Michael Moore Has All the Solutions

Filmmaker Michael Moore, one of America’s most treasured socialists, is outraged over the treatment of this country’s black citizens and he has just the solution. According to Moore, we can fix what ails the United States by releasing “every African-American currently incarcerated for drug ‘crimes’ or non-violent offenses” from prison. And if you haven’t already rolled your eyes so far back in your head that you are in the midst of a medical emergency, there’s more.

“Next demand,” Moore tweeted, “Disarm the police.”

His Thursday rant went on for some time. He said that he didn’t believe that half of imprisoned blacks were guilty of their crimes, that our prisons constituted a “modern day slave system,” and he questioned why police departments were now in possession of tanks. Gee, could it be because of the scenarios that have unfolded in Baltimore and Ferguson?

To be fair, Moore has a point when it comes to the disturbing militarization of police, but how much can it be criticized when major cities are becoming havens for angry mob violence? Maybe when things calm down a bit, we can go back to having a discussion about tanks.

As for the rest of his rant, it’s just more of the same. Liberals are forced into a corner when it comes to black incarceration and crime rates. They feel it would somehow be racist to admit that blacks simply commit more crimes. So they have to concoct this fantasy world where the white man is systematically stealing black patriarchs from their neighborhoods. They conveniently ignore the fact that these criminals are hurting black neighborhoods, not white ones. They are victimizing other blacks, not whites. Of course, that just makes it all the easier for a rich liberal like Moore to advocate decriminalizing drugs and disarming the police. He can stay locked up in his cozy mansion and eat Twinkies while law-abiding blacks below the poverty line deal with the tragedies to come.

This country survives on the rule of law. Are the ones in charge of enforcing that law always perfect? Certainly not. Are there changes that could be made at a systematic level? Perhaps. But advocating these kinds of nonsense measures is not just unhelpful, it’s fanning the emotional flames at the worst possible time. We need to move forward with care and logic. Disarming the police does not fall into those categories.

Let’s not forget that this entire movement is based – to an almost exclusive degree – on three cases. Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and now Freddie Gray. A trio of criminals headed for lives of questionable merit. Does that mean they should have been killed? Perhaps, in Brown’s case. Garner was killed by accident and the details are still unclear about Gray. Even if you see these three incidents in a more damning light, you have to admit there is room for doubt. These are not cases of such extraordinary injustice that they demand an overhaul of our entire country. The only people who think so are those who have wanted those fundamental changes for years.

The “Black Lives” are merely an opportunity.

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  1. Robert L. Rice

    I quit listening to ANYTHING m moore had to say years ago…..

  2. MM = Overweight, Lib Loser, HAS-BEEN …………………..

  3. disqus_C6fGXmCFNc

    OMG Someone send the white coats to this idiots house and take him to mental hospital and throw away the keys! He is such sewage feces he really needs his meds to be upped then taken to the pool and drowned. Whay a pig.

  4. Michael Dennewitz

    Simple! That sumbitch has long been smoking and snorting some high powered shit, and we simply have to stop locking up all the drug dealers because Moore’s supply will dwindle!

  5. I AM THE BEAST Sssotlohiefmjn

    Michael Moore ? If I want to know how to make fat fatter or be the greatest looser of all time popularity polls. What I want to know is why the hell does PATRIOTNEWSDAILY write such trash? Maybe I should look for another news source.

  6. Like Robert said, I too quit reading or listening to his drivel years ago…we do need to ban him from the states…

  7. Unarm our police might be the dumbest thing I’ve heard come out of the fat tub of lard hypocritical 1percenter commie prick. And that’s saying a lot because everything that comes out of that fat boys mouth is mind numbing.

  8. I never took anything he ever said seriously when it came to how to fix anything in this country.

  9. Michael Moore is a stupid, idiotic fat slob! He needs to keep his filthy mouth closed before someone gets fed up and shuts it for him.

    • Well said…

    • His mouth is usually “where the sun don’t shine” along with his head…….Liberal-TARD craniocerebral colonitis I believe it’s called. Believe he prefers to call it his Hershey Highway?

