Media Should Be Ashamed of Trump/Hurricane Coverage

Only a couple of weeks after the media’s shameful (and, to be frank, somewhat dangerous) coverage of President Donald Trump’s response to the Charlottesville violence, they collectively managed to outdo themselves by sinking to an even lower level this week. In their coverage of Trump’s every step related to Hurricane Harvey, they have demonstrated that there is nothing – NOTHING – this president can do to earn positive press. This nation’s mainstream media has declared war on the President of the United States, and they see every story as a battle in the fight for America’s soul. This no longer has a thing to do with journalism. If anyone was reluctant to use Steve Bannon’s term for the media – the “opposition party” – you can give up your reluctance now. It’s just too obvious to be denied.

In an interview with Laura Ingraham on Wednesday, conservative analyst Pat Buchanan said that the Trump he saw responding to the hurricane had little in common with the monster portrayed in the press.

“They don’t seem to like the president,” he said. “They loathe the man, and they simply are not going to find any reason to say something nice about him. So what they say is, in effect, ‘We would have shown more compassion had it been us. We would have shown more warmth and caring. And he’s a soulless creature.’

“I thought he did very well,” Buchanan continued. “It was spirited, uplifting, ‘Texas is going to be able to handle this.’ I mean, the president was fine from everything I saw, and the people were delighted with him. But we’ve got the ‘Bah! Humbug!’ crowd.”

What the “Bah! Humbug!” crowd doesn’t understand is that whether Trump serves for eight years or is impeached tomorrow, the press will still exist after his time is over. And what are they going to talk about? Who are they going to talk TO? They don’t get that they are doing permanent damage to their industry by taking this relentlessly combative approach to the man elected by the majority of the voters. Who is going to take political coverage seriously after this debacle?

Trump’s a big boy, and he knew what he was getting into. But this is much bigger than him. This is about the trust the American people have in the media – a trust that has never seen such a low point in this nation’s history. The longterm effects of the media’s lying, biased coverage of Donald Trump could be catastrophic – not just for journalism as an institution but for the country as a whole. They need to pull up before this whole thing takes a nosedive into the side of a mountain.

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  1. When one gets below the bottom scum, they become mud suckers w/o a doubt!

  2. MSM are personnally dishonorable…not just business…PERSONALLY… along with Paul Ryan…TRAITOR MCCain…Graham…and other splineless bought off worthless…

  3. I don’t think Trump, or anyone else could have anticipated the really astounding level of hypocritical hate and vile bigotry we’ve been subjected to since the election.
    Or Democrats belligerent, often embarrassingly childish determination to paint millions and millions of ordinary Americans and their legally elected president as horrible monsters of every terrifying ism and phobia they can come up with, often seemingly off the top of their heads, based on nothing more than their own false accusations. They reach new heights of absurdity everyday. Casually tossing around words like Nazi, Hitler, racist, sexist. And the few thousand lunatics who swallow it whole or are paid to do so and are bussed from one ‘protest’ to another screaming the same silly inanities while wearing vagina hats and pasties and carrying what they consider witty, preprinted signs only underline for sane, rational people just who we’re dealing with here. Calling it Trump derangement syndrome started as a joke but it’s not funny anymore. Because the vagina hats are slowly being replaced with nail studded bats. Their constant efforts to paint us as monsters are creating real ones. They’re creating real ones. And the zealous hate falsely planted in their brainwashed minds ensures that all they’ve so hysterically predicted will come to bear, it’ll just be them bringing it.

    • Very good summary! The liberal Nazi left and the MSM have lost all sense of reality!
      Check out the website OFA – organizing for action run by Valerie Jarrett and obama!!
      It’s treasonous and part of the anarchy in our american streets! Remember Soros owned obama for 8 years and his progressive son visited the WH last year to see obama 44 times!! Thank goodness lying liberal progressive Hillary was not elected to,carry on the destruction. The American people have taken our country back! MAGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸God bless Texas
      God bless America 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

      • The biased media’s coverage of the rescue efforts in Houston should be the final nail in their coffin. The politicization of saying black men should be ashamed for rescuing white children or the condemnation of the white man for carrying the Asian woman and her baby to safety is scandalous. It’s almost as though the media wants the American people to see what an unhinged group they are. I simply cannot understand the liberal mind that is not able to see this reporting for what it is.

        If we didn’t have video of the President and First Lady’s visit and their genuine interest in how the rescue efforts were going and what other resources the President could call out that would be helpful in speeding up these efforts, this crazy, insensitive media might be able to get away with their lunacy. However, anyone who takes the time to watch President Trump waving the Texas flag or his listening intently to the Texas governor at storm central can easily see a real concern on his part. Only blind hatred could account for anything less, and I don’t think there is any place for that in the media.

        • The sad thing is the media lies about it all. The only one that tells the truth is FOX NEWS and liberals don’t believe what they see on there, they’re only worried about Melana’s high heels 👠 How lame is that???

          • In case you thought there might be some bias in news reporting….

            How’s this for having the “inside track”?


            ABC News executive producer Ian Cameron is married to Susan Rice, National Security Adviser.

            CBS President David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications.

            ABC News correspondent Claire Shipman is married to former Whitehouse Press Secretary Jay Carney

            ABC News and Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe is married to Katie Hogan, Obama’s Deputy Press Secretary

            ABC President Ben Sherwood is the brother of Obama’s Special Adviser Elizabeth Sherwood

            CNN President Virginia Moseley is married to former Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Secretary Tom Nides.
            And now you know why it is no surprise the media is in Obama’s pocket.
            Ya think there might be a little bias in the news ???
            It also explains the cover up of Benghazi………

          • The other side of these accusations-

            OUTDATED: Ian Cameron (ABC News) and Susan Rice (National Security Advisor).
            Ian Cameron and Susan Rice were married in 1992. Although Rice (a former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations) is still the U.S. National Security Advisor for the Obama administration, Cameron stepped down from his position with ABC News in 2010.

            TRUE: David Rhodes (CBS President) and Ben Rhodes (National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications).
            David Rhodes became the youngest network news president in history when he was tapped to head CBS News in 2011, having previously served as Vice President of News at Fox News and the head of television operations for Bloomberg. His brother, Ben Rhodes, started working as a speech writer for Barack Obama in 2007 and is currently Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications and Speechwriting.

            OUTDATED: Claire Shipman (ABC News correspondent) married to Jay Carney (White House Press Secretary).
            Claire Shipman is a correspondent for the ABC program Good Morning America. Jay Carney took over from Robert Gibbs as White House Press Secretary for the Obama administration in 2011, but he resigned from that position in June 2014 and now works for online retailer Amazon as the senior vice president of Worldwide Corporate Affairs.

            OUTDATED: Matthew Jaffe (ABC News and Univision) married to Katie Hogan (Obama’s Deputy Press Secretary).
            Matthew Jaffe worked as a reporter for ABC News and the Spanish language broadcast television network Univision during the 2012 presidential campaign, but he has since moved on and is currently the Director of Communications at the University of Chicago Institute of Politics. Katie Hogan joined Barack Obama’s political operation in February 2007 (the week before the official kick-off of his first campaign for the White House), serving as a traveling press assistant, a White House press wrangler, and deputy press secretary. But she, too, has since left her position in the Obama administation, stepping down in 2016 to become the new chief of Organizing for Action, a non-profit group that grew out of Barack Obama’s reelection campaign.

            TRUE: Ben Sherwood (ABC President) and Elizabeth Sherwood (Obama’s Special Adviser)
            Ben Sherwood has been affiliated with network news for nearly three decades, serving as a producer of ABC News’ Primetime, a producer of NBC’s Nightly News with Tom Brokaw, executive producer of ABC’s Good Morning America, and President of ABC News in New York. Sherwood no longer holds that last position, having moved up in January 2015 to become the President of Disney-ABC Television Group and Co-Chairman of Disney Media Networks. Ben Sherwood’s sister, Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall, has served as the Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for European Affairs, as the Coordinator for Defense Policy, Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction, and Arms Control, and (currently) as the United States Deputy Secretary of Energy for the Obama administration.

