Merck CEO Quits White House Council in an Embarrassing Racial Huff

The black CEO of Merck Pharmaceuticals resigned from the White House jobs council on Monday in what was apparently a snit fit about President Trump’s initial statement condemning the violence “on many sides” in Charlottesville. CEO Kenneth Frazier could have saved himself a lot of trouble if he’d just waited until, oh, approximately noon to see that his little morality play was unnecessary, but hey, then he wouldn’t have been able to posture for the world as the great champion of anti-KKK forces from here to Timbuktu.

“America’s leaders must honor our fundamental values by clearly rejecting expressions of hatred, bigotry, and group supremacy, which run counter to the American ideal that all people are created equal,” said Frazier in his self-serving statement. Of course, Trump did all of that in his original statement, and in almost the exact same vague way that Frazier himself did. How hilarious. Much like the Washington Post Editorial Board, these people who purport to tell the president what to say…deliberately CONSTRUCTING their speeches to refute Trump…wind up saying essentially the same thing! It’s remarkable.

Trump, of course, cannot allow such an insult to go unanswered.

“Now that Ken Frazier of Merck Pharma has resigned from President’s Manufacturing Council, he will have more time to LOWER RIPOFF DRUG PRICES!” he wrote on Twitter.

Whether or not that was necessary, we’ll be glad when this Charlottesville hysteria blows over. Make no mistake about it: What happened Saturday was sick, disgusting, and inexcusable. And Republicans from the president on down have made their feelings extremely clear on the subject. This White House is in no way responsible for the Ku Klux Klan or neo-Nazi groups than was Obama responsible for the people who burned down Ferguson. And we’ve just about had it with the media trying to make more out of this (admittedly terrible) incident than there is to make.

To hear it from Hollywood, the media, and half the Democratic Party, we’re on the precipice of seeing WHITE SUPREMACY take root in America once again. We’re on the verge of seeing an actual NAZI party take hostile control of the U.S. government. Hide your kids!

It’s absurd. How many right-wing protesters were out there in Charlottesville? One news outlet pegged the number at about 500. Of those 500, how many were simply protesting the removal of the statue and had nothing to do with the white supremacy preached by the others? And of that number, how many got behind the wheel of a car and mowed down protesters? This is a tiny subset of a tiny subset.

Let’s come back to reality.

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  2. Good riddance….
    DISGUSTING —- The MSM – Politicians – Lawyers – Activists – MORONS in general coming out with their remarks and opinions because some NUT committed a terrorist act……The same suits and skirts that FUND – TRAIN – RECRUIT them – I don’t know where the alt-right gets it’s money but ANTIFA – Move On – Fusion – Invisible Guide and a slew of others gets their funding from bilderberg – soros – obozo – liberals and techies….BOTH side came to fight – Both sides carried signs that were TAPED to clubs – BOTH sides USED THOSE CLUBS AND ONE NUT USED A CAR….

    • But one got their permit first (United) and the ACLU fought for them to keep it when it was revoked. The city then allowed BLM to get a permit as well. This was well-orchestrated to end the way it did.

      • Yes Maam – I know —– a buddy was in the office when the Nazis got their permit to hold a rally in CA……The clerk immediately picked up the phone and made calls to others letting them know ……It’;s all a sham…..But I support the constitution whether I like the group or not….

  3. Michael Dennewitz

    Ahhh, wouldn’t you know? Since the flunky is a knee grow, he just had to start some shit! soros must have gotten to the prick!!😣☹🙁

  4. But Obama actually had the people who burned down Ferguson at the Whitehouse for a photo op and nothing, no criticism, no condemnation, not a single connection has been made. Yet eagerly hysterical, fear mongering Democrats, the liberal media, celebrities and anyone else with a stake in keeping hate and division alive to promote their own self serving moral superiority were calling Trump and his supporters ‘white supremists’ long before Charlottesville and are now smugly certain it’s true based on no evidence whatsoever of a connection beyond the one they’ve imagined themselves. What’s sick, disgusting and inexcusable is it doesn’t matter what he said or in what terms he said it. These terrible people are fanatically committed to their narrative. That Trump and all of his supporters regardless of race are ‘white supremists’. That oppression and Nazism are right around the corner. What they fail mention is they are the ones who will be playing those roles.

    • Are you a white supremacist/nationalist, Nazi ,member of the alt right or just a unaffiliated hater of people of color?
      BTW-The Civil rights groups that met with President Obama did not”burn down Ferguson-please present some facts that show I am wrong-

      • You sound just like one of those antifa morons.

      • How about you present facts that you are right, black panthers are racist pigs just like the clan, BLM, is filled with racist pigs, just like the kkk, antifa, is filled with communist pigs, so bring on your facts, unless you cant as you have NONE!!!!!!

        • sure…but what do you want me to prove I am correct about? Pose a question so I can give you an answer-

          • You said that those that met with obama weren’t part of those that were involved with Ferguson. Prove they weren’t involved, you know never mind, its unfortunate that many are deceived these days, and only the Lord, can remove the scales of lies,…

          • Oh, you mean the girl who organized BLM, in Ferguson, MO, based on the lie about “hands up, don’t shoot” in the death of thug, Michael Brown, in Ferguson, MO after he attacked a police officer? Michael Brown’s step-father shouted, “Burn it down!”, referring to Ferguson, after the decision not to prosecute Officer Wilson was made at a BLM arranged “protest”. Deray, also an “activist”, is a fool and a con who jumped on the money bandwagon with BLM. The DOJ, under Obama and Holder, couldn’t find any civil rights violations in Ferguson, though they tried hard. That still didn’t placate them. The DNC also had Brown’s mother, along with a few other “thug” moms, front and center at their convention and honored their “sacrifice”. They should have been real mothers and raised their children better. Instead, by honoring thugs, they promoted violence against good police officers.

            Hate is hate, no matter what color you are. If you support BLM as a “civil rights” organization, instead of the hate-filled, domestic terrorist organization it is along with Antifa, you are also a fool. Look behind what the main stream media is showing you. I lived there and saw it happen in real time, what the media then “white-washed” to make it politically correct. It was ugly and violent and all on BLM. Obama then used them for his photo-op to promote an agenda. Charlottesville is no different. Anything to further the left’s agenda.

            Ever since his “beer summit”, Obama has done everything he can to support anarchy against the laws of this country and hate towards our police officers by. BLM and Antifa are continuing his “cause”. The real legacy of Obama is the division of this country.

