Mexico Rejects Trump’s New Immigration Rules

Reuters reported this week that Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray is talking tough about new U.S. immigration rules the Department of Homeland Security rolled out on Tuesday. Videgaray said that Mexico “will not accept” the new rules and that he would be glad to take the issue before the United Nations on behalf of illegal immigrants.

Videgaray’s comments come on the heels of new guidelines issued by DHS as part of the Trump administration’s crackdown on illegal immigration. The new rules are a sharp departure from the Obama era, and they put the majority of undocumented foreigners at risk for deportation. As far as Mexican cooperation is concerned, it could be necessary when it comes to one part of the new guidelines. In the memos, DHS Secretary John Kelly authorized federal agents to immediately send new border-crossers back to Mexico…even if they originally came from Central America or elsewhere.

Videgaray will meet with Kelly and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson this week, where the new rules will undoubtedly be discussed.

“I want to make it clear in the most emphatic way that the government of Mexico and the people of Mexico do not have to accept provisions that one government wants to unilaterally impose on another,” Videgaray said. “We will not accept that because we have no reason to; it is not in the interest of the Mexico.”

Really? Who is doing the unilateral imposing? The United States, or the country that refuses to do anything to stop immigrants from flowing across the border? In fact, “refusing” is putting it lightly. In many cases, Mexican officials blatantly encourage illegal immigration, and they are enrichening their country with American public benefits. And then they have the audacity to say the Trump administration is threatening their sovereignty?

No one is really buying this, right?

Sorry, but if they came through your country, you can deal with them. If you don’t like it, get control of your own southern border. We may even be generous enough to lend you our construction crews after they’ve finished building the WALL.

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  1. Mexico doesn’t want the drugs and the thugs stopped at the border because if they do get stopped, they’ll stay in Mexico. Mexico does not want drugs and thugs so they are pro open border so the cream of the crap can be exported to the US. Hello! Hello! Mexico!

    OBAMA IS GONE!!!!!

  2. Mexico is starting to realize that they will pay for the wall in ways far worse than monetarily.

    I honestly don’t care if America pays for its own wall.. Just build it.

    • It is obvious, at least to this old bat, that they do not want the criminals back there either to have to support one way or the other…they come from wherever, it is up to Mexico to protect their country and their OWN with ….

    • Yes, and raise import fees, esp. on the American companies that moved factories there for the cheap labor! But, first make our nation more “business friendly.”

    • We deplorables will pay for it if needed. A few cake and cookie sales over the next 5 years might cover it. Then every Mexican who wants to enter the US legally will be charged an entry fee, and the illegals will have everything they have confiscated and sold; all such income to go to pay for the wall.

      Or, Mexico might decide to change the way they treat their own citizens at home, and also help the US maintain it’s border.

    • I agree, just build the dam thing. Immigration never will work until you protect the borders. I’ve spent allot time in Mexico working and doing business their, and nothing happens with out someone getting paid off big time. They have such a small border to protect in the south, its just a choke point. I am sure the border guards are just holding their hands out getting pay off’s to come across the border, and for sure they don’t care to much about the northern border. Know skin off their asses.
      My wife is Mexican and came here legally, but she family that lives in Texas and south of Chicago. They are illegals and been here for 20 some odd years, have drivers lie and send money back to Mexico via Western union every week. Happens all over America. Billions are being send out of the country.
      Tax the money, because its untaxed now and leaving the country by the billions. Maybe even welfare money that’s being collected illegally is being sent to Mexico.
      We need the wall now before we can fix immigration issues.

      • Well said. I know many people that have taken advantage of the system because it is easy to do. Those that are here illegally have a different perspective.

        All the immigrants that have come here legally, think exactly the same way you do. The system is broken.

  3. mexico talking tough, what a load. They need to understand that there will be no US aid to mexico period unless they comply with all US CARTELS, GOODS, etc.
    No monetary transfers over $50.00 allowed and no more that $50 taken out of the US to Mexico by travelers.

  4. If mexico wants to take the issue before the United Nations, it better do it quickly. Do it before The United States kicks the UN the hell out of this country and stops funding the US haters for the good of OUR country,,,, By the time President Trump get done with the wall and starts imposing some new rules Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray won’t be so hard nose & loud mouth. They may even want to take Obama into exile !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anyone of sound mind will not care one iota if Mexican corrupt politicians agree with our policies on establishing our border integrity and protecting our people. We gave Mexico many millions of US dollars to build a wall on their southern border. That border is breached every day by those Guatemalans, and Hondurans who have the money to bribe the guards.

      The Mexican military tracks these Guatemalans and Hondurans as they travel from the Mexican southern border until they cross our southern border because it is illegal for any of these people to integrate into Mexican society and immigrate to Mexico. Since the Mexican government supports these illegal felon invaders all the way from southern Mexico to the United States, they are responsible to take them back.

      Any communist and corrupt nation can bring anything before the General Assembly. That is what the yak-fest is for. The Security Council permanent members decide whether anything is done. The huge gorilla in the room is the USA. How it votes decides how the UN goes. I hope the U.S. sends the U.N. to Paris or Brussels and get it out of the U.S. and the U.S. out of it.

