Math Professor Says Merit-Based Grading is Racist

Campus Reform has been on the front lines of exposing insane leftism in the world of academia, and they published a story this week that would be unbelievable if you didn’t know just how far off the logical path liberals were now traveling in their quest to remake the country. They drew attention to a recent article written by Brooklyn College math professor Laurie Rubel, wherein she argues that treating math classes like a “meritocracy” was only serving the ideology of white supremacy. In the peer-reviewed Journal of Urban Mathematics Education, Rubel said that by treating students equally and judging them only by their work, teachers were essentially discriminating against blacks and other racial minorities.

No, really, she’s serious.

From Campus Reform:

Rubel, who taught high school math for nine years before becoming a professor, argues that while meritocracy is commonly linked to hard work and talent, it also “functions as a tool of whiteness” because it “ignores systemic barriers and institutional structures that prevent opportunity and success.”

Color-blindness, too, can be an issue for math teachers, according to Rubel, who asserts that “Teachers who claim color-blindness—that is, they claim to not notice the race of their students—are, in effect, refusing to acknowledge the impact of enduring racial stratification on students and their families.

“By claiming not to notice, the teacher is saying that she is dismissing one of the most salient features of the child’s identity and that she does not account for it in her curricular planning and instruction,” Rubel adds, citing education theorist Gloria Ladson-Billings.

So, to take this illogical argument to its logical conclusion, we have to assume that what’s true in math class is true in any other class, right? And what’s true in school would certainly be true out in what we call the “real world,” right? So anyone who subscribes to this notion – that “meritocracy” is a tool of white supremacy – would have to also agree that the same thing applies to the employment sector. In other words, small businesses, corporate America, and the government should prepare to start handing out bonuses, raises, and promotions to racial minorities by the truckload. Not because they’ve done anything to deserve it, but simply because they overcame “systemic barriers and institutional structures” to even get to work in the first place.

What really irks us about this type of nonsense is that we know to a certainty that there are millions of black people who would automatically retch at such a suggestion. Yeah, there are always those who are willing to use any excuse to take any advantage they can get, but we’re convinced it’s a relatively small fraction of the population. No, this is the kind of work guilty liberals come up with to “make a difference in the world,” and someone really should tell them to sit down and shut the hell up before they ruin this country beyond repair.

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  1. So the real travesty here is smug white liberals, who apparently live entirely in the rarified bubble of academia and never emerge into the real world anymore. Because they know if they tried to peddle this nonsense anywhere but among other leftist ‘academics’ they’d be laughed out of the room and forced to face the reality of how utterly ridiculous their garbage ‘theories’ sound to normal people. Are absolutely determined to ‘make a difference’ which seems to mean, ‘come up with the most ridiculous ‘theory’ to impress other smug white liberals with their use of phrases like ‘functions as a tool of whiteness’.
    Who will of course ignore decades of progress since the civil rights movement and the centuries of common sense before that which created the civilization they seem determined to destroy, and blithely inform us that merit no longer matters. No, leftist professors have decided that ‘identity’ is far more important. So what this basically means is they will judge you, these tolerant and inclusive people, on a tier system. If you are a black woman then you’ve won the identity lottery and go directly to boardwalk with four hotels. When you pass go you get the bank, not just two hundred dollars. Black men get Park Place with three hotels and half the bank when they pass go. Other assorted minorities get the other more expensive properties and unlimited free parking. ‘Transgenders’ get all the bathrooms to themselves. White women get to be smug, angry, arrogant and dismissive and their own commemorative vagina hat piece as they move around the board wearing whatever they want, or nothing at all, as they apparently battle an imaginary patriarchy and fight off constant sexual harassment by inviting it with obligatory nudity. White men go directly to jail. Do not ever pass go, do not ever dare collect two hundred dollars. And there they will stay. Meekly accepting their punishment for being born. This is the smug white liberal formula for success.
    Where instead of striving for achievement, for success, you will instead strive to claim the highest level of fake victim hood you can in order to more fully enjoy the fruits of others with less victim hoods labor.

    • Spot on. I’m getting sick and tired of brain dead professors claiming the high ground of academia. These jackwagons couldn’t hold a job in any other endeavor. Time to pull your children out of college, and if they want to stay, they can get a job and put themselves through it. Then see if the believe the liberal BS.

      • Imagine, professors who think they know about professoring. You stick to storming beaches and stuff, because on the subject of higher ed, you are a real dunce.

    • There’s nothing especially “leftist” about understanding education, but it is sure a rare thing among the right. Alas for you, a too long post simply means more bullshit.

      • Take your head out of your boyfriends ass and get some fresh air. Then take a nice long drink of prestone..

      • You are partially right, there is nothing about education that a leftist would understand. I will try to put it simple enough to understand. Education is the act of learning and you are not learning if you are given the answers or grades.

      • The left and education? Ever hear of an oxymoron? The left is loaded with retarded muck suckers such as yourself, and many of them teach other libtards how to be muck suckers. You should be proud that your higher education couldn’t land you a job at McDonalds as a floor sweeper.

      • I suspect you and Richie are the same annoying liberal troll. You’re both so mystifyingly smug considering how absurdly incorrect you consistently are.
        And I’ll say to you the same thing I say to him. Why don’t you go take a nap, and let the grownups talk in peace?

    • You sound like Pol Pot.

    • It is NOT just white liberals, it is ALL liberals. No one should have to work at anything, it should just be given to them at someone elses expense

    • Liberal Tears Are My VICTORY!

      It appears that the paid troll Jim Dandy is annoyed at your lengthy post, like ALL lefties, he is too lazy to read the whole post or in other words, to lazy to actually put in the work… predictable!
      By the way, GREAT POST!

      • Damn! Who the hell is stupid ’nuff to pay a moron like JD?
        Got to be some no-load liberal “brain dead”, “useful idiot”..

        • Liberal Tears Are My VICTORY!

          Exactly! Couldn’t have said it better myself! There are several paid troll bloggers on “disqus”, this circus clown being one of them…

    • You are absolutely right! And without having to work hard for their grades or business successes, there will be no sense of accomplishment. And without that sense of accomplishment there will be no self-respect. And that will ultimately lead to doing more and more outrageous acts trying to boost one’s self-esteem. And that leads to more failure, and more outrageous acts until one ends up in prison….. or dead. If the idiot lefties would shut up and listen they would learn Truth. But, of course they don’t want to know Truth as it does not fit into their skewed world view.

    • You should be thankful that you that your great great grand parents weren’t brought here from Africa as slaves…you heartless soul.

      • You’ve said some asinine things before Richie, but this ranks among your greatest hits of embarrassing stupidity.
        Elevating identity over merit would be a problem for all people, regardless of race. This idiot liberal ‘professor’ is basically saying that minorities, and anyone else they see as beneath them, cannot achieve anything on their own. No, they need smug white liberals to graciously hand them advancement and occasionally brush some crumbs from their morally superior tables in order to assuage the ostentatious guilt they seem to so enjoy wallowing in. It’s so incredibly, outrageously, arrogantly insulting it is hard to believe that she could be so oblivious of this fact. When I was in school it never even occurred to me that a black kid in my class wouldn’t do as well as me because they’re black. In fact in middle school I was friends with a black girl who consistently scored higher on test’s than me. I would have failed that year without her help. You know why? Because when she went home her dad made her study. When I went home nobody gave a crap what I did. She graduated highschool with honors. I barely scraped by. And none of it had anything at all to do with race. She worked hard, applied herself and is probably a success because of that today. Yet had we been born later and idiot liberal professors like this had their way maybe she wouldn’t have had to apply herself at all. Maybe she would have been passed without any effort whatsoever just because of the color of her skin. But we were young before smug white liberals divided us all up into their neat little categories and made absolutely everything about skin color.
        ” I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” A great man said this. A man who didn’t live to see his dream briefly realized, and then trampled on by smug white liberals so full of themselves they fail to see the damage they’re doing to everyone with their smugness.

        • You apparently had the opportunity to read the professors paper-I didn’t-I was addressing your wildly out of proportion response defending McMillian’s opinion.

        • Outstanding rejoinder.

        • “But we were young before smug white liberals divided us all up into their neat little categories and made absolutely everything about skin color.
          ” I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” A great man said this. A man who didn’t live to see his dream briefly realized, and then trampled on by smug white liberals so full of themselves they fail to see the damage they’re doing to everyone with their smugness.

          Please explain this comment to me-

          Especially this part…”…and then trampled on by smug white liberals so full of themselves they fail to see the damage they’re doing to everyone with their smugness.”

          I suspect you won’t.

  2. The military is the only government run entity that is truly successful. Why? Because it has a strict code of conduct and all promotions are merit based.

    This clown is trying to say that minorities should not be required to earn what they get because they are not capable of earning it. This, in an of itself, is racist! Keep them down. Don’t let them think for a minute that they can excel or be proficient at anything because if you do, they just might try. This is the kind of thought process that has given rise to the deterioration of Baltimore, Philadelphia, Detroit and Chicago to name a few.

    Someone please ring the gong and get her off the stage!

    • Or better yet, have one of those giant hooks yank her off the stage and deposit her directly into the garbage can of embarrassing historical mistakes with the rest of backwards, modern liberal regressive ‘progressive’ nonsense where she belongs.

      • did you read the professors paper or are you assuming that the bias Rex McMillian’s possible out of context quotes reflex the reality of what the paper concludes? I am guessing you don’t care because you have zero intellectual curiosity just like the rest of the trump sheep-

    • Justine:

      Off the stage ?” Get her the hell out of education ! Teaching must be a whole lot easier if your students don’t have to learn anything. This blatherskite is just a lazy-as-sin, do nothing, supposed teacher, looking for a race card excuse for her failing classes.
      It’s really a shame she thinks Blacks are too stupid to learn math !

      • This is critical. Get every one of those charlatans out of the classroom and out of education. They have just admitted that they don’t know how to teach and don’t care!

        • Ya, she is just another one the devil has gotten hold of by the, ‘you-know-what”. Sure glad I had the math teacher I had in school–an incredible disciplinarian–tough British type who helped develop kids’ back bones to meet the challenges of life. All the kids loved and respected him even though he often scared the ‘c’ out of them. Honors to the late, good old J.S. Sonley, Glebe Collegiate!

        • I wonder if she is married to or has a black student mounting her she looks like a real porker

          • Now now, it’s not nice to call White Whale a Porker…lol

          • It took you guys about three seconds to turn this into a playground taunt. I’ll add immaturity to common qualities of Trumpies.

          • What a STUPID reply Jim.
            Do you approve of MERIT or racial based criteria?

          • Carl our site Dandy doesn’t know the difference between EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER LAW and equal outcome under racial preference.

          • We’re immature but you use childish names like Trumpies? Your embarrassing yourself again.

          • Back to the basement little child. Time for jammies and bed bye time.

          • The dipshit rears it’s ugly head again…Trumpies wow.. You’ve obviously graduated first in your class of dipshits and became a libtard hero. Good for you, cupcake.

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          • you are an ignoranus….

          • So what noopra

          • You are still an ignoranus….

        • No, BT, she said you can’t teach all kids the same.

          • Yes the tolerant and inclusive smug white liberal wants to judge everyone based on the color of their skin and level of fake victim hood she in her arrogant ‘wisdom’ see’s fit to deem them. You guys are absolutely amazing.

          • did you read her paper?

          • And you are absolutely clueless….

          • No Richie, I’m just not a smug, fake liberal racist who calls my arrogant judgment of others skin color based ability ‘helping people’. And then turns around and falsely accuses those who actually want to judge others on their merit as a human being, any human being, racist. It’s laughable, like all the rest of your moronic ideology.

          • Somewhere in you mind you “understand” what you just said in your comment. However ,anyone reading you comment… can’t. It is a total mess. Please rephrase.

            BTW-I will ask again-Did you read the professors paper?

          • That’s it? That’s what you came up with? This one is definitely going into your top ten ridiculous, nonsensical replies. Project much?

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          • If they listened the same they should learn the same,

      • Maybe she knows something that we do not. (sarc)

        • You are probably one of those that think one doesn’t need to earn what they get in return for their efforts.
          You could very well be one of those that wants something for nothing.
          I can understand welfair and helping but when it comes to someone being lazy-minded, I don’t agree.

          • Reading comprehension problem. Read it again. Oh, well, you cannot win them all.

          • I’m not trying to win, just that there are lots of people that think as I do, if a person is of able-body they should go get a JOB……

          • I never said they are entitled to welfare just because they are. All people should contribute to keeping themselves alive. And they should do it honestly and not expect a hand out from the government. It is the wishes of the government to make slaves of everyone. Read it again especially the sarcasm part.

          • Paul liberals have spawned a host of swamp reptile leeches in this country thanks to liberals who use promises of freebees to get votes. The leeches are the NON-CONTRIBUTING gimme, gimme, gimme what’s mine ’cause “I got my rights” faction. They are the mentality of banana plantation dwellers who are convinced each should own a $300,000 home with luxury car, swimming pool AND have an EBT card and receive a CHECK every month. The worst of this nonsense began in the 1960s with LBJ. His “Great Society” turned out to be the Grinch society.

          • Thompson you paid no attention to the “(sarc)” added. Paulrph1 posted a deliberate SARCASTIC remark. He does not agree with the woman being discussed.

      • typical regressive right wing “conservative ” using a word(blatherskite) circa 1650.Yes!!!! Lets go back to 1650 before the discovery of gravity.