          • Perfect statement Mary. There is in America today a faction that wants to divide the nation. We even have Kerosene Waters of California who even wants to form an all-Black political party. THAT is racism in classic form. I can see Al Sharpton, Miss Kerosene and some others boing ballistic if any white person ever suggested forming an all white
            political party. I know a lot of intelligent Black people who refuse to get involved with all this racial crap stirred up by hoodwinkers of the Black people. There’s always a mob inciter out trying to stir up something. The thug in Ferguson, MO was good at it. He was brought up by parents to be a thug. And don’t give me this crap that he was a good boy always at Sunday School and church. Same with Trayvon Marton. Who were they taught to worship in their “church”? Obviously Satan because Satan had a good hold on both of them.

          • Do it! Let them form an all-Black political party. They will lose every time. They would end up being just a squawking party. “All talk and no action” except starting riots and killing people.

          • Robert I can see “kerosene” Waters squawking her head off to her flock of mono-colored (no diversity) chickens. She will invite three head roosters to come give some coca-doodle-doo crowing now and then. (Al, Jesse and Barack)

          • Amen, Bro!

          • I hope they will do that, we will see their identity in one bunch

          • I wouldnt be surprised if some money from the DNC or the clinton foundation was being used to pay these protesters along with soros.

          • Are THOSE YOUR SOURCES….. What the FFFF……LMFAO….

          • sandraleesmith46

            So, do you have a reliable non-left, non-propaganda source?

          • I am sick and tired of hearing about civil rights…Can you not get it through your head that everyone in America is equal. If you do not like America you are free to leave. Maybe you would be happy in some communist dictator country.

          • Don there is a faction in America now after around 1965 that believes some are more equal than others. They are the crowd out stirring up disruption nationwide. Not one of them has ever made a significant positive contribution to the good of mankind in general or to America in particular. ALL people participating in rallies and riots are merely throwing gasoline onto Saul Alinsky’s bonfire to destroy the United States as founded by a group of old geezers in the 18th Century. We hear all the bitching about “white supremacy”. I’m not convinced that “whites” are supreme but neither have I seen any facts that another anthropological “race” has produced anything near like what caucasians have done worldwide other than maybe the North Africans in Egypt 3000 to 4000 years ago. And if so, where are those monuments to mankind today other than pyramids in dry, sandy deserts holding dead bodies? Again, “whites” (Caucasoid) are not better than the other two major anthropological races (Mongoloid, Negroid). In short the world unfortunately has a faction of hot heads who have failed to make major positive contributions for the good of mankind and they are screaming, shouting, yelling, demonstrating their incivility and shortcomings by destroying monuments.
            With the monument destruction going on I’ve wondered how a certain faction would respond if someone included a monument to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in the destructive pathway. Hmmmm?

          • The door swings both ways. If you demons don’t like the fact that you’re about to become the new minorities in this country you can also leave. Blacks aren’t going anywhere, they built this country for you lazy demons.

          • What have blacks build? They seem best at tearing things down!

          • The foundation for everything u demons built were taught to u by the Black Moors. How about they built a bath tub and re-taught u monkeys how to hath because u thought it was a sin to nath.

          • What tribe are you from. You have to speak English if you are going to talk too me,

          • Neanderthal Monkey Knuckle Scraper Tribe. I know I’m typing like an idiot. How else would you understand me?

          • Rich, all of your references are main stream media which we know is owned and operated by those who put Obama into the presidency for which he was neither qualified nor legally eligible.

          • the media put trump in the white house buy giving tons more airtime than any of his primary opponents and Clinton in the general election…period.

          • Rich, What planet are you living on? The media did everything possible to keep Trump from being elected.

          • “What planet are you living on?” I should be asking you that question!!






            there are scores of studies regarding media coverage of the primary and general election of 2016-these are just a few-you will say they are fake news-but isn’t that the problem with trying to discuss any of these left- right issues anyway?You think that factual information that doesn’t support your position is “fake news”-That’s the definition of a completely closed mind -You could help yourself by engaging in a completely give and take conversation without responding in ad hominem and vulgar insults-

          • You aren’t trying to have a discussion. You are merely trying to browbeat me, us, this forum, etc. into submission, and I’m not willing to be beaten down. The Left is about the group and The Right is about the individual. These two ideologies don’t leave much room for compromise. Your sources skew the information in the direction you want to go, and the sources I read probably skew it in the direction I want to believe.

          • Geneva, it is up to YOU to prove what you have vaguely asserted! Calling on Rich to prove a negative is an old cheap trick used by disputants such as you to avoid submitting proof or evidence to support your argument.

          • and you don’t know they were-It’s not your argument anyway -It was Natalie’s unsupported statement-are you on retainer to her?

          • Its a public forum, and just as you made it your arguement, I chose to also make it mine, if you cant handle it, that aint my problemo, thats yours ……you are so typical of the left, as my daddy used to say, if you cant stand the heat, the what the hell are ya doing in the kitchen, now I hope you have a pleasant day,….😁

          • I am right here standing in the kitchen waiting for a website a news report an article anything you can present to prove what you are saying is valid… and you as well Natalie-refer to some proof that POTUS Obama met with the people who burned down homes

          • If you didn’t have your head stuck up his ars you would see the truth, but its obvious you haven’t the ability to see beyond your nose, its all good tho, wait and see the outcome of the 2020n election Trump will win again and with a whole lot of minorities voting for him, watch and weep:-)

          • Still standing in the kitchen waiting for facts and getting only distraction- that’s the trump technique you are using changing the subject…sad

          • the end is near…

            the end is near….


          • Unsupported? Are you retarded? Or just twelve? Seriously, you can’t just deliberately ignore reality by pretending he didn’t have blm at the Whitehouse because he had other, legitimate civil rights groups there too. That’s not how reality works. There’s no denying the truth. No matter how much you want to.
            Liberals really do seem to be incapable of understanding that. They also seem to be incapable of understanding that their own ugly hate, blatant lies and outrageous hypocrisy isn’t winning them any favor among sane, rational Americans. But you keep playing make pretend and being absurdly obtuse when it suits you. We’ll see who wins in the end.

          • Liberals are not expected to “understand,” they are only expected to say, do and think what their party leaders tell them. It is obvious when they all say the same thing at almost the same time from all over the country! Any questions they might have is reinforced through the radical left supported media that keeps the talk show hosts of CNN and MSNBC up to date with the lefts thought patterns.

          • Charles Wolfe jr

            She did pose a question, idiot !!!!!!!! Trump 2020

          • and what was that question?