            OUTDATED: Virginia Moseley (CNN President) married to Tom Nides (Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Secretary).
            Virginia Moseley holds a prominent position at CNN, but she is not the network’s president: she is currently the cable news network’s Washington Deputy Bureau Chief and Vice President. Thomas Nides was one of two U.S. Deputy Secretaries of State (for Management and Resources) under Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from 2011 to 2013, but he has since rejoined the Morgan Stanley Global financial services firm as a Vice Chairman.

            Although items such as this one have criticized the Obama administration for having an “incestuous” relationship with the media, they do not necessarily prove that the “media is in Obama’s pocket.” In June 2013, the Washington Post published an article defending how news media operate honestly even when its members have ties to politicians:

            Conservatives have suggested that these relationships may play a role in how the media cover Obama, specifically in their supposedly timid approach to reporting on the White House’s handling of the terrorist attacks last year on American facilities in Benghazi, Libya. The National Review Online recently claimed that such ties amount to professional incest: “The inbreeding among Obama’s court and its press corps is more like one of those ‘I’m my own grandpaw’ deals,” wrote NRO’s Mark Steyn in a posting titled “Band of Brothers.”

            Such insinuations make media types bristle. They take exception to the notion that complicated judgments about the news — often made by others within an organization — have anything to do with personal favoritism or familial relationships. The critics, they say, can’t point to any direct evidence that such relationships have affected the amount or tone of their news coverage.

            “There is zero evidence, zero, that [Ben Sherwood’s relationship] has had any impact on our coverage,” says Jeffrey Schneider, ABC News’s chief spokesman. Schneider points out that ABC was the first mainstream news organization to report that administration officials had altered the White House’s talking points about Benghazi 12 times after the attack.
            The Post article also highlighted that news outlets are aware of these potential conflicts and employ several methods for mitigating them:

            ABC, for example, says that Sherwood doesn’t get involved with any stories dealing with arms control, his sister’s specialty. NPR said Shapiro avoids any story in which a member of the White House counsel’s office participates, such as a recent background briefing on Benghazi. And CNN said Moseley, who formerly was with ABC News, recuses herself from working on any story about the Benghazi investigation, even though her husband left the State Department in February. (Nides, a Clinton confidant, was in charge of the State Department’s internal operations until February.)

            ABC says Shipman, a former White House reporter, stopped covering politics in late 2008 after her husband, Carney, left Time magazine to become press secretary for Vice President-elect Joe Biden. She’s now the senior national correspondent for “Good Morning, America.” Shipman primarily covers softer topics for “GMA,” such as diet and fitness. But the ban on politics isn’t total; in April, Shipman filed a report on the “buzz” about former secretary of state Clinton’s 2016 presidential ambitions.

          • Excellent. Interbreeding at its worst.

          • I knew some of them were connected to the media but I didn’t realize it was to this extent. Thank You for informing me!!!

          • this email needs to go out every night so nobody misses this information. we knew some of this but all and also boycott the sponsors. sad but that wakes some of the sponsors the hell up. but keep this info going.

          • good Grief, now wonder it is continuing on and on even tho they have been proven wrong or lying continuously!

          • Well said, this needs to be posted everywhere. The public needs to know who is running the media.

          • We also watch OANN! One America News Network!! But then I’m not an ignorant liberal either!!!

          • I’m going to see if I get that channel. Thank You.

          • You can go online to Some cable TV outlets carry the channel. Verizon FiOS carries OANN, and it is free onext the FiOS app. .

          • I have Comcast so I’ll check and see..thanks again.

          • FOX can be undependable, too. Unfortunately

          • Yes they can but at least they try to cover all topics when there are times when tradgies happen that ABC says nothing, NBC may talk 1 min. on it and CBS may touch 2 mins on it.

          • Hey Susan, sometimes when there is nothing interesting on TV that I have not already seen dozens of times, I will turn the channel to CNN so I can have something to laugh at. The thing they try to broadcast as news are better fiction that most of the TV shows. They must have hired some good Hollywood writers.

        • The liberal mind can’t see the reporting for what it is because liberals have no mind.

        • Personally, I think the current Mayor of Houston has it under control. He is doing the right things to send Houston into the future, despite what the idiots in the media say about the subject of the Harvey storm & Houston. Mr. Mayor is a class man & will get Houston repaired & their population back on track. Great Job Sir:) By the way, I am from Houston & very proud of it.

          • You don’t feel the mayor did the citizenry a disservice encouraging them to shelter in place considering the Governor’s warning to evacuate? It seems if there had been fewer people in the hardest hit areas, there would have been fewer rescues from rooftops and chest deep waters in homes. However, I have to admit the death toll so far is surprisingly low considering the magnitude of the devastation. I know it will unavoidably rise, but at least it will rise from a relatively small number instead of a big one like the hurricane of 1900.

            The pictures of I-10 under several feet of blowing water was pretty dramatic.

            I know Houston is going to come out of this just fine. We are all Texans, and there is a great spirit of cooperation that joins us all together. Best of luck as this disaster unwinds.

          • Right, he told them to stay put until after it flooded homes then he said to evacuate. If a storm is coming my way, I’ve got to worry about Hurricane Imma right now, and if I get the least bit concerned I’m out of here whether the Governor says anything or not. I definitely wouldn’t listen to our Mayor because he’s a jerk and has done nothing for this town yet he’s going to run for Governor next year, LORD help us.

          • i have been pleasantly surprised by the Houston Mayor. He used to be a racist activist like Quanell X but has seemingly grown out of it.

        • When satan gets control of a person, there’s no telling WHAT they’ll believe or do. This lets us know that we’re getting close to the end times. & if America can’t turn back to God, & repent of our sins, then America is doomed. Or the America that we all know & love. Part of the hatred stems from America’s stance on Israel. Pres Trump is pro Israel, & that is definitely NOT what satan nor his minions want. We all need to start praying, & asking God to intervene again, AND to protect our President.

          • I pray every night for the safety of President Trump. I feel he is in grave danger in the White House. He may even be under something akin to house arrest as well with all the generals so close to him.

          • He was just down in Texas.

          • Yes, he and Melania were here yesterday. Of course, the media can’t stop fussing about her shoes–so stupid. She’s a gracious ambassador, and they both did a great job of comforting survivors.

            The next issues that affect Texas besides federal aid for the Hurricane Harvey disaster are the repeal of DACA and the building of the Wall. We’ll see what happens next week as Texas is prepared to go to court to sue the federal government to stop the DACA program. Getting the funding for the Wall may be a little trickier.

          • The wall would really help some of the rural school districts in Texas. A few years ago there was one along the boarder that actually was forced by the BHO ‘s admin to provide bus service from a road on the U.S. side of the boarder to its school many miles away. The only kids it was picking up were walking to the road from the Mexican side of the boarder.

          • Mic, I’m not sure the type of situation you described is what President Trump is trying to stop as a result of building the Wall. It sounds like these kids go home to Mexico every night and aren’t trying to invade the US on a permanent basis. However, it won’t hurt to take a little pressure off poor school districts by not overburdening them with extra students.

            My feelings regarding the objections to the Wall by Congress is that it will impede the inflow of illegal drugs. Ever since Iran-Contra we’ve all known there were illegal methods being used to fund black projects by the CIA and deep state. If they can’t get the drugs across the border in trucks, and they probably won’t be able to if ICE is allowed to patrol the Wall effectively, they will all have to be flown in. Mena, Arkansas and the other receiving airports can only handle so many flights before even the paid off law enforcement agents have to take notice. It will also slow the migration of people from other Central American countries.

          • I pray for him and his family. For Vice President Pence and his family. For Trey Gowdy and his family for Trey’s friend ex-Senator Chaffetz and his family. For all the “White Hats” in Washington and their families. I also need to add mayors, governors, and all the people who want a better nation. I fear for President Trump and his family. Washington is one of the biggest hotbeds of EVIL in the world.

          • I know, the President is living in an area of nothing but sin, greed and EVIL!!! I hope he can get the US back on track and in line of what the Constitution says. All these riots aren’t free speech and quite frankly I don’t know who has the authority to stop it but someone better get a hold on it soon.

