Man Shot Over Confederate Flag

It was only a matter of time before the media-driven kerfuffle over the Confederate flag led to violence, and now that time has come. In South Bend, Indiana, a 28-year-old man was shot Thursday when he got into a confrontation at a local convenience store. According to the South Bend Tribune, the incident took place around 6:30 in a predominantly black section of town. Witnesses say the man pulled into the store driving his white SUV which displayed the controversial flag. There, he got into a shouting match with a group of black men in the parking lot.

“I’ve never known him to use any racial slurs,” said one of the victim’s friends, Cally Baker. “Unless someone provoked him, I can’t imagine him just blurting out the N-word.”

Witnesses say he was provoked, however, leading to racial slurs on both sides of the encounter. At some point in the confrontation, one of the black men pulled a gun and shot him twice. The victim was found later a block east of the scene, bleeding but alive. He is currently resting at home and is expected to make a full recovery.

“The whole situation is kind of crazy,” said Baker. “I just don’t want it to become a huge racial thing.”

Well, it’s a white man shot by blacks, so there’s little danger of that. If the races had been reversed, this story would be on the front page of every newspaper in the country. Protestors would be back out on the streets. If a white man had shot a black man waving a Black Panthers flag, every pundit in America would have something to say about it. Hell, even with the story the way it is, it won’t take long for enterprising liberals to blame white racism for the violence.

Alas, this is what happens when the media ignites a firestorm over symbols that mean something dear to millions of Americans. They have done everything in their power to equate the Confederate flag with the Nazi swastika, and a great many people are buying into it hook, line, and sinker. They don’t understand that to southerners – and even a fair share of northerners – that flag represents something much bigger than slavery or racism or whatever else the elitists think. It represents freedom, solidarity, culture, and heroism. And the people who stand behind those concepts are not about to let the New York City establishment tell them that they are bad people.

So where does that leave us? It leaves us with a country divided ever further. This may be the first shooting in direct connection to the Confederate flag, but it probably won’t be the last. Racial tensions are higher than they’ve been in years, and eventually that anger is going to boil over.

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  1. Well, If you insist on driving around in a BLACK neighborhood, with a sign that says

    I think you can expect nothing less than violence.

    Let me throw out a guess.
    HE was a conservative.

    • Troll, what happened to that free speech thing you used to support?

      You are a frickin hypocrite.

    • you are a dumb asshole

      • O-gee, I had not noticed it was ‘realitycheck’ – now I understand the hatred towards Free Speech by someone besides itself. I do agree not a wise place for a white guy to be with a Confederate Flag even though he has every Right to be. I am from SB; would never do what he did.

        • It was stupid enough to be flying the flag to begin with in A BLACK NEIGHBORHOOD.

          but then to get into a screaming match with some black dudes, pull a
          machete and threaten the black dudes is pretty much evidence of the
          conservative being a complete moron.

          Witnesses say the white dude started the argument and pulled the knife.

          His girlfriend says he’s a hothead and has a hair trigger for anger.

          Maybe you conservatives should do some research instead of believing everything these conservative rags tell you

          • Of he was a Conservative as you continue to think he is. He would have pulled out a bigger better gun than the thugs had and it would have been a much bigger story.

          • He was probably a felon and couldn’t possess a weapon. That is why he had a machete.

            It would be good if he had had brains as well as a machete

          • Was the black’s weapon registered ?
            Were the numbers of black people necessary to dispute one individual ?
            Have you ever wondered why you condone the immature behavior of black punks unable to accept free speech, or freedom of expression ?

      • Was that your attempt an intellectual response?

        • You’ve posed no intellectual statements.
          The First Amendment doesn’t guarantee you have like what someone says, or what is advertised on their cars, clothing or other possessions, and it certainly doesn’t give anyone the right to gang up on another and stifle their rights.
          Now continue spouting your nonsense. The First guarantees you can, and I won’t shoot you.

    • You should be able to drive around in any neighbor in America. Get your head out of the sand and stop making excuses.

      • But you have to take your brains with you.

        In this case the conservative did not.

        It was stupid enough to be flying the flag to begin with in A BLACK NEUGHBORHOOD.

        but then to get into a screaming match with some black dudes, pull a machete and threaten the black dudes is pretty much evidence of the conservative being a complete moron.

        Witnesses say the white dude started the argument and pulled the knife.

        His girlfriend says he’s a hothead and has a hair trigger for anger.

        Maybe you conservatives should do some research instead of believing everything these conservative rags tell you

        • You’re taking the distraction hook, line, and sinker. This situation should not exist to begin with….and I’ll bet you it would never have happened if Obama had not been elected president to begin with.

          Look for the root cause of the incident, and don’t try to bandaid the effect. Until we identify the real problem, it can not be fixed. There are people actively trying to split America and turn us against each other. This also leads to the question why..a topic for another time!

          • The incident was a angry white guy threatening some black dudes with a machete after a heated argument over why he was displaying the Confederate flag.
            Get informed

          • Tell the punks to mind their own business and let them wear whatever colors they want !!

          • “would never have happened if Obama had not been elected president to begin with.”

            I’m going to bet that you are not going to try and explain that

          • …if you don’t have a clue by now, you never will.

          • Only one without a clue is the the moron who thinks this happened because Obama was elected

          • …like I said…

          • The real problem?

            Racist white folk

          • .sure it is…have some more coolaide, and do me a favor, go on vacation during the next election.

        • reality check, do you think the Brothers would say any thing Different?

    • The Confederate Flag does not mean you hate blacks. I am sick of hearing that ignorant statement. The Confederate flag means I am standing up for my rights. That flag was not bothering any one on his truck. Why is that the Black Panthers can fly a flag from a truck and no one is supposed to be offended or allowed to say anything but the same respect is not given for other’s rights? I’m tired of the one-sided liberal attitude. If he wants to fly the Confederate flag from his truck and you don’t like, don’t look at it. And it doesn’t take a big person to get angry and shoot someone over a flag. It is a small-minded action that proves you are not a man at all.

      • Yet another conservative who did zero research.

        Silly white guy drives into a black neighborhood with an attitude, gets the faces some black dudes, pulls a machete to show what a tough guy he is, and get shot for his ignorance.

        The guy sounds like a typical brain-dead conservative.

        • independent thinker

          From the article: “Witnesses say he was provoked, however, leading to racial slurs on both sides of the encounter. At some point in the confrontation, one of the black men pulled a gun and shot him twice.”
          Nothing about the victim starting anything or threatening anyone. If you have other information post a link and/or your source otherwise you lie.

          • Not from the Indiana newspaper article

            AN Independent thinker would go research things.
            We know you’re not an independent thinker, your a conservative drone it seems.

        • Do you know why he was in that neighborhood? No, you don’t. May be that he lives in the area or works near by. A typical liberal making assumptions about people because, of course, they have the crystal ball.

          • What part of research don’t you understand?

            Why don’t you go look it up in the Indian newspaper like I did.

            Search engines are really helpful especially to ignorant humans.

      • I’m to take a wild guess that you are not black.

        I think Trish look into what really happened in the Indiana newspaper, instead of relying this right wing propaganda website to inform you.

        so far you seem very ignorant of the facts in this case

        • What about “black” allows for poor behaviors that whites aren’t entitled to, especially where we’ve tolerated near two terms of Obongo the clown’s inanities??
          She asks good questions.
          They dislike the Confederate Flag. I dislike Malcom X.
          They consider assimilation into a peaceful society TOO WHITE.
          I dislike sagging and “EBONICS” !!
          I don’t condone white on blacks violence or vice versa nor do I condone poor immature behavior in defense of any political affiliation. Liberal or Conservative !!
          There is no debate you’re a liberal tool, defending the liberal fools.
          Sticks and Stones, as any other rational just reinforces your parties immature divisive nature.
          NUFF SAID !!

          • If you are paying attention John, to your police scanner, you would’ve heard that the white guy was belligerent towards the black dudes and in essence ignited the problem.

            Was Malcolm X a symbol of the Civil War? Or any war, or any event that has a negative impact on whites similar to slavery?

            Perhaps John is making a really stupid analogy, he is a conservative after all.

            There’s no debate that you are an ignorant conservative tool.

            Who yesterday was pretending he listen to the incident on a police scanner, but seems to be shy any of the facts presented in the police reports

          • Amateur, Shortwave Radio as well as police frequencies.
            I am in fact one state over and have monitored plenty of bands.
            I will leave it to the readers to determine at any number of links that a “FLAG” somehow accosted multiple black punks, justifying their shooting of Richard Dillman while he was attempting to flee their attack.
            No amount of your liberal bullshit will counter opposing opinion or even the South Bend Police Departments.
            LINKS including South Bend News ARE AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE !!

          • “LINKS including South Bend News ARE AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE !!”

            AND THOSE would be what I read that said the white dude started IT.

          • LOGICALLY, those armed black men who shot a white armed racist who incited a machete attack, would stick around to explain their story.
            I mean 3 black men being South Bend “regulars”, certainly wouldn’t have upset Captain Phil Trent of the South Bend Police department had they stuck around to explain their side of the story.
            But then again had they, YOUR STORY WOULDN’T HOLD WATER, ands the gun was probably stolen (most certainly not registered)
            Captain Trent had mentioned he heard at least “500 different accounts” for what had happened and witnesses have made claims both pro and con for what you believe.

    • Since when does a sign give someone a right to shoot and possibly kill someone?

      • Since never Kathy.

        The white dude decided to get the faces of the black dudes while displaying a Confederate flag.

        He pulled a knife on the black dudes got in their faces some more and got shot

        sounds like a typical brain-dead conservative.

        • Oh you were there, another liberal moron speaks.

          • I went and read the story in the Indiana newspaper.

            That makes me 1000% smarter than you conservatives who never research anything

          • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah I just can’t stop laughing

        • Oh and of course the “GANG” (read multiple people) of black cowards surrounding any white person over a PETTY SYMBOLIC flag would not have anything to do with that machete being used as a means of SELF DEFENSE !!!!!????
          ARE YOU REALLY THAT LIBERAL STUPID, or only when the story doesn’t meet yours or BARAK’s narrative ??

          • Are you really so stupid as I think the hothead white ass wipe didn’t have any thing to do with argument?

            Not according to the story in the Indiana newspaper.

            I’m guessing the ill-informed conservative didn’t bother to research this.

            He assumed the vomit written in this article is true.

            That would be why I am smarter than you.

            I do research. You vomit

          • I followed it over amateur radio “live” with police frequencies.
            My friend is a prepper and licensed. We follow these stories as they happen.
            I don’t care what partisan source you’ve acquired, or how many days late.

          • Oh yeah!
            I was sitting in a car in the parking lot, so….

            Give me a break.

            Three days into this and this is the first time you post “I heard it live over police frequencies”

            You think we’re that stupid?

            My info comes from the local newspaper.

            Your seems to come from your fantasies

          • I did the same in ’91 with Rodney King while on Navy leave , 2001 for the Twin Towers, and when Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the face somewhere around Christmas 2010.
            All while shooting pool, and getting drunk sitting at the same bar stool.
            I guess you had to be there.
            Stupid NO !! Partisan ignorant YES !!!
            Nothing’s better than “real time”. You can almost feel the disgust when an EMT or coroner shovels brains from the street, following a bad accident even were it 5 states over.

      • They are doing what the snake in the white house told them to do, encourage them to do.

    • Retarded Reality , you really need to reread the story and stop blaming the F’king victim , let me guess …you’re a libtard …… so I know you don’t know , well , actually anything …… what do you think would happen if the Black Power flag , which by the way is Racist as is LaRaza was flown through a White neighborhood …… Chember’s would be telling a different story , but being a drug addled figment , he probably wouldn’t say anything …… so you would be left mumbling to yourself about it ……

      • I did read the story that’s why I know that the ass wipe with the Confederate flag cause the problem.

        Witnesses claim the white dude got out of his vehicle and started harassing the Blacks in front of the store.
        The story also states the white dude has a hair trigger temper and no brains.

        Based on your post you didn’t read anything about this incident.

        You just felt the need to vomit on the thread.

        • independent thinker

          “Witnesses claim the white dude got out of his vehicle and started harassing the Blacks in front of the store.”
          “The story also states the white dude has a hair trigger temper and no brains.”
          Where in this article does it say that?