      • If our nation continues the downward trend in academics the Bush tribes of Africa will be more intelligent.

    • Don’t ask the British Military to fight with you, the British have been taken over by communists.

      • The Muslims have taken over Great Britain……..Now you can see why the liberal Brits took the people’s firearms…….the citizens have no way of fighting back.

        • Ah but they do.
          Firearms are not the only way to kill an enemy.
          I have taken training because I see this coming to The United States because the right wingers are allowing the left wing ( communist ) to run wild while doing noting.

          • I have also been well trained by the military, and I have the right to own firearms……and I will use them against the enemy……either from outside or within.

      • as well as everyone who disagrees with you…hypocrite.

      • There are times that I think we have also.

      • Ask a Marine who’s served with the Royal Marines, and he’ll tell you, they are the baddest on land or sea. Oh, and you don’t know what a communist even is.

    • If you really believe the military to be the only successful government entity, you really don’t know much about it.

      • Damn girl. I was hoping your scumbag ass was “dirt napping”. Along with ALL your like minded(oxymoron) left wing scumbags.

        • I have followed Jim Dandy-He is a worthy opponent-

          Apparently you are not up to the challenge…as you were hoping we would just go away? Why would you think the majority would just go away?

      • It IS! There are NO other successful government entities (they’re mostly jokes when compared to the private sector and I’m being WAY too kind).

    • One of the most serious mistakes ever made was to discard the active military draft. From that point on our society became more and more stratified since there was a loss of interaction among our young.

    • Better still, lower a noose around her neck and yank her up towards the ceiling! Problem solved!

    • Here’s a modest proposal. For those who consider EARNING something is racist then I suggest that colleges and universities just print Diplomas according to students’ choices simply when they matriculate. An enrollee can fill out a form stating what she/he wants, (Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctorate) and the institution will simply order a diploma to fit the student’s request. Forget classrooms, faculty, and all the expensive administrative costs. Just hand out diplomas for which each participant has paid a Diploma cost. That will satisfy the issue about racism.

      • Things seem to be headed in that direction. Remember the university professor who told students who felt ‘stressed out’ to pick their own grade? Rubel has no concept of what ineptitude can cost in the real world. I worked at a company that installed fiber-optic communication systems for the Air Force. Two engineers hired in the name of ‘diversity’ were fired a couple months later. It was discovered they could not apply some basic technical concepts. One claimed he just went along with the crowd when they were able to get a lot of test answers in advance. The other was found out when she kept asking technicians to do most of her work for her. When confronted, she said a lot of math was just to hard. I also fault the managers who interviewed them for not asking tough questions.

        • RSM the whole thing is about avoiding OFFENDING people. That’s why today many highly Unqualified people are hired onto jobs they have no business being in. An airline Captain told me about a Co Pilot he once had sitting in the “Right Seat” who was supposed to be reviewing the standard check list before a flight. The Caption told me he noticed the Co Pilot was gazing out a window at a shapely female walking across the tarmac. Then a real estate agent told me about a few new agents who kept wanting other agents to do required information checking for listing of properties. Those were asked why they didn’t want to do the checking themselves and a standard reply was along the lines that they had difficulty understanding the need for looking up all the property details. GOOD GRIEF! It appears they were hired along the *no offense” philosophy of today. Those wanted to collect the sales commission but they didn’t want to EARN it doing the work. They were OK “showing properties” but they didn’t want to “do the math”. All of this comes around to HOW SAFE ARE WE TODAY with incompetents being hired simply to meet socially prescribed criteria.

          • Yep, it’s scary to think how many unqualified people are out there. A manager at a local company interviewed a “diversity” candidate. The interview seemed to go well, until he asked if she had any questions for him. The candidate thought for a moment, then pulled out her cell phone. She called someone and started screaming and cursing at them because they had been 15 minutes late picking her up at a club the night before. She was so loud, employees in several offices nearby quickly ended phone calls and ran down the hallway to see what was the matter. Stunned, the manager stayed professional and tried to get her to calm down and end the call. She cursed at him, stating he could not tell her what to do. The manager was about to call security when she stood up and walked out of the building, still on her phone. He submitted the paperwork stating he would not hire her. A senior manager signed off to hire her anyway, and two weeks later, she started in a different department she was not qualified for.

          • Two years ago a young female came to my workplace and requested something I was unable to provide so as with protocol I was required to ask someone “higher up”. I politely told her I’d have to get someone else to handle her request and to please wait while I went to that person. With that she exploded in the presence of other workers and clientele telling me her time was valuable and she didn’t have time to wait. Protocol required I call security in that kind of event to prevent more outbreak. A superior took over and I was asked to leave the area. He listened to her complaint. The next day my administrator told me I was being place on 90 days administrative leave WITH PAY. (It was a wonderful three months with pay and not having to go to work.). However this involved anti white racism on the part of the client and to keep the woman’s community from being offended the organization gave me some “time off”. Yes, that was a federal facility during Obama’s illegal reign. Had she done that outburst in the 1940’s or ’50s she would have been escorted out and told to leave the premises or face charges for disturbing the peace. I strongly suspect she was “on illegal substances” because “druggies” absolutely cannot tolerate the word “WAIT”. They want what they want NOW. Oh well, her behavior is just another sign of the times we live in–very low class. No civility.

    • Thank-You for the absolute fact in black and white.
      Truth is it has never been about education.
      It’s all about Affermative Action.

      • Affirmative Action with its “win because you participated” view is demonstrating its faulty assumption philosophy. It is pure racism dressed in sheep clothing and dove feathers. Preferential treatment is a form of racism.

    • Just make sure it is not the the Unknown Comic take pride in shutting idiots up let everyone know you were front and center in silencing stupidity.

  3. They article misrepresents what this teacher is saying, he’s saying racial issues, beyond the class more, are affecting how some kids preform. Basically, he’s saying kids are not equal at the starting line.

    • First the so called teacher is a SHE…and a very RACIST SHE at that.

    • So you want an engineer to design a bridge that couldn’t pass a math class?

      • Why do people ways think that every time anyone talks about race issues in education they up to ‘what, do you think meritocracy is racist’.
        How is saying racial issues may be affecting education calling merit based grades racist, because this article does not explain that?

        • Neither do you.
          How are they not equal at the starting line?

          • If circumstances beyond their control, unrelated to their actual abilities and/or potential, they’re no equal at the starting line.

          • Again….why are they not equal? A five year old starts out in kindergarten….start there if you need help. Give me a reason why….not the typical “because they are”.

            When I was medically discharged from the Marines in 12/3/1983 I spent a year and a half rehabbing my shoulder and taking classes. I went and tested at 12 different Fire Depts around the Southern California area. I was top 1% of 3 classes in oral-physical-written. I was top 7% or better in the rest….yet I wasn’t hired because I was a white male. Had to be a minority or female to get hired. I’m past ever giving anyone that doesn’t get their ass squared away and studies for their future….This bullshit (and that’s what it is!!) has gone on long enough….yeah that was over 30 years ago. If you can’t pass a test on a curve you are to stupid to breath….or you are just to lazy to try.

          • A lot of teachers will tell you. If students have any issues with learning, it’s their responsibility to help them.
            And I don’t you claims of reverse discrimination.

          • You still haven’t given an answer why they aren’t equal. Why should anyone receive a better grade for doing lesser work? Oh, you should really read your posts before showing them…what the heck does that last sentence mean? “And I don’t you claims of reverse discrimination” HUH??

          • This is not saying kids should get better greats for less work.
            I fixed the last sentence.

          • I really don’t care if you don’t believe me .. Typical of some inbred liberal. That’s
            You apparently don’t under stand English ….I said doing lesser work, not less. Meaning they are unable to do a meritocracy based system. You know, get top grades for getting good scores on their work.

          • It’s still not about removing merit based grading.
            And why should I believe you?

          • Hey will…either you make the grades or you don’t.

            And like I said…”I couldn’t care less”….do you understand English dumbass? “I don’t care if you believe me, it’s what happened”. You don’t wanna to believe it….that’s your problem. NOT MINE

            Liberals are like a turd in the toilet….I think they belong in the lines headed to the sewage treatment plant.

          • That’s what this teacher is saying.

          • Doesn’t sound much like she wants to be a teacher….sounds more like she wants an excuse for her failure.
            But hey, it’s all about excuses right?

          • What ‘failure’?

          • Apparently if you are black they can’t teach you…

            Rubel, who taught high school math for nine years before becoming a professor, argues that while meritocracy is commonly linked to hard work and talent, it also “functions as a tool of whiteness” because it “ignores systemic barriers and institutional structures that prevent opportunity and success

            Guess you can’t teach someone who’s not white.

          • I’m sure she had plenty of well performing black students over her cereer. She’s just saying issues beyond the classroom could be affecting grades, that’s doesn’t mean she think meritocracy is racist.

          • The portion with her name was her quote..she said it is a tool of whiteness..

          • The article doesn’t really specify what she thinks is a ‘tool of whitness’, it seems more she doesn’t think you should ignore things that could affect grades.

          • Bwahaha….you don’t have anything on a box of rocks do ya?

          • How am I being stupid?

          • Read what she said ….apparently you can’t take her for her words and want to use your own. Fine….
            I say what I mean and mean what I say.
            You idiots apparently don’t by what you say.
            Again….it’s like talking to a box of rocks. Call it stupid, that’s okay too.

            Can’t fix stupid!!

          • When did she actually merit based grading was racist?

          • Here ya go again….this is from the first paragraph, since you can’t seem to do it on your own.

            “They drew attention to a recent article written by Brooklyn College math professor Laurie Rubel, wherein she argues that treating math classes like a “meritocracy” was only serving the ideology of white supremacy. In the peer-reviewed Journal of Urban Mathematics Education, Rubel said that by treating students equally and judging them only by their work, teachers were essentially discriminating against blacks and other racial minorities.“

          • What’s that they think she is as implying, not her own words.

          • It’s what she said!!!….nobody is implying anything.

          • No, it’s not.

          • Last sentence dimwit….read it, learn it, be it.
            Can you be any more stupid.

          • It reads more like she’s saying ignoring race means also if or racial issues?

          • Ya know…when idiots like you try to reason when one of your own say it’s racist FOR WHAT EVER REASON …it only strengthens my resolve to not want to ever be friends with ——let alone know one of you kooks.

            As the old saying goes
            YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID!!!!

          • I’m just poking holes in this article.

          • When her words are quoted…they are HER WORDS. The only thing you are poking holes in are your points.

          • Words don’t matter if they’re misunderstood.

          • Every word has a specific meaning. It is up to the person using them to choose what words to use. I think what she says is quite clear.

          • Not if you’ve only heard of her through this article.

          • So you are saying that what she says….I repeat….what she says…. in pretty simple terms you can twist to say what you want it to? Sorry, when someone in plain English says “that by treating students equally and judging them only by their work, teachers were essentially discriminating against blacks and other racial minorities.”…..her words as quoted.
            She says that minorities can’t do the same work because they are too stupid….looks like that’s what it says to me. She’s looking more racist all the time….Thanks

          • Unless you actually use context. When does she EXPLICITILY say minorities are stupid?

          • I agree that poverty and unemployment and other factors can follow the child to school, but it seems to always be due to racial discrimination, when that is seldom a problem in the classroom.

          • She’s just saying those problems are holding kids back, and should dealt with?

          • Racism in the classroom is not a serious problem as long as teacher does not veer from subject matter and teaches to class as a whole.

          • Seriously, do you know anything about this teacher not from this article?

          • I have not seen much on her from prior to article and not much since. When someone like her perceives a problem, it always is blamed on racial discrimination.

          • What if she has a point?

          • Haha…yeah you idiots, just like her make everything racial. Guess you are a racist just like her. First y’all want to make society color blind, then you want it to work for someone because of their color. Guess it’s a racial thing when EVERY big city has its barrios and ghettos EVVVVERRRRY!!!
            Then the social justice warriors want to throw billions at fixing them.
            Well, how’s that working for ya? You can’t change the spots on a leopard….the great examples are Africa and South America. These continents are rich in minerals and natural resources….yet are still predominantly 3rd world in the 21st century.

          • Unless you actual fix racism, you can’t have a post-racial society.
            And a lot of people will say South America and Africa are because of exploitation.

          • How do you fix racism. Most people are not racist, but too many blacks and whites are. In my opinion, only time can do that and it might just exist as long as there are more than one race.

          • The answer definitely isn’t calling everyone who talks about racism a ‘race bater’.

          • Many blacks are also racist. Yet we only hear about those white racist. Giving special attention to a black child simply because of race is racism.

          • There is more racism coming from white people in America.
            The teacher is not calling for special treatment.

          • What do you base that on. I am not aware of any study that shows that whites are more racist than blacks. I grew up in Florida and many of my friends were black. There are far more whites than blacks so i guess numerically there could be more racist whites, but probably not if you take in the difference in population numbers. blacks are about 16% of our total population.

          • I base it on facts like most ethno-supremacists are white, and most hate crimes are done by white people.

          • Yep, typical liberal answer…’s always somebody else’s fault.

            Why is the south side of Chicago one of the most dangerous places in the US? Why was it that way through all of obeyme’s time as a politician to that state and all of his presidency? Why is it still that way? Oh wait ….it’s the white mans fault, he’s holding us back.
            Yep….everybody’s fault but their own. That why they have kids and expect everyone else to take care of them. They’ve been given everything by you liberals and they expect more and do less.

