Maybe the Mike Pence “Rule” Isn’t So Bad After All, Eh?

Isn’t it strange to see how eager too-cool-for-school liberals are to bash and mock Vice President Mike Pence for his old-fashioned approach to his marital vows? Six months ago, sure, you weren’t surprised in the least to hear them make fun of his prudish nature and his refusal to be in a room alone with a woman who was not his wife. How terribly Puritan! What kind of moral-high ground nonsense was this? Did this square completely miss the 1960s altogether? What a lame-o, and probably a sexist to boot!

But now? In the middle of a sea of sexual scandal? In a world where the headlines are filled with Harvey Weinsteins and Al Frankens and John Lasseters and Charlies Roses and John Conyers? We’d say that Mike Pence is coming out smelling like a rose. Not that we expect any feminist to give him credit for that. Not in this lifetime.

The fact is, no matter how backwardly-portrayed Pence’s “no women alone” rule may be, it is nothing more or less than basic common sense. It is, in a way, the same common sense effective dieters recommend for people trying to lose weight: Whatever you do, don’t have it in the house. It’s a lot easier to refrain from eating that piece of chocolate cake when there’s no piece of chocolate cake to worry about.

And you can get all high and mighty and say, “Well, if he’s so pious and pure, he should be able to resist any temptation put before him,” but that’s BS. Every man walking knows there are temptations and scenarios that cannot be easily refused. And even if you have the confidence in your own ability to walk the straight and narrow, it only makes sense to avoid temptation whenever possible. Not only does it spare your meager willpower, it prevents you from getting into a sketchy situation that can be misinterpreted later.

This isn’t about some modern day holy man walking on water and pretending to be better than thou. This is about a faithful man who tries his best to walk the Christian path…but knows all too well that the Devil will put seeds of temptation along that road. What better way to keep to the light than to take simple steps to keep the darkness away?

It is also not about some roaming beast of a man who is afraid that, given the slightest opportunity, he will jump the bones of the nearest female. It is about respect. Respect for his wife, respect for the women in his association and employ, and respect for his values. And given that it’s about respect, it is no surprise to see that most modern liberals have no clue as to its value.


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  1. That is why the liberals hate him too! They can’t find any valid reason to hate so they hate him for that.

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    • There are tones of less religious men who avoid ‘temptation’ but not women. Pance’s rule is ridiculous.

      • The appearance of doing something wrong can be just as bad as doing the wrong thing. He has decided out of respect for his wife and marriage to avoid even the appearance of an impropriety. The press would love to find something in this area to criticize pence for, but he is a Christian and a gentleman who is too smart for them. In fact, i can see very few instances where it is necessary to be alone with a woman to conduct business.

        • When has anyone ever been smeared just by being alone with a woman for five minutes. People wouldn’t care if Pence didn’t have this rule so what dose he get out of this? People are already criticize him for his views on homosexuality, does his rule protect against that. And if you can be alone in a room in a man for business, you can do the same with a women.

          • If nothing else, he clearly shows respect for his wife. For most that alone would be enough. You preclude the chance of someone attempting to make something of a private meeting by simply not meeting with a woman in a private setting. Every person is entitled to believe what they choose about homosexual behavior. It seems it is fine to support it, but wo, if you are against it, the devil be paid.

          • I really don’t know what kind of woman thinks not being alone with another woman counts as respect.
            And Pence at one point support electro shock therapy for gay people, and couldn’t give a straight answer ob weather or not gay people would be denied medical care in his state. Thatta little beyond just marriage quality?

  2. I wasn’t even aware of his policy. Good for him I think that’s a great idea, I may very well implement the same thing in my business.
    Keep honest people honest is more proactive that waiting for a problem to arise.

    • That’s why male doctors have a female nurse attend him when treating females!! That way he avoids trouble!!!

      • Great policy no doubt, and I’m glad he’s got morals and ethics, something that no liberal has, but they’re also lacking in so many other areas. Honesty, integrity, values and if I dare say, I think many of them lack a soul.

        • When a liberal is accused of sexual misconduct other liberals say how wrong he was. When a conservative is accused of sexual misconduct other conservatives say the women are liars.

          • Pelosi called Conyers an Icon. I am a conservative and abhor sexual predators, At the same time,, being accused does not authomaticly mean guilt. You give liberals too much credit and brand all conservatives as at best enablers. No matter your politics , it is wrong and we find this happens with both democrats and Republicans and with both liberal and conservative.

          • By your logic NBC News shouldn’t have fired lauer.

          • not my call! I also do not know what information they may have nor how concrete it may be. I tend to go with innocent until proven guilty. Right now, all that I know is that he has been accused. I need a lot more to say one way or another.

          • From what they reported, Lauer did some creepy things from gifting sex toys to coworkers, and treating women who refused to have sex with him after he exposed himself to her. He was fire reported on a Monday, and he was gone by a Wensday morning. And he admits to it himself, I think his wife left him to. And the only one who defended him was guy on Fox News.

          • Two differences. One, Lauer admitted what he did plus there was factual evidence. Two, firing an employee is a lot easier than displacing a politician. You’re so brainwashed Will that you can’t tell your butt from your face. I get it now, they are the same… “Buttface.

          • A Democratic Senator, and a Republican Congressmen just decided to live office over allegations less severe then what Moore and have been accused of.

          • The key word is accused. Trent Franks admitted to crude conversations with at least two members of his staff. Al Franken admitted to wrong doing. Conyers used taxpayer dollars to hush up ex staff member and her complaint. Most of Moore accusers have been shown to have lied about at least one thing, which makes them liars. Some only said he asked them out on dates and they by the way were of legal age when asked.

          • I just saw a interview with a friend of a accuser who backed up her friends story.

          • I am a conservative, and I believe you are right about Lauer. He deserves his day in court before his whole life is ruined! I believe the same about anyone accused of sexual harrassment, be they Liberal or Cnoservative, Democrat or Republican. That is supposedly what makes this country great. We are all innocent until proven guilty.

          • Great.

          • Lauer admitted to most of charges. Even Couric said his worst habit was constantly pinching her on the ass when they worked together. In HIggins mind, only conservatives are guilty when accused. Innocent until guilt is clearly shown is the best approach.

          • So is Hillary a conservative? I seem to remember her calling all of Bill’s accusers, liars. She went one step further and called some of them sluts.

          • Well, she was more to the right then Trump?
            Or maybe Bill just cheated on his wife with consenting women.
            Or currently in office politicians, or people running for office are more relevant?

          • Obviously not all of Bill Clinton’s extra marital escapades were consensual, but even if they were Hillary still called them liars. If you truly believe that Hillary is more to the right than Trump then it is obvious that you are a Democrat because, it is a fact that all Democrats are mentally ill.

          • This is my reference of Clinton being more to the right.
            Why can’t all of Bill affaires be consensual again, are there even more promiscuous men who still aren’t rapists?

          • You obviously didn’t read the second chart on the same website which shows clearly that Trump is to the right of Hillary.

          • I did read the whole article, the second chart was from earlier in the election.

          • Many of the Clinton accusers have clearly said they were not willing participants though some of course were. Lewinsky likely falls into harassed employee. She was young and impressionable. Paula jones accused Clinton of rape, as I recall, not what you could call willing participant.

          • There’s a fine line between harassment and sexual assault.

          • There is a blurred line between the two. Sexual harassment is initiating unwanted sexual attention. Assault involves physical contact and usually some physical injury. We do know now that the waitress lied about the yearbook signing, by her own admission. She admits to adding to it, but the handwriting expert said it was all written by one single person. If she wrote part , then she wrote it all. A lie there increases the likelihood she lied about being assaulted.

          • Or she told the expert about her signature so they didn’t mention it?

          • I do not believe her story, but it has become something of a non issue now. The coverage has almost stopped. I personally think the whole purpose behind this was to derail the Moore Senate campaign. He lost so their motivation has dwindled and we will hear less and less about this over the coming weeks.

          • Yes, because Moore is not running for senate there is going to less coverage. Moore has gone off the deep end though, he’s claiming Marxist and Muslims had something to do with the election, and is going after Jong’s son.

          • Moore got shafted by the timing of the accusations. None of them has been proven and it is impossible to prove innocence once the charges have been made. It is pretty much guilty until proven innocent. I think you will not hear from any of these ladies again, since they accomplished their purpose and destroyed the reputation of a good man.

          • The more I look into Moore the less he looks like a ‘good man’.

          • Why then did Nancy Pelosi refer to Conyers as an Icon? Trent Franks just resigned under the suggestion of Paul Ryan for discussing Surrogancy with female staff. Some women are liars and some tell the truth. Where were you during the Bill Clinton years, starting with college, Attorney General in Arkansas, Governor of arkansas and during his 8 years as President. Not one single Democrat in Senate voted to convict Clinton of Perjury or obstruction of justice during his impeachment trial.

          • Actually Pelosi had call on Conyers to resently. And I was in grade school when Bill was President.

          • She did do that but she went on live tv and called him an Icon, showing her respect for him. He was the longest serving member of the House, The Icon thing did happen before she made a 180, when she decided it was a no winner to support him.

          • Someone could be a Icon and still be called out for doing something bad, look how Matt Lauer’s partner reached when he was fired.

          • When you find out something bad about a person like Conyers, you do not then honor them by calling them an Icon. I personally would never use the word Icon and Matt Lauer in the same sentence or even paragraph.

          • The whole issue with people who could be called icons having these thing reviled about them, is reconsiling the good and them with the bad.

          • Conyers was no Icon and really did not get much done that he initiated. He voted straight party line for his long career. Calling him an Icon lends credibility and respectability that he did not deserve. He did pay off a staff member who accused him of harassment. The amount was not large , so she went easily and caused no uproar. Senator Byrd when he was still in office was called an Icon many times but he was in the KKK when he was younger and was absolutely a racist.

          • I really don’t that much about Conyers.
            Byrd famously called his time in the Klan as “the worst mistake of his life”, offered support for New York after 9/11.

          • I on the other hand have no kind words to say about Byrd. He was top echelon in Klan and knew exactly what he was doing.

