Mark Zuckerberg’s Group Says Amnesty Makes America “Safer”

According to the organization, which is founded and funded by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, it is not only morally wrong to enforce American immigration laws – it actually “hurts public safety” to do so. Testifying before the House Judiciary Committee this week, the organization’s president, Todd Schulte, said that Congress and the Trump administration should stop enforcing the laws that keep our border strong.

“Congress’s repeated obsession with passing laws that would lead to huge increases in deportations of undocumented immigrants without any serious criminal record puts millions more families at risk and hurts public safety for everyone,” Schulte said.

Pulling statistics from God-knows-where, Schulte told the committee that the American people supported amnesty for illegal immigrants at a rate of 90%. One wonders how the most anti-illegal immigration candidate in history could have won the presidential election with that kind of sentiment out there, but hey. Who are we to argue with a left-wing group’s “statistics.” They wouldn’t just go to Washington and LIE, would they?

Schulte said it was time to forget about building a wall and deporting illegals already in the country.

“Instead, Congress should pass smart immigration reform that would strengthen border security, create a pathway to citizenship for those undocumented immigrants who can pass a background check, and modernize our broken legal visa system to fit the needs of today’s economy,” he advised.

Amnesty, he concluded, would “make our nation safer.”

Well, to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, so it should not be surprising to see open-borders advocates making a full court press at this precarious point in American history. These groups thought they could swing straight from Obama to Hillary – from tacit amnesty and executive orders to full amnesty driven by a Democratic majority in Congress. Instead, they got Trump and the Republicans. Now they’re terrified that the U.S. will not be going the way of Europe quite as rapidly as they had begun to hope.

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  1. Congress peeps are counting on us to say nothing and do nothing.

    If you are happy with allowing Illegals and visa violators to give us the finger from sanctuary cities, you’ll continue to be happy till the end.

    If you are not happy…what are you doing?

    Midnight’s not creeping, it’s at a gallop…

  2. Only an idiot liberal can say black is white and somehow attempt to justify it against all logic.

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    • idiot and liberal are synonyms….we need to implement a new Unit of Measurement for moronic hypocrisy. The intensity of that for an average democrook will be about 0.001 zuckeberg

  3. So we should reward people for breaking the law. I don’t think so. What an a$$ this guy is.

    • According to Obama and the people like Zuckerberg who are not negatively effected by the illegals.
      What tough do you think Zuckerberg and Obama would do if their own homes were invaded, if their business were burglarized, or their families lost their homes and ended up having to live in a crd board box somewhere? They only care for themselves and care less what negative impacts their greed has on the 99% of us who have to put family, work, health and citizenship first!
      Obama worked his way into the White House and made millions – Zuckerberg has made billions and will now try working his way into the White House – neither have pit American and the Americans people first on their agendas – they will say they do, they will act like they do – – but their past show an entirely different picture!
      They have the money and the influence to but the media and to even change our history books – – but the millions and millions of Americans that have been screwed over by people like Obama and the Zuckerbergs’ in this country will forever remember the lack of values, compassion, integrity and American spirit these two have shown!

  4. George E. LeFebvre

    Mark Zuckerberg should stick with computer problems which are his expertise. He’s way off about immigration keeping the US Safer, in that area he lacks Common Sense as do so many of our supposedly highly intelligent people of the country.

  5. Mark needs to have a little talk with the parents whose children have been murdered or raped because of loose immigrant laws. He also might want to talk to property owners and business owners whose property has either been robbed or stolen from.

  6. RichFromShowMe

    Zuckerbird may be right . . . . that is, for rich guys who have their own armed guards surrounding them 24×7 . . . . but is obviously “dead” wrong for the other 99.99% of Americans.

  7. Let them move in with him as his wife.

  8. InternetCensorsREvil

    And what hard evidence do they give for this spurious claim of increased safety? None? Thought so.

    I agree out immigration and visa laws need streamlining. We don’t need a “path to citizenship” as we already have one that works. You pay your fees, fill out an application, interview with an immigration officer, obtain temporary residency for 2 years. If you obey the law in that time, you pay a fee and get full residency which must be renewed each 10 years.

    If you choose to become a citizen, bully for you and welcome. Pay your fee, fill out your forms, learn English, learn US History and how our government works. Pass a test and get sworn in.

    There is your path. No other is required.

    • allen goldberg

      You mean jumping the border does not qualify!!!??

    • Zuckerberg may be a whiz at computers, but he doesn’t know the first thing about immigration. He obviously has little understanding of the laws of this country either!

      • He knows about immigration because he is a greedy CEO who wants slave labor that works for peanuts.

      • Bill- I agree with you 100%!!!

      • Let him pay their welfare. His head will spin at how fast he goes broke.

        • BULLS EYE!!

        • Charles Wolfe jr

          You got that right.

        • Let him pen the gates to his facilities, as Obama open our borders to the illegals and let millions of immigrants here legally remain after their legal status expired. Maybe if Zuckerberg opened his facilities up to the illegal entry of the illegals, as Obama opened up our nation up to the illegals, he would change his tune!

          • sandraleesmith46

            Especially if he’s picking up the tab for keeping them here.

          • Margaretkcollins

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        • These liberal are only good at spending other people’s money! They should have to come up with the money to support all these free giveaways instead of expecting the US government to pay with tax payers money!

          • And yet Moonbeam calls the CA taxpayers FREELOADERS! Why don’t they give shovels to the illegals and have them dig out the slide in Big Sur? Make them pay their way!

          • That’s why he fixated in the commencement speech he gave on a guaranteed minimum of $1,000/month income to everyone without having to work, even if you have a job…under the guise of income equality. Computer nerd with no common sense.

          • A great communist but a pis- poor American.

        • yeah, I bet he does’t have any as neighbors

          • Well, maybe he and Priscilla should move some of them in. Then they’ll see how they live — ever see “Not Without My Daughter” with Sally Field? They eat on the floor. That would go over well on his granite floors, haha!

      • One percent of the nations population has no concern for America’s laws; they put themselves first in everything and only use the laws when it favors them. Law to them means a dozen attorneys I the next room ready to challenge the laws all others are expected to comply with!

      • The LAST “WHIZ” from So Chicago also said “HE KNEW” everything…Just lacked Practical Experience and Humility to LEARN FACTS…vs IVY Taught THEORY…

      • Nerds are like that – whiz bangs at computers with no common sense.

