McConnell Shuts Down Major Move By GOP

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) on Tuesday verified that Republicans would not be debating Sen. Lindsey Graham’s (R-S.C.) proposal to ban abortions nationwide following the fifteenth week of pregnancy.

McConnell also noted that this measure was pushed by Graham alone and that the initiative was not pushed at the leadership level.

McConnell and his team are focusing their campaign on President Biden’s work to deal with the economy and inflation. The legislation was originally introduced during a press conference. Act pregnancy would not be allowed to have an abortion. Doctors found in violation of the ban could go to jail for up to five years.

As Graham noted he had not communicated with McConnell before the legislation was introduced. This legislation would also have the support of many anti-abortion rights groups, including the National Right to Life Committee, March for Life, and Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America.

McConnell during his interview said that it was up to individual state Republicans to determine how they viewed the iddue of abortions.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), who is running for reelection has said that she supports women’s reproductive freedom to choose and that abortion rights need to be codified, especially following the overturning of Roe v. Wade which allowed Americans the right to abortions.

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  1. Keep the Feds out of this. Let the States decide.

    I personally am OK with the Ohio 6 week law. – There arr many ways for a girl to find out if she had made a mistake and terminate by then The is no reason to have “live birth” abortions…. But that is just the way I feel about it. Let’s see if the rest of the voters feel the same way.

    This is not an issuer the nut case extremists on either end of the scale to decide. =- Again let the voters at the state level decide.

  2. mcconnell is another “deep state CONTROLLED puppet”, bought, owned, and controlled by communist china,. and the BRIBERY $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ of the ‘deep state wealthy elite CABAL”, that are the REAL power and control in this country as well as much of the world.
    He is another “swamp creature” that should be removed ASAP, arrested, tried, convicted, and HANGED for TREASON (along with MANY, MANY others that are guilty of the same crime.

  3. the era of party hearty with no consequences is OVER. now, playgirls, you must pay the piper in some states. if you can do the deed, be able to own it. the days of carefree promiscuity are over for some of you. and if you want an abortion, PAY FOR IT YOURSELF. my dime is not going to pay anymore. as the saying goes, nothing is FREE. it all comes with a cost sooner or later. in your case, later will have more meaning when you have to describe in detail why you chose abortion over life. too bad your moms didn’t think like you. we wouldn’t have this issue now.

    • This also applies to your own medical costs. Really this BULLS**T of free Medicare for all is just another giveaway by the liberals for votes from those too damned lazy to get a job or too stupid to realized there’s nothing in life for free or think everything should be free. As far as i’m concerned I struggle to pay for my medical care, you do the same and not on my dime. Really what makes you so damned special that you get this benefit that you haven’t paid a damned dime into? I urge everyone to vote out any politician ( usually they’re liberals who have no problem pissing taxpayers money away on BULLSHIT just to get the votes) who endorses this BS as we all know who’ll have to foot the bills, the taxpayers as is always the case in instances like this. Some fools think Medicare is free to the seniors but it isn’t. Medicare is a part of Social Security and you become eligible for it when you turen 65 yrs old and have paid inot it through deductions from your paychecks. It’s costly and many seniors struggle to pay for this and to just give this away to people who’ve never paid into it is an outrage. Remember this come the mid terms and vote out all liberls driving the qiuality of life here in America into the toilet with their BS programs and giveaways!

  4. The federal government law making powers are limited to what powers the Constitution specifically list for them and Nothing more. Follow the Constitution.

  5. This is such BS!Why is it OK to kill human children but do not kill animals?People will spend all kinds of money to support the SPCA but not to help save children??????Thank goodness for the covid Vaccine.

  6. McConnell, old koot, needs to be in a nursing home instead of making govt. decision’s. It’s time he’s put to pasture! He makes only bad choices!!!

  7. two pieces of shit that need to go. Graham, and China owned Mitch.

    • Couldnt agree more but you forgot hildabeast, nasty ‘pigliosi, ‘heels up harris’ and joey bidee. There that should fix it but as we all know there’re unfortunately many, many more pieces of worthless, rotting S**T in government that need to go but this is a good start.

  8. it would be wonderful if this was a shot across old turtle nose’s brow, shaking his arrogant confidence that he is there for life. however, since it came from graham, probably not. it might just make a big enough crack to encourage someone else, rand paul, ron johnson, anybody else,
    to make a run for the leadership. mcconnell and paul ryan double crossed President Trump at every turn and he still accomplished more than any other president in 25 years. mega al the way.

  9. McConnell needs to be replaced the moment the Republicans take over the Senate Majority. Ted Cruz would be a good choice.

  10. McConnell a RINO and this proves it 100%

  11. McCarthy and RubiRINO need to go as well. They are both deep state RINOs.

  12. Abortion is murder, plain and simple. Pro choice to murder an innocent baby is BS. The woman made her choice when she had unprotected sex. An innocent baby should not be killed because of her bad choice.

  13. As with EVERYTHING, it is all about money. And I don’t approve of abortions as a convenient method of birth control, murder is murder. Big corporations gladly fund abortions rather than pay out maternity leaves, and I vehemently protest our tax dollars being used to prop up a wholly
    racist program like Planned Parenthood. It was created and funded by Margaret Sanger to keep minorities (specifically Black Americans) from reproducing. The corruption and heinous use of our government to fund and encourage lack of responsibility by individuals is illegal and threatens everything we hold dear. It has no more to do with “women’s health” than indoctrinating our children into gender swapping!

  14. This was a play by Graham to have Republicans lose in November. He, as well as many RINOs love being backbenchers. McConnell and McCarthy are also terrible. Listen up, abortion at any stage is murder. The developing baby should never be killed for any reason. It is blameless. When it comes to murder, it’s no longer politics.

  15. Being unemployed I welcome the abortion ban. I do have a spare room where I know I could get the fetus out and flushed away for a not so small fee.

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