Majority of Americans Want to See One HUGE Change in Politics

According to a new Gallup poll, the majority of Americans think it’s time for a third political party to join Republicans and Democrats on the national stage. The poll found that 61% of American adults want to see a new, viable party, including significant pluralities on both sides of the spectrum. 49% of registered Republicans are in favor of a third party and 52% of Democrats are on board with the idea. The hope for a third party, perhaps inevitably, gets the majority of its strength from independents – 77% want to see a third party join the two major dogs in the fight.

“The real constituency for a third party is likely to be political independents, meaning the party would have to be politically centrist,” Gallup wrote. “With record numbers of Americans frustrated with the way the country is being governed, the country could be inching closer to having enough people who want an alternative to the status quo to make it a reality, at least with the right candidate at the helm.”

The results are hardly surprising, given the way the 2016 elections played out. There are fierce ideological splits in both major parties. One could even say that Donald Trump WAS, in many ways, a “third party” candidate, even though he ran for and won the Republican nomination. He certainly didn’t represent the party’s basic platform or traditional braids of conservatism. And his path to victory was forged with newcomers to the voting booth, many of whom had felt left out of national politics for years.

On the other side, well, they STILL have no idea what to do about the fractures eating their party alive. Progressives are locked in battle with “neoliberals” for the party’s power center, and it remains to be seen which side will win out. The Bernie Sanders phenomenon took the Democrat Party’s leaders by surprise last year – so much so that there is really no one they can turn to and pin their 2020 hopes on. Another “establishment” candidate like Hillary Clinton may well be openly rejected by the progressive leftists who want to drag the party even further into socialist territory. And if the leftists win control over the party’s platform, millions of Democrats are going to flee the coop, whether to a third party or to the Republican side of the aisle. There’s left and then there’s LEFT. And the LEFT is on a roll.

Still, the idea of a centrist, nationally-viable third party remains an unlikely scenario. We’ve been in this place before. It never seems to pan out. There’s too much money, history, and…well, money…in the two major parties to allow for that kind of insurgent, out-of-nowhere candidacy. Voters who want change will mostly have to find it by overturning the establishment leadership in the existing infrastructure. And as Trump’s astonishing win last year proved, THAT is something that can be done.


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  3. I have long contended that a 3rd party could be a very good thing. I would hope that we could call it the Common Sense Party, because there isn’t much common sense in D.C. right now!

    • If you look at your states election laws. You will see how difficult and experience starting up a 3rd part. Then think about the other 49 states. I wish Trump would of started a 3rd party, but I suspect it would of cost him to much. The last person who tried to start a 3rd party was Thurman somebody from South Carolina. The party name was The Dixiecrats. Before Thurman what’s his name, Teddy Roosevelt tried a 3rd party run, after loosing the Republican nomination. Both candidates lost in their General Elections……

      • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

        I think the American People are open to an third party! Mark back then things were different not so much today!!! So maybe its worth a try if you will

        • Why not? This sure as hell ain’t working.

          • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

            TOO much corruption!! BIG BUCKS!!!

          • That’s it in a nutshell. We have to demonetize Washington before we can accomplish much.

          • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

            Isn’t this exactly what President Trump promised to do drain the damn swamp????

          • I don’t think he can do it in his first 2 years. He has been successful in shining a light on the corruption in Congress by trying to repeal Obamacare. It’s up to us to vote a new Congress in 2018 that will support his agenda. That is when we will begin to drain the swamp.

          • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

            Of cause your correct!! wishful thinking on my part!! can you believe the level of corruption in house’s of Government!! I think we are in a LOT OF TROUBLE!! What say you?!?

          • Like I said above, it’s up to us, the voters, to continue the work he has started. We must not return the same old corrupt incumbents that have become career politicians. We must allow ourselves to vote for the most maligned candidates because those are the ones that can probably do the most good. If a candidate doesn’t support Trump’s agenda, don’t vote for him. Steve Bannon is going to give us a slate of candidates unless the powers that be decide to Arkancide him before the election cycle begins.

          • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

            Texas, I hope the hell you are correct!!! As I said!!! America is in real trouble!!!

          • I’d vote a homeless person before I vote for Scott DeJarllas, my representative. He talked his wife AND mistress into having abortions. So he wouldn’t have to pay double child support. Hes gotten reelected 3 times already……..

          • That’s what he is doing, but there is so much that you probably haven’t even heard how much he has already done, but it will take 2 terms for him to accomplish near what needs to be drained in Washington, D.C.

          • Trump can’t drain the swamp! He’s not allowed to fire any members of congress, or The Supreme Court. Draining the swamp is the VOTERS responsibility. In 2018 anyone who votes for an incumbent during the primary season. They are the problem. ……..

          • The corruption is with the Establishment in both parties. President Trump is not corrupt and is helping to get rid of some of the corruption in Washington, D.C. There is so much trash, he will need a 2nd term to even make a dent in all of it.

          • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

            I would think with all the corruption in D.C. it would take more then 8 clean -up! My God how did we get this corrupt??? The beat goes on,on,on!!Lets hope & pray President Trump get the job done!!

        • Like Roosevelt, Taft and Wilson? The two most popular, Roosevelt and Taft, split the vote. The least popular candidate, Wilson, won the election. All three of them were Progressives, anyway. Obama Balkanized the Democrats into such ideologically polarized groups it’s surprising they haven’t split into four or more parties by now.

      • Short memories. Am I the only person who remembers Ross Perot (very much like President Trump) and the Reform Party?

        If you mean a 3rd party that won at least 3 electoral votes, that would be George Wallace and the American Independent Party in 1968.

        If you mean won at least 1 electoral vote, last would be John Hospers (Libertarian) in the 1972 election.

        • I forgot about old Ross.
          I do remember the VP Debate. Where Quail and Gore were squabbling about something. Ross’ running mate some old Admrial had his hearing aid turned down. When the moderator asked the Admerial what he thought. The Ole boy said “Er….”
          Then turned his hearing aid back up! That was better than Quail misspelling POTATO. e

          • They were token votes because people are brainwashed to believe you have to vote R or D to count: GUESS who wins that way, EVERY TIME! (Hint: it’s NOT America or her citizens)

          • If a Republican runs for a 3rd Party, he or she will take enough votes away from the Republican nominee to ensure that the Democrats win if it’s a close race. I believe Ted Cruz is a globalist and for the NWO like his wife who has helped Goldman Sachs push this. Paul Ryan and McConnell are Globalist and lots of other Republicans. Ted Cruz had the most money from Wall Street than any other Republican candidate and tried to say at every campaign stop how he was against Wall Street. That’s exactly what Hillary did too because she had millions of dollar donations from Wall Street and $25 million dollars from Saudi Arabia. These kind of candidates who take these big donations would have to be indebted to them if they win and who knows what they would give away from America to pay their obligation to them. That’s what all voters should pay attention to. Donald Trump is the only candidate who paid over $90 million dollars of his own money and the Republican Party had no hold over him because they gave all their money to Jeb Bush. Remember the RNC asking for donations and they gave over $120 million dollars to just Jeb Bush and no other candidate. I found out real fast just how the Republican Party gets WHO they want to win the nomination. Because they didn’t have any hold on Trump, the Establishment went crazy to make sure Trump didn’t win because they were Globalists who knew that Trump would hurt their cause if he won. Sick people who didn’t care who the people in America wanted, it is always about who THEY want to be President. Trump needs to sin in 2020 to complete the draining of the swamp Establishment and all the corrupt people in the FBI and CIA.

          • sandraleesmith46

            You get part of the problem right; but MISS the rest! So long as we keep voting along that “R or D” only paradigm, the GLOBALISTS keep right on winning. You think they don’t own Trump? They had him LONG before he ran for office. Not all globalists are politicians. In fact many of them aren’t: they’re corporate “leaders” like Zuckerberg, and Trump too. They’re not even all Americans.

          • White, and Proud

            Your a Democrat or just plain stupid, Ted Cruz a Rino, with a statement like that proves to me you know Nothing about politics, Ted Cruz is #3 on the list as Top Conservative Senators and #8 overall counting both House and Senate menbers. I don’t think you even know what a Rino is. I really believe you just read other people’s comments and copy what someone else says. Infact everything you have said about Ted Cruz has been lies. Your just a Racist Trump supporter.