          • IF YOU READ IT, it states quite clearly that their information comes from an Indiana newspaper.

            Those of us that really are independent thinkers then go and look it up IN THE REAL NEWSPAPER, and learn the real facts.

            An independent thinker would know by now that right wing websites lie most of the time or leave out little bits of information that change the story 180ยฐ.

            I posted links to the stories two or three posts up

    • With all due respect, I see blacks driving around in their pimped out drug mobiles all the time, but I’ve yet to get out and shoot one. Get real.

    • Your reality check has bounced long ago, lieberal idiot.

    • Maybe you should actually reference the article you are quoting from instead of just writing something you probably found on the blog of someone that has no idea what is going on. By the way the article was about something that happened in Indiana not North Dakota.

    • I’ll bet the black shooters opted for Obama’s tougher gun control as well.
      This is sarcasm, if you’re too stupid a LIBERAL to understand.

    • What total BS you spew, like all liberals fools.

    • If he was a flaming homo, with rainbow flags your comment would be all about killing the Second Amendment.

    • Do you really have to be conservative to question a gang related attack, or for that matter the rationale behind most of the Obama administrations actions??
      What happened to just being a concerned American citizen???

  2. Does “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” come to mind?

    I am sure those poor guys were scared to death of that flag and those nasty words, sucks bad words hurt your ears….. I’ll bet they were so scared that they used some of their own four letter words, and had no choice but to pull out their gun and put a couple of holes in the whitey racist…

  3. Hey you Black Racist PUkes, WHITE LIVES MATTER. You shot a man over a Piece of Cloth with a STUPID DESIGN on it. You showed us, huh! Guess again! Your actions were those of THUGS and flat out LOSERS! Gutless Cowards. Did I mention, you showed your RACIST Tendency

    • Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr.

      They want a racist war, plain and simple, so they can that is president Obama can declare martial law. With that he can do just about anything he wants. He can come and confiscate not only your guns, but anything else he deems a threat.

      • Only if he wins the civil war that will ensue. That is a slight possibility but only a slight one. It may take years, but this country will never be conquered by the likes of this POS. We will win !!!!

      • Not even a threat “anything he wants”

      • Martial law? No way would that work so hope the coffin makers have a lot on hand when O and his ilk find out they ain’t winning!

    • armydadtexas , RIGHT ON!!!! YOU ARE RIGHT ON!!!!

  4. Thanks again Obama, Holder, and party

  5. It’s already a racial thing everything is Thanks Obama,, Guys who did it will probably get off and still have there guns

    • Probably an illegal gun at that.

      • That would have been my response, if I hadn’t read yours first. Except for the ‘probably’.

        • Sorry about that, I meant “definitely”. ๐Ÿ™‚
          Betcha he didn’t get arrested for it either. He got the gun without a Black Ground check for it too.

          • Almost bet money that it was part of Erich Holders “Fast and Furious” scam. Send the
            guns to Mexico first and let them bring them back in to sell to criminals.

          • That would not surprise me in the least. They’re arming them up for a race war and blacks are falling for it.

          • None of them realize that there will be an awful lot of all races killed, just as Obama wants. He is against all Americans and not just blacks. He wants us all to fight and kill each other so if we band together and leave our differences elsewhere and fight the government. That is who is making all these problems (Obama) Then we couldn’t be stopped. We just have to put race aside just as in the military and fight with each other.

          • I agree, he wants to create a situation for an excuse to call for martial law.
            Control the people and make them subservient to government.

          • I don’t think he is that stupid, but he is stupid enough to think that he is well liked.
            So what, that is where it is headed right now.

          • They’ve got 6000 volunteers in Counter Jade Helm to watch the bastids starting next week.

          • The Military publishes a manual Called, Domestic Insurgency.
            there were 2 number there that I found surprising and interesting.
            1. The defending force, needs a 6 or 8 to 1, numerical superiority to be successful.
            If only 10 million of the opposition were armed, the defenders would need roughly 60 to 80 million ground combat troops. Currently the total US military number around 500k

            2. 74 % of the US military are from Red states

          • Yeah, we’d wipe the floor with them except for their heavy equipment. And you know the chicken sheets would bring it all into play. It would have to be handled as a guerilla movement

          • Yep,don’t make the mistake of thinking that what they did in Iraq or what they are doing in Afghanistan is represenative of their capabilities.
            Bush and Obama both should be charged, their ruled of engagement cost a lot of our troops, their life.
            Against another organized military, they are awesome, probably the most efficient and deadly military in the history of the planet.
            Asking them to fight with and fire on the people that they grew up with is just plain stupid.
            I have 2 sons who are both junior marine officers
            They would be at home, with in 2 hours off the order to fire on other Americans

          • Except how would they get home without military transport or authorization to leave their duty station?

          • That I suppose is why God made feet! ๐Ÿ™‚

          • You weren’t in the Corps, were you?

          • 42 years ago ๐Ÿ™‚ Semper Fi

          • Okay Semper Fi, 51 for me, be a great way to go, wouldn’t it?

          • Yes it would

          • I suspect they would also poison the drinking water.

          • They’ve been doing that for decades with fluoride and Chlorine.
            Not to mention poisoning the air with Chem (trails) Spraying.

          • You got that right!
            I only use bottled water for drinking and coffee.
            Better same than sorry.

          • Couldn’t find it but I did download the Counter Insurgency Manual.
            It’s definitely adaptable for domestic use.

          • Read through it, It’s an interesting manual

          • Yeah, I started but go sleepy. Lol

          • Lot of people concerned about Obama and martial law, even Obama isn’t stupid enough to try to get away with it.

          • When he does it it won’t be stupidity it will be arrogance.

          • So you’re saying that with a 500k member military citizens would need 4M to stand against them?

          • The military itself need a 6 or 8 to one numerical superiority to be successful.
            All military bases would have be defended by a force sufficient to defend against the entire insurgent force.
            The insurgent force has the option of attacking anywhere with a small number or a large number there have to be sufficient defenders at every base to defend it. During the 20’s the Marine Corps was engaged in what is know as the Banana wars, there 12, 000 marine s and a large number of civilians commanded by Marines trying to stop a couple of Thousand insurgents
            You have much the same thing going on in Afghanistan, right now
            At this point there are roughly100 million armed people in the civilian populace of the USA, no idea of what the turnout would be but even 1 million would be a force to reckon with.
            The liberal side sees this a something that they would sit on the sidelines and watch.
            I don’t think so.
            I still remember a little old lady in Vietnam, selling us cookies with ground glass in them

          • How long were you in nam?
            I went in just as the boys were coming home so I never saw combat.
            Thank you very much for your service.

          • I was there 22 months all told, I left the lash up at Cuba 21 days there waiting to see if we were going in after the Russian nukes, went almost directly from there to Camp Baker on Okie
            The settled us in then starteded sending us into Nam in 30 man units, nothing there at that time except some wing wipers, we would do 45 days there back to okie for a week them back to Nam.
            We did the goofy stuff, chased Charlies tax collectors, carried Payroll into the mountains for the Hmongs, some long range patrols into N Viet Nam

      • independent thinker

        The gun itself was most probably not illegal however its possession by the shooter was almost guaranteed to be illegal.

      • But de po boy don reed so I not kno it de legal.

      • More like a stolen gun…

      • Where’s the Justice Department, the FBI, not-to-sharpton? Oops, right, the victim is the wrong color!

    • Obie will probably invite them to our WH for a beer in celebration.

    • Yes, because they are Obamas friends.

    • And that Empty Suit currently occupying the Oval Office had the audacity to claim racial conditions had improved since came into office. What a lying, cop-hating, narcissistic, polarizing, incompetent, fool! Maybe the black thug looked like him, a la Treyvon Martin; maybe he should send his flunky, now former AG Holden, a la “I’m one of you”, in Ferguson” to investigate.

      Oh Wait! My error! He should his send his Civil Rights advisor, buddy and fellow racist Sharpton.

      • Wow, you nailed the Marxist fool!

        • Yes, your racist remarks and other racist remarks says that White racism and hatred is at its highest level since the confederate army got their butts kicked. The white bigots hatred is at such a high level, that when ISIS invade the USA, I will be confuse as to who I should fight against. As-Salฤmu `Alaykum

          • It’s only Wed and your hitting the sauce this already?

            You really need to be more articulate in your responses and try be sure your replying to the correct person. Just some friendly advice.

            In response to your remarks, have you noticed that the WH is loaded with flaming racist from the Obamas too, holder, loretta lynn, Al Sharpton, et al.? Perhaps your a liberal who can only see white racism. too bad, your helping yourself to become a victim. If what you say is true about the rise of racism in America, I think the polls bear you out and no wonder. Are you surprised? That rise is at he doorstep of liberals, Obama and his sick twisted ilk. Does your bs racism detector only work with certain colors? Just curios.
            Get a life for God’s sake.

          • Wake up while you still can…

  6. It’s a sad racist state of affairs in the US today… all because of the Muslim Marxist racist in the White House and his thugs – Holder, Sharpton, Lynch and JJ… Oblamer has polarized this nation just like Saul Alinsky said to do in his book “Rules For Radicals.” It’s totally pathetic that Oblamer has not one ounce of love for America!

    • What’s sad is that there are morons like you that post this crap on the Internet.

      I’ll bet big money that you are afraid to prove it.
      Well can’t actually.
      nothing but a PARROT of right-wing talking points totally void of facts

      • Reality toilet paper for the occupier of the White House and your masters TROLL

      • Cloward / Piven strategy look it up. Its happening. The proof is there for it to be seen except those who choose to not see it, like your liberal friends. Best of luck with that!

      • then that makes you a PARROT for left wing, right?

      • Shoving the daily news in your face is pointless unless it promotes LIBERAL tyranny !!

      • Crawl back in obumass’s butt hole where you crawled out of.

      • Just another useless piece of crap writing for Odummer and his ilk

        • Just another factless conservative desperate to see their words on the page.

          • Well, it’s cheaper than a penile implant.

          • One of yours I imagine?

            Sounds like you, makes about as much sense as well. So, I guess that would make you a feckless liberal troll, Correct? Thought s so.

          • As if you even know what you are saying ? I think not !

          • Well Nikki let’s examine the situation.

            The above moron posted that we have a Muslim Marxist in the White House.

            Now we have plenty of evidence that Obama has killed off dozens of top Muslim leaders including Osama, tens of thousands of ISIL fighters, and has a bounty on his head from Muslim groups.

            Apparently they don’t think he’s a Muslim.
            I guess they haven’t been let in on the grand conspiracy theory, about how Obama is making the US a Muslim paradise.

            Then as for the moron statement about Marxist.
            I guess that fool, along with you no doubt, are unaware that half of Obama’s cabinet are directly from Wall Street, and big business.

            I was unaware that Wall Street was a secret hiding place for Marxist individuals.

          • Seriously get a realty check ! If you love Obama so much then why don’t you like all good socialist & communist do just move to Cuba.

          • Was that Nikki proving that something is said was wrong?

            Ah NO

          • Every one already knows you are full of shit so why bother !

          • If I had a dollar for every time one of you low information conservatives used that excuse.

            Face it Nikki, you got nothing.
            That’s why you’re not responding, because you’re a clueless conservative

          • Why should I waste my time with another Liberal loser like yourself ?

        • And it looks like he’s proud that he backs these Ghetto Rats! Take a gander and chubacka. Aren’t we as Americans?

      • I think you meant leftist? If not, then you have a huge problem as well.

      • Reality,
        I am going to stick my neck out and support what you are saying, sort of. Pegasus cannot prove what he has posted. Neither could many of those who have posted here so far. Name calling and supposed accusations are not what we need posted here. What we need are facts. I think Obama has set a bad precedent over attending services of black killed but nothing for any other race. There simply have been too many people killed. If he dwelt on Chicago alone he would get little else done. But he has not kept up with those deaths either and most were black people. I do laud some of his effort to calm the waters but most have failed. I do see him as soft on Muslims. But he is ware that dealing with them and condemning them only makes them madder. He does not want any part of them and neither do I. The wars in the Middle East have all been failures. He did not start them.
        I do not wish to sound like I am defending his whole policy because I do not. He is mostly a failure on immigration and domestic issues. He has done little to improve the middle class but that is because the middle class has become a different body of people in this country. But the GOP has not funded immigration as it should have done nor has it put forth a new piece of legislation to fix the problems that really do exist.
        I am fed up with the GOP being “againers” and not proactive in working on legislation to fix problems that we have. I am also fed up with the liberals for trying to make government the great cure for all human issues. Government cannot solve problems. Only people can by making changes themselves. attitudes have to change but are not.