            Yeah, everybody exploits the black man…, not really. You know why? We know where to hide a ten dollar bill from them….under their work boots.

          • Did you know that Chicago actually doesn’t have the height murder rate Per capita, and it’s safer since the 90s. In facts the crime rate has been treading down for a couple of decades.

          • That’s hilarious if it wasn’t so stupid….you do realize they cut the margins so the numbers would look better?
            But here is a fact…there were over 500 murders in Chicago for 2017. That’s more than NY and lost Angeles combined. Crime has NOT trended down, they just move the numbers around to make obeyme’s home look better. Notice he didn’t come back after leaving the White House?

            Yeah, trending down from over 600 murders the year before…safe city huh???? Bwahaha

            You can take the animal out of the jungle but you can’t take the jungle out of the animal…..I guess that’s what she’s saying.

          • Chicago is has it’s problems, but it is getting better.

          • lol….yep, they are killing each other at such a high rate and complaining about a few that get shot by police. Chicago used to be called chi town…..not it’s “SHITHOLE” along with Detroit, Lansing, DC, South central LA, Cleveland, St. Louis, Memphis and just about any othe large city they congregate in.

          • Cops are meant to keep people from getting shoot.
            And all those cities are safer then they were in the nineties.

          • The police are there to protect and serve….doesn’t mean when one of these thugs pulls a gun they can’t defend themselves. Secondly you are wrong again….none of those cities are safer. Where the heck do you get your information?

            You are lucky breathing is an involuntary muscle action….with the way you process I doubt you’d last if you had to think about it.

          • Protested police shooting rarely involve gun being pulled on a cop.
            I get my information from various sources that acknowledge that some city currently have some crime problems, but are not the worst they’ve ever had.

          • Your sources ….lol….hey dimwit, drive anywhere around Midway Airport in south Chicago. Go on down to Riverdale, Blue Island, Oak Lawn or Evergreen Park. You wouldn’t last an evening let alone a night….dumbass. Heck, you wouldn’t even last an evening above Wrigley Field and that’s on the north side. You want to show me something….walk by yourself around our nations capital at night with you and your boyfriend. Detroit would be another place a puss like you wouldn’t last 24 hours…they would find your body stuffed in a dumpster. Safer….lol

          • You know, normal live in all those places, they aren’t war zones.

          • Every city has some crime.

          • That’s like saying every ocean has some water..

            Just last year…over 600 murders.

            I think the police should let them have at it in places like Chicago. They kill each other way faster than all the police departments combined.

          • How much is that compared to the year before?

          • Wow….they are just a little behind what 2016. But read the article 600 murders is just a blip on the radar.

          • Crime is still going down.

          • No…’s not.
            It had a dip for a year in Chicago. Or can’t you read?
            Why should I ask that question? I know you are to stupid to understand that.

            Blacks kill each other, Hispanics do the same…you can spin it all you want. If they were left to their own and allowed to try and get ahead, their neighborhood would soon look like either the shitholes over in Africa or down in Mexico. They always ALWAYS end up at the lowest common denominator….it’s hilarious that the nfl and nba do their little protests yet they don’t dump their millions into the cause. They waste it on mansions and tennis shoes, they have posses an blow money like they were given it for free. Most of them end up broke, bankrupt or dead from drugs….heck, even a few of them end up in prison for murdering someone.
            The day I have compassion for them is the day they work as hard as me, my dad, my grandfathers and the millions of us that never got a dime we didn’t earn.

            Cities always have more crime then the rest of the country, so you have to look nation wide.

          • That’s it, change the subject that I was talking about…cities like ”Shitchicago”, Detroit, DC, LA and the like. That’s where there’s a concentration of these groups and that’s where the majority of these crimes and shootings occur. The area I live only had one shooting the past year and that was because one of these animals got out of the big city and ended up here. Go 60-80 miles from here where they congregate and it’s a different story. You have shootings and way more crime….funny how they stopped talking about what race they were on the news. The aclu says it’s racist to do such a thing…they are also saying that now the cams the police were forced to wear because they said it would prove the police to be racist and gun happy….now are proving why these animals are getting shot. Now they are calling the cams racist evidence…bwahaha
            I can give you a lot more if this doesn’t do it for you. Oh, he almost shot his buddies in the process AND he was going to trial for armed assault and armed robbery…..good little animal!!

          • I are nearly impossible to call you a literal racist.
            Concentrating the population into cities is what causes the appearance of high crime. And dash and body cams have caught police in the wrong, as well as drive down complaints of brutality. I have a teacher in high school who was a former cop who admitted cops were sometimes in the wrong,

          • In a life or death situation, cops may only have a split second to draw and fire their weapon. Most shootings by cop turn out to be justified. Cops do make mistakes, but bad shootings are very rare. I would wager you can not name five shootings in the last year where the cop was wrong.

          • I’ll show that comment to my wife (her family immigrated from Guatemala) and then I’ll show it to my best friend who used to be my CO while I was on active duty in the Marines….he and his wife are also the God parents to my two boys. By the way he’s black and would say the same thing about those idiots in Shitchicago. You see I can call them that because that’s what they are….oh and by the way, that type of animal doesn’t come in any certain color. But they seem to come in bigger numbers in certain colors. Our prisons prove that point.

            Concentrating in cities causes the appearance of higher crime?? No, when they congregate in big numbers they revert to a tribal mentality. We have huge areas of predominantly white that don’t have the same problems as those of color. That’s fact….not something I pulled out of my ass.

            As with any police department there are going to be a small number of abusers…but I’m guessing you have never encountered someone threatening your life. When stuff like police brutality happen….say like when Rodney King got his. He lead police officers on a high speed pursuit putting not only the officers lives in danger but many people on the freeway and on the side roads. When they finally got him pulled over it was a woman officer that first encountered him. He started to beat on her before two other squad cars arrived. I don’t know about you but I would show this idiot beating on a woman wasn’t even close to acceptable plus she was a uniformed officer. He got what he deserved….yet he went on to not only repeat what he had done in the past, he also beat his girl friend. But as usual he got a big settlement and ended up broke and dead from an overdose…..typical

          • 2016 was up from the totals in the three prior years at around 762 murders. 2017 is not final yet, but was headed towards the 2016 numbers with around 375 in the first six months. It definitely is not getting better there.

          • Crime goes up and down a lot. There was a spike in gang violence on Long Island a year ago.

          • in Chicago, it seems to rise lately. I think Chicago could learn from New York. Low rates due to what there.

          • Since New York is one of the most liberal cities in the U.S. they probably wouldn’t have any answers that conservatives would like?

          • There are independent sources that will look at job loss, reduced hours and more. I hope no one gets laid off or has their work hours reduced.

          • And those independent sources will probably tell you New York is doing good in those areas.

          • to live in New york, in and of itself, requires a larger income than most other areas. Population wise, Florida is now equal to New York state and voters there do not let party decide how they vote. New york as a state is liberal. the police department is probably the best run department in the city of New York/ Chicago is liberal and should find out why crime is less in new york than in Chicago.

          • Chicago has more murders than two of the largest cities in the US combined. I am referrring to LA and New york. What are those two cities doing differently. Maybe Chicago could learn something from them.

          • Cops presence can lower crime, but their primary purpose is to catch those who violate laws. I would hardly call Baltimore or Chicago safe cities. I think Baltimore has highest per capita crime rate in the entire country and Chicago is somewhere around number 4 on the list.

          • Cops do occasional shoot someone they shouldn’t.
            And Chicago has a bad reputation that seems to be worse then reality.

          • It rarely happens. At least now they wear body cameras in most places and there is video of what happens. Chicago is in the top five for murders per capital . That is reality.

          • Have you noticed that when cops have body cameras there is less complaints of brutality?
            And what’s your source on Chicago?

          • There was a recent case where an armed robber fled from police and discharge his weapon several times at the cops and was killed. Despite clear evidence that cops acted correctly, there were complaints.

          • I’m guessing the complaint came from a relative?
            Relative will tend to side against police when someone gets killed.

          • You made a comment about white on white crime as compared to black on black crime. First and foremost you need to know that Whites are about 75% of the population and blacks are about 13.3 % of the population. The latest numbers i could find are from 2015. During that year blacks killed 229 whites and whites killed 500 Blacks. Now within races whites killed 2574 whites and blacks killed 2380 blacks.. So on a per capita basis black on black crime is much worse since the total numbers are nearly equally numerically, but the white population is nearly 6 times the black population. I do need to say that these figures do not include murders where the race of the murderer is not known, due to being unsolved. Numerically whites killed 194 more whites than blacks killed blacks. Once again you need to examine numbers and put them in perspective. You have a habit of making statements that are not supported by facts.

          • If you look at income levels, you may see more consistency than with race.

          • FBI list of violent crimes among major cities.

          • What about the website I linked?

          • it list small cities among those listed and even a small increase can have a major impact on per capita. That is why most seem to look at larger cities like Jacksonville, Florida, Baltimore Maryland and chicago for increases and decreases. A small number of violent crimes in Baltimore will not drastically change the per capita crime rate.

          • Even so, crime has been on a downward trend for a while.

          • Tell that to people who live in Baltimore, Memphis or even in Chicago. They live in fear every day in some areas of those cities.

          • I actually have heard what the residents of those cities have to say, they know it could be safer, but it’s still there home, and they do feel safe a lot of the time.

          • Were you aware that Chicago had more murders in the last two years than New York and LA combined. in fact murders were up in Chicago during 2016 when compared to the three prior years which also were high. 2017 is not final yet but was close to the 2016 levels. On a per capita basis, when compared to smaller cities they do look better, but crime there is a serious problem.

          • And how would you fix it?

          • Chicago is pretty bad, though some other cities have passed them on a per capita basis.

          • Still not as bad as they were in the nineties?

          • Very very rarely. Cops have to react to what they see and the suspect appears to be going for a gun. Just like there are bad people in other professions, there are some bad cops. Protests are just as likely to be against a justified shooting as against an overzealous cop.

          • Either way, it looks like police departments should work on having their officers read some situation better?

          • to become a police officer requires completion of police academy which provides what you are suggesting. Every police department is striving to keep officer training up and to weed out the very rare bad cop.

          • You can’t blame some people for thinking they can do better. And these is coming from someone who looked into joining the police.

          • They face up to problems when they find them and make correction. Every shooting, justified or not is thoroughly investigated for wrong doing on the part of the officer. When the department is found at fault, changes are made to prevent the same mistake from reoccurring.

          • Someone think that the problems are being fixed.

          • Police officers face life threatening situations and always must make quick decisions. sometimes it is not what they saw and the guy reaching for his belt is not reaching for a gun. The officer does not know that and must react sometimes in a split second. Try to see it from the perspective of that officer. When he finds out he was mistaken and has killed an unarmed person, imagine how he feels and the fact that he has to live with that mistake for the rest of his life. Police officers are human too,

          • I know that, I’ve heard of police who resign over the grief of shooting someone.

          • Even when justified , the officer has to deal with it. Killing another person,, even in self defense is hard to live with.

          • Very little change over the last five years. I think they have the 4th highest per capita murder rate in the entire country. baltimore is number 1, I think.

          • St Louis followed by Baltimore – two cities that allow open carry. Priceless!!!!!!!!!!!

          • No i think Chicago is only number 4. I guess that is better than Baltimore which is number 1.

          • Many of those are not large population cities. Any increase for whatever reason will raise the per capita. Per capita in the large cities is high and that includes Memphis, Jacsonville, florida, Chicago, Baltimore and others Most violent crimes against blacks is committed by other blacks.

          • Yes, high population centers will seem to have more crime.
            And most violent crime is white-on-white.

          • According to FBI statistics 46% of hate crimes in 2016, the latest year available, were committed by whites. That is less than the % of overall population. Nearly 25% were committed by blacks which is well above the 16% of overall population. There were nearly 6000 hate crime offenders. Once more you make a comment not supported by facts. Granted white hate crime against blacks does get more press than black hate crime against whites.

          • It’s still more hate crime from white people.

          • Clearly if you take the 6000 or so hate crimes and multiply the 46%,you get a number of 2760 hate crimes committed by whites. taking that same number of 6000 and multiply by 25% you get 1500 hate crimes committed by blacks. To make a fair comparison you have to look at how much of total population is white and how much is black, so on a per capita basis you get a larger number per capita for blacks. Despite that the hate crime figures are too high and show racism to some degree by the blacks against whites and whites against blacks. Will, I am an accountant and numbers are my thing. Think before you make comments. Just because it sounds right does not make it correct. In this instance you are factually wrong.

          • Will you have to take into consideration that whites are just over 75% of the US population but commit only 46% of hate crimes. Blacks are about 14% of the population , but commit about 25% of hate crimes, which is nearly double their share of total population. With Whites, it is a far lesser number. These are just numbers and hate crimes are hate crimes and when done for racial reasons should not be condoned. Please though do not think that blacks are any less racist in this area than whites.

          • Even taking into account percentages, the clear majority of hate crimes are white on black, that does not justify the reversal.

          • A quick calculation would be to look at the fact that whites are nearly six times the population of blacks. Lower that to five time to be conservative and divide the 46% figure by 5. The result is 9% compared to the 25% figure for blacks. so Blacks per capita commit 3 times or more hate crimes than whites

          • So my other comment.