          • Who else is on your “Good List”?

          • White, and Proud

            Instead of believeing me go to the worst and best Conservatives grading rate list, at https://www.conservatives and learn what Real Conservative Americans think. Because some of you don’t know what a Rino is or a Great Conservative is. Learn something

          • White, and Proud

            Instead of believeing me go to the worst and best Conservatives grading rate list https://wwwconseravativerev… and learn something. It gives you the 25 worst and 25 best Congressman and if you don’t know Congressman means both House and Senate

          • White, and Proud

            Remember after going to the site put liberty 25 so you get their rating https://wwwconseravativerev… then look for liberty 25

          • Admiral Jim Stockdale is more intelligent than Quayle and Gore combined.

          • Yea, Stockdale. I never said nothing bad about him. I did know he was a big time war hero. We do need more people who have served on the front lines, before they serve in DC. If I’m remembering right Clinton was the first presidential in over 100 years who was not a solder, sailor, air man.
            Weren’t him and Obama Cheerleaders for “Mrs” Obama’s football team????

          • 20th and 21st Century Presidents who did not serve in a branch of the armed forces (including Coastguard, reserves or national guard) were … Wm Howard Taft, Woodrow Wilson, Warren Harding, Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, FDR, Clinton, Obama, and Trump* (though Trump attended a military academy in NY).

            LBJ’s stint was controversial. “Caro, Robert (1982). The Years of Lyndon Johnson: The Path to Power. Alfred A. Knopf. ISBN 0-394-49973-5. The most you can say about Lyndon Johnson and his Silver Star is that it is surely one of the most undeserved Silver Stars in history, because if you accept everything that he said, he was still in action for no more than 13 minutes and only as an observer. Men who flew many missions, brave men, never got a Silver Star.”

            LBJ spent most of his Naval “Career” in the reserve, largely serving as a congressional aid. He WAS VERY POLITICALLY WELL-CONNECTED, though.

            LBJ only joined the Navy to advance his political career.

          • Sounds a lot like John Kerry who didn’t deserve his award either.

          • It surely does. In my view, Kerry is an embarrassment. I wish he had served in a different branch than the Navy, or preferably high tailed it to Canada and not served at all.

          • Bill Clinton was the biggest womanizer that the WH has ever had…even JFK. There was not a woman he didn’t want. The Arkansas Security force’s job was to sneak Bill Clinton out all the time to have affairs with lots of women. That should have told everybody what trash he would be in the WH and sure enough, he had sex in the Oval Office and still won re-election for a 2nd term.

        • I remember Ross Perot. The biggest problem with a 3rd party so far has been finding someone the voters can relate to, who isn’t looked at as weird,or to far removed from understanding what the voters need, and it splits the votes 3 ways. I know the choices haven’t been the best for sometime, but splitting the vote 3 ways seems to make it harder for a definitive win, for any candidate, and easier for the kind of thing we have been seeing since Pres. Trump threw his hat in the ring You have the liberals and rinos fighting him on every issue.. Can you imagine if both losing parties went after the elected president it could conceivably be worse than it already is. When we do have someone run such as independent, or libertarian etc the voters don’t know who he is or anything about him.

          • Not only can I imagine 3rd party candidates throwing elections into turmoil, it has been observed in multiple elections in US history including the 1832, 1856,1860, 1912, and 1948 elections.

            Today’s problems can be significantly attributed to the rise of the professional politician i.e., persons without principles.

            That is one reason why nowhere in the Federal Constitution nor any State Constitution is it stated that it should be easy for a candidate to win an election, nor there must be only two parties.

            Both the candidates and the voters must revisit ideas like morality and ethics, or the US will no longer be a country where the governments serves by the consent of the governed. This is supposed to be taught in primary and secondary school civics classes – and that has not been accomplished in many, many decades.

          • Today, the problem with the government established and introduced to we American Indians is the loss of a religious belief. I am almost 80 years old and during WW II I remember public prayer such before ball games, in public school every morning and daily over the radio asking God to protect our country and those fighting for our country. Our heroes were soldiers not athletes who hundreds annually are charged with felonies and yet want our respect.

            From the beginning of the Republic the Founders had a strong belief in God but most of the time used words such as Providence, Almighty Being, Great Author, Invisible Hand, Parent of the Human Race, etc.

            Last paragraph of George Washington’s first Inaugural address;
            Having thus imparted to you my sentiments as they have been awakened by the occasion which brings us together, I shall take my present leave; but not without resorting once more to the benign Parent of the Human Race in humble supplication that, since He has been pleased to favor the American people with opportunities for deliberating in perfect tranquility, and dispositions for deciding with unparalleled unanimity on a form of government for the security of their union and the advancement of their happiness, so His divine blessing may be equally conspicuous in the enlarged views, the temperate consultations, and the wise measures on which the success of this Government must depend.

            A few more quotes from the founders;
            George Washington, “Religion and morality are the essential pillars of civil society.”

            Benjamin Franklin, “Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.”
            “Whereas true religion and good morals are the only solid foundations of public liberty and happiness . . . it is hereby earnestly recommended to the several States to take the most effectual measures for the encouragement thereof.” Continental Congress, 1778
            Fisher Ames author of the final wording for the First Amendment wrote, “[Why] should not the Bible regain the place it once held as a school book? Its morals are pure, its examples captivating and noble. The reverence for the Sacred Book that is thus early impressed lasts long; and probably if not impressed in infancy, never takes firm hold of the mind.”
            John Jay, Original Chief-Justice of the U. S. Supreme Court , “The Bible is the best of all books, for it is the word of God and teaches us the way to be happy in this world and in the next. Continue therefore to read it and to regulate your life by its precepts.”
            James Wilson, Signer of the Constitution; U. S. Supreme Court Justice, “Human law must rest its authority ultimately upon the authority of that law which is divine. . . . Far from being rivals or enemies, religion and law are twin sisters, friends, and mutual assistants. Indeed, these two sciences run into each other.”
            Noah Webster, author of the first American Speller and the first Dictionary stated, “The moral principles and precepts contained in the scriptures ought to form the basis of all our civil constitutions and laws. . . All the miseries and evils which men suffer from vice, crime, ambition, injustice, oppression, slavery, and war, proceed from their despising or neglecting the precepts contained in the Bible.”

            The courts have revised the First Amendment by erecting a wall of atheism around the public square and every public school, where God is not allowed to be mentioned. This is not the same wall that Thomas Jefferson envisioned. In his letter on separation of church and state he quotes the First Amendment. Which prohibits congress from making of any law respecting an establishment of religion and ensuring that there is no prohibition on the free exercise of religion. The whole meaning has been reversed by liberal judges.

          • Excellently outlined and written. It seems these principles have been neglected and certainly neglected in being taught in the government (aka Prussian styled) schools.

          • Yes, the RINOS, such as Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz (hiding it behind Trump’s back) want Trump to fail so they can run for President in 2020. Ted Cruz started meeting with the Republicans leaders to help him win the Republican Nomination for 2020 even against Trump. His speech at the Republican Convention asked people to vote for him as a write-in candidate during the 2016 election knowing that Trump could lose the Presidency because he needed every Republican vote he could get to beat the Clinton Machine. Cruz did this not caring if we had Hillary Clinton for President in 2016 (heaven forbid) just so Trump would lose and Cruz would go up against Hillary in 2020. What a poor loser. He is as bad a loser as Hillary Clinton and the Democrats are still trying to take the Presidency away from Trump. It wouldn’t surprise me that Cruz is still behind the scenes still working with the Republican leaders to help him campaign against Trump in 2020 and still showing Trump that he is working with him in the Senate. That’s a backstabber I don’t ever want to win the Presidency!!

          • White, and Proud

            I see you really don’t know much to call Cruz a Rino, proves to me your just a Trump supporter and really don’t know squat about politics you became interested because of Obama you just another racist Trump supporter. Instead of acting like a Democrat by spreading lies Learn something

      • The point is that we don’t actually have to start up new parties; they’re already THERE: what we need to do is BREAK voters of the habit of being locked into “vote R or D only, to count”! There are already at least 4 or 5 other parties to choose from; although they currently aren’t printed on our ballots, you CAN still vote for their candidates for offices! It requires a little effort on the voter’s part to find who they are and write them in, but that’s a VOTE too!