          • I most certainly agree with you. They need to be declared terrorist groups and then send in the police, the National Guard, military, whatever it takes and arrest and CONVICT every single one of them for treason.

          • If you go to google and type in White House petitions, there is a place where you can sign a petition to have these groups declared terrorists. If it’s still up. There are several other petitions as well, and a lot of them are exactly what we are talking about here.

          • Thank You, I’ve been telling people for weeks now that they should call in the National Guard. Why the Governors of the states they show up in doesn’t do it is beyond me. I do believe the Governor of my state would do it if enough people called his office. I’m going to do just that on Tuesday.

          • PRAISE JESUS!!! We talk about this in church and feel that we are actually in the last days, unless like you said, people turn back to GOD and start praying everyday and get off the streets with all these riots, that’s the DEVIL causing that and they need to tell SATAN get behind me. All we can do is PRAY, PRAY, PRAY.

          • We pray for President Trump, for wisdom, and for God’s blessings and safety on him and his family. God Bless America! . God bless the Trumps and the Pences.

          • Sharon Jeanguenat- CUT THE RELIGIOUS CRAP!! god has nothing to do with protecting THE ORANGE CLOWN. If god really did exist, he or she would have had the power to stop Hurricane Harvey before it destroyed Texas. Your god is all powerful & knowing according to the teachings from your holy book? god knew Harvey would decimate Texas & people would suffer greatly, so why did he let it happen ? Because there is no god or if there really was a god , he just sat there looking down from heaven & decided he could care less. That makes your god evil & he enjoys watching people suffer. A LOVING god ? Think again.

          • U R a true and real hater. I’m sure a great big clown. No doubt about that. Why don’t you move to London. George Clooney left there so there’s room for you maybe he’ll join you. Oh, and Australia is picky don’t try there, Canada or North Korea or Venezuela all are options for a commie like you. MAGA

      • I believe it is LONG PAST DUE to shut down these anti-American “pro-globalist “organizations”, freeze and confiscate ALL their funds, arrest, try and convict the SCUM that are running, and financing (soros) these organizations, and put the whole cabal in a prison cell to await EXECUTION for TREASON. Stop the “MONEY” the crap will dry up.

        • And you would do this how?

          • “I” can’t do anything, BUT if enough of “WE THE PEOPLE” (you know the ones that are supposed to be “in charge”) would get together and and raise a FUSS with our so-called CORRUPT WORTHLESS “representatives”, something might get done. IF YOU “broke the law” or did something highly ILLEGAL, and got caught, where do you think YOU would be? These FREAKS OPENLY break the law, brag about it, even on national TV, yet NOTHING is done to them.
            I guess when you have a “title”, are an “elite DEMOCOMMIE, RINO or have a lot of MONEY, there are separate “rules”.

          • I’m up for it.

          • Well said. Like Comey, it’s hard for me to believe this ass could even get a job with the real FBI let alone become it’s director.

          • The DOJ can assemble a list of these terrorists and Soros based on existing evidence already at hand. Send in the Feds and collect them at night and transport south to GITMO…..Worry about the flak afterwards.

          • Great idea!!!

        • Agree, and send the bunch to GITMO – gthe Marines need someone to laugh at!

        • I wish someone would do just that but who has the authority??? The National Guard needs to be at these riots and round them up, send them to jail for a long time, if they run then shoot them in the leg so they can’t.

      • The Commucrats, their adoring media lapdogs and brainwashed mobs of brownshirt THUGS are so FAR gone in their leftist LOON ideology that nobody with ANY sense will vote for them, and the ONLY way they will win an election is to STEAL it, which thanks to Pres. Trump’s commission on voter fraud, is going to be harder for them to do in the future.

      • Valerie lives with the obamas because even his handlers do not trust him and she is there to maintain control just as she did in the WH.

    • Isn’t that the truth, even I was naive about it but when Inauguration Day came and the Democrats one by one refused to go I got the idea we might be in trouble. I’ve never seen so much anger, hate and destruction on any President or their family like this before. There is one thing I’ve learned about liberals from reading posts and that is they are the vulgar, nastiest talking people I’ve ever heard. They need to get down on their knees and pray to the LORD every night.

    • Oh, and don’t forget the word “deplorable” coming from the top DC member… (Clinton)

    • True,the amount of hatred and violence that they are spewing is astounding,I doubt that anyone foresaw this kind of malice,but then you have to remember that Obama hated America and all that it stands for and he had eight years to plant his seeds of hatred in the minds of liberals. Hillary was supposed to take over where he left off and continue the destruction of our country,but we the people spoke up and said “NO WAY!They were completely astonished that their plans failed and reacted with even more hatred and violence,that’s why they hate Trump and his followers so much,we spoiled their plans for a takeover and dismanteling of America.

      • well said…………….

      • Amen, Kathy!!!

        • You are kidding, I hope! Odumbo is a total phony, who was born in Kenya, has a fraudulent S.S.#, and is also a Muslim!

          • susan short are you living in a mental institution? Even you boy trump gave up on that crap

          • Dear Susan Short(on brains)-

            You can remain part of the dwindling supporters of the “Orange Menace”…..


          • LOL 😂. OBAMA already tore this Country apart and divided us like no other President in my lifetime. OBAMA is still tearing us apart with his “OFA” and paying these protesters to continue his hatred for AMERICA. When have you ever known another President that left office and moved only 3 miles from the White House. I knew he was going to continue his agenda to destroy us one way or another.

          • Even FOX is fake- where will you go now?


          • All I get on that site is it doesn’t exist

          • Fox News Poll: Voters’ mood sours, 56 percent say Trump tearing country apart

            56 %percent say Trump tearing country apart

            Dana Blanton
            By Dana Blanton Published August 30, 2017 Fox News

            NOW PLAYING
            Trump sets historic standard for Texas relief effort
            Voter satisfaction with the direction of the nation is down by double digits, as a majority says President Donald Trump is tearing the country apart.

            That’s according to the latest Fox News Poll.

            The number of voters happy with how things are going in the country is down 10 percentage points since April and stands at just 35 percent. It hasn’t been that low since 2013. At the same time, dissatisfaction jumped to 64 percent — an 11-point increase.

            Pollpic1Expand / Collapse
            That shift is not, as is often the case, tied to the economy. Positive views on the economy are higher than in more than a decade: 36 percent say it is in either “excellent” (6 percent) or “good” (30 percent) shape. The last time conditions were rated this positively was August 2004.

            The same isn’t true for Trump. His job ratings are increasingly negative — and 56 percent feel Trump’s “tearing the country apart,” versus 33 percent who say he’s “drawing the country together.”

            About two-thirds of Republicans feel Trump is drawing the country together (68 percent), while 15 percent say tearing the country apart and 18 percent are unsure. Nearly all Democrats (93 percent) and over half of independents (59 percent) say Trump is tearing the country apart.

            Pollpic2Expand / Collapse
            In addition, a record 55 percent of voters disapprove of the job he’s doing as president, while 41 percent approve. That’s a net negative by 14 points and his worst score to-date. In April, around the 100-day mark of the administration, his ratings were at net negative three (45-48 percent). Trump’s first job rating on the Fox News Poll is the only one that’s been in positive territory: 48-47 percent (February 2017).

            Since that time he’s lost the most ground with conservatives (down 7 points), Republican men (-9 points), and whites without a college degree (-9 points).

            pollpic3Expand / Collapse
            The poll, released Wednesday, was conducted Sunday through Tuesday evenings. Tuesday the president visited Texas to view the state’s flood damage, and earlier that day North Korea launched a missile over Japan.

            On North Korea, 42 percent of voters think Trump hasn’t been tough enough — a significant improvement from 56 percent who felt that way in June.

            Despite the latest provocation, concern over war with North Korea is down: 59 percent are extremely or very worried. That was 68 percent last month, after a successful July 4 missile test.

            pollpic4Expand / Collapse
            Trump gets his best job ratings on handling the economy (49-43 percent). He also gets positive scores on terrorism (47-45) and Hurricane Harvey (44-26 percent), with the caveat that the poll was conducted mostly before he went to Texas.

