Mark Levin Says Conservatives Have a Serious “Obligation” to Donald Trump

Conservative author and talk radio icon Mark Levin addressed the Conservative Political Action Conference on Saturday and he came bearing a serious message for the audience: America was sitting at a juncture of crisis and the Constitution was hanging in the balance.

“This is the greatest place on the face of the earth,” he said of the United States. “I think there are still millions of Americans who love their country, love their freedoms, love their Constitution – and see it being eroded.”

Levin said that the time had come for young conservatives to recognize the peril our liberties were in and to do everything in their power to turn back the liberal assault on America.

“We are at a precipice now,” he said. “The cause is nothing less than saving this republic.”

He told the audience that it was imperative that conservatives rally around President Trump.

“We are the first and last line of defense for this country,” he said. “I don’t care if you agree with this president on everything or not. They’re trying to take him out, and it’s our obligation to defend this man, and defend his office, and defend the presidency.”

That makes no sense, the NeverTrumpers whine. Why should we defend this man if we don’t agree with him on the principles? Why should we defend him when he’s so morally bankrupt? Why, Mark, why?

Shush, cowards: The master isn’t finished speaking.

“Not since Ronald Reagan have we had a man who is serious about putting constitutional originalists on the courts. This is crucial,” Levin said. “Not since Ronald Reagan have we had a man so serious about reining in the massive administrative state. It doesn’t have to be a philosophical issue with him. We do have a President of the United States who loves his country, loves its history, and we need to stand with him because they want to take him out over our dead bodies.”

That says it all right there. Is Donald Trump the picture of ideological conservatism? Could he stand toe to toe with William F. Buckley and give you a point-by-point thesis on why conservatism is the right choice for the American voter? Of course not. Trump goes by his instincts and those instincts just happen to line up, more or less, with conservative thinking. As many an evangelical has said about him: Sometimes God uses an imperfect warrior to do things that a devout follower could never do. This is the story of Trump.

No one else could have done with their presidency what Trump has already done with his. Many of the worst initiatives put in place by the last guy are already history. This country is turning around and turning around fast. Just imagine what Trump and the GOP can do with three more years, if not seven. One hardly dares to dream…

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