        • If you really want to shake up all the establishment get everyone you know to vote out all the incumbents you lawfully can out during your States primary. The whole lot of them need to go packing!!!!
          The way I see it, Why keep a whole barrel of rotten apples to save a FEW good ones? Just get a new barrel of FRESH apples 🍏 ……..

          • The problem is that we can never GET a whole fresh barrel; 2/3 of the Senate’s rotten apples remain in place every cycle, and they infect the newcomers!

          • That is our own fault, we can do it if we really want to!

          • Not without violating the Constitution; 2/3 of the Senate does NOT come up for re-election at the same time as the 1/3 and House do. The only way to accomplish a “clean sweep” would be to overthrow the very document we seek to preserve.

          • Do you think presidential term limits are unconstitutional?

          • sandraleesmith46

            It’s not about term limits; it’s about the overlap of terms for Senators. 2/3 are ALWAYS holdovers from the previous Congress because their terms are 6 years and only 1/3 comes up for election every cycle. There is NO way to clean out the Congress without violating the Constitution as established.

          • That’s called diversity, its a good thing. You don’t want the whole congress in a “Lock Step” fashion. Where every one agrees with the leadership. I mean what if the whole damn congress thought and did like Paul Ryan or Nancy Polozi? Or like Mitch McConnell John McCain.
            I think here James Madison and Founders knew what they were doing.

          • sandraleesmith46

            Nope; it’s not “diversity”; in this instance it’s a GUARANTEE the status quo will NOT change regardless how many new faces get sent in because those holdovers will infect them every time. The Founders never envisioned “career” members of Congress. They envisioned citizen statesmen who would go home after serving a term or 2 and take up whatever their regular business was again! This is more akin to keeping a few rotten apples in the barrel every time to insure the fresh apples also rot.

          • Lets have a maximum that they can spend on the election and no large donations permitted so no one can tell them what to do and they all would have to learn how to control their money which would maybe teach them how to run the budget if they get into office without free airfare. Use the train or pay for your own air. They can hold meetings on the computers and save us a lot of money.

          • How about $0.00 in campaign donations. Make the put their OWN MONEY where their mouth is…..
            If Trump can do it, so can the rest of them…..🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

          • They didn’t infect my Senator Ted Cruz infact, if I remember right he was 1 of the only 1’s who challenge everything Obama was doing to the point he pissed off his own party!! And Cruz will continue to fight for America and the American People. Cruz is a True American.

          • I wish Cruz were not married to an exec with Goldman Sachs. That is a little suspicious to me.

          • White, and Proud

            Please are you sure your a Texan, or someone who has moved to my great state, It’s like people don’t realize just who is on the American People side anymore. Cruz has done nothing but great things as the top Law maker in Texas , by securing laws to keep Sharia law and other such laws from ever taking shape in Texas. Ted Cruz is 1 of the only people in DC who is honest and decent. He is also 1 of the Top 3 constitutional lawyers in this country. I think it’s a excuse about his wife your using, I don’t know you but a lot of people beat around the bush, when their a little prejudiced or racist again I don’t know you but it makes me wonder.

          • I want to believe Cruz is legit. I get his newsletter every week, and there is nothing in it that’s bad so far. However, I don’t believe he is eligible to be President any more than Obama was.

            Yes, I’m a Texan born and bred, so I’m sure of my background.

          • White, and Proud

            Ted Cruz is as American as you or I his mother was under government contact working in Canada when he was born, he falls under the law like my kid was when born in Panama when I was in the Army there. No different. Honestly I don’t know a Texan who doesn’t know that about Ted Cruz,

          • Being okayed to run for Senate is a total different set of requirements than running for President. Cruz’s Father let it slip during the 2016 campaign that he and Cruz’s Mother became Canadian citizens when Ted Cruz was born. His Mother was American, but at that time, Canada did NOT have dual citizenship recognized, so his Mother gave up her American citizenship to be a Canadian; therefore, Ted Cruz is NOT eligible to be President. He sealed his records from Canada just like Obama sealed his records. If Ted Cruz has nothing to hide, why did he do that and why won’t he open those records up so we can see if he really is eligible to be President. Too bad the people in Texas believe all the lies that Ted Cruz says because he proved in 2016, he would cheat, lie and steal (Trump’s delegates) to win the Republican nomination. Don’t you remember Cruz’s speech at the Republican Convention where he practically told his supporters to vote for him instead of Trump when they voted. Trump had already won the Republican Nomination but Ted Cruz wouldn’t stop trying to be President even most of the American people didn’t want him to win. Bad loser just like the Democrats!!

          • White, and Proud

            Your so stupid it’s people like you who back Trump to our death, he’s the liar, and a Con man, Trump is just as bad as Obama and Hillary. A lousy world leader. If you can even call him a leader. He a piece of Shit. And all you who think he’s a God Send, have no clue about God. In a week or so Trump is going to say I didn’t back Moore because I didn’t want him to lose, he was my real pick. BS Trump has proved he doesn’t want anything to do with Conservatives, he wants Rinos are Democrats, so he can feed his World Size Ego

          • White, and Proud

            Curious what county. I am from Travis, or born there i grew up in Cameron county,

          • I was born in Dallas, grew up in Ft Worth. I spent most of my adult life in suburbs of Dallas. After spending 6 years in Ecuador because I couldn’t stand looking at or listening to Obama, I moved to Muenster, in Cooke County, Texas. I went to the Muenster High School football game on Friday. Everyone, and I mean everyone, stood and recited the Pledge of Allegiance, and sang the National Anthem as well as bowed their heads for the prayer for the safety of the players and the continued prosperity of the United States.

          • White, and Proud

            So you were born in Dallas County in Dallas and moved to Tarrant County in Fort Worth, Travis is Austin , and Cameron is Brownsville or those are the county seats, I have lived all over Texas, in my 57 years of life. Even my 6 years in the military I spent 2yrs in Texas, with the 1st Cav, and the 2nd AD. which is Bell County Ft Hood. Anyway best of luck to you, but rest assured Ted Cruz, is A American Citizen, and 1 if not the most Stand up Senators in DC. That’s why the Rinos and Democrats hate him. He can’t be bought nor will he sellout the American People

          • Well, being hated by the establishment politicians seems to be the endorsement all of us need to use in determining which candidates we vote for.

          • White, and Proud

            I agree and when people like Mark Levin have faith in politicians like Ted Cruz is another good indication. Even Glenn Beck, even though Beck has become a little wacky the last few years, he’s still a smart man when it comes to politics and our constitution. Because that’s exactly what we need is men and women who are going to back the Constitution.

          • If you remember, the Establishment finally came around to endorsing Cruiz because they wanted SOMEBODY to beat Trump. Cruz who had been against the Establishment all his career, didn’t say anything against the Establishment because Cruz would do anything to win. He tried every dirty trick in the book to try and steal the Republican nomination away from Trump who actually campaigned in all the States, unlike Cruz who just tried to change the rules at the Convention so that the States wouldn’t have to be obligated to give their States winner their votes on the first ballot. Cruz wanted them to change the rules so they could just vote for who they wanted to win which would in essence just have them override who millions of voters had wanted to be their choice. That’s dirty and so low that I will NEVER vote for Ted Cruz for President in the future because of how bad he was in 2016!!

          • White, and Proud

            Your so misinformed your ass is showing. Quit coming on a Conservative site acting like your a Conservative, all you are is a die hard Trump supporter, and don’t know squat about politics or what a Rino is. Cruz a Rino. Moron!!! Ted Cruz is in the top 10 Best True Conservatives in the Country I think your a Democrat the way you lie

          • Ted Cruz, like Obama, sealed his records and won’t let anybody see them. What is in them that he has to hide??? I don’t think Cruz is eligible to be President because his Mother, an American, gave up her American citizenship when Cruz was born which means Cruz is not eligible to be President. Read all the rules about who can become President and you will see that too, or are you going to be dumb like the people were when Obama ran for President and just ignore those rules of eligibility for Cruz too?