      • Look .. Mark types grow up using Fingers on a key pad to “think by” .. Not necessarily engaging BRAIN for MATURATION and Rational Thinking

      • He really doesn’t know much except for computers.

    • AMEN!!!

    • I don’t think you to much about the process other then what you have read. The laws do not need stream lining at all.

      My wife and step son came from Mexico legally. We had allot of paper work to do through an immigration attorney, maybe as thick as a phone book of paper work.
      It all get submitted to many different offices, and then to homeland security, and then finally you get an appointment at Juarez Mexico at the American em. It takes around 16 to 18 months of waiting and is only processed through Juarez.
      I had to show tax records and proof of current earnings to show that I could support them. The process in Juarez takes three days of testing.
      Day one is finger printing to check to see if you have record, and if you pass that you move to the second day which is medical checks. They test you for drugs, and you get all your shots updated. Later that day you get your results. Day three you go to the American emb. for your interviews and if your test are all good, you are passed and have 6 months to cross to the USA legally. With in about a month you receive a green card and SSI number in the mail after you cross the border.
      They are doing a good job vetting people coming from Mexico legally, and annually Juarez processes about 70+ thousand Mexicans legally each year.
      The real bottle neck is they only process through Juarez and no other place, so that does make it difficult for many Mexicans because they are very poor. People who come here from Mexico legally are required to buy there own health coverage or pay a fine just like us. They are not allowed to go on Medicad for low income unless they have been here 5 years or more. They are not allowed Welfare unless become a citizen. Then they are allowed all the benefits that all Americans get.
      Honestly, we need a wall because many come across because they don’t want to pay the price of the paper work, and they don’t want to wait a year or more for the appointment or they are criminals or drug people. At least 80 % of Mexicans are very poor and make 75 cents to 1.50 an hour working in American factories in Mexico. I know this because I worked for these companies training people for 10 years. I was high level management in engineering. Personally I think only a big wall is needed and the process of immigration works fine if your a good person, you will have noting to worry about when vetted. 70 thousand a year is a good number of people each year from one country. I have walked the walk through this whole process and it works fine as wine. All these bastards out there protesting are probably illegals and they need their asses kicked the hell out of here and do it right like my wife did. The process is fine.

      Build the dam wall.

      • InternetCensorsREvil

        I agree that the path to residency and citizenship is fine as is. My ex-wife was a Mexican national. We went through all that we both have documented. THAT works.

        What I think can use some fixing is a way to allow migrant and temporary workers an avenue to obtain work they can’t otherwise find in Mexico. I’ve got no problem with that but it requires streamlining to accomplish this as the current process, as you aptly described, is too cumbersome for this type of work.

        As for those already here. Give them all 6 months to file legalization paperwork for residency, after which, they can be picked up and summarily deported. Put them on a plane with a judge and two attorneys. By the time they all reach Mexican (or El Salvador, Guatamala, etc) soil, their cases will have been heard, denied and they will be in their own country.

        Anyone who comes back, is arrested and put to work building the wall, given a fair wage from which room and board is deducted – then sent back home. If they wish, they can request assistance filling out the forms and can be dropped at a US Consulate and given their money.

        …and they should be quietly chipped

        • Listen, they all knew the risk of breaking the laws and rules of this land to come here. What do you think would happen to an American if we did the same in there country. You would never see the outside of a jail cell. Life is not fair my friend and you need to do it right. I’m so sick of our borders not being protected. Laws do no good unless you first protect borders.Lets face it, its our fault that we never protected the borders. The problem has always been the government with being OK with Clintons NAFDA treaty, Korean, and China treaty. Selling off all our jobs has finally caught up to American manufacturing jobs. I lost mine 3 years ago because they moved to Mexico. Also another problem is big corporations buy block Visa’s to bring thousands here to work in factories and pay them very cheap wages compared to Americans. I worked in a company as a contractor last year in Lorain Ohio, an Automotive seating company. 80 percent of the production workers there are from Cuba, south America, Mexico, and all sponsered and paid for by the company.

      • Seems to me the problem is not our immigration laws, from what you describe, but the conditions in Mexico. There is no intrinsic reason that Mexico can’t be just as great a place to live as the United States. It’s cultural. What say you? You know more about it than I do.

    • Zuckerberg lives with the same mentality Obama does; just be friends with the illegals and it will be okay. Let them have what they want and all will go well.
      Zuckerberg and Obama live in a different world than 99% of the American people do. What they consider problems is more aligned to getting to the airport on time or not being late at the club or on the golf course; they have little concern for the millions of illegals working in this country while millions and millions of Americans are without work or working in jobs with no benefits and less wages than they made in past years!
      As far as safety – neither Obama nor Zuckerberg showed any concern for the Ameriacn people as we underwent the greatest invasion of our nation in our history. Neither of these two did a thing to provide safety or security for the Ameriacn people; they made excuses for the illegals, they appeased the demands of the illegals, they allowed the illegals to march on our streets and burn our flags, when these illegals committed serous crimes in our communities they sided with them saying it was the American people and our justice system who were forcing them into the shadows and having to steal, rape and murder our people!
      We have always had minor problems in these areas but it has been through the Obama era that our nation has faced the disasters of the massive numbers of illegals in this country and it is people like Zuckerberg who spent their money appeasing and supporting the illegals!
      No, Zuckerberg is no upright U.S citizen and neither is Obama! They have the money to buy the media (one of Sun Tzu’s principles in “The “Art of War”) and they have the backing of a lot of wealthy CEOs who benefit from cheap labor and ignoring immigration and labor laws – – but they have no respect for the impact it has on the working American people – – the 99% that that are real Americans based NOT ON WEALTH and position but rather on birthright, hard working, family and community pride!
      …Unlike the Obama and Zuckerberg mentalities – there is far more to Americans than wealth and power!

      • InternetCensorsREvil

        Yeah – Ask the Saxons how that worked for them when the Danes invaded England.
        Ask Poland, Belgium, etc how that worked for them when Hitler invaded.
        Ask Neville Chamberlain of the UK how that worked when Hitler began his campaign for European dominance
        Ask the tribes living in Mexico how that worked when the Aztecs came calling

        World history is filled with peoples and nations which opened their borders and took an appeasement approach to immigration. Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

    • Doggone right. Jumping the border is a crime in and of itself.

      And spare me tears of “breaking up families” because they have anchor babies; a complete distortion of the 14th Amendment.