        • Well thanks Jerry.

          This “Obama’s destroying the country” rhetoric is getting really old, and considering the US economy is hands-down better than any other economy in the G 20, I think this is crazy.

          The Senate passed the bipartisan immigration bill over a year ago, that would’ve passed the house easily, but then the GOP would have no issue to rile up voters.

          Illegals are good for three things for the GOP and their corporate masters, help to depress wages, add to the cheap labor work force and a voting issue.

          I think if we were to look into the whole funeral aspect you would find that it’s also distorted.

          Take that article from a couple days ago where Obama is seeking a third term.
          Unfiltered patriot I think
          If you actually read the speech that he gave in Africa IT WAS ABOUT JUST THE OPPOSITE.

          Obama was chastising African leaders for NOT stepping down when the time is up.


          You really shouldn’t be supporting this kind of brainwashing, you should be standing up against it for the sake of the country.

          • Reaity,
            While I am fed up with the crap on the media including some GOP stuff, I am not going to shift to the left. I am dealing right now with Constitutional issues. I do not see any candidate in either party that I can support yet because everyone seems to be stuck in the finger pointing mode. Maybe closer to the election I will see a cleared picture but not at present.

          • Bernie is your man.
            voted against the first Iraq war
            voted against the second Iraq war
            voted against the patriot act
            voted against NAFTA and all other trade pacts

            has taken NOT ONE DIME from corporations or big donors.
            and has over a million volunteers.

            take Ted Cruz. taken in $37 million.

            35 million of it from THREE GUYS

            Ben Carson bragged he had the most individual contributors at 150,000

            Bernie has 250,000 individual contributors.

          • Reality,
            I am watching his candidacy also.

          • he is very different than any other politician.

          • Yes a damned Communist !

          • You are not very well informed are you Nikki?

            Bernie Sanders is a democratic socialist as is America.

            Social Security is democratic socialism.
            Medicare, democratic socialism.
            Unemployment insurance, democratic socialism.

            The post office, democratic socialism.

            The public highway system, democratic socialism.

            In the last two, not very well informed conservative, are in the Constitution

          • Socialist is nothing more than a cover for being a communist. Since you think of yourself as one why don’t you move to Cuba I am sure you will like the country & weather more.

          • He is a damned Communist !

          • Niki,
            I said I was watching his candidacy. I have made no choices yet on who I will vote for but it will NOT be a Democrat. I am aware of some of his past stances.

          • Who really cares ! You are so void of any intelligence !

          • Like you ? Yeah sure ! Then we would all be Communist.

        • Just another mindless Liberal is what you are ! Why don’t you just move to Cuba ?

          • NIki,
            Maybe you do not know what a conservative is. I figured some of the far right would make such an accusation but I can think for myself. At times I find the far right as much full of crap as I do liberals but not nearly as much so. If you had read many of my posts you would find that gnerally I am on our side.

          • Just putting it bluntly ! Why in the hell don’t you try to talk like a conservative & stop cow tailing by talking out of both sides of your mouth ?

          • Niki,
            Simply put, I am conservative but not blind. I think for myself. I try to look at both side of an issue. I am not a party hard liner. In a sense I am independent. I am currently being very strict on the interpretation of the Constitution. I believe both side of come issues are getting in the way of what we as a country stand for. If we are going to stand up for the Constitution that means all of it and not be doing things that are not in that document. We can’t be crying freedom on one hand and depriving it on another.

          • A wolf in sheep’s clothing is but what you are !

          • Niki,
            I am between a rock and a hard spot. I am between the left and right when it comes to freedom and choice. As a strict follower of the Constitution I am for freedom. As a Christian I am for choice. The two go together. You cannot badmouth the left and then advocate laws that deny freedom/choice to others. If you do, they have the same right to do the same to you. That is especially true of the homosexual situation. They were denied rights for a very long time and now they want to put Christians in their old boat. No thanks.

          • No you are a hypocrite is what you are !

          • Niki,
            If you are that narrow minded our conversation is over. Light4en up of pick on someone else.

          • Sorry but the shoe fits you.

      • Really ! Get a life ! Just liberal nonsense.

    • You are right. And, officials from Washington went to the site(s) and attended the funerals of Trayvon, Martin and the black people who died in Ferguson, Baltimore, etc. No one has even contacted by telephone the parents of the white woman, Kate Steinle, who was shot on the pier in San Francisco while walking with her father. This is shameful behavior for a President and his administration. Obama obviously hates white people and protects Muslims and black thugs…he was raised to be that way and has surrounded himself with people who perpetuate that hate in him.
      And, you will notice that no one has burned San Francisco businesses down, attacked anyone in authority nor violently protested her death in California, even though it is clear the shooter should not have been in our country, having been deported 5 times and previously convicted as a felon.
      What is it in the “black” culture that tells these people that it is okay to burn down businesses, throw bricks at police, destroy police cars and literally shut down part of a city? No other race does this. Not the Hispanics, Asians or any other culture behaves this way. Is this how they are raised in their mostly fatherless homes? This POTUS has set out to start a race war in our country. I can’t wait ’til he is out of office. Maybe Africa will keep him. I had hopes for a black president to rise to the occasion and make the nation better. He has proved me wrong. Shame on him!

      • You can take “blacks” out of the jungles, but you can’t take the jungle out of them. Typical behavior from them.

        • your words speak for themselves. you have revealed yourself to be the problem… not the solution.

          • Ya, instead of saying the word “jungle” he should have used Chicago West Side ghetto rat I suppose. More accurate description of him and his entire family and many of his supporters.

          • Well… I guess that is a step in the right direction. What would you call the white guy?

          • I’m assuming using the word jungle would imply black but the word ghetto rat could apply to anyone of any color. It’s actually a matter of attitude rather than color.

          • I’ve always said the N-word applies to the attitude, not a color, while jungle conjures up images of SE Asia, not the veldt.

          • But when transmitting language (words) it matters just as much how a term is received as is transmitted. Jungle, for example, means secondary growth of tropical rainforest… (Its my job to know that word) … So for me conjures no particular region.

          • Attitude? I would agree. There are people I wouldn’t use that word to describe them but on the other hand I can think of a number of people I have applied it to. And your right, it was their attitude. Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackass Jr, Eric the racist Holder, come to mind. And I believe the N-word would profoundly apply to them.

          • I’ve used the “N” word for white trailer trash too. It has nothing to do with color, but education

          • I really thought about it and while I’ve been exposed to people that would fit into that category, I never though of equating that word with them. I’ll have to give it a try. I suspect they will look at me like I’m crazy. I know that I have called them dirt-bags, and A-holes and they seemed alright with that.:)

          • You don’t know just how right you are!!! We “used” to have a book (dictionary) that was handed down from my wife’s grandmother, possibly her great grandmother (?). We are in our 60’s so that would put the book well into the 150 or so years old! It was falling apart at the seams, pages falling out, etc.
            In it , it gave the definition of the “N” word as ANY low life, good for nothing, lazy, despicable person with “ABSOLUTELY NO MENTION OF RACE OR COLOR”! Therefore it could apply to Black, White or ANY other color or ethnic background!!
            Now a days most all definitions state a person of Nigerian descent, a racial slur applied to Blacks etal. I prefer the 150 or so year old definition!
            Henceforth your white trailer trash definitely applies!! Unfortunately it applies to quite a few Blacks as well as whites!! I try to judge NOT by skin color BUT by actions/ deeds!
            If ones actions fit the old, old definition, well then “here’s your sign” as Bill Engval (the guy from the Blue Collar Comedy Tour) would say!!! Wear it proudly because you ARE one! If you don’t like it, being labeled as a “N”, then “CHANGE YOUR WAYS”!
            There are many fine Black folks out there, yet the Black “N”‘s call them “Uncle Toms! Why?? Because they bettered themselves and DIDN’T sit on their asses and DEMAND handouts?? Same goes for the White “N”‘s!

          • Understood. Surely some would object but that equality of condemnation fits the situation it seems.

          • We need to forget this political correctness crap. It has been paralyzing this country. We just need to start collectively saying as Americans, “Enough is enough already” We need to start calling a spade a spade. By the way, those folks who are easily offended, that phrase is thousands of years old and has nothing to do with race but that’s how overly sensitive as a society we’ve become. Unfortunately, it is to our detriment.

          • White trash I suppose.

          • NICE !!!!

          • Thanks John ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Yea I’m from the North but pride and “ass”ets like that……..
            I’d display it proudly.

          • And people want to ban the flag!

          • PayTheMan: What, specifically, are YOUR solutions? As the old saying goes: “If you aren’t part of the solution, then you are part of the problem,” and that is what you have revealed yourself to be. -I too am part of the problem because I have no solutions for problems that alter themselves to fit any/every situation.

          • Not so hard given the level of discussion around these parts. How about a deeper understanding that these were two groups of thugs interacting like children and not put all the nasty blame on those the pulled the trigger. If the roles were reversed… The white guys in their neighborhood would have shot the lone black guy. So… That would be for starters.

          • to PayTheMan… Thank you for your reply to Catman. It’s people like Catman that help create the problems of this country.

          • I let so much fly… But that needed to be called out.

          • Duly noted and done!

      • Yeah, I remember him making the comment, “if i had a son, he would be like trayvon”. Yep, DC was represented at the trayvon, brown, & gray funerals, but not one representative attended Chris Kyle’s funeral.

        • Does that really surprise you? I would have been a lot more surprised if anyone from DC had even so much as admitted that Chris had ever existed.

        • We must be fair now. That statement was made before they found breaking and entering tools in Trayvon’s backpack.

        • Obama and his Muslim Brotherhood buds in the White house hate whites, military and American way of life.. And yet some people are so totally stupid they still think the MULATTO (NOT BLACK) is GOD. He was put in place (read up on communist party and moles) to destroy us from within. It was a Russian president, Krushive who said that was how they would destroy us years ago.

          • Actually The ONE TRUE GOD put him in the WH as part of the judgement on this wicked Nation. Get used to it.

          • This Wicked Nation? The ONLY thing WICKED about this whole country, is the Left.
            The US of America is the greatest country this world has ever seen and will ever see UNTIL we choose to let the LEFT in and then it ALL goes down hill.
            Hippies are the worst disaster of this country and they should have been wiped out in the 60’s and 70’s. A bunch of dope smoking worthless pieces of crap and they have only made it worse.

          • Fifty-five million abortions, decriminalizing drugs. legalizing sodomite marriage and state sanctioned gambling to raise revenue. Now tell how this Nation is not wicked when even good people sit by and never challenge these things. America is under the judgement of GOD whether you admit it or not.

          • from the day white man first set foot on what is now America he began to slaughter and steal- the native americans lost their whole world. corralled the survivors and promised food- meanwhile the government made a law to stop killing the buffalo–but secretly provided free ammunition and the knob to go ahead and eradicate every buff on the continent.
            evil godless white men built America- and you are correct- God will destroy the diseased population with it’s sodomy and corporate greed.
            and very soon we hope.

          • The Indians were more brutal toward each other than the White man ever was.

          • OMG ignorance is bliss

          • I guess you would know.

          • OMG & you are full of it !

          • That is the kind of rant I would expected from a Neanderthal like yourself. You are right about the sodomy but your interpretation of our arrival on this land needs a lot of work!

          • white should and will pay dearly for the intrusion and destruction of the Indian Nation. Along with all the other atrocities white America have perpetrated on it’s own people and those all over the world. That time is near.
            Neanderthals, as you describe us will rule the world once again.
            And, setting things right is going to be very enjoyable to see and do.

