Man Robbed Twice After Being Hit by Car

A man was struck by a car, then robbed while he lay injured on the pavement in the Bronx on Saturday morning.

The 39-year-old was walking down E. 169th Street when a dark-colored car hit him at approximately 6:40 a.m., the New York Post reported Sunday.

The New York City Police Department shared video footage of the man being hit by the car, his body flying into the air before slamming into the pavement.


The car appeared to go out of the camera’s view. But a few moments later, a suspect wearing dark pants and a light-colored shirt approached and appeared to go through the man’s pockets while another person stood nearby.

Police said, “the suspects struck a 39-year-old male with a car, then proceeded to forcibly take his property.”

The victim was transported to Lincoln Hospital where he is in critical condition, officials told the Post.

The first suspect is described as a man with a dark complexion and Afro hair, according to the NYPD. The second suspect, a man with a dark complexion and Afro hair, was wearing light-colored pants, a black hoodie, and sneakers.

“A third man inside the car was described as a ‘male, dark complexion, thin build, short hair.’ He was last seen wearing black pants, and a light colored hooded sweatshirt,” the Post report said.

In May, police were looking for two suspects accused of punching, stabbing, and slashing a 25-year-old man during another robbery in the Bronx.

“The incident comes as crime rates have climbed dramatically this year in the Democrat-run city,” Breitbart News reported at the time:

The seven major felonies offenses have seen a 40.7 percent increase from January 1 to May 15 compared to the same period in 2021, the NYPD’s crime statistics show. Burglaries are up 33.6 percent, grand larcenies are up 53.1 percent, grand larcenies auto are up 58 percent, and robberies are up 42.5 percent compared to last year.

Meanwhile, over 50 individuals were shot during the Fourth of July holiday weekend in Mayor Eric Adams’ (D) New York City.

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  1. Yeah their lives matter alright, NOT! Typical BS that goes on and on and never gets fixed. Crime runs rampant in that state. Start putting people in prison for good, cut off their hands like some countries do or put them to death. These states are just enabling criminals. How ridiculous!

  2. Why not say it like it is when describing these criminals. They were not only “dark complexion” Both criminals were black men!

  3. Thomas Albert Robinson

    Ain’t that sweet, how New yorkers will go and check on the injured person, TWICE!!

  4. No worries the police or catch him and the mayor and the governor alarm go free that way they can do it all over again it’s called bail reform that NEW YORK

  5. This is a case study in why it’s recommended that people not insult or complain about the Clintons.

  6. It’s often been noted that gun violence would plunge to a small fraction of current rates if Donks (Demnocrats) were forced to surrender their firearms.

    By the same token, we have an illustration here of why it’s never been a good idea to let Donks drive, bike or walk in populated areas.

  7. Such is the fate of the North American white male.

  8. PBinLostAngeles

    Media outlets that do not report the complexion(s) when “people of color” are arrested for committing crimes, report racial disparities – perceived, actual or otherwise – in detainment, arrest, imprisonment, and – especially – police shootings, then write – not unlike your own – or broadcast heated editorials blaming everybody from Christopher Columbus, to long dead slave owners, to the police and the criminal-justice system in an iniquitous attempt to make excuses for criminal behavior. The American media ignores the complexion of the perpetrators in these incidents, doing nobody any favors. As often as not, they bury – or destroy – any evidence supporting such criminal activity presented to them.

    What the authorities and the media seem determined to suppress is that the black thug element in many neighborhoods launch coordinated attacks on whites and others in public places. Episodes of unprovoked attacks by blacks against random whites on beaches, in shopping malls, at state fairs, or in other public places have occurred in Philadelphia, New York, Denver, Chicago, Cleveland, Washington, Los Angeles, and other places all across the country.

    Several years ago, when two white reporters for a Virginia newspaper driving through Norfolk were attacked and beaten by a mob of young blacks – beaten so badly they had to take weeks off from work to recover – doesn’t that sound like news that should have been reported, at least by their own newspaper? – It wasn’t!

  9. How disgusting are these animals that would purposely hit a man with his car to rob him. Then we see 2 more animals stabbing a man.
    As a New Yorker, Long Islander, this is why people are moving out of NewYork city, businesses are leaving New York City, employees don’t want to return to their city offices to work bc they fear taking the subways, no one wants to go into the city to hang out, tourism has plummeted and the city is absolutely filthy.
    We have a mayor that’s more concerned about his imagine then the rampant crime, we have a governor, not elected, that says nothing about the crime but is hell bent on taking guns away from law abiding citizens but does nothing about the illegal guns the criminals are using, we have a DA that no matter what crime these disgusting criminal animals are committing when they are caught they are back out on the streets within 24 hours.
    These politicians in office, DEMOCRATS, past and present have destroyed New York City they’ve allowed the animals to run the city. It’s just a matter of time where all that will be left is the dems and the animals.

  10. I was SHOCKED to see the ALLEGED Criminals were black…. I suppose the victim was flaunting his White Privilege is why they hit him and robbed him. The thing I respect about the Death Penalty is it may not be a real deterrent, but it does ensure Society that we WILL NOT be victimized by that individual EVER AGAIN…Ya gotta like that….

  11. There’s a satanic temple in NYC.What does anyone with a brain think why it is there..satan owns nyc Denver has two.

  12. There’s a satanic temple in NYC.What does anyone with a brain think why it is there..satan owns it and Denver has two.

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