      You, the illegal broke our immigration laws! You are responsible! Take your Anchor Baby Children with you! Nobody is breaking up your family, BUT YOU!!

    • SPOT ON !!!

    • There is no “hard evidence” and there never will be. Zuckerberg is doing the same thing Obama was always doing; say something and expect that everyone will believe it just because he said it. Obama routinely said Americans respect and support immigrant in this country; a HALF-TRUTH he deliberately used to mislead the Ameriacn people – over and over again!
      He never separated the legal and illegal immigrants in his speeches; this was no accident – it was deliberate. Obama had no need to defend legal immigrants – they were here consistent with our laws and we all accept that; it was the efforts to smooth over the Obama agenda of letting the millions of illegals remain in this country that he was trying to slip past us.
      Obama knew damn well that he had created a terrible mess by not complying with our federal immigration laws and our immigration program. His passiveness in enforcing our laws was as obvious as his red line in the sands of Serria; it meant nothing. He knew and he knows know, he had made a horrible mistake and the easiest way out of it was to just let all the illegals have amnesty and it would be okay; his “easy way out; as he always looked for, was to convince the people that we need these illegals and we want them here; fortunately there were enough Americans who still stand up for our constitution and our laws that stood in Obamas way and he could only appease the demands of the illegals by using his presidential proclamations – – regardless of how unpopular and illegal some of them were!
      How many times did we hear him say how expensive it would be to deport them; letting them remain would get the monkey off his back and conceal his guilt for letting them come here in the first place.
      Zuckerberg and Obama ha a a strong personal relationship, and probably still does. They were both wrong then – they are both wrong now – – – but they have the money to keep pushing the issue and the American people will be forced into accepting their agenda – OR – showing them that America still belongs to the people and we will not be forced to follow the dictates of the wealthy, the 1% at the top, and NEVER be forced by foreigners who refuse to comply with our laws to change our laws so those from foreign countries can do as they want!
      Obama is not running this country now – we have the opportunity to restore what he destroyed over the past eight years – – we MUST NOT allow Obama and his followers, including Zuckerman, to continue tearing this nation apart.

    • Amen!

    • It’s a real shame that wasn’t required of Barrack Obama….

    • Did you really EXPECT REAL Answers from ACADEMIA LIBERAL BRAIN WASHED TROLLS???? They live in “THEORY” Take a page from OBAMA’s Equally stupid APPOINTEES

      • InternetCensorsREvil

        Of course not. They don’t even work from theory. A theory is a proven hypothesis and they don’t even have more than some anonymous bozos wet dream

  9. Zuckerman is an immature pinhead liberal jerk!

  10. What a fool.

  11. The Obammunist alliance of satanists, socialists and sodomites know that the only way they can regain power is through fraudulent elections, and the only way they can hold power is through Third World-type rigged elections. The replacement of the existing American population with a dependent and obedient Third World lumpenproletariat, making all future elections African-style farces, is crucial to their plan, as is the removal or (better yet, from their point of view) murder of President Trump. It is likely that Zukerberg is planning to leave Facebook, which he created from the first as the real-life Orwellian telescreen, to help coordinate the revolution that they plan to launch with rioting on July 2, followed by a high position in the Inner Party of the Peoples republic that they plan to follow that.

  12. You really have to twist your brain out of shape, to swallow this one WTF !
    there contention is : illegals in our country, being prayed a pond ,by criminal illegals in our country are afraid to come forward and report the criminals.??????????? REMOVE ALL ILLEGALS then we are safe !
    I don’t get the Politian’s, bending over backwards to legitimize illegals in our country, over your safety and well being.

  13. James in Texas

    The Lib’s and Lefties go out of there way to prove the statement the “You can fix anything except Stupid”! But, No, not good enough, now they insult the people of this country when they state that “only they know what’s good for America, and making it another Third-world country will fix all of the problems that folks like CEO Markie have with keeping good employees to shine their toilets and cut their grass!

  14. allen goldberg

    more weird liberal logic that defies reason!!!

  15. Babies in the womb aren’t human and men that cut off their privates are women. Insanity rules

  16. Another billionaire living in a tightly secured, gated community, encircled by 8′ reinforced steel fencing telling us, the unwashed masses, how safe we’ll be if only we allow eleven million illegals to live freely among us. Hypocrisy anyone???

    • One thing is for sure, life is not fair, and we are gonna pay taxes and die some day.
      Freedom is a myth unless you are debt free, only then will you experience what true freedom is !!!

  17. Nut job libtards! They just make up things like children and actually believe it. This is the education system in America.

  18. These people are just plain stupid! That is the only explanation to the ridiculous statements from this jerk!

  19. I guess he is not as smart as a lot of people thought he was, huh!?!?

  20. Solution for Zuckerberg’s claim on being safer in providing amnesty……Every idiot liberal in CA, OR, WA should have to house, feed, pay medical bills, clothe all those illegal immigrants that they so freely want to provide amnesty to. Let’s see how quick they back off their claims. Let’s see how safe they think they are. Let’s remove the high fences, gates, security systems on their properties and then let them tell all the rest of us how safe we are with amnesty. Oh yes, and remove all their body guards who by the way carry guns and most of them are anti-2nd amendment. Their brains are warped and misshapen from being stuck up their asses for so long. You just can’t fix stupid!!!!

  21. Anything Zuckerberg does is anti-America…anything.

  22. hmm…guess now will see how many hearts and souls his money can buy….then turn them into votes ….beware this godless fool

  23. ….and him and his cronies letting go of facebook , and not having advertising on it would make it more profitable to them. Riiiiiiiigggght! Where did Sugarmound get his lessons in coherence? The Pelosi School of Alternative Reality?

  24. Here’s the proof money does not give you common sense or make you any smarter . Wouldn’t believe anything coming from this little thief that screwed his friends out of there share of the company .

  25. Can’t see the forest for the trees Mark. The Aliens from South America and Mexico are not immigrants. The migrants from the middle east are not immigrants either. They can not be properly vetted and assimilated into this country, therefore are not according to the laws of this country to be here. We will fight you tooth and nail to keep them out of here and start your worrying more about our problems here first. We have enough without inviting a lot of trouble here.

    • Mark Zuckerburg is just a greedy out of town ch billionaire who wants cheap labor. He is no different from a slave plantation owner he just uses economic slavery that’s all.