            He receives net negative ratings on North Korea (43-50), taxes (37-45), immigration (43-54), Russia (35-56), the environment (36-56), and health care (34-60).

            His worst marks are on race relations (33-61 percent), where disapproval outweighs approval by 28 points.

            Here’s why. Over half don’t think Trump respects racial minorities (56 percent) — and only about one-third approve of his response to events in Charlottesville (35 percent), where conflicts between neo-Nazi protesters and counter-protesters led to deadly violence.

            That violence also led to a series of presidential statements, sharply criticized in the media, in which he condemned neo-Nazis and white supremacists, while adding, “I think there’s blame on both sides.” The poll shows a 52 percent majority of voters blames white supremacists. Far fewer, 17 percent, blame counter-protesters, and 19 percent say “both.”

            Many will find this jarring: When asked who poses a greater threat to the United States, nearly as many say the media (40 percent) as say white supremacists (47 percent). Another nine percent say that the threat is “the same.”

            Most Trump voters (75 percent) say the news media are the bigger threat. Most Hillary Clinton backers (80 percent) say white supremacists.

            Overall, by a 70-13 percent margin, voters think Trump dislikes the media more than white supremacists.

            With the controversy heating up across the country, voters by a 2-to-1 margin think Confederate monuments and statues should stay up (61 percent) rather than be taken down (29 percent).

            pollpic5Expand / Collapse
            That’s even though more than three times as many have a negative reaction when they see the Confederate flag (36 percent negative vs. 11 percent positive). A majority, 53 percent, says they don’t have a reaction one way or the other.

            Forty-three percent of voters think whites are favored over minorities in the United States today, while 23 percent feel minorities are favored over whites. Nearly one-quarter give the unprompted response “neither” (24 percent).

            Whites are more likely to feel whites are favored over minorities by 8 points (36-28). Nonwhites feel whites are favored by 54 points (64-10).

            Nearly half of Trump voters (45 percent) say minorities are favored over whites (11 percent whites and 34 percent “neither”). Most Clinton voters feel whites are favored (72 percent).


            Virtually all Trump voters (96 percent) and Clinton voters (93 percent) are satisfied with their 2016 vote for president.

            Fifty-eight percent of Clinton voters say they’re losing sleep since Trump took office. On the other hand, Trump voters say they’re sleeping better these days (62 percent).

            Among all voters, the number losing sleep (31 percent) is mostly matched by those sleeping better (28 percent). Yet the largest portion reports no change to their slumber (40 percent).

            By a 58-34 percent margin, voters think Trump will finish his term. An overwhelming majority of Trump voters (92 percent) say he’ll finish. Just 29 percent of Clinton voters agree.

            The Fox News poll is based on landline and cellphone interviews with 1,006 randomly chosen registered voters nationwide and was conducted under the joint direction of Anderson Robbins Research (D) and Shaw & Company Research (R) from August 27-29, 2017. The poll has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus three percentage points for all registered voters.

        • LOL 😂Right (NOT)

        • Rich Girod- I agree with you 100%.

      • You are absolutely RIGHT !!!!! If you watch them closely when they are out on the street spewing their hatred and they notice that they are on camera, they ramp it up even more. It used to be that you would try not to be vulgar and crass in public, but now, anything goes. It’s just plain EVIL.

        • And to think the cops are told to step down and let them do it because most of them have liberal Mayors.

          • In our case, we also have liberal governors, and State Reps, Congressmen and women. This state is a liberal nightmare, and if I could afford it, I would move to Texas today.!!!!

      • I’m so happy we took the White House back, now we have to elect more Republicans (true Republicans) to office next year so we can have the super majority and get laws passed. The Democrats are only hurting their chances of winning by acting like asses in Congress and won’t participate in anything.

    • I am afraid to voice the fact I am a right winger, I live in the sick area of Seattle I wanted to but a bumper sticker on my truck showing my support for our President but I am scared to death of having my windows broken out and my tires slashed before Obama I never would have worried about it, the left is very dangerous today.

      • I totally agree. I live in a very nice neighborhood and for the first time I didn’t put out a sign last year supporting the now President. I guess everyone else here felt the same way because only my neighbor had a TRUMP sign out and another person across the street from me had an OBAMA sign. We always put signs up showing our support for whoever but because of the division caused by OBAMA we don’t feel safe anymore.

      • I work with a young girl who admitted to me the other day she’s a conservative Trump supporter. She whispered it, and seemed absolutely terrified of being overheard. She was so relieved when she found out I’m one too. You wouldn’t believe the stories she tells. I’ve heard much the same from my own son, who campaigned for him. Being pushed, shoved, screamed at. Getting nasty letters and having things thrown at them in school. She was even cornered once by a whole group of the tolerant and compassionate and only avoided a beating because a teacher stepped in. The teacher was liberal of course, and explained away the actions of his little Hitler youth by saying they felt ‘threatened’. Although apparently he could not explain to her father how a group of violent bullies felt threatened by one girl who wouldn’t be forced to share their political views. It amazes me that they continue to think of themselves as the good guys while acting exactly like the Nazis they’re always falsely accusing us of being. I hope they keep it up honestly. The more they show themselves for what we’ve known they were all along the faster their sick, disgusting ideology gets shoved forcefully into the garbage can of embarrassing historical mistakes and we can all go back to just being Americans. Instead of the many hostile, suspicious little subgroups all fighting for dominance and control of the grievance industry liberals seem determined to create.

    • I’ve read a couple of articles that have said the Neo-Nazis, the KKK, AND Anti-fa, all came in on the same buses. So that tells me that the riots were a set up job. We need to really get involved, & try to get Anti-fa listed as a domestic terrorist group. has a petition going, plus there’s one on the White House web site. That one already has over 300,000 signatures, & only needed 100,000 for the White House to do something about it.

    • Natalie, very well said, Thank you for your astute comments

  4. CNN and MSNBC FAKE MEDIA….I don’t even watch that junk

    • I don’t watch it much either–just enough to know what they are saying, so I don’t get blindsided when one of their reports is quoted. At least I know where the usually misguided information came from. You only need to watch about 5 minutes a day since they repeat everything ad nauseam.

    • Only the liberals can stand those channels. I turn to them long enough to hear a few lies then my blood begins to boil so I have to change the channel back to those with common sense.

  5. They think they have the people fooled but just wait until the 2018 elections. There are going to be a whole lot of ex-congressmen and ex-senators looking for new employment.

    • I certainly hope you are correct. The special elections so would suggest there could be a lot of fresh faces in the halls of Congress come January, 2019. We, as conservatives, must keep the excitement level up, so all the voters who came out to support President Trump will be back to support the candidates he supports. My only hope is that the people he supports don’t turn on him once they take their oaths.

      The media will certainly be out to destroy as many of these candidates as possible, but that has backfired on them in the special elections so far. Let’s hope their fear-mongering and race-baiting will continue to be seen for what it is by the electorate.

      • The lefties will truly kick up the fraudulent voting using their usual tactics except this time their tactics will be in steroidal strength. All of their fraud and rigging didn’t quite work in Nov. 2016 and this has embolden them. We’ve all witnessed how the blm and the antifa gangs have responded, including their beloved scum media. Violence and intimidation at the polls definitely will be on their agenda. I. too, hope their vile tactics backfire on them.

        • One thing I love to do now, is, call our President our President. It really cracks me up that, in spite of all the voter fraud, we STILL won! Despite Soros’ millions he spent trying to elect HRC, it was for naught. When God gets involved, things go right!!

          • That’s right FOD have the people the leader that thaws wanted and prayed for! GOD is good! Don’t stop believing and we will be fine! 😊

          • Robertfantelli Fantelli

            Amen!!!Praise the Lord!

          • Again I say amen.

          • Amen, Praise the Lord!!! God Bless America !!!

          • I so hope you are right, but remember, we DID win the election…..but we have not yet won the battle. The left is NOT GOING TO GIVE UP AND LIVE AS REAL AMERICANS. They want to BE IN CHARGE and they will NOT stop just because of an election. And I am not the only one who sees it this way. We are battling a huge group of people with microphones who have no integrity, no conscience, no honor, no sense of being American. We are up against the equivalent of a swarm of starving coyotes on the prowl for everything it can possibly demolish, NOT humans we can communicate with.