          • He did try to turn members away from the Klan later on. Not making excuses, just stating facts.

          • When a person consciously supports evil, like Byrd did, later repentance does not make up for a lifetime of wrongs.

          • You know, unrepentant KKK leaders openly support Trump right?

          • That may be true but Trump has disavowed any position taken by KKK. They no longer have any real influence and the numbers of member is very small. During the days of the esteemed Robert Byrd , they were numerous and much more influential.

          • I think Trump is going easy on them because of his ambiguous ‘disavows’. And David Duke ran for the senate in 2016

          • I do not think he really worries about them. They are a thing of the past and David Duke was badly beaten. The KKK is just a part of our history and is no longer relevant . I have not seen or hear much from them.

          • They’re still around, think things are heading for a race war, and are always looking for a way into the mainstream.

          • Conyers really did not accomplish much during his long term. He was the longest serving member of the House and was a member of the black caucus.

          • I don’t a big opinion on Conyers OK, it’s kinds good that it’s shows powerful people can’t get away with stuff, but he probably was a good congressman if he served so long.

          • He initiated almost no legislation during his long tenure. He was a guaranteed Democrat vote on any issue. He came from a very strong Democrat district, thus the repeated elections.

          • Wasn’t Conyers a Republican?

          • You are kidding right. He was always a democrat.

          • OK, I got him mixed up with someone else, that’s little I know about him.

      • That not what nurses are for. Male Doctors are alone with female patients all the time.

    • I wasn’t aware either but proves that he’s faster than all the libturds in the brain housing group!!

      • If you have a brain, your penis shouldn’t be doing the thinking.

        • Pence would be the same whether alone or in a group with a female. He does this to show respect for women and at the same time avoid any possibility of being accused of improper acts. His penis is not his reason. False accusations do happen.

    • Isn’t the knowledge of being reported for doing something bad what keeps people honest?

      • not sure what your comment even means. If you have acted improperly, how does that knowledge keep you honest.? Not being alone with a female does keep her honest. If she is somehow unscrupulous, she is prevented from making any false accusations, why is that. There is always someone else around to witness what happened.

  3. Here in PC world, it’s compromising to just be alone with a woman who is not your wife. Nice job, vag hats.

  4. The main reason Pence has this rule is to stay away from even the look of impropriety. I don’t think he is worried about temptation, he is more concerned about what others may read into the situation. So to keep people from accusing or even thinking that he is doing something wrong he has his rule.

    • Not to mention what the female could say about what happened in that room with just him and her. We could get into a he said-she said situation. I respect him and encourage others to use same common sense.

      • Frank Taylor: Right you are. Pence’s position is sensible and will be an effective shield against those on the left who would willingly create false allegations of how he mistreated a woman — if they could find a way to do so. His policy both protects him and makes it harder for Democrats to employ their favorite tactic — lying.

      • Common sense is not groping women. Not talking to them is more like admitting your penis thinks for you.

        • He has the common sense not to be alone with women. This makes it more public, plus eliminates the appearance of an impropriety, which can be just as negative as an actual impropriety. This means you are using your brain which is in your head to decide what is appropriate and what is not. It also shows a strong respect for his marriage and for his wife. You could be in a room alone with a woman and be a total gentlemen and still be accused of an impropriety. How many women have accused him of an assault?

          • No one had accused him of assault. But there are plenty of people who do talk to women alone and haven’t be accused. How is practical cut yourself off from a growing group in politics and the media. Telling men to respect women is meant keep from doing stupid stuff when alone with a women. Not make them avoid women.

          • In most situations, nothing would come of being alone with a female. Most women are honorable and would never make false accusations. I can not think of any situation where you would really need to be alone in a room to talk business or politics. As for media, if media was present, you would not be alone. Sitting at a table in a restaurant in plain sight could potentially cause the press to make something of you having dinner with a female. You have your opinion on this, but I totally agree that Pence has used the right approach. He has every right to decide for himself what is right and what is not.

          • But it’s not up to him to decide every situation he will ever be in. Not being alone with any women may have worked when women weren’t that much of the work force, but it just seems highly impractical. I’ve had one-on-one job interviews with women. A former manager of my was a women, and I had to speek with her alone a couple of time. Pence’s rule just doesn’t seem as logical as the same self control that people use in public.

          • It is logical for him and practical. You have chosen another approach and have hopefully never been accused. I worked in top management for most of my career and always kept my door open when meeting with female staffers. I was never accused by anyone in more than 30 years. The women also felt more at ease. False accusations do and have happened. He has taken a common sense step to guard against that.

          • Being alone with women just seems like the kind of thing you can’t avoid in life.

          • Funny, I ran a business for over 30 years until I retired 3 years ago….I always had at minimum 4 women in our office and a max of 8. They ran the office and I had meetings with all, yet never alone. I am of the belief that you minimize any situation that can be misconstrued or even put to a “he said, she said” moment. Great thing was one of the females was an office manager and she sat in on all but engineering meetings….yep, she is my wife.

          • I just don’t see the logic that because someone may take being alone in a office with a woman the wrong way. A. Misunderstandings can be cleared up a just clarifying them. And B. When was the last time a man got fire for having a one-on-one, closed-door meeting with a women?

          • There have been numerous occasions that it’s come to a “she said, he said” situation. We had a policy made in 1993 made that no one on one meetings if they weren’t same sex ….because? We had a female engineering assistant accuse a senior engineer of inappropriate behavior. We had evidence she was looking for a payout and was lying about the situation. Problem was…we couldn’t use the evidence because both parties didn’t know the room activities were being recorded on a security system. Needless to say if there is a meeting all parties now know they are recorded …..that’s why.
            If it’s not done this way anyone can be accused of anything and with the way things are..ESPECIALLY HERE IN THE F’d up STATE OF KALIFORNISTAN…it takes lawyers and judges that are very costly to get it settled.
            That simple enough for you?

          • So just tell people they’re being recorded, you just undid a reason for Mike Pence’s rule.

          • lol….Mike Pence lives by the rule and has served him well.. Why fix something that’s not broken? .oh I know, you just can’t stand virtues

          • No, I have a issue with stupidity being passed off as morality.

          • lol….let’s see, we have a good man that is the Vice President of the United States of America and no moral actions against him. More than likely at the end of President Trump’s 2nd term Mr Pence will be the next in line…And who are you? Oh that’s right NOBODY…who is stupid?

          • Anyone who thinks Trump is going to get a second term with that much certainty are the stupid ones.

          • Anyone that would vote for the likes of obeyme should be put out of our misery. Stupid folks like you are the reason President Trump got elected. We’ve had it with the open borders, terrorists being allowed inverted entry, welfare crap, socialist programs. Heck, I’d rather see a civil war than to have some pos like obeyme, clinton, Biden or that old socialist elected. I can’t express enough how much that crap pisses me off …death to socialists and globalists….

          • The U.S. doesn’t have open borders.🖕

          • So the illegal that shot that girl after being deported 7 times and not being convicted of killing her….yeah, you can stick that finger where The Sun don’t shine. You probably do anyhow.
            Oh, and that terrorist that couldn’t build a Good bomb thankfully…yeah, he was part of that idiot obeyme’s chain immigration. Didn’t have to be vetted, just let him in because he had family here. Hope you are next on their list!

          • The would be bomber out in on a bipartisan supported immigration plain from the 90s that Schumer wanted to replace with a more merit based plan.

          • I see you didn’t say anything about the illegal that was here FOR THE 7th TIME!!
            Regardless of the bombers chain status…These folks from Islamic countries should stay there, they really don’t want to assimilate…they want to propagate and infect. Then they want to push for their way of life that doesn’t mix with western culture. You like them so much you should move to one of those Middle East $hit holes.

          • Did you know that Muslims in America are more supportive of LGBT rights then evangelicals,

          • Bwahaha….yeah and pigs fly. But I tell you what, when they push you off a roof or lop your head off….just keep telling yourself that. Tolerance to queers is not their strong suit.

            Still no answer to that illegal that was here after being deported 7 times….guess those closed borders were showing him. To bad it wasn’t you in Kate’s place.


            And that gay in San Francisco probably would have gotten passed a wall.

          • When the wall is built, which it will be, we can then see how effective it is. By 2018 end , will also have a good idea how well the tax cut works.

          • I know I already showed you that thing from Samantha Bee debunking that cutting taxes stimulates the economy.
            And I still haven’t heard anything to make me think that wall would work.

          • If that is true about Schumer, he could have done that in 2009 or 2010, The Democrats had super majority in Senate and also controlled House and Presidency. I can not recall him bringing up any bill to change that. Talk is cheap, but actions require work.

          • I know he proposed a different plan, can’t remember which year it was in.

          • There are certainly open borders in Arizona, and it’s not just Mexicans that come across illegally.

          • The souther U.S. border is the most militarized peacetime border.

          • We have no military presence on Southern border. That is strictly a border patrol agency function. The border is mostly open area so the only viable way to enforce our border is by physical patrol. If you know a better way, I am sure the border patrol would be interested.

          • The way the patrol is now is just fine. A wall would be a wast of money.

          • you clearly do not like the pence rule, but to call something stupid simply due to not liking it crosses the line. No one has ever accused Pence of any immoral act and this insures there will never be any grounds.

          • And multiple people who HAVE been alone with women besides their wives also have not been accused, so pence’s rule is a nonsequitur.

          • If an accusation is made, it can not simply be straightened out by clarifying. All of the Moore accusers are one by one and are one on one. They are decades old and are the word of accusers against a respected Supreme Court judge in Alabama.

          • Moore isn’t really that respected when you look at his record.

          • Not sure what part of his record you are referring to . I do know that in a statewide vote, the people of Alabama liked him enough to elect him twice to Supreme court there. The second time was after he had once been removed from bench over the ten commandments in his office. Maybe they liked the fact he stood up for his belief.

          • I was referring to the issue with him and the Ten Commandments, and the second time with refusing to recognize gay marriage. You know he think 9/11 was punishment for homosexuality?

