Michael Moore Has All the Solutions

Filmmaker Michael Moore, one of America’s most treasured socialists, is outraged over the treatment of this country’s black citizens and he has just the solution. According to Moore, we can fix what ails the United States by releasing “every African-American currently incarcerated for drug ‘crimes’ or non-violent offenses” from prison. And if you haven’t already rolled your eyes so far back in your head that you are in the midst of a medical emergency, there’s more.

“Next demand,” Moore tweeted, “Disarm the police.”

His Thursday rant went on for some time. He said that he didn’t believe that half of imprisoned blacks were guilty of their crimes, that our prisons constituted a “modern day slave system,” and he questioned why police departments were now in possession of tanks. Gee, could it be because of the scenarios that have unfolded in Baltimore and Ferguson?

To be fair, Moore has a point when it comes to the disturbing militarization of police, but how much can it be criticized when major cities are becoming havens for angry mob violence? Maybe when things calm down a bit, we can go back to having a discussion about tanks.

As for the rest of his rant, it’s just more of the same. Liberals are forced into a corner when it comes to black incarceration and crime rates. They feel it would somehow be racist to admit that blacks simply commit more crimes. So they have to concoct this fantasy world where the white man is systematically stealing black patriarchs from their neighborhoods. They conveniently ignore the fact that these criminals are hurting black neighborhoods, not white ones. They are victimizing other blacks, not whites. Of course, that just makes it all the easier for a rich liberal like Moore to advocate decriminalizing drugs and disarming the police. He can stay locked up in his cozy mansion and eat Twinkies while law-abiding blacks below the poverty line deal with the tragedies to come.

This country survives on the rule of law. Are the ones in charge of enforcing that law always perfect? Certainly not. Are there changes that could be made at a systematic level? Perhaps. But advocating these kinds of nonsense measures is not just unhelpful, it’s fanning the emotional flames at the worst possible time. We need to move forward with care and logic. Disarming the police does not fall into those categories.

Let’s not forget that this entire movement is based – to an almost exclusive degree – on three cases. Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and now Freddie Gray. A trio of criminals headed for lives of questionable merit. Does that mean they should have been killed? Perhaps, in Brown’s case. Garner was killed by accident and the details are still unclear about Gray. Even if you see these three incidents in a more damning light, you have to admit there is room for doubt. These are not cases of such extraordinary injustice that they demand an overhaul of our entire country. The only people who think so are those who have wanted those fundamental changes for years.

The “Black Lives” are merely an opportunity.

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