          • The Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission and CFR groups are in charge and will not give up their power. Just keep praying for our President and his families safety!

          • With God, all things are possible!

          • So God elects our public officials? Really?

          • Yes he is in control. Only a Fool would forget that.

          • He elected president Obama . Explain.

          • See above

          • See above what?

          • how do you explain that God elected Obama who I assume you think is the devil?

          • God was teaching us a lesson on how Evil is finding its way into the society and this Obama is a preview of what the anti-Christ will be. That woke America up and God gave us Pres Trump to see how Good can overcome Evil. Hearts were searched and God allowed us another chance You may not believe any of this but if you are a Christian you HAVE to know God is in control. If you are not a Christian, no one will be able to explain Gods workings.

          • I’m a Christian and you sound like you have lost your mind….
            what kind of weed are you smoking up there in Vancouver?

          • Rich Girod- Now why wasn’t I aware of that ?? LOL!! Do you think god cast the winning vote for Trump ? Do you think god voted twice ? I hope he wasn’t an illegal immigrant . LMAO!!!

          • Yes, God is in control of everything. Look what’s happening with hurricane Harvey, Irma, the earthquakes. God is telling us to get back to him, worse may happen.

          • So God is saying “you voted for tRUMP, so take this as punishment”? What are you talking about-?

          • I didn’t realize god was a politician. LOL!!!! DUMP won because Putin hacked into The DNC & they wanted your dear leader to win. God had nothing to do with it. It always amazes me how a Presidential Election brings out all the religious fanatics like yourself.

          • Obviously you know very little.

        • The difference is we have a new AG – Holder allowed the Black Panthers to intimidate the voters and refuse to charge them though they broke the law. This time it will be different if they (BLM or Antifa) try this stuff. As for voter fraud – the president has set up a special department who is stopping this but demanding states turn over voter roles and seeing if they are legit, which is great – it should help. (I did her some states are refusing to comply..)

          • Yes, there are those states that refuse to comply…maybe those states have much to lose if fraudulent voting is not permitted to proceed as usual. Criminal how thy get away with it.

          • They are Democrat states (Demorat Governors) and mine is one of those refusing. Illegals were found to have voted in the Northern part of our state (near Wash., DC) in the election before the last.

        • We the People can stop this. We are supporting President Trump. We can institute our own Term Limits. We Must vote against ALL Rino and Dem incumbents city, state, local and federal. They created this and they need to go home. After two or three elections the politicians will wake up. If they want to continue to live off the taxpayer they will actually have to represent the people and not their own pocketbooks. The media totally owns these politicians. Just look at the heads of the media and who they are married or connected to in politics.

      • Spite McConnell…vote against Lulu Strange

        • I can’t. I live in Texas, and I live in an extremely conservative county. We voted over 87% for Trump/Pence. I try to let Thornberry know how I feel, but once never knows what other influences are leaning on him.

          • curmudgeon VN Veteran

            One day, a very gentle Texas lady was driving across a high bridge in Austin. As she neared the top of the bridge, she noticed a young man fixing to jump.

            (fixin in Texas means: has the means or abilities to take action).

            She stopped her car, rolled down the window and said, Please don’t jump, think of your dear mother and father.

            He replied My mom and dad are both dead; I’m going to jump.”

            She said. Well, think of your sweet wife and precious children.

            He replied, I’m not married and I don’t have any kids.

            She said, well, then you just remember the Alamo.

            He replied, What’s the Alamo?

            She replied Well bless your heart! You just go ahead and jump you little Yankee Obama loving Democrat Bastard. You are holding up traffic.

          • Cute. Very cute and possibly could be true. Are there any bridges in Austin that are that high? Maybe. I’m well aware of what fixin’ means. Unfortunately, I use the term much too often, but it’s so descriptive it saves a lot of time unless you are talking to someone from Boston or Pittsburgh who doesn’t have a clue what you’re talking about.

            I know a few that are a lot worse than this, but I’ll save those for another time and place. ;=)

          • Hi, Texas, I’m a Yankee, born & raised, however I have roots in “The Heart of Dixie”–(Alabama), and went to school when the real history of the USA was taught; we learned/studied about the Alamo and what happened there. I had the privilege of visiting the Alamo some years ago. It was truly inspiring. Today, so many don’t care — don’t know the story/history of the Alamo… and that is truly shameful.

          • Robbie Doris Christiansen

            I hope you are still living here in Texas ~ 🙂

          • Hi Robbie! No, I don’t live in Texas or Alabama. I’m a Midwesterner; hot summers and cold winters.

          • Well, I guess we could be related. My great grandparents are from Alabama. They had to leave in the middle of the night because he shot and killed a man trying to make out with his wife which is how they got to Texas. Their last name was Kimee (sp?), but they changed it to Cole. I hope it wasn’t your great grandfather’s uncle he killed. :=)

          • No, it wasn’t. My great grandfather died from natural causes at the age of 97–just wore out, I guess, after a long life of hard work on a farm…I learned they were a very a hardworking, ‘straight-laced’ family; my grandmother would say “not a klinker among’em”. ROLL TIDE !

          • Good to hear! Finding out one had that kind of relationship with someone on one of these forums would be weird to say the least. My ancestors were all farmers and ranchers, too, but I think that’s why they lived so long. They had to get up the next morning to feed the chickens and mend the fences. There just wasn’t time to get sick and die. Of course, no prescription drugs or vaccines and eating healthy, simply food every day could have had some influence on their longevity, too.

          • Awe, that’s just too freakin’ funny. Thanks the straight up belly roll !!!!!!!

          • Pretty good!

    • They don’t care —— They’ve made their millions and can do BETTER by becoming a LOBBYIST on “Kstreet”…..

    • Yea hey! I, for one am looking forward to that.

    • All of them Republicans.

    • The MSM are liars about just about everything concerning Trump. Instead of speaking the truth, they instead want to rant about Melania’s shoes. Did they rant about Obama breaking the U.S. Constitution almost daily (in reference to the U.S. Immigration laws, confirmed by SCOTUS in unanimous vote) and his blatant violation of the Separation of Powers Act. They rant about Russian collusion with Trump and no evidence, yet there is plenty of evidence linking Bill & Hillary to Russian collusion and Podesta and the DNC.

    • You got that right !!!

    • Amen.

  6. All of the media’s integrity is gone forever. They have set themselves up to go the way of news print. Most people are not the ‘stupid americans’, they think we are. The media are the stupid one’s who sold their soul’s for ratings, which are circling the toilet bowl. They gleefully entertained themselves for more than a year tearing down the POTUS. All they have done is make his supporters double down for him. They are reaping what they have sown.

  7. The msm actually think the American people are stupid, That continuously reporting negative stories about POTUS will gain them credibility. The opposite effect will happen. The American people hate being told how to think, & how to feel. All they have succeeded in doing is driving Americans to support Mr. Trump. Polls are absolute crap. But that shows his ratings are so much higher than congress and the msm. Its like having a zero & 16 football team imparting wisdom on the losing super bowl team. Msm is the most disgusting anti-American business in America.

    • I wish you were correct about American people not being stupid. However back when BHO had just started his first WH run I enrolled at a University to work for a Masters degree after about 20 years of working with just a B.A. degree. Most of the students in the classes were about 20 years younger than me. I realized that while they may be graduate students, most of them were stupid compared to the kids that I had went to college with back in the 70’s.. I remember how surprised I was when taking on final when after 10 minutes the professor handed me a note. It said I did not really need to finish the test because I only needed 5 of the 300 possible points to get an A. I wrote on the note, that its ok. I had nothing else I needed to do that evening. After everyone had started to leave he told me that when he had realized I had already accumulated enough points for a A he thought I may want to study for another class. So I told him. that I was only taking his class that sem. since I was employed full time.