          • GODBlessRealAmerica!!!

            Your answers are lies and Fake, You can’t answer anything you Moron!

          • Did your parents have any children that lived?

          • weak-low energy…ignorance response-zero content…even trump isn’t his dumb

          • I bet he can spell ‘this’

          • Rich, you are offering nothing to any discussion on this. Please go bother some other group.

          • If you presented any facts perhaps I could learn something- So far all I have found out here is that ignorance and foul language abound-if this is the future of America…we are screwed!

          • She has already done that. Can you not read and comprehend?

          • Thanks but I explained that I didn’t see/hear her “facts” that slew Bob.

            Btw- I dodn’t ask you😐

          • So? You are on an open forum…not a private conversation.

        • disqus_v5723Mqspa

          Very good, Geneva!

        • You are replying to a bag of cement, he doesn’t get it. You can’t fix stupid.

          • I’d label him a box of rocks. Rich Girod is an anti-white racist from the git go. Anyone who sides with and supports Barack Hussein Obama is a traitor to the USA for reasons posted in another statement I made. Hint: Barack Hussein Obama was/is an imposter hoodwinker. He never qualified as a President of the United States. He was supported because of the color of his skin and not because of the content of his character which we now find is lacking.

          • You nailed it.

        • Not to mention the Nation of Islam, La Raza, and a few members of the CBC.

      • Tyronne Shoelaces

        You sir are an idiot. Obozo in deed had the racist BLM at the WH. Along with that he had the 2 biggest racists stirring up the trouble at these venues, Jackson and Sharpton.

      • I’m not, but i am on the side of JUSTICE. Are you black and a racist for approving obama’s membership in the new black panthers with muslims ? Do you approve of the black lives matters dressed in full foreign military gear and ARMED at their so called peaceful protest where the cuss police, threaten them ? Do you approve of Southern Poverty Law Center who’s attorney stated on national television that “they should kill white babies” ? Maxine Waters RACIST comments on national television ? The new black panthers web site that was taken down where they stated: rape and kill white women, white babies should be killed, whites should be killed, buried, unburied and killed again ? Now you find the comment made by a black man in a hospital nursery who when he saw a black and white baby stated: that white baby should not be by the black baby because it’s white socialist ! Grown black so called men who are dirt , filth, commenting about babies needing to be killed ! RACIST ??? TELL THOSE BABIES !!

        • Of course. If what you are saying is true then I would against those actions.

          • I’m sure you have access to YouTube. Search for the Conversations At Charlottesville video and other videos of what actually happened there. In that one, you will find conversations between people both good and bad. The worst are black women harassing police officers of every color. A black woman topless with her big boobs hanging out right in front of police officers who were told to stand down and not arrest her, screaming and physically intimidating a white woman. She was disgusting. Patriot groups were there to support keeping the statue and to protect these groups right to free speech, no matter how vile they are. They were not white supremacists or Nazis, black men were among their group. No matter to BLM or Antifa. They were beaten with bats, had bricks thrown at them, they were sprayed with bear spray. The police did nothing because they were told to stand down and let it happen by order of the mayor. They believe everyone has the right to speech. When groups like BLM and Antifa try to take that away by force, what will our country become?

          • No not what will our country become, what has it become.

          • GODBlessRealAmerica!!!

            Rich low life wake up!!!!!!!!!!! You are a phony liberal coward you fool!!!!!!!!!!!
            Keep lickin Dat Soros ASS!!!!!!!!!! i KNOW YOU LIKE IT WE KNOW YOUR KIND IGNORANT, RACIST AND LOW ENERGY!!!!!!!!!!!!


      • The Rap artist “Kill a Cop” was at the White House perfoming his latest hit “kill a white judge for Obama” on the lawn at Kenyan boy’s invitatation.

      • Obama had a clearly racist organization at the Whitehouse. Blm is not a ‘civil rights’ organization. They have repeatedly called for the murder of white people, our president and police officers, who have actually died because of their hate filled rhetoric. Yet idiot liberals like yourself prefer to gloss over these plain, clear, easily substantiated facts in favor of falsely accusing others of racism based on nothing more than your own false accusation and smug, patronizing, fake moral superiority. Funny how people like you see racism everywhere, except where it actually is. A handful of extremist idiots who would have marched peacefully right back into the oblivion they came out of had the left not conveniently turned it into a three ring circus is apparently enough to condemn every single conservative as a ‘white supremists’, which they were already calling us long before Charlottesville. Yet a president who invites a terroristic group responsible for countless acts of violence and hate to the Whitehouse gets a full pass and the full support of those who are apparently determined to see only one side of the story, no matter how much irreversible, irresponsible damage they’re causing to all people in the process.

      • GODBlessRealAmerica!!!

        Are you a Liberal Democrackhead racist Ghett O thug ??? Fact is you are ignorant!

      • Richard, it seems to me that you are the racist to immediately assume Natalie is alt right. Ferguson was a race riot, just like Rodney king and the Watts riots. They destroyed their own community with fires, vandalism, blocking traffic and looting. What good does that do, but hurt your own community.
        My questions to you are this: Michael Brown was a thug/criminal (yes or no). Did Obama apologize for his initial statements that were made without complete information (hands up don’t shoot never occurred, it was a lie made up by another criminal) ?
        Also you’ll notice that any organized white group are immediately labeled as supremacists and Nazis, no matter what they are organized for. That is racism at it’s finest. So before you call another person racist you might want to find out more about them.

      • He met with the Black Lives Matter Group twice at the WH.

      • Ok. So anyone that does not agree with you is a white supremacist? That is such a racist statement. I can can almost feel the racism flowing from it.

      • Are you an American? You’re not showing that at all if you are.

    • disqus_v5723Mqspa

      Perfectly said, Natalie. There is nothing I could add.

    • GODBlessRealAmerica!!!

      Obama was a liberal disgrace and a hater of Real America! He was a jive talkin low life…Obama the worst President eva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Just tell me where to donate to the “white supremacists” movement. Beats the left wing dingbats and welfare suckers.

    • OH BUT – – CNN identified the ones that Trump was supporting; They showed videos and stated these are the ones that Trump suggested are “good people!” Are we to believe that they (CNN) would ever just pick a few people in the riots and identify them as the ones Trump was suggesting as “good people?” Are we sure CNN does not have the capability to know what Trump means when he says something, that Trump can pick out those who are the good ones during the riots? It seems CNN can do that – and they did not even have to include their confidential informants, special guests, ex-CIA or X- National Security people! AND Besides – I am sure they learned their lesson a few weeks back when they got caught with more of their lies! It Is Though Amazing how anybody can still have any trust in what CNN says or does!