          • Look your just like every other Stupid ass who thinks they know it all. Just a HATER. I swear you people are sick. With ass holes like you no wonder Democrats have gotten away with the shit they do. Quit thinking you know everything when you don’t know shit. I see nothing but a bunch of True Racist Americans, who think Trump is some God, Trump has sold us Conservatives out. And until you people get real we are in trouble. I had hope. And now Trump is just as bad as Hillary. I read the comments on here daily and there are maybe 6 people who has a clue about how this country is run, the rest of you are just Trump hopefuls. And he’s a loser, a shitty world leader.

          • Not to mention his father fought along side of Fidel Castro……. Rafael Cruz sr
            Got captured by the Cuban Dictator then escaped the jail and left Cuba. Plus Cruz has a Canadian Birth Certificate. That makes him ineligible to be president. He is making a good senator.

          • So it takes 5 more years to clean the slate. In the history of the United States, that’s to a very long time. Within 3 years, we’d have a majority out of there which ought to get the attention of the 1/3 that remains. You might hear some different tunes if they were threatened with dismissal.

          • Start w/the house. You/We must have patients in replacing senators. If one is up for reelection next year in your state…..Vote the dead beat out. Hell half stay until death anyways

          • I agree, Mark. Incumbents are all owned by the Hillary machine even if they aren’t Democrats. There is too much discussion of the Control Files she possesses on every member of Congress. If we primary out all the incumbents, surely we can change the attitude of Congress for a few years anyway.

      • Ross Perot tried also in our more recent history. The Deep State got to him when they threatened to kill his family. I’m not sure what we can do to fix politics in this country when the threatened factions have the power to kill with impunity.

        • Yea, I was going to vote for Ross, but he dropped out for a week or so. He did tell the truth about NAFTA.
          “After it’s implemented you will hear the vacume sucking our jobs overseas”
          -Some what paraphrased
          The hook line got me thinking about him
          “Who would you rather loan money to, Bush, Clinton, or myself”
          You just couldn’t argue w/logic like that…….

          • The powers that be don’t like the truth. Ross Perot was a regular guy. Long time ago I lived in a neighborhood close to where he lived. I’d see him in the grocery story buying milk and bread on his way home from work just like any other husband and father.

            I know you don’t like Trump, but can you support his agenda. In many ways it is just like Perot’s. Bring jobs back, allow people to be productive and take care of their families and get government out of everyone’s way.

          • I like Trump so far. I just listed what he promised and were I think hes falling short on his promises. I won’t turn unless nothing gets done by the end of his second year. I realize it takes a few minutes to undo the last presidents policy. Trade is more important to me than ObamaCare repeal, Tax breaks, Football Games.
            Tariff to money in our treasury is better than Income Tax money. You know why? The People don’t pay Tariffs……….

          • I like the fact Trump is so politically incorrect. It’s such a breath of fresh air for a guy to be able to say in 140 characters what other politicians can’t say in 5 pages.

      • You mean Strom Thurmond?

        • Yea. Didn’t he live like over 100yrs and the people kept reelecting him, like Senator Byrd? Not only do we need TERM LIMITS, AGE LIMITS wouldn’t hurt either. Lets say somewhere between 70-75. That building there in Washington DC is our congress, not some retirement home for trash talking politicians to shoot for………….

    • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

      Was there ever common sense in D.C.?

    • There are other parties out there; but no one pays attention to them much; like the Constitution party and the Libertarians, Greens, etc. Too many have been brainwashed with the notion that if you don’t vote R or D, your vote doesn’t count at all; it’s not true, of course, but that’s the common belief, none the less. Change has to start between YOUR OWN EARS if you want it to happen. (That YOUR is the collective sum of all people).

      • It would be nice if one of the other parties ran a candidate that didn’t have their head up their hind end. We need an outsider that can run 3rd party and not loonies!

      • The third party would be just as bad as what now have! We need to replace the traitorous Rinos, the far-left libatards, do away with the Lobbyist and all the money men like the punk George Soros!

        • Did it ever occur to you that any other party would be “as bad” because it’s the PEOPLE who are “as bad”?

          • curmudgeon VN Veteran

            Great point!

          • Yes, so it falls on we, the people, to vote for candidates that will restore a conservative voice in Congress. I hope Steve Bannon will give us some information on this when the time comes.

          • …….Actually the ballot box is what should enforce term limits. To be honest,
            I thought the election process was rigged until Trump started winning.

          • I think it was rigged which is why Hillary went into such a meltdown on election night. Her machine failed to calculate correctly how many in small towns would vote against her. In my town, she got a total of “1” vote out of about 600, and I am surprised she even got that. That’s why she blames everyone but herself. How could it possibly be her when all she had to do was stay alive through election day?

          • Hu?
            You think Trump thought he was Paul Newman, and put The Sting to the old bag? Now she has to stew knowing she cheated, but got out cheated. To make matters worse, she can’t tell nobody.
            I like it. Also to me it didn’t matter how Trump won. Just to keep another family from starting a political dynasty. I wouldn’t even care if Hillary had video in her server of Putin himself in a NYC polling house. Her after Obama would of been the end of US(A) all…….

          • I don’t feel like the Republican party did any cheating to try to elect Trump. The Republican hierarchy doesn’t seem to have any more use for him than the Democrats. Trump appears to be an equal opportunity fly in the ointment for both parties. The honest votes of American citizens were enough to put Trump in the White House. Now, if you had cheated and had been assured by those carrying our the cheating, that the election was in the bag, how would you have felt on election night? She’s old, she’s sick and she isn’t going to get another bite at the apple.

            Reading Larry Nichols “28 Years to Nowhere” is an eyeopener on how the Democrat party rigs elections. Some of it is undetectable.

            Yes, I totally agree. Hillary’s failure to gain the White House was an answer to prayer for the country. I don’t want a political dynasty emanating from the Trump family or any other family either.

          • Trump didn’t cheat. Remember after Trump won, the 3rd Party candidate, with Hillary’s help went to WI, MI and tried to prove that Trump cheated. It turned out that Hillary lost votes and Trump won more. Hillary cheated in most of the other states to win. Did you know that Trump lost NH by about 6,000 votes and they found out that about 5,000 votes were fraud votes for Hillary, so Trump actually won NH too.

          • It is rigged by the Establishment Republicans. They couldn’t stop Trump because Trump paid over $90 million dollars of his own money during the campaign when the RNC wouldn’t give him money. The Establishment had no leverage against Trump like they usually do against candidates they don’t like. It sure opened my eyes to see how the RNC always tries to get WHO they want, not who the Americans voted for. What is the reason we have elections if the RNC just picks our candidates in the end anyway??? That’s why I am so glad Trump won because he can’t be bought like other people who need the RNC money.

          • Steve Bannon is trying to get candidates to run against the incumbents in several states

            during a primary. He wants people who will help Trump with his agenda and that’s who he is going to get (I hope).

          • I will be watching Breitbart carefully to see who he is supporting. It’s a little early yet since most candidates have not declared their candidacy. It’s going to be interesting. I just hope we conservatives can keep the awareness up, so we all go to the polls and elect a better Congress this time around.

  4. The third party is a good idea became the RINO Republicans are owned by big biz and their lobbiest.
    The Democrats are taking up ridiculous causes (Gay Rights, Wide open immigration, Rights for illegal immigrants, Free this, Free that, rainbows, and unicorns)
    Both parties try to represent only 8% of the population. The rest of US are left out in the cold!! I’m not rich, I’m not an illegal immigrant, I’m not gay, I’m not trying to immigrate here.
    So Mr. Elephant and Mr. Donkey please tell me, who is representing me in Washington DC? Besides The Donald……….

    • Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Furher!!

    • Only The Donald represents all of us left-out folks. That’s why he won, and that’s why he will continue winning. We know he has our back. The Lib-Dems and Repugs are all jealous of DJT and want him deposed. It’ll never happen as long as all of us left-out folks keep supporting him and Our Agenda.

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      • If Trump don’t start walking instead of talking Ill vote him out in 2020. I want to see TARIFFS imposed on foreign junk. That’s either sold here or transported over our land by truck or rail. Tariffs will fix a lot of stuff. Mainly ADD MONEY to our treasury. Bring jobs back so more people pay into Social Security.
        Also why hasn’t Trump tore up NAFTA and the Iranian Deal, like he said he would?
        I’m hopeful not blind.