      • We need out of the UN..their laws do not supersede ours in no way; they take these monies that we give them, in the billions, and give it to countries that send their illegals here, kill our people, bring in drugs, violence, disease, etc…down with the UN 100%,,but remember Haley does not want out of the UN>

        • The UN is no longer useful and should be evicted from the building in New York they are renting from us and disbanded.

          • Which, by extension, means that Haley (aka the crowd pleaser) is no longer useful. My thoughts of her “positions” is that they are based on wind direction.

        • Haley is superb!!! I do not remember when we had an Ambassador to UN with this much determination, knowledge, spunk and guts!! Just take a look at her latest press conference speech… it made me very proud.

          • She was a great governor for North Carolina and does not back down. I am impressed with her. She told the In where to go. Actually, I think they should be disbanded and evicted from our building in New York. They are no longer effective.

        • Who cares what Haley wants. It is up to Congress to get out of the UN. And they need to do that quickly. UN is just taking American dollars and importing terrorists from middle east. How stupid is that to pay for our own demise?

      • Mexico has no say in what the United states does. If we want to build a wall, we will do so. They built one between themselves and Guatamala. What is the difference? The difference is that Mexico can no longer get any money from the illegals here.

    • Mamma Fook The Joo-nited Nations!! Just another Welfare Scheme for the Low-Life Nations!

    • The UN, I read, hopefully not false news again and again, that 40% of the monies for the UN are already defunded.

    • No. He will want to go to a Muslim country… Mexico isn’t their yet!

    • All about timing

    • The United Nations does not have any bearing on the US Constitution. We can quit supporting it and it will dissolve. Also any Supreme Court support of the illegals is reason to disband that freeloading organization.

    • Taking Obama into exile would be no great loss. Damn Muslim Nigger

  5. Screw Mexico. There’s not a damn thing they can do to stop us. Give them 3 months to take their people and those from other countries that they let through, back. After that, anyone and everyone trying to cross the border will be shot on sight. The blood will be on their hands. Some may ask why shoot them? Because we have been nicely battling an invasion for years, so when that happens, you shoot the invaders pure and simple.

  6. Really? Mexico getting tough? Right on Garrett. Figured you summed it up real well

  7. If so many people are leaving Mexico because it’s so bad I think we need to invade militarily for humanitarian reasons, then we’ll see who will and won’t follow our laws after we remove the corruption and drug cartels.

  8. Hey mexico, we reject you, hasta la vesta baybee

  9. Dump all Mexican illegals on the Mexican side of the border along with all the liberal sympathizers. Then put all others on ships and sail them back to central america. We can just drop them off on the shoreline

  10. It is time to ferret out the illegals and stop food stamps, housing and any and all benefits that obie gave them. These benefits are for U.S. citizens that fall on hard times.

  11. Mexico tear down your own southern boarder wall and relax your own draconian immigration laws to match those of the USA.

  12. Let me see if I have this correct..luis taco bender is telling the USA that he and other Mehicanos are NOT accepting the USA’s new immigration guidelines….mmmmm I wonder what luis taco bender would think if the border were simply closed for two weeks to begin with..I have seen what happens at the major commercial border crossings during the aftermath of a Mehicano holiday…it would be chaos, especially if the border were closed for a month….all the lost wages of truck drivers on both sides of the border, the shutdown of freight forwarders on both sides of the border, workers from Mehico unable to earn on the US side…no touristas slipping down to have some party time…then if the DON would begin to examine the amount of cash that is sent from the USA to Mehico things could get interesting rather quickly…Hey senor luis taco bender be sure to pay up your life insurance…oh they do not have that product in Mehico ?? how unfortunate…adios twit..

  13. If they would clean up their corrupt society and give everyone equal opportunity like in the US, they wouldn’t have to come here.

  14. Who cares what Mexico thinks. They have no authority here!! I hope President Trump rips them a new one. How about they change their immigration laws?

    • Duplicitous Bad Neighbors! Tell their leaders to STFU and quit talking out of both sides of their sombrero. Have Mexico match their immigration laws to what they are spewing…crickets!

  15. I got news for them. We are all done careing what Mexico thinks.

  16. We are told that the illegal’s are hard working intellegent people, my question is why doesn’t Mexico demand their return to build a country they can be proud of?
    Mexico has no say on our immigration laws.

    • Years ago there was a piece written, wish I could find it again, where he actually said we were doing a disservice to the immigrants wherever they were from for we were negating those governments from taking care of their own, educating them and using the talents that will be found to foster their country.

    • They also commit many crimes and are not a benefit to this country. They no longer get the benefits they received under Obama, such as Social security, food stamps and Welfare.

  17. Mexico does not get to tell us that its ok for their people to invade our country and rob the tax payers. Maybe we should start sending our American criminals over to their country and see how the handle it…SCREW MEXICO AND ITS CORRUPT GOVERMENT.

  18. The Mexican authorities know they have very little power to stop the Trump agenda when it comes to stopping people crossing US/Mexs border illegally . The wall will be built and US Emigration law will be enforced ! If you want to come to the US and be a US Citizen you will have to do it LEGALLY !

