Man That Set Homeless Man on Fire at Trump Tower was Out on Bail

A man accused of setting a homeless man on fire in an unprovoked attack was out on bail and was wanted by police for violating the bail conditions at the time of the alleged incident. 

Joseph Guardia, 27, has been charged with attempted first-degree murder and aggravated arson with bodily harm after allegedly setting 75-year-old Joseph Kromelis, a well known homeless man known to locals as “The Walking Man”, on fire while he slept next to Chicago’s Trump Tower last week.

CWB Chicago reported Tuesday that Guardia was wanted by police for violating conditions of a bond agreement that released him back onto the streets despite being charged with felony crimes.

Guardia was charged with felony burglary and identity theft in March 2020 and released on his own recognizance on the same day. Roughly a week later, Guardia was charged in another burglary and was given a recognizance bond for the new charge by Judge Ramon Ocasio but was ordered to be held without bond for violating the conditions of his previous arrangement. 

In April of 2020, Judge Gregory Vazquez reversed the no-bail hold and allowed Guardia to be released for a $500 bail deposit. 

Guardia then failed to show up for a hearing in February of 2021 prompting Judge Ocasio to sign two arrest warrants but police were unable to locate him until he was arrested for allegedly lighting Kromelis on fire. 

Guardia was also previously convicted of felonies in 2018 related to a retail theft and robbery case.

Guardia is the 22nd person in Chicago this year to be accused of killing, shooting, or trying to shoot and kill another person while awaiting trial for a felony charge, according to CWB Chicago.

Kromelis was taken to the hospital and is in critical condition with burns on 65% of his body and doctors have expressed doubt he will survive the attack.

“But for a miracle, this will soon be a first-degree murder case,” Assistant State’s Attorney Danny Hanichak said. “It takes a special kind of evil to do what this defendant did.”

The Cook County State’s Attorney Office, led by Kim Foxx, declined to comment on “pending litigation” when contacted by Fox News Digital.

In Cook County, prosecutors present all available information to judges regarding the criminal history of offenders and judges make the final determination on bail conditions.

The Trump Tower attack comes as crime has been surging in Chicago in a trend that continued through the Memorial Day weekend. 

52 people were shot over the holiday weekend including ten people who were shot fatally, Fox 32 Chicago reported. The shootings represented the most violent Memorial Day holiday weekend in five years.

Original Article: Chicago man who set homeless man on fire at Trump tower was out on bail: report | Fox News

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  1. Well now that shows to go ya judges do not care about innocent people as they keep letting thes criminals loose to kill or maime more people.

  2. Betty Rickmond

    Maybe, if these Democrat cities cared enough and
    provided health care, lodging and monies for
    the homeless as they do for the illegals crossing
    the southern borders, each day; the homeless wouldn’t
    be victims for these crazy lunatics

  3. When the judges start being charged as an accessory to the crime they may start doing their jobs correctly!

  4. I just heard that the Mayor of San Francisco is looking to house homeless Transgenders. What an insult. What about homeless parents with children?? What about homeless Seniors?? What about homeless Veterans?? BUT NO,, lets house the scumbags Transgenders.

  5. I blame global warming.

  6. Patricia Benfield

    It’s an insult but on us all if he does that. They chose that style of living so why should we foot the bill. Just like the illegals we have to house. Why doesn’t Biden put them up in the big White House and support them him self. He created this crap so let him clean it up.

  7. Illegals are being treated far better than veterans and homeless families that are here legally. Thank you biden for trying to get more voters for your screwed up party.

  8. DEATH PENALTY for that pile of tattooed crap! THEN send him back in pieces to his home town, or let him duplicate his crime in the house of the one who set him free!

  9. Judges-fired and put in jail. Biden voters, your just as much to blame since this is the “Norm” and laws in affect to let criminals out before they’ve served their time citizens or illegals!! You all should pay for voting in such deprived evil POS and pay for your twisted ways of thinking.,

  10. Why has this repeat, repeat, repeat offender out on the streets. After being set free, set free, had bail set at $500, with the judges absolutely knowing man would be back, he had to “kill” an elderly man whose only crime was being homeless, he was back on the street. The judicial system in Chicago is a joke and the last judge should be unbenched, showing that judges aren’t gods.

  11. Vigilantism will return because of events like this. The police can’t seem to stop it and the judiciary has lost its mind so in the absence of law and order Vigilance Committees will soon be staging a comeback from the 19th-century Wild West days.

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