          • Bo, God does not hold anyone accountable for sins of their forefathers. We are accountable for the sins we partake of or we support. If you support same sex or abortion, then you will be judged for those atrocities. The people who did harm to one another in the past will be held accountable for their actions, and not their children, or future generations.

          • wrong. the bible describes when and how to who’s children many times.

          • Since you probably received an education under liberals, that would explain your inability to understand the English language, thus the Bible. God does not hold any of us accountable for the sins of of fathers, but if we are taught to hate God, and live by that code, then we are as guilty of our sins as those who taught us to be that way. It clearly states that if we love God and obey His laws, then we shall live. Try reading the whole Word, and not just what you want to fit your agenda. God like the rest of us does not like cherry pickers.

          • define original sin. it doesn’t sound like this “God does not hold any of us accountable for the sins of of fathers”
            ludicrous prattling- but you seem to enjoy it

          • I never said original sin. However, satan did rebel against God in the first earth age, coveting the position that God fulfills. If you want to be held accountable for the sins of your father, then do what your father did. God tells us that we are all accountable for our own sins, and if we accept the sins of others, then we are accountable for those sins as well. I do not accept the sins of my children, or of my parents. I will be judged for my own sins, that I do not repent of. And I do repent every day, so I am covered up to the point of hours.

          • no, pompous crackers are going down. from current sloth and vile corruption to all those in history back

          • You are not God, and therefore what happens to our ancestors is out of your hands. Only He gets to Judge our sins and whether we are still stained. The blood of Christ covers those of us who repented and trust in His redemption for us.

            As for your intent to do harm to those who are still living. You cannot have salvation in the flesh if you commit murder. And just having murder in your heart is the same as committing the sin. It would be wise for you to ask God to help you in this turmoil you have created for yourself, and would hope you do not influence others to be denied eternity.

          • “what happens to our ancestors ” you mean in their afterlife? cart is before the horse or what?
            and ” You cannot have salvation ” it isn’t salvation millions of people in America are looking for.
            it’s payback for being the have nots.
            “help you in this turmoil you have created for yourself” created yourself? kid, you must have spent
            most of your life somewhere else. Uranus perhaps?
            this rat farm is gonna blow sky high dorie n. when the millions feeding on welfare don’t get fed-
            when those who have worked all their lives loose everything they have worked for-
            roving bands of murderous looters will cruise the nation, killing for food, and in many cases
            killing for sport.
            God will be watching. But the killing will be done non the less.

          • Bo I predict that you will be one of the first to bear Gods wrath if a race war does occur. if you dare to come near me it most certainly will be the end of you.

          • Those who have not are where they are because they did not make an effort in school, they had lousy parents who let them run wild, and because they chose to support a party that has kept the majority of people down, in order to keep getting elected. You do not get ahead by killing the goose that lays the golden egg. How would these people manage to feed themselves let alone protect themselves from the enemies of this country? You see, those whom you hate are those who willingly put their lives on the line in the militaxry to afford you the opportunity to live free. There can be no freedom in a country that is consumed with murder and jealousy of those who worked for what they have. What you need to do is get an education and start making goals that are reachable. And do not blame others for your failures.

          • preaching? if so, it’s too convoluted to make a point. sorry

          • Dorie you are wasting your time with Bo ! He is doomed to hell for sure.

          • you have spent a lot of time on Bo- and it was a waste of time- you’ll NEVER climb on the redbone

          • Bo only little boys speak about what they wish they could do but just can’t seem to get there.

          • God must have accidentally shorted you when it came to intelligence. You are just another one of those dumb NIGGERS !

          • Bo you can not even write a sentence correctly ! Just who do you think would believe you & your Black Racist Ranting ? Go back on the plantation where all of you people belong.

          • Bo you cease to amaze me with your bending of the facts when it comes to history & the bible. You can’t possibly be so dumb ? But most likely you are just like your ancestors were.

          • Bo sounds like you want a race war ? Go ahead & start it !
            Blacks only represent 13 % of the population. Dumb ! Really Dumb ! Go back to Africa where you belong with all the other illiterate jungle bunnies. You people make me sick !

          • Bo you are not a Black but just another DUMB NIGGER !

          • actually Bo is a dumb native American. Lakota/Pawnee to be exact. and the race war already exists. where have you been? Uranus perhaps?

          • LMAO ! Why do you blacks want to pretend to be something else ? You want a race war Nigger ? Then just come to my house & I’ll show you a race war.

          • what’s the street address. always proud to educate imbecilic people of the ways our elders have taught.

          • Give me your email address & I will send it to you. But you won’t show because your kind are cowards unless you have a gang behind you.

          • no working email address. no gang either. it’s called a Tribe. Bo is between Sharps Corner and Porcupine on Pine Ridge reservation.

          • Coward ! You speak with forked tongue ! What makes you think that I would be so naive as to venture to your reservation ? LMAO some brave Indian you are !

          • refusing to post your location indicates that you are weak and of low moral fiber. Also to have gone o many years to a school and still be ignorant and barely literate is sad. Probably a Christian school of some kind. The initial whois search shows your location to be a very small town in Indiana called Guillford. Being Indiana there is a distinct possibility that you are inbred with your own families bloodline. This is not far if it is correct, be a man for the first time in your peanut head life and acknowledge where you could be found and educated by a master of humanity. Or, as is suspected- spout about wanting war but tuck the empty sack between your legs and run home to the wife (who is the one who works and pays the bills).
            Be a man just one time- It feels good. I know.

          • I’m a woman stupid ! I did not refuse to give you my address ! I ask for your email address & like the coward that you are you refused ! Just stay in the ghetto where you belong with all of the other losers. You people make me sick !

          • first, you write come to my house. then, give me your email address. all it is with women is the fantasy. more white women voted for Obama than all the blacks combined. your kind has fantasies about a greasy ebony snake. And, you though I might be emailing or coming to your house not for a war but for a romp of climbing on the LD!. But there is no greasy snake here. A redbone instead.
            Women should never have been given the right to vote. All are idiots. so easily tricked and misled into believing there can be a utopian world with wonderful masturbatory fantasies.
            That is all a woman’s life is- a fantasy world of pretending and blaming others for what Is their own failure, stupidity or shortcoming.
            You are truly representative of your disgusting breed though. a perfect stereotype of an American white women.
            I do like your testy side though marlene ๐Ÿ™‚


          • you’re not a woman stupid- a stupid women istead

          • Bo just go back to the ghetto where you belong. You are useless cow dung.

          • whatever, marlene

          • Duh ! I’m Niki not Marlene cow dung !

          • everything else has been lies and convoluted whining. that too is probably a lie. more like a peanut head white man mid thirties- still a hopeless dreamer who think he knows more than his elders.
            seen ’em many times- they die alone. sad and pathetic.

          • You are so pathetic ! You choose to attack me by accusing me of being a man. Is this truly the best you can do Neanderthal man?

          • so having me over for tea is off?

          • Most definitely ! You would dirty my house.

          • your section 8 house of course. nothing dirtier than a house full of white trash.

          • Exactly ! Black trash such as you are filthy & I would not want for you to trash my house up with your presence.

          • when you thought Bo was black you invited Bo to your house and wanted Bo’s email address. Now that you know Bo is something on a plane you will never be able to reach you diss the Bo. understandable- perhaps someday you will get that greasy ebony snake but for sure the Redbone is something you will NEVER be worthy of holding.
            for now- try to be happy with your dinkydoo white trash.

          • Bo if you have to brag about it then you are really not toting much.

          • no brag, just fact.

          • Bo you need to lay off the fire water some.

          • love fire water! you need to clean up that nasty property Roberts. it looks rancid

          • Bo you truly are just another dumb Indian ! My name is not Roberts & neither is it Marlene.

          • lies ALL LIES! Welfare can’t make you intelligent. It only makes you lazy and obese. the Kiki is living proof. keep pumping out those little skidmarks. grab the cash from those food stamps.
            for some, it’s the only talent they will ever possess.
            Try to be content with that. If you can’t a sentence with the words my, bullet and brain in it will describe an easy way to become content.

          • When you learn how to spell & put together a sentence only then can you communicate with me. Also you live on a reservation not me !

          • stipulations and rules and regs. you must be pro big government. we all live on earth kid.

          • You are the kid not me. Try taking grammar 101 again

          • infant!

          • Bo the infant is none other than you ! You have not developed mentally yet.

          • We are all sinners. The big difference is that we can be forgiven in the flesh, as long as we have not supported the murder of innocent life. That includes voting for any democrat, because the democrats have as their platform, the support for murdering the souls who have not yet fully formed.

          • You are disgusting you faceless piece of SHIT!

          • Right back at you fool.

          • Who are you referring to ?

          • I was referring to a comment johnnywoods made but I think he removed it because I dont see it here now.

          • What was his comment ?

          • I dont remember but it was probably something very un Amrican otherwise I would not have written and posted my comment. NRN ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Good for you for voicing your opinion.

          • NO, white women voters dreaming of a 10 inch ld put oboner in

          • Whatever you think but the Bible says otherwise. We get the government we deserve.

          • the bible speaks of the 2012 election? missed that verse

          • The Bible speaks of the nature and sinfulness of man. We in America are proving the Bible to be true whether you can see that or not. He is judging us now and it will get worse.

          • got that right woody-a lot worse

          • Much much worse Bo ! Let me know how you like it when you split hell into.

          • Look Bo at what kind of government you are living under because of the 2012 elections. Blacks have the highest unemployment rate since the Great Depression because of Obama’s policies. Get over it loser !

          • Bo trust me your’s is most likely more like 3 inches !

          • Finally a correct answer!!

          • It could likely be the case. What better way to punish us than to illustrate his disgust for queers by allowing this queer pair, Barry and his boyfriend Michael. We have our first admitted queer president and the first queen of the US. Using this illustration, he has shown the insidious, unholy makeup of a relationship of two men. Everything he has touched has turned to shit and we can’t do a thing about it, especially if we are white.
            His supporters will scream that it isn’t true; just search “Is Michael Obama a queer”. The proof is irrefutable. And, YES, we are being punished.

        • Recently he upped the ante by saying “Twenty five years ago I could’ve BEEN Trayvon!”

        • Obama was just telling the truth. If he had a son he would be just like trayvon, a thug.

        • Or Katie Steinle’s for that matter.

        • Obama only cares about the parasite welfare sucking scum who feed off honest hard working people. Probably because he can’t comprehend a job, morals and ethics.

        • It was because she is a CRACKER ! What do you expect of Obama ?


        • OH NO!!!! I did NOT vote for him – I didn’t think he had the background and experience for the job. But, when he was elected, I had hoped he would be honorable. I was wrong. Wish he would stay in Africa!
          Let’s hope we get a good one this time! However, I do fear the “uninformed” voter who will vote a straight ticket without thinking or researching. God help us!

          • There was nothing whatsoever in his background that would suggest he would be anything but what he is; a Marxist, Muslim, homosexual, snarky a-hole who is known to hangout with terrorist, thieves, and low-lives! ๐Ÿ™‚ Sorry but we need to start calling a spade a spade!

          • Lawrence Passmore

            been doing that from day
            one (1)

          • Good for you Lawrence!:)

          • You forgot “Pathological Liar”, just like Hillary & most other Communist Democrats.

          • Yep, how could I have forgotten that?

      • It’s all his fault. He’s a Homosexual, Marxist, homosexual a-hole living with a transgender gorilla and two children who’s parents are unknown!

      • @3ronald1 – With a knowing wink to what you intended, I’d note that not one of the “officials from Washington” were from Washington State. All, however, have intimate ties to DC, which, although being on the other coast, is as full of bluenecks as what we redneck conservatives on the Pacific coast have to tolerate in our blueneck state.

        De Oppresso Liber

        • Yes – I did not mean Washington State, but Washington D.C.. Thanks for the correction.

          • @3ronald1 – As lazy as I am, I just figure that a mere “DC” is all the Distrikt of Kommunism needs for folks to understand 20/20. ๐Ÿ™‚

            De Oppresso Liber

      • Mathematical certainty

        The answer to your last paragraph….there are Black people and then there are Niggas. Black people are educated and civilized. Niggas are incapable of living in a civilized society. They possess one-digit IQ’s and they survive on hatred of Whitey, violence, mayhem, and destruction. They contribute nothing to society. They procreate like rabbits and leave the little rabbits to evolve into Niggas just like them. That is the culture of Niggas not Black people.