  26. He is full of himself and it smells!

  27. If laws should not be enforced then Trump can confiscate all of Zuckerbergs wealth and build the wall.

  28. So let me get this straight…congress wants to pass legislation that would result in the mass deportation of illegal aliens…what am I missing here? These are criminals by the very nature of how they came into our country, they sneak in, they should be kicked out.
    That’s like someone sneaking into a concert or movie theater and being allowed to stay while others had to pay for admission.
    Democrats have serious mental problems…

  29. Suckerberg and his little fruit cakes better quite smoking that crack or what other drugs they be on.

  30. I think Zickerberg should stick to what he knows and immigration is not one of them.

  31. Boy is he ever crazy! Consider for a moment a practical approach to immigration.

    If your family was struggling to fed, clothe, educate, etc., all of your children would you want more? I hope that you would say no.

    Wisdom begins with definition. —Socrates

    The government’s unemployment numbers are so wrong because they define unemployment wrongly. They count unemployment rate (at least the rate that gets reported) as all those that are getting unemployment checks they dividing by the number of people 18-64 years old. We now have over 12 million of these people (which was about the number of unemployed during the Great Depression).

    But we now have 88 million that are long term unemployed and are not receiving unemployment benefits. So, we really have 100 million unemployed. 100 million unemployed out of 264 million people is almost 38% unemployment rate.More than 1/3 of adults are not working.

    Now here’s the salt in the wound. We have at most 5 million unfilled jobs (140-145 million filled jobs) available for the 100 million unemployed in the US. I am talking about US citizens. So, we have 100 million people to fill 5 million jobs. Yet Congress and Democrats want more immigrants.

    Last month, for example they announced that 200,000 new jobs were created but failed to announce that over 160,000 had dropped out of the workforce (were added to that 88 million not counted as unemployed).

    We have nearly 1 million legal immigrants coming here every year. WHY?

    Also, by the left’s own logic of proportional representation (that is if some group constitutes 10% of the US population then we have 10% in college or in every job in the country,or no more than 10% of that group in prison, for example in order to be fair)– we have too many immigrants. We have less than 5% of the world’s population and 20% of its immigrants. That is more than 4 times our fair share. We also have 41 million US citizens that were not born here (welcome– my wife and Melania Trump are two of them). That is roughly 12.5% of our population. That 41 million is more than the populaton of Canada, for example.

    The bottom line is we cannot afford the people that we have now. One more thing. Since the mid-1960s, when the War on Poverty was started we have more people in poverty than we had then, about 50 million, now. If we were not paying people welfare checks to keep them out of poverty we’d have millions more.

    The federal government has done a decent job of masking problems but not solving them.

    Fully 2/3 to 3/4 of all people in the US make less than $30K per year.

    Personally, I want to see a moratorium on all immigration to the US until we can get good paying jobs to all or at least significantly more than we do now. Tare care of our own before we take care of others.

  32. Lets have a BIG – – – WHAT? with this one; “- – it is not only morally wrong to enforce American immigration laws – it actually “hurts public safety” to do so.”

    Zuckerberg has been a big part of the immigration mess for some time; he was and is a strong supporter of the Biggest Invasion of ILLEGAL Immigrants into this country in our entire history. He not only funded a great part of the efforts to protect the illegals here but actively encouraged their entry; he worked side by side with Obamas appeasement efforts in seeing the illegal immigrants got what they demanded from our society.

    What would Zuckerberg do if dozens (many hundreds) of people suddenly started hacking into his systems and modifying them to meet their interest? What would he do if they broke into his offices and stole his technical data? I doubt he would be so quick to put up money to have more thieves on his property, to help pay their expenses and make them welcome in his facilities!

    BUT – that is basically what he did in when siding with Obama and the illegal immigrants; that is what he did in encouraging Obama to bring more legal immigrants into our country to fill jobs our own men and women and graduating students should have had better access to. Millions of illegals, with total disregard for our laws and the negative impact it as having on our society, our economy, our schools, medical facilities and commerce swarmed into the United States as Obama took his- passive do nothing stand, as he turned his back on the American people – the millions of Americans in need of work, families doing without as Obama allowed millions of illegals to work here in complete violation of federal laws he was responsible for enforcing! And Mark Zuckerberg was right there with him! Zuckerberg would not have condoned it in his facilities or his empire but he was more than happy to allow it to happen and grow in our country and to allow millions and millions of Americans to suffer the consequences of Histories biggest invasion of the United States!

    Much of our social problems today are closely linked to the partnerships forged between Obama and Zuckerberg; the money was there, the agenda was there and America became the victim as millions of illegals swarmed into this country protected by Obama and protective efforts funded by Mark Zuckerberg.

  33. Zuckerberg may be a computer genius, but at social problems he is apparently an idiot. Letting criminals in and wanting to keep them here, and yes anyone who comes in illegally is, by definition, a criminal.
    Just what we need. Oh well, he has his billions and wants to keep the club exclusive. Let in more people who want everything handed to them on a platter, and who if they work at all are taking jobs from citizens. Any employer who employs an illegal alien (whether knowingly or not) should be fined an amount equal to 3 times the illegal’s pay to date of being removed, and have to pay taxes based on the “3x” amount.

    Employers should hire American Citizens ONLY, unless they can make a case, with volumes of documentation, that no American with those skills would take the job, and it should be illegal to pay less than the minimum wage! No benefit in hiring illegals since you would have to pay them the same.

  34. Pardon my French—–but:

  35. facebook reality, snowflake dreams, and moronic beliefs. Give it a try, what’s the worst that can happen? destruction of America?

  36. Suckerberg is a rich idiot who doesn’t have the common sense on how to pour pee out of his shoe with the instructions written on the heel. What’s his next great idea, release everyone from prison and give them guns to guard the streets from criminals? Ignorant people should learn to keep their mouths shut!

  37. Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t know chett, he’s a con, a thief and a Rockefeller nuff said!

  38. Animals over humans any day

    Mark Fuckingturd stole farcebook…. and just wants more people to swindle and brainwash on his disgusting platform.
    Why would anybody listen to anything this pathetic little twit thinks?

  39. The mindset here seems to be “peace at any price.” Life experience teaches that the more one moves to accommodate a bully, the more the bully pushes. I am curious as to what the point is that these “peaceniks” will finally take a stand. I fear that their line will be too little and far too late to retain our republic.

  40. After being burned 30 years, I can tell you for certain it doesn’t not Mark.

  41. Mark Zuckerberg has everything in life a man could possibly want. Except brains!

  42. The geek may be rich, but he has no common sense!!

  43. What a bunch of crap. Illegal immigration will create the lowest common denominator for American workers and people who do not live in a gated community..