  19. Build an unbroken wall across the southern border, forget about Mexico.

  20. I think it’s time for President Trump to turn on that “No More Mr. Nice Guy” juice and get that wall built and beef up security on the border… with or without Mexico’s $$ help or blessing. And we DON’T need their permission, either!

  21. Perhaps Mexico would be more comfortable if the United States adopted their Immigration Laws.

  22. I don’t really care what Mexico or the UN thinks. Screw both.

  23. What arrogance—-or is it plain ignorance?
    First Mexican politicians do nothing to prevent their country from being a springboard for illegals to enter the United States. Then the crooked Mexican politicos want to refuse to allow the US to return those illegals where they came from.
    Mr. Trump: Build the damn wall—–NOW!
    I could care less if the low life Mexican politicians pay for it or not, build the damn thing. The wall will not turn back all illegals, but it’s a great start. Once Illegals realize if they do sneak into the United States illegally, the welfare state has dried up and if caught, immediate deportation will occur. The golden plumb has turned into a prune. Eat too many prunes and guess what?
    Right—–immediate expulsion will occur.
    Arrogance or ignorance?
    Probably both.
    Too bad, bye bye Illegals—–adios!
    For any trolls, Ovomit lovers, open border maggots, and Socialists: We all realize “The Wall” is a noun, used to describe a multi-facted approach to disallow illegal entry. The wall will include better physical structures than currently exist, drone monitoring, electronic surveillance, increased motorized/foot patrols etc etc. So please, save your left wing attempt to criticize what our country’s sovereignty desperately needs!

  24. Tillerson and Kelly made the trip to explain Trump’s plan. Too effing bad if the Mexicans don’t like it. Last time I checked we, as a Nation are $20,000,000,000,000.00 in debt. Yeah, Lib-Retards, that’s 13 zeros!

  25. America rejects, Mexico’s rejection of our immigration policies and raises the ante by in turn rejecting Mexico’s hypocritical immigration policies!

  26. When does a foreign country that allowed millions and millions of their citizens to enter the USA illegally tell our people what they want? The looney Tune liberals forgot our former marine suffering from Post Dramatic Stress enter Mexico illegally was arrested for having a gun in his car, sent to prison, and chained to his bed like an animal. As we argue and unfortunately maybe one day physically fight each other after the left continues to attack innocent people with oppose views, remember one guy did this, one guy that screwed this nation royally and walked away laughing after setting the stage for possible anarchy in our nation. He lied. He illegally brought in millions and millions of innocent illegals, he secretly pissed away trillions, he help terrorism, his decisions in Iraq led to world turmoil, his cabinet covered up scandals that were crimes. Now the media lies to us daily how bad Trump is and how wonderful this sneaky guy was?

  27. Who really give a shit what Mexico thinks? They let Criminal Invaders pass thru
    to invade the USA then I will land in Mexico City with a plane load and leave the
    unwanted invaders there for them to deal with. That is their problem. Either they
    stop the invasion on their southern border before it gets here or they pay the price by
    us building our wall and cutting off any and all foreign aid to the corrupt politico’s
    in Mexico. Then when we start sending their people back home let them deal with
    the unrest that will cause and the possible overthrow of their corrupt government
    and the drug cartels that have infested them for centuries.

    • WHY is the USA giving Mexico aid? What loon(s) came up with that policy? Maybe 100 years ago; maybe. NOT NOW. Cut off all aid to Mexico and 90% of the other cuntries (sic) and the United Nations!

      • I know that I have seen varying amounts of “Foreign Aid” given to
        Mexico and the number varies. I do know that we send our Federal
        marshals down there to help train the forces on a regular basis.
        But I fail to see how it has helped anything especially since the
        flood of Drugs and Invaders continues unabated. Just a typical
        rat hole that you throw money down and know you will never
        get any benefit from.

      • I think president Slick Willie was the daddy of that idea. I also recall that the “president” of Mexico at that time immediately complained that what was GIVEN to them was “not enough.”

  28. Henry J. Gilbertson

    Screw Mexico

  29. mexicans!!remember yr.1859 when u.s army take your mexico city!!!you can not learn the lesson??any lesson will be repet, BY POPULARS DEMANDS!!!

    • It was 1849, not 1859. The US didn’t just “take” mexico city, they burned it to the ground. Maybe mexico does need a little reminder of what happens when you piss off the US.

  30. Every morning there’s a new squeal from the abusers. I love it.

  31. For the last eight yrs, the USA had become the ass to beat with a stick. Now we have someone who is standing his ground and saying no more, payback time. Trump reminds me of two people, General Paton (who no body like but went to him to get the job done and 2, Dirty Harry (Make my day, punk!).

  32. To bad, so sad Mexico! STFU and sit down!

  33. There Is a mumps outbreak In Pa. where the hell do the Illegal maggots think that came from ? From South of the border In shitholesville !