      • wish someone would beat the crap outta him, break his dumb stupid jaws so the hosp will wire his stupid mouth shut, break both his legs and arms. Say, that’s one way to not only shut his ugly mouth but Sharpton could use a lesson as well.

        • Come right out and tell us how you feel Helen…stop beating around the bush. Sar.

          • I just did! Can’t you read???? What I said, is exactly what I meant and I’m willing to bet there are lots of folks who’ll agree with me.

          • Helen baby, sweetheart, sugar-bump the SAR at the end of my comment stands for:
            are you ready for it? S A R C A S M …….( I will accept your apology)
            Was trying to be a CARD, but I don’t SHUFFLE, so you will have to DEAL with me later!

          • You are Marine I can tell. The only Jarheads I know were Marines. I am Army! Took medics training at Ft. Sam Houston.

          • terryhoaglland123@aol.com

            Jarhead was joking Helen !

        • Helen, did you know that Harry Reid’s brother beat the snot out of him? All that bunk about getting hurt on an exercise machine was just that, bunk. I wonder if Moore has a brother?

          • Sure did, and Harry deserved every punch his brother gave him. To think Harry Reid use to box in his younger days. That old coot couldn’t hit a gnat if it landed on his nose. His brother did everyone a big favor. That’s one way to get Harry out of Washington, and it took his brother to do it.

          • Too bad big brother stopped as early as he did.

          • I understand big brother was an alcoholic. He coulda said he had no idea what he was doing and didn’t remember anything. He was too drunk to realize it was his brother.

          • Or…his brother could have merely said in a flippant tone, “I won’t apologize…it did get him to leave the senate, didn’t it?” adding, since I did not have the cloak of the senate floor to avoid prosecution, I did it out of sight of any camera and no witnesses.

          • Harry lied…no one cared…if the left was not going to prosecute his shameless unrepentent lie, those with the sense of dignity should have. I’d prefer to think that it wasn’t his brother, but some unknown “special interest” that meted out just punishment for his disgusting transgression(s). Note that his right eye was “taken out”. The man never had need for it, so I am sure it is not missed.

          • I dont know but I would volunteer for 1 hour.

          • Moore does have a brother that feeds him twinkies up the back end. That is why Moore is so backed up into the cranial zone and has intellectual constipation. He has grown an ancilliary brain, like the Stegosaurus supposedly had, but in his two left arse cheeks.

            The man is not an a-hole. An a-hole has a purpose. He is a hemorrhoid.

            Do you think that you could hurt the doughboy? It’s even harder to hurt the schitteboy. If one did, one would be left with glasses, a tiny beak nose, and a pile of shit that will automatically orient itself to the far left position on the compass rose. Some other far left blowhard, like Rosie O’Donnell or Joyce Behar would recycle that “sustenance”.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Well, I’m certain fatass held back many a fart, and they all migrated up his spine and into what brain he had left! I mean, the dude obviously has nothing but shitty thoughts!! 🙁

  10. Disarm Moore’s mouth!

  11. Okay, if we disarm, let’s make it an experiment, and start with Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Belaire and see how it works for them.

    • And give Charlie Manson a Liberty Pass to get out of prison on weekends.

      • Matthew V. Brown

        Works for me, if he is released to Hollywood, Beverly Hills, or Belaire. I’m sure they would all just sit around and smoke pot together.

  12. Send the fat b$:&;$) to one of our finer prisons! Better yet,with all his great wisdom, send him to the middle east, he could end the problems there!

  13. Michael Moore the Blob of a Slob, who shouldn’t even be given the time of day, is an anarchist in the 1st degree and only receives his notoriety from the corrupt mainstream news media of America.

  14. Saw him on a TV interview & must say, if I was an intelligent Rutgers alum, I’d send a letter to Moore & ask him to take that hat off, because it gives the school a bad name.

  15. The saddest thing is that complete jerks and fools like Mikey Moore can get fabulously rich in this great country then say incredibly stupid things that tear the fabric of this great country that made him wealthy like he does here and has done for a long while.

    • It’s the same crowd that voted for Obama that listens to the likes of fools Like Mike. This is the Grubers…Pure IDIOTS!