  8. Point # 1: Yes–it is very evident that certain news channels would like nothing better than Impeachment–and it shows the “power of the press”. As citizens we have to watch the press carefully and make sure we are getting “facts”.
    Point # 2: In our situation right now with who we have as president–I am GLAD the press is doing their duty to keep us informed and is showing us everything they can to convince us that it is important that steps are taken to rid ourselves of this president!

  9. MSM has NO SHAME —- that’s why I have NO MERCY and NO SYMPATHY for them and what is going to happen…..

  10. The only way our country can begin to heal is to remove every so called journalist and media from our society .People say we need the press ! Well I say no we don’t .Look what they are trying to do to “Each”and every American .White ignorant people are causing every bit of these attacks on white people .Antifa is mostly rich white kids attacking other whites . It is the foolish white cowards pushing for a war caused by the so called medias .White people are becoming the dumbest morons on the face of the earth .Americans used to think for themselves .Now we have blacks at the University of Mississippi offended by a banana peel in a tree and the white jerk apologizing for hanging it there because he didn’t have a trashcan .

  11. The main stream media is comprised of a bunch of whinny folks that were never taught manners in respecting the leadership positions…Q&Ais one thing, but these “reporters” are editorializing on everything, rather than reporting the “FACTS”!
    A bunch of clueless A-Hs that couldn’t find it with both hands!!

  12. Israel Kills AMERICANS




    Six Jewish Companies Control 96% of the World’s Media | – The Tap Blog
    TapNewsWire › 2015/10 › six-jewish-co…
    Oct 17, 2015 – Facts of Jewish Media Control. The largest media conglomerate today is Walt Disney Company, whose chairman and CEO, …

    Disney and the Jews: Eisner and His Kind Must Stop Harming Our Children … › 2016/08 › disney…
    Aug 28, 2016 – WE’VE SPOKEN about the Jewish control of the news and … when the Walt Disney company paid $19 billion to take control of …

    Disney Channel Is Now Teaching Homosexuality To Children, Christians In …
    Walid Shoebat › Featured › General
    Mar 5, 2017 – Disney is now teaching homosexuality to children, and good …. Disney has been promoting this crap for decades. …. You will dowhat “you” want, which is the credo of the …

    Disney slammed for ‘homosexual’ and ‘bestiality’ agenda in Frozen
    Sydney Morning Herald › au
    Mar 14, 2014 – Disney slammed for ‘ homosexual’ and ‘bestiality’ agenda in …. “If I was the devil, what would I do to really foul up an entire …

    Israeli government to refugees: Go back to Africa or go to prison – The Washington Post

    Washington Post › world › 2015/05/14
    AMP – May 14, 2015 – The new measures to press the Africans to leave Israel come at a time … Yonatan Jakubowicz of the Israeli ImmigrationPolicy Center, a think … I tell them try to stay.

  13. The liberal propaganda/fake news media are NOT that bright !!

  14. The media is nothing but a ……………………… Why I stopped watching the news in the year of our Lord 2012. Nothing but garbage coming out of their mouths.

  15. Yes, they should be, but media today has no shame whatsoever, clearly and won’t admit they were wrong.

  16. The has already ceashed intomountain as far as I am concerned.
    President Trump has done an admirable job of maintaining a positive and uplifting attitude during this onslot from the press and deep state.
    And damn the press and the deep state!

  17. I keep reminding you, if you have no values you cannot be ashamed.

  18. the “news” except for FOX is no longer news but is A LYNCH MOB after our President. Shame on them and their fake news

  19. The M.S.M. must really be pissed about our first lady’s snake skin shoes. Knowing that they lost one of their brothers/sisters in the making of them.;)

  20. What more can you expect from the MSM they are nothing but a bunch of racists idiots. They side with all that is bad with the country…ANTIFA, removal of statues,condemnation of free speech. They think by siding with dems it makes them the “IN” group, but I think that they will realize that soon they will be OUT and I can’t wait to see their faces when this happens.




  22. You don’t understand. Trump drives his golf cart onto the GREENS. The vile man must be punished.

  23. The media should be ashamed of being such BLATANT shills for the Commucrat Party Line, but they are SHAMELESS. They are SO far gone in their Trump derangement syndrome that they don’t even see how RIDICULOUS they are, and how LITTLE credibility they have!

  24. Eighty five percent of the main stream media is democrat. They vote democrat. They embrace an ever larger government role where a Marxist like Obama can call all the shots and play the identity politics game. They support progressive values, which means they view the Constitution as a valueless piece of paper that should be shredded and then dismissed. And they hate Trump because he sees through them and has the resources to defeat them, just like he defeated the corrupt Hillary Clinton in the November election – for which the MSM will never forgive him!

    • I agree! We have a news station here in Denver that none of the news(?) people call the President, Mr Trump. I guess they still just don’t get it.

  25. Ray2Hill, you must be joking. If your saying Pelosi, /Shumer, that pack of morons (all Dems) from Calif, Pocahontis and all those liberal idiots from the new england area are safe from voter wraith then God help our great country.

  26. The Obammunist media is desperately trying to resuscitate the Bush-Katrina narrative, only it was false then and now we know it, and it the attempt to jump-start it this time has failed ignominiously. Even democrat office-holders have praised the President and the party of Hillary, Hodgkinson and Hatred is reduced to complaints from a grotesque miniature Hitler, who could have stepped out of the decadent Capital in “The Hunger Games”, about the First Lady getting on the plane to Texas in high heels. They have attempted to circulate a picture of the marxist muslim from Mombasa feeding the hungry, ostensibly after Hurricane Sandy, but this was in fact taken in Washington (oops, he was a slave owner – make that Obamagrad) several years ago; as for his first tranny, there are no pictures of Michael in anything after Sandy, because he stayed on vacation in a nudist colony (obviously, no pictures from there) after the hurricane. The party of Marx, Mohammed and Murder was just thrilled when the Hurricane hit Texas, and hoped for a big death toll among deplorables; the leftists and their media have done everything but send the communist and black militant storm troopers that they unleashed on our streets down to Texas to hold gringo’s heads under water.

    • The meal pics of Obama serving were taken at a Thanksgiving meal years back.

    • Miles E Drake- WOW!! The Insanity runs wild in The Trump Klan. You Ignorant morons have lost your minds!! Do you guys make up this shit as you go along ? Find a good shrink , get on some really good meds to help with your mental instability. I hope you have health insurance. LOL!!!

      • These Soros-paid troll posts generally fall into two categories: “you stupid fools need to be on psychotropic medications” or “shut the f–k up motherf—ker”. They are probably copied from templates issued by the Nazi kapo’s lair or by the party of Hillary, Hodgkinson and Hatred.

  27. America needs to wake up and see the true areas of self destruct. Dems and media. Blame the past. Blame the repubs blame statues. Blame potus. Remove and replace Dems. Stop watching CNN and other no news sources. Their biggest blame is our own free election system where anyone can win and be president. Voters are tired of being left out and used by the corrupt system controlled by far left Dems Time for reawakening of USA one law for all.

  28. Clean the swamp folks 2018 midterms

  29. Nosedive? The press nose dived years ago. I believe it has been lying for private reasons for decades, telling the tale that their bosses and/or politicians and/or the Marfia told them to report. The press is no longer American, but is beneath what the Mafia ever pretended to be. It is an enemy of the United States citizens, and I believe that all decent Americans see it that way, primarily because it has turned from reporting the news to trying to run the nation….no one elected them. No one wants them running the world. I have ZERO respect for the press, same as politicians. They both make money and own all the microphones and they’d rather have that than the public’s respect..and that says a lot about their character – worthless.

  30. I was particularly fond of the coverage of Melania’s shoes.


  32. The mainstream news media has NO shame, because they aren’t and haven’t been journalist’s for a longtime…they are mere propagandist’s that use their given templates to shape perception…anyone one with two brain cells to rub together can see that…

  33. You can’t handle the truth. The true hypocrisy is the reich wing calling the liberals whiners.

    • Gee, maybe that’s because the libs ARE whiners, & have been for months on end. Are you living in a cave?