  34. This is just for American out there. Aren’t we all tired of Mexicans dictating to us, aren’t we all tired of a failed Mexican Government for the past 100 years, which has effected the United States in costly situations like supporting their people, letting them commit violent crimes, staring up gangs all over the country and yes they too are dictating to us. Round up the first batch as we are now dump them back on the Mexican border and let them find their country as they did ours. Ignore the Mexican government for refusing to help nor take any responsibility just dump them back and if they come back it is jail for 10 years. They have influenced our country negatively, their third world culture has down graded ours,not the other way around, our taxes are increased and spending on Police and jails has risen dramatically. Like many things in life it is time to go, they had their chance..


  36. So. Mexico will not accept the new rules…wanna’ bet you have no choice. You let the Central Americans pass through your country to America, you take them back…or stop them at your southern border and keep your own citizens. Create a better economic environment on your country so they’ll stay there.

  37. Who gives a damn what Mexico likes. Time to deport all these illegal leeches sucking off the US government teat!

  38. They think they can get away with this rampant absurdity because they falsely believe the relatively tiny number of paid agitators out rioting in the streets and holding up preprinted, professionally made signs and the bought and paid for ‘mainstream’ media represent all Americans. They don’t. They represent one American hating billionaire who wants to add the United States to his list of conquests, his paid hate groups. Antifa, blm, the DNC, the media and a number of extremely stupid people who’ve swallowed obvious propaganda whole.
    Real Americans, millions and millions of us voted for Trump, and are ecstatically happy that someone is finally, finally doing something about Democrats greedy lawlessness that pretends to be caring and compassion, that we finally, finally have a president who cares about us. Not everyone but us.
    Thank God for President Trump, thank you President Trump.
    Build the wall, the real America’s behind you.

  39. If they refuse to take the criminal illegals back then the wall should have NO door. SEE what 8 years of capitulation has done. Perhaps we should consider completely sealing our southern border, let Mexico keep everyone trying to cross. I’m not an isolationist but I’m beginning to lean that way.

  40. Please, take it to the U.N. The United States is a sovereign nation and is not bound by U.N. edicts. Further, we are talking about ILLEGAL immigration from Mexico INTO the U.S. Our laws and our rights as a nation take precedent. Please give us more reasons to absent ourselves from the U.N. and cause it to find a new home.

  41. mexico fix your problem don’t just pass it on to our country.

  42. Of course Mexico is not going to agree with it, they don’t want their own sponges back. I say build that wall and hurry.

  43. OldConservativeGuy

    I am glad they think that they create rules unilaterally. We reject their rejection. OK, who wins?

  44. Bottom line – Screw the U.N.! they vote against us on all issues. The majority of U.N. member nations cannot even manage their own countries. Why on earth should we or would we allow them to tell us how to run our country?

  45. When will the USA finally dump the useless UN???

  46. Ask me if I give a crap what Mexico thinks about anything!

  47. It’s NONE of Mexico’s business! They’d have six kinds of hissy fits if we tried to interfere with their immigration laws, and we know that well. As for the illegals they ALLOWED to travel through to come here; they can deal or allow them to travel BACK wherever they came from, and don’t ask, just fly over and dump, ‘chutes optional; they didn’t ask us! Time, and long past, to STOP pandering to Mexico!

  48. Who in the hell does this Mexican think he is? He can reject all he wants as he has absolutely nothing to say about our immigration policy. Mexico has a very strict immigration policy so for them to reject ours is a joke. We need to stop all aid given to Mexico and tax all money sent back to Mexico from illegal aliens. We need a wall, better border security and a strong deportation policy. If we got rid of illegal aliens we would save billions a year on education, welfare, food stamps, medicine and many other benefits that illegals receive. We also need to defund sanctuary cities and states. That would mean that CA which is declaring themselves a sanctuary state wouldn’t receive any federal money. It would virtually slide into the pacific.

  49. So, they don’t like our laws. Tough! we are a sovereign nation once again, thanks to our new president.

    Mexico no longer is able to sneeringly dictate to us under the guise of “cooperation.”

    We no longer will be the “safety valve” for Mexico’s corrupt, social failures.

    We will now put OUR American Citizen families FIRST; we will atke care of OUR Homeless, Veterans, Disadvantaged Inner City and Appalachian and other Poverty Stricken and Poor Working Class Americans FIRST!

    Mexico is a wealthy country; they just don’t want to spend money to improve the lives of their own citizens.

    A country of hypocrites! Try going to Mexico illegally and see what you get!

    No welfare, no meals, no roof, no money, no nothing except two choices: leave the country or go to jail!

  50. We The People need a very simple law, A person in this Country that is NOT a Citizen is afforded the same Rights and Privileges under our laws that an American Citizen is afforded under the laws of their Country of Origin. This simple law would fix most if not all of the problems we are having.

    • AGREED. Mirror THEIR laws when dealing with them. Good to do that economically when dealing with them as well, then no more trade deficits.