  16. Gawd, who ever listens to the likes of a fat ugly socialist anyway?
    If the cops are disarmed will the ghetto thugs give up their illegal weapons too?
    I know if the cops are unarmed I damn sure will not give up my weapons and in fact
    will go nowhere without my weapon since I will be the only one to protect ME.

  17. Pathetic Department of Education has our youth believing all this garbage.
    Educated, Common Sense will eventually die out.

  18. MuslimLuvChrist

    So this fat POS doesn’t have any body guards, right

  19. Fred Tramutola

    Every cop in America, this guy wants you to not be able to defend yourself or anyone else against armed criminals. Let he and his family face an armed assailant and see how that goes for him! What a FUCKING idiot. He deserves to be a victim more than most!

  20. I KNEW MICHAEL MOORE WHEN HE HAD AN “UNDERGROUND NEWS PAPER”, IN BURTON, MI. IN 1969, & EARLY 70’S! I had an equipment rental store in Flint, & “mikey” rented equipment from me…………I found him to be “obnoxious, assuming, & totally unreasonable. I finally threw him out of my business, & told him not to return! Mikey, was a “fat obnoxious slob…..THEN……& he has never changed!
    Now, he has moved up near Traverse City Mich, & brought his ignorant politics with him…..ridiculed Geo Bush too many times in open forum, & just made a “total ass” out of himself!
    Moore deserves to be in an “ASYLUM”…….With the “other” insane people!

  21. I wish he would get a life! We have to suffer through his stupid rants! If he was gone we would be so much better off!

  22. What a STOOGE!!

  23. If ALL of these afore-mentioned niga’s would have stayed home smoking their pot and watching Oprah, they would, in all unfortunate likelihood still be alive. Justice has been served these Criminals.

  24. Moore is a socialist dork. His radical ideas would throw the country back to the stone age. We need less of people like M,Moore in our society. One movie that made millions for him and he becomes a genius on society and it’s ills, what an azzhole.

  25. We do need some fundamental changes in our society but not those advocated by an idiot. Moore just tosses it out there, no thought, no consideration just plain stupidity. One movie does not a genius make, Moore would do well to remember that.

    • Do you know people
      have not questioned how federal judges appointed by Republicans decide and
      review cases raised by Blacks? These judges make sure Blacks lose cases. And I
      have found their trick. When deciding or writing cases involving Blacks, these
      judges make sure they omit testimony or evidence favoring Blacks. So the
      readers of the decision will only be read what the judges wrote. The reader
      will believe the Black litigant lost the case. I had a case in West-district of
      Wisconsin federal court. After the defendants admitted to have discriminated against
      the Black plaintiff, the judge wrote as follows: “Plaintiff relies on too
      much on admissions by defendants.” This judge dismissed Black litigant’s
      case because defendants admitted to have violated plaintiff’s federal and state
      rights. In one ruling the 7th Circuit Repub appointed judges brushed off
      that the ‘N” word was not severely offensive to cause a Black employee
      quit his job. We have to be careful with Repub appointed federal judges. These
      are slowly killing Blacks and will continue doing so unless these judges are
      fired or retire. Thank God we have Keagan watching judges’ of the 7th
      Circuit behavior.

  26. Noah Rosenblum

    Michael Moore will teach the world to sing in perfect harmony, he should start with ISIS and heopfully if the world is lucky he would get killed.
    Moore is a huge Asshole !!!!

  27. Sorry I didn’t see his brilliant solution for weight loss….did I miss it?

  28. This idiot is just a slob, who isn’t worthy of any attention. Just ignore him and his ilk.

  29. I have a MUCH better idea you toad, take a long walk on a short pier, remove yourself from OUR misery! PLEASE!

  30. Sharon K Erdely

    Micheal Moore is a rich, fat ass Liberal who makes billions off the backs of the very people he condemns.