        • He’s got a lot on his plate and getting no help. It’s hard running a country alone. Try it and see if you can do better.

          • ………Wasn’t that Obama’s excuse? The dude before him made a big mess, and congress is stalling.
            I’m sick and tired of DCs switch and blame game!
            When I vote a president in, I expect results. Not excuses.
            I want tariffs on foreign made junk. So the treasury can start COLLECTING MONEY to start paying off Bush II And Obama’s reckless spending….

        • White, and Proud

          I agree he is not doing what he said, and wants to blame everyone else for his lack of leading. He fired the best Conservatives on his team and he doesn’t want anything to do with the Conservatives, We have plenty of great Conservatives both in the House and Senate yet he puts Rinos, and Democrats in his Administration. No I have lost all hope in Trump

        • When Has he had a Chance,He’s Fighting both Repups and Dumocrates at every thing he’s trying to do are we supposed to desert him ????? I don’t think so if more of you Quit complaining and Help him he could make this Country Great again

          • …..I said i was hopeful, not blind. I’ll stick w/him until the end of his second year.
            If nothing I posted above or below happens, I’m looking for a new president. Look at the 16 year mess BushII and Obama created together. We don’t need another 8 year mess to go on top of the other two 8 year messes.
            By the way “It’s the last presidents fault and congress is stalling”
            Wasn’t that Obama’s excuse for doing nothing…… We don’t need 4 more years of that again
            Do we????

      • What The Donald has is not your back, but your support, which he has conned you into delivering!

      • White, and Proud

        I hate to say Robert a month ago I would believe that, but as time keeps going by, the more i have my doubts about Trump, he fired the Two best Conservatives on his team, he backed a Swamp monster in Bama, he lied about locking Hillary up, and made it clear his Administration isn’t going to try and lock her up.He keeps making enemies with the people who can help him. And doesn’t want nothing to do with Conservatives. I am really starting to believe he conned us all. And now he wants to start shit with the 2 countries in the world who don’t give a F, if they blow everyone up, Iran, and North Korea. Real Smart. No Trump is just as insane.

        • White, and Proud: You’ve been reading or listening to too many false reports. President Trump is a businessman who has become the nation’s leader. That’s the whole problem with our “professional politicians”. They’ve had years to fix things in many places, but have not. The Donald comes in and many things have already been fixed in this short time. High level people in the Department of Defense cannot say enough for the improvement in the morale of those working there, since President Trump took office.

          Those who have thought that Hillary was impervious to American law need to rethink that notion. The Department of Justice has already taken up her e-mail case [among others] again in very serious terms. You may not know about this, but you accuse the President of lying about it, when he did not.

          As for Iran and North Korea, those are issues which existed independently long before President Trump came on the scene. He is merely dealing aggressively with them, as well he should. Iran and Iraq have both had the power to close the Suez Canal. Saddam made that threat openly on the international stage. Iran’s foreign policy is aimed at becoming the old Persian Empire once more. They have the same capability. Where have you been all these years?

          • White, and Proud

            Look I’m 57 years old, I served in the Armed forces as my father, great father, and now my son, my family and I have been active in politics our entire life. I am sorry if you want to continue to believe Trump is doing the right thing which he’s not. I listen to people who are more informed that you or most the people who back Trump on here. Keep lying to yourself. But Trump is becoming unglued. Listen to Mark Levin and others who see through the man. His ego is the problem and Sorry he isn’t a world leader, he’s a arrogant mean asshole. Again most all the top Conservative Senators and House Reps want nothing to do with him. But 1 or 2 Until Trump starts working with the Real Conservatives, he will continue to lose support. Bama, was a wake up call for Rinos and Trump. I am a Christian Conservative and proud of it. The true of the matter is I see Trump just like the Bushes Democrat in Republican clothes

          • Nope, you are wrong.

          • White, and Proud

            Sorry I voted for him and I have seen more and more bad decisions made by Trump over the past few weeks if not month and a half that are just not what this country needs. You can keep believing all you want, but your just not being Honest with yourself.I had hopes in him but he’s just not making the cut. I will agree he is still better than Hillary but he’s not on the Conservatives side. And the only way we get ahold of the problems in our government is by having True Conservatives doing their jobs. And there are many Great Conservatives, yet Trump doesn’t work with them.

          • White, and Proud

            Say look I’m 57 years old and not new to politics or the way things have been going on, I voted for Trump, and had hopes he’d do the things that he promised, I get my information from smart Conservatives like Mark Levin, Ted Cruz, even Glenn Beck when he doesn’t go wacko. And yeah it’s a no Brainer our Military is improving when a dirtbag Commie, lost power to the WH. Anyone could be a improvement over Obama. But if you think it’s smart to piss off the 2 most dangerous countries in the world at the same time is just Insane. Both NK, and Iran would love to blow up the world and blame Trump and his threats to take them down isn’t very smart. I am not going to say both should have been dealt with b4 now, because they should have!! But even we can’t fight 2 nuclear countries at the same time even more so when both won’t hesitate to use the bomb. Besides even Kelly and Maddog has told Trump to keep his comments off the wire. Those 2 Generals understand foreign policy way more than Trump.

          • White, and Proud

            You say they have had years to fix things, well you know what, Quit voting in the Stupid Rinos, and keep putting in Real Conservatives and we will Fix this Country. But Wait Wisconsin knew What Paul Ryan was, yet here we are Stuck with the Rinos again. McCain, and on and on. There is a lot of Great young Conservatives in the House and Senate, yet We get Dumb ass holes who comment on here calling Real Conservatives Rinos, like my Senator Ted Cruz 4 or 5 people called him a Rino!!! Do they even know what a Rino is? With comments like That I think not. Ted Cruz is #3 as Best Conservative Senators and 8# overall of all Congressman. Yet he’s a Rino, Give me a Break!!! Most of these people have no clue about Politics

        • Whats he supposed to do say I’m sorry you go ahead and make your Nukes Obama gave you all the things to do it with

          • White, and Proud

            Come on be serious, No its a bad deal I don’t disagree, but he doesn’t need to go out and Piss 1 Insane asshole off and then a week later tell another Insane Leader the same thing. Use some Tact, and surely don’t tell the whole world

          • When it comes to Iran. I hate to say it……We should shoot first, ask questions later. We all know when they get their nuclear bomb program working, they will shoot first, if we don’t.
            Thanks Obama! I hope the Ayatollahs hit your neighborhood first……

    • Agreed, but Democrats are in the pockets of big businesses, also. Don’t forget they are also in the pockets of all the various labor unions, too.

      • If the average voter who needs to change this country back to where it once was started a third party with DJT in it as president and had a third party in the house and senate then maybe the other two parties would learn to do what the people need and not feed their pocket book for retirement. The politicians should not get a pension over $50,000 per year for serving the country the same way no one should get over $100,000 unless then put the money away for their retirement funds. Everyone can put over $20 per week, $3 a day, into a bank account starting at the age of 21 and have a nice retirement account.

        • None of the politicians should be receiving any form of retirement pay. All jobs were meant as temp jobs, not the lifetime ones they made them into. Not even the President of this country should receive one. Obama is still costing us over a million a year more than any President.
          A third party would be nice, but until we can break the freebie hold the Democrats have, it won’t happen.

        • On the last part of your post, not everyone can afford $20 per week or $3 per day. Many live paycheck to paycheck. Some get paid every two weeks which puts them into a higher tax bracket. In an all perfect world it is easier to say than to do.

    • Please see my comment above.

    • Just one “lobbiest” (look up the correct spelling) for all of big biz? Honestly, when will some of you conservative ignoramuses learn how to form plurals?

      The Donald is NOT for you, but he is calculatedly conning you to make you think he is.

      • Thank you for the grammar lesson. I thought this was a political thread, not a spelling contest. The Donald has always been making America Great his whole life…….

  5. I say abolish all parties! The time and need for such things is over

  6. If you think that we should have multiple Political Party’s just take a look at Europe. Some of them have 8, 10, even 12 parties and almost all of them are Socialist countries and are at war with themselves at each election. No, what we need is to kill-off the Professional Politicians with TERM LIMITS, and then get rid of all of the “soft money” that has made DC the “septic tank of America”! Often very good folks get elected to the Congress, and within 1-2 years they are uptight at the “Soft-money trough” and become “just another Professional Politician” getting rich and lying dailey to the peoples to be re-elected, Period!

    • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

      Do not compare America with other countries!! We are in a class by ourselves!!

      • Not so much any longer. We once were, yes; but the degeneration since 1913 has leveled the field; to we’re as bad as the rest.

      • I didn’t compare us to any other country, I just stated a fact about European politics. No other country in the entire history of mankind has ever been even close to America. Our problem, we fell asleep and the Professional Politicians took advantage of that, and look where we are currently headed now. It looks like and smells like “Socialism”. That is if we don’t soon awaken!

    • I like the part about killing off pro politicians.

      • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

        I don’t think they start out that way!! Pro! that is!!! it always seems to come down to CORRUPTION! As it were!!

      • You did note that I said……….”Kill-off with Term Limits”! DC is so corrupt that it destroys even the best of people. Can you even imagine what this country would be if we didn’t have term limits for the President…………………..”OMG”!

    • NO: what we NEED is a better class of people running for our elected offices, and so does Europe, but neither we nor they will GET that, until WE become a “better class of people” ; as Judge Moore pointed out in his acceptance speech after winning the primary in AL, on Tuesday.

      • Ms Sandra, I agree, but where are we going to get those Better Class of People. Judge Moore, like me, is 70 and I am 75. And I note that the public schools and the UNI’s and Colleges no longer teach about our wonderful history, with both the bad and the good. The public schools graduate young folks who can barely read, write and speak, they go to the schools of higher learning and spend 1 to 2 years studying what they should have learned in High School. So, I ask again………Where are we going to get those Better Class of people, from?

        • I know; I’m past 70 too, we “old folks” are going to have to TEACH them to be better people; they sure aren’t learning it in schools or their homes, either, for that matter. I have a younger friend (he hasn’t yet hit 70) working on a ministry to do JUST that; teach youngsters about our Constitution and history, and how to engage gov’ts on the local level to bring about desired changes. If we don’t teach them, it will all be lost, because there are too few of the under 60 crowd who have a clue, even.

          • Yes, that is the problem, and I must say, I don’t have the answers. All of our children are under 60 and they were raised to be responsible for their actions, both good and bad. All are successful and living a good life. I just hope and pray that we, my wife and I, have done our duty to them and this country! If they will also raise their children the way we raised them there is still hope!

          • You did right by your kids; too many parents of our generation and those behind us did not, unfortunately; and our nation is paying dearly for that failure.

          • There may be more good, moral people in this country than you realize. This group has been silenced by “political correctness.” This may be the mechanism we need to get rid of in order for the good people to be able to say what is right. If Maxine Waters can call Tucker Carlson a “racist” for asking her how she got her millions, then the answer is right in front of you.

            Racist and white supremacist are just words and if they don’t fit with what you feel in your heart, they shouldn’t hurt you or silence you. We, the good people of America, must stop being cowed by a few words. President Trump may have given all of us permission to do just that by calling Kim “rocket man” and telling the NFL to fire the “SOB’s” who were disrespecting our country.

          • I know and understand what you are saying, but I believe that it is the folks that we allow to become our representatives in government that believe that there is always a comprise for any problem. And the Democrats have made that their “road to success” with that! Here in Texas there are still many good folks, but, that does not hold water in far too many other states!

      • Excellent point. We have a chicken and an egg problem. It appears we, the people, are going to have to clean up our moral act before we can expect a higher morality from our “leaders.”

    • Congratulations! This is one of the best post I have read lately!
      So true! Thanks for posting this!

  7. The U.S. electorate chose a NON-draco-reptilian political outsider to be their democratically-elected U.S. President. We The People are fed-up with business as usual at the Capitol Hill Country Club & Bathhouse. We’re fed-up with the Rodhamites, the Busheviks and the Obammunists. The current clique of paid, professional liars (called “politicians”) is a bunch of Demolicans and Republicrats, Demonrats and Rethugs, Democraps and Redoodoolickhands. After all, the “D” stands for Dinosaur while the “R” stands for Reptile!

    • You hit the nail on the head here.Democrats are Communists today and many Republicans are now Demobrats

      • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

        Sounds like a damn truth to me!!

      • Once a Muslim hater always a Muslim hater….!!!

        • How did THAT apply to this conversation? We were discussing political parties in America of which “Muslim” is NOT 1!

          • “Look a bit closer at how the Muslims treat your Catholic parishioners in their native lands; Catholics who were there long before Muhammad was even born! And look at how those “migrants” are behaving toward the host nations’ populations; demands they are making, rapes and murders they are committing, etc This is not “Islamophobia” or any other unnatural response to them; it’s predicated on how THEY treat those around them and behave in those nations, as well as in their home nations, it’s predicated on the commands of their Quran and Imams; they are moving into Europe and the western world for 1 reason only: CONQUEST! They don’t woo converts with love; they force conversion at gun point or some other weapon; they brutally torture and murder even young children who won’t bow to their demands. They are NOT people capable of or willing to live peaceably among themselves, let alone with others and should be sent back to their homelands and kept THERE only, until and unless their ideology is eliminated from all human memory!” that’s Muslim hatred

          • Aside from the fact that it IS truth, since it’s not part of this thread, why are you dragging it in here? And how does rejecting an ideology predicated on hatred for all others and destruction of every culture and belief system with which that ideology disagrees, equate with “hatred” of all Muslims? Some of us are capable of separating the ideology from the humans.

          • You can’t. That’s the trap with Islam.

          • Well, the Muslim Brotherhood seems to have had a key to the White House during Bathhouse Barry’s administration. Maybe we should be Muslim haters to protect our country from the current Islamic invasion. I think Islamphobia is a perfectly reasonable thing for people to have. We should not allow into our country people who are religiously dedicated to destroying us and our way of life.

        • curmudgeon VN Veteran

          Where’s the problem with that? Moderate Muslims are those who hold the victims while the radicals lop the heads from the bodies.

    • Don’t sugar coat it babe, tell us how you really feel.

    • If I were Donald Trump rich. I would start a conservative party, and call it The Whiskey Party.
      After the Whiskey Rebellion.
      Read about it. They had more guts than Adams disguised as an Indian. The Whiskey Rebellion was the first time The People told the US government to “Stuck it up your ass”
      Made Ole George Washington saddle up one last time to enforce the law…….

  8. I’m down with it.

  9. I would support a third party, the Independent American Party. Then I would be able to support the best candidates instead of having to take both the good and bad with the current structure.

  10. We definitely need a third party. Most of the Democratic Party has never had a job. The Republican Rinos think President Trump is beneath them. We need a third party that thinks of the people.

  11. Actually, I think we need more than one to help loosen the vice grip of the NWO, which owns BOTH heads of the single party we now have and have had for decades at the very least.

  12. Too chancey, this idea. What we need to do is work at cleaning up both of the parties. We need to start arresting and punishing those who are obvious crooks, such as Waters, Pelosi, Clinton, Obama, Bernie, Soros, McCain, Mueller, and more. Americans need to see real justice in action, and should keep up a steady request for this action. A third party could open the door to even more subtle manipulators.

  13. This is a good idea but will all the present discord I just don’t see it happening any time soon.

  14. Mandatory Term limits (2 two yr for the House, 1 six yr for the Senate), elected and appointed officials have to PAY their own medical insurance and Social Security, parking fees, auto leases, taxi bills, Living quarters, NO limo’s, and pay their own travel expenses just as citizens do as well a NO retirement or ANY perks when they leave office!!! That would solve the problem immediately!!!

  15. The problem is that those on the right want a party closer to the Freedom Caucus of REAL conservatives; those on the left want more radical reform in the guise of “Socie” Sanders;…That’s FOUR parties, in case you’re counting!!

