Man Dressed As Woman Wants to Compete in Toronto Beauty Pageant

Transgender troll Jessica Yaniv is back at it again. Last heard from when he was filing suit against Canadian salons for refusing to wax his (male) genitalia, Yaniv is now filing a human rights complaint against Canada Galaxy Pageants because they don’t want him in their beauty contest.

“Yaniv, who is transgender with male genitals, was initially accepted into the contest, having not mentioned that she was transgender with male genitals on her application,” reports The Post Millennial. “This would go against the pageant’s policy, who only allow biological females, or those who had ‘fully transitioned’ and no longer had male genitals to compete in the pageant. This policy was noted in all paperwork and on the website.”

Now, come on. That’s a pretty liberal policy by any definition. The pageant is fully willing to accept “transitioned” females into their pageant, meaning they are willing to take men as long as they shown some level of commitment to the whole transgender thing. But just a guy in a dress? Yeah, that’s gonna be a no, dog.

How does this possibly rise to the level of a human rights violation?

The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms is taking the case on behalf of the pageant company. They say that Yaniv is looking for $10,000 in damages (“injury to dignity and feelings”) and is requesting that “the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario rule that an organization cannot refuse a service to someone just because that person has male genitalia.”

Injury to dignity, really? Has this guy ever looked in a mirror?

In dismissing Yaniv’s earlier complaint against the waxing salons, the Human Rights Tribunal of British Columbia concluded: “Yaniv’s predominant motive in filing her waxing complaints is not to prevent or remedy alleged discrimination, but to target small businesses for personal financial gain. In many of these complaints, she is also motivated to punish racialized and immigrant women based on her perception that certain ethnic groups, namely South Asian and Asian communities, are ‘taking over’ and advancing an agenda hostile to the interests of LGBTQ+ people.”

Considering that judgement, is it worth noting that Galaxy Pageants is also run by a woman of an Asian ethnic background?

“For reasons of safety and security, it is imperative that biological women and girls, and fully transitioned transgender females, have spaces where they can associate free from the presence of individuals with male genitals,” said a spokesperson for the JCCF. “This is particularly so in situations where women and girls are exposed or vulnerable.”

Someone chase this freak off with a stick, already.

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