Man Armed With Knife Shot and Killed While Robbing a Gun Store

 A man carrying a “bladed object” entered a Carter’s Country gun store and began stealing money from the cash register. An armed employee shot the robber who later died from the wounds.

Police investigators told reporters that a man entered the Carter’s Country gun store located on Wilcrest Drive in southwest Houston on Tuesday afternoon. The investigator said the man carried a “bladed object” into the store, according to KHOU CBS 11.

The man approached the cash register and began removing money. An armed employee of the gun store confronted the robber.

Fox 26 Houston reported the employee fired two shots, striking the suspect who then ran out of the store and collapsed in the parking lot.

The suspect was transported to a nearby hospital in critical condition. Doctors declared him dead upon arrival.

No charges were filed but Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg’s office said the incident will be presented to a grand jury. The grand jury will determine if charges are to be filed against the store employee.

A group of ten robbers broke into this same Carter’s Country store in March 2016 and stole 50 firearms, Breitbart News’ AWR Hawkins reported. The gang of robbers made entry by pulling the doors off the hinges with a pickup truck and tow strap.

Store security cameras captured the break-in on video later released by Houston police. Once inside the store, the robbers smashed display cases with hammers and removed handfuls of weapons.

They then fled the store and dumped the pickup truck a block away. ATF agents later arrested three of the suspects.

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  1. If you’re a redneck you may try to rob a gun store with a knife!?!

    • It could also be dumb democrat/socialist/communist too!

    • Phil Sutherland

      No, most “Rednecks” are raised with guns and know you don’t bring a knife to a gunfight! Most likely some deranged person in the wrong area that got lost with no money! Also, most likely had a very low IQ! Maybe even a “D”, you fill in the blank!

  2. They don’t say anything about the race of the suspects so I would say they are Black or maybe Hispanics.

  3. Good shooting by the store employee! Justice has been served!

  4. That’s what I say****JUSTICE HAS BEEN SERVED👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  5. Perfect. Now if the same thing happened to a few of these rioters things would settle down real fast.

  6. Bemused Berserker

    That Thug didn’t get the memo that You Never Bring A Knife To A Gun Fight.

    Good shooting Store Employee.

  7. If the grand jury decides to prosecute ‘‘this cashier for shooting a fool then one million of us common sense people have to show up and let the idiots know we’re fedup with this bull shit and aren’t going to let our people rot in prison for doing the right thing.

  8. dumb ASS !!! You get what you deserved ! No law abiding citizen would have done that. Good shooting bud….


  10. A redneck would know better.

  11. Start off two center mass then one head shot.

  12. I hole heartedly agree with Kevin,

  13. Can’t fix stupid, well actually he did !

  14. Taking another man’s life is not an easy thing to live with, regardless of the circumstances. Please pray for the man who shot this criminal. This is something he will have live with the rest of his life.

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