Michelle Obama Working Hard to Get Out the (Criminal) Vote

Well, you can say this for Democrats: They don’t have any confusion about where their bread is buttered. That’s why they are tireless in their efforts to make sure illegal immigrants are properly pandered to, why they spend countless amounts of money holding rallies near college campuses, why they’re working to actually lower the voting age to 16, and why they are so adamant about restoring voting rights to felons. Even when those felons are currently incarcerated!

That criminal demographic is the focus of Michelle Obama’s new initiative. She’s joining up with rapper 2 Chainz for a When We All Vote video that explains to prison inmates that they still have certain voting rights.

“Basically, it just depends on what state you live in. Each state has different laws,” the rapper says in the new video. “If you live in Maine, Vermont, or D.C., you actually never lose your rights to vote, even while being incarcerated.”

2 Chainz noted that in another twenty states, released inmates can vote as long as they’ve fulfilled the terms of their probation.

“I really feel like this election matters more than any other election in our lifetime,” he said. “Remember, your voice does matter. We need it. We need everybody’s voice at this particular moment. So I feel like, collectively, if we come together during this time, we can get what we need to get done. I’m not here to try to sway you to vote for anybody particularly.”

Nooo, of course not. We’re sure there are plenty of career criminals currently behind bars who are just itching to get out and cast their votes for Mr. Law and Order, Donald Trump. We’re equally sure that Michelle Obama and 2 Chainz would be just as happy to see either Trump or Biden win, just as long as everyone gets a chance to vote.

Michelle Obama has dedicated this year to registering Americans to vote, but her claim that this is a nonpartisan agenda is belied by the fact that, well, she’s not exactly recruiting country stars for videos aimed at rural Florida, now is she? She’s not looking for yacht rock musicians to explain the importance of voting to the country club demographic. No, she’s trawling prisons for Biden votes.

What a blight on America this party is.

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