  44. And out comes another expert on immigration…WOW ,,,30 million Americans out of work and we need more illegal’s ??

  45. I’d like to see Zuckerberg trot his behind into Dearborn, MI to personally welcome all the peaceful muslim refugees. Think he’ll make it out alive?

  46. They are book-smart, Street-stupid elites. End of story!

  47. This from the guy who is fighting his neighbors in Hawaii over the monstrous wall he is building around his compound there. Yep just like no borders obama is doing in DC, building a monstrous wall around his compound. The continue to make laughing stocks of themselves over their hyprocrisy.

  48. Just because Zuckerberg figured out a way to make tons of money with facebook doesn’t make him an expert on immigration policy. Bet he lives in a sanitized world with security staff and minions to wait on his every need. He is clueless about the regular everyday people who have lost their lives because of criminal illegal immigrants, or those who cannot make a living due to cheap illegal immigrant labor. Zuckerberg should just stick to computers.

  49. Zuckerburg is a plain and simple FOOL !!

  50. How many of these illegals are living next door to Zuckerberg? How many of their children are playing with his kids?
    How many are invited to his parties and functions?
    I would bet that he is sheltered from all of the potential threats, yet he thinks that it is OK for them to play with our kids and live next door to us. How does he know how much danger these illegals might put upon others!
    So, put your rich ass where your mouth is and invite some illegals over for a week or two.
    The law is the law so if it should be changed then work on changing it. Just don’t ask others to be in danger of potential harm from those illegals that have not been properly processed. Not even the great Zuckerberg can predict that.

  51. Schulte, speaks with forked tongue. First he says “the Trump administration should stop enforcing the laws that keep our borders strong”, give the illegals that are here amnesty, then, “pass SMART immigration reform that will strengthen our border security”.
    What’s wrong with these people?

  52. Let’s let a social media group decide what’s best? That’s like asking a millennial to define sustainable.

  53. “SAFER” Mark??? UNTIL THE NEXT ILLEGAL INVASION you DIP SHIT?…. You may be “smart” but can you recall what happened after the “LAST AMNESTY”??? or do you need a GPS to Find HISTORY????

  54. Robert Kahlcke

    What a loser!

  55. This article is a joke who was this BS written by and what kind of made up BS do they have to support these claims there making .This is truly a false narrative ,more political correctness ,well the public isn’t as stupid as they are claiming ,and will never buy this bunch of garbage

  56. Following Zuckerberg, why have any laws!!!!

  57. Richard Muccillo Nmd Dcm

    Suckershit is an idiot –knows nothing about immigration ==out to keep his elf mouth shut–quit giving this little punk any notice–troll needs to know his limitations!


    Paul Craig Roberts
    United States Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy
    President Ronald Reagan Personal details Born April 3, 1939 (age 78)
    Georgia, US Nationality American Political party Independent (formerly
    Republican)[1][2] Alma mater Georgia Institute of Technology
    (BA Economics)
    University of Virginia
    (PhD Economics) University of Oxford…See More

    Peter Palms ·

    St Sampson Univ, Oxford, Great Britain…/jfk-100-paul-craig…/

  59. zuckerbrg ZUCKS and is ZIDIOT…..

  60. For you guys who are rich you just keep moving your mouth to allow illegals while us the middle class are breaking our back to pay MORE TAXES just for
    Government support sanctuary cities. How dare you! Why do not you donate your thousands to donate to sanctuary cities instead taking money from us poor people. Also that Zuckerberg keeps meddling US politics when he is not a US citizen anymore. He renounced his US citizenship years ago to become a Singaporean citizen.

  61. what is wrong with Mark Zuckerberg, if he really that daft, he got wealthy from freedom, and now he wants to take it away from everyone. It’s not enough he closes down those who have different opinions, but now he wants control of what everyone does, and says. Is this how Fascists are born, to much power. We need to stop the incoming of illegals and terrorists they are taking our country down. I agree with Trump, stop them, now before we end up like the Brits daily bombing and murder of our citizens, while the government looks the other way and thinks nothing of it. This is America not some Muslim or other country, if you want to live here, you don’t try to change it to be the crap hole you left.

  62. “hurts public safety” Zuckerberg and his crew are ‘knowledgeable’ about “public safety?” They run a “public safety” forum that has proven detrimental to at least individual safety! What part of having to give your private information to Facebook is NOT detrimental to ‘your’ safety? Amnesty? AMNESTY?! What part of giving amnesty to millions of “illegal,” “ignoring the line,” immigrants could possibly make the country safer? More whacko pablum! Part of our “immigration problem” has been the granting of ‘amnesty’ without implementing border security of fixing our broken immigration system!

  63. Did all the money he made and makes blindfold him to the law? The A

  64. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. Mine is that the Zuckerberg’s opinion is dangerously wrong for America!

  65. Gee, enforcing the law is such a pain, both for the police and justice system and the criminals. As a matter of fact, I find paying taxes onerous, and it distresses me and the family. And while we’re at it, let’s give amnesty to bank robbers. Maybe we should even let our DC politicians, who are running Ponzi schemes galore in the form of the entitlement programs, walk free if they promise to emigrate to Mexico. They should do it illegally, so they face a couple years in prison!

  66. What has HE been smoking?

  67. Thinkingman2025

    Zuckerbeg is a clueless, stupid sob. Take away his money, armed guards, and throw him on the streets to teach that fool a lesson.

  68. There has always been a path to citizenship…legally! What in the world makes open borders safer…nothing! It’s idealogues like Zuckerberg that do not face the truth of what has happening and continues to happen in the border states and spreading to all other states in our union. I am convinced it’s a mental problem, a stubbornness that clear thinking and reasoning cannot comprehend. The IQ matters not, it’s plain common sense these literates are lacking. Chalk it up to the relaxed dimension our nation now lives with…legalizing drugs and commie professors who distort truth and favor group think over clear choices for safety and security, strength in our economy, and military power.

    The truth of the matter is we now have a President in Donald J. Trump who can both talk and negotiate with anyone peacefully because his success has preceded him to the White House. He listens. His administration is not a “regime.” There are no self appointed, self serving “czars”! America and Americans come first! After eight years of an apologist, who gave comfort to our enemies and violators of our laws and the Constitution, it’s time this man be recognized for his goodness and resolve to restore our nation.