  31. Still Breathing???

  32. There is a “cone-of silence” or conspiracy against Blacks by Repubs, TPs and Repub appointed federal judges. This is particularly those in their upper 60s and 70s. These still believe Blacks are intellectually inferior to them because they were told so by their fathers and neighbors. For instance in Wisconsin we have Governor Walker who does not allow Blacks to be hired in certain departments: Natural Resources, Corrections and Commission of Insurance. Recently, a lawyer from the Department of Corrections testified that although Blacks pass high and sometimes highest in state exams, they should be deemed as not qualified. Asked why the DOC lawyer said so, she could not explain other than stereotyping that Blacks could not qualify. I wonder how Allen West, Allen Keyes, Dr. Carson and other Repub WH candidates feel about Walker’s view on
    Blacks. And believe it or not Walker wants to run for WH job. No doubt even FoxNews is reluctant endorsing Walker.

    • Right after the Civil War, the Southern Democrats, the KKK, declared war on the blacks. They murdered and attacked blacks constantly right up to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The Democrats didn’t want to pass the Act, so LBJ, one of the biggest haters of blacks, told the Southern Dems “Give me the Civil Rights Act and I’ll have those N-WORD voting Democrat for the next 200 years”. The Act was created by the Republicans. When Grant became the Prez in 1869, he was the second Republican Prez after Lincoln. Under Grant, the Republican Congress passed the 14th Amendment. This Amendment gave the slaves much freedom, look it up. Even MLK was a Republican as the Southern Dems, the KKK were killing blacks in the South. By the way Wisconsin is a Democrat controlled State with a Republican Gov. All that you mentioned is done by a majority Dem Congress.

      • Wrong. Both Houses in Wisconsin Repubs the majority are Repubs. That is why Walker has been successful in passing right-wing beliefs such as: No Blacks in DOC, DNR and Commission of insurance. Walker has also defunded Parent-hood-clinics because he against abortions and believes women are not fit to decide for their bodies. Would you believe Walker wants to shut down 4-year universities and replace them with 2-year colleges? In fact he has increased funds for 2-year colleges. Walker argues if, as a
        school-drop-out, can supervise college professors and people with degrees, he does not understand why people go to way to 4-year and beyond colleges. Ask where he would get doctors, nurses, engineers, Walker said he would import such professionals from abroad. Walker does not know a country run by foreign professional is in danger. So Walker is actually jealous with 4-year and beyond
        intellectuals. In fact 70 % of people who voted for Walker last year were school or college drop-outs.

        • Where do you get this FANTASTIC CRAP FROM?


          Do your jaws hurt from sucking donkey dong all day long ?

          • Please google Wisconsin government and see for yourself.
            I see you’re Black man. Do not seek employment in Wisconsin state agencies. They will find you are ineligible for employment because you a colored guy.

  33. I am a former Professional/Executive Bodyguard so lets start by disarming his bodyguards and see how long it takes for a few big black thugs to kick the snot out of him…It would be kinda funny as he lies on the ground begging for a cop w/a GUN to come save his pathetic life.

  34. Stevon f. Nutt

    Withdraw all of the Police from Black areas and let them go. Just do not let them out of those areas!

  35. OK Moore as soon as you fire your armed body guards.

  36. Sure he has ALL the solutions…He ate them!!….Fat F**K

  37. terryhoaglland123@aol.com

    If lard ever gets scarce you can get 20 lbs from M. Moore’s jaws!!

  38. I disagree with everyone who say Micky Moore should shut up. I love that he shoots his face off PROVING just how idiotic the Communist Democrat Party is. With mouthpieces like Moore and the Corrupt Incompetent Hilary Clinton making such stupid comments commonsense thinking is then looked at and accepted. The day that all the rich stop having protection, when the rich and political leaders leave themselves and their family open to crime just like the rest of us, I want the police to carry guns. The black Male is the leading criminal element in America and for how long are they going to behave in savage manners and then look at us and say “Look What YOU Made Me Do.” Here’s a question Mr and Mrs White Liberal, why don’t you vote and end your local police from carrying guns. Why not go without police all together. San Francisco should be police free. I know I would be happy to point out to the Mexican, South American and Black Gangs that San Francisco was an open city, free from police and free from prosecution.

  39. Isn’t there some law against being a “public nuisance”? If not, we aught to create one just for people like him, so that we can put them out of public hearing.

