McConnell Reveals His Midterms Plot

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has said that currently, his focus is entirely on winning the midterm elections and that he is not concerned about the GOP’s direction.

In an interview, he was asked by CNN whether he thought the GOP’s direction should be more aligned with former President Donald Trump, or with more conservative GOP members such as Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney, McConnell said that all he is focused on is the people getting a Republican nomination they would vote for. He added that his focus is entirely on winning as this is what will allow them to control the agenda.

For many the GOP primaries this year have been considered a test of the control that Trump can still exert over Republican voters. However, some in the party are hoping to reduce Trump’s influence and stop his allies from being elected in some proxy battles. Trump continues to have impressive endorsement rates even though more than one year has passed since he left the White House.

One of Trump’s endorsements managed to un-seat Cheney, the most vocal Republican critic of the former President, from her seat in the house. Harriet Hageman, Trump’s endorsement won the Republican nomination in Wyoming.

McConnell has previously hinted that following the January 6 Capitol riot he thought Trump was” practically and morally responsible” for the attack. Many thought this would mean that McConnell would push for the party to move towards establishment Republicans. However, his latest comments show that is not currently on his radar. Instead, he is fully focused on winning the midterm elections after the polls showed a steep decline in support for the GOP after the Supreme Court decided to overturn Roe v. Wade.

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  2. Alexander Mackiewicz

    McConnell is a go fetch dog i.e. mutt of the old Bush Dynasty and corrupt Rino Billionaires and if they regain control the party will jump right back in bed with the Demo’s. He’s a piece of garbage exactly like the prostitute Cheney and her filthy corrupt father who sold American military personnel for money. They are all POS. I despise and detest everything they are and everything they represent.

    • I agree! So arrogant these RINOs think that they are STILL ENTITLED to their positions in gov! They think that we are too stupid to know the difference between a RINO and a real Patriot like Trump!
      Nov 8th cannot come around fast enough!

  3. The first sentence had a large mistake in it…”or with more conservative GOP members such as Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney”. There is nothing conservative nor GOP about Liz Cheney!

    • I caught the same mistake—unbelievable that such a gross error was not caught before it was published!

    • Wow!!!!!…Well I hope they Get it Right…..and take over…..a new generation ins coming in…and they better move move over and give them room…also…teach them the ropes…but clean out the corrupt Rhino’s and those that sway WOTS…..Word On The Street…better listen to the people because we are feed up with the Bullshit and that’s not how it’s done mentality…business needs to be timely and efficient…

    • If the writing is correct it was how CNN posed the questioning, positioning Cheney as “more conservative”. Certainly you would expect that leftist claptrap to intentionally confuse the situation. Anything put out by that organization is not worthy of serious discussion.

  4. There is definitely an anti-Trump bias in this article from a PND staff writer and to refer to Liz Cheney as a “more conservative GOP member” shows how completely out of touch this writer is with reality.

  5. Part of the problem the GOP has is that McConnell is still in office. He is definitely not conservative and awfully clingy to democrats. Replacing him would go a long way to increasing their appeal with conservative voters. He voted against them on a regular basis when Trump was in office.

  6. We already know his under the table game is to kiss Demonrat butts as usual so his Chinese friends keeps sending money.

  7. McConnell was all too happy to see Trump lose the Stolen Election– he didn’t blame the Democrat election thieves or Pelosi and the Democrats’ flawed security plan or Capitol Police who not only murdered unarmed female veteran Ashli Babbitt in cold blood when she could have been arrested- but they used flash bang devices and concussion grenades on other innocent protestors and according to at least one eyewitness, turned the crowd angry. “Revolver” has rightly exposed the “FEDSURRECTION,” fingering not only major instigator Ray Epps, but others who have pictures of their faces from video, but remain unarrested– one used a megaphone egging people into the Capitol as Epps did. McConnell’s problem also is his Chineses wife whose family made her fortune with the communists in Beijing– the powerful Red China lobby was eager to get rid of Trump who wasn’t going to tolerate business as usual. McConnell is a poster boy for term limits–& should have retired with some dignity still intact, long ago.

  8. Mike Pence would make the Republicans a good choice for President.

    • No, no he would NOT!

    • Mike Pence is a gutless wonder. He was one of the few mistakes Trump made. He’s another crooked career politician.
      Another mistake was thinking the DOJ was an honest, non-biased department and that includes the crooked FBI.

  9. Nothing mentioned about Mitch sending money to the candidates he supports and none to Blake Masters and the people we need to get elected. This person should never write an article on conservatives again.

  10. Just like in the movie “Shooter” with Mark Wahlberg, the corrupt Senator Charles F. Meachum asks Bobby Lee Swagger:
    You got any plans after this? You have a rather unique skill set. I’d be interested in offering you a job.

    Bob Lee Swagger : Work? For you?

    Senator Charles F. Meachum : It’s not really as bad as it seems. It’s all gonna be done in any case. You might as well be on the side that gets you well paid for your efforts.

    Nick Memphis : And what side are you on?

    Senator Charles F. Meachum : There are no sides. There’s no Sunnis and Shiites. There’s no Democrats and Republicans. There’s only HAVES and HAVE-NOTS.

    Senator Charles F. Meachum : There’s always a confused soul that thinks that one man can make a difference, and you have to kill him to convince him otherwise. That’s the hassle with democracy.

    Senator Charles F. Meachum : This is a country where the Secretary of Defense can go on TV and tell the American public, oh, that “This is about freedom! It’s not about oil!” And nobody questions him, cuz they don’t wanna hear the answer, because it’s a lie! There’s only so many places at the table, Gunny. Now, are you on the inside or are you on the out?

    Senator Meachum says: Are you out of your mind? Are you out of your damn mind? I am a United States Senator!

    Bob Lee Swagger : Exactly. BANG!

    McConnell has been in office since 1985! He is the head of the Snake in the Senate. He needs to be cut off!
    There are videos of him falling down drunk, talking about how important he is, and making himself a disgrace to his position as Minority Senate Leader, not to mention all of the back stabbing he did to and continues to do to Trump, to this day.

    Disclaimer: I am not promoting the killing of anyone. I am saying that RINO McConnell needs to be the nobody that he is, for good!

  11. Why not Ted Cruz for Majority Leader of the Senate? He is a solid Republican.

  12. Or Joe Jordan for Speaker of the House?

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