      • Yep and if Hillary gets in next she will finish what he started. she will sell this country out to the highest bidder just to make her more money and power the same with Trump. but I don’t just blame Obama the whole government is to blame for this mess both the Democrats and the Republicans they have all sold us out.

      • Even worse, No One in Congress wants to acknowledge the problem or they are totally ignoring the problem.

      • Why then did you vote for him?

    • Don’t forget that he is a radical Black Christian, also, who has a Marxist has led Wall Street to greater profits, ended what would have been the next great depression. Of course, he doesn’t love America – what is your proof? When he acknowledges mistakes in our recent past and history? When he claims that we are truly a special nation? If he hated America, then why bail out our economy? Why create an opportunity for more Americans to have healthcare? Why not start another war, this time with Iran, which would cost more than the three trillion spent on Iraq and Afghanistan? When it comes to Islam, he wants to make it clear that Islam should not be blamed for terrorists who use that religion for their own purposes. Now, if you disagree with that, then you would have agree that Christianity is responsible for the Holocaust, since it was Christians who designed it, did it, and others supported it. It was a Christian thing. And, of course Christianity should be blamed for Mafia (good Roman Catholics), and the KKK.

      • WOW….. with all of those credits, this sitting POTUS should definitely be USA’s first ‘President for Life’….. No longer having elections will save the taxPayers so much money, that the national debt will have it’s interest ‘almost’ paid….. in a hundred years.

        What’s not to love about this POTUS? He is adored by his minions, worshiped by those that have been liberally programed from childhood, loved by all of ‘diversity’. We are with you, push for the ‘Lifer’, we will (all be forced to) accept it …. over time.

        Many conservatives claimed that history changing Robert Mugabe caused formerly prosperous Rhodesia to fall into destruction, slaughter and chaos. Everyone of a Progressive following knows in their heart that Mugabe and his leftist agenda of wealth redistribution, unquestionably saved Zimbabwe, now the most productive, fairness and equality obsessed, Progressive country to be proud of. …. or maybe not?

        • Well, you still didn’t refute the achievements I mentioned, but instead went into a tirade of Obama’s supporters and turned to Rhodesia. Judicious choice, but what about Mandela and South Africa not the same? You are like so many other commentators here who have a pathological hatred of Obama, willing to believe any false information about him. The bottom reason why is racism or as you mention, diversity. And of course, hatred toward liberals, without whom there would be no US, since the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are liberal documents.

          • First off, I have Never in my life held ‘hatred’ for any other individual. That is reserved only for those that have cultivated their dislikes after being programmed to ‘hate’, over their misguided lifetimes.

            ‘Racism’ as a word, is thrown like a weapon, ad nausea, so predictably from liberal sources, it obviously is programmed into a function key of the ‘Progressive’ keyboards?

            Grew up with friends (of ‘diversity’), worked a prosperous, productive lifetime with individuals from all races. No major dislikes, other than during periodic physical conflict of opinions in early years. Even those were short lasting. Absolutely no ‘hatred’ involved.

            Could not have that in the production demanding workplace (including shipping docks and truck driving) of a manufacturing city of ‘diversity’ and survive for many years as working individuals earning a paycheck.

            Liberal and Conservative (a vegetarian among a society of cannibalistic intent, is a true conservative) are in opposite relationships, depending on factors….. such as ‘Democracy’ being equivalent to Mob Rule.

            If the Mob (led by a person of agenda) holds hatred, the target, the victim is ostracized and in many cultures …. eliminated. Democracy? So much power, so little intelligence.

            Much more sanity involved in a functioning Republic. At the least only the Productive prosper. Perpetually dependency addicted… not so much. Liberal leftists of today’s school of Keynesian economics, do not appreciate that troublesome factor.

            Even Mao finally realized that the masses of Liberal Leftists feeding off of the communal system, were a non productive, unsustainable burden to society.

            Mao’s ‘Cultural Revolution’ (and other harsh programs designed around the ‘work’ ethic), rounded up all non productive, including their ‘professors of the lifestyle’, marched them (no buses nor trucks) into the remote agrarian lifestyle, to physically partake in providing for themselves….. from where few ever returned.

            A Mao realist is destined for the misguided USA. Even a Genghis Khan, definitely a type A personality, was a man for his time. Both men possessed the foresight of a remarkably positive influence for civilization adrift. One notable fact of history… it repeats.

          • Mogan no need to dispute the achievements which you have listed which most are lies !

      • Mogan you are almost as dumb as Bo !

    • He does love America, every time he takes his vacations of $100 million + from the American people.

    • Not surprising since obama taught it in school and then taught it to the criminal organization known as ACORN!

    • well thats only fair cause most of america and espeially me hates his gut’s …but i’m not a racist cause i hate hillary clinton even more

    • Obama is a racist ! The sooner we all acknowledge it the better.

  7. I bet he didn’t have a permit for the gun either, non of them do, but they sure do have a lot of guns.



  9. That’s interesting. The guy with the confederate flag is accused of hate, but he’s the one who gets shot. Hmmm.

  10. It’s about truth…The truth is that whites are under attack …The tolerant people are the white people…What happens to the burnt out stores and stolen goods and cars burnt…Who gets blamed…Oh ya…None of that happened…It was a white guy that was shot… !!! Black looters are now undocumented shoppers…Ask Holder ???

  11. LIKE IT OR NOT, HE CONFEDERATE FLAG IS PART OF AMERICAN HISTORY ND THERE WERE A NUMBER OF BLACKS WHO ACTUALLY FOUGHT FOR THE CONFEDERACY. THE AVERAGE BLACK DOESN’T KNOW THAT BUT THAT DOES NOT MAKE IT UNTRUE AND THAT FLAG WAS A SYMBOL AGAINST THE POLITICALO OPPRESSION OF THE NORTHERN TEXTILE AND WHALING INDUSTRIES OF NEW ENGLAND. SLAVERY WAS AT BEST, A MIONOR ISSUE AS THE HYPOCRITICAL NORTH OWNED AS MANY SLAVES AT THE TIME AS THE SOUTH BUT FREED THEM BECAUSE THEY WERE NOT FINANCIALLY VIABLE IN THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION WHERE MACHINES NEGATED A LOT OF THE NEED FOR MANPOWER. The powers that be in Washington and elsewhere use such to divide us nationally and it is by design for the advancement of the U.N. New world Order. Revisionst history, Muslim Sharia demands to replace our constitution and abide by Halal requirements, and the smearing of culture, language, denial of economic opportunity and aiding our enemies is rampant in D.C. and events like this, Ferguson and East St. Louis, ; are all part of a greater plan by the various enemies within and they are legion!


      on the floor laughing.
      is that why the word “slavery” is in the Southern states secession document 17 times.

      I don’t recall textile of whaling in there at all.

  12. Boy that flag is being used by blacks to justify a racial war. If the SC government had the balls to keep it flying and say that the flag represented part of their heritage, all the people who fought during the civil war who died trying to merge the country into one nation that operated as they did, this thing wouldn’t be going down the racial war street it is heading. The flag won’t hurt anyone, but by lowering it the state rolled over, bowing to the blacks demands. Now, every Tom, Dick, or Harry, that flys one is in danger of attack. No one said if the shooter owned the gun legally, but I doubt he did. You can bet that gun is starting to rust somewhere in the woods or at the bottom of a lake. Guns on the street are cheap, so the shooter will dump it somewhere, further separating himself from the crime scene. We need to get the illegal guns off the street.

    • I agree, but lets emphasize, ILLEGAL guns! History proves that shooters go where signs say, “NO GUNS ALLOWED”! SO LETS ELIMINATE “GUN FREE ZONES”. If a potential shooter knows there MIGHT be an armed person nearby, they won’t “go there shootin’ “!

    • They made threats to that witch of a Mayor and she crumbled like a piece of bread and gave them what they wanted. Like the rest of the turds give the radical nuts what they wanted.

      • You mean “Governor”.

        Yep, we re-elected the witch in November & she folded like an accordian when confronted by the Communist Dems about our flag. She knew that flag had nothing to do with slavery & racism to us.

        If she would have pulled that crap in October she never would have been re-elected.

        It would be like a deranged black guy shooting some whites & we see a picture of MLK on his FacistBook page, then demand everything be removed that had anything to do with him.

        • I would make sure the moron was not reelected again, American don’t need her kind in office. Campaign against her.

          • All of our elected reps, both parties, turned into sniveling, snot-nosed Commie Dems.

            Every time one of them comes up for re-election we WILL remind South Carolinians about the real racists. They ALL need to be replaced!

          • All a bunch of radical scums had to do was demand the flag be taken down and that moron of a Mayor gave them what they wanted. I wouldn’t want that Betch for a Mayor anymore.

  13. Go to show don’t pick k a fight that you can’t finish !!! Freaking Moron !!!

  14. This is just what obie wants, racial divide. He couldn’t have done a better job if he gave an encore of Sherman’s march to the sea.

  15. Nigrs run wild in Obama’s America. Thanks to all the worthless white POS democrats

  16. Obozo has been able to negate almost everything that MLK stood for and left behind for his people.

  17. FOR SURE the black thug that shot this man over what amounts to no more than a verbal disagreement, was armed illegally and most probably has a police record. ~ SAD that the victim did not have a legally carried firearm and give his assailant a full magazine of lead in return!!!!

  18. Just what that snake in the white house wanted, a racial divide, and hate between Americans.

  19. They want to take guns away from White People and any other Lawful gun owner so we cant shoot back . That is the change Obama wanted , that and the take over by Muslim’s !

  20. I purchased a new confederate battle flag, it’s going to be the new battle flag for freedom, these jackass that are so racial bias, but let it be a black on white crime, oh no we can’t tell people this. People better wake up, before your paying blacks, just because they are black

  21. You just can not allow a White man to go into a Black neighborhood carrying a Confederate flag. That in plain stupid. Now, if you are Black, that is altogether different. You can stomp, tear, burn, or desecrate the American Flag with total immunity. Black Muslim Obama allows this because he doesn’t want to offend anyone. So Obama ‘s cousins can do pretty much what they want. After all, this is a free country.

  22. ENOUGH !!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Don’t forget NICKY HALEY who just gave in without any thought! I would also like to know if this white shooter was using a revolver what was everybody doing while he reloaded? Where were the men? Where is Al sharp ton and Jesse Jackson on this one? Bunch of racist scum.

  24. Not surprising that one of the black dudes had a gun and felt compelled to shoot someone with it.

  25. Nigr shoots a white person? No NEWS here. Move along. Thanks a lot ALL you worthless POS democrats for putting a Black MuslimMoron in the White House.

  26. No doubt the liberal media would be up in arms, had this shooting involved a black man shot by a white man. Note the difference however, one is left wondering as to why the seeming difference. Oh by the way, re that ringing phrase, Black Lives Matter, they do, White Lives Matter too. Fortunately, nobody was killed this time. Who knows what the outcome might be next time.

  27. I’ve had one of the tag’s on the front of my truck for 20 years and never a word about it ,worked in a 100% Black neighbor hood for two years and only when I drove my truck with no tag on the front did one knock my windshield out and we were in the middle of 2 gangs at that , plus down in south Ga.

  28. Obama and his dirty Regime’s dreams are coming true, pure hate in America, between races.

  29. Bless his heart

    Obama is getting his race war.

    Obama is having armies of enemies invade the nation. They must be expelled.

    Those stupid blacks have no clue that even worse conditions are planned for them. They will be slaves under worse condition on the global plantation that they have been supporting. Idiots.
    And no one will care about them because they helped create it.

    I used to have a peeling Battle Flag on my car window when I went to school there. Nobody cared. Those serfs have been brainwashed. Not about guns as Holder planned (video when he was a Carter administration Assistant Attorney General) for the white pajama boys and girls, but about a flag that means nothing about what they have been brainwashed. They are losers and will stay losers. They will never pull themselves out.
    Useful idiots is the best I can say about them.

    • At this point in time, I think some vigilantes would be in order hiding around certain convenience stores and other places known to have problems. The amount of thugs has reached large numbers now, can’t even go in to shop in some places without dangerous threats. Then if the thugs start shit, just off all of them.

