Mexico Rejects Trump’s New Immigration Rules

Reuters reported this week that Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray is talking tough about new U.S. immigration rules the Department of Homeland Security rolled out on Tuesday. Videgaray said that Mexico “will not accept” the new rules and that he would be glad to take the issue before the United Nations on behalf of illegal immigrants.

Videgaray’s comments come on the heels of new guidelines issued by DHS as part of the Trump administration’s crackdown on illegal immigration. The new rules are a sharp departure from the Obama era, and they put the majority of undocumented foreigners at risk for deportation. As far as Mexican cooperation is concerned, it could be necessary when it comes to one part of the new guidelines. In the memos, DHS Secretary John Kelly authorized federal agents to immediately send new border-crossers back to Mexico…even if they originally came from Central America or elsewhere.

Videgaray will meet with Kelly and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson this week, where the new rules will undoubtedly be discussed.

“I want to make it clear in the most emphatic way that the government of Mexico and the people of Mexico do not have to accept provisions that one government wants to unilaterally impose on another,” Videgaray said. “We will not accept that because we have no reason to; it is not in the interest of the Mexico.”

Really? Who is doing the unilateral imposing? The United States, or the country that refuses to do anything to stop immigrants from flowing across the border? In fact, “refusing” is putting it lightly. In many cases, Mexican officials blatantly encourage illegal immigration, and they are enrichening their country with American public benefits. And then they have the audacity to say the Trump administration is threatening their sovereignty?

No one is really buying this, right?

Sorry, but if they came through your country, you can deal with them. If you don’t like it, get control of your own southern border. We may even be generous enough to lend you our construction crews after they’ve finished building the WALL.

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