  51. Quite frankly, I wouldn’t push the issue of payment. Whoever wants the wall should pay for the wall. Sorry people, but if your neighbor annoys you enough to the point that you think a wall is necessary between your property boundary, for whatever benefit you believe it will offer, it is you who will have to build it and pay for it, unless, of course, your neighbor has an interest in assisting you in some way. Usually, only one party pays! If Donald Trump believes that constructing a wall between Mexico and the USA is beneficial and cost effective, then he should just build it! No matter how he thinks the USA is being offended by illegal border crossings, it is our obligation to do what is necessary, which, up until now, seems to be to use people (border patrol) to catch people (illegals). Mexico hasn’t paid for our border patrol – why should it pay for a wall? Perhaps a wall would work? Our idea! Our expense! Pressure to make Mexico pay for our wall is a really stupid idea, and very wrong! Trump should accept that he overstepped his bounds to demand that Mexico pay for a wall between our countries! Negotiations between the two countries that might result in joint ownership, construction, and financing, seems the best approach to me, but failing such an agreement can be reached, Trump should simply eat crow and built it at our expense!

  52. The 14th Amendment should be revisited.

    After the Civil War, Republicans sponsored the amendment to insure newly freed slaves and their children maintained America citizenship.

    It was not to be interpreted as granting American citizenship to babies born to legal or illegal immigrants while in America.

    This misinterpretation has caused the abuse of the 14th Amendment as near-term pregnant women cross legally and illegally for the very purpose to establish American citizenship for their child,

    World-wide cottage industries, in Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle-East, etc. actually advertise arranging trips into the U.S. for this very purpose.

    Then America is stuck with another “American Citizen”, aka, “Anchor Baby” to provide for from cradle to grave.

    Another sucker deal for America

  53. Build the wall and keep these dirt bags out of this country. Time for the USA to get out of the UN which is nothing but corrupt. Keep all the drug money confiscated from drug raids to pay for the wall. Mexico all along has knowingly let its scum cross the borders and should pay for that.

    • There should be no US government help given to Mexico. This needs to stop. Why do we taxpayers have to support the corrupt government of Mexico. That money does not seem to filter down to where it is doing any good, so why waste it.

  54. What gives Mexico the right to tell America how to handle immigration? They have a wall,I’ve heard on their own southern border,no one goes through with out their permission.Look what they did when a marine made the wrong turn and was in Mexico.He told them he didn’t plan to do that but did they let him go? They kept him there for 8 months,sometimes they beat him and chained him to his bed.All this when he was no threat to them yet look at them now,demanding we let anyone in from Mexico.

  55. Roses are Reddish, violets are bluish, shape up or ship out; as Americans don’t tolerate outlaws without anything to offer but your worthless body!

  56. Mexico has a lot of gall saying what they have said about a sovereign republic that does not belong to them.

  57. Stop the free handouts and a large % will not come back. We can catch the rest and deport them…. the USA will be billions ahead and a safer place to live??

  58. If I were Pres. Trump, I believe I could save US several billions of dollars…. I would seek to pass laws requiring every illegal alien (Those that have over stayed their visa or entered the USA illegally) with absolutely no exceptions on age to register with the county clerk in which county they reside in, within 60 days or so of the passing of said Bill..
    Finger prints and even DNA would be taken from everyone and each illegal alien would receive a special color coded Social Security Card with the words denoting a illegal alien in some way.. All these cards would be required to be like, but noticeably different so there are no doubt that it belongs to an illegal alien.
    Anyone failing to register and found within the border of USA after the 60 day period will be immediately arrest and absolutely all personal property will be confiscated with no exception other than their cloths on their back and deportation proceeds would began ASAP… This property would be auction off and all proceeds going to said county for the expenses of deporting and any excess going possibly to schools or hospitals for reimbursements for unpaid bills….
    Any government official found in an attempt of not forcing these laws would be fined $1000 for the first offense with a misdemeanor charge, $2000 for the second offense with a 6 months to 2 year jail term, upon a third offense the official would be fined $10,000 with a felony charge including no less than a 5 year sentence and they are to never be allowed to run for any kind of government office nor employed by a local, state or federal government agency.
    I would seek to pass Laws that would require that each illegal alien (Regardless of age) individual would be required to pay a fine of no less than $2000 for the next 10 years for over staying a visa or having enter illegally … This tax would be taken out by the illegal alien’s employer. And if this payment was kept up than deportation would happen.
    Any employer found to have an illegal alien working for them who is no registered will be fined $1,000 per occurrence… If found again on a second occurrence with a employee not registered the fine would be $5,000 and if a third occurrence with the same employee were to happen the employer would be fined $10,000 and his business license lost.
    Any government official (Federal, State or local.) found in violation of these laws would be fined $1000 for the first occurrence, $5,000 for the 2nd. occurrence and $10,000 for the third occurrence.
    I would seek to pass Laws that would disallow any benefits of any kind, Federal, State and Local to be paid out to any illegal alien who has not met their tax obligations fully for having over stayed their visa or entered USA illegally….
    The only exception to these Laws would be for the individual (No other family member would be include) who served a four term in any of the USA Armed Forces Branches.
    I would imagine that most illegals would self deport..

  59. Too bad for Mexico – President Trump doesn’t need their “permission” to do a damned thing! If they want to keep up their belligerence, we could always go to war. We beat them before (1848) and we can do it again!