          • It has worked well for a long time for Pence and I can not see any reason for him to change now. It worked well for me in the private sector as well.

          • It works for someone people because women have been underrepresented in a lot of job fields, so as more women enter more fields that rule will become more impractical.

          • In the old days, chaperones were necessary to protect a woman’s reputation and safety. Now, because there are too many unethical men and women, willing to go for the big money, or destruction of reputation politically, Pence’s advice is timely. Not many men or women, are as safe to be with as you seem to be. I am sure this is disappointing for you, but it is the sorry sad truth. We need to guard our own families a lot better.

          • I don’t know what you’re trying to say?
            You protect yourself by being a decent person, and don’t give anyone any evidence/reason to slander you.

          • I don’t think you realize that under the criminal leadership of Obama, there are a lot of criminals destroying reputations with incredible false reports and slander. Obama’s evil leadership has approved this ruthless behavior as the acceptable way to be. Look at the false report on Judge Moore. Unbelievable!

          • You are full of 🐮💩.
            What are you talking about ‘criminal leadership’, and what ‘false reports’?

          • A hand writing expert who is independent could examine the yearbook. If he did sign, it merely means he signed and fortunately every person who signs a yearbook is not a predator. If he did not sign , then she lied about that and likely about the assault. Two of the women claim they were in his car and one says he took her to his home. There is a lack of information about what kind of car he had and the one who is alleged to have been taken to his home, has offered no information about how large or small, how it was furnished, and size of rooms and how many rooms she saw. She has not said how long it took to get there and whether it had a fence or wall in front. did it have a garage or carport or did he park in a driveway. So many holes in these stories and lack of information provided that they would have if stories are true.

          • A independent handwriting expert did look at the yearbook, and said that the original not was all from one person, and signed by son who claimed to never have meet her.

          • it really does not matter now. They did what they were trying to do and of course that was to damage his campaign. The person who examined said the entire passage was written by one person. You need original writing to compare. He really was not even independent since, he was hired by the attorney allred who has something of a tainted reputation. Independent would be a person with no connection to either party. Allred hired him so his testimony would be tainted. I am through discussing this since it can never be verified either way.

          • It matters because it still hasn’t been settled yet.

          • Obama may have known or maybe not, but there were many scandals that could be called criminal that occurred under Obama. We have gun running with fast and furious by ATF officers. We have rice and Clinton lying about Benghazi. We have the Clinton server and emails, some of which were highly classified. No one lost their job and no one went to Prison. Add to that the horrific treatment of our Veterans, while employees received bonuses while failing to meet our obligation to Veterans. Not a whole lot was said by Obama, Holder, Clinton or Lynch about any of that. Then we have Clinton funding the fake Trump dossier.

          • How did Clinton lie about Benghazi? How were veterans mistreated? And the Trump dossier was first fund by a Republican, and at least a couple of things in it have been proven.

          • She blamed the attack on a video as did Susan rice. Veterans waited some times for months for treatment and lines were long. Some even died while waiting . They deserve good health care after serving their country. Most parts of dossier have been proven to be false and not even one part has been verified or proven to be true. The Republican backed away from funding because there was nothing he could use.

          • What is Trump doing for veterans exactly?

          • First of all, he shows how much he appreciates their sacrifice and/or service. He has made it easier for VA to fire those who are not doing their jobs. He has shown a willingness to listen to those with military experience and given them freedom to move without his input. That has played a large part in where we stand with IsIS in iraq and syria.

          • Obama worked to improve the VA to.
            And again, America is not that involved in the fight with Isis right now.

          • I am unaware of any actions by Obama concerning VA health care.

          • You nailed it with this one. you can avoid giving any one a reason to slander you by adopting what has become known as the Pence rule. Give them nothing by avoiding private discussions with women. I think Moore is a decent person and he has been accused of things that allegedly happened four decades ago. New information on the waitress throws her entire story into question. She appears to have lied about the yearbook and if she would do that, then she could well have made the entire thing up. You cant say it just suddenly was disclosed because of Weinstein. Clinton stories surfaced about twenty years ago and she kept quiet then. What is her real reason for choosing nw for her story.

          • According to your logic, someone lie and making accusations against Pence anyway. So his rule is meaningless beyond petty religious appearance.

          • You see no reason for it. Pence is a good man and does. It has worked for him for decades now and he is comfortable and satisfied that this is best for him. You seem to approach it differently and for you that is fine, but you have no right to impose your way on Pence or anyone else.

          • Tell that to this article.

          • Kind of hard to lie when you are in plain site of others.

          • A woman wouldn’t need to be alone with him to make a accusation. That’s what lying is about.

          • But it’s smart of him not to put himself in a position where he could be accused of being inappropriate, especially in the political arena.

          • Someone could falsely accuse him if they wanted.

          • But impossible to prove.

          • But the could still accuse him, that makes his whole rule meaningless.

          • So, you don’t get that Mr Moore’s accusers are doing just that?

          • Doing what?
            Didn’t you hear that a women did try to fake being harassed by Moore and The Washington Post called her out on it. That proves they are being careful about what they are reporting?

          • You have to look carefully at each of the Moore accusers separately. Several said he asked them out on dates, but they declined to go. They were of age, but young. nothing really inappropriate happened with them. One of age went out on dates with him, but stated it never got beyond kissing. One stated he groped her butt, in presence of her husband. I wonder if true did she say anything and if so, what kind of husband does nothing. One said he fondled her through her underwear. she claimed to be 14 at time. she has also accused other men of similar things. Maybe all are guilty and maybe none are, including Moore. One who said she worked at a restaurant said he signed her yearbook and assaulted her when taking her home from work. another restaurant employee does not remember her working there and stated Moore seldom if ever came to the restaurant. Each allegation is suspect and some are meaningless.

          • The one with the years book sounds credible. And I think the married one was alone in his office with him?

          • So…there’s evidence? Why won’t they let the yearbook be tested? Why didn’t anyone come out in the last 40 years?

          • A lot of people have looked at that women’s yearbook, Fox News had retrack a story where they claimed she forged it.

          • Yes, that was the article I read to.

          • The married one alleged he grabbed her butt as she was walking ahead of him with her husband next to her. If this happened as described, the time to say something was right then not 30 years later. Did she object and if so what did her husband do or say about the incident. The one with yearbook just admitted that some of the writing on yearbook was hers. Kind of slow to divulge that, dont you think?

          • A lot of men have been called out for years old instances recently. And the girl with the yearbook just wrote a date and location in under Moore message and signature.

          • She did admit to adding to it at a later time. The contradiction comes from the handwriting expert that allegedly examined the writing about three weeks ago and determined that the entire thing was consistent with the writing of one person only. She now admits she added to it, so if the entire thing was written by just one person, it would have to be her. An independent expert could quickly tell if it was just one person and if any part was written by Moore. They will not make it available. Makes you wonder why.

          • She probably just told the handwriting expert about her notes so he disregarded them.

          • Actually, he reviewed the entire signing, including and expecially the so called additions. He said the entire thing was written by one single person and that included the printed date and restaurant name. She simply has lied about this.

          • The gal that has Gloria (feminist piece of shit) Allred as a lawyer….yeah, that’s about as convincing as when my boys used to try and lie to me. Only someone hoping that it’s true would believe that piece of trash. Heck, her own family says she would lie for money. Pull up the video of that low class actress trying to get a tear to show…lol…40 plus years later and she’s trying to weep over something that didn’t happen…that’s why she can’t get her eyes to even moisten.

          • Actually Fox News just tried to claim she forged what Moore wrote in her yearbook, but they had to retract it because it was a massive exaggerate.

          • She has at least admitted to adding date and name of restaurant at a later time. Seems odd that she never mentioned this when showing yearbook at Press conference. Actually whether he signed or did not sign does not prove he assaulted her nor does it disprove it. She hedged on truth about year book, which calls into question the rest of what she has said.

          • A. Anyone who saw the yearbook could tell it was different handwriting. And B. It’s more suspicious that Moore claimed to never meet her.

          • They did put the word ‘forgery’ in their article.

          • Like I said you like to exaggerate….you stated it was a “massive exaggerate”.

            The woman has proven she’s a liar…no reason to believe anything she says.

          • She didn’t lie, Fox News literally took what she said out-of-context.

          • “She didn’t lie”….. So you were there? Because it’s just she said-he said right now. I think she’s lying, she looks like she’s lying….so what?

          • I read articles contextualizing what she said.

          • Again….opinion.
            I think she’s getting paid or looking for her 15 mins of fame. You on the other hand think think she’s telling the truth.
            Doesn’t matter… evidence or eyewitnesses.

            If you were so ready to convict him on what she claims….why would you vote for a known criminal?

          • “Why would you vote for a known criminal?” I don’t know what you’re talking about?

          • Who were you voting for? I’ll tell you why….

          • Why don’t you give me a good reason to have voted for someone like Trump or Moore?

          • Give us a good reason why we should have voted for your hero Clinton.

          • Because most of what people said about her wasn’t exaggerating and she wouldn’t do and say crazy things to get praise from her base?

          • The woman had no charisma and was shown to be a liar. She even blamed Benghazi on the video with full knowledge that it was terrorism. There are even texts or emails to her daughter the same night or the next day admitting that it was terrorism and the group responsible. There are a lot more examples of her lying to the American people. She even denied sending or receiving classified information though her server. she had no concept of what was true and what was a lie.

          • Trump ordered a strike in Yemen that kill a lot of American soldier and uses a unsecured cell phone for a lot of his stuff, and a lot of his staff uses private emails the same way Clinton did.

          • Because after 8 years of Obama screwing with our constitution and creating one nightmare after another, this country needed a man like Trump, whose only objective is to make America great again. Is he perfect? No, but I’ll take him any day over the likes of any Clinton.

          • What ‘nightmare’ did Trump cause?
            And can you say why you think Trump cares about America besides what he put on his hat?