  16. Generally, a third party is a bad idea. It will lean towards one side or the other – just as they did this past election. Why would a new third party enter the presidential race when there are no third parties in congress? Suspicious. They don’t want you to know them. A Constitution Party for independents, patriots and constitutionalists might work for awhile. However, our Founders warned us against having any political parties at all. They told us it would corrupt our Republic, just as it has, in fact, with “men who act in their own self-interest and who do not represent the people.” Bingo! Congress would not have gotten so corrupt if we had insisted the States appoint Senators, according to our Constitution, The purpose of this was to keep a close eye on the senators and immediately remove and replace the bad ones. Obviously, the members of congress did not want the state to know their crimes so they passed an unconstitutional law to have general elections by the people. Enter – the lobbyists. The best thing we can for now is to throw out every incumbent until we get an entirely new congress. And keep doing this until we drain the swamp.

  17. Hey PND, you’re pushing the wrong fix! Why? This site doesn’t even tell us who wrote the articles. Why?

  18. How about Honesty in polictics!

    • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

      Do you think anyone knows what the word { honest } means??? We are where we are today because of damn greedy pig’s!!

  19. We just need to replace more of the establishment politicians and the others will soon get the message and get back to representing our country and our citizens first.

  20. I think A third party will just decide this Country into thirds, not straiten it out.
    The only way will be clean house!!
    Limit terms, limit campaign contributions. Limit pay for the representatives and make them pay their own way as far as taxes, retirement, Social Security, insurance the same as the working population. All they get is to represent The constituents that voted them in Office.

    • Investigate any Congressperson who leaves office significantly wealthier than when he arrived. It doesn’t take a genius to know a Congressperson can’t accrue millions earning a couple hundred thousand a year assuming he pays his living expenses and taxes from that money. There just wouldn’t be enough left over to grow an estate of that magnitude. Look at Maxine Waters for example. When Tucker Carlson asked her how she got her millions, her only response was to call him a racist. BUSTED!!

      • Just look at Obama. He came into the WH with $12 million dollars and left with $22 million dollars. Just how did he get that much more money as President if he wasn’t cheating and being corrupt just like most Democrats and a lot of the Republicans who stay in Congress forever. The lobbyist pay the Senators and House Members to vote the way they want them to do.

        • My mistake I was thinking of Connie Brown.
          I knew it was a negro woman with the last name being her skin color. Black, Brown I’m sure you understand my mistake.
          Back to Maxine, she’s been in Congress since 91. That’s like 16 years. Time for her to go………..

      • Isn’t Maxine from Jacksonville Florida? If she is who I think she is. She got arrested and convinced of starting a fake charity. Then she used the money for her personal “Slush Fund”. She used the 💰 for vacations, elaborate wedding, bought a new house.
        Now she’s begging the people (mainly her black supporters) to chip in for an appeal attorney fund. Some congress people have NO SHAME

  21. The only way the political climate will change is when we the people get off our asses, and do what we are all supposed to do instead of relying on your neighbor to do it for you. This is the country of we the people and whatever’s happening is because we the people or sitting home and doing nothing about it. Evil fair is no words however it does feel repercussion. If you ever heard the word Tierney and treason used in the last eight years?

  22. I have been voting Libertarian for several years, since the thought of throwing my vote away on any candidate of the Amalgamated DC Party, which is what the Republicrat/Democan Party really is, is totally revolting. Withdrawing your vote from them is really the only way to end their control of the country. Right now, with all of the rich liberal Progressives putting their money into controlling both parties and keeping them in power in DC, the only power I have is where I put my vote. If enough citizens put their votes elsewhere than the R or D on the ballot, all of their money and influence will evaporate.

  23. Let’s see….we have a donkey (jackass party) – an elephant (big ideas, big dreams…) and maybe we should have an eagle as the next party, the Patriot Party (those true to the ideals of what our country was intended to be) Just saying….maybe…..

  24. How about some sort of binding requirement that falls upon those politicians who have obviously lied to us in their campaigns or the promotion of their programs, made promises that are the polar opposite of what they (or their program) will do. Obama’s promises on Obamacare come to mind like “If you like your plan this won’t affect you…” or the Republicans in Congress, virtual blood oaths to repeal, even voted it when they knew it would get vetoed… maybe set up stocks on the Washington Mall with a big “LIAR” sign in flashing neon.

  25. You want to change politics? Get the money out of it. I know it will never happen, but get rid of the huge money spent on getting elected and get rid of the lobbyists. That would be real change.

  26. It is true the majority want to see Trump out of office and in prison and most of the Republican Party charged with prostitution for selling their votes in Congress.

  27. I believe P.T. is following through with his campaign promises. The wall IS being built and strengthened with back up technology. Illegal immigration is feeling the sting of ICE deportations. Immigration from several key muslim countries has been stopped/slowed down via vetting. He is/has been clearing the D.C. swamp of its denizens, one by one. For someone who has never ran the biggest country in the world, he’s doing damn good for a beginning!!
    Obamacare is a can of worms and needs a super organuzed thinker to tear it apart and rebuild it to include all those Americans with pre-existing conditions. Covering Pre-existing conditions was obama’s stab in the gut to our Medical. Once all those people get coverage, they will never go without it. That is why all the Replacements or Revisions the GOP has submitted have not been passed – because if the need for coverage for pre-existing conditions. Good luck. No President is going to be able to unscramble this bad egg!

    A third party is already in existence: the Independent Party. It doesn’t carry the punch that the JackAss and Elephant parties do, but it can change things. Maybe they just need to encourage membership and gather supporters? However I do not see them or any other 3rd party evolving any time soon. But if libs don’t get hold of their party soon, it will fragment into several different groups of totally insane and unreachable individuals eventually imploding inwards on ITSELF. They will do this to themselves, no one’s fault but their own.

    • Where do you stand on term limits ?

      • I have fought for Term Limits for the past 10 years. If we don’t get those old farts out of Congress who’ve been literally causing our govt to stagnate instead of going forward, our govt is in trouble.

        One example is Nancy Pelosi, who is in Congress simply because she comes from old powerful money. She has no brains (obamacare -“just pass it then you can read it” statement) nor moral code but jumps on the liberal band wagon whenever possible – the best bho clone ever!

        We have Congressmen in their 80’s who should have been retired years ago (John mcCain, etc). Many are still caught in their youth time warp and still think America is jitterbugging – and they vote like a jittery old bug on issues of today that they have not a clue about.

        Term limits are necessary to keep our Congress vital and on course. We need Congressmen that “WANT” to help America be strong and independent, not Congressmen who want to skate by only showing up when they want to pick up their paycheck. Term Limits will weed out the pretend “wanna be’s” and give America a crop of determined Patriotic Congressmen willing to build, protect, and educate our people — not grab every $$ they can to line their pockets! And if they don’t perform up to standards, they can be voted out in a couple terms, and another candidate with more potential voted in.
        They will be encouraged to produce in 2 terms, take a break for a term, then can be re-elected for another 2 terms. No more Congressmen being in their State Seats for 30 years plus!

        To me, Term Limits is the only viable answer for getting true dedicated individuals in Congress and getting rid of the rifraff that pretends to do their job only to get a paycheck. America doesn’t need those people any more!

        • curmudgeon VN Veteran

          I get a kick from those who defend keeping all that expertise. Expertise in looting the nations taxpayers?

          • Exactly. They are very experienced in fleecing Americans. I think we can all do without that kind of experience. If Congresspeople were truly there to serve, maybe they would take time to read legislation before they passed it. They might also reduce legislation to less than 100 pages instead of the 2200 page monster Obamacare is.

  28. Everyone should get their State Legislature to vote to join the Convention of the States or Article 5 Convention. We now have 14 states signed up. First on the agenda will be Term Limits on Congressmen. Another will be a Balanced Budget Amendment. Both are sorely needed, as well as several other changes. The corruption in the swamp will take a long time to fix. A Third Party could be good for the country. Article 5 was put into the Constitution for times like NOW! Get your State to join ASAP.

  29. A third party might work. But the corruption will still be there. Look, lets just have a guillotine party and show ISIS how it should be done. On national TV so the entire country can see what happens to corrupt politicians, judges and lawyers!

  30. I think we need a political party that supports limited government, individual freedom, free market capitalism, traditional values and a strong national defense to protect the homeland. That’s what the U.S. Constitution’s all about and that was the platform of the Tea Party movement which empowered the GOP to take the House back in 2010, the Senate in 2014 and, finally, the Presidency in 2016. Sadly, though, too many GOP members in leadership positions in both chambers – Hello, McConnell and Ryan – are RINOs and need badly to be replaced. Better yet, toss’em out at election time and the GOP would be a far better party.


