Major Marvel Character Appears To Be Gay Now

The long-awaited first official trailer of the next Thor movie has dropped, and as some fans so eloquently put it, it appears that the Thunder God is “Gay as F*ck.”

In the trailer for Thor Love and Thunder, the fourth installment of the franchise, which is due out in the summer, we see a Thor fed up with battle, who goes off on a quest to “find himself,” and apparently, he discovers that he is gay and eventually is replaced by a FEMALE Thor!

It looks like Marvel has become as “woke” as its parent company Disney!

In the newly dropped trailer, which teases Chris Hemsworth’s titular Viking God going into retirement, Thor is seen giving Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) a lingering look, which many eagle-eyed tweeters took to be a tease of the God of Thunder’s sexuality.  

The clip also shows Thor surrounded by the Guardians of the Galaxy, Star-Lord, Nebula (Karen Gillan), Drax The Destroyer (Dave Bautista), Mantis (Pom Klementieff), Groot (Vin Diesel), and Rocket (Bradley Cooper).

“Remember what I told you, if you ever feel lost,” 42-year-old Pratt’s character says to 38-year-old Hemsworth’s character. “Just look into the eyes of the people that you love.”

Thor comedically moves his head to lovingly gaze right into Star-Lord’s eyes.

“Not me,” Star-Lord says in response.

Thor awkwardly looks away while saying, “What? Just listening.”

The moment led certain people to celebrate on Twitter what one fan called “Thor’s gay awakening.”

“Anyone saying Thor isn’t gay is in homophobic denial,” one fan joked.

“Taika Waititi gets hold of the pen, and suddenly Thor’s gay now. incredible,” another chimed in. 

And yet another simply tweeted, “Thor is gay as F*ck.”

“People are actually so mad at the thought Thor might be gay. That boys a God, he’s definitely dabbled,” quipped another fan.

“Thor has always been gay guys taika just made it more obvious,” another user claimed.

Meanwhile, instead of more epic battles for the Asgardian, it appears the fourth “Thor” installment will focus on the broken god finding himself once again — all while traveling space with the Guardians of the Galaxy as “Sweet Child o’ Mine” by Guns N’ Roses plays.

The trailer also teases 58-year-old Russell Crowe’s debut as Zeus, as well as Natalie Portman’s return to the franchise as Jane Foster, Thor’s once-romantic partner – who also appears as a FEMALE Thor in the trailer. Portman, 40, has not starred in a Marvel Cinematic Universe film since 2013.

“Thor: Love and Thunder” is in theaters on Friday, July 8.

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  1. These companies will do ANYTHING for that money, including selling America for progit.

    • Except this isn’t really good for business. It’s about grooming youngsters.

      • Yep. And sadly, most Americans in my opinion won’t be at all interested in this movie once they hear about this nonsense. Hollywood has the nack lately of making everything about SEX…or RACE! It’s sickening!!!!

  2. That’s really too bad. Why can’t we just have normal super heroes like in the past? Why does Hollywood have to screw everything up? They are fictitious characters for cryin out loud. Stop putting real life crap on them.

  3. It’s a shame that Hollyweird attracts so many sexually perverted people who then through the entertainment industry attempt to push their perversions on the public leading us to believe that the LGBTQ community is larger than it really is. They’d like you to believe it’s 30% of the population.

    • When it is only 3%

    • These people are SICK!!! I don’t care if they want to live as a gay person or a transgender.. that’s their choice.. BUT I’m sick of them shoving their garbage down everyone’s thoats and especially our kids.. they are going to damage and confuse the minds of the young kids…

  4. Portman made him gay!

  5. Won’t be taking my grandchildren to this movie. What is the matter with these sick people?

  6. it’s great that gay kids can have super hero role models and straight kids can see their gay friends have heroes also.

    ” grooming’ is the far right’s new “nigger lover”, “commie”, “pinko”, bullcrap.

    • Grooming is what the sick demented perverts on the left are doing, yet we must remember, that’s just the democrat party way!

  7. These companies are SICK!!! I have no problem with people being gay and if they want to live as a transgender.. fine.. that’s their business.. BUT STOP SHOVING THEIR SICK LIFESTYLE DOWN EVERYONE’S THROAT!!!! STOP TRYING TO INDOCTRINATE OUR KIDS TO THAT LIFESTYLE!!!! As young kids, this garbage is going to damage their young minds.. Get this garbage out of their lives!!!!

  8. Sick of this filthy world! Jesus is coming back, and He will obliterate evil from this world! Do what you want, like straight people, behind closed doors, without shoving your crap on everybody’s throat! Respect goes both ways. You all have a nice day!

  9. Just another brand heading for the “WOKE” trash-heap of history !!!!!!!!!! Just like “Nut-Flix” as their audiance goes down-hill, they will WONDER “WHAT HAPPENED” ??????????????

  10. You know, I totally have nothing against anyone that’s gay or whatever? But stop forcing it onto us. We really don’t care, but we don’t want to be subjected to it in everything. Face it, there is not nearly as many gays as they want you to believe, again, we don’t care. Thor gay? Give us a break! Show me one gay person that would run around beating people with a large hammer, they got too much class for that!

  11. Here we go again, another company Ruining a good character whose comic books have been around for more than half a century. If Marvel wants an LGBQTia character please create a new one. But don’t mess with existing characters. This comicbook collector won’t be wasting my time and money to see this movie. Highly disappointed fan.

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