    • You are 100% correct, Natalie! on all counts.

    • AMEN,AMEN, AMEN!!!!!!!!!

    • Total BULLSHIT!

  5. BUY GENERIC from now on, 1/10th the price.

  6. billy mack emmons billy mack e

    So since I am white I am a races .not knowing anything about me .the left will call me a races well I do hate some things one world government.the leftest won’t .cancer my sisters had .too see elderly people get beaten in Ferguson when Obama people set it on fire.and in other places.too I hate seeing young people die from sudaside .I hate evil and the ones putting the money behind these people .the left and Rino’s are working together .and people won’t to blame Mr Trump for this. I sin every day .but I do not pay people to take out other people are too beat them down.obama people started this with the whole Islamic brotherhood coming in our country .these none in Poland leftest now Ireland and Scotland our fighting I said yesterday we left a public park for kids to play in these people took a shit in front of everyone we left .and came to our country park so our granddaughter could play with out stepping our falling in shit from these people .

  7. It is a great thing that this racist SOB resigned. If this is an example of his racist attitude then we don’t need him anywhere near our Government.

  8. Back in the 40’s and possibly in another mode , the pharma suiters are still producing drugs like gum balls and take no care as long as these suckers will down more wicked products aiding the current Manslaughter!

  9. Merck CEO got a little huffy, poor dear, and dropped out of the Business council prompting 5 others to tag along.
    COWARDS. Their loss, who cares and don’t Boycott their products it is not the workers that are Cowards.

  10. Liberals are mentally ill, spiritually dead, morally repugnant, historically ignorant and as useful as a sewer full of syphilitic scabs.

  11. The real reason this CEO and others quit the council isn’t due to the violence which occurred last week in Virginia. It is because they manufacture their goods overseas and Trump wishes to bring all manufacturing by US companies back to this country. These CEO’s have been screwing Americans out of jobs this way and it doesn’t cost them as much to manufacture away from the US. All part of the NAFTA agreement that the Clintons began. Shame on them for politicizing the sad Virginia episode as cover for their questionable business practices and inability to participate with this President’s agenda for a better America.

    • AMEN. These pos CEOs were looking for any excuse to get out of the council because they could not live up to MAGA. Most drugs and supplements are made in China. We all know that Walmart has Made in China all over it, I look for their CEO to be the next rat off the ship.

  12. I am really sick of hearing about white supremacist! I want to know how many white supremacy groups have been creating asked of aggression throughout the cities of America like the black lives matter which is nothing but an arm of the Communist Party to destroy America. Black lives matter has burn buildings they Bluetooth they made acts of aggression against white people they stop traffic by going down the road they drug people Out of their cars and beat them etc. and this is going on throughout several cities that or Democrat run in this country. What no media there oh that’s right it doesn’t promote their demonically evil agenda of the destruction of America!

  13. Call me racist and get it over but the truth of the matter is our nation and ex-president Obama justifies the violence of the BLM, Black Panthers and black thugs but go after the KKK, White Supremacy group, and white thugs. There is no excuse for either side’s violence. No one is exempt from being violent or racist just because of your race or past history. Thus is the need to keep our history up front.

  14. No one said one thing in 8 years about the muslims running the #White House. So I suggest that the HollyWood crowd be quite. No one wants to hear their rants.

    • thats because there wasnt a muslim running the white house you ignorant racists you people are racists

      • I believe you are incorrect. Obama did enough things to certainly make me believe he was not a Christian. His open-door policy with the Muslim Brotherhood would certainly lead one to believe he revered their beliefs. Oh, and what about his saying the most beautiful sound he had ever heard was the Muslim call to prayer–not his daughter’s first cry or his mother’s voice tucking him in at night, but the Muslim Call to Prayer. How about Loretta Fuddy belonging to the same Sabud sect that Obama allegedly belonged to, and she just happened to be the state official who faked his birth certificate. Need anymore–I don’t.

        • trump’s christian values….Grab’em by the pussy……

          • And you never said anything that could be interpreted as wanting to grab a woman inappropriately? Poor little politically correct emasculated snowflake. I personally like a man who likes women rather than the gay, cigarette-smoking marxist we had before.

          • “And you never said anything that could be interpreted as wanting to grab a woman inappropriately? ”
            No I have not…you are a very confused ,afraid, mixed up women. Find the strength in God to find yourself

          • Nope, not confused, certainly not afraid–just a healthy, happy heterosexual who has said many things in jest that could be used against me in the same way that recording was used against our President.

          • what does hetersexual have to do with it? paranoid?

          • So you response is to call President Obama gay? How old are you…twelve?

    • i do …..

  15. The Merck CEO is hypersensitive that Black Lives Matter was there along with local church members to agitate and incite the crowd, as were the leftist socialists, communists, and anarchists calling themselves Antifas. If those agitators had not been there, there would have have far less violence. One group had a permit to march, the others were there to agitate and incite violence. Kenneth Frazier needs some help.

    I hope there is more indictments and prosecutions that just the Hitler/Nazi crazed 20 year old James Alex Fields, Jr. who mowed down and killed a young woman and injured many others.

    • Tyronne Shoelaces

      The only good thing about that murder was it was a self-hating white woman there to protest America’s right to freedom of speech and preservation of historical artifacts necessary to learn from our mistakes. I have said a prayer for her soul, but I have no sympathy.

      • Tyronne you are likely not of the Christian Faith. Prayers FOR the dead are not heard by the God of Abraham and of Jesus of Nazareth. In death the soul cannot effectively repent. Read the account of “Dives and Lazarus”. The person’s life history is closed. Once dead, it’s over–the soul awaits The Last Judgement. I regret that woman lost her life. But, had she stayed home and away from that gathering she’d still be alive today. She made a bad choice and paid dearly therefor. I also hope the court will hand down a very heavy penalty for the 21 year old nut case who caused her death and injuries to several others. Let that incident be a lesson to people with intelligence–STAY AWAY FROM PROTEST GATHERINGS!

        • Tyronne Shoelaces

          Marshmil, By staying away from “peacefully” intended protests, is to give up your right to freedom of speech and right to assemble. If you do that, they’ve already won. That’s what they want. Unfortunately the divisiveness the anti-American, homosexual, muslim Obozo has planted in America is going to come down to a civil war. It’s part of the communist manifesto. First is to take over one or both major political parties. The democratic party is already full blown communist and the GOP is half way there. War is inevitable.