          • Vote for President Trump was a vote to get our country back on track from becoming the 3rd world nation obeyme and clinton we’re directing us to. See, the problem is socialism doesn’t work. Kind of like the old joke about the teacher telling everyone they would receive the same grade based on an average of the whole class. It turns hard workers into lazy ones and lazy ones into lazier pieces of crap. It spirals down and never goes up.
            Moore is of the same cloth, stop the illegals, welfare and give-away programs….there’s a whole 3rd and 4th generations of welfare pigs that don’t have a clue of what a callus is or what it’s like to actually pass a meaningful class.
            Socialists are clueless….

            Now….who did you vote for or are you that ashamed of it?

          • Why are you shoe horning in socialism? Like or not, Democrats are still pro-capitalism. Wasn’t Clinton shamed for being to close to Wallstreet?

          • Not…that’s what demos want. Obeymecare….biggest white elephant to be dragged on to us since welfare. Socialist medical welfare….my premiums and deductibles doubled the first year and have gone into the 195% range….and I couldn’t keep my doctor. Socialist bull crap.

            Clinton wanted a wall too….until he saw it meant half of his base was mexicans.

            Clinton wasn’t a capitalist…he was a socialist that wanted capitalism to pay for his socialism.

            Again….you avoid answering the question….you are ashamed of who you voted for!!

          • I voted for Clinton, because she was the only one who could have beaten Trump.
            The Democrats are not socialists. That’s why Bernie Sanders is independent not a Democrat. A lot of the Democrats base thinks they aren’t left enough. And socialism is not getting free stuff from the government.

          • Clinton…
            She’s not a women’s advocate… Calls all the women slick molested/assaulted and raped liars.
            She couldn’t tell the truth if it hit her upside the head. Benghazi is all that needs to be said, but I’ll add to it. She lied to the families…she lied about why it happened (a video caused the whole
            She couldn’t tell the truth to the fbi (perjury). She lucked out because it wasn’t under oath. She lied about the emails…her people destroyed laptops…and smart phones that had evidence. Her daughter out of college gets paid $600,000.00 a year to run the clinton slush fund….Haiti is still wondering what happened to millions of charitable aide.
            The DNC fed her the questions before her debates. She was in collusion with the dnc to knock the true socialist Bernie out of the race. Her campaign ran with putting up a lying piece of shit dossier on President Trump.

            She is an Alinsky patriot…not something the Americans (true Americans) would stand for.

            Want a civil war? Keep trying to put this crap up as American…I’m ready for a civil war if shit like her is ever elected again.

          • Why done you talk up Trump instraed of tearing down Clinton?

          • Apparently your attention span is next to nothing…scroll up a few comments. You asked me to give you a reason to vote for President Trump and I did.
            He’s done more for us in the last year than the last one did in 8…..he’s actually reversing some of the crap old bag eared obeyme did to drag us down.
            His new tax plan will bring prosperity instead of burdening those that work for the benefit of the lazy.
            Don’t know if you’ve noticed but many of the bigger corporations are already saying that they will be giving raises to their employees and bonuses if the tax plan is signed in. You do realize when people have more disposable income they spend it? What does that do for the economy?
            He’s trying to force the issue with sanctuary cities and in our cases with an idiot like brown as governor…a sanctuary state. What part of illegal don’t retarded liberals get?
            Stemming the tide of unvetted Muslims into our country…..terrorists….folks that don’t want western ways…yeah he’s trying to get what obeyme was forcing down our throats stopped.
            I can go on and on what that idiot Hussein was doing to our country….just glad it’s over with.

          • The few companies raising some wages are not doing it because of the tax plain.
            Everything else you said is just garbage.

          • It has only been one day since Trump signed the bill and ATT and some others say different. Actually, does it really matter why? The effect is the same. Our country and economy benefit.

          • Why do you think politicians lie but big Corporations are honest, on that not, why do you Trust Trump more the Clinton, he lies more.
            AT&T was one of the cooperations who were pushing for that bill, they gonna do whatever they can to make the decision look good.

          • Trump has stretched the truth a couple of times, like when talking about crowd size at his inauguration, but Clinton lied about her emails, about Benghazi, blamed the entire country for her loss. As for what ATT and others do, I could give a whit why. They are doing it and it is good for our country. We will likely see others follow and then kind of like the snow ball effect, If our economy benefits, who really cares why or what caused it.

          • Trump also streached the true about what this bill is.
            It matter because this plain has been predicted to blow up the deficit.

          • If wages stay the same and there are no new jobs, it will increase the deficit. No one including Trump has said anything different. Unless it brings in new taxes, you would have to be brain dead to think you can lower tax and not increase deficit. Millions in new taxes will come from just the ATT bonuses. 200,000 employees all get $1000 bonuses which will be taxed so that is a very nice start.list lies that you think Trump has told and I will match with a huge Clinton lie. He said Trump tower was bugged and we now know that it was through FISA warrants.

          • The AT&T bonuses are one time, just know that.
            Here a list up until January, he’s told over the past year.

          • Trump has done a lot of good. I do admit he exaggerates sometimes but there is evidence of incidental phone taps of conversations in Trump tower. Trump associates likely were not the original target but some did get caught up in the wiretaps. His crowds were large both during campaign and after. He did force further price drops int the planes discussed. Not one thing is really a lie, but some are exaggerations.

          • The crowd size is more that he said about his inauguration crowd size, which has photo evidence against his claim.

          • I am not concerned about the crowd sizes. His rallies draw a lot of people. It is a fact that he had huge crowds at his inauguration. Now campaign crowds could have some importance. His were huge.

          • Yet, he still got less votes.

          • Will, that horse died more than one year ago and you can talk about the popular vote all you choose and the horse will not get up and live again. Clinton lost the election. Accept that fact and move on. That is not going to change, no matter how you try to twist it.

          • You referenced his number of supporters, I was just reminding you that when it came down to it, more Americans wanted Clinton over him.
            And Trump is the one wose obsessed with the popular vote, he won’t admit he got less votes.

          • POPULAR vote only matters within the individual states. It is a winner of that state that takes all of the electoral votes. The person who reaches 270 wins the election. How Trump or Clinton for that matter react to the popular vote means absolutely nothing. Trump needed 270 to win and ended up with 304. Clinton only got 229. Both Clinton and Trump knew what it took to win prior to the vote. Neither has any say in how the election is decided. Trump is our President an rehashing that election is a wasted effort.

          • The electoral college was considered out dated, and undemocrated. And Trump was opposed to it.

          • This country was established as democratic republic. As for the electoral, it is the law of the land on how our Presidential elections are handled. We never hear complaints until some one does not agree with the results. I do not know how Trump feels about it and actually that really does not matter. That is how we do it. It does work. If you do not like that, how do you feel about the fact that every state has two senators. Do you also want to change that to population based? Until the constitution is changed that is the law. One thing is for sure, no matter what happens in the future to the electoral college, Clinton lost the election. Move on to something else, Will.

          • You mentioned Trump’s popularity.
            The electoral college college back when only land owning men could vote.
            And Trump has pushed the whole ‘massive voter fraud’ to cover for losing the popular vote, and has has criticized the electoral college in the past.

          • That is all in the past. The electoral college is our system. It was part of a compromise between those who wrote our constitution. It is a mixture of popular vote and protections of small states. It will not be changed in my life time and probably not in yours. We are not a total democracy. We are kind of a mixture of Democracy and a Republic. Thus two senators for each state and the electoral college.

          • The electoral college college dose not empower smaller states. It was meant to be a safe guard in case the crazy people got the people to vote for them.

          • It does not empower them,but it gives them a little more say than just population would . Large states have way more members of the House than small states, so this does make up for that slightly. Thank
            God , Clinton failed to get enough crazies to win.

          • What was that comment about Clinton about?

          • it was partially a joke. I am glad she lost and mostly what I meant was that in many of her supporters minds, she could never do any thing wrong. Thus the crazies comment. Many simply refuse to see her for what she is (a crook_). She also has a lousy personality. I did not like her husband as a person, but he was a great politician and a winning campaigner. I do give credit where credit is due. If not for Bill, none of the positions held by Hilary would have happened. She just held on to his coat tails. When she ran for the Senate in New York, the Votes were for bill Clinton not her. She even failed the New york bar exam,but did pass the one in Arkansas.

          • You actually more accurately described a lot of Trump supporters. Clinton was not perfect, and did not inspire a lot of strong feelings. Don’t you remember the “athuseasum [email protected] people were talking about last year?

          • I have to concede that one. Mark one for Will. Overtime that has changed and now any citizen can vote. Things were different then and this was the norm then, but the amendment process allowed for that to change.

          • Any many people would like it to change.

          • Perhaps so, but a lot of people also want it to stay. The final step in making a change is that 38 of the 50 states would be needed make a change. 13 states could stop it by refusing to ratify.

          • Look up a poll on the subject. I read a article from the 2012 election that said most Americans want the system changed, and the number probably went up a year ago.

          • i have not seen that. Try this for size though. to ratify requires approval from 38 of the 50 states. California and New york together have more people than the 13 smallest states combines. The smaller states would have to be brain dead to give up the small advantage they now have.

          • If smaller states want for attention during election they should being solid Republican states.

          • I am not sure if I understood the comment. Most states are under Republican control. In fact if you look at the map of the last presidential election, Trump won most states. My point of course is that the smaller states are not likely to cede the small advantage they now have to the big ones like California.

          • I meant that is the smaller states were more conpetitive they would get more attention.

          • I do not understand what you mean by more competitive.. I am only referring to the population differences. Small states have a very small advantage in the Presidential election. In the Senate the advantage is a lot more. two senators, no matter the population.

          • And I am saying the rural states not get anything from the electoral college.
            They are considered solid red states, so Republicans take them for granted, and Democrats see campaigning in them as a wast of time.
            If the were competitive ( purple, toss up, battle ground) states they would get more intention.

          • Perhaps so. Then you have solid Democrat states like California that Republicans ignore, thus the wide difference in California in favor of Clinton. If the races were nation wide popular vote, maybe both parties would campaign differently. California by itself explains the Clinton popular margin, Trump did not waste time or money there.

          • That’s what I’ve been saying.
            Also, the popular vote counts from every state, like Florida. Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, all the states Trump just barley won.

