Live cited Anderson:

Kalamazoo Mayor David Anderson said he hopes the change will allow police to better use their time related to these issues.

The question remains whether dirtying the streets is too insignificant an issue to be punished as a crime. Given the negative impact it can bring to the businesses and the city’s reputation as well as causing possible public health concerns, the answer certainly is no. Sanitation, health, and economy go hand-in-hand. A dirty city is a turn-off for tourism and businesses.

The New York Post on July 22 reported that business owners in Kalamazoo are furious after the city’s “equitable changes” that decriminalized public urination and defecation. Becky Bil and Cherri Emery, both business owners in the city, recounted some horror stories of urine and feces on the streets and questioned why the city’s new public restroom built with $100,000 often remains locked.

Instead of hiring more police officers to enforce the law against littering streets with human excreta, or building more public restrooms to let homeless people or vagrants use them, the Kalamazoo administration went the other way: do nothing and tell people it’s not a big deal.

The Wall Street Journal pointed to the issue of the “defecation crisis” in California’s big cities (San Francisco and L.A.) in 2019. The recent case of Kalamazoo seems to add to the feeling that liberals don’t care about squalor and have no regard for public health or comfort.

By actively facilitating people to dirty the streets, liberalism in these blue areas is showing why it not only sucks but literally stinks.

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  1. What a joke, how anyone can pull the lever for a democrat is beyond me. To title this “equity” should be an insult to every black person and minority in Kalamazoo, when any politician talks equity it has to do with the minorities so basically this idiot is saying that minorities are the ones that crap in the streets. Talk about a degrading and racist comment. But come November pull the lever for the very person/people that do nothing to help you but allow you to shit in the street.

    • What’s the problem? The maga cult that attempted to take over the government with their failed coup, over running the Capital smeared poop on the walls. You rethuglicons are into that sort of thing.

      • Sue, your lack of understanding of how American government works is exceeded only by your extreme ignorance. If you really think that a bunch of rioters could actually overthrow our government by rioting in the capital, you’ve been drinking too much of dumbocrats kool aid. Just remember that the only person who died that day as a direct result of the rioting was an unarmed female veteran who was shot in the neck through a window by a Police officer on the inside of the capital. Not that officers best day.

      • Ignorance is bliss, Sue and you’re living proof! Maga cult?? Are you stupid or just an idiot?? Then what’s it called when a bunch of left wing morons elect a dementia patient and a common whore to the Oval Office?? Making up lies, telling lies and perpetuating lies is all you filthy people have. You sure are doing your part. Why do loser dems like yourself only support immoral, disgusting, evil behavior?? We know why but do you?? Killing babies and police officers, mutilating children, supporting pedophiles, denying the science of genetics when it comes to gender. Now you’re okay with people shitting and pissing on the sidewalk like dogs?!? Seriously?? Is your owner/handler going to clean up afterwards like other responsible pet owners?
        When your kind start the big one, don’t expect any quarter.

  2. The Kalamazoo area abounds with major facilities owned by Pfizer, the area’s biggest or second business manufacturer.

    Makes you wonder if maybe the company top brass, which used to all but control Kalamazoo and maybe still does, planned abandonment of hygiene in order to promote widespread illness and degradation.

    Kalamazoo: former or present home of Gibson guitars, Checker Cab cars, Upjohn pharmaceuticals (Hoovered up by Pfizer several years back), Western Michigan University and streets paved with poo.

  3. Such insanity!! Covid must have killed the brain cells of all Liberals. There is no other explanation. What a country we have become.

  4. Hence, the NEW spelling of Michigan (MESHITAGAIN). Glad I left that cesspool of democrats, ahead of the curve, when I did !

  5. Hence, Michigan is now spelled, mes**tagain

  6. Well this is going to cause a poopy stinky mess!

  7. Polio, monkey pox, stds, rona, wat kind of disease can we create. Maybe the last one

  8. The police have plenty to do without having to arrest people for body functions. If you don’t want people doing that on the streets give them somewhere to do it. In old European cities,urinals are built into the sides of buildings in side streets and alleys.
    If you don’t want homelessness, supply housing. These are not “ liberal” positions, they are empathetic, reasonable positions.