          • Whites make up 75% of the population and blacks about 13.3% of the population. that means whites outnumber blacks by nearly six to one but blacks commit hate crimes at half the numbers of whites . Per capita blacks commit far more. so how do you reach the conclusion that whites are worse than blacks in this area.

          • There is no quick fix on racism. Only time can do that, combined with education.. so until time does its job, there will be racist blacks and racist whites.;

          • So this teacher is right about using school to fix racism?

          • Far from it. I do not see racism as a problem in schools. She highlights racism out of classroom as being problem. if so only time can fix that. You can not force a racist to not be racist.

          • Then how do you fix racism?

          • Humans can not fix racism. Only time and education can do that. We can protect rights, but can not turn a racist into a non-racist.

          • That’s what this teacher want.

          • Actually the teacher is creating a problem that is virtually non existent in classrooms at younger levels. I really am not sure what she wants. She points to something that might or not not happen outside of the classroom. Racism is far less prevalent at those ages than in older adults. I suspect this teacher is a closet racist. If kids can not keep up, call it racist caused. That is a whole lot of BS. Maybe home environment does play a part, but racism is not likely part of that. Poor parenting, low economic status and other such factors might affect the child in class, but not a whole lot can be done about what exists at home. Create a problem, yet offer no solutions. Clue me in on what solutions this teacher has for what may or may not be a legitimate problem.

          • Treating a child differently due to race is racism pure and simple. Teach the subject matter and if a child can not keep up move them into a lower class.

          • She’s not saying to treatment kids differently.

          • What is she saying then, in more than one sentence.

          • I’ve only heard of her from this article, but they are clearly taking what she said out of context.
            ‘Oh, everyone to the left of me calls everything racist because (insert vague complaint of ‘leftism’ here)’.
            She is saying that issue beyond beyond the class room are holding kids back. Some of those issues are racial. Exactly when does she SPECIFICALLY say meritocracy is racist?

          • Racism only holds kids back if injected into the classroom. some schools do have special classes for kids who are unable to keep up. Home environment does affect kids at school. I concede that, but that is a social issue that must be dealt with as a social issue. I am at a blank for how that one can be solved. Single parent household, lack of education of head of household, and more. It is hard to help a child with lessons, if you have a poor education. Kids with parents who are well educated tend to do better or at least have an easier time learning the subject matter at school.

          • Do you even know what kind of programs she is advocating for? It sound like she just wants more programs that already exist?

          • She seems to stress racism, which i do not see as any problem for these kids unless some get special treatment due to their race. Enlighten me on what programs she is advocating for.

          • I don’t what, if any programs she is pushing for.

          • Racism seems to be the fall back for every problem that faces our country. that and white elitism. Some even try to lay a guilt trip on those of us who were born white. I know a whole bunch of successful blacks and they got there by working hard and getting a good education. The opportunity is there for everyone, but hard work and just a little sacrifice is needed to find success.

          • There is still a few problems left over from past racism, or caused by modern racism. It may not be as bad as past generations, but it’s still a problem.

          • Racism can go either direction, but the problem is not nearly what it was 40 years ago. In fact black racism may be a bigger problem now than white racism. Obama did get a lot of white votes.

          • Why would you think black people are more racist?

          • i am only trying to say racism goes both ways and some would say the hate crimes indicate that blacks are more racist than whites.

          • The statistics you showed me the majority of hate crimes are white on black.
            I’m say black people can’t be racist, I’m just stating facts.

          • That would be correct if you look at strictly numbers without considering the huge differences in the % of whites in this country which is 75% and the numbers of Blacks which is 13.3%. I gave you the number of hate crimes committed by blacks and the numbers committed by whites in an earlier comment. You can not simply use numbers without considering population and get a fair comparison. If you choose to be narrow minded and only look at white hate crimes vs black hate crimes, i guess more are committed by whites, but on a per capita basis it swings heavily to blacks. Either way it is wrong and we need to do whatever we can to address the problem.

          • If you ignore the fact that whites outnumber blacks by nearly a

          • Of course blacks can be racist. You really can not be so stupid as to believe your comment about that. according to the FBI, in 2016 there were just under 6000 hate crimes where the race of the offender was known. Whites were guilty of committing 46% of those hate crimes. Blacks committed 26% of those hate crimes. If you stop there Whites committed 20% more of the hate crimes. the whites did it because of the race of the victim and Blacks did it for the same reason. If you ignore the fact that Whites make up 75% of our population and Blacks make up 13.3% of our population, i guess you can continue with what you believe. It is not logical to do that , but you are sometimes not logical. Per capita is the only fair way to compare. Racism also does not always lead to criminal behavior. Member of both races are guilty of racism.

          • Meant “I’m not saying black people can’t be racist, I’m just stating facts.”
            If you want to look at percentages of individual groups sure, but I’m looking at the whole country. A group can be just five percent of a population that and be responsible for fifty precent of a crime, but that doesn’t mean that group that ninty five percent that’s responsible for the of eighty five percent of a crime should be ignored.

          • Individuals tend to target their own race more often in the commission of violent crimes. That is true of whites and blacks. I don’t know why that is. I guess they live in the same neighborhood. Facts are available from the FBI on who commits what crimes against whom. white against white, black against black and black against white and white against black. Per capita blacks commit more violent crimes. Per capita blacks commit more hate crimes.

          • I think it’s actually white people who commit more hate crimes?

          • Numerically yes, per capita no

          • My figures on population and hate crime information from FBI are all nation wide. Nation wide on a per capita basis blacks commit more hate crimes by three to one margin when compared to whites.. Those are facts. nation wide facts from census bureau and from FBI.

          • Most of that comment was not dealing with facts. Provide me facts that show that Whites are responsible for more major crimes than blacks. Include in that information on hate crimes plus white on black crime and black on black crime and white on white and black on white. Keep in mind that the black population is about 1/6 the size of the white population. use reputable sources like FBI and The figures on population from last census.

          • Whites outnumber blacks six to one . Whites commit 46% of hate crimes compared to 25% committed by Blacks. You can stop with last sentence and you would be correct, but sheer numbers in the total population reverse what your are saying and translate into blacks committing three times as many hate crimes per capita as whites.

          • That is not what an objective person would draw from my information. I gave you % for both blacks and whites plus total of hate crime per FBI in 2016. I also gave you population % of blacks and whites.. Per capital blacks commit three times as many hate crimes as whites.

          • I think it is pretty much equal actually.

          • It’s not though.
            That’s a false equivalency.

          • It is impossible to know objectively whether a person is racist unless they have done or said something racist. Your comment has no foundation in fact nor does mine. I am however entitled to may opinion as you are to yours. That is however all that either of us has.

          • racism seems to be front and center with her. It seems like every time there is something worth solving like why some kids have a hard time in class, the fall back seems to always be race or white elitism

          • It’s not all the time, conservatives just loss their s**t when anyone brings up race.

          • and often times, racial discrimination is the easy fall back when they have no better answer. I personally think it is way over used and diminishes actual racial discrimination that might happen. You can cry wolf and cry wolf until no one pays attention any more.

          • I can make the same claims about conservatives invoking thing being ‘socialist’, or ‘anti-American’.

          • anti american is a bit wide ranging. Socialist has a definite proven meaning. To describe Bernie Sanders as a socialist is on the mark. I checked some parts of the teachers work and if some schools that are heavily black do not get the same funding as heavily white schools that is wrong and can objectively be determined and a remedy prepared. To simply tag it as racism is self defeating. put the figures together and show objectively that these schools are not being treated the same. That is the fault of the school board or whatever they are called in that city. I think of anti american as supporting anything that puts our national interest in second place to another country.

          • You try to fund a struggling, inter-city school, pundits will come out to say it’s a wast of tax money.

          • How could a teacher possibly know if a child in her class was or was not exposed to racism outside of the class. I personally think other factors make much more of a difference. The education of the parents, whether it is a one parent or two parent household, income of the parents and more. There was a time when racism was a huge factor in this country. It still exist, but is not limited to white against black, but also black against white. When Obama was elected , race was not a factor. He had to get a large part of the white vote to be elected. Some might say that he got a huge majority of the black vote, simply because he was black. That looks a little bit racist to me.

          • And some say black people are stupid to vote Democrat at all, that sounds pretty racist to me.
            I know what this teacher has observed, again this article is very vague.

          • What has teacher observed and what are her solutions to her alleged problems, among which she list race as the most mentioned. I think blacks should vote for the candidate best prepared to do the job that he or she is running for. I just mentioned Obama since he received a huge majority of black vote and suggested his race may have played some part in that.

          • I don’t know what the teacher observed.
            I was just repeating something I’ve heard claimed. I don’t think Obama won because he was black anyway.

          • no 75% of population is white and only a tad over 13% is black, so to win he had to get a lot of white votes, but he also got a super large % of the black vote.

          • I know, I just meant that him being black wasn’t that much of a factor.

          • 0bama had a weak resume at the time. He had not even completed one term as Senator and his primary experience was as a community organizer in Chicago. Explain why he got more than 90% of the black vote if it was not due to being black. McCain was far more experienced in every important way. He did not get that many black votes due to being more qualified than McCain.

          • I don’t remember the 2008 election that well.
            Obama had a better ‘resume’ then Trump, and Clinton had a tone of experience?

          • Trump at least had run a huge business. Obama was a community organizer. HIs only real experience was as a Senator from Illinois. I think he had been in office maybe two or three years when he ran.

          • Why do people keep talking running a business translats into running a country?

          • They are not exactly the same. In both though, you must hire and fire employees, handle financial transactions, deal with employees. prepare budgets and more. Obama had none of either when he ran for President.

          • Those are weak similarities.
            A government is not profit based.
            And a business does not have checks and balances.

          • of course a business has checks and balances. Either it makes a profit or it closes it’s doors. How can you say they are weak. Bills must be paid. Revenues must be collected. Poor employees must be replaced by someone qualified. government needs badly to set in place some of the business practices of successful business. Corporations have a board of directors who oversee operations and can replace a CEO who fails in his or her duties. Department heads report to someone who can take actions if there are inefficiencies.

          • If government was profit based, it would close doors. When was last time that expenditures were less than revenues and continued operations did not depend on borrowing money to pay bills.

          • Accounting principles apply to both private businesses and government. Both have employees and thus must hire, supervise and fire when appropriate. Revenues are collected by both private businesses and government and money is spent by both to conduct operations. Congress and the President establish a budget for the federal government and the owner or board of directors will set up a budget for the business or corporation. there are a lot of similarities.

          • Why do people think that being a community organizer is a qualification for any major office, much less President. His performance kind of matched his experience, though.

          • Clinton had more experience than Obama, but far less than McCain. She was a second term Senator from New York,

          • Obama had a more optimistic massage then McCain, that probably helped.

          • Obama was a better speaker. From an experience standpoint, he was badly lacking. Obama ran on a change agenda, but offered little of substance as far is issues go. He was elected and the rest is a moot point.

          • The Obama campaign was based on the ambiguous slogans of hope and change.

          • Give me a business man anytime over a community organizer which was the strength that Obama had. I do admit he had been in Senate a couple of years when he ran, but was not on any major committee and initiated no major legislation as a Senator.

          • Enlighten me on how experienced Obama was prior to being elected President. I am always open to objective new information.

          • How do you explain the huge % difference in black vote for Obama when compared to McCain. It certainly was not due to experience.

          • Can you explain the huge percent difference between Trump’s approval among men and women?

          • Many things affect the student. Home environment has probably the strongest impact on the student.

          • And that’s what she was talking about.

          • Treating a minority child differently than a white child is reverse discrimination. How exactly can a teacher make up for a poor home environment. a child who can not keep up could be moved into another classroom, I suppose. How does a teacher with a large classroom have time to give individual attention to any child.

          • She was just addressing the problem.

          • I keep hearing this starting line thing. Little can be done to improve the home environment. You do not know what their actual abilities or potential are, and neither do I. The teacher can only do his or her best to teach a large number of students and little time is available to work one on one with students. The class lesson is developed around the class as a whole, not individual students.

          • I was referring to a popular line about equality I hear from conservatives.
            My point is that what this teacher said is being misrepresented.

          • Her main point seems quite clear. She thinks it is racist to grade students on their answer to questions. In math, there usually is only one correct answer and either the student gives that answer or does not. To treat black or asian students differently from whites is discrimination. Judge each on quality of work and nothing else.

          • When did she say students of different races should be treated differently?

          • She says that grading on basis of grasp of subject matter is racist. If she believes it to be racist, then to grade on that basis would make her a racist.

          • When did she say that? This article is misleading.

    • That is not misrepresentation, but shows her bigotry. She is saying blacks do not have the same mental capacity as other races, especially whites. She has a racist ideology as do most academics, in a position to do a great deal of harm to a free society and much like a cancer she should be removed.

  4. Now we know why so many young people come out of school unable to get a job and are unable to leave mommy and daddy!
    Who hired this stupid person? They should at the least lose their job too!
    Our kids are belting cheated.

    • Absolutely! Start by attending meetings of the local board of education and start asking questions. Then, organize a network to attend meetings of the state boards of education. This is where this horseshit starts. We can’t “nip it in the bud”, but we can start lopping off branches with some pruning shears. Boring, but will pay dividends.

      • Those are good places to start, but we need to get rid of the Dept of Education, it’s where the indoctrination really begins. I was in school when it was implemented, and I noticed the difference right away.

        • Totally agree.