  60. Since when does Mexico demand anything from the US. Bullshit! Mexico does not want their immigrants back because of the money they send to their families in Mexico.America is paying Mexico for their immigrants and we the American people are getting screwed as usual!

  61. Yeah. Try breaking Mexican law. Mexican prison. Try it you’ll find out.

  62. hahaha Mexico? And rules? hahaha

  63. The real shame here that folks really need to understand is that, bottom line, Mexico doesn’t respect its own citizens! Get a copy of Mexican law about what will happen to you if you are found in Mexico without your legal papers. That country is funded and run by drug sales and murderers. The only civilized places are where the rich live!

  64. Mexico has taken advantage of the USA for as long as I can remember. The US is a kind, compassionate generous, country…of which many other countries take advantage. Mexico has taken all they can possibly take, and now that we have a “Real President” They bark! They freely encourage their poor, illiterate, criminals, or what “they call inferior minds” Those who won’t succeed in Mexico. Now they don’t want them back. Sadly, many of them are their “discard”. And because of that, they can’t get legal papers to enter this country legitimately. Many have no birth certificates; because often they’re born at home to poor people, grow up in ghettos and, some never attend school. others barely go just to learn enough to get by. Yes, this is a very sad situation, but it is their country -who should take responsibility for their people’s education, by helping them by developing a proper educational system for the poor. What happens is that if they grow up illiterate, all they can hope for is crime. Many of those cross the border in hopes of getting jobs. Americans are compassionate, but also love cheap labor, something all taxpayers have to pay for. If they hire illiterate, or semi-literate people -to do the work they need. “WE” the people pay for; food stamps, WIC for the many babies they bring into the world; “Mexican-Americans”, who grow up to think of Mexico with pride and loyalty to it. Even though for the most part they get free Medical services, Hospital, free prescriptions…because of their low incomes and large families.. they never have enough….Oh, but even so, they make sure and send remittances of US $$ to Mexico. Many get rent subsidies, food stamps for their “American anchors”: who by the way, rarely grow up to be loyal Americans, with the exception of those who go in the military and serve their/our Country. As far as Americans are concerned, those people deserve the honor of patriotic Americans, who honor their country of birth by serving in the military, defending their country of birth, those are Americans!

    Sadly, the majority of those who enter illegally, do not assimilate. They mostly live in neighborhoods they create for themselves (USA’s Latino barrios). Out of those who enter the USA illegally, with low academic resources, or plain illiterate, often give birth to large families, that the USA Government (we the people), will have to subsidize. In California, those ghettos produce many gang members who commit crimes on the Caucasian population and even in their own communities. We then have to pay for incarceration, in addition to supporting their families. Still, they hate America! Their sub-cultures are costly to the USA taxpayers.

    San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York: are examples of what criminal illegal Aliens have done to the Country.
    The Mexican Government has a good reason to refuse their own people back. There will be no more $$ remittances from the criminals, if we send back those who only contribute crime, and economic dependence. Mexico is not concerned for their people because they are being mistreated by being sent back. They realize there are not enough prisons to hold their criminals and not enough food to feed the masses of those who have depended on the charity of the American people: Many of them are in financial trouble -for supporting generations of many who use the subsidies that should have gone to Americans born of many generations.

    There’s no doubt that many foreigners who entered illegally have become contributing members of the USA. But in comparison to those who have had birth to death benefits, and the young who are so rude, crude and disloyal to this country; even though many are receiving a College/ University education at Taxpayers expense. The most recent campus being left in shambles after the riot “University of Berkley”. The horrible vandalism that the tax payers have to pay for, via higher insurance premiums. Those who are retired and those who are still working to support their families…and have to pay for the ludicrous, freeloader vandals who think nothing of destroying public property, without consequences, because of the liberal University of Berkley.

    And, of course, Mexico doesn’t want those we have spoiled, giving them everything they need and want, letting them destroy property they don’t pay for. Cursing and hating our country, this country that has given them all they would never be given for free -anywhere else in the world. The parents whose students actually paid for their College; you must find a better college for them. The influence of Berkley is that of, and for neanderthals. including some of the Faculty. I heard the woman “professor?” who cursed like an uneducated, ghetto person.

    Well Mexico, the news are that we are tired of you sending your discard (illegals). So grow some….courage and deal with it. Have the decency and self-respect to take them back. Your turn to take the responsibility you have abdicated for many, many years! You’ve had enough help from our government. Time to show Dignity!

  65. Hey wetbacks the UN does not control America and her people. By the way, I do think the UN realizes that if they piss us off we pull out of the UN, so I don’t think they are going to listen to your sorry asses. By the way remember the treatment you gave our little Marine who accidentally crossed your border. I think that America should treat all of your illegal, law breaking citizens the same way you treated our American Citizen. So stop crying and put your big boy pants on and grow up.

  66. TrueRedWhiteandBlue

    In my opinion Mexico has absolutely NO say in anything our government does. THEY are the lawbreakers, not the US citizens sneaking into Mexico. They’ve had it too good for too long and just like the dum-o-crats and liberals, they are afraid that the end of their gravy train is near. Let’s hope to God it is.

