Mark Levin Bashes Mueller: He’s a “Rogue Prosecutor”

Conservative writer and radio host Mark Levin isn’t afraid to part ways with President Trump when he senses The Donald is straying from what’s best for the country, but he is certainly no fan of the anti-Trump forces within the government who are looking to overthrow the 2016 election. In an interview with Sean Hannity on Thursday, Levin said that Trump should not sit down for a one-on-one talk with Special Counsel Robert Mueller as the former FBI Director is on a witch hunt and should not be trusted to stay within the boundaries of his assignment.

“When he got his appointment, the deputy attorney general did not provide any basis for the appointment,” Levin said. “That is, he didn’t say – these are the criminal statues I want you to investigate – because there aren’t any.”

Levin said that the entire idea that President Trump was in legal danger was a farce, because there was no prosecutorial precedent of a president being brought under indictment while still in the White House. He said that was still the official position of the Justice Department and had been for years. Levin said this fact made it impossible for President Trump to be an official “target” of the probe, which Mueller has already admitted that he is not.

So what, exactly, is this thing all about, Levin wondered. What cause would Trump have to meet with Mueller? As a witness?

“A witness to what?” he asked. “What criminal statute, what criminal violations do you think he was a witness to that he needs to testify to? He’s the President of the United States. You damn well better have a strong reason for trying to drag him in front of a grand jury.”

The fact is, this is a fishing expedition, and Mueller’s pond has grown into an ocean. He is trying to widen his investigation to encompass anyone or anything Trump has been involved with over the last forty years, simply in an effort to have SOMETHING to show the Democrats when it’s all said and done. Mueller’s best case against Trump remains in the realm of obstruction of justice, and even that is a farce that’s hardly worth laughing at. The thought that a president cannot fire his own FBI director is absurd on its face.

There will come a day – if it hasn’t arrived already – when every American who is not a card-carrying member of the #Resistance will finally realize this entire “collusion” narrative was a joke from the start. And when that day comes, the Democrats are going to have a lot of explaining to do.

A few of them may have to do that explaining in front of a grand jury.

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