  40. Too much flab on his butt is stopping the blood to his brain.

  41. The village idiot has given yet another bizarre rendition of what unrealistic, insane minds might come up with to sole a pervasive problem with our society. I have always advocated the solution is in the ELIMINATION of the fed gov’t from our children’s education system, first by eliminating the Federal Education department as a government entity, let it sunset and never bring it back! There is NOTHING in the Constitution that gives authority to the Federal Gov’t to rule over my child’s education! Micheal Moore needs to move to Russia or another Socialist/Communist country where maybe he will be happier!

  42. Moore as usual neds tgoilet papefr for finishing speajkinng his crap,he’s bereft of his senses. Re another story, the day a tank rolls into neighborg hoods,Civil War II will start,and active military and 6 million veterans will not define decency in tactical extermination of all communist,fascist and KKK bearers of threats to the constitution and freedom ,and the bodies will rot in the streets.John McCain,take note of this p[rophecy and retire so you are not one of the exterminated in the infliction of the Reagan years’ freedom instead of today’s Obama communism.In 1956 the citizens of Hungary revolted against communist rule,civil war erupted and the citizens whipped the Russian Army.It took 100,000 more trrops to put down the revolution.N o one can whip the 6 miilllion+ of us ready to move if the police militarization and other communist bullshit doesn’t stop and we move on it as stated.N ot In surrection againmst the constitution.Just the bastard Obama and ever y damn leftist in trilevel government.

  43. Alleged Comment

    I see, disarm the police, put them in jail instead and release the Kraken Negroes and ARM THEM INSTEAD! Brilliant! I am always astonished at the man’s brilliance!

  44. Moore is just another loud mouth big ass democrat who nobody pays any attention to.

  45. Moore had his 15 minutes of fame for “Roger and Me” only because Roger Smith of GM proved to be a bigger Ahole then Moore. He has been living off that ever since and his minions keep coming back for more, but he is so devoid of any factual content it is hard to believe anyone with a brain listens, but then if you’re a Progressive you don’t need facts.

  46. Michael Moore is now attempting to become a comedian, that in it self is a laugh. I guess if one finally realize that he isn’t good at what he did, he might as well find out that he is not good at anything.

  47. MyRoseHasTHORNS

    Release them all to his care and sponsorship. They can live with him, he can feed, cloth and educate them and when they want more-they can beat the cr@p outta him and burn his place down.

  48. Joseph Pietrouchie

    I think we should have a trial fun, with his ideas. Release prisoners just in his town, the one he lives in the most. Take guns away from police. Better yet, guns do not kill people, people kill people, so let just get rid of the police in his town. Give it a couple weeks, How does that sound Mike?

  49. This fat pig is Public Enemy # 4 or 5; your choice!

  50. Moore’s a greasy pig

  51. Poster boy for the mentally challenged Left-oops, FAR Left!

  52. I say lets do that and put Micheal Moore right in the middle of everyone of them. MM brain is about the size of his Peni and I meant to leave the s off. The boy is so ignorant its scary

  53. What you need to remember is that m moore is a moron and the only solution he has is in his hand when he finishes playing with himself. Don.’t go to his movies and quit supporting this azzwhole and see how long he’s around.


    Michael Moore, please for all our mental health, just go away and take your flashy stories with you and believe your time is over way over, your audience is thinking now, not believing, your not needed to pretend to know the truth according to Michael Moore, the Michigan child of possibly illegitimate humanoids. . . .

  55. Modern day slavery by incarcerating blacks? Hmmm let’s see slavery was when slave owners made their slaves work to produce goods such as food or cotton . This made the slave owners rich. If white America is placing blacks into jail to make slaves out of them why does it cost 46,000 per year to keep them in jail.going by this theory the tax payers are the slaves it’s us that has to come up with the money to support their lazy arses.micheal Moore needs to be turned into soilent green crackers and fed to the prisoners!

  56. Moore is a disgusting slob of a maggot. Send him to Afghanistan with a rubber band gun.

  57. Michael Dennewitz

    And I didn’t even believe that swelled up head of his would actually fit in anyone’s ass! Boy, was I ever mistaken!! ROFL

  58. Michael Moore is nothing more than an Inconvenient idiot.

  59. America will be a modern day slave system if Michael Moore and the socialists get their way.

    Socialism IS SLAVERY. What a bunch of lunatics, and hypocrites.