  67. SCREW MEXICO and SCREW the UN; Get the USA out of the UN and kick their sorry Muslim/Islamic Socialist asses OUT of the USA.

  68. Mexico is in no position to be calling the shots! The UN can dictate all they want to but we don’t have to do what they say either. This may finally be time to “Get the US out of the UN”.

  69. Piss on was their citizens that broke the law. UN cannot and should not dictate the laws of our country. Its time for the UN to take a hike anyway.

  70. Of course Mexico rejects it, they don’t want their drug dealers, terrorists, rapist, and they sure don’t want the demanding muslims in their country. But who cares, TIME TO BUILD THAT BIG WALL PRESIDENT TRUMP.

  71. LOL!
    Note to Mexico…”We don’t need your permission!”

  72. Mexico has no say. Build the fence now. And deport all illegal aliens now

  73. Time to exterminate illegals.

  74. Mr. Manfredgensenden

    Fine, Trump can just impose the same rules Mexico has on illegal immigration: Put undocumented aliens in prison and hold them for hostage indefinitely.

  75. Hey Mexico, the days of stealing from the American tax payers is coming to an end!. You are already paying for the wall, your just to ignorant to know it.

  76. to Mexico: Physician, heal thyself. Mexico is a bunch of hypocrites. Their laws are more restrictive than ours but they don’t want to get on board with us enforcing our laws. And if the illegals are coming across the Mexico/America border, it is their own fault that they did not prevent the illegals from entering the US.

  77. Who really gives A shit what Mexico wants!! Why do all these Country’s that we subsidize think they can tell the US what and how we should act and treat them!

  78. Mexico doesn’t have a vote.

  79. Point 1 as soon as a illegal alien ” NOT a IMMIGRANT” crosses our
    border he or She is already a Criminal. And one that dose not care
    about Our Sovereignty or Our Laws. Point 2 Mexico has no room to
    talk if an American Citizen enters into Mexico illegally they run the risk
    of spending 10 years in one of Mexico’s sewers they call a prison. We
    are expected to follow their laws but they ignore ours. So it’s time that
    the Mexican government gets their collective heads out of their butt and
    start cleaning up their act. Time to boycott Mexico in Trade, and Tourism.

  80. I support Trump 100% on this. About time this was instituted. I do not care whether Mexico likes it or not.

  81. Who cares what the U.N. says,they can kiss our ass

  82. Luis Videgaray needs a good slap !! Keep your garbage on your side of the fence and out of our backyard Luis !!

  83. The wall doesn’t need to be built! Why? Let Mexico patrol their borders with us as they do with their Southern borders (they keep out the Central Americans) Also, why do we let them transit those same South Americans across Mexico to our borders?

  84. IF He does go to the UN to complain, they will side against the US. I wish we were out of the UN. They need us a LOT more than we need them.

  85. What part of no don’t they understand? Shall we say it in Spanish? NO!

  86. Excuse me mexico will not except America’s immigration plnas ?? Give me a break who do they think they are. One reason only is because America is paying for all their people coming to the US & living off the system ILLEGAL.

  87. the hell with mexico who cares what they want they cross our borders illegally we send them back again and again and bill mexico for the deportation services add it to their debt and shut them off financially then they will shut up and comply!!

  88. We need the wall to keep America safe……fee or tax on goods coming into the country sounds fine.

  89. Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    POORBOY Build our wall and don’t support these that are here and see what they do but leave.

  90. mexico can follow the new rules or be cut off of all aid

  91. Why do we care?


  93. Mexico not accepting our laws? Ha!

  94. We going to build that wall Luis! You and the UN can’t do squat either!

  95. Since when does Mexico have a say in our immigration policy? They need to get over themselves before President Trump decides to deport all illegal aliens. Mexico would find themselves in deep do do.

  96. Take note: Mexico is not subject to the laws of the United States. It doesn’t work like that. Surely Mr Trump and his people are aware of this.

  97. The words “WON’T ACCEPT” stick in my craw. Mexico needs to “awake and smell the coffee”. Get ready for a set of TARIFFS on Chinese goods sent across the Mexican Border with US. Force Mexico to pay for it’s criminals.

  98. Why doesn’t Mexico want it’s own citizens???

  99. Who the hell is this elmo to say Mexico will not accept anything of the United States??? He doesn’t have a choice. The next Mexican to cross the border illegally should be considered an invader and that a state of war exists between the U.S. and Mexico.


  101. WE citizens did not invite the hoard of invaders that Obama invited into our nation. Now we need to replenish their population with their own. Then keep them on their own side of the fence.

  102. WTH cares what those parasites think ?

  103. If we think American politicians are corrupt (and they are) the Mexicans could teach them a thing or two. Mexican people are great (for the most part); however the Mexican politicians are poisonous & rotten to the core. Self serving, greedy ba$tard$. No wonder the Mexican population gives cover to drug lords, they are the lesser evil of two evils—–when compared to Mexican Politicians. What a pitiful decision to have to make. No wonder they try to immigrate to the United States—-if I lived in those conditions, I would too. Just need to do so legally.