      • Why no, are you? Every Reich wing site is nothing but whining. For 8 years of Obama and still obama or how bad tRump is treated or how bad the liberals are or blablabla. Good at projecting not so good at looking inward. Always.

    • They may not be whiners but they most certainly are losers.

      • I’m the first to admit they have run some pretty crappy candidates. Most of them are neoliberal not liberal.

        • I’m cot certain any progressive so called democrat even knows what it is they were/are supporting when they supported both obama and hillary. For an example tell me what did obama mean when he promised a fundamental transformation. And then do you know why he also promised a federal civilian police force. In his words just as well funded, trained and equipped as the US military. We had not needed such a police force for 240 or so years so why would we suddenly need one under his administration? Was it because his promised fundamental transformation was going to have to be forced upon the American people? Why did no democrat ever demand an explanation from obama as to what he meant by those two statements?

          Furthermore, I know of no democrat who actually meets the dictionary definition of liberal today. Do you? If so who? And how?

          • Oh lord. If everything you all truly believe about Obama were actually true, I’d probably hate him almost as much as you do. As far as “transforming the nation, here are his words, “Now, Mizzou, I just have two words for you tonight: five days. Five days. After decades of broken politics in Washington, and eight years of failed policies from George W. Bush, and 21 months of a campaign that’s taken us from the rocky coast of Maine to the sunshine of California, we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.
            “In five days, you can turn the page on policies that put greed and irresponsibility on Wall Street before the hard work and sacrifice of folks on Main Street. In five days, you can choose policies that invest in our middle class, and create new jobs, and grow this economy, so that everyone has a chance to succeed, not just the CEO, but the secretary and janitor, not just the factory owner, but the men and women on the factory floor.” I’ll bet that is not what you thought by reading or listening to your apparent sources. Or maybe you just don’t think those are fair goals

            On to your “federal civilian police force” claim. I hate to inform you but that is total BS. The extremist GA ex-representative Paul Braun taking a statement of President Obama’s out of context and fabricating a big fat LIE started it. Of course FOX picked right up on it as well as all the Reich wing blogs and put it through the echo chamber as the LIE that it was. Here is a link though I wonder why I bother as you will likely call it “fake news”.
            Please take notice even Bill frickin O’Reilly says, “I think — I — you know, I know you think maybe we haven’t been fair, but I think your heart is in the right place.
            If you call that fake news there is nothing I can do about it.

            In short, supporting Obama is supporting something totally different than you THINK. Your thinking is skewed by misinformation.

            My suggestion to you is to change or at least broaden your “news” sources.

            Obama slowed the militarization of police through the 1033 program but Sessions just reinstated it full force. According to you’re supposed quote and words about Obama’s supposed “police force…just as well funded, trained and equipped as the US military”, You didn’t seem to adhere to such practices, but if you support trump/sessions, perhaps you inadvertently do. Perhaps you think it is appropriate for the police to cruise around in tanks. I don’t.

            I thought I was clear in my initial comment that the Democrats have of late running crappy candidates because they are neoliberals as opposed to liberals. I do not care for neoliberals. Perhaps you missed that. Incidentally, Hillary was the worst. Just which “dictionary definition” are you referring to in your question? One premise of being “liberal” is not resistant to change; therefore one can find many definitions of the word “liberal”. From your misinformed comments, your definition of liberal is probably far different than mine. In my progressive circles names of Progressives that come up are (surprise!) Teddy Roosevelt, of course FDR (I doubt that you like him) and even Eisenhower! Yes IKE! Probably the last decent republiCON POTUS we’ve had.

            “Should any political party attempt to abolish social security, unemployment insurance, and eliminate labor laws and farm programs, you would not hear of that party again in our political history“, Dwight D. Eisenhower

            “Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies in the final sense a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed”, Dwight D. Eisenhower

            “I hate war as only a soldier who has lived it can, only as one who has seen its brutality, its futility, its stupidity”, Dwight D. Eisenhower.

            Opps, sorry! Now you don’t like Ike. Or maybe you didn’t already.

  34. It’s truly sad the liberals can’t see (or refuse to see) they’re being played by the media, the RINOs & Dems in Congress. The media thinks One World Order would be just fine & dandy, as would the others mentioned above. They apparently have no clue what OWO means.

    • That’s a total crock.

    • They actually cannot see it because most are the product of communist indoctrination by the education system here including our universities. The communists have infiltrated our schools, the media and even as you say our government both parties. However, the democrats party to a much deeper degree then the republican party. Consequently, there are more republicans who are still conservative then there are true liberals (Kennedy democrats) remaining in the democratic party. The democrats party is nearly totally progressive communist at this point (although some may be supporting them unwittingly). Furthermore, they are determined to complete the obama promised fundamental transformation. Violence is the only way they see themselves completing that transformation. It may very well backfire on them and it may happen very soon.

      Right now these riots are happening mostly in so called progressive cities (progressiveness is communism in disguise) and law enforcement has not taken the kind of active roll it will need to take if this communist movement is going to be squelched. Places like Berkeley California and Charlottesville VA. are very far left. Even though the police were present in both cases little interference was ordered and in both cases the riots were allowed to continue. If that attitude continues these riots will get worse and worse. Look at what is now happening in Venezuela. It could come to that here unless something is done.

      Make no mistake what we are witnessing now is what was supposed to happen under obama but it did not because he did not get the guns outlawed and did not form (we think) his federal civilian police force just as well funded, trained and armed as the US military. Remember how the democrats cheered wildly? Although Antifa may very well be them. We just do not know yet. However, they are much like hitlers brown shirts in the late thirties. They however, became so powerful even hitler became afraid of them and he had them all killed and they were replaced with the SS.

  35. Just goes to show how classless the MSM truly is. Many derogatory adjectives and nouns would apply, but the most accurate one would probably be POS!!!

  36. Trump was 100% on Charlottesville. The crooked media can’t stand it.

  37. I have been hoping for a President like Mr. Trump for many years; a Christian, a businessman, an outsider, a man who actually loves America and wants to do what is best for We the People instead of their own selfishness. Of course they are going to dig their heals even further in their muddy swamp and thank God, President Trump doesn’t care what they think. Keep praying.

  38. I saw a man with loads of compassion, he was there with family to help and give encouragement to those hurting, wake up America, our forefathers were NOT career politicians, they cared about the new Country, we need more men/women like that now, not ones that only look at how much they can pocket.

  39. the media should have SUBVERSION charges filed on them!!
    they are trying to overthrow the President of the United States.
    That used to be called TREASON back when I was in the U.S. Army

    • It’s a crying shame but the so called MSM is protected by the first amendment and therefore cannot be prosecuted. On the other hand, we the people don’t have to listen to these traitorous b**tards If we choose not to.

  40. I truly have faith in the majority of the American people, that they are not stupid! You have to be stupid to buy all of the ridiculous bullshxt that the media is handing out, and I think that most people realize it! The stupid media is so full of hate for Trump, that they have actually become a joke, and rather irrelevant! They mat figure it out eventually, but their worship of Odumbo, who was a terrible president, and their hatred for Trump had really exposed them for what they are!

  41. I think the media should be banned from the press corp. They are no longer news reporters, but worse than the cheap rags you see at the grocery store check out lanes. I, personally, won’t watch the news, nor read liberal papers or magazines, since it’s nothing but lies.

  42. I am to point i do not turn on news channels that bash Trump, and i will never return to MSM that bashes Trump, i am done for good

  43. The media’s trouble has just begun. After the 2018 elections they will have a lot more (conservative) Senators and Reps to make fun of bc we’re going to be putting more of them there. Also need to get rid of the RINO’s.

  44. This distrust of the American media is global. World wide people see a hateful news agenda to the American president. We all are disgusted and embarrassed by such brash unprofessionalism. Around the world folks have told me they know they are being lied to by the media. Many have asked, Mr. Trump actually is quite generous with a big heart, isn’t he. The only honest answer is YES. President Trump MAGA! In spite of these whimpering sniffling dropout news casters and their communist and/or HITLER bosses and management and sponsors.