    Secure the borders, our culture and our language! Immigrants for centuries have appreciated these facets our United States and have made their homes and raised their families on our shores because of these tenets.

    Wake up, Zuckerberg and your group! You’ve make your techno and financial mark on the USA, now you can move on to another country if you are so disgusted and disillusioned with our Constitution and the laws of our land.

  69. Robert Kahlcke

    Zuckerberg is an operative of Democrat-Communist-Islamic Terrorist Organization.

  70. No to open borders …Build the Wall and anyone who enter Legally vetting is the best policy to protect our Country .??????

  71. Zuckerburg doesn’t know what he is talking about . Everytime you let unknowns into our country there is a threat to the safety of the people. That’s why we have laws in place protecting our society. Leting illegals into our country endangers our society and it does economic damage to the American people in many ways. Just look at all the $ billions it has cost the American People already. Anyone who is pro illegal immigrant is anti-American in every way.

    • that’s why we need term limits for these democrap judges they need to go mainly the 9th court it’s full of morons with no brains at all the judges should have the muslims move in next to them I hope some day the judges see what issi is all about keep bringing in the muslims and they will find out how nice they are building their cells

  72. Dear Mark, you may have invented a good thing with Facebook and with all the advertising, I just bet you can take on the welfare payment to at least a couple million of those illegal aliens you want us to have, so just send your information to the government so they can send you the bills for their welfare, food stamps, Medical and phones, or anything else they are presently trying to get free from the American People. We the American People want that moneyn they are taking to go to something worth while, like building a wall.

  73. Their first act is to break our laws, and that’s going to make us safer. You are out of your mind. Come here the right way, observing our laws and integrate into our country.

  74. Zuckerberg has no idea of what he is saying. He is an out and out liar emanating from the extreme far Left.

    Our Country is so impacted from all of those CRIMINALS streaking across the Mexican border when obasturd was pseudo-president and he begged them to come inside, he would take care of them. THAT alone shows you how much of a “dunce” obasturd was/is. By his lame actions alone we have millions more illegals crowding our hospitals, standing along the streets, invading our shopping malls with their welfare dollars, and working for the Drug Cartels. Now, how on God’s green earth, are these criminals helping our country and making it safer? They are not!

    Zuckerberg needs to take a “Reality” Course so he knows what are truths and what are falsehoods. But of course, like every clueless Liberal, they all make up their own truths…and Zuckerberg is no exception! DO NOT BELIEVE A WORD HE SAYS — IT’S NOTHING BUT “FAKE NEWS”!

  75. sandraleesmith46

    The only “Immigration reform” we need is to cut off the so-called “birthright citizenship” aka anchor babies, and associated chain migration; and the “worker visas” programs! Then just enforce the laws on the books. As for amnesty, KEEPING CRIMINALS here makes NO sense at all, and certainly doesn’t add to national or individual safety/security!

  76. He a damn nut case. Amnesty is a farce. YOU HAVE NO SAFETY WITH THAT. THESE PEOPLE WHO THINK THAT IS BRAIN DEAD.!!!!!!!!

    • This is a perfect example of how money buys influence; Zuckerberg has shown very little loyalty to this nation. He was a major contributor to Obama’s agenda for amnesty to the 11 million illegal immigrants in this country. He funded special efforts to “market” Obama’s agenda and allow what was factually and “open border: mind set which would have allowed anyone who wanted to come her and remain here without any restrictions. The efforts to allow amnesty and a “Special Pathway to Citizenship for those who elect to ignore our laws” was not necessary; we have a legal pathway that has served this nation for long before Obama or Zuckerberg were walking! Rather than seek a meaningful and effective resolution to the failed immigration policies of the Obama Administrations these two men, along with others pushing the amnesty of of illegals, were ready to push it all down our throats; like it or not – they were ready to make us accept the illegals and pay the great price that comes from supporting seven million illegals and accepting another 4 million taking jobs Americans needed! Pn top of that, Obama added an additional 25000 more legal work visas into this country over the number already approved by Congress.

      Next time you hear some great idea coming from someone with a lot of money or backing by someone with the money to buy our congress and our White House – think hard – – – money does not mean loyalty, money does not mean integrity, money does not mean the best for the nation or the people!


  77. Let me Guess: Mark Zuckerberg lives in a wealthy community, with their own security force and walls/gates? HE needs “extra protection” from the regular “folks”, while it’s perfectly OK by him, that regular “folks” are getting assaulted, raped, murdered, etc by illegal aliens. Let’s NOT forget all the victims of Identity Theft, courtesy of illegal aliens! Hey Mark, Come on OUT & face the same Threats the rest of NON ELITIST Americans face!

  78. Mr. Zuckerberg, if illegal aliens are so desirable, Please EXPLAIN the problems seen in Chicago, MS13 in numerous cities, and the MURDER of Kate Steinle. WE are waiting.

  79. The globalists have taken over and all reason is gone

  80. STUPIDITY runs rampant among the liberals!!! To say that amnesty makes the country safer is ludicrous!

  81. You want to know what is making our country “dangers”? Answer: People like Todd Schulte and Mark Zuckerberg who care more about illegal immigrants than they do about our own citizens and LEGAL immigrants. And people wonder what is wrong with “liberal” thinking. This article provides you with that answer.

  82. What an idiot.

  83. anthony j. manzo

    With all due respect Mr. Zuckerburg, You pick up the tab. Or in good old American, ” Put YOUR money where your mouth is”

  84. I can’t stand this little twirl and I don’t do facebooky.


  86. For ZUCKERBERG’s Group to say something this Stupid just proves that Mark hires ASSHOLE just like HIM….Academia Idiots with NO EXPERIENCE What so Ever in REAL LIFE!

  87. We know now he is a enemy of the state

  88. Zidiot – Zucker – Zombie –

  89. And how many armed body guards does Mark have? Something between six and fifteen.

  90. this snowflake billionaire is now bitching that everyone should get money for nothing , give away all of your money and all your fakebook profits

  91. Then why did you build a wall around your Hawaii property?

  92. Lil old Zuckerburg wants us to let in any body. So why in hell is he building a wall around his house in Hawaii????
    He can “buy” his families safety with all the armed security he can afford, (which is plenty) while the rest of us peons have to make do with whatever we can muster up for our protection.