          • Trump did not have high approval numbers when he ran for the Republican and no one took him seriously. Despite that he won prior to the convention. The he ran against Clinton. all the experts said Clinton would destroy him in the elections. Once more everyone underestimated Trump. He beat Clinton. Everyone seems to have the tendency to underestimate the man. He is a winner in every respect and the tax cuts could well be a turning point for his popularity once they take effect. I think he will be reelected in 2020.

          • Trump actually did pretty good in the polls during the primaries.
            Trump is still massive unpopular.

          • Look at total number of votes cast for all candidates, including Jill Stein. No single candidate received more than 50% of the votes cast. Trump did not and Clinton did not , so I guess you could say that a majority of voters did not support either one. Until the Constitution is amended to change how the Presidential election is decided, it will be done by electoral votes.

          • I already told you my thoughts on the electoral college.

          • You have every right to your feelings on the electoral college. We have had , I think 27 Amendments to our constitution. Everyone of those was approved by 2/3 vote of both houses of Congress and following that by 3/4 of the states. We now have 50 states so that means that it would require approval of 38 of those 50 states. That explains why there are so few. It is very difficult to get an Amendment ratified.

          • $1000 is not small potatoes and it may or may not repeat itself. Others are doing the same and once that snow ball starts rolling it will bring others along. I think it will repeat.

          • It’s just a one time bonus that seems timed to make the tax cuts look good.
            You asking you a lot, I’m just saying.

          • Check for yourself how it affects you personally. Look at your likely income for next year, subtract the standard deduction which is doubled and multiply by applicable tax rate for your bracket. It could save you money or it might not. The information can be accessed from many sources.

          • I can already tell you my income is not going to be affected.

          • Whether your income goes up is a decision that only your company can make. Now the tax you pay will likely go down somewhat. I have no idea what your salary is , but it is a quick estimate of tax to be paid. Take your salary, annualized and subtract $12000 for the new standard deduction, then determine what tax rate is applicable for that taxable income and multiply that % times the income to be taxed and that will determine what your new annualized tax will be. Or just wait till February and your check will let you know how much you save per check.

          • I actually meant mine job hunting.
            Don’t feel bad. I’m young and just moved.

          • I hope you are able to find a new job soon. try to be a bit more open minded and look at both sides of things. This tax cut does make available more disposable income for taxpayers. Will every corporation reinvest like ATT. Probably not, but each new investment is a positive thing and grows the economy.

          • The economy was already growing.

          • Every single economic indicator is better right now than one year ago. Last year we saw around 2% GDP and this year three quarters above 3%. Unemployment is down as well and we added 200,000 jobs last month. Every so called expert said that if Trump won the economy would tank, but the exact opposite has happened. Lastly we have seen the DOW jump by 25% and closed about 5000 points up so far this year. That is huge and shows he must be doing something right.

          • The negative affect on the economy was supposed to come from him antagonising America’s tread partners, which he hasn’t done, because he hasn’t toughen up one foreign trade.

          • I doubt that would have impacted the economy. He is working to improve on our current trade agreements to make them a tad more favorable to the US. Now they favor the other countries.

          • Trump supporters think any deal when a another country improves itself of unfair.

          • We currently import more from China, Canada and Mexico among other countries than we export. What Trump is doing is to look at current trade agreements and make changes where the terms favor other countries. That seems like a good thing to me.

          • Trump can’t make other countries import more from America then they want, and he can’t do much about industries that depend on imports from other countries.

          • We can not make other countries do anything, but we should take a close look at all trade agreements and if terms unfairly favor another country void those agreements and negotiate a new one. As import to companies here, we can change things to a more competitive field if we manufacture the same thing.

          • But I haven’t much about trade deals from Trump?

          • Nothing has happened as of yet, but we are currently looking at NAFTA and others to see if any conditions within the agreements favor the other country. We do need a level playing field.

          • The last I herd about NAFTA was months ago.

          • Wow, looks like the Washington Compost says different…

            As far as you saying what I posted as garbage…
            See, little trolls can’t say why, they just call it names and think we will be like you and go along with the socialist agenda of the left. You don’t wanna it call socialism…but that’s what it is. Use others peoples money to pay for those that don’t have. Those that don’t have are the essential block of voters the left counts on to win….blacks voted for obeyme because he was a “brother”….they are just to stupid to see they are the same slave they complain about their ancestors being. They aren’t any better off than they were 20 years ago but now race relations are at their worst since the 50’s because of that pos.

          • You the one who can’t give intelligible comment. Obama wasn’t elected just because he was black. And reading that article, it definitely sounded like companies were intentionally doing that stuff just so it would look good for the tax bill.

          • Okay, I’m done with you….you haven’t got a clue and I doubt you ever will. Get your boyfriends dick outta your face and maybe you could read…but that’s doubtful. No wonder you voted for hilLIARy….you are too stupid to figure out she’s a criminal. Typical snowflake…as the old saying goes with folks like you “ya can’t fix stupid.”

          • Trump supporters are the snowflakes, you one dad thing about him and get triggered.

          • Hey rumpranger poor little bitches like you should move to a country that loves queers and morons.

          • See your just insulting and offer no counter-argument, you are trolling.

          • Just replying to the worthless name calling post you did before….grow up you little bitch. When you have more that a decade or two under your belt and stop having to have your diapers changed…get back to me.

          • OK, how what you said about Obama?
            He was not elected just because he was black.

          • Yes he was!! Why would you vote for an idiot like that other than he would have been the first black president? He didn’t have a clue as far as obeymecare….worst white elephant hoisted on the tax paying public EVER. Worst race relations politician EVER. Terrorist loving pos. Apologist extraordinaire. Racist ….racist with a pos racist for a mate.

          • Obama had more experience then Trump, and everything you said was just mindless dripple.

          • Obeyme didn’t have any business experience….just another black politician that screwed things up.
            Yours is the mindless drivel.

            You really ought to use spell check and take some English lessons. You sound very uneducated. Your last post wasn’t even up to a 2nd grade level.
            It’s than not then and dripple isn’t a word. Can’t blame that on spell check.

          • He had government experience. Even Republicans he brought fresh perspectives to the Presidentcy.

          • Bwahaha ….yeah fresh perspectives.

            Allow a country that hates us to gain the means to finance nuclear weapons.

            Free known terrorists from gitmo.

            Allow unvetted Muslims into our country.

            Push for the U.N. to sanction our country. Then go on an apology tour.

            Take out the ruling head of Syria leaving a vacuum that terrorists no occupy.

            Obeymecare….I know I’m not the only one that now pays for someone else’s insurance. Nearing a 200% increase in my premiums, less coverage, deductible that went from $475 to almost $2500. Plus to keep it that low I had to change plans losing the doctor we had for 29 years.

            That idiot and those that voted for him…..yeah, I hope you all die a slow painful death….we are.

          • You know jack s**t.
            Iran is actually adhearing to the reals of the nuclear deal.
            Not everyone in Guantánamo were actual terrorists.
            Obama actually increased vetting people a lot of the same countries on Trump travel ban.
            What section were put on the U.S.? And ‘apologizes’ did Obama about that makes you idiots so angry?
            And no one ever killed off the President of Syria. In fact, all the trouble in Syria came from their government not stepping down.
            You know, if you ever can’t afford your healthcare you could still get it.

          • Healthcare ….if you can’t afford it obeyme made me pay for you. Loser

            Those he let out were terrorists…they went back to being terrorists.

            So you can get in and check the Iranian facilities huh? The inspectors that are charged with doing it cant get it done because they won’t allow them in.

            Like to know how he could Vet this many when the fbi couldn’t get one nutjob dishonorably discharged USAF crewman listed not to buy guns.

            Your brain has gone to mush and you just spout nonsense….oops, typical liberal snowflake

          • If Obamacare was so bad, they would have gotten rid of it by now.
            The article you linked just only two detainees released by Obama were SUSPECTED to gone back to terrorism. The percentage of detainees released that went back to terrorism is 29%.
            And even Trump admits Iran is listening to the deal.,amp.html

          • Iran has restricted access to the inspectors to several key areas. The inspectors can not confirm that no enrichment is being done in those military sites. Who were the non terrorist who were sent to Guantanamo.

          • The certification is a quarterly thing. Trump certified for first and second quarter but very reluctantly and was no personally convinced they had complied. He did not certify for the third quarter ending in September and called their hands on it. New sanctions were imposed. I expect he will repeat that for the fourth quarter. Note the date of your reference. It has a july date.

          • He just wants to undo everything Obama did.

          • I can think of a lot of things Obama did that need to be undone. You need though to name some things Obama did that Trump is reversing other than some of the Executive orders and some federal regulation. The Iran agreement was and is a complete joke.

          • The Iran deal help keep Iran’s nuclear deal in check.
            And Obamacare got people health coverage, and should be improved on.

          • The mandate force young people to buy insurance to subsidize the sick and older person. That mandate no longer exists. It covers things that have nothing to do with staying healthy or recovering from an illness. It extends coverage into areas that have nothing to do with health.

          • All those young and healthy people will be old and sick themselves some days.

          • The important thing is that they are doing it and that it will be good for our economy. They wanted corporate rates cut and it happened. So now they are living up to what they should do.

          • They are giving their employees one time bonuses, that’s not enough to help the economy.

          • Time will tell , if these bonuses are one time bonuses. I believe they will continue. The fact that you refuse to see is that even if they are one time, with just ATT, this totals hundreds of millions put into the economy. Most will spend those bucks for Christmas.

          • the article says if you read it that the CWA was pressuring ATT to give bonuses based on the tax plan. They reached a labor contract agreement several weeks ago and the bonuses were not part of that. No matter why they gave the bonuses, it looks like the tax cuts played a huge part. Your own reference supports what i said. Thanks so much for proving my point

          • The article mentions that Trump claims the bonus was because of the tax plain, but gives evidence to the contrary.

          • Even your source when they talk about the union and ATT say that it is. Read your own source. The Union contract was settled long before this and THE CWA asked for bonuses for employees and Union members tied o the tax bill.