  45. Those poor idiots!! If they can’t find anything to say bad about President Trump and First Lady Melania, then they have to bad mouth her fashion sense. You know something good is going to happen with all the negativeness that is going on. lol

  46. Why would anyone listen to one phucking word the media say? Piss on the fake news liberal ass media and first and foremost the lying anchors!

  47. Richard Bagenstose

    what the media really should be ashamed of is letting the kenyan clown get away with treason for 8 years,

  48. This BS they have been spouting is getting old. Have they forgotten that Trump got a lot votes. He is doing great things for the people now and undoing Obama’s mess, even though he is being opposed by those that are in it only for themselves. McCain thinks his revenge move was more important than helping the people.

  49. Do you suppose all those un-seated dems and RINOS will become “journalists” and so become
    even MORE hated than they are now??? LOL!!!

  50. The media has no shame & are lower than snakes. They should be referred to as PRAVDA, not the media..

  51. these communist/democrats are going to get bit in the ass

  52. What happened to the Russian collusion story?

    • They will get to it just as soon as they finish with our presidents financials, personal life, locker room talk, wife’s dress code, children’s IQ, His fathers start up loan 30 yrs ago and all the rest of the very important stuff that has been prioritized.

  53. If you get the mail I do asking for money for conservative groups You would go broke trying to send $10 to each. I do send money to a few conservative PACs and the Tea Party. Each one I support does so in special ways funding commercials for conservative candidates. We definitely need to help get the message out to get conservatives elected. So choose wisely and support the new conservative PACs get their candidates elected and pray like it all depends upon God. Because it does. We are His workers. So get busy if you are not already.

    I want to thank The Donald for his very tough job Making America Great Again. TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP.

    • Only the Love Of his Country would make a very wealthy man put up with the crap that is thrown at our President all day and all night. Additionally, his family, wife and children are putting up with the same stuff. My hat is off to our President. May God bless and support him and guide him through this liberal crap. Go Trump MAGA and God Bless the USA !!!

  54. curmudgeon VN Veteran

    In case you are having a rough day, here’s a stress management technique recommended in all the latest psychological journals. The funny thing is that it really does work and will make you smile.

    1. Picture yourself lying on your belly on a warm rock that hangs out over a

    crystal clear stream.

    2. Picture yourself with both your hands dangling in the cool running water.

    3. Birds are sweetly singing in the cool mountain air.

    4. No one knows your secret place.

    5. You are in total seclusion from that hectic place called the world.

    6. The soothing sound of a gentle waterfall fills the air with a cascade of serenity.

    7. The water is so clear that you can make out the face of the liberal Democrat you are holding underwater.

    See it worked. You’re smiling. You feel better already.

  55. The days of the press just reporting the news is long gone. Today the main stream press and TV have a liberal agenda, and they let that show in their reporting. The problem is that you can’t believe what they “report” as it has an underlying agenda. Where do you get the truth these days? I really don’t know.

  56. The only thing I can add to this is, this is the way it will be for the Conservative party for the next 8 years. But we are bigger than that and we already accepted the fact that the media is portraying President Trump in the negative tone only because the media and the left lost the race. The sore losers cannot and will not accept the will of the people. I only pray that after President Trump’s 8 years, the Democrats will not get back into the WH. America suffers every time there is a liberal progressive “IDIOT”ology to govern us.
    President Trump and the loyal supporters such as myself are going forward not paying attention to CNN, (esp. MSNBC), ABC, or CBS. Even Fox has a few naysayers but thank God for the very few who still make it worthwhile to watch FOX. If ever it goes liberal we have Direct TV 247 OANN, 249 NEWSMAX, and conservative radio talk shows. They will help us maintain our sanity.
    I sure wish I could understand why the liberals and the Democrats are so in a hurry to get rid of the freedoms we enjoy. They (dem/libs) are so ignorant and stupid not to see they are being played right into hell.
    I for one will be glad to see Jesus come back for us and really give us a just government under his rulership for the next millennium.
    That last statement was intended for those of us who understand as Christians the things that must soon come to pass.

  57. Get rid of Soros and the BLM & Antifa will be gone, no pay checks — no riots.These idiots have no idea what their protesting for. All they do know is that their making plenty of money for now. HA-HA-HA-HA Good bye suckers & wait for them to arrest you, and think that’s not going to happen, the AG knows who alot of you are so be waiting for the knock on the door.

  58. msm the trash we just can’t seem to get rid of.

  59. Ashamed no: just pull their charters and the smell will go away!

  60. To say that the media should be ashamed of Trump/Hurrican coverage implies that they think the media is capable of having a conscience. We all see, more andmore each day, that they have no consciance.

  61. Declare war on the mainstream media is best thing I can do, I will not buy the products or services in the ads they show. I only watch local news and I still don’t buy the products or services in those ads.

  62. Media has no conscience therefore no Compassion no way of being ashamed they are soul less creatures

  63. Josephine Pellegrino

    The people are on to the media now. It is so obvious that they cannot hide it any longer. They have become the scum of the earth. It is very sad that they cannot print the news as it truly is. They are all still cry babies, sore losers and spoiled brats that cannot have their way. Trump is strong and so is Melania and they will prevail.

  64. The media says what they want you to believe and not the truth! That’s why the brain dead liberal snowflakes believe every thing they say, they can’t think for them selves!!!

  65. Pamela Sue Therrien

    they have many fooled as so many do not have access to other than main stream media google and facebook makes sure everything conservative or favorable to Pres. Trump is unseen on a private page unseen by the public is one thing but google and facebook, utube all of the will not allow anything not in alignment with their agenda

  66. Fed Up With Politicians

    The media is so under the thumb of Soros and the democrats I don’t think we will ever see fair reporting again!

  67. Everyone knows by now MSM is not credible.

  68. Pretty funny how they talk about President Trumps poll numbers but forget that theirs and congress numbers are even lower!!

  69. The People of America should demand a congressional investigation of the subversive activities by the media on their lock of objective and untruthful reportage to protect all Americans and the Protection of our sacred First Amendment. The Media’s capricious and Political driven agenda present a most serious danger to the very Freedoms that are part and parcel of the Great America fabric. If you are looking for America’s enemies do not look any further then the MSM, the Lobbyist and all assorted anti Americans expressions and manifestations.

  70. Bring on the exorcists and banish the devil from the White House. If he ever did something positive, the media would say so. His presence in Texas was not about the devastation, it was all about him. He marveled about the crowd, but they did not go to see him, they went to hear ow fast and how much help they will get. He made a show by handing out care packages but only after he was criticized for not visiting Houston or Beaumont. He then said he had seen the catastrophe first hand. Lie after lie

  71. I have absolutely no respect for the Media, the Washington Post, the (Failing)New York Times, or the TV networks, NBC,CBS, ABC and the worse of the worse CNN. We used to look to the media for honest non bias reporting, and if a anchor wanted to rant it was called an EDITORIAL and the station would run the disclaimer that these are only the views of the reporter and not the station, now they use it to push their agenda and try to lie and destroy anyone who disagrees with them. Sad time for our country and thanks to Obama and his corrupt party and followers it is the worse situation we have ever faced in this country, it is a different CIVIL WAR.

  72. It could be the only thing that will stop these minions of Satan is the Rapture and the Avenging Angels of God. I pray it is soon….

  73. Shame the MSM?? Quit Smoking Crack !!

  74. As an ordinary American, I was very proud of President Trump. In fact, one of the places he visited was Lake Charles, LA, which is my hometown and the people here loved him. He’s the only sitting president who has ever found the time to visit us. The others were always too busy playing golf. Unless he does a complete 180 degree turnaround politically, he definitely has my vote in 2020. And the mainstream media as a whole can go jump in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico, preferably during a hurricane.

  75. I am so proud of our President and First Lady! He has put in place heads of departments that have common sense and know how to handle destruction from hurricanes, to the problems with VA! He needs to work on the over reach of the Bureau of Land Mgt-BLM, EPA, get rid of the Obamma holdovers especially the State Dept (works with the heads of immigration worldwide, operations in giving arms to questionable groups, CIA,FBI, IRS and the list goes on.

  76. The media is nothing less than lies and more lies, nothing they say can be believed it is all FAKE NEWS….

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