  93. When you are wealthy and able to afford body guards, security, travel where you want, you can sit on your ass like he does and spout the same old stupid cliches of the left wing nuts! But strip him of all that, send him down to the lowest inner levels of major cities with immigrant crime problems and watch how quickly he turns tail and runs. Cowards like that do not dwell in or inhabit those areas where illegal immigrants run rampant, where drugs are the main source of income and dying of violent crime is just way of life. Let’s start with those methods proven to reduce immigrant crimes like immediate rounding up and deportation of all of them and building that wall so they can’t come back. And make sure everyone of them deported is photographed, fingerprinted and DNA sampled. Then work on a secure vetted method of allowing them back in the legal way! None of this liberal BS about what this Nation is or stands for! Those caught and deported must wait 5 years to return. Children cannot stay! Liberals protesting this can be stripped of their ID and visas and tossed over the wall to take their chances as an illegal immigrant there!

  94. Kill ’em all! Let God sort ’em out. Oooo…Rahhhh…! Semper Fi…!

  95. Decent humans say “FUCK ZUCK” He is an IDIOT! Look at the image and learn Zuck you MORON!

  96. Mark Zuckerburg is a rich idiot and he is full of crap and if people don’t obey our laws donot deserve to stay period

  97. It is not the law which tells us why amnesty or clemency or pardon or mercy or grace or forgiveness are necessary. It is the consequences resulting from the violation of the law which leave us with the sense and knowledge of the injustice of such violation. This is the simple fact. While legal amnesty, clemency and pardon recognize that a wrong was done, they presume that, for some reason known only to the person who grants them, such amnesty, clemency or pardon will preclude the re-commission of a wrong or illegal action, apparently, based on a respect for the power of the one who grants it. If the law is not sufficient to make one obey it, is the Savior of the world sufficient to prevent one from disobeying it, based merely on the concept of accorded grace and mercy? This is where the country is divided. This is the essence of terrorism. But, the certainty of death in Islam is no consolation for the uncertainty of terrorism.

  98. So tired of the garbage from the left or the right. TERM LIMITS ON ALL OF THEM SCHMUCKS. Unfortunately we the people have only oursevles to blame had we been more actively invovled and stop voting the same reruns back into office we might be in better shape today. We also need to teach our kids what this nation is about, I get so tired of being told my country is bad. If that is so then take time out of your busy lives to get more involved by writing your representative who actually don’t represent you anylonger they represent the big money doners and lobbyists.

  99. RichFromShowMe

    Amnesty is safer if you live in a gated community and have armed guards 24×7.

  100. these fruit cakes need to have their heads examined. THE EUROPEAN countries are a MESS, Why is it that they ALL have gates around their homes , have armed body guards , fly in private planes , etc and we are to believe their crap. I don’t care if we have immigrants…but I DO care if we have illegal immigrants. If many have been here for yrs , WHY DIDN’T they take the time to become citizens. Do it the RIGHT WAY. Let the system weed OUT the crap and those that are living by the rules , providing for themselves and families are welcome to stay , ans DON”T tell the people where we are or how we are safer. The government didn’t enforce our laws and the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS just took it upon themselves to do as they please and enter our country…BOTH WERE WRONG..!!

  101. anthony j. manzo

    With all do respect he should pick up the tab. Also accept the guilt for all innocent Americans who lose their lives due to these unlawful invaders. Most Americans do not live in the high stratosphere he lives in.

  102. Remember, Zuckerburg didn’t start Facebook. The Winklevoss twins did! Maybe his head is up his a-s since he wasn’t the smart mind behind the start of Facebook like everyone believes! So the statements he makes are BS!

  103. “Safer”…. for whom? Ahole billionaires who need more yard workers, pool boys and/or cheap labor?

  104. Zuckerberg needs to retire before anyone finds out he stole his fortune and his two bits doesn’t matter! He is not relevant.

  105. anAmericanByChoice

    Scr3w Zuckerberg and his sicarios. I feel like puking!

  106. stupid begins with with people who do not look at the problem just scan over it . do not know what this country is about .OLD VET .

  107. Francisco Machado

    The article should have given us Zuckerberg’s reason that amnesty was good for public safety and why deporting illegals places “puts millions more families at risk” – At least telling us “at risk” of what. America families? Or families placing themselves at risk by entering this country illegally? Outside of Democrat political circles, breaking the law is recognized as a way to place oneself and, by extension, one’s family at risk.

  108. How insane must all Americans become before the adults step in to change a few diapers? Too many young people are running around issuing orders and trying to destroy decent people AND THEIR NATION. Give me a conservative old black field hand to run things before ANY of these “organizations”, ANY of these social sites (AKA whine and brag sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, etc), ANY democrat now holding office (white, black or Muslim), any self adulating “movie star” or sports figure – and he, the black field hand) will show the world how unbeliveably stupid most young whites of today TRULY are. because I believe he is has more common sense than ANYONE in any of the categories listed above.

  109. This is simply ravings of cowards. Simply stated, the sheep think it’s safer to allow the wolf into the flock, and it is the sheepdogs fault that the wolf wants to eat them. And he has an Honorary Degree from Harvard. Need any further proof how dumbed down or education system is!

  110. I wonder where they get their “statistics” from, because everyone I know WANT THE WALL BUILT. They are tired of our children being raped and killed by ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS driving drunk, or shooting people, killing others that don’t agree with them. Look at the gang MS13 (I believe that is the name of the gang) they are one of the worst and most vicious gangs ever, and Imam Obama let them in and paid them.

  111. He is a Marxist fool!!!

  112. Apparently, Mark Zuckerberg, has been on the drugs too long. Only someone suffering from mind fog could make a statement like that.

  113. If it makes us safer, why didn’t that work when Regan gave amnesty to thousands? Because they don’t want to be Americans. They want our freedom and live in a hell hole they create, like they left

  114. The only things open border people want are cheap labor or more democrat voters. Neither of which are good for our country. The cheap labor part can make goods and services cheaper but the increase in welfare, food stamps and other free programs negates any benefit from cheap labor. The democrat voter part just puts more communists in power. After all the democrat party has become the communist party filled with many radical left wingers. If they could they would love to see the constitution go away. So Zuckerberg and his buddies need to pull it out and grow up.

  115. ZUCKERBERG needs to go back to college and hopefully learn something rather than trying to find safe spaces for grown children.

  116. Liberal = Fool ???

    If I recall correctly, Reagan gave these invaders amnesty back in the 80s and all that did was give MORE incentive for others to violate are Borders or lack there of!