          • Don’t pray for the dead. There will be wars and rumors of wars and earthquakes and pestilence in many places. We are in the End Time.
            That is why we are seeing all the evil nowadays. But only the “Born Again” Christians will see it for what it is. I avoid protests. My freedom of speech remains per guarantee of the US Constitution, Amendment I. When evil has become so bad that we no longer have a USA but a USSR–United States Socialist Republic–I think then we can look upward because our Redemption is near. Followers of Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky are godless first of all. Second they are striving for positions in a Politburo-Presidium, not a spiritual life.
            God is still on The Throne even though Satan jealously wants to be there like Hillary wants to sit in the Oval Office.

          • Tyronne, it kind of pains me to admit it, but you are just about spot on with your assessment of the 2 parties in this country. I would agree ‘sort of’ with your thoughts on freedom of speech and right to assemble, but the sad part of that is, peaceful assembly and free speech are under assault all across this great country, and no where was that more evident than in Charlottesville a few days ago! This is going to continue until Homeland Security and other law enforcement take a hard line approach and make mass arrests. Until its under control, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near one of those marches!!!

          • Tyronne Shoelaces

            Robert, Agreed. May God protect our republic. Peace to you brother.

        • marshmil…….Good Biblical lesson and so true! Our history is being rewritten and has been for a couple of generations, now! Kids have not been learning about our rich heritage because it has effectively been eliminated from the text books. The Bible has been absent from out schools for several years now while the left tries to convince anyone who will listen that religion is a sin! (the Christian religion for sure!). It won’t be long before the alt left will be trying to rewrite the Bible!! They’re pretty famous for saying that ‘a loving God wouldn’t send anyone to hell’……..but they would have to explain to me why Jesus said: “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.”.

          • Robert it occurred to me one day that some people have created god in their own image. They have fashioned a god who agrees with everything they like. Atheists and agnostics also have a god they have created. Their god is whatever they say it is or is not. The absence of a a god is a god itself. To many today God is no different than Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Great Pumpkin or the Tooth Fairy. Many join church and synagogue congregations because it’s the socially correct thing to do. I like the famous dialogue between Jesus of Nazareth and a Samaritan woman at Jacob’s Well. What He told the woman about worship and Himself is the Essence of His Mission to Earth. The entire New Testament is condensed into that conversation.

          • So true marshmil……….I see that message being conveyed by younger preachers, today and especially T.V. evangelists. They’ve all become obsessed with attendance……building a ‘mega-church’! They do surveys in their communities trying to figure out what people need to entice them to attend church. Younger couples have various wants like a nursery so they don’t have to take care of their kids while at church. Others want a later starting time, stating that it’s just too difficult to get up and get the kids ready for 8 am church services. Others indicate that if the church had some form of breakfast available it would help. So…..all of a sudden you have churches trying to fill every whim and fancy for these people to get them into a pew and become a statistic. Several years ago they also found out that the younger generation didn’t like the ‘old fogie’ music from the hymnals……they wanted a more contemporary style of music. I can pretty much guarantee you this… won’t find too many churches today that have hymnals in the pews. They sing from words on a projection screen with a rock band up front. Drums, guitars, etc. and it is loud…….the louder the better. You can’t understand the words, you only know what they are by reading off the screen. The songs aren’t really bad in any way, but I’ve always called them 7-11 songs. You have about 7 total words and you repeat them 11 times!! I told a young preacher some time ago that the biggest fault I find with the contemporary songs is that almost never do they address the blood of Christ and there is nothing more important to our redemption than the shed blood on the cross! That was addressed in almost all of the old hymns, but…..alas…’s a new day! The Bible says the gospel is sufficient, but I’m guessing that has become an ‘old wives tale’……….so sad!!!

          • It’s called apostasy and all you stated explains why we are where we are at today. The “letters to the seven churches” in Revelation told of it 2000 years ago you well know.

    • That goes against the politically correct agenda that must be held up at any cost.

  16. Another black delusional dummy democrat who hasn’t done himself any good.

  17. The miserable MEDIA! they are responsable for everything is happening in our country.Bunch of paid traitors. They call themselfs ” JOURNALIST”. You know tHe garbage collestors, that you are, ‘dear journalists”. GARBAGE COLLECTORS. and a coward, corrupt enemy of this country and people. The most hated organizations by any truth and fairness loving people. CAMELEONS!

  18. Tyronne Shoelaces

    Perfect Trump response. “…Lower Rip-off Drug Prices”. Give ’em hell Harry.

  19. Race relations in this country were on the mend until Hussein Obama came into the picture. Not perfect, but healing. He set out to destroy America, he is winning. Do not let him win!! Imprison him and Hillary and Sharpton and Lynch. Or just divide the country now and let the Chinks have it.

    • bullshit Drumpf started this shit with his birtherism BS what about those assholes running around with there torches the night before chanting there racists BS you will not replace me and blood soil shit

      • Sorry but Obama started this with dissing the military and law enforcement and selectively enforcing the law. He was only voted for because he was part black.

      • STFU you drunk ignorant jackass. You just made a fool of yourself.

      • Soros-paid sock account alert! ^^^
        Reported and BLOCKED, you jackass!

      • wow! -maybe this is the way to get through to you folks who spew ignorance-Use their abusive toned in your face language to speak the true….Brilliant!

      • Farmer your lack of civility and use of ghetto filthy language have won you a block party. You are now blocked from my screen. Take your low life filthy talk elsewhere. The gate is closed.

  20. Take down the statues if you must. That will not help. The negro will continue to be exploited and used by the Demoncrats. Re-erect the statues in my front yard. Lots of room and God help the person that wants to bring them down.

    • By your “God help the person…” comment I hope you actually mean “may God show the person the stupidity of her/his action”.

      • No. That is not what I meant. Do not attempt to understand the mind of God. It is one of the Commandments.

        • 1. So WHAT did you mean? Your second post is more confusing than the first.
          2. To which “Commandment” do you refer? I don’t find what you said among the “TEN”.
          3. You seem to want God to assist in destroying statues. Is that true?
          4. Do you say that “the mind of God” is one of the Commandments?

          I’m just trying to figure out what you are saying. Can you explain more clearly. Thanks.

