McConnell: Not Much Difference Between Crazy Bernie and the Rest of the Dems

Democrats are in the midst of a full-scale freakout over the prospect of Bernie Sanders, the socialist from Vermont, winning the party’s nomination. Republicans, meanwhile, are nervous about the same thing from a different perspective. Democrats don’t think Sanders can possibly beat Trump, but Republicans have seen firsthand the power of an outsider candidate with an energized, populist base. Could we be less than a year away from seeing this radical leftist become the most powerful man in the world?

It’s unsettling, but at least one man in Washington thinks there’s not all that much daylight between the self-described socialist and the rest of the 2020 Democrats. In an interview with Fox News’s Bret Baier on Thursday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said that while there were very good reasons to be worried about a Sanders nomination, many of those reasons were equally as valid for his competitors.

“As you look at the Democratic race right now, a lot of angst on the Democratic side about Bernie Sanders versus a centrist or moderate role,” said Baier. “What would it do to the country, do you think, if it was a president Bernie Sanders, if he was elected over President Trump in November – if he’s the nominee?”

“You’ve got to worry about a nominee who is so attracted to the old Soviet Union years ago that he and his wife went to a honeymoon to Moscow during the Cold War. He’s the real deal,” acknowledged McConnell.

“What bothers me more is all the rest of them sound very similar,” he continued. “They just don’t describe themselves as socialists. They may call themselves moderates. If the definition of a moderate in the Democratic presidential primary these days is, they’re not for ‘Medicare For All’ but the public option – the public option means there will be only be one insurance company pretty soon. So they’re all heading the same direction: socialized medicine. I think they are all taking far-left positions and even though Bernie Sanders gets some credit for truth in labeling, they are I think all heading in the same direction.”

Well, he’s not wrong about that. The only one of them who is even within spitting distance of actual “centrist” views on that side is Michael Bloomberg, and it’s really hard for us to see how he can win this thing no matter how many millions he throws into the race. Every Sanders fan will sit home on election day.

We’re fairly confident that Trump has this election in the bag, no matter what. Nonetheless, the mere fact that these radical views are in the mainstream of Democratic politics is a scary one, indeed. They’ll either completely self-implode in the next couple of years, pull WAY back from the fringe, or…

Well, we don’t even want to consider the third possibility.

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