  104. Reject all you want to wet backs, they will still be the law

  105. Mexico may have been a friend on trade but is not a good neighbor or ally. They have been f’ing the US in numerous ways and providing a conduit for other Nations to send their people to the US is only one way. Billions of American dollars flow BACK to Mexico from the US by the Illegals sending money to relatives. Think on this…. Illegals have no SSN’s but still obtain work without paying taxes. The US (stupid Gov) gives them FREE health care, FREE education and the good liars get FREE WELFARE benefits which include food stamps, housing subsidies, and child care on TOP of all the other free stuff. They pay not one penny in tax. They have enough money to send checks BACK TO Mexico which supports Mexico’s economy and f’s the American Economy.
    THEN, we see Illegals march through American streets carrying their Mexican Flag and yelling, “I deserve, I’m entitled”. They drop their babies on American soil just like the Chinese Women do to claim American citizenship. What a stupid, dumb Government the US Gov has degenerated into. Citizenship is worthless, it’s a give away to the biggest cheat. Our gov. doesn’t seem to care as long as they can keep their decades long seat in Congress and stuff money in their pocket.
    We need term limits and we need long prison sentences for many that are in the Gov. NOW! We need to clean up the crap destroying America. We have to stand behind Trump and get rid of the Radicals in Congress. And, Folks, we have radicals on the right pretending to be honest Republicans. They are as Progressive as the traitorous Progressives on the Left. You know who they are. Vote them out if they come from your State.

  106. Who cares what Mexico rejects. Mexico is run by an elite class of murderers and thieves; and most everyone else is dirt poor and ignorant.

  107. so what?/they must to carry about them drug dealers wich cross the border every minut.
    and mexicans people: dont forgot year 1860.could be repeat!!

  108. Guess what tamale breath. This country doesn’t your approval for anything we do.

  109. I really could care less about what Mexico (or any other country) thinks about our immigration policy; it’s our country, our policy and none of your damn business. As for taking the matter to the UN, who cares? The opinion of the UN and a bucket of poop hold the same value with me. Besides, it is entirely possible that we can defund that apparently useless anti-American group of hot air balloons.

  110. Too bad MEXICO, you don’t like it SECURE YOUR OWN BORDERS!!!! Keep the trash from entering your country or keep them there!!!!!

  111. Give Mexico their people back . Let’s build that wall stop the illegals the drugs the cartels and gangs. This is necessary to make America safe and bring law and order to our country. The Mexicos president can either work with us or not at the end of the day I believe it will help both countries. It’s time to get our country back and not give in we just can’t stick our heads in the sand any longer. Everyone should be here leagally or on the path to citizenship time to clean house we’ll be okay . God bless America Freedom Lives

  112. Piss on Mexico..they need to take all the illegals back and let them be a burden to their system, not ours.

  113. Does anyone truly give a rats ass how Mexico feels. I for one am damn tired of supporting these leaches with everything that I worked for and paid for.

  114. They need to remember, they don’t get to vote. We do.

  115. Trumps dammed lucky I’m not the president of Mexico. If he started dumping people over the border every American who owned property in Mexico would loose it. Property would be used to house the people being dumped in Mexico. Then drop the American exowners at the border.
    At least Mexico is willing to take trump to the world court.


    How much money does the U.S. give to Mexico?

    The U.S. Government gave a total of $50 million to Mexico in 2016.

    The aid was broken down in the following manner:
    Category of Aid
    Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance: $23.4 million
    Economic Development: $4.99 million
    Education and Social Services: $1.01 million
    Environment: $7.44 million
    Health: $155,272
    Humanitarian Assistance: $29,298
    Peace and Security: $11.7 million
    Program Management: $1.1 million
    Multi-Sector: $142,056
    Supporting Agency
    USAID: $25.6 million
    Peace Corps: $2.05 million
    Department of State: $21.2 million
    Inter-American Foundation: $1.12 million
    Source: Foreign Assistance. Refreshed daily. Show details

  117. Stuff Mr. Videgray, and stuff the UN. Mexico solves its problems by sending the here. We area sovereign nation. We make our own laws. Just because President Trump’s communist,Muslim predecessor allowed their worst to infiltrate America along with Muslim garbage, doesn’t give this man any claims here in the US. As for those caviar eating, champagne drinking, do nothings at the UN, we have a new President who’s looking after us. No more globalist in the Oval Office. GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP AND GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  118. They sure as hell don’t want their unskilled, uneducated and ill citizens back as THEY will have to absorb their costs!

  119. OK, Mexico, go complain to the UN. Maybe you can get them to send their military to the US to take over and let your citizens take over the US.

  120. Besides the Millions of Dollars the Cartels take back across the border from the US: Trump needs to stop all Money ( Taxpayers Money ) from the US Treasury ( Social Security, money to sanction cities and the like.) from going to Illegals who Did Not Earn It.

  121. GODBlessRealAmerica!

    BUILD THAT WALL AND MEXICO WILL PAY FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  122. So what, like who cares? We’re tired of supporting Mexico and their citizens with our tax dollars.

  123. Who cares what those maggots think ?

  124. Mexico should get a bill from us to pay for the healtcare and foodstamps we have gave illegals that alone would pay for the wall and have money left over

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