  21. Remove the MLK Jr memorial in Atlanta, NOW!!! Stone Mountain lives forever!!!

  22. Good article except for the part about Obama not being responsible for Ferguson. Obama always encouraged blacks with claims from his Chicago church days, all black problems are caused by whites.

  23. Good ridens. That’s about all I can say.

  24. “America’s leaders must honor our fundamental values by clearly rejecting expressions of hatred, bigotry, and group supremacy, which run counter to the American ideal that all people are created equal,” Why did he not resign when blm were making all their racist comments?!! How about sharpton and jackson (lack of capitals intentional)?
    What hypocrisy!

  25. Yeah – made his deals – paid off his politicians – time to make excuses and run like he11…..

  26. Very good, we have enough operatives (mcmaster) of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic Terrorist Organization in the White House.

  27. Trump unlike Barry Storo wants all of the facts before he makes a statement. So immediately after the incident he made some general statements with facts he had and extended his condolences to the grieving family. He didn’t get on the podium with phony rage slinging baseless accusations and throwing gasoline on the fire. The left wing Bolshevik media has been doing a pretty good job of ramping up rage maybe they need to look in the mirror if they want to lay blame while they are washing the blood off their hands.

    • “Trump unlike Barry Storo wants all of the facts before he makes a statement.”

      That’s what I keep asking the people populating the comment section of this site.. They never give any(facts/)-Their response is always a pejorative …”you are a liberal, commie ,nazi(?) idiot.moron,fascists(?) soros blowing asshole…etc. This does not result in an informative/intelligent debate

  28. Correction—A totally fabricated embarrassing racial huff!!!

  29. sandraleesmith46

    So, let me get this straight: white supremacist KKK, Nazis are evil and must “die”, but “BLACK supremacist BLM, NBPP are hunky dory? How does that fit with the Declaration or Constitution? Methinks the dude’s own racism was showing heavily in his rant! Antifa is just an equal opportunity hate group: they hate everyone, including themselves. Here’s the thing; SUPREMACISM is evil; regardless the “flavor”, but it’s also part of HUMAN NATURE, and crops up in those who have no moral compass, fairly often. Merck’s CEO doesn’t want equality, he wants black supremacy, just like so many others who wail racism at every turn. They forget or ignore the fact that it was WHITE anglophiles who FREED blacks in England and America from slavery; and it was other BLACKS and Arab Muslims who sold them INTO slavery. They also conveniently ignore the fact that whites were also slaves in America before it became America; that the very first actual slave owner in America was a BLACK man! If equality was truly desired, it was HAD in the mid-’60s; but, like the homosexual faction, equality was never the end goal: supremacy always was!

  30. I am glad he resigned. You can’t trust a NIGGER111

    • oh poor vinny-please deny you are a racist-If you respond with a pejorative -you are-If you don’t respond… you are- if you want to engage in an intelligent discussion ,I await…

  31. These ceos who left trump, because of his statement about the attack in Charlotteville, must think Americans are really stupid, if he believes we will buy the bullcrap, that they quite Trump cabinet because of the Presidents remarks. I think I could even be more creative than that. They are all turncoats, have made their money in third world countries, and have been bribed with money to leave Trump. God knows all, and Trump will persist and get honorable men who will take their position seriously, and not for status only~~~

  32. “This White House is in no way responsible for the Ku Klux Klan or neo-Nazi groups than was Obama responsible for the people who burned down Ferguson.”
    That statement is patently untrue. Ferguson and Baltimore happened as a direct result of Barry’s efforts to divide this country on racial lines. One need look no farther that his DOJ’s investigations that involved opposing races.

  33. OldConservativeGuy

    Grew up near Merck headquarters. Had relatives with long careers at Merck and
    own a bunch of Merck stock. It took two sides to make this disaster and they are both at fault. Alt right behavior despicable but expression of beliefs allowed under our Comstitution. Alt left came in looking for a fight. Why is coming prepared for a fight and daring others OK? Further, Charlotteville has nothing to do with helping the country get back on track from a business perspective. Take your ball and go home! Really mature! Suggest we put Merck on a SELL recommendation.

  34. Dear President Trump, let these idiots go! They just wanted a seat at the table and only init for the possibility of cashing in themselves. They are, in fact,part of the SWAMP!!!

  35. Hey, Frazier, you are about as astute as that VA Gov and Mayor. They had NO idea that bringing “TWO VIOLENT” groups together in one area would pose any threat! If those in VA do not get rid of these whacks (Gov/Mayor), they WILL experience the burning, looting, and destruction levied on one of their major cities – I mean, what’s to stop’em, more telling the police to “stand down,” not have enough security to keep the factions separated? If you are an anarchist, wut’s not to like?

  36. I love that they are weeding themselves out for the rest of us to see who the rats really are.

  37. He wanted out as soon as he found out part of the job was to work on lowering big pharma pay day on overpriced drugs.

  38. I would bet George Soros had a big part in hiring rioters. He is out to cause civil unrest in this country because he is anti-Trump and anti-American. I believe he put a lot of money into Hillary winning the election. And he doesn’t like to lose. I think he should be locked up. Phyllis

  39. Let’s leave all of our historical monuments in place. The Soviets tore down their history–we don’t need to repeat that. It doesn’t make the United States a better place. It just means we don’t remember our history because we aren’t reminded of it. The children of the former slaves need to get over themselves. The United States is the least racist nation in the world. The KKK is certainly not the dominant social club in the South anymore. Nobody is having crosses burned in their front yards and mobs of white robed maniacs aren’t ripping black people out of their beds never to be seen again. We do, however, need to learn what our Constitution says and try to uphold it even though the judiciary in this country seems never to have read it.

    We need to take the money out of government, so our elected officials won’t have any incentive to be elected for financial gain. Let’s get rid of all the welfare programs, so every American can once again feel the pride that comes with taking care of oneself rather than being kept like a pet hamster. To make America great again, we have to make Americans great again. To me that means creating an atmosphere where individuals can run their own businesses with a minimum of government regulation; restoring the incentive and competitiveness necessary to be successful in this economy. Government intervention and regulation has stifled creativity. Let’s start with eliminating safe spaces, transgender bathrooms, and political correctness. Let’s call a spade a spade. If that statement offends you, then you are too sensitive to survive.

    • Linda, well said. Political correctness has taken over everything. It’s time to get over themselves and have a thicker skin. Special interest lobby groups should be banned. Gender and race should be taken off the job applications, so that the best people with the appropriate skills are considered for the position.

  40. Good! Now we can go after the major drug makers for having ripped us off for so many years. Put the bastards in prison for a few years. That will help.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for more.