          • Thank you Retired for your service to the greatest Nation on earth. I tip my lance to ALL Marines, active, retired and deceased. (Me, USAF only one tour, ’61-’65)

          • Thank you, welcome home Brother.
            Semper Fi

        • Yeah, suddenly they stopped teaching only the white kids.

        • The REAL answer is get rid of The National Education Association (NEA), a far left union. They have ridden our education into the ground.

        • I agree in principle, but when Trump didn’t shut it down and ask Congress to omit the agency from the budget, I realized that it’s not going to happen. The truth is that the liberals at Ed. have infected so many schools around the country that they are where it’s actually happening. No children go to school at the Dept of Ed. They go to schools in their hometowns, and THAT’s where the battle will be fought.

          • And BT, it worked better back when we had “neighborhood schools” before the insane bussing children all over the county to homogenize the student body.

        • what difference did you notice and when?

    • You think your white kids are being cheated out of the advantages they have over young people of color, and thank God, because it’s about time. Other than white privilege, what have you got against an even field?

      • Liberal Tears Are My VICTORY!

        You seriously are a twisted troll….
        “what have you got against an even field”?
        I can tell you there is NOTHING wrong with an “even field”, never has been however,

        Equality is about giving everyone an equal chance, it’s NOT about guaranteeing everyone an equal result!

        The normal thinking populous believes in this and those that think “it’s not fair” don’t deserve the opportunity. Hard work is the key to success, not whining and playing the race card to force a false result.
        Getting off your a$$ and working hard will guide one’s success, anything less will guarantee failure. The left does not and never will understand this simple concept.

        So hell let’s give everyone a participation trophy for just showing up, you don’t even need to be on time. We’ll guarantee you a good wage regardless if you earned it or don’t have the skills just because you pulled the race card. JD, I could on all day but then again, you lefties are part of the problem and never will be anywhere near part of the solution.

        • And using liberal thinking I deserve a multimillion dollar lottery win simply because I participated by buying a play slip. So, where’s my money?

        • You are under the delusion that all other things being the same, a black kid has the same chance of success as a white kid, but it simply isn’t so—largely because nice people like you deny that prejudice even exists.

          • Liberal Tears Are My VICTORY!

            Well James, I don’t deny that prejudice exists however, that my friend is a two way street….some of the most prejudiced people are those of color. If those that scream the most about “keeping the brother down” would spend half the effort bettering themselves that they spend on complaining and blaming everyone else for their failures, that my friend would be a different narrative. Some of the most corrupt and downtrodden cities in the nation are and have been under Democratic control for years if not decades. The welfare system was never meant to be a generational handout but more of a temporary hand up. Don’t sit back on your self-righteous a$$ and try and defend the obvious…

            *Success is measured by effort…
            *Failure is measured by a lack of the same…
            *The Democratic Party believes in the Robinhood theory of stealing (taxing) the rich and giving to the poor under the guise of social programs which by design “keep the brother down”…
            *Socialism does not work…
            * lazy uninspired and unmotivated people under the socialism system get used to the handouts and get the result they deserve…

            Need I keep going? I am sure that you’ll not even grasp any part of the message or concept that I have relayed however, none on the left have any concept of basic ideals…like I previously stated:

            Equality is about giving everyone an equal opportunity and Not guaranteeing an equal result.

      • Where did you “learn” to be such a (used) douche-bag.?

      • An even field… really? When minorities get extra points for just showing up? When the minority quota has to be met? Grading on a sliding scale? Getting into college because you’re black with a GPA of 2.5 while others like the asians with a 4.0 get passes over? Is this an even playing field?

      • first off your post is a lie.
        second….. it is racistthose are facts
        third…. how can you post that stupid and still remember to breathe.
        sad sick troll

    • Mathematics is the most objective field of study there is. If you can’t get the right answers, you shouldn’t pass. If you don’t have the skills, you don’t get the job (at least, that’s the way its supposed to work). Glen Beck had a good couple of lines awhile back – “Facts MATTER! You have to have the right facts to go to the moon! If you don’t have the right facts, we all burn up upon re-entry!” As a nuclear engineer with a real PhD in the field (UW, ’96), I find it pathetic that such a point would even have to be made – its obvious! I don’t always agree with Glen Beck, but his point is absolutely true. Nobel Laureate Richard Feynman said during the Congressional hearings on the Challenger disaster, “Nature cannot be fooled.” Rubber O-rings can fail under sufficient stress, if they have been made brittle because of low temperature. The real world doesn’t really give a damn about how someone “feels.” Absolute truth exists, and it will bite you if you let it.

      • “”Facts MATTER! You have to have the right facts to go to the moon! If you don’t have the right facts, we all burn up upon re-entry!”

        Trump got to the moon…he will burn up on re entry…

        • What a dipshit.

          • Retired please don’t insult dipshits. 🙂 Thanks.

          • LOL, good point.

          • Retarded Marine-“Dipshit” As long as you want to respond to me as if you were a ten years old ,I will respond to you in kind. I know you are but what am I?

          • Member of Hillary’s Village and head IDIOT , that would be you .

          • Oh such wit!!!! You are so brilliant everyone should follow that “I’m rubber your glue” defense tactic…NOT, Your still dipshit, always will be and you prove it each time you write you kindergarten garbage. But please don’t stop, we all need a good laugh, and by the way we are laughing AT you, not WITH you. Now be a good boy and play in your sandbox.

      • Love your post, Kevin. I was a university professor in a school of pharmacy for many years before I retired. One day a kid came to me and wanted to get full credit for a math problem because he had set up the calculation correctly but just got the decimal in the wrong place. I asked him if he would be willing to take a prescription that had 10 times the desired dose in it. He said no, he would not. I said well if you dispense a prescription with 10 times the desired amount of drug in it, you could kill the patient. I then asked him what grade he thinks he should receive. He said an “F” and we both agreed. My point is that, just as you said, if we are really going to prepared the students for the real world, we should resist the pressure to teach in fantasy land. No wonder the kids don’t want to leave home-they have been “coddled” since birth. Somewhere, this has got to stop!!! It certainly stopped in my classroom.

        • Thanks Bill. I especially like your expression “to teach in fantasy land”. I’m retired Psychology and Medicine and fully appreciate your discussion about the position of a decimal point. You taught your student millions about the importance of accuracy in dispensing and care from that “10” position of the decimal point. Bless you in your retirement and I wish you the best for 2018.

          • Thank you Kevin. It is really nice to communicate with a rational person and know that the whole world hasn’t gone crazy. Best for the New Year!!!

          • …to Kevin or to marshmil? But I agree Kevin’s post is brilliant.

      • Well said Dr. Kevin. Thank you. Progressives will never comprehend your words of fact and wisdom. Their philosophy sends objects into outer space and their returns only because of how they “feel” about it. It is simple wisdom fact that *REALITY doesn’t give a damn about how anyone FEELS about something*.

    • Remember she is a part of the last educational process.

    • No…….really the parents are getting cheated! I have a friend at OSU (a conservative professor) who tells me that over 90 % of professors at his school are Leftists. How did this ever happen?

      • Because 90% of the professors are correct…

        • No, it’s because 90% of professors are Leftist, Socialistic Communists. You really don’t understand what is going on around you, do you?

          • Yes I know what isn’t going on and that is communism- communism is over. You are hallucinating.

          • B737-300 Girard is a liberal so what you say makes no difference. Regardless of the issue, liberals consider themselves right and the world wrong.

          • Girod does understand what’s going on. He just does not accept traditional Americans’ rejection of his socialist/communist anti-America ideological leaning. Typical leftist. No loyalty to the Declaration of Independence, to the Constitution or to One Nation under God. All of which have made and sustained America’s greatness.

        • I personally do not care about the politics of teachers outside of the classroom. In the classroom, the subject matter should be taught without injecting opinions. I do think when liberal professors outnumber conservative professors by that margin, politics will find the way into the classroom. This never happened when I was in college.

      • B737 many of todays faculty members are from the 1970s pot smoking/drug-abusing anti-America draft dodging era. What can we expect? The young people of that era with solid family backgrounds got their formal education/training and went on to useful employment. I returned to graduate school in the late ’60s and was miffed by a change in the student body. There were many out-of-State students from New York with Brooklyn accents using bullhorns to disrupt the orderly administration of the university by occupying the President’s office and other administrative areas. We regular in-State students noted these “foreigners” were not there to learn but to disrupt. Their kind is the leftist faction with a goal to destroy the traditional USA and replace it with a socialist/communist ideology. Consider Antifida, BLM, and Black Panthers
        as representative examples.

        • Excellent points….. and spot on. Most people can no longer comprehend what is really going on in this country, as they have been brainwashed by the NEA and our broken educational system. The system is broken, and I’m not convinced that it can ever be fixed.

          • I’m a believer than anything can be fixed with the right attitude, approach and interest. We allowed the liberal leanings to get planted then metastasize. We have an obligation to perform a liberalectomy to rid the educational system of the cancerous tumors which we can call cancerous sites. Two decades after WWII ended we had these reptilian swamps to appear with their liberal snakes. It’s time to eradicate the snakes for the protection our One Nation under God with Liberty and Justice for ALL–not just the elite.

  5. How does this woman expect to be taken seriously with such idiotic notions? It’s people like her that need to be driven out of our education system by the people who run the schools. Why aren’t we holding THEM accountable? We gotta go straight to the top for this one, and demand satisfactory answers, and when they obviously won’t have any, we should DEMAND that these liberal snowflakes be tossed out on their ear. Laurie Rubel is NOT a teacher, she’s nothing more than an overpaid, coddling babysitter.

  6. What happened to
    Why should white or any people lower their academic standards to accommodate a slower less educated race? This lowers the standards of the entire education system…….Duh!!!!!!
    If the blacks are wanting to lower all of our social, educational, and economic systems. Maybe we should just put them back in chains. Then we will not have to worry about lowering our standards anymore……………
    EZy Peasy……..

  7. seems this so called educator needs to go back and learn from blacks who reached great stature thru their own efforts,, such as
    Booker T. Washington/Quotes
    Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome.
    If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.
    Associate yourself with people of good quality, for it is better to be alone than in bad company.
    Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way.
    Few things can help an individual more than to place responsibility on him, and to let him know that you trust him.
    Nothing ever comes to one, that is worth having, except as a result of hard work.
    No race can prosper till it learns that there is as much dignity in tilling a field as in writing a poem.
    or these two
    George Washington Carver/Quotes
    Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.
    Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.

  8. Pathetic ! Simply Pathetic and very racist. Liberals have held blacks back and used them for years. Insanity.

  9. So…..this “professor” is obviously a racist. Those who see everyone else as a racist is reflecting HIS own thinking and feelings onto others……. because while SOME people ARE racist, MOST are NOT. This quack of a professor needs to be fired AND to find a psychiatrist to treat him. He is deep into racism. And incredibly stupid. Or merely a servant of Satan.

  10. We must purge our education system of communist race warriors like this one. Our tax dollars go to schools that indoctrinate our children into a psychotic reactionary mindset with insane drivel like this. Trump must close the Department of Indoctrination and allow the states to control their schools once again.

    • In the 1990’a when my kids were in school, they started this crap. We, as parents, stopped it. It is a shame that little by little they started up again over the years.

  11. Do you want someone who failed 8th grade math filling out your income tax for you? Or building your house?

  12. That teacher is the most racist teacher I have ever encountered.

  13. Francisco Machado

    I spent some time as a teacher. I graded papers without first looking at the name. Not a calculated approach, I just assumed they got the name right and I wasn’t grading on the name, anyway. The Orwellian concept of a teacher who looks first at the name and grades papers on the basis of who is answering the questions should be anathema to an educator. It is characteristic of a totalitarian state.

    • You need to go back into teaching, you are exactly what the students need. Your approach is a model of what educating the young minds means.
      Semper Fi

    • Now see, this is a common sense approach to teaching. So, of course the libby lefty loonies will reject it completely without even trying to see if it works. I agree with Retired Marine~~ you need to start teaching again. Our children and grandchildren are desperately in need of common sense teaching.

      • Francisco Machado

        An aspect of tests or, more frequently “quizzes” of which those in classes are oblivious, (which is why “standard” tests fail) is that they tell the instructor what information the students have absorbed, what they have understood, and what the instructor has to go over again, perhaps in a different way. It’s easy (and almost necessary) to teach your class the answers to a standardized test, much more work to write tests, to tailor the tests to what is taught. Working with your own tests teach you how effectively you are imparting the meaning of what you are teaching your students, not just the answers to data retention biased test questions.

  14. This is the Department of Indoctrination at work. Do as they DICTATE, and believe as they believe, or else! It’s a form of theocracy where everyone must believe as they do.

  15. If that’s the case, we need to start making ladders and stairs with the same idea….missing a few rungs or treads would make it less racist.

  16. Let’s see. all American children attend the same crappy schools be they white or brown, or black. So basically what she is saying is blacks can’t learn like whites. How racist is that? Truth is if you actually apply yourself you can learn and there are many blacks who have proved just that. Math is no different for any race. Problem is how the schools teach and the students study. This BS of everything being racist has got to stop because all it does is promote racism. Few people focus on the color of your skin unless you do something to cause it or THEY WERE TRAINED TO.