          • OK, I think you seeing something I’m not.
            Yes, they show that Trump and AT&T claim, but give evidence to the contrary, which is clearly the point they’re trying to make.

          • Will, what is important is the end result. With just ATT, the total of the bonuses are in the $hundreds of millions that their employees will likely spend. More companies are already doing the same and more will follow. Some wages will go up and some money will be invested, which also stimulates the economy. Att has committed to reinvesting $1 billion bucks. Sites can say what they will, but that does not change the positive effects of what companies are doing. The why does not matter, but the things they do will matter.

          • AT&T is just give a one time one thousand bonus, and your talking a them spending billions.
            If their just doing to give the tax plain good Publisity with proabably won’t last.

          • The total of that $1000 bonus when you add is up for all employees totals in the hundreds of millions. Their CEO also said they will invest another $1 billion in the company. Other companies are following suit and more will as well. Will it continue. Only ATT can answer that for that company. What I do know what any company does is a positive not a negative thing. Even if it is a one time thing, does it help? heck yes it does. As i said, we will know a lot more by july of 2018.

          • There’s still no proof these companies with keep any of this up indifferently.

          • Sanders votes with Democrats on nearly every bill. Just what do you think socialism is.

          • Yes Sanders usually vote with the Democrats, but he is critical of the Party.
            Socialism is the direct control of the means of production of the workers.

          • It is a lot more than that.

          • It depend on who you ask I guess, but it is still not getting free stuff from the government.

          • Basically, it means that the government controls everything. If you work , you work for a company controlled by the government with the government controlling how much or how little you make. There is no other employment available, so the citizens are at the mercy of the government for subsistence.

          • There are government employees.
            The privatizing industries has problems like nationalizing them has some times.
            Also most socialists believe in introducing democracy to work places.

          • The actual effect of socialism is government control of nearly everything. Essentially all companies have been nationalized. Cuba is a prime example. Give me an old fashioned free market Capitalism setting.

          • I’ve actually been looking into Cuba, it’s not as bad as people say. And the don’t have total government control.

          • I can assure you that that would be a huge mistake. Nothing happens there without the ok of the Castro family. It is a dictatorship. Talk to some Cuban/Americans who lived there and proceed with caution.

          • What would be a mistake, I didn’t suggest anything?
            And I haven’t heard much good thing about Cuba before Castro, and some account to positive changes by Castro.

          • If you voted for Clinton, you did in fact vote for a known criminal. Everyone with any objectivity knows she violated federal law in handling of classified information.

          • If you voted for Trump, you voted for a foreign agent.

          • I did vote for Trump. You have every right not to like Trump if you choose to do so, but that comment is not true and you well know it. You have nothing to support that and should never have said it. You demonstrate a more than unreasonable bias.

          • You know most Americans approve of how Muller investigating the investigation, he’s don’t a lot since March.
            I just don’t see what people like about Trump?

          • For that reason, I think that women should not be in politics. They start off so sweet, but it does not take them long to behave as, and, also look like, a bull dog. When a female accuses with wild, emotional, hypocritical, and false speech, it is very embarrassing and degrading to me, a female. The female liberal protesters also display a very unattractive masculine energy, that I would not even term as female, only ugly and demonic. But most of these so-called females are only invading criminals trying to steal what was never theirs with threat of violence. These thieves, under the encouragement of the female political mafia, are unafraid to throw threatening looks at a white female wherever they encounter them. Is someone paying for this gang-bang? Is that why they are not afraid or ashamed to behave like thugs? There is a lot more happening than men realize, and I am thankful Pence for Pence’s brave advice. Men need to be more informed. And women like me need to be more protected.

          • Are you including female conservatives in that rant?

          • At this time I do not notice conservative women sounding off like a rabid dog, but I do think that any female politician spewing anger and hatred becomes horrible to look at like a bull dog when it is agitated. So, Of course I include Conservative women, if that is their chosen verbal approach. It is especially encouraging to me as a female, and one who changed from Democrat to Republican, to observe the disciplined courtesy of the Conservative female politician, when confronted by the lying hatred of the liberal female. It took years for Hilary’s physical appearance to be undesirable to look upon, but perhaps, it is the knowledge of her criminal actions that has caused her to become so distasteful and embarrassing for the American female to look upon. I do think the political pressure is very unhealthy and threatening for a female. Men seem to be more equipped for the outrageous slander of their opponents. Additionally, I am 77 years old, and am perhaps a little too old fashioned to be understood.

          • I’ve seen plenty of conservative women acting crazy. You’re just talking about aging, and stress from a job. It no better on men. I remember how Obama looked in 2008, now look at him. Look at Kellyanne Conway, it looks like running Trump’s campaign aged her ten years, and work for him added another twenty, it looks like Trump sucked her soul out at some point.

        • Pence has never even hinted that he does not have conversations with women. He has said that he avoids being alone in a room with any female other than his wife. The appearance of an impropriety can do as much harm as an actual impropriety. Most women are honorable, but there are some who might for whatever reason make false accusations. This works for him and avoids even a hint of an appearance of an improper act.

          • I think any “liberal” woman is a liar now. Vice-President Pence is wise as a dove! May his example inspire.

          • Preventing something from happening is to my way of thinking never a bad way to go. Defending against even a false allegation is a no winner. During my career, i always left my office door open when meeting with any female of my staff. I was never accused of any impropriety so i guess it worked for me as well.

          • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

            Yes, Cissy ,I agree Vice -President Mike Pence is a very wise man!!

        • Wow….can you be any more naive?

        • Where did he say he wouldn’t talk to a female without his wife being present? Don’t remember that. Give me a clue.

          • In this article.

          • What Pence is quoted in this very article as saying is:

            “…his refusal ****to be in a room alone with**** a woman who was not his wife.” [Emphasis mine.]

            Pence clarified his statement with “in a room alone with” — right there in the article.

          • It’s still a strange role to have.

          • “The “Pence rule” made headlines earlier this year when a Washington Post profile of Karen Pence cited a 2002 interview stating that Vice President Mike Pence makes it a point to never dine alone with a woman who is not his wife, or attend events where alcohol might be served without her there.”

            Under Sharia law Muslim wives do not dine with their husbands alone, nor do they attend events with their husbands where alcohol is served.

            There is no valid comparison between the “Pence Rule” with ANY aspect of Sharia law.


          • I was referring to the rationality behind it. ‘Avoiding temptation’ ‘avoiding situations that could be taken the wrong way’.

          • Did you read the article?

        • Yes, Will Higgins, of course he talks to other women. But like Frank Taylor said, he just does not want to be alone with the to remove any chance the leftist press would ever be able to insinuate that something happened. They would protect other people on the left but be on the lookout for anybody on the right. If Al Franken was a Republican, he would have been exposed many years ago.

        • Pence does talk to Women, but he chooses not to be alone for his own reasons , among which is to avoid even the appearance of any misconduct.

    • !we must be on the same brain wave! no one can accuse him of of being a predator,there’s always a witness!!

    • Pence is Moral AND Smart. Why put himself in a situation that can be misinterpreted by someone who isn’t very smart? Besides, he loves his wife and would never do anything to hurt her. Unlike an immoral lib that just uses people to their advantage.

      Perhaps the libs need some “church time” to show the error of their ways. Not going to happen. They already think they have played this game perfectly. Little do they know that God is keeping score!

    • Agree 100%. We can see the future here and now how quickly this “Puritan” lame-o, nonsense becomes rule book for most business conducted between men and women. Any man that’s followed V.P. Pence’s philosophy throughout their career rests well tonight. This could be an outing for the ages.

    • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

      I think he would worry about his REPUTATION NOT TEMPTATION!!

    • 1 Thessalonians 5:22

  5. Billy Graham has lived by this his whole life

  6. Any group who thinks his rule is ridicules are the same ones who have no problem with what Slick Willy does. Notice the ones protecting the offenders are the same ones calling for Roy Moore to step aside.

  7. It’s not that our VP is pious and pure, it’s because there are sleazy females out there that will LIE to get MONEY (“settlements”) from from someone they “know” to have a title, or prestige. LIKE JUDGE MOORE. (and they way things are now you even have to be careful if you even SPEAK to these animals. “good morning” could even be construed as “sexual harassment” these days.)

    • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

      I believe Roy Moore

    • Roy Moore stocked teenage girl at the male. That is not a misunderstanding. No one accused just said ‘good morning’, this isn’t a P.C. thing, or even a left v. right. But if it was, the said that push that women a ‘deceitful’ and ‘greedy’ is probably not the side encouraging respecting women.

      • Having many friends from “down south” and the different ways things were 40 FRIGGING YEARS AGO, I am told “back then” it wasn’t unusual AT ALL that a 30-some year old man would DATE 16-17-18 year olds. (even IF it is true) (and YES it was NOT considered “stalking” BACK THEN )… YES “things” have changed today, BUT you cannot relate dating BACK 40 years ago to the way dating is NOW. Besides, all these “stories” are UNPROVEN ALLEGATIONS STARTED by LIBERALS (unlike Franken that has PICTURES “surfaced” to PROVE IT) and a DISGRUNTLED RINOS (McConnell and the RNC) that lost a LOT of money when they backed “big luthor” AND LOST.
        Just More “swamp dwellers” terrified that Judge Moore will WIN, and back PRESIDENT TRUMP’S agenda that they are fighting against, so they can retain their STOLEN.. POWER, CONTROL and those all-precious TAXPAYER DOLLARS that fund their cushy lifestyle.

        • If, according to you, it was O.K. back then why does Moore just use the excuse? Republicans backed Moore after he won before he was accused. Is really everyone who accused more a liberal? Every girl, management for a local mail, Alabama policemen, are all those people liberals?

          • All of that about the mall and alabama policemen is just heresay. Quote someone specific. Four decades would make it very hard to find any reliable source either direction. Do you really thing if he did this, he could just suddenly stop and do nothing similar for 40 years. GET REAL1 The management of the mall would have changed any number of times over 40 years.