  41. Does his being black offer any reasoning and he just couldn’t bring himself to admit that it was his bunch of Black Asses that were a part anf the real instigators of the events. Blame a White Male(Trump).

  42. Yes, and Obama, or barry soetoro hussein, the PUNK THUG NEGRO LIAR n chief. (FORMER) Thank GOODNESS.. They should HANG barry. PERIOD. He is NOT AN AMERICAN.. PERIOD. AND, END OF STORY. RUN his PUNK BUTT out of this country on a RAIL.

  43. These fools are having a knee jerk reaction to the libertard idiots in the left wing medias lies. I understand the head of Under Armor bailed too. If true I will never buy another Under Armor product again.

  44. Merck out? Then I boycott Merck and all the cowards siding with the new American Taliban, BLM, and all those aligned with them.
    Next book burning? Or how about snitching on your neighbors? !

  45. RACE “BAITING” was responsible for allowing O.J. to SLAUGHTER TWO HUMAN BEINGS. When all else fails PLAY THE RACE CARD—-how stupid can people be?

  46. Thanks, Natalie. There’s nothing I can add also. It seems we have a bigger problem with the liberal party which is rife with liars and fear-mongers.

  47. It is interesting that between the time you wrote this article and the time you posted it every business related task force dissolved rather than support Trump, the worse president for business in memory. We have got to get his stupid ass out of our White House.

  48. He could have waited, as President Trump disolved the entire group.

  49. The left will pile on Trump for any excuse, however contrived.
    The mayor was at fault for not allowing police to protect property and defuse the acting out of the frustrations of the groups.

  50. Who the hell are you Frazer,we the stock holders are against you,stop thinking about your personal needs,you are there for the stock holders,if NOT get the hell out of meck

  51. What a crock this article is.

  52. Obama was the biggest fake piece of shit that ever set in the White House. Obama should be taken out and given the firing squad for his illegal both certificate and his squandering a way of $12 trillion of the American people’s money. Schumann down should be a hang with him, as they aidded and abetted this fake brown clown!

  53. George Soros , the Clinton cartel, Obama have been orchestrating these riots. The people who had the permit for the demonstration were there to peacefully object to the removal of a statue that has been there for many decades. Anyone with and IQ over 20 knows you can not change history, but these dimwits keep demonstrating and many are paid by Soros and gang. Take a look at Craig’s list sometime and look for the “actors” they are seeking. Ferguson, Charlotte, and Charlottesville were all staged by the alt left. We are all being played by the media, the NWO and the deep state. May God bless and keep safe our president and his family. He seems to be the only one trying to undo the mess that this country is in.

  54. This dickwad CEO was looking for a way out and found one . He might have been honored to have been chosen for the council, but it did not benefit his evil big pharma roots to have to try to make America Great again as he could not import his drugs from China Our president made an appropriate statement of condemnation of both groups on Saturday. He does not have the time to go into lengthy hand holding mode. If the victims mother can come out and thank the president for his remarks, who are you to think he did not do enough? Get over your self.

  55. JACKASS!!!!!!

  56. It’s slowly coming out that the neo-Nazis who had permission to “protest in the first place were NOT conservatives, but instead they were another Soros-paid faction of the racist democrats. This was all a stage-show, paid for and presented by the REAL modern-day Nazis of the democrat party on both sides.

    And I happen to remember that Obama was indeed responsible for the Ferguson riots, especially by telling the rioters to “Stay the course!” on national TV.

  57. I’m glad he’s out! We don’t need a prejudiced, bigot in the White House. And Frazier is one! Now, if we can just convince the President to get rid of McMaster and replace him with K.T. McFarland things will get better! I do believe McMaster is a “sheep in wolves’ clothing”!

  58. What an idiotic jerk.

  59. Moving Backwards from the Tragic Events in Charlottesville, Virginia

    I do not call it courage, i.e., CEOs dropping out of the Presidents Manufacturing Jobs Initiative. I call it cowardice. You CEOs are cut-and-run cowards. You are true believers of Truman’s, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.” You represent a negative influence on our society. Usually, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. However, you losers who dropped out of President Donald Trump’s advisory boards possess the loser’s limp. You do not hang in there to solve problems. You are part of the problem. You are all a bunch of losers and quitters.

    You should not be in there to play political games. Leave that to the useless politicians. You were there to solve industrial and manufacturing problems to increase the jobs our people sorely need. Stop playing stupid politics!

    The way President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) treated my ancestors is appalling. Because of “yellow fear,” he threw hundreds of thousands of my relatives and fellow Americans of Japanese Ancestry (AJA) into concentration camps right here in the good old United States of America (USA). Now, I am still angry today, some 75 years later; I am still angry with FDR for that dastardly deed.

    However, just because of the evil that he had done to my fellow AJAs, does that mean that I should conduct a campaign to obliterate all remaining traces and monuments to those dastardly concentrations camps still existing in America. I say a resounding, NO! For crying out loud, it is part of the history of the USA. Yes, it was a black eye on the USA, but it is part of our history. It is not a reminder of how bad things it was for us AJAs, but it is a reminder that we do not want to see that repeated ever again today.

    For goodness sake, I suppose if FDR were alive today, he would throw all of the American Muslims into the waiting Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) camps. Would he do that because their extremist Islamist brothers, who have hijacked their Islamic religion, profess to kill all infidels (that is all of us) who do not believe their religion (called unbelievers), and follow their Quran to the T (fundamentalist Muslims)? They profess to conquer the world and make Islam a one-religion world. They plan to establish the Caliphate and to replace the Constitution of the United States with Sharia Law. The AJAs never professed any of that, yet FDR incarcerated them in concentration camps, yet the extremist Islamists in America are free to do their attacks and kill many innocent American citizens. What is wrong with that picture anyway?

    Those extremist leftists who tear down the remains of the Civil War will rue the day that they destroyed every remnant of reminders of the Civil War. It is just like those people who want to convince the world that the Holocaust of the Jews never happened. When we erase the world of all such images, people will forget, and the Holocaust will repeat itself. We must not do that. We must keep the reminders so that we would never forget.