    • Amen. I am white, a computer systems research engineer, and work side-by-side with other engineers, some of whom are white, some are black, some are middle-eastern, and some are asian. We all are expected to turn out high quality work, on time, and in a cost-efficient manner. The black engineers do their jobs as well as anybody else, and actually EARN their salaries and bonuses. The idiot “teacher” is cheating the black people of her classroom by refusing to challenge them to meet the same high standards as everybody else.

      • Their way of repressing the blacks claiming they are for the blacks. Just keep them believing they are abused and shouldn’t have to actually study thus they do not get educated. After all it is racist to expect them to do the same hard work as others.

        • Did you read the professors paper?

          • Did you do math in school? Have you dealt with today’s high school grads when required to do simple adding and subtracting? And last but not least, when is math of any kind racist? When are we going to put the race card up? All our children attend the same public schools, same classrooms with the same teachers so how do you justify anything dealing with subjects in school as racist? The problem is not the subjects but the excuses made for every little thing that becomes difficult when it requires actual work. Be they black, white, brown or what ever all our children except the elite’s in congress and out of congress, are not being taught the basics needed to succeed and it shows in their writing, math skills and “you owe me” skills. The saddest part is to perpetuate a lie that math is racist for any reason because it is not. It is lack of proper educations and study habits.

          • Did you read the paper?Sorry I have no time for your nonsense. You are so off the subject. You have no idea what you are talking about.

          • Math is color blind. It is not harder for one race than another, it is taught to all races exactly the same, there is no “merit” differences in any race when it comes to being taught. You are not getting it. The Prof is saying that the way math is taught is for “whites” and does not allow for the other races brain functions. that to expect blacks to learn the same way as whites is racist. In other words, minority races are too stupid to learn math taught just for “whities”. Dresses it up, dance around it but it is still calling minority races stupid. Get past your liberal mind set and really read what is being said.

          • I read Rex McMillians article-I don’t accept it on face value because I know he lacks credibility-He should post the professors paper so we all can reach a conclusion as to the correctness of his opinion. I ask again…have you read her paper?

          • You can look it up as she has written several papers on the subject. In each she uses the income level, the area the students live in and the fact the teachers are not as good as other more upscale schools. She also uses the fact that there needs to be alternate means of teaching math in these areas that are predominately black or Latino. and will take you to the PDF file and you can down load it. That is the only way I have found to read it. Personally, I think she is wrong, math failures in our nation goes across the races and has been for many years. I have met very few high school grads that can do basic math and it does not matter what their skin color is.

          • What don’t you agree with as to what she said in her paper?

          • I came from a single parent home and lived in a poor section of town, attended schools with many different races which was long before forced busing to make education “equal” for all. We all were taught the same way and we all learned the same math. Before this “racist” BS began and before our government tore down the education system and the family home lives there was no problem with anyone learning to do the work. Black children did better than I did, Hispanics did better, not that I didn’t study but I froze on test. The problem isn’t race, it isn’t income levels, it isn’t set up for “whities” it is the destruction of our education system. More effort is put into sex education and being gay or bi or transgender, more effort is put into being taught you are owed for one reason or another than in reading, math, spelling and the general education needed to succeed in the world today. The difference in today’s schooling and even 20 years ago is phonics are not taught, basic math is skimmed over, and learning proper English is long gone. There are too many BS classes taking away from the structured learning classes needed to actually learn. It isn’t just the minorities losing out on an education, it is across the board. I have family members who were educated in the last 12 years, they can’t read 8th grade level, do math, they don’t know our nation’s history but by George they can explain their sexuality, tell you why they deserve a free college education, and why healthcare, high wages and all kinds of free benefit are “owed” to them even though they couldn’t tell you how much change you’d get back from a buck if you spent 35 cents. Nor do they know how to use there, their and they’re. They all graduated high school yet are not educated past about 5th to 6th grade level. Few if any of the younger generation is actually being educated and it isn’t a race issue. Try asking a high school grad to do simple division or to construct a sentence using they’re along with there and their. See how it works out.

          • Your conclusions appear to be based on you “personal experiences/ opinions” aka anecdotal.”

            Are these the conclusions of the professor in her paper? If not you haven’t answered the question.

            Please site quotes from the paper and not what you “think”…

          • What I think is that math has nothing to do with race but with the school system and teachers as well as home life. Her belief that income and where you live determines if you learn is BS. Children did not change that much from when I was young. And my family spans from AZ to MD. I have noticed that the school system is failing because I home schooled two of my great nieces. One attended public schools through 3rd grade. When I got her she could not read, do simple math, knew nothing about our history but she could tell me all about sex, why the government owed people. Now the younger of the two started with me. She began public school when she reached 4th grade. They wanted to put her up a grade. The only difference was I focused on phonics, math, history, science and ensured she studied. The oldest that went to public school, well you learn the most from k to 3rd grade, after that it is harder to learn. I also noticed my family in AZ had the same problems as does my family in MD and DE and MO and TN. I have 10 siblings with God only knows how many nieces and nephews. A lot, believe me. Out of the whole group spanning several states and varying school districts from rich to poor, the results are the same. Very few learned squat in public schools. Now the ten siblings not only learned the basics but one is a registered nurse, one owns a construction business, one owns 5 Verizon stores, one owns a small appliance repair store, one is a Big rig driver, and so on. We all have no problem doing math and the funny part is my family is bi-racial. I have black aunts who are successful as well as their children. I have a black grandson who was pushed by my son to study and given added work to compensate for public schools failures. Making excuses does not solve the problem. The problem is we, the parents, grandparents and citizens have allowed this situation to come about by ignoring it. The problem is the schools and the homes. Using race as an excuse to not require the same standards for some children as others is just that. An excuse. Solve the problem by demanding our schools go back to focusing on the basics. The children in my family over the last 20 to 30 years that did get an education either attend a church school or were home schooled. Believe me you can tell. Leave no child behind has left the majority behind. If you learn you do not have to learn to pass children tend not to do so.

  17. Illogical is right. That the black kids should work hard and give their best is racist? The word racist seems to mean that expecting them to do so is bad? Wonder what her grades were?

    • Now that would be sexist!

    • The Lyndon Johnson approach, Keep them dumb, discourage marriage, give welfare, “and I’ll have them Ni–ers voting democrat for the next 200 years”.
      Maybe if more blacks remember what Johnson and the demoncrat’s wanted to achieve (and in many cases have), they would turn on them, and start voting for those who actually do something to better not only black lives but ALL races.

  18. Ever since the snowflakes have invaded our institutions of higher learning, those institutions have become a joke. I’m so grateful I attended university when I did.

  19. I would not trust an accountant to manage and/or record the financial aspects of my business if I even suspected that he might have been given his grades in school based on the color of his skin. Most jobs require an employee who has some skills. When we reach the point where we cannot rely on public schools to give us an honest evaluation of the skills of those who graduate, we might as well eliminate public schools.

  20. That dingbat is actually insulting the people she is supposedly standing up for. She’s saying that a certain faction of our population is incapable of learning the necessary stuff to be able to earn a living, so they should just be given good grades so they won’t feel bad about it. That’s like everybody in the Special Olympics gets a “hugger” whether they win or not. That, in itself, would kill the ambition of any minority student, because he/she would be certified as incapable before they ever get started. That teacher MUST be fired, to protect her potential victims.

  21. How long folks, the las t8 years have taiught us that we canno longer coexist witht he liberal dem bloodsuckers life form.s
    There is only one answert o dealing with them, why are we waiting>

  22. The drug dealers are excellent at math–maybe the schools can bring them in as assistant teachers–as the ones teaching now can’t seem to handle the job!

  23. More and more of the college “professors” are showing their political and racial bias! These foolish people are not improving education in this nation, but rather are lowering it to the mediocre standards they themselves hold! But then, this has all been prophesied by the God they despise! We are in the end times!

  24. Since LBJ started his “Waa on Poverty” and a systematic propaganda machine to entice individuals to become dependent on Government handouts we have more in poverty than prior to his great leap forward. Unfortunately nature discriminates between those with below average ,average and above average intelligence . When one looks at the score card it appears in all walks of life those with the higher IQ’s seem to be the ones moving society forward not backward like this exposed idiot.

  25. Academic asshole, who probably never held a real world job!

  26. Does “Fire this moron” come to anyone else’s mind? How damn long will these communists keep their job, that of destroying the minds of their students? If I were sending my children to this school, I would pull them and home school.

  27. omg so petty! how can it be racist when there are plenty of blacks who are intelligent – and whites who are not as intelligent! This is a fact that has been proven over the years. I am white and I am saying this! Give us a break please with this nonsense of everything is racist!!!!!! it is the left who is racist just for bringing this stuff up – own up to it and take the blame

  28. The Army used to be loaded with blacks as it didn’t take any brains to shoot a rifle but today with modern weapons they had to have intelligent people not just bodies and so the percentage of blacks in the Army is way down today.


  30. No wonder our “graduates” cannot make change out of a dollar. Good grief, they don’t know how to handle a check book, complete a bank reconciliation. My kids were 6 years old and knew how to give change of 36 cents when given a dollar. All the toots and whistles added to cash registers, check out records, pricing codes, and other digital sources, if the electricity goes out the business is out of business.

  31. Drain the swamp of these communist “educators”! What happened to standards?

  32. Liberalism is a mental disorder

  33. This math professor is an idiot and should not be allowed to spoil our children

  34. Huh? If black people can’t do math, how did the Egyptians figure out how to build the pyramids, perfectly aligned with the cardinal points of the compass? How did they build a trio of pyramids aligned the same as the stars in the Orion constellation’s belt? It appears that the so-called “educator” is selling the students she is responsible for short without even giving them a chance to prove themselves.

  35. What a lunatic. If this professor believes this garbage he should be terminated for lack of intelligence. First, he should look up racist so he would know what it really is. Then he should swallow the dictionary to shut his mouth.

  36. Being an academic it’s no wonder she has no idea how the real world works. I bet if she had serious medical problems she wouldn’t insist on a minority Dr. who had the lowest grade point average and the worst record because she felt he was discriminated against. She’d want the highest grade point and success record she could find and wouldn’t refuse him due to his white privilege.

  37. Wrong again! This is yet another case of a white person pretending to know what it’s like to be black in America and announcing that the black experience and white experience are the same. Probably it’s one of the stupidest conservative errors, while at the same time being the most insidious. It is the entirely racist rhetorical tactic of pretending racism doesn’t exist.

  38. This professor a NIGGER or LIBERAL PIECE OF SHIT!!!

  39. This guy is basically saying that Blacks and Hispanics don’t have the ability to make it on their own merits. That is full blown racism! What these clowns don’t say, is that if grading based on merit is racist, simply because one group can make it on their own merit and one cannot, then NOT grading on merit simply reverses their claimed discrimination against the group for the very same reason. Only a liberal could be so idiotic to say that grades shouldn’t be based on merit. Sort of like saying that job promotions shouldn’t be based on performance, and getting into heaven shouldn’t be determined by how one leads ones life. If we eliminate any objective means of measuring progress/performance, then anyone should be eligible for any degree and any job.

  40. Math is NOT like English or Science, but Math is the same all over the world, 2+2=4 and etc. Is she saying that if a white student knows the answer is 4 and they get 100 on the test and a black student has the answer of 3 they should make 100 on their test, tool? How stupid is that? Will that apply to the Indian, Asian, Mexican, etc. Math is exact, it has nothing to do with skin color or how or where you were raised. I am not very smart when it comes to Math, but that is not the teachers fault, I didn’t like and didn’t want to learn it. Now I’m taking courses at Khan Academy to learn the math I didn’t learn when I was younger.

  41. Life itself is merit-based, and any attempt to change that is enforced mass mediocrity. I worked hard all my life to excel, and for WHAT? For some bastards to confiscate my well-earned recognition?

  42. another superb example of ahole clown’s that never leave school. Staying in academia to obtain those desirable credentials that allow them to have the status of Professor bestowed on them…then taking their “experience lacking education” to a very overpaid, over adulated, under performing position of “professor of” thereby giving them carte blanche to indoctrinate their students while they are under duress…more like blackmailed brainwashing….

  43. More liberal B.S. as if they are ever correct or truthful.

  44. There are brilliant people in every race and culture, as well as those who are not — and never will be. Instead of lowering any standards to ‘comply’, or to accomplish ‘anything’, why don’t they just admit that ‘what is— what is’, and not everyone can excel equally in everything. I don’t feel that ‘just being White’ makes you any smarter than any other ethnic group. Race is not excuse for the simple presence of brilliance, or just out and out stupidity in any individual. I think the merit system is valid. Any teacher who doesn’t believe that is not doing their students or society justice. Facts, are facts, and not all humanity is created intellectually equal.

  45. What a moron. Math is math you either get it right or not. there are too many of these idiots screwing up the minds of our kids. If this crap continues the country will surely fall into a fascist, communist state run by a bunch of people who are hell bent on power.

    • Agreed Jon…..well, at least it was until “common core” was shoved down our throats. Now “math” is liable and likely to be anything but the math we all absorbed while we were of school age.

  46. Well using this logic I would day that the NBA and the NFL are racist pigs. Why? Because the majority of players are black. White men can’t compete with the athletic skills that they have. Their African routs have made them into super athletes. When was the last time a white man held the world record in the 100 meter dash? Probably close to never and this is just not fair. The NBA and the NFL should let white men play more even if they’re not as good as black men. It’s only fair. Let white boy Johnny in the game to make him feel good. And there should be separate 100 meter dashes. One for black men an one for white men. Let equals compete against equals. Now do you see how far this liberal bull shit can be carried.

