Marxist Professor Says Capitalism to Blame for Coronavirus Crisis

You know, it’s a funny thing. Maybe you’ve noticed it, too. Somehow, whenever leftists find a problem in the world, they can always, always, always twist it so that their solutions are the answer. They even do it retroactively, such as the time that they praised abortion for causing U.S. crime rates to decline in the 1990s.

But they usually do it looking forward, cramming their ideology into whatever problem they come up with, like an impatient kindergartner slamming a puzzle piece where it doesn’t belong. Thus, you get crazy theories like: Climate change is responsible for Islamic terrorism. Or: White racism is responsible for making black Americans commit more crimes.

Or: Socialism is the only way to get rid of the coronavirus pandemic.

Wait, what? Really?

Well, that’s what Yale economics professor Richard Wolff believes.

“The catastrophe we are living through was caused by a capitalist system that could not anticipate, plan for, or cope with the coronavirus,” said Wolff last week in a YouTube video. “Private companies have no incentive to produce test kits and store them in a warehouse for years before there’s a crisis. It’s not profitable.”

Well, that’s true enough…but…um…wait a minute.

Why (or better yet, how) would any company have test kits for a novel coronavirus before that coronavirus ever existed?

In a March 15 tweet, Wolff wrote: “Mutating viruses have always been with us. A rational economic system would have learned to plan and manage them. Capitalism failed to learn because profit was/is its #1 priority. Capitalism caused today’s disaster, not the latest virus.”

Have to say, with all of the crap we’ve heard about socialism in recent years from Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Antifa, we can’t remember anyone talking about the importance of preparing our country for a mutating virus. Maybe we missed it, but we don’t remember AOC’s Pandemic New Deal. Funny how everyone is suddenly an infectious disease expert now that we’re in the middle of this thing.

“The catastrophe demonstrates the results when public health is subordinate to private profit and to a governmental apparatus that adulates the superiority of private over public administration,” Wolff wrote in another recent article. “U.S. capitalism failed at everything on this partial list of ‘shoulds.’ Capitalist industries failed to serve public health because private profits were an inadequate incentive for them to do so. The government failed to compensate for private capitalism’s failures, as usual, because government leaders (drawn heavily from corporate CEO ranks) share similar mentalities.”

Whether it’s global warming or illegal immigration or terrorism or health insurance rates or too many commercials on network television, the answer is always socialism for these people. We don’t quite understand how you can condemn a failure of bureaucratic government by calling for more bureaucratic government, but therein lie the mysteries of the leftist mind.

It’s probably best we don’t examine those mysteries too closely.

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