    Why do we not get rid of all of the images remaining at Pearl Harbor of the dastardly attack on Pearl Harbor by Imperialist Japan on December 7, 1941, “a day that will live in infamy”? Why not get rid of the remains of Battleship Arizona? Should we remove the memorial of that ship from Pearl Harbor? We leave it there so we never forget what happened on that sad day in American history. Should we get rid of all images of the destruction the great USA did to Hiroshima and Nagasaki by dropping the atomic bombs on those cities. We killed hundreds of thousands of innocent Japanese citizens (women, children, old folks, the infirm, etc.). Why should we not remove all vestiges of those nasty weapons of mass destruction (WMDs)? Yeah, why should we not rewrite history so that we do not remember how bad a thing we did to end World War II in the Pacific?

    In U.S. history, good American citizens treated Mormons horribly in the early days of that Church. They persecuted the Mormons, tarred and feathered their leaders, burned down their homes, killed many of them, and drove them out of the USA to the western territory that eventually became Utah. Missouri Governor Lilburn Boggs signed an “Extermination Order” to kill all Mormons in America. Is that a great country or what? Should we eliminate all vestiges of the inhumanity to the Mormons caused by good people of other Christian religions? No! Why should we cause future generations to know nothing about the black eyes in U.S. history. Full disclosure: I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (The Mormons).

    All extremist liberals and progressives in our country desire to redo our sad historical moments in U.S. history. They want to rewrite history so that our future generations will never know how bad things were in the great USA. They do not want future generations to know that many of our Founding Fathers held black slaves. They do not want our descendants to know about the maltreatment of Mormons, ill-treatment of AJAs, robbing the American Indians (Native Americans) of their lands and casting them into degrading Indian Reservations, ill-treatment of Chinese coolies in building the cross-country railroad, and on and on we can go with one black eye after another.

    Doing what the destroyers are doing in Charlottesville, Virginia, will not have an end to it. Eventually, we will get rid of all of the monuments and vestiges of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, and so on. Why, should I push to get rid of all of FDRs nasty actions from our history books also? I say, no! Let us not forget these lessons of history.

    Therefore, all of you who believe that these CEOs did the right thing by quitting, dropping out, or cutting and running, think again. We are a soft, yellow-bellied people who try to make future generations think that nothing bad ever happens in our country. Hence, we attempt to eliminate all remnants of these bad reminders and rewrite history. Seeing what the liberals/progressives are doing to rewrite our U.S. history books is appalling to say the least. Mark my words, as bad as all of the corrupt things that President Barack Hussein Obama did during his eight years of feckless reign from 2009-2017, the liberals/progressives will rewrite history to make him appear as one of the greatest Presidents of the United States (POTUS) in its history. When that happens, I will roll over in my grave.

    President Trump did the right thing by disbanding those presidential advisory boards. We cannot have a bunch of losers giving the POTUS bum advice. However, I honor and respect those few CEOs who had decided to remain steadfast on those advisory boards (prior to their disbanding). They remained to help our POTUS deal with the myriad problems with which he currently struggles. He is miraculously doing things under the duress of the mainstream media (MSM), corrupt Democratic National Committee (DNC), corrupt Hollywood elites, those Republicans in Name Only (RINOs), Deep State traitors, Never Trumper traitors, and several other extreme leftist groups, Congress critters, and individuals.

    In conclusion, our country experiences many perplexing problems. We need people who will not cut-and-run. We need problem solves. We need people who will stick with a task and endure all challenges instead of quitting. We need more doers than talkers. We need to see positive, constructive results instead of only complaining about things. We need to stop listening to talking heads like Karl Rove who think they know it all and know better. It they were as smart as they so think, they would be POTUS instead of President Donald J. Trump, who will eventually turn out to be the greatest POTUS in U.S. history. So let it be written; so let it be done.

  60. The CEO’s suck. They are unamerican.

  61. The wimp over at Under Armor also bailed on Trump. I will never buy another Under Armor product.

  62. Obviously that Merck CEO is also a Racist. He walked out on the Nation because an all black and Communist agenda was not pandered to by the President, and most of the Nation is of other races including the White idiots that support the leftist trash.

  63. “And we’ve just about had it with the media trying to make more out of this (admittedly terrible) incident than there is to make.” – No Kidding! But, the liberal leftist radicals are relentless. Never waste a crisis – Rahm Immanuel (and others); “Keep the pressure on. Never let up. Keep trying new things to keep the
    opposition off balance. As the opposition masters one approach, hit
    them from the flank with something new.” – another way of saying “don’t waste a crisis” by Saul Alinsky, RULES FOR RADICALS. Such MEN are a plague on the human race.

  64. Merck CEO should be fired,always thought Merck a good company owned their stock for years. Trump tried but certainly can continue his agenda without him and the other cowards.

  65. Business councils which involve the federal government are bad and violate the spirit of the Constitution.

  66. William McNamara

    This is the insane democrats carrying out a Mao Tse Tung-style destruction of our country by erasing the past. The insane democrats love communists and Chairman Mao Tse Tung is one of their biggest heroes – just ask ex-chairman Barack Hussain Obama and Hillary Clinton. Mao Tse Tung destroyed everything he could get his filthy commie hands on in China that reminded the Chinese of their glorious and imperial past so he could re-educate the Chinese people and make them ashamed of their past and to re-create China in the communist image. The insane democrats are doing the same thing here in the United States. The insane democrats want to erase our history so they can re-write it in their image. Don’t fall for the insane propaganda! Our past is our past, we cannot change it no matter how many insane democrats call for it to be whitewashed and changed. Stop this insanity!

  67. Time to boycott Merck and all the other companies where the CEOs bolted because the media over hyped President Trump’s comments. By Intel hello AMD and the new Rysen.

  68. The out-of-control Liberals and elites are digging their own grave!


  70. Makes one wonder how this guy managed his operations if he is incapable of accepting counterpart comments and indifferences.

    We all know there is a tremendous difference between the private sector and the government, but we also expect the men and women at the levels of this CEO to be able to deal with the differences, in fact, we would expect Frazier, in his capacity to have to deal almost daily with similar problems with an organization as huge as his. Maybe that is one of those that is pushed down to levers of incompetence and when it appears, the people are just fired. That would seem to be what Frazier did here. Can not accept the comments (the words must have been harder that sticks and stones) so walks out instead of showing any showing and real leadership!

  71. Merch CEO is a loser, who care?

  72. Don’t forget the governor of Virginia and Soros are buddies. Soros gave $350,000 to his campaign. I bet Soros had some of his paid violent protesters there also. Do I hear any Ah Ha’s to that?

  73. When the troublemakers are african, the media is silent. A White person demonstrates against an injustice, automatically they are a White Supremacist. africans can riot, loot, destroy, the media will find justification for it.

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