  47. This person has an emotional problem.

  48. Another nut job edict and particularly odd for a math teacher. Math has no political, sociological, or philosophical agenda; the answer is either right or wrong. Her remarks are among the most ridiculous of the new year. Obviously, she is the procuct of mediocracy rather than meritocracy.

  49. Fire and “black’ball this scum.

  50. Ex-offenders have a recidivist rate of 65 to 73 percent nationwide. Most do not know, and haven’t been taught, the merit-system of this country. In the 1970’s San Quentin had a success motivation program and hundreds of inmates participated over the approximately 6 years the program existed. It taught basic principles of achieving success in life. In 1991 a study was done on its graduates who had been paroled. 79% of them had not returned to prison. Even in the criminal justice system, a merit-based system applies to punishment for crimes and to earning parole. It is not “racist”, it is a time-tested tool for achieving in life. This professor is a dunce and should be removed as a teacher of others. Obviously, she knows nothing about a merit-based system, yet her rise to professorship is based on merit. Her belief that merit-based learning is “racist” essentially says that some minorities are not intelligent enough to participate on the basis of merit. She is being racist.

  51. It is long overdue for people to stop equating “school” to “education”, Education is learning. School is a PLACE where education is SUPPOSED to happen. Obviously the rate at which education actually happens in school is seriously declining. Meanwhile, much education occurs every day in life, with or without “help” from school.

  52. In other words, the dumbing down of students is the real agenda and he is all in.

  53. Some folks study and do their homework and therefore do better on exams and EARN a good grade…while other folks loot, rob/steal, deal drugs, etc., and then bitch, rant and scream racism because they aren’t GIVEN a passing grade. Just like all liberal ”’educators”’ their end is to have a population of easily lead puppets who have to rely on Mommy Government for all they need/want. ERGO…the ‘common core’ crap.

  54. WHO can any one with a KinderGarten back ground suck up the jazz the lefties spread?

  55. Fed Up With Politicians

    This professor needs to go back to grade school!

  56. Wow so sick and tired of all this supposed racist Bullcrap!! Get a life and so glad you are not teaching my children

  57. Positive merit can be earned by anyone no matter their color. That’s what real life is all about. This math teacher should be removed if his goal and agenda isn’t to help every student be successful and be a contributor to society. It should also be about self worth. Yes, the teacher should be excited to help in every area as an adult and teacher.

  58. Any “systemic barrier” exists solely in the minds of the resentful. This is the USA, not Iran or North Korea. Singling out any difference in achievement & attributing that to white privilege or prejudice is as racist as anything ever dreamed up by the David Dukes of the world. if you want to feed a man, teach him to fish! Blacks have plenty of ability & potential. Left-wing zealots are forever telling them that they don’t. This sort of behavior is inexcusable & inherently evil. Shame on the hyper-judgmental & just-plain-wrong Ms Rubel!

  59. Sure, there are minorities that will use any excuse to take advantage of affirmative action, quotas, etc. But then again, there are white people who will do the same – such as Elizabeth Warren, who claimed to be American Indian (or Native American, whatever) in order to get special treatment at Harvard. When questioned about it (she looks about as Native American as George Washington), her defense was that she DID have “high cheekbones!” Um – yeah!

  60. How insane is the sack of poop…Everything should be merit based… I just don’t know where these crazyass people come from…

  61. High end math studies are called “logic”; not commonly found in the black community. More, math is tough for everybody. It isn’t the numbers. It’s identifying who has the fortitude to study and responsibly DO the real work thus earning the privileges. Available to everyone of all colors, origins, religions. But why study when you can steal it? Murder for it? Have it given to you?
    The limit of liberal logic.

  62. Laurie–if you want these items the government –then you pay for it and all their problems–if not be quite–it we are all paying for it and you aren’t shut up–It is costing the Americans more then they contribute to the economy I do not want any more leftist pigs in this country to support..

  63. These mentally unbalanced teachers and college proffesors are really saying “Hey the Black students are not a smart as white students”. This is not true and they are racists themselves for even stating such absurd things. We are all equal. Be not white or black but be Americans.

  64. Such shit teaches and is a PROFESSOR ta an American College?!? Mamma mia! She should be in jail!! Stupid bitch!

  65. This idiot should not be teaching anyone in any school !!! What she is suggesting would make minorities more dependent on government aid since they will not be able to compete in the real world. This would depress any desire to improve themselves.

  66. Well then, I’d say that the dear math professor’s SALARY is racist and she should WORK FOR FREE!!!!

  67. One of the most dangerous things in the US these days is incredibly stupid things said by professors. People tend to think professors are inherently smart — Not so. (I was a prof for 20 years and am not attacking the intelligence or ability of ALL profs — but there are SOME that are STUPID.) This woman is a perfect example. She seems to think that a potential employer could just hire ANYONE who has sat in a math class and can expect the same ability from ANY such student. Of course she’s a left wing liberal which immediately puts her in a category of thinking that isn’t worth listening to. Someone who can say what she has is more stupid and racist than any student she’s EVER had in a classroom.

    Her comments are just straight out racist — she’s decided to buy into this White Supremacy garbage that comes from so many universities and will automatically save the black student is the smarter. Send her back to 3rd grade and see if she can gain some knowledge from a new schooling experience.

  68. This so called professor is just exactly what is wrong with this country today. This is what our children are taught in college for 50,000 to 100,000 a year? Unless this socialist sh*t is stopped immediately, you can kiss our country goodby!! Will this racist crap ever stop?

  69. Sounds as if this lady is reading frm Karl Marx and refusing to play with a full deck of cards. What a bunch of racist nonsense! IT’S OKAY TO BE WHITE AND INTELLIGENT!

  70. The last place I’d expect to see this idiocy is from a Math teacher. Of course, we’re in the era of political correctness and common core. While every population group has an infinite and diverse variety of gifts and talents to make the society function, it’s fatal when thos talents are ignored for skin color or sexual urge. That’s true diversity, but one also has to remember that ultimate responsibility is with the child himself. We do him no favors to say, “Poor baby, you’ve been discriminated against.” Who hasn’t? I have met the enemy and he is me.

  71. If you give something away for any reason to those who do not deserve it it only increases their appetite for more and when the more doesn’t come through they hate and abhore the givers by thinking it is an entitlement.

  72. I’m past sick of these Liberal Professors and their Stupid worthless opinions. who do they think they are. Oooo they have a degree, in” STUPID” BFD, they sluffed their way through college and now they are teaching children to be lazy and worthless just like they are

  73. Classic example of RACIST teacher.

  74. 2 words: Affirmative Action! Those minorities are already “rewarded” for doing NOTHING; they don’t deserve or need any more! Merit means it’s EARNED by dint of hard work; and they DON’T overcome or earn anything already!

  75. If you can’t do the work then you shouldn’t be in college. Making you earn your grade is not discriminatory or biased. It’s common sense. You need math to get most jobs.

  76. Basically people who strain at the word racist are in themselves racist. This math teacher condemns black people from being capable of competing just because of the color of their skin. What utter tripe.

  77. So shes saying that blacks and other races are not as smart as whites. Talk about racist.

  78. Laurie Rubel is so dumb it hurts to think about it. Afros seem to run and jump better then whites, but they are kinda dumb where it comes to real subjects like reading, science and math.

  79. The left is the party of division, however I believe they’ve walked your tool call racism as they are the biggest racist on the planet, and they are also the biggest slavers on the planet planet . If you look up trees there is trash in the dictionary you would say a portrait of the communist a.k.a. Democrat party.

  80. This is bullshit! I am white, and I am horrible when it comes to doing math. When I was in college, there were not that many black students, but there were at least 3 that I knew that majored in math. It doesn’t matter what color, gender, or religion when it comes to being either good, or poor in math. Some people get the concepts, while others do not. I happened to be one of those that math has never come easily to.

    • I disagree with you. I had a teacher in my eighth algebra who constantly suggested I was dumb. It was humiliating. My Dad went down to the school and DEMANDED I change teachers. I passed with a B (missed the honor roll that year). 20 years later I returned to school, had to take computer math which required algebra (don’t know why). I aced it. The teacher has a LOT to do with understanding a subject.

  81. Math has no purpose without correct answers.

  82. To do math correctly you have to know the work and show the work: that brings you to the final and hopefully correct answer, lol. CASE CLOSED
    THE END!!!!!
    Judge by grades and work performance, just like the way I was judged in school in the late 60’s thru the 70’s…


  84. This article misrepresents what the teachers was saying.
    He is saying that racial issues, beyond the classroom, are affecting how some students are doing. Basically, he’s saying they aren’t equal at the starting line.

    • Yet we have more “special” classes and more attention given to minorities. My niece works for the local school district. She was dumbfounded when she found they had special programs for “children of color”.

      • I call B.S..
        People think everything that even talks about children not getting a fare education someone is getting ‘special treatment’.

        • Little can be done to help kids (black or white) who live in a fatherless home or who get little or no support at home. Education begins at home. If that does not occur, then few will deny the child suffers in the classroom. I do not see how the teacher can ever make up for that. they can only teach the subject.

          • A absentee parent seems like a poor excuse.

          • I am not making excuses. The child is denied the support of one of their parents, and that includes financial and emotional support. In closing, i am not clear on what your comment means.

          • It just always seemed like the same people who keep emphasizing the importance of two parent households are the same people who would be telling kids in that those kinds of situation to work all the harder.

          • A child that lives in a one parent household will see only the guidance of that single parent. Usually that is a single mother and the child does not benefit from having a male parent around. In many cases, they never see the second parent and oftentimes no financial support is provided. Education does start at home, and if that does not happen, the child will start from behind when beginning school. Your comment makes a comparison that can not be supported either way by facts.

          • You only need one person to encourage learning at home.

          • Children need both a father and a mother. Those with both just have a bigger advantage ,

          • Some kids just have the one parent.

          • Most kids have two parents. Only those who have had one parent die, have only one parent. the really sad part is that where the father has simply disappeared, the child gets no financial or emotional support and suffers in both areas.

          • Didn’t we already cover that?

          • poor excuse for who. The child is the one who is affected by the absentee parent, not me. I grew up with both parents there for support.

          • Having a single parents seems like thing kids should be encouraged to over come?

          • I guess so. They need both parents for many reasons, but if they only have one, they have no choice but to make the most of that.

          • That’s what I was saying.

    • The issues are not racial. Economic and parental guidance do however play a huge part in how a child performs in school. Kids need both parents and emotional guidance to grow. The lack of that does carry over into his or her classroom.

      • Also issues are probably also relevant, she is just saying they is also racial issues.

        • It really is not all that hard. Grade students on their grasp of subject matter and that alone. To do anything else is giving special treatment based on race and other matters. As long as all kids are treated the same way, what is so wrong with merit based grading.

          • She isn’t saying to give kids special treatment when grading. Just that some kids are in situations that could be holding them back.

          • What she is saying is that grading kids on grasp of material is racist. I tend to think just the opposite and that failure to grade based on grasp of material is itself racist and treats kids of different color and background differently. treat all kids the same way and you can not go wrong.

          • When did she say that?

          • What can possibly be done about those situations? Grades should only be given based on grasp of subject matter. I am not sure what she is suggesting if she is not pushing for special conditions to be considered when granting grades.

          • Schools could have study programs like they have meal programs?

          • Many schools do have after hours programs for those who are struggling to keep up with the class as a whole. There are however limits on how much money the school can spend.

          • My point is still that this teacher is calling for special treatment.

          • Special treatment for whom? a good teacher teaches the subject matter, and does not have time to provide special treatment for any person. Are you suggesting that a black child should receive special treatment because he or she is black. That is racism, is it not?

          • I meant “My point is still that this teacher isn’t calling for special treatment.”.

  85. So, is she really saying that blacks and other racial minorities are profoundly stupid. A typical obamacrat.

  86. As the son of two college professors growing up on a college campus you cannot imagine how amused I am to see the world catching on to all the goof-balls in academia.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for more.

  87. I have not read the authors paper so I have to hold judgement-

    On the other hand I have read enough of Rex McMillian to know that his points of view are extremely misleading and bias. Perhaps, if he had attached a link so one could read the paper……

  88. The Democrats are trying to take over America. Ever hear of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”? It is how to take over a country from within. 8 levels of control: #1. Healthcare Control it and you control the people … Obamacare. #2. Poverty, for poor people are easier to control when government supplies everything for them. Poverty hit a record high under Obama with the aid of “open borders” which, through hackers, was found to be backed by George Soros. #3. Debt Increase the debt to unstainable level. That way you are able to increase taxes, producing more poverty. (Cloward-Piven strategy). #4. Gun Control Remove the ability to defend themselves from the government. That way you are able to create a POLICE STATE. In the 20th century 170 million civilians died AFTER their governments enacted and enforced gun control. It is done step by step … register guns, ban certain guns, register ammo, etc. and the final step is to BAN ALL GUNS = POLICE STATE. #5. Welfare Take control of every aspect of their lives> (food, housing, income). You are controlled by who provides your livelihood. If you are employed you can change jobs. #6. Education Take control of what people read and listen to. George Soros controls the MSM. Take control of what children learn in school. (or in the previous administration’s case what they don’t learn) Common Core …. a joke. #7. Religion Remove the belief in God from government schools. The words “separation of church and state” cannot be found anywhere in the U.S. Constitution. At the 2012 Democratic National Convention they booed God. Even took a vote as to whether or not to boot Him off their political platform. At that point I turned the TV off. #8 Class Warfare Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor. This will cause more discontent and will be easier to take (tax) the wealthy with the support of the poor. Socialism = when those who work for a living are out outnumbered by those who vote for a living.