    • Good ole’ liberal pedophile William Stout at it again. Proving ignorance and stupidity rule the democrat party. Ignorant democrat policy causes the problem justifying another ignorant liberal solution that makes matters worse. Then dumbasses like ole’ William pop up to justify all their stupid actions trying desperately to make it everybody else’s fault except the dumbasses they’ve put in charge. Your party supports/encourages all things disgusting and/or illegal. Don’t fret, Will, Satan loves ya! Go back to your child porn.

  9. Bemused Berserker

    Are they going to rename the city “Poopamazoo” or Shitamazoo?”

    Just what America doesn’t need, another San Shitcisco.

    These Liberals have gone completely ’round the bend. Time to flush them.

  10. Another way to turn America into a third world country- purpousfully!

  11. Stop your whining, you voted for theses woke communist democrat terrorist thugs into office. What you need to do is go pee and shit in front of their homes and offices. Give them what they want you to put up with. What is real is that next election you will vote the same ass wipes back into office. Y’all are stupid and you can’t fix stupid.

  12. What has happened to common decency???? Time to get rid of the Liberal Democrats on the city council and bring back some class to Kalamazoo! Maybe it’s time to load up this crap, drop it on these people’s front porches and light a fire under it!

    • yeah to bad that they dont go to that idiot mayors house and dump in his driveway / yard but of course that scum bag probably has a big fence or wall around his property maybe the street people that do use the sidewalks / street should go to the court house or city hall or any federal building and dump there

  13. Michigan liberals are one step closer to turning their state into a literal shit hole.

  14. Now this is leadership at it’s finest! Homelessness on the rise? No problem. Violent crime on the rise? No problem. Food so overpriced people can’t eat? No problem. Forced vaccines that aren’t vaccines? No problem. Runaway taxes and inflation? No problem. People needing to relieve themselves anywhere at any time? No problem. The answer with elitist liberals is always the same. Do whatever you want and we’ll just call anyone who disagrees a racist homophibic or misogynistic. Seriously if you are voting for this nonsense you are the problem. Can the voters not see that this is not leadership this is surrendering to the weakest of our nation. Who in their right mind would choose to defecate in public? The answer is nobody who is in their right mind and therfore are mentally ill. So the answer is not to ignore the mentally ill but in helping these people find a way to function within the norms of society. We’re told to shut up and do as we’re told when it comes to masks and vaccines yet the people who are favored by leftists are told the rules don’t apply to you. The end is near for these woke idiots and they better enjoy the last of their power because very soon they will disappear from government and I say good riddance.

  15. The article is foolish.
    People have been defecating and urinating in public for over a million years.
    Pretending we are supposed to buy houses so we can defecate and urinate in private, is just an attempt to force us to spend more money, which homeless do not have.
    They have absolutely no choice in the matter at all, and allowing the police to abuse them is criminal.

    • Guess you didn’t read the article, dumbass! It’s says the liberals in charge built a public restroom but the liberals in charge keep it locked most of the time.
      Your justification for this behavior is based in stupidity and ignorance! Stop sniffing sidewalk turds! Maybe the fresh air will clear your mind!

  16. Someone should publish the address of the mayor and city council members so that everyone could take a dump on their doorstep.

  17. Sue, your lack of understanding of how American government works is exceeded only by your extreme ignorance. If you really think that a bunch of rioters could actually overthrow our government by rioting in the capital, you’ve been drinking too much of dumbocrats kool aid. Just remember that the only person who died that day as a direct result of the rioting was an unarmed female veteran who was shot in the neck through a window by a Police officer on the inside of the capital. Not that officers best day.

  18. for eons…leadership in Chicago has been sick with twisted minds. I’m so glad my relatives have moved far from the city. Clean up your act, and vote responsibly with people of good character and morals and values. You keep on voting democrat…you deserve what you get.

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