          • He got married at age 38 to his current wife. Sex perverts do not suddenly just stop their unwanted actions. Bill Clinton has been doing it since college, and was at his worst after getting married. It happened when he was Attorney General, Governor and through two terms as President. Sexual perversion is not the way a person in control functions. Do you really think that your question makes any sense?

          • My question made more sense then any excuse Republicans have thought up for.
            And has Bill been accused of anything since leaving office?

          • There have been rumors to that effect, but any woman with sense would steer clear of him after the public vetting of his many indiscretions .

          • Saying Bill Clinton is a rapist has just become a thing conservatives say.

          • Actually it is the word of a couple of women who claim he raped them. Conservatives simply comment on what the women said. We know he cheated, by his own admission. He then tried to cover up and perjured himself, thus the impeachment trial.

          • Yet, he served out his term.
            Didn’t at least a couple of women who accused him say they actually weren’t raped?

          • He refused to resign even after he was shown to have committed perjury, Kind of like what Flynn did with FBI testimony. Not all of the women said he raped them, but at least three did. Like i have said impeachment is a wasted effort since no President has ever been unwillingly forced out of office. Bill Clinton was the last of only two who had impeachment proceedings against them. Neither one was removed. it takes 67 Senators to vote for conviction and removal for it to happen.

          • He was married only six years after the accusation and was 38 years old when he got married to his current and only wife. Do you really think that a sexual predator can just will himself or herself into stopping what they are doing. Get real dude.

          • It kinda a weak argument that none of the accusers are recent enough.

          • Kind of strong that if he did this, he suddenly just stopped only six years later when he got married. Not one accusation for about 35 years. Name one proven sexual predator who just stopped their predatory behavior. There is not even one. Relate that same logic to Moore situation and where does it lead you?

          • Maybe Moore a exception, or more recent victims still have come forward.

  8. The only problem would be if he was in a room with Maxine Waters and Hillary, the only thing that would save him is the fact that they’re to ugly !!!

  9. Alway honored him for his approach He cares for his wife and marriage also no false claims

  10. 1 Thessalonians 5:22, …avoid the appearance of evil…

  11. To say nothing that some woman may be on the take from the opposition party and claim sex abuse if they were alone at some point with you. In today’s environment that could very well happen and you’d be another Roy Moore (if Roy Moore is innocent and he is until proven in a court of law) I put nothing past the Democrat Party when they can pay someone tax dollars to settle abuse claims.

    • You know, where was a women who tried to make false claims about Moore, but it turns out she was actually working for conservative group trying to dis credit the media.

    • Court will never happen. This is alleged to have happened 40 years ago and the statute of limitations has long ago passed. Most of the accusations fall apart on their own if you just look closely and others have been refuted.

  12. Well in this day an age, VP Pence should add men to that list as well, given the whole Corey Feldman, Kevin Spacy thing. Regardless, it’s a good policy to preven’t being “Allreded” by a false claims. It is also a great policy for women to adapt.

  13. There are many Christian people that are not conservatives that have the same values. If he is not worried about temptation he should be because it is all abound us.

  14. No disrespect but it’s not Vice President Mike Pence’s rule… it’s Gods rule [or so the Bible teaches] but the liberals have worked very hard to take the Bible, the ten commandments, prayer and the Christian way of life away from we the people and because of that effort look at the mess America is in today. Today America more resembles Sodom & Gomorrah than America. Today America is in fact suffering from a severe case of godlessness and going to a church bowing to the lawless IRS to keep their 501(c)(3) certificate is not going to lead you back to God.

    • Cliff, I couldn’t have said it any better, thank you ! Not by any means does that make all of those that claim to be Christians, and without sin clean of it. As man was born into sin, and has a sin nature. Sin was on earth before man. It’s in all of us, whether or not we choose to admit it or not. It’s overcoming it is that poses the biggest problem, only Jesus was able to do such a thing. In my earlier years, at 17, I was dating a 21 year old that wanted to have sex. I refused to, no matter how much I truly wanted to, and she ultimately dropped me for that reason. Unfortunately, It eventually got to me and I gave in. But unlike most liberals, I don’t claim to be pious nor sanctimonious like so many on the left. It’s got me thinking that the democratic party is the party of satan. Thank goodness for God’s Mercy and Grace !

      • Actually Adam was not born into sin. Adam ate from the forbidden tree breaking the covenant between God and mankind and so tainting our bloodline. The mother of Jesus was inseminated by the Holy Spirit not a man so the blood of Jesus was not tainted by sin. Many years ago now a woman dying from the aids virus had a baby that did not have the virus and the tests were done to see how that was possible. Seem God created the woman’s female organs so the mothers blood does not contaminate the unborn’s blood. This is the only way the blood of Jesus would not have been contaminated by His mothers blood. Thus faith alone is no longer required to believe in the virgin birth. Science has proved it true but they will never admit it to the world.

        • Thank you Cliff, I stand corrected. That’s one of the reasons that I added if it weren’t for God’s Mercy and Grace.

          • Sorry John, it was not my intent to correct you but with over 55 years of Bible study… I have a lot of knowledge. Most all of the churches in America have 501(c)(3) certificates and are nothing more than state churches bowing to the IRS rather than God. This will not end well.

  15. I hope they cleaned the VP residence before Pence and family moved in. I understand per SS article that Biden walked around nude when his wife was not at home in front of the female agents! After seeing him fawning all over the children at the swearing in of the Congressman/Senators he made me SiCK! I noticed he did it to his grandaughter at his son’s funeral. He has a hard time keeping his hands off young girls.

  16. I does not necessarily have anything to do with temptation but being free of accusations. He is a smart man

  17. The problem with society is the simple fact that hedonism has become the norm for many. It’s a good old boys club and they’ve been protecting each other in their quest to feel macho. The truth of the matter, however, is for far too long men and yes, even women, have become so free with their sexual behavior, disease is running rampant. I’m not a prude, but saving yourself for a meaningful relationship which includes marriage has become passe, and that’s a shame. Rather than be the brunt of locker room gossip, abstaining seems a wise path to choose. While the left has tried tirelessly to ruin Judge Moore, who I don’t believe for one minute has been inappropriate, the outcome has really backfired on them. As all of the left’s skeletons fall out of the closet, the Democratic Party will implode. I don’t know about you, but I prefer decent God fearing men leading our country, not sleaze buckets, whose main objective is self gratification.

    • You know the accusations against Moore have been verified by mail security, police, and multiple, unconnected women. Moore is not ‘God fearing’, nor does he represent any values he claims to stand for. At least Al Franken was honest about what happened, and what he did was no where near as bad as Moore.

      • There has been no verification by mall security. This was alleged to have happened 3 decades ago. To be verified by police, there would have to be a police report and not one of these women ever filed one. The 14 year old has a history of making multiple unsubstantiated complaints. Moore is not her only target. There is nothing wrong with asking a lady of legal age out on a date. Three of them said he asked and they did not accept. The account of the waitress has been refuted by another waitress at same restaurant who says she did not remember the woman and that Moore was not a regular there I highly doubt he grabbed some womans buttt with her husband right there. The 24 year old who was in his office might be believed, but she made no issue of it until now. He has been involved in politics for decades now. I can see nothing gained by even one of them except to discredit him The timing within one month of an election seems to be quite important. When the election is over, all of them will just disappear into the night and likely never be heard from again.

        • Yes, Moore was not allowed at his town male, because he keep fallowing around girls.
          The timing is probably more to do with what started with Weinstein then the election. When Weinstein got called out conservatives are like every liberal was going to magically go away, but the second a Republican is called out they say it’s a lie. If you want to call out Franken you have to call out Moore, if you want to call out Lauer you have to call out O’Rally, if you want to call out Bill Clinton you have to call out Donald Trump. Haven’t you notice that no liberals are claiming accusations against Franken or Lauer are fake, but the second a conservative look bad it’s ‘liberal media lying because they hate everything good’, WTF.

          • To prove your mall theory is impossible, since this was alleged to have happened decades ago. One thing is quite clear. A sexual predator as Moore is accused of, does not just quit their behavior. Not one allegation is less than 30 years old. Franken has admitted to his behavior. Moore has not been accused of rape and most of his accusers are not really accusing him of anything. One girl said they dated but never got beyond kissing. Three more said he asked them out but they did not accept. Asking someone out is is groping. One woman said he grabbed her butt, but her husband was right there. Did she say something then and what did husband do. The 14 year old has made a number of unsubstantiated accusations. The waitress may not have even worked there and another waitress said Moore was not a regular.. Trump accusers slid into the night after the election and none were substantiated. Bill Clinton and Donald Trump are not even in same ball park. Clinton paid some off and has been accused of rape and by many women. Conyers paid off one of his accusers with taxpayer funds. Lauer is just an accusation and has not been verified independently. Most of these accusations are against liberals, but we have wrong doing every where and it is not confined to any political leanings. Perverts are perverts. Weinstein is not new and that one has been floated around for years.

          • OK, the mall doesn’t have records that old, but what people have to say about the subject sure doesn’t make Moore look good.

          • I have some doubts about what they might remember from 4 decades ago. The power of suggestion is pretty strong and may well have played a role in what they think they remember. He held no elective office then and many people would not even know him. That and how questions are worded would be very important in what they might think they remember.

          • He was their district attorney. And if a teenaged girl was around a guy like Roy Moore that much, they would probably remember.

          • He was NOT their district attorney. He was an assistant DA, nothing more. He worked under the District Attorney at the time.

          • They would still remember him.

          • What does DA in yearbook stand for. You are in your 20’s, i would guess. Double your age and that is how long ago it was for each of the women. Name one sexual predator that just suddenly stopped his or her activity. Memory is a strange thing and it is not unusual for someone due to power of suggestion to not remember things as they actually happened due to passage of time. Several of the accusers state that they dated him, but it never got past kissing. Is that your definition of a sexual predator? DA btw could stand for the initials of an assistant of Moore named Debbie allen who worked for him several years later. She often signed documents for him and added the letters to indicate that she had been the actual signer. I have a problem sometimes remembering things as they happened just a few years ago. This was forty years and to remember in the detail they use is unlikely.

