Maybe the Mike Pence “Rule” Isn’t So Bad After All, Eh?

Isn’t it strange to see how eager too-cool-for-school liberals are to bash and mock Vice President Mike Pence for his old-fashioned approach to his marital vows? Six months ago, sure, you weren’t surprised in the least to hear them make fun of his prudish nature and his refusal to be in a room alone with a woman who was not his wife. How terribly Puritan! What kind of moral-high ground nonsense was this? Did this square completely miss the 1960s altogether? What a lame-o, and probably a sexist to boot!

But now? In the middle of a sea of sexual scandal? In a world where the headlines are filled with Harvey Weinsteins and Al Frankens and John Lasseters and Charlies Roses and John Conyers? We’d say that Mike Pence is coming out smelling like a rose. Not that we expect any feminist to give him credit for that. Not in this lifetime.

The fact is, no matter how backwardly-portrayed Pence’s “no women alone” rule may be, it is nothing more or less than basic common sense. It is, in a way, the same common sense effective dieters recommend for people trying to lose weight: Whatever you do, don’t have it in the house. It’s a lot easier to refrain from eating that piece of chocolate cake when there’s no piece of chocolate cake to worry about.

And you can get all high and mighty and say, “Well, if he’s so pious and pure, he should be able to resist any temptation put before him,” but that’s BS. Every man walking knows there are temptations and scenarios that cannot be easily refused. And even if you have the confidence in your own ability to walk the straight and narrow, it only makes sense to avoid temptation whenever possible. Not only does it spare your meager willpower, it prevents you from getting into a sketchy situation that can be misinterpreted later.

This isn’t about some modern day holy man walking on water and pretending to be better than thou. This is about a faithful man who tries his best to walk the Christian path…but knows all too well that the Devil will put seeds of temptation along that road. What better way to keep to the light than to take simple steps to keep the darkness away?

It is also not about some roaming beast of a man who is afraid that, given the slightest opportunity, he will jump the bones of the nearest female. It is about respect. Respect for his wife, respect for the women in his association and employ, and respect for his values. And given that it’s about respect, it is no surprise to see that most modern liberals have no clue as to its value.


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