  30. This is the second guy killed lately over the Confederate flag! The black guy in Mississippi that had the Confederate flag on his car about a month ago, & the group of blacks that started harassing him & ran him & his lady friend off the road & he was killed!! There is lots of blacks, along with the whites, especially in the south, that love that flag because it is part of their heritage, too!!

    • The Confederate Military was composed of both BLACK and WHITE proud SOUTHERN PEOPLE.

    • This victim wasn’t killed. Just wounded. Blackie was a bad shot………Thank goodness !!

    • I didn’t know about this. I hope it’s not true. I am a person of color. I don’t care for the Confederate Flag…no more than I do for the Black/New Black Panther Flag…there’s such a thing as our 1st Amendment Constitutional Right, one tenet is “Freedom of Expression”, which is to be respected.

      What is largely and glaringly ignored, is many blacks fought and served on the side of the Confederate States, in battles side by side with whites. A few years ago, Black-themed Ebony Magazine began a series on black Confederate sailors and soldiers. Black community response was devastating, so they quickly dropped it.

      Moreover, and largely ignored is the fact black plantation owners had black slaves and financially supported the Confederacy.

      Needn’t take my word for it. Use the search engine of your choice for confirmation.

      • You are 100% correct, Blacks fought on BOTH SIDES, another fact not mentioned is that there were slave holders on both sides of the Mason-Dixon Line, slavery actually started in the NORTH. My ancestors had Inns and acreage in the area close to and part in what is Princeton, NJ, now they needed help in the kitchens and gardens, as well as the stables. This was the custom, NOW GET OVER IT, slavery ended over 150 years ago, none of us owned slaves and MOST BLACKS were not from slaves. Now go to the Court Houses of those areas, look at the will from those eras, Many freed the slaves, gave them a piece of property, house, and if they continued to work for them a paycheck. None of this was like in “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”, it was more like “Gone With the Wind”, where there was a great affection between slaves and owners, in some cases a greater connection, Carpet Baggers ruined the south, and ONE POINT, Civil war was due to States rights, where northerners wanted to collect tariff on the Cotton and Tobacco going to Europe, we didn’t have the Cotton Gin until later, Read History books printed prior to 1960

      • The flag came into existence as the South did not want to be part of the union because the North had set it up to denigrate and degrade them. Never forget that Northerners had their slaves as well and did not treat them as well as many in the South. Remember too that England started bringing the slaves over that were purchased from blacks in Africa. Time for everyone to get off their high horse and use their brains for more than a hat rack. Obama brought racism back because I grew up with 7 ethnics groups and we did not fight against each other but joined many in same churches, picnics, visiting each other, etc. However, communists love this stuff (spouse has been there,done that) and think that America is like Germany. We are not and will not submit to tyranny! So get over communists Obama, Clintons, and idiotic muslims who think they will win against us. Ain’t gonna happen!

  31. Withe a radical racist Illegal aliend in the White House what do you expect. His masters have given him his
    marching orders to destroy America by any means possible and RACISM is his best tool to fire up the
    fools who blindly follow him to HADES.

  32. Michael Dennewitz

    Some of my best friends are BLACK! And the only reason there are skirmishes is because blacks are copping out and eager to find a way of releasing all the tensions built up because of their OWN LAZY ASSES!
    I have the confederate flag flying boldly in front of my home and I have the decals in my motorcycle tag. I won’t ride into a predominantly black neighborhood because I know that all the freeloading, lazy assed chumps are just looking fir a reason to start shit. But let one come to this neighborhood! Every home on the street is well armed, and I can guarantee you, it won’t be whitie leaving on the gurney..

  33. AGREED ! The race-baiting comes straight from the ( alleged) white House and his puppets (media included). I have noticed that a RACIST will play the race card at the first opportunity, as such appears to be the case here. The FACT remains – was the gun legally owned or did it come “off the street” ? There was NO mention of a hunt for the shooter as is always the case if a white person shot a black person. PRIME EXAMPLE of “one-way” justice.

  34. ROFL, that flag represents something much bigger than slavery or racism or whatever else the elitists think. It represents freedom, solidarity, culture, and heroism; did you finish jr high school and took a class in American history? Tel that BS to someone else. Over 10,000 Blacks were lynched, burned and their homes burned by those terrorist Whites carrying the confederate flag. White America are doing their best to suppress the many atrocities on Black Americans by the KKK, skin heads and other white supremacy groups. And yes racial hatred is highest since the election of the USA First BLACK President of the USA. The racial slur, name callings, disrespect and even calling him a Hitler lover started minutes after he was sworn into office. It is the white hate groups that display the swastika along with the confederate flags. Now white young Americans are picking up the hatred agenda of those that wanted to continue their right to have black slaves and German slaves to farm the cotton industry. You’ll want to kick out ALL non Whites out of the U.S., so I guess that include the native American Indians. Now, I would NOT driven a vehicle into a predominate white neighborhood with a group standing around displaying a Black Panther flag. The white male that got shot because of his stupidity and biggie attitude. However, the black shooter committed a crime.
    The American flag is the only flag that I will ever display.

  35. Don’t you conservatives understand? That black man was just standing his ground and decided he wasn’t going to take those racial remarks.

  36. Don’t worry folks, only black lives matter now

  37. Some of the most racist people I’ve ever known were black. I know a lot more racists blacks than I do whites. Obama is their enabler spewing his racist rants right along with Al Not-to-sharpton, Erick Holder, et al. They are trying their best to start a race war, not bring the peace, healing & unity which they claim.

    Well, they want a race war & they’re about to get one but they’re not gonna like the outcome of it! This next (un)civil war will make the 1st one look like a kindergarten spat.

    Mr. Obama, be very careful what you wish for!!!

  38. This is the kind of hate brought to by Berry. Thanks Barry! You built that.

  39. Mark N Starla Traina


    It was only a matter
    of time before the media-driven kerfuffle over the Confederate flag led to violence,
    and now that time has come. In South Bend, Indiana, a 28-year-old man was shot
    Thursday when he got into a confrontation at a local convenience store.
    According to the South Bend Tribune, the incident took place around 6:30 in a
    predominantly black section of town. Witnesses say the man pulled into the
    store driving his white SUV which displayed the controversial flag. There, he
    got into a shouting match with a group of black men in the parking lot.

    โ€œIโ€™ve never known him
    to use any racial slurs,โ€ said one of the victimโ€™s friends, Cally Baker.
    โ€œUnless someone provoked him, I canโ€™t imagine him just blurting out the

    Witnesses say he was
    provoked, however, leading to racial slurs on both sides of the encounter. At
    some point in the confrontation, one of the black men pulled a gun and shot him
    twice. The victim was found later a block east of the scene, bleeding but alive.
    He is currently resting at home and is expected to make a full recovery.

    โ€œThe whole situation
    is kind of crazy,โ€ said Baker. โ€œI just donโ€™t want it to become a huge racial

    See more at:



    Follow U.S. on FACEBOOK: NAAWP


  40. ” the media driven kerfuffle”? Really? So, according to “admin” of PatriotNewsDaily, Dylan Roof was sent on his mission by “the media”. And “the media” posed him in front of his flags to further stir things up? When Dylan Roof stands trial for murder, “the media” should likewise be on trial?

  41. Racial tensions that have been subsiding for 50+ years are now back in the 60’s. Just where this POS POTUS seems to want them. Divide and Conquer !!! Talk about hatred. Just because this POTUS’s “daddy” (if we can ever figure out who his real daddy is/was), was allegedly mistreated, he wants to avenge that with all the revenge tactics at his disposal. When the SHTF, and it will, he is going to have to shoulder the blame himself. Though you can bet the farm he will blame “Whitey”.
    Keep ’em clean and handy folks. Time is drawing short.

  42. I agree with the writer of this piece had it been reversed there would have been blacks coming out of the freaking wood work, and the press would had sattelite trucks covering the hole area. To me it is like this I will be flying my flag where ever I go and I WILL be armed the SOUTH GONA RISE AGAIN so get over it panthers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. OK, here’s how you solve that – – if you are going to fly the confederate flag, which is fine, you should not go to bad areas of town – – if you elect to do so, make sure you are armed with a heavy caliber handgun and be ready to use it. Expect problems, because they likely will ensue. Someone pulls a gun on you, shoot them dead.

  44. WANT TO SEE Congress getting a ‘shock-dose’ of reality? ~ This needs to go viral:

  45. All lives matter!!


  47. Arrest the one who shot the white man…We want Justice for attempted murder!

  48. BoundlessExistence

    This flag represents freedom you say, do you mean the type of freedom the slaves had in that they were free to choose to follow the orders of the slavemaster or be killed, is this what you mean?

    • At least 60,000 and perhaps as many as 93,000 Black men served in the various units of the Confederate Army. Some were free and some were slaves who went to war with their owners. In the bloody battle of Antietam, Stonewall Jackson had 3,000 armed Black soldiers, about 13% of his available fighting force, integrated within his front lines. General Nathen Bedford Forest brought 45 of his slaves as part of his famous cavalry force promising to free them if they served faithfully to war’s end. Only one man deserted. Months prior to Lee’s surrender, Forest gave the surviving 41 troopers their freedom and permission to leave but they stayed with him until all hostilities ceased.

  49. “When stupidity and political correctness overcome knowledge and wisdom, chaos reigns and the ‘Age of Cultural Insanity’ begins.” —James S. Ford

  50. It’s a racial thing and George of the jungle is watching.

  51. Francisco Machado

    The Confederate flag issue was generated and promoted on an insignificant relationship of the flag to a felonious murdering lunatic. The rapidity with at which it spread and was publicized suggests it was was a pre-loaded issue waiting for a trigger to be exploited. It seems to be a repeated design of the current administration, a Machiavellian endeavor to polarize group differences among the population as much as possible. People polarized against each other do not unite against the government. They tolerate its pervasive oppression and the piece by piece encroachment upon their freedoms as long as they remain preoccupied with the more immediate perceived threat from neighbors with whom they have uncritical differences.

  52. Raymond J Ambrozaitis

    So yall do not think that maybe it was just a tad bit stupid to pull into a predominantly black neighborhood with the flag? I mean of course he should not have been shot however asking for a confrontation is still asking for a confrontation. I would also like to know who these”witnesses” are. Could be they are the they in “they say?”

    • I had a friend go up and down Market Street for 2 years while he was employed at a fire prevention company. (mid 90’s)
      His Buick Regal emblazoned with “Stars and Bars” across the rear window, and he never had any issues.
      Welcome to the present…………..
      It takes a RACIST Head of State and confrontational party (D) to allow a flag or other symbol, to become a reason for accepting poor behavior and retribution.
      I can only hope for a better future.

      • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

        Did your friend break up a birthday party and abuse children at said party? What happened in the past is no longer viable so please stop being ignorant about it and grow up and realize that it is not because of a black President he had nothing to do with slavery or the Civil war.

        • So is it that a “BLACK” President has empowered youth to become predators on whites, especially where they don’t appreciate history, such as the Civil War or the Southern Confederates that makes you so proud ??
          Seriously, MAKE A SUBSTANTIAL POINT once in a while, because your defense of the inanities only because we have a “BLACK” President, make you look like a reverse racist supporter of all that is asinine.
          I would have supported Herman Cain for President, or Ben Carson, anybody who supported employment and a prosperous economy (with real numbers backing it up), but I won’t support a President that makes a point defending black criminals such as Trayvon Martin or Freddie Gray only because their unfortunate deaths support the LIBERAL agenda.
          Your cries of racism are old, stagnant, unfounded, and only make you look like a repetitive buffoon !!

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            What can I say a myopic view of the world such as you have is something I feel a lot of pity for. By your very own posts you actually admit that President Obama is so powerful the entire world revolves around him. You truly do not see any incidents not involving 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue that lead to “Black Lives Matter?” Would you be a simple minded little bitch if the President were white and Christian and Jews were rising up in protest? Would you then ignorantly blame the President? I suppose it was Kennedy’s fault he got assassinated because he was Irish Catholic? If your logic were not so flawed from step one you might be able to deceive more people.