    I recently spoke with a woman who with her mother, escaped Venezuela a number or years ago after Chavez took over. Her mother was beaten so badly by the Socialist Regime that she lost an ear!

    They became U.S. Citizens LEGALLY and both have contributed to our society!

    What she had to say about SOCIALISM has been born out today!

    She believes that the U.S. Is following Venezuela into socialistic hell!

    So do I.

    • Earlene Hammond

      We have already been drawn into an oligarchic form of hell where everything is controlled by corrupt corporate capitalists! That is not socialism, but it IS very un-American! Freedom from the hierarchy and plutocracy are why our country was formed and fought for in the Revolutionary War! Their are many great things in this country that exist due to democratic socialism, which is quite different than what you friend was exposed to in Venezuela! Our public schools, police and fire departments, interstate highways and infrastructure are good examples. They are for the use of everyone and for the good of the country! Unfortunately, for the past 35-40 years, certain corporate capitalistic plutocrats decided to take control of our government and systematically allow for the erosion of our infrastructure and relieve us of certain freedoms and rights while privatizing schools, prisons (that must be kept full to be profitable for the capitalists) and anything else they can get their hands on! “We the people” are supposed to be the “government” but we have allowed that power to be stolen from us, all so a small faction of our populace can get very rich by taking what they want from anyone they want with absolutely no accountability or repercussions! The Clinton’s as well as the Bush family are perfect examples of the power of corruption in this country. They never worked a day in their lives, but obtained their wealth and power off the backs of hardworking Americans who actually are the real producers of the profits in this country, but never get to enjoy it. Either we get money out of politics and take power back from the corporatists, or we acknowledge the acceptance of our own demise!

  117. Earlene Hammond

    They probably wouldn’t just go to Washington and lie any more than the republicans do! Time to wake up folks, and accept the FACT that one party (D or R, choose one) is just as corrupt as the other and will remain that way until we get big money out of politics at all levels, local, state, as well as federal! Other than a few basically honest politicians, the rest are ALL getting rich protecting the interests of the financial and corporate plutocrats who actually control our government. They are allowed to run amok no matter how much damage it does to the lives of average working class Americans!

    The destructive divisiveness that has taken over the lives of most voters due to different ideologies among families, friends, neighbors and peers is a deliberate act provoked by big money interests to keep the rest of us average people distracted from what they have done and continue to do! Taking away our power and dignity has turned our supposed free country into an oligarchy that only benefits the very wealthiest people on earth! The right wingers who have been brainwashed to believe that “big government” is the problem are way off base! The problem is that all aspects of the government are now being run by corporate bigwigs who don’t give a damn about the rest of us, because everything to them is based on profit and huge bonuses for themselves, with kickbacks to all the politicians who help them retain control. None of which has absolutely anything to do with humanity, or the needs of the American people!

    By not fighting back to restore our country to how great it actually used to be when every aspect of our lives was not controlled by big corporations, “we the people” are causing our own self-destruction! We must stop arguing and insulting each other over the existing state of affairs that our corporate capitalistic leaders (government officials) have put us in, and start pulling together to regain the rights and powers guaranteed to us by the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, which set guidelines for how this country should be run to AVOID being an oligarchy, which is why the USA was founded to begin with!

  118. Camille Gilliam

    Zuckerberg is very wrong, and I do think that he should have to come up with a new business to provide them with jobs, make room on his property for them to stay until they can make it on their own. You and Nancy Pelosi.

  119. MZ!….you and your hypocritical elite pals and ideas are the problem and have absolutely nothing to do with any solution and continue to promote the problem.

  120. Talk about out of touch with American citizens. Voting Trump into office had a lot to do with his stand against illegal immigration. We don’t want your open boarders or your globalization. And who gives a shit what that pissant Mark Zuckerberg thinks. No one voted him into office.

  121. Well he does have 100 billion or so more than I do, so why do I think his cash registers don’t work as well as mine? It’s called the law of the minimizing advantage. The more money the bigger the brain load with the ultimate irony being the brain has expenses it’s forced to adhere to in a particular direction. Consequently, brain waves outside the main force are diminishishing in manure. “Gimme” is different than “help me help myself.” Why anyone can’t see the folly in these demands to what they represent is outrageous

  122. Immigration insanity fully demonstrated. Zuckhead also addressed the grads of Harvard last week and said that he thinks that the government should pay for all tuition for all students at any college. More socialist asininity. Here’s a guy worth 30 Billion asking the taxpayers to pay all tuition. He could start by paying tuition for thousands, but he will not, of course.

  123. Here comes another big whopper of a lie from the mouth of a stupid democrat. With absolutely no proof to back up the statement, he makes this dubious claim. He thinks that illegals makes us safer, then I challenge him to take in an unvetted group of illegals, twenty or thirty, and have them stay in his home with his wife and kids, and absolutely no security or locked doors! He will see just how much “safer” he feels while enjoying his free loading boarders. He can feed them, house them, cloth them, cover their healthcare, pay for a nice private school for their kids, and see to any other needs they may have. That would include paying for their bail when they are arrested and settlements for any law suits they incur.

    You do that Mark Suckerberg, and then tell us all about how much safer you are, if you survive your guests. And a lot of Americans have not survived these illegals being here. But you go ahead and tell the victims families how much safer they were, right up to the point they were murdered! Unless you become a victim yourself!

  124. Of course, he needs more devoted slaves to work for scraps and lick his feet.

  125. Absolutely no common sense. If sense were common…..

  126. His mama spawned the biggest fool ever.

  127. Facebook employees a large majority of immigrants, many who are of Mexican or Muslim background.I don’t know how legal their status is.They may or may not be legal or very nice people . Now that isn’t a bad thing unless you factor in that they hold their own opinions about the subject and their opinion’s don’t agree with American Constitutional authority. Consider also that the employees of Facebook have a structured work environment that tells them what to think and not to actually agree with anything other than their own authority. Zuckerburg is Socialist. His group is majority Socialist also.

  128. That nutcase Zuckerberg has totally lost it. He also proposed in a speech recently that every person on earth should receive a minimum salary,regardless of having a job or not,so they could “explore and develop their potential” I suggest this complete liberal IDIOT open up his multibillion $$$$$$$$$$ wallet immediately,and start writing out checks to any person thinking they are entitled to hos ideas and support. Communist!!!

  129. Suckerburg is a loon. Why don’t he stick to his Spacebook and shut his mouth about governing?

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