  89. Stephen Paul Lawrenz

    There is just one flaw, or should I say about 3 billion flaws in her ideology, namely the people of China, India, and SE Asia who are not “White” and who have been oppressed by “Whites” but who have struggled and worked hard and have succeeded to such an extent in the US that the Liberals want to ignore them or lump them in with their other hated groups. Nice try lady but you are a symbol of what is wrong with our educational system and why the US is slowly losing its place among the elite of countries educationally speaking. Thank God for private schools.

  90. Perhaps I just don’t have the educational background to fully understand the thought processes of this professor, but if a person adds 2 + 2 and gets anything but four, they failed this simple test and they do not deserve to pass on to the next level regardless of their skin color. I would not like to be in an operating room with a surgeon that got his or her medical degree based on the fact that they showed up every now and then and were given a passing grade based on the color of their skin, ethnic origin or religion.
    Also if I were of one of the many minority groups in this country I would take this professors statements as being extremely racist. In effect she is saying that I as a minority am not intelligent enough to pass a test based on my own intelligence but must be given some type of assistance to make me as good as White people because I am too stupid to do it on my own.

  91. only a teacher can be this stupid

  92. This is precisely why colleges are leading the charge to give away our country!
    Try that same tactic in China! It would not work there against their countrymen. But here, ultra liberal professor lead the charge down the hill, into the cesspool!
    If you aren’t cut out for mathematics, maybe you ought to stay out of that kitchen. It was math genius that developed radar, and so many other inventions which have aided mankind. This fake prof wants to turn our univerisites into a mental midget state. Forty five per cent of college graduates work in jobs that a high school student could excel at. She is singing a siren song to lure our student sailors and our culture to crash upon the rocks! Join her cult and then try to find a job with your math prowess lower than a Chinese High School grad! Play into this Affirmative Action quagmire and you might as well burn your diploma!

  93. I knew this Liberal crap was coming our way when I read they were removing Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry from High Schools because they said most Black students and first year Mexican students could not comprehend it…pretty soon all our kids will be only as smart as the dumbest Black student…lol…but at least he won’t feel dumb anymore, so to heck with America’s future in math…lol

  94. This dummy is a powerful illustration for ending teacher tenure. I wouldn’t want her teaching any relative of mine.

  95. And this mind midget is teaching your children… and you are paying for it!

  96. Does Rubel count her change at stores? If the cashier is a minority, she should let it go when they give her the wrong change. If she gives them a $20 for a $5 item and she gets $2 in change, she better not get all racist and complain.

  97. As an educator, she must of been a poor one to not realize that all students learn differently. One has to look at the family situations. Most have only one parent in the home, mother keeps having children without a father in the home. One only has to look at Dr. Ben Carson’s family, a mother who was committed to education, has firm family rules even when she was not in the home. The math professor seems to give up to easily. She must of went to college right out of high school and has no concept of working in other areas outside of education. Teaching children there is a need to have work history in other occupational fields for at least 10 years to draw from.

  98. It might as well be since everything else is. I think we ought to take away the right to vote from the women. To emotional and not enough fact finding. (sarc)

  99. And this “professor” is educating our children…that’s scary.

  100. IF anyone cannot do the “Work” to pass a class, WHY would giving them a passing grade be doing them a favor? Arranging for a TUTOR would be doing them a favor. WE all need math, science, English language, writing skills, etc.

  101. The first day in Mr.Nestor’s algebra class in 1944, he said, “What you will find about Math is that there is only one correct answer – all others are WRONG and if you get enough wrong answers you will not pass this course.” Sit up and take notice, Lady- It applies to math and teachers who blame EVERY shortcoming on race. Mr.Nestor was RIGHT and you, are WRONG. I still accept his statement and Hee Haw at your’s. Doug Banks

  102. Would someone stuff something in that idiot professor’s mouth…please? She is no longer teaching but preaching and needs to find her own twisted little chapel of confusion to preach from.

    How does she think our country grew and became successful if not for the intellect and drive of the White race. Without them, there would be no America! She wouldn’t be teaching but running around in animal hides chasing squirrels for dinner.

    Take away any man’s ability to achieve and grow his brain destroys civilizations, NOT grows it. She needs to back off or change jobs because no one is interested in her little “Pity Party” – disgusting liberal twit!

  103. This is so stupid. Seems as though racism can be blamed for everything. Any excuse will do for their failures.

  104. The ” Peer reviewed “Journal of Urban Mathematics education ? What about the journal of Agricultural Mathematics or the journal of Barbarian mathematics or …………??? Who are these ” Peers ” ? Inmates of a mental ward ?
    These un-liberal , regressive idiots are destroying our education system waaaay beyond repair .

    Those of us who pay taxes should start a movement to not use TAX money to fund these insane indoctrination centers. Let those who have children pay for their education and make THEM responsible for what their children are absorbing.It would also bring down the costs . Private industry could also get into the education business.

    I do not think it unreasonable as my fairly poor parents scrimped and saved so my siblings could get a great education at our local Catholic run school , in the South Bronx ,that cost my family around $5.00 a month for tuition for my sister and I and also when my 2 younger brothers went to school. When we graduated from the 8th grade we all had to take the NYC reading and comprehension test and all of our students ( At least in our 8th grades ) read in the least at 8th grade level ( around 10%) , the rest were at High School level and the best mark which was 12+ or college level.

    We learned to add and subtract in the first grade and simple multiplication and division in the 2nd and third grade.Since we all had to learn multiplication tables in the 4th grade ,by the 8th grade we could do percentages , simple addition , multiplication , subtraction and division in our heads. We learned basic algebra in the 7th grade and some geometry and trigonometry , in the 8th grade. We all knew how to do averaging along with ratio and proportion. Now these so-called teachers say that learning by rote is the worst way to learn , but they can’t add one plus one without a computer.

    Just for the heck of it we also had to take art classes and learn the great artists and great artworks ( When I visited the Louvre I knew many of the paintings and sculptures ) World and American History , dance classes , music from all over the world and learned how to play the instrument I have been playing since 1954. We had to read classics from all over the world and great American writers.We also learned world and national geography , map reading , social studies and government.

    These unliberal regressives are so full of themselves even the strongest laxative would be hard pressed to help them. Do not let them get away with the garbage they are teaching American Youth. Remember , these are idiots too stupid to look in their shorts and figure out what gender they are . And they are teachers ?

  105. All students should receive the same testing suitable to their class of course. And grades should be given out accordingly, not in some willy-nilly fashion. People should earn their grades. No marking “on the curve”. Stop dumbing us down.

  106. Ebonics and math makes 1+1=3.

  107. The math professor may be right, after all, figures don’t lie. But, it seems to me that grading based purely on skin color is, in all probability, more racist. What would a country with absolutely no standards at all look like or be like?
    Actually, democrat, partisan-political policies implemented over the past 50 years are, progressively, moving us to a society where no standards is the logical, identifiable factor characterizing it. Diversity is, after all, the lack of commonality factors which compel unity. In all honesty, in case of emergency, I pity the person who is confronted with a situation where the factors of diversity completely prevent beneficial resolution. Yet, this is exactly where the democrats would have us go and that to which they would subject us, on the basis of “equal justice.” “Equal injustice” is the more likely reality.

  108. So 1 + 1 = 3 is a correct answer should the student be other than Anglo?

  109. It is a an insult to black people that their dem leaders think they are too stupid to learn math. NO, educators should never dumb down our children by calling learning racist.

  110. Seems like black people don’t care about merit, their race is based on ignorance being supported. Imagine if they were the majority of America’s population, God help us!


  112. No, Math Professor. You’re the racist. Not only that, you are also stupid and a little cracked.

  113. Math professor do not know math that merit system is better. Take only qualified not criminals.

  114. Maybe he’s not really a math teacher.

  115. We help the homeless locally. One person whom had received computer classes for their real estate license could not hook up a USB printer cable, they did NOT know what one looked like. Interesting, 40 some years of age, PC classed and real estate almost licensed… and yet could not see(know) which cable nor where it plugged into for hooking up a printer cable. Sad.

  116. So… we apply race-based grading in medical, engineering and architectural schools… who is responsible when patients die, roads and bridges and buildings collapse? Sheer, unmitigated bullpockey.

  117. In other words everybody is remain stupid,because of racism and equal opportunity??????????

  118. Fire this poor excuse at once!

  119. Laurie Rubel you get the Darwin Award for being so fricking stupid
    also I give you a big fat F for your low intelligence and ignorance.

  120. Laurie Rubel is Flat Out saying that Blacks and Minorities are not capable of competing with White People in an equal setting and then goes on to say that Merit Grading is Racist.!! Just another case of a Democrat accusing another Group of being what they have proved to be Guilty of.!!

  121. Competency based grading will work. Do the work, get good at it, demonstrate your skill, and you will pass. No matter how lazy or privileged you are, all the same across the board.

  122. Apparently, in that dingbat’s classroom, if you are black or Hispanic, you don’t even have to learn to “cipher”, or even learn to do the gazinta’s. (2 gazinta 2 one time, 2 gazinta 4 two times, 2 gazinta 6 three times…).
    If you are in a minority, you jus get an “A”.

  123. TheRealLibertarian

    Wait? According to science, mathematics is the language of the universe. Great! Here we go, another generation of idiots who can’t communicate with the last. What they need to understand is this downfall started with all the common core and the “no child left behind” crap. Can’t single out kids who either need help in a subject or disrupting the other kids in class from learning. So instead of holding anyone accountable for it, we hold all the kids in the class back and blame math? As white supremacy? I seriously would have never picked white people, I always thought Asians were good at math. The “new” common core will be “black kids don’t have to take math because it’s racist, but when they become adults and can’t do basic math you won’t be able to fire them because math is racist after all. Holy crap people are stupid.

  124. what did this “”prof.?? he recognize that black people need the AFFIRMATIVE ACTION to pas any test??? this is a insult for blacks peoples.

  125. Now you’d think a math teacher could truly figure out what merit based is… In fact, it’s simplicity is just too basic, except for libraturds. The student who gets the most correct answers gets the higher(est) grade(s) so basically, the student (color; irrelevant) who listens in class, studies and applies themselves, reaps what they have sown and this is raciest or whites pushing their supremacy over others? These hard working attributes should be the impetus for which each student. Success is not determined by some school or teacher but by the persons own desires and dreams, besides many of our greatest minds were once described by teachers as below standards but later proved to be genius… Research, Albert Einstein.

  126. To Rex Mcmillian- Please provide a link to Laurie Rubel’s paper relating to “an article written by Brooklyn College math professor wherein she argues that treating math classes like a “meritocracy” was only serving the ideology of white supremacy.”

    If you don’t your piece is pure opinion/propaganda.I suspect I won’t hear from you.

  127. Chelse can be in with the likes some of the friends she/he might fit into like a glove etc?

  128. Bernie Sanders talked of free college for everyone so this is the way to getting his dream come true. There will be no need to study, take tests or even show up. Just send a letter to the college of your choice, tell them what kind of degree you want and give them your name and address ad in a few weeks you will have your BA in the field of your choice; a Masters or PHd might take a a month longer. You will receive your diploma, framed and ready to hang right next to your Little League Participation trophy

  129. Why is math racist is it because blacks can not do math

  130. Of course blacks deserve better grades because they’re black , all they have to do is study like the other races. Perhaps if the system actually treated everyone regardless of race equally and by their efforts blacks might realize that the race card is an old joke.
    I have to laugh when they try to pull the race card and it gets turned back on them because people are tired of the same old shit. Obama played it to the extreme and his followers started using it again.

  131. And I think she is out of her tree. Every child is unique and must be handled by all the characteristics that can be seen in that child EXCEPT color. Now if you want to talk about color, there are lots of teachers of bias who should never be let in a classroom. How do I know? I experienced it in a school of “disadvantaged” children. There were two things wrong with those kids. They needed love and they needed compliments, excuse me, I forgot the third, they also needed discipline and no I don’t mean taking them some place and giving them a paddling. That’s another discussion. their brains were fine, their enthusiasm was phenomenal and their interest was caught and they outdid kids two years in a row nationally on the Metropolitan test.
    I’m sorry but I don’t have any sympathy for this person. I can all but assure you that she isn’t interesting to the kids. If you want to be a teacher, study, learn, and inspire. And don’t tell me black kids need isolation. And don’t allow prejudice from your kids in the classroom or playground. Don’t expect the child to do your work for you.

  132. the answer in a math problem is either right or wrong , there is no gray progressive answer

  133. What a dumb case for dumbing down America. If the block head professor is intimidated by smart and intelligent students she should seek another line of work. Instead of seeking the “LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR” she should be making the case for the”HIGHEST COMMON DENOMINATOR ” In teaching and grading.

    Damn if you do. Damon if you don’t. She does not want you to account for race in grading but does want you to take race into account in dumbing down your lesson plan so as to appease the self esteem issue of all.

    Let’s find the LOWEST ranking nation in education and make sure that our standards are lower than theirs. This will help the self esteem of all other nation’s.

    How dare we say that we should be the best.

  134. Blacks and other minorities are smarter than liberals think.

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