          • “because of a black President” appears in yours as we’ll as most liberals replies everywhere in these articles.
            “BLACK, BLACK, BLACK”
            “MYOPIC” is LIBERAL to the extreme.
            GET SMART!! HYPOCRITE !!!

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            You are the weakest link good-bye!

          • Defeated and running !! (pussy)

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            When someone is so moronic and close-minded as you there is nothing for a sane person to do as far as a discussion. Your ignorance surpasses the possibility of being quantified. So yeah you can call it running but only to avoid the splatter of the spittle emanating from your pie hole.

          • These examples, as well as those you post on Facebook don’t help your cause.
            You need intelligent conversation to back up the unwarranted condescension.

  53. Do we need any further proof that Blacks and the way many of them view the rights of others ARE the problem. These worthless criminal thugs have NO respect for the lives of others. Face facts here, this was NOT about a flag, it was blacks who were out just to harm or KILL others even other blacks, and this criminal administration will do nothing about it and will block any attempt to bring these thugs to justice. The only answer is nation wide constitutional carry.

  54. Stuart Cockerham

    They will become civil rights heroes when they get shot by police after pulling the gun to resist arrest. It was probably only a sandwich in his hand. The white guy probably shot himself, just because he’s a racist and against criminal thugs with guns!

  55. I CARRY . And WILL Shoot Back , Or FIRST . PISS ON dem BOOS .

  56. Thats the way ni66ers are. They lose control over their already simple minds and will shoot you when provoked. I’m sure this will be all over the media (NOT!!)

    Glad our Confederate brother will recover. For future reference : stay out of ni66er-town sporting our beloved Stars & Bars.

  57. Obama has accomplished one thing, and that is to widen the divide between races. He is the racist!

  58. Wouldn’t this be considered a “hate” crime? No? Oh yeah, it’s black against the crackers. Isn’t that the term they use, ‘cracker’.

  59. I lived in the South in the 50’s and 60’s in integrated military housing. I don’t ever remember any of this bullshit, because we all got along great. We were all friends, no matter what color we were. Bigotry is taught, it is not in our human nature. Children will play with anyone that wants to play with them.

    • Bigotry is NOT TAUGHT…..its Learned’! By Your Surroundings And Rubbing Shoulders with ‘them’.

      • In order to learn something, you have to be taught by someone.

        • Your Thought I Don’t Agree. When your on a Subway at 2AM in The Morning..and Thugs Come In……You Learn by THEIR Actions and Mannerisms. its Called….traveling thru a Ghetto. its not taught. its Observed’!

          • When the thugs came in they taught you to fear. You learned from them by example. You were still taught. Parents teach their children by example. That is how we learn. No matter how you want to look at it, you are still being taught.

          • Ok…… I Learn by seeing And Observation. You Call It Teaching. I Call it being in it and learning by it. Blacks Are the most Violent people in Americas Borders. Followed By Hispanics. Mexicans Etc. They use Color As an Excuse To Kill Whitey, Rape His Women And Smile for The ‘Bolshevik American Media’ on Camera and state…….YOU ‘Whitey’ Are Killing Us….! The Media in America is all ‘Jew Run’. Every Major TV Network. ABC CBS NBC Fox. To Them.(Media)….We are The Enemy. Not The Ghetto Thugs And Trash.

          • As far as Blacks go, they are not all thugs. They were the most accepting of my son with his learning disability. In fact, most of his friends were Black while he was growing up. He even got many of them involved in Scouting. Over half my Pack were Black. I live in an area where the majority of races get along pretty good.
            My son is what is known as auditory sensor. Meaning he learns by being taught hands on. Teachers deal with different types of learning tools that help different people. Some may be taught by the spoken words, others flash cards, and still others need the hands on approach. Musicians and artist are often self taught. Life experiences are teachers, no matter how you want to phrase it.
            As far as TV, Actually it’s not.
            ABC News executive producer Ian Cameron is married to Susan Rice, National
            Security Adviser.
            CBS President David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications.
            ABC News correspondent Claire Shipman is married to former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney
            ABC News and Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe is married to Katie Hogan, Obama’s Deputy Press Secretary
            ABC President Ben Sherwood is the brother of Obama’s Special Adviser Elizabeth Sherwood
            CNN President Virginia Moseley is married to former Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Secretary Tom Nides.
            And now you know why it is no surprise the media usually goes very easy on Obama’s many errors.

          • Well….You Missed the point About Americas “BOLSHEVIK MEDIA” I said,,They Were All run and Owned by Jewish Owners. Including ‘fox’. I don’t Care About the ‘players’ The reporters. They Take orders from the Owners. The Jewish Cadre’! And Having grown up In NYC NY….I can say without any Doubt. Jews Are ‘Major Left’ in politics. Bolshevik in there ‘DNA’. Israel is The Same. Transplanted Ashkenazi’s (Bolsheviks) from Europe and USA. PS: The Obama Administration is Loaded With Far Left Jews And there Far Left politics.


  61. What a great idea, setup a confederate flag in a clearing and waste whoever tried to take it down…

  62. you guys want everyone to have access to guns… well the complicated part is that everyone includes all sorts of people who scare the crap out of white america like brown skinned folks… latinos… muslims… black skinned folks etc. etc…. when everyone in our divided america is armed to the teeth people are going to get shot… it really is that simple. So this shooting was inevitable. And there will be a lot more incidents just like this one… stay tuned… news at 11. That white guy could have chosen not to get shot… but, rather, he chose to initiate, escalate and then… well… he got shot. Stupid people get shot more than smart people do… because, well, they are stupid and do stupid things like provoking a black community with a confederate flag (whatever he might have thought it represents… it represents something else to them) and then calling them nigger (pretty stupid thing to do) and… so… he chose to get shot. he could have avoided this situation at every turn. so, that’s the nation we have created for ourselves… we’ll have to learn to love it or leave it.

  63. did the shooter fear for his life seems that is more threatening than a hoody on a kid and that will get you shot

  64. Nothing to see here! This is just more “racial healing” going on in the kingdom of King Barack the Worst (our first MULTI RACIAL, radical, racist, alleged “POTUS”). Gotta get rid of “white privilege” and any vestige of that like the Confederate flag, white neighborhoods, etc.

  65. I wonder if Obama will say that the shooter would look like the son he might have had?

  66. “One thing is for certain”,in today’s WH,American citizens,will never hear the phrase”I never had sex with that woman”.

  67. The feint of heart just don’t get it – this demonic psychopath was implanted to foment the racial war that has started. He is of the Devil and is creating death with every policy that he unconstitutionally enacts through Executive Orders! Just remember this, there will either be WW III – it has already started – before 2016 elections or this Muslim-Marxist jihadist will trump up a situation and declare Martial Law! We have no opposition party and that is why: REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION or get down on your knees and grovel for subsistence in misery and squalor! R.I.P. USA or grow a pair!

  68. In find it interesting that the article doesn’t mention that the guy had a machete, and that he was shot while attempt to back into the crowd with his vehicle. Nice judicious editing here. But I am sure facts don’t matter to the Patriot News Daily or to most of the commentators, here.

    • They were just trying to keep him there so he couldn’t leave. They wanted to kill him so what would you do with 10 to 1 ratio? You would back into them also. Just to leave. But you can’t expect anything else from a gang of blacks that is intent on killing someone.

      • How do you know that? Why wasn’t it mentioned that he had a machete in the article, or that he was shot trying to back into them? You don’t need to hit people by backing your SUV into them to get away. I’m not justifying the shooting, but criticizing the conscious deletion of information from the reporting here.

    • It was all based on self defense, because a group of blacks didn’t like his Confederate flag.
      I’ll give you another example.
      A homely woman once attempted scolding me because I had a naked woman air freshener hanging from my rearview mirror.
      I told her to mind her own business, and she proceeds to smack my car with her purse and threaten me in a vocal manner. Once again I told her to mind her manner and leave because I wasn’t harming anyone and she didn’t need look inside my vehicle.
      When she finally pulled Mace and sprayed it into my girlfriend’s face, I smacked her, and the plain clothed officer parked to the opposite side of my vehicle finally arrested her for assault.
      Had she raised any form of weapon or become any more threatening, any item I used for self defense, at that point would have been legal.
      IF the BLACK punks didn’t like the flag, DON’T FUGGIN” LOOK AT IT !!

  69. The guy that did the shooting now needs to be captured, prosecuted for attempted murder. Not one of the blacks that were there or whites either will say anything because of reprucussions to what happened or who did the shooting. If it offends you talk to the law, and don’t take it in you own hands. Just as that black man did. That guy could have died and then they would be looking for him for murder as well as his friends for accompliences. So they all are looking at terms in jail. Those blacks felt real safe because there was a lot of them together and only one white man. I guess thats the way the blacks will work, 10 or more against 1.

  70. What woosies the republican/tea party/traitors are. They act like such a dominant bunch of a-holes and don’t expect repercussions? There’s an old saying… “Don’t START no shit, won’t BE no shit.” The fault is in YOURSELVES, naysayers. The fault is in the dummy who drove through a black neighborhood sporting a traitor confederate flag! Grow the hell up, get over yourselves, and move on..

    • Just driving through a black neighborhood if you’re white, is all the excuse most of these black idiots need,…..forget the flag!!!

      • Nope, cmi, the inbred, ignorant, clueless, pot stirring republican/tea party/traitor assholes should KNOW better. But they obviously decided to “run the gauntlet ” and got snared in their OWN ignorance. These republican/tea party/traitor morons don’t need an excuse to act ignorant. It comes as naturally as breathing air. LOLOL! Take these morons who were running through a neighborhood where they KNEW they would stir up some shit.. Well, they GOT what they were looking for…., and THEN SOME! LOLOL! I don’t feel sorry for them at all.

  71. I doubt seriously that anyone will be prosecuted for this mans’ shooting… That is just the way that the justice dept. is doing things now-a-days…..

  72. The Idiots who caused this incident will not be punished (because they are Blacks breaking the law and the seated President condones lawlessness from members of this Race and his DOJ will again look the other way). EXACTLY LIKE THEY DID in Ferguson,MO. The National News media WILL NOT DEMAND JUSTICE EITHER for the same reason! The root cause of this issue needs to be laid at the feet of the seated President (for his personal actions) along with the people who backed him financially and placed him in power. (Who, beside Soros, are they anyway?).
    I’m beginning to believe the reason for this country’s Racial Division “The Great Divider” is creating is to make it big enough problem so HE can declare Martial Law. IF done before the next President is sworn in he could remain President pass his 2 term limit. What a legacy to History that would be!!!!

  73. Hey Cally, don’t blame you

    I have one flying in front of my home.
    When you are healthy send me a message, I have 11 friends thata will cheeerfully fly The Confederate flag on a truck loaded with armed people, we;ll see how it works when they shpot at people that can shoot back.

  74. Typical black racist jerks. They will get a way with it because of the biggest racist of all. The fraud from keyna

  75. I mean Kenya

  76. John W.Thompson

    This is made racist by our Muslims president,if this uad been a white shooting a black then it would have been front page. Then another town or city would have been destroyed and nothing done about it but because it was a black shooting a white nothing will be done about it and the towns and city’s are safe. Look at the colors of the rebel flag they are red white and blue the same as stars and strips, this flag is about heritage not racisim and it represent veterans of the united states so this flag has meaning for our great nation the men who fought under this flag where fighting to be treated fairly was what they wantwdbthebsame respect and treatment that the northern states where getting. This war originally had nothing to do with slavery it was for fair treaent. God bless this country and let’s take out country all races and if you don’t like it here get out we are bone nation under god.

  77. No doubt there will be more and more incidents like this over such nonsense. Until the incident in Charlotte there had been no controversy over the flag or statues of Southern war heroes. Now it has become a battle ground. All this has happened under the Obama Administration who constantly flames the fire of racism.

  78. Most nigs are just a bunch of stupid jungle animals. There are black folks and white folks that are decent American people but these gutter sorry ass black shi# is nothing more than pig crap. oboomabutt has had his way and has started a race war in the USA. I hope and pray someone puts the asshole muslim in their sights and rids the world of his worthless muslim NonAmerican black ass bastard.

  79. If it comes down to people playing cowboys and colored people I think that the blacks need to stop and remember that they are only about 10% of the population and they have it real good here considering what it would be in Africa.

