Man Shoots A “Doorbell Ditcher”

A Long Island man was arrested after allegedly shooting a 14-year-old boy who rang his doorbell as a prank on Thursday night, reports said.

James Moshier, 64, was charged with assault and recklessly injuring a child with a deadly weapon after allegedly shooting the teen in the arm on his Laurel property around 9 p.m., according to WABC-TV.

The teen knocked on Moshier’s front and back door several times, causing a woman who lived in the home to believe it was being burglarized, News 12 reported.

She woke up Moshier, who went to his backdoor and allegedly fired a shotgun at the teen, according to the article.

Several other teens who were at a sleepover with the shooting victim told the cable outlet he and another friend were bored and had picked a random home in the neighborhood to “doorbell ditch.”

“Sometimes what we think are harmless pranks turn into major incidents,” Southold Police Capt. James Ginas reportedly said, urging people to “be smart.”

The teen was treated at a hospital. Moshier was freed on $20,000 bail ahead of a court date next week, News 12 reported.

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  1. Maybe this incident will keep others from doorbell ditching. How does one know what;s ditching, porch pirate or a more serious crime??

    • This kid should have been shot. Nine at night, disturbing and frightening an older couple. He got what he deserved and is lucky he wasn’t killed. I’m in bed for the night at nine at night.

      • You’d shoot a 14 YO for being a nuisance? YOU are the kind of lunatic who makes the left want to take everyone’s guns. I wouldn’t have a problem if they yank yours though imbecile.

        • Remarks like yours are encouraging youth to commit crime. Bubblelove is entirely correct. Sadly, it was really the parents fault for not watching their kid. Like a pack of dogs, that child is showing the start of criminal behavior and your stance of ‘its OK to trespass and harass people’ is not ever going to bring about self-responsibility in our country.

          • 65 y/o Texan by the name of Terry Turner shot and killed a delivery driver who had the audacity to turn around in Mr. Turner’s driveway.

            Took nearly 2 weeks to arrest him due to his long-standing friendship with the Caldwell County TX sheriff who investigated the case. The Sheriff recommended that NO charges be filed against Mr. Turner.

            Turns out, Mr. Turner was enraged at the unauthorized use of his driveway, so he got in his vehicle and drove around his neighborhood until he located the delivery driver who was pulled to the side of the road and using an app to locate his destination. The well-armed Mr. Turner pulled his weapon and fired four times, striking the driver.

            He has been charged with murder, thank God.

    • It’s too bad he got shot but what a stupid decision to make, doorbell ditching at 9pm and even going to the back door? Of course he’ll sue and win. This insanity never stops. These people had every right to be alarmed especially in this day when it’s a free for all with the lawless committing horrendous crimes because no one will lock them up!

  2. But wait a minute, didn’t our current President, you know, what’s his name, but didn’t he as Vice President make the comment if something is going on in the backyard at night, you don’t need an AR 15, just take your shotgun out on the balcony and fire a blast off. If I’m this guy’s lawyer I use that recommendation from the current President as my defense argument. Lol

  3. The boy is lucky to be alive, find some thing else to do if you are bored.
    A teenager is old enough to know better.

    He was trespassing and playing a dangerous game and lost a little bit, could have been worse.

  4. We are so very blessed to have had the parents we had. We were taught things like respect. If we did the stuff these kids were doing, guess what we got? That’s right we got sparked! We had respect for our parents, and it just kinda spilled into all kinds of people. TEACH Y’ALL’S CHILDREN RESPECT!!! Y’all will have a much better society. It is only our opinion thank y’all and God Bless!!

  5. Paula Jean Smith

    This man doesn’t need to go to court! He was protecting his property and himself! In these days, no one knows what’s going on! The teen who did this will recover from his wounds and prayerfully will set an example for other teens on WHAT NOT TO DO FOR FUN at 9 at night!

  6. ConcernedCitizen

    9pm, an unknown person or persons knocked on Moshier’s front and back door several times, causing an elderly woman who lived in the home to believe it was being burglarized, News 12 reported. Simple case “Feared for life – Shot at Bad Guy’s”… End of Story!

  7. frederick fetty jr

    The justification for the shooting was “fear for my life or the lives of others”. A fair hearing will vinificate this guy but he will still have to pay big bucks for defending himself in his own home. Stupid and did not need to happen. He should sue the adults who sponsored the “sleep over”. They were responsible for the teens??? However. I am 78 years old and things were different when I was 14 years old.

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