  60. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W

    Fat Bastard still thinks anyone other the leftist press listens to him in his penthouse.

  61. He’s SO BIG that he has his own atmosphere, but it can’t sustain human life.

  62. The way the media expresses it is that Freddy dared to look the cop in the eye so they chased him down which suggests something that would happen during the Jim Crow era. Seems to me that the fact that he was recognized by the police as a known drug dealer and that he started running away the moment that he saw them that the logical conclusion would be that he was probably holding. I feel that the six cops were sacrificed in order to appease the mob.

  63. Michael (muddle headed) Moore serves a true purpose in setting on of the far bounds of the field of argument so that you can reconnoiter yourself.

    There are so many analogies one could use. Example: You have choices in solving any given problem. You could grab, for example and depending upon the problem at hand, a source of counsel and knowledge, a calculator, or even a lifetime of learning and understanding and then setting about doing and solving, assuming that you have the capacity. Or, you could be a lazy lard arse and just exist on your one synapse of a schitte for brains capacity, funnel most of your energy to generating fat cells for ear packing, and hide nothing you’ve learned under the fat folds of your being, speak what you stupidly and ignorantly “feel” (because YOU think that it is the same as “thinking”) and just continue to be the Michael Moore in the room. Or, you could actually expend the energy to help solve the problem at hand.

    The man is brilliant…at defining the extreme margin of comparison. It’s no sweat for anyone with those schitte for brains and the eager willingness to give a schitte where it is least useful.

  64. Great spokesperson you libs have! You deserve this POS speaking for you!

  65. Proudvietvet58

    Let us all pray Moore is sterile!!! We don’t need a bunch of little fat turd M&M’s running around!

  66. Well, how come if “Black lives matter”…why hasn’t Black on Black murders (I wont bother to mention the other pervasive crimes committed Blacks commit against other Blacks in their Black Community) in Chicago, IL; Oakland and Los Angles, CA; Atlanta, GA; Detroit, MI; Newark, NJ; and Washington, DC been seriously addressed by Moore, the Empty Suit currently occupying the Oval Office, his racist Civil Rights “Consultant” Sharpton and other know-it-all liberals?

  67. I don’t ever listen to anything he says. I do, however, like to see the comments that people have to say about him. He is a dirty(I mean that he doesn’t wash to frequently) man and he is a liar. But he laughs all the way to the bank.

  68. Carol Chadbourne

    One total asshole who, like sharptongue, keeps this country roiling and I heard he’s not even American ,. but a Canadian. If we’re lucky, obesity will be the death…and end, of the worst piece of human being…with some exclusions.


  70. Poor Michael! Some say he is one of the most deluded, foolish, inane, pseudo-intellectuals on the planet! But then, these folks also pose the question, “What can you expect from a liberal whose thinking is so far from reality?!”

  71. WOW!! Michael Moore,I’m surprised he has any opinion
    at all,I mean after all his brain must be porn mush by now.
    I thought he died last year,then again I thought he died,when he made his last dumb ass remark,maybe we’ll get lucky one day,after all what good is a smut peddler, anyway……

  72. careful conservaturds your anal fixations and homoerotic tendancys are showing with all these posts about the fat white boys hienie and your fixations on it.

  73. Smart Old Fart

    Michael Moore … the socialist Democratic torch-bearer and communist poster-child. He is also a stellar Patriot and powerful motivational speaker. “Michael Moore for President !!!” WE LOVE YOU MIKEY! (SAR) All he needs is a refreshing pitcher of Ice TEA PARTY.

  74. Michael Moore needs to fade away into non existence. Every time he opens his mouth, he sticks his foot in up to his thighs! Go hump John Kerry’s leg dog boy and leave good conversation to the adults!

  75. Obamas pay back to America and is destroying America because it allowed slavery and other social injustices to prevail

  76. Michael Dennewitz

    I think fatass moore just somehow ended his career! ROFLMFAO

  77. mikey boy,you have 7 houses,why don’t you give 6 of them to some REALLY NEEDY FOLKS??????????????????

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