  80. What needs to happen is for all these pussy a$$ white journalists to be gathered up, have their identity taken away, and then dropped off in the middle of some black neighborhood, after dark! Perhaps then they will get a taste of what they see as “white privilege”.

  81. I’m quite sure that Most of you racist Whites want the world also to forget this part of your terrorist atrocities.
    .Nueces massacre

    1. Nueces massacre – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The Nueces Massacre, also known as the Massacre on the Nueces,
    was a violent confrontation between Confederate soldiers and German Texans on
    August …

    2. Massacre
    on the Nueces – The New York Times
    Aug 11, 2012 – What has been known in Texas for 150 years as
    the Battle of the Nueceswas in fact a massacre of civilians by the very Confederate forces …
    3. NUECES,
    BATTLE OF THE | The Handbook of Texas Online ……/qfn0…
    Texas State Historical Association The Civil War skirmish known as the battle of the Nueces took place on the … while many German Hill Country residents viewed the event as a massacre.

  82. WOW! Amazing that the writer and too many of those who comment fail to see the provocation demonstrated by the fellow flying a Confederate flag in a predominately black neighborhood. He went looking for something, he certainly got more than he expected.

  83. Ken Dometriosis .

    I hate n*ggers! Every last one of them should be shot

  84. Yes it is a vary sick USA we are all rasists if we are white and proud them fuccc up libs and dems and some GOP are a decrase why do they hate my once so so great USA. Im ready to take my country back by all means those traders that have solds us true amercans out we need too speck load i mean load loader then ever people quite being pussy cum on let get it done

  85. Thomas R Bunnell

    time to start hunting these slime ball bastards and kill them on site

  86. I think the racist thing is a little one-sided seeing how white people are the only one who can be racist. I will push back a lot harder than I’m pushed. Their pack mentality will just make it easier to give back what they give.

  87. We need to believe that all blacks are armed and treat them accordingly. I’d rather be “judged by 12 than carried by 6”! If we shoot a few unarmed blacks,oh well, they have no reservations about murdering harmless senior citizens, women, children and even infants. The only time that they (the blacks) show any courage is when they out number someone or, their victims are not able to defend themselves!

  88. When is the swarm of FBI agents going to be flown there to see if it was a hate crime? When will Al Sharpton be sent there? What about the Attorney General? Obama is such a two faced lying racist. Not a word out of racist pie hole regarding this shooting. I guess if obama had a son, he wouldn’t look like the victim. People, what is wrong with this picture?

    Let me tell you what that fag obama is good for….

  89. It’s all the guns fault!

  90. A negroid person shooting a caucasoid person twice over the issue of the Confederate Battle Flag being displayed sounds like a “hate crime” which will not be charged. “Hate crimes” are only those which are committed against negroid persons, in this topsy-turvy world of “reverse” racism (which is actually ethnicism).

    De Oppresso LIber

  91. You are correct racial tensions will boil over if the other side doesn’t see their error of their ways and that their racisim is more of an issue than white to black racism. White people just don’t give a sh*& what happens to black people. That is the truth. where is racism in that statement. People regardless of color have to be taken for character of heart, and their actions rather than mandated or legislated action.
    There really is only one solution, but one side doesn’t want to even approach the subject without emotion running afoul…..

  92. I thought that I have heard some dumb things but that takes the cake. So whats next shoot you because your Mormon or White or something else someone doesn’t like. This is going to far and they need to be charged with assault with a deadly weapon and do time. Is justice only for minorities now a days. Don’t be white and a male because you are the target of anger for having done nothing but being white and a male. I am guilty of nothing but living my life to the best of my ability and raising my family to do the same. Being a good loyal American counts for nothing? I am a Vietnam vet having to survive for long time in a nation that would feel if I died in the War. Things are changing and people are thanking me for serving and I like that. I don’t want to go back to the 70’s of mistrust and confusion and division. We are Americans and need to remember that. If you haven’t lived in a third world country then you are missing out just how great this country is. At least we try to be better. The rest of the world doesn’t give a crap about us. We need to start thinging about that and not destroy what we have.

  93. Our Muslim Communist President is accomplishing just what he wants. No surprise here.

  94. The Confederate Flag had 2 RED stripes and a White stripe (Looked like the other flag NAZI LIBERALS want to ban, the American Flag) with a field of White stars with a blue background. It looked like an unfurled American Flag of the North so the confederates flew a Battle Flag as well. the flag has come to mean “Rebellion” “individuality” “You can’t be tamed”, the RACISM is as always a MEDIA IDEA to get someone killed for their amusement. Someday we’ll actually hold them accountable. The sampled a poll to see who all were offended, blacks were even less inspired by the flag than whites were. The word RACISM has no meaning any longer and the NAZI Libturds ended it. They use it to say anyone who does not embrace Gays as being Racists, see they are so stupid you can’t take what they say serious, only Anti-American and Dangerous.


  96. I wonder how the lefty whites that voted for Obama feel now that it’s become quite obvious that Barry is the black man’s president and doesn’t give two shits about white people.

  97. Mark E. Hartley

    F**k these niggers !! I’m sick of this politically correct sh!t !! Racism is never going away and it’s going to get worse !! Being separate is a fact of life !!! There must be a reason that we supposedly came from one woman in Africa ,but yet there are three different races on this planet !! Caucasoid, negroid , and mongoloid !!! Oh yeah , I have a few Confederate flags and I look at them as a symbol of REBELLION not the poor black slaves of the south which black people even owned !! People should start worrying about muslims in America instead of black and white racism !! Lest people forget blacks weren’t the only slaves in history and they should be thankful that black tribe leaders sold them and they ended up on this continent !!

  98. and this will be the last we hear of this, if it was a white man who shot a black man obama, sharpton, and jackson would be all over it! but this just goes to show the mentality of some blacks, this guy got shot in an argument over a flag no fiscal confrontation, just words, was this gun bought illegally? this does not sound like self defense but that’s the way the media will make it make it out to be, headline black man shoots white man in confrontation for fear of his life, he called me a name says the shooter I was so afraid I had to react!

  99. I will fly the United States Flag the highest but I will also display any other Flag that I want. If this causes you to shoot at me be forewarned, I will shoot back and I am a good shot!

  100. Hunt down the POS that shot him and put a bullet in his head it is the only thing these animals understand. And no I am not talking about blacks I am talking about criminals

  101. Michael Lee Pemberton

    So, some people do not like the Confederate Battle Flag. I do not particularly care for the racist Pan-African flag of the UNIA from the 1920’s that shows up everywhere with the tri-color design consisting of red-black-green. I really get irate at seeing the Mexican flag anywhere except at the U. N. or the Mexican Embassy, and the Jihadi/ISIS black flag is a reflection of a current conflict that actively threatens western civilization. You cannot change attitudes by banning a flag.
    The Confederate Battle Flag does not represent approval of slavery, or denigration of blacks. It represents the pride and determination of white, black, and red men who banded together to defend their principles and resist what they perceived as tyranny. Slavery will never rise again unless this nation is defeated by enemies from within and without, but “the South will rise again” to oppose any violation of the rights of men to choose their government and hold that government accountable to the provisions of the Constitution of the United States of America.

  102. The radical crats will not be happy until prison-house race-rules are the societal norm.

  103. Is this racial division orchestrated intentionally by the president or is it just an unfortunate bi-product of his unsuccessful approach to governing?

  104. Patricia McGehee

    Obama’s division of this Nation has resulted in chaos. This is just part of the beginning.

  105. We all know of the left-wing bias and double standard of the MSM but this young man was an idiot for going into that area of town with a Confederate Battle Flag on his truck. How stupid can he be? I have no sympathy for him.

  106. As stated, had the races been reversed, it would have been ALL over TV and media.
    To the White People here. IF ALL of this doesnt prove to you that we are in danger, you better wake up. When govt is accepting of the killing and hurting of White People but not of ALL others, there is a problem and YOU better wake up. I dont want this to be racist, but everything else is pushing this racism, not me.
    White People, Sooner or later you will have to take a stand, one way or the other and I guarantee you that IF you go the other, they would have no problem shooting your azz down too.
    The Race War seems to be coming as Obama wanted, WHO is going to be ready for it?
    SAD isnt it. This is what the White House now stands for !!!!!!!!! Just some of the people, not ALL. He is such a Racist bastard.

  107. All Americans of all races know the volatile racial climate Obama has lead us into. Why would one continue fanning the flames by enticing trouble. Come on folks, just put the flag down for awhile. The Democrats that were the defenders of the Confederate flag now act like it’s disgraceful? All to cause division. Well I find most all things attached to the Democrats and Progressives offensive but I will not play their game becoming involved it displaying their beliefs. Displaying the American will cause problems in certain areas as a result of this Administration and its cronies. We need to ignore the troublemakers in D.C. and just do what is right. Put your energy into saving lives instead of destroying them. Keep it up and we’ll find ourselves under Marshall Law before elections roll around. Just what these haters of America would like to see. Want to fight? Do it using the Power Supreme of prayer. It has heavenly results.

  108. The U.S.A. was the greatest and most prosporous nation of the world until the lefties took over and evicted God from most everything, God is turning His back on America, and if you want to read what is going to happen to the modern day “Mystery Babylon,” read in the book of Revelation. America is the modern day Babylon. We’re living in the day: “Woe unto them who call evil good and good evil.” Is. 5:20..

  109. Biggest RACIST PRESIDENT EVER. He is responsible, along with the left wing press, for the racial tension.

  110. Obama with his uppity attitude and gay mentality should be held responsible for the race issue in this country. He has destroyed the last 50 years of race relations.

  111. the hole problem with the world is everyone is fighting over what thy call religion well all reality all it was meant for was to give people hope when times were or are hard for people so they dident become hopeless and give up on life its self .So why don’t people just do your own thing and stop thinking that one god is better then the other because it not .Becouse no matter what things in peoples lives are set accordingly on what you do with your life each day

  112. Again the wrong person got shot.

  113. Until every white and black Christians realize that the man in the White House is a Muslim who is using race to divide this country so that the Muslims can take over they will continue. The Blacks in this country have fallen for his plan, divide and conquer. First, he took away all their jobs, black unemployment is now 30%. Then he had his operatives find a paranoid individual who would go shoot up a schoolyard or a naval base or a cop and set off a riot. He has successfully undone 200+ years of learning to live as one society based on the Ten Commandments.

  114. Thomas Lee Mullins

    They speak of the Nazi swastika. There is a symbol that looks like the swastika in Indian culture. I don’t remember anyone trying to keep the Indians from using their symbol because of the Nazi connection.

    Personally, I think the group went too far when they shot the guy over the Confederate flag. It is part of history. If they don’t like it, express ones view then leave.

  115. Blacks are 20x more likely to kill a white than the reverse…White Lives Matter too!

  116. If you’re 20x more likely to kill someone of another race…wouldn’t you suspect racism? FACT: Blacks are 20x more likely to kill a white than a white is to kill a black. Psst…don’t tell anybody, but I think that shows how much a lot of Blacks HATE White folks.

  117. The FBI should list all of you white racist as terrorists. Your high level of racism and hatred will suit ISIS to enlist you fools to help in murdering non-whites.

  118. ‘Southern Americans’ ?, that’s right, and more specifically ‘white’ Southern Americans!!!!! I realize that this means very little to our brothers with heavily pigmented skin but perhaps there are other segments of society besides them who might also have a long and rich heritages to be proud of ! I personally own a hand made original ‘CSA Battle Flag’ which has been handed down from generation to generation in my family since the war and I am very, very proud to own and display it !!!
    How dare anyone tell me I can’t display it and how God Damned long will we keep letting minorities dictate their selfish and greedy mandates upon us????
    I for one am getting awfully sick and tired of it my friends !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. I wonder if all the white people will be rioting in the streets like they do.

  120. The confederate flag should be a non issue for true Americans. It was created by people that did not want to be Americans. It is the symbol of UnAmericanism and should have been outlawed long ago. We would never let the communist flag run over us, why the confederate flag.

  121. Did they arrest the black guy for shooting with intent to commit murder?

  122. Possibly the shooter is on the stores video tape?

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