    Until Americans learn to say the word communist they will lose. The communists morphed into the demoncrat party in the 70’s under orders from their president Gus Hall. At a minimum the party of death to little children and legalized heroin is 30% communist. They control the government. They have said Obama under the radar has infected all government agencies. and seeded key government positions with communists. Even on the battlefied the democommos have paid the Iranian government to kill Americans two billion dollars in cash. There is a democrat communist bounty on your national treasure’s head. The communist media has covered up all Obama’s losses. You can’t see one . 1700 KIA’s in Afghanistan under Obama bin Laden bin Lenin, The guy has American blood on his hands as does his communist party. The first monument the communists took down was not a rebel soldier. It was the law and the basis of all law that GOD gave to Moses. The ACLU was founded by a communist named Roger Baldwin.In my opinion, THE SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER EXPLOITS POOR PEOPLE. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE COMMUNIST DEFINITION OF A RIGHT WINGER IS? A CHRISTIAN. An extreme right winger is Pope John Paul, Mother Theresa and Franklin Graham. CNN is the communist nut network. NBC is nothing but communists. ABC is always be communist. The misleading fools will tell you communism died when the Soviet Union collapsed. It never died. It is here stronger than ever today. It never went away.


    How could le partie de la muerte cover up the murders of so many Americans? When you have a communist media it is a snap. Here is how it was done. Denying dieing Americans their Heritage, the communist media reclassified them as NATO troops to be identified later and later never came in 8 years. The last fallen American shown died on Bush’s last day in office. The first American KIA under Trump was shown on Trumps first day in office. Remember the democrat communist convention is 2012 when they kicked GOD out in three roll calls?
    Don’t forget they endorse the baby murder of 1,200,000 in their democrat chop shops while flooding the country with foreign communists and terrorists to take their place.

    They are hell bent on destroying Trump because they were so sure Hitlery would win (even the rinos thought she would win) they never bothered to destroy incriminating evidence. Trump is our only hope. Pray that We and GOD keep him safe from plane crashes and communist assassins. The communist front is uniting and coming out of hiding.
    our biggest enemy is the communist media they control the brainwashing message. The polls lie like Persian rugs. Not only do they lie they make up Shet.
    Trump is America’s salvation. Communism destroys freedom. That is why they hate religion playing the seperation of church and snake card. Christians have a conscience. Communists kill everybody including the Romanoff children. Was that basement in Russia the first democrat chop shop?

    Now the communists are taking over football playing their no one card, the race card. Divide and conquer using the communist media.

  32. We have a third party, The Green Party… but seriously a real third party would spit the republican vote, the democrats would love to see a third party because with the money the democrats come up with they would win every election from then on….

  33. Believe me, if there was a third party, I would belong to it, because I would look forward to the end of Washington gridlock!! The party would be made up of those who want the President’s agenda to go forward, whether they be former Republicans, former Democrats (the reasonable sensible ones, if there are any) and Libertarians who all support the President and his agenda! It CAN be done! I think it would send a HUGE message to all the “Do Nothings” in each party.

  34. Politics are for the most part CORRUPT, and will never change. The crooks that make up the law certainly do not want to lose their very LUCRATIVE JOBS, that are bought and paid for under the table or some other ways…
    Why when running for office the politician (no matter who he or she is) is for the people or district he or she they will represent, but shortly after winning the election they become one of them. they go in broke and all of a sudden the become million airs and don’t give a rap about the people, just them (me myself & I) and continue to get richer and richer, forgetting everything they promised the people. THE SWAMP STILL HAS TO BE CLEANED OUT FAST, SO THAT congress GET’S THINGS DONE FOR A CHANGE.

  35. A third party will become the same thing as now —– people will get greedy – bought and paid for and forget what they are there for…..

  36. This just in: Entertainer Cher, dead at 71.

  37. We had one most Americans could identify with called the TEA PARTY…unfortunately, the leadership of the GOP persuaded people it would elect more Demonrats if people pulled support from the GOP. However, the election of Judge Moore shows the Tea Party is still alive and working to reform the GOP from within and kick out the RINO’s….probably more effective in the long run than trying to split ranks… Now if they’d only get rid of Lyin-Ryan, Mc-Conman, McPain and the other RINOS….

  38. Why? PRESIDENT TRUMP is doing a GREAT JOB!!! What do you want to change it back the way that NIGGER was running it? THAT NIGGER RUINED THIS COUNTRY!!!

  39. My first thought is, If Ross Peroit had won the presidency we would not have the dysfunctional mess we now have! A strong third party would have threatened the establishment and made them more open to change. Now is the time to align the TEA Party with a third party, and give both the DEAMONCRATS AND REPUBLICANS a run for their money!

  40. If we could rid the country of the operatives of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic Terrorist Organization and enact Term Limits we would be on our way to MAGA.

    • I am re- thinking my rants on the subject of term limits. Where it is working very well for the Presidency, I can’t seem to get the ball rolling on the congress. I think that perhaps we should start on the bottom and work our way up. First, the city council, then the state representatives. This is where we all can contribute… locally. We can’t change the national legislators from other states, but can show how it works in our state house.
      There may be some national rules that determine state election, but rules are made to be changed.

  41. Yes !! The Rino Party the Seditionist Party (Formerly the Democrat Party) and the New Common Sense Party

  42. I think President Trump would be a good candidate to start one. The American People’s party or something like that. It would serve both of the parties right for holding him hostage by saying no to almost every thing he is trying to do for us. We elected him for his ideas and honesty not McConnell, Ryan, McCain, Schumer, Pelosi and that ilk.

  43. Members of both parties, who are globalist, are owned by New World Order enthusiast, and are traitors to their parties, imo.

  44. Dumb politicans are not the problem…Its us dumb people who keep voting for them, that is the problem!

  45. Just adding another party will solve nothing. Both the Democrat and Republican Parties should be scrapped. We need only one party, the American Party. The Founders opposed competing parties because of the division which would ensue. They were about a united America, not a divided one.

  46. Outlaw the Communist and Socialist Parties.

  47. I just said that. I recommend that everybody vote for anybody who is not a Democrat or a Republican as they are so far entrenched in the upholding Treason and Genocide that they can’t extrapolate themselves. Both were given a fair chance and they mocked us. Barack told Trump no to meet me and he hasn’t….fuck them both, it’s October.Barack says the dead people hav no rights, they played so many games to protect their asses with, they must think the American voter is dead. We are alive, awake and hip to your shit.

  48. I do not believe a third party is a viable solution. That is what aggravated the mess we have in this country today. What is needed is voters to not listen to news media recommendations. They are more than 85% indoctrinated as idealist, achievements and benefits of socialism that are totally false, and benefits of communistic practices (but they will endeavor to delve as elitist class). We must protect our Constitution, and that will require informing yourself and voting for people that truly appreciate the benefits of this Country, want to preserve it and We The People, and not just a parasite for self. President Trump loves this Country and is dedicated to reviving that mindset – support and help him. Otherwise, we may be destined to become subjects and not Free.


  50. I never realized until this last election how corrupt our government has become. I am a conservative but I’m disgusted with BOTH parties. I am voting all incumbents out until they do their job. We have a republican President. I expect the republicans to support his agenda which I agree with. If you don’t , your out.

  51. What is wrong with the other 39%? Are they bling and deaf?

  52. How about continue to drain the swamp. Hating Trump is accepting the decades old corruption in government. Ban lobbyists – the average citizen is left behind because of corporate lobbyists with vast amounts of cash to sway elected officials to what they want instead of ignoring our citizens rights and wishes. We all talk about how other country’s governments are corrupt. We are not immune to that. Our government officials have been extremely corrupt since 11/22/1963. Truman created the CIA in 1947 and by 1952 it was blatantly out of control and has gotten worse every decade since. No one trusts the DOJ nor the FBI anymore. What exactly are our intelligence agencies doing other than performing false flags for the globalists? Instead of protecting us, they are destroying our society because they protect the corporations here and overseas. Our citizens are collateral damage when they want to take more liberties away from us.

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