          • Pretty teenage girls would remember a guy in his thirties firlting with them?

          • Come to find out the mall story is just that, a story. They don’t even have any records from that time period because the mall has changed hands twice. You’re so bright Will give us some evidence instead of just talk. That’s right, you can’t can you?

          • Why would people who worked at that lie about something like that. What do they have to gain?

          • People at the mall didn’t lie about that. Liberal media picked up some blogger who said something and then the media just ran with it, as usual this was not true. You should try to do some research yourself instead of believing everything the mainstream media says.

          • They interviewed people who worked at that mall at the time.

      • You lost me when you refer to Franken as honest. To admit to something after being called out with real proof is not proof of honesty. I’ll stand by my post.

        • What about that phone Moore made to a teenager at her school?

          • alleged phone call! one more unproven accusation!

          • You are all just calling a bunch of unrelated women are lying, even though they have no reason to be.

          • What possible reason could the accusers have of bringing this up 40 years later. Makes no sense to accuse him of asking them out on a date they refused, so many decades later. One said he grabbed her butt in presence of her husband . Why make an issue of that 4 decades later. The step son of one of them says his stepmother is a liar. The waitress did not tell the whole truth about the yearbook, so now you have to wonder what else she fudged on.

          • A lot of men have been called out on old instances. And the didn’t lie, the he did write in her yearbook, she just added notes.

          • a handwriting expert about three weeks ago stated his analysis indicated the signing including notes was the hand writing of one and only one person. She says now she added the date and location later. If then, the whole thing examined was the writing of one person, it would be her. That makes her appear to have lied about it. Neither of us know who wrote the passage and also do not know when it was signed.

          • It really sounds like the handwriting expert saw the added notes, but didn’t mention it because it was part of the original writing, and didn’t mention it.

          • I don’t know about that, but the accuser’s son has come forth and stated uncategorically that she’s lying, that she’s in it for the money. I’m not going to judge anyone for something that may or may not have happened 40 years ago. His behavior has been above reproach in recent years and these women who are coming forth now, at this late date in the campaign have an agenda that has nothing to do with propriety.

          • What money, whose getting payed over this?
            And I can make the same argument of timing for every whose been exposed since Weinstein. So many men have been accused I’ve lost track.

          • I have little sympathy for women who wait so long to come forth, and it’s questionable when they do so. However, that doesn’t negate the fact that so many men have abused their power and so many women have succumbed, especially in the case of Harvey. Far too much media attention on this when there are so many other important issues to report. Too much time wasted on smut, and government would be wise to stay out of social issues.

          • To bad the government is headed by a guy who has to voice his opinion on everything.

          • You must of course mean the alleged phone call asking a young girl, who was of age by the way out on a date.. Last time i checked it is not a problem asking a girl out on a date. High school age is young, if it happened, She declined supposedly, so where is the improper action. There were other girls who said he asked them out as well. They state that they said no, so where is the improper action in those cases.

          • For one thing, going through all that trouble to talk to a girl could be considered stalking. Also, Moore did date some of the girls.

          • Neither you nor I know whether he asked any of them out! We for sure do not know how or when. Several of them said he asked them out and they declined. None said he stalked them. Asking a woman of age out is not stalking. Only one girl, who was of age claimed that she dated him and admitted that it never progressed beyond kissing. One claimed he fondled her through her underwear, but she has made the same claim about pastors in her churches. One who claims she worked at a restarurant and he assaulted her when giving her a ride home, may never have actually worked there. One woman claimed he grabbed her butt when she was leaving with her husband. did she say anything at the time and what did her husband say or do? Moore has been in public life most of his adult life and never has anyone ever said anything before. Why is that. One of his accusers even went before him for a divorce case and nothing was said then either. If she was so upset over the alleged incident, whey did she not ask for a different judge. When you look at them individually, none of them hold up.

          • I actually just saw in interview with a friend of one of Moore’s accusers, and she backed her friend’s story, and says no one is getting payed to say anything.
            Also the timing is probably more to do with the example of other men being called out.

          • and specifically which accuser is she a friend of. Was she in the alleged car when Moore allegedly assaulted the waitress. Was she in the room where Moore was accused of fondling the 14 year old. my final point is of course, how could she know whether any person might have been paid. Nearly every accuser has now been discredited and paid or not has been at least not telling the truth about what may have happened. All of these alleged assault are four decades old. If it has to do with timing, why not then when Clinton was accused about two decades ago. The timing idea simply does not hold water and is a poor reason to come out now, especially in most of the accusers stories, which amount to nothing more than a request for a date and their refusal.

          • I forgot which accuser it was, but she said her was aggressively pressured by Moore, and she told to friend to evoide him at the time.

      • You are 100% wrong about the “proof” against Moore. The proof was so solid against Frankin that he didn’t have a choice but to admit it.

        • How about that Moore signed the year book of a teenaged girl he claimed to never have meet? Why would he lie?

          • Actually, Moore denies ever signing the yearbook.. The woman has at least admitted to adding the date and location at a later time. Initially she tried to say he wrote it all. The letters DA appear in the signing and the truth is that he was not the district attorney. His assistant does have those initials in her first and last name, however. Moore presided over her divorce years later and she seemed to have no problem with him being the judge. Another waitress at same restaurant does not even remember the girl and says Moore was never a regular there.

          • Adding notes doesn’t change the fact that he signed her years book.

          • He may have signed it and she just added notes. One thing is a fact though. Neither you nor I were present when whoever wrote that signed it. She says he signed it but has not been willing to allow an independent expert determine if he did or not. Neither you nor I can state that it is a fact that he did or did not sign. We simply know what is printed or said by the two parties.

          • She did let a independent expert look at her yearbook.

          • The so called independent expert said that the entire passage was written by one single person. She added part so I guess she wrote it all based on what he said.

          • Or, the expert didn’t refer to the added notes.

  18. The VP is a smart and honest man. If the tards would of practiced this rule,( which they can’t because they’re all twisted pervs), they wouldn’t be running around like a cat covering shit to try and make all this go away. Perverts, I the whole lot of ’em

  19. Donald Trump is my AMAZING PRESIDENT and like he promised, president for all AMERICANS! President Trump is the best president ever and the most brilliant leader in the history of the world! Make America Great Again, greater than ever before! AMERICA and AMERICANS FIRST!

    The reason Donald Trump picked Mike Pence for his Vice Presidential running mate is because he is equally as smart as Donald! What could be better than having two geniuses in the White House for eight years?

  20. Yes- I had to adopt that rule as well-I couldn’t keep women and men away from me-I am such a sex magnet it became intolerable-When ever I am in public I have a posse of eunuchs that protect me from all the sexual predators who constantly attempt to harass me.

  21. With the Accusation being all that’s needed, nowadays it’s a good rule to follow.
    With today’s Social Media where a few loudmouths jump on everything and tear it apart looking for something to be offended by, or assaulted by, or merely be annoyed with. With an accusation, it’s Screw the facts! Let’s get this out there. Soon, like the rest of it, it’s become “Fact”.
    So again I say yes. It’s a good rule to follow.

  22. Actions such as this show us how closely he adheres to his Christian values. In my opinion, he is to be commended for firmly standing by his convictions!

  23. Another great man had the same rule: Billy Graham. It worked for him in that his enemies (Yes, he had them) were prevented from getting him in a room alone with a ringer who would tell lies and discredit him. Imagine what this climate of any accusation “should be believed” and the “perp” ostracized before any proof is offered and validated. Pense is nobody’s fool.

  24. Mike Pence is smart. He knows there are always those out there who would make “suggestions” or accusations against him whether he was guilty or not. Never giving those kind the opportunity to make those suggestions is simply the smart thing to do.

  25. Most liberals do not understand the definition of “Respect”. If they did, they would be more careful about their actions. They also do not know/understand about the word “moral”. They have totally erased that word from their world of Immoral Acts and Mouths. If given a definition test about life, they would all “fail” horribly!

    V.P. Pence is a good man – something they don’t see in their circles of “Tweakdom”.

  26. “Avoid the very appearance of evil” has always been good advice and not just for politicians, but for everyone.

  27. Doctors use to this also by having a nurse in the exam room whenever they were seeing female patients. Made sense way back in the dark ages all the way back to the early 1700s. Being a male and being alone in a room with a female has become dangerous to the male’s security. Might be men should travel in three’s and have women along they know they are safe with. In the work place might be segregation would work out better. Just never be alone while w woman is close by and definitely do not speak to them alone.

  28. Am I the only who thinks that separating yourself from any women whose not you wife sound like sharia law?
    How is not talking to women supposed to be respectful to you wife, it seems completely unrelated?

  29. Trump/Pence 2020

  30. Mike Pence is showing a high degree of self preservation, and good sense too bad not all politicians follow his lead!

  31. I am an 83 yr old grandfather and have always been aware of the possibility of being accused of doing something that is not appropriate sex wise. I did not take it to the extreme that Mr. Pence has done but admire him for his actions and believe that they are a good example to follow for men. However, I was more concerned with being accused of something by a child and made it a practice of not being alone with them in my house or elsewhere. Both children and women were perfectly safe and probably safer with me than being alone since I always carry a concealed gun and would not hesitate to eliminate any threat to either. I personally believe that the easy availability of pornography and the lack of morals of the left has contributed greatly to the problems that both children and women are having with sexual predators. The left is confused and their support of the homosexual and transgender sickness also contributes.

  32. From the New York Times, no less …


    It’s Not Just Mike Pence. Americans Are Wary of Being Alone With the Opposite Sex.

    Men and women still don’t seem to have figured out how to work or socialize together. For many, according to a new Morning Consult poll conducted for The New York Times, it is better simply to avoid each other.

    Many men and women are wary of a range of one-on-one situations, the poll found. Around a quarter think private work meetings with colleagues of the opposite sex are inappropriate. Nearly two-thirds say people should take extra caution around members of the opposite sex at work. A majority of women, and nearly half of men, say it’s unacceptable to have dinner or drinks alone with someone of the opposite sex other than their spouse.

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