MAJOR Hollywood Democrat Watches His Career Go Up in Smoke

One of the most powerful producers in Hollywood watched his world turn upside down on Thursday when the New York Times published a stunning feature showing that his long career has been riddled with sexual harassment case after sexual harassment case, all of which he made vanish with secret settlements. Harvey Weinstein, the money man behind hits like “Pulp Fiction” and a HUGE Democrat Party donor and supporter, is now watching his 25-year-long career in Hollywood go off the rails…and Democrats like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, both of whom benefited from Weinstein’s support, are desperate to see this story go away as quickly as possible.

Weinstein has now become the latest Hollywood liberal to be shown as an abject hypocrite. Preaching feminism in public, these creeps are nothing more or less than sexual predators behind the scenes. The New York Times published reports of at least eight different women who have accused the producer of sexual harassment over the years. Weinstein, far from denying the veracity of the reports, told the paper he is “working with a therapist and planning to take a leave of absence” from his movie production studio.

Weinstein, apparently not fully understanding the extent to which his reputation has been destroyed, said in a statement that he would use this time to further the liberal cause.

“I am going to need a place to channel that anger,” he said, “so I’ve decided to give the NRA my full attention. I hope Wayne LaPierre will enjoy his retirement party. I’m going to do it at the same place I had my Bar Mitzvah. I’m making a movie about our President, perhaps we can make it a joint retirement party.”

Oh, Harvey, you’re finished. You don’t understand that? Really? Apparently the delusions run deep in Hollywood.

We’re sure Weinstein will have no problem keeping his status among the other Hollywood lowlifes he has made famous over the years, but the dude is done when it comes to being a force in politics. No Democrat is going to work with this guy. His actions over the years run directly counter to the party’s message of feminism. Hell, we wouldn’t be surprised if we learn in the coming days that he keeps a cache of illegal firearms at his house. That would make his hypocrisy complete. Hell, maybe he voted for Trump.

It is worth noting that Weinstein’s despicable behavior over the years has apparently been common knowledge in Hollywood circles for decades. If he were not a well-connected liberal who kept the line on the “correct” politics, his foul deeds would have come out in the mainstream press a LONG time ago. And that shows you that not only is Weinstein a hypocrite, but so are the “feminists” in the Democratic Party, the mainstream media, and the rest of Hollywood. They’re only too glad to belly up to the microphone to tell you how evil white men are. And you know what, it’s getting clearer with every passing day why they think that.

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  1. Couldn’t have happened do a finer Democrat! No wonder he liked the Clintons!

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    • I was just wondering what Hillary had to do to get that contribution and even Obama. Where is George Clooney and Rosie O’Donnel now. Do they have nothing to say about this. I do feel sorry for his wife though. I’m shocked someone of her caliber is married to a fat ass like him anyway.

  2. All perverts stick together.

  3. He gets caught doing exactly what he preaches against and what does he do? What all liberals do when their raging hypocrisy is exposed A: Try to turn the spotlight off himself by attacking the NRA and the President, who did nothing to earn his rage except exist as a convenient distraction so he can save face with all the other smug hypocrites by climbing back up on the soapbox he fell through and clamoring until their very short attention spans are focused on something, anything else. Because he knows it’s not hard to get hypocritical liberal celebrities fired up about the flavor of the week while their armed bodyguard’s stand unobtrusively in the background. Protecting them from the unwashed masses they want to be the moral arbiter’s for. These people who show more clearly everyday that they don’t even know what the word means.
    B: Absurdly attempt to make himself a victim by claiming he’s getting ‘therapy’ for his ‘anger’. Because apparently a famous, wildly successful millionaire with millions of adoring fans mopes around his mansion all day and just can’t work up the enthusiasm to choose one of his luxury cars and drag himself to the set, where his many personal assistants will wait on him hand and foot. Because he knows it’s not hard to stir shallow liberal ‘sympathy’ for imaginary suffering and they just absolutely love it when they can feel sorry for only certain people and absolve them of all responsibility for their actions, no matter how bad, as long as they toe the liberal line. While smugly condemning others for entirely imaginary actions and forcing them to accept responsibility for every bad thing that’s ever happened to anyone because they won’t be a good stooge and do what they’re told.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      It’s amazing how many scumfucks are seeping up out of hell below!!

    • He’s a JEW and like most JEWS they are nothing more then democrat communist POS and need to be put away.

      • Please, one bad apple doesn’t spoil the lot. I am not jewish, but please use some common sense.

        • That’s the truth i said most jews not all jews get over it bloomburg,soros both are communist POS and should be killed to save America in fact anyone that hates America should be killed.

          • I’m an NRA Life Member, a former police officer, a pistol safety instructor, a daily carrier, a Trump voter…..and a Jew.

            I’d like to see the study you’re quoting to prove that “most” Jews are scumbags like Soros, Weinstein, etc.

          • I’m also a life member of the NRA and like I said most jews are nothing more than communist POS and if you didn’t like what I said piss off jew boy it’s still a free fucking country.

          • So, basically, you are the worst type of white trash. Something I might scrape off the bottom of my shoe.

          • Well asswipe you can try but you will not be able to do it cause I will kick you sorry jew ass.

          • And , basically you are a communist POS that some black guy miss you on there hit list LOL

          • Deert Ignore millard huff. He/she is a troll and not worth your time.

          • Cops are nothing more then useful idiots for the communist democrat cry baby party and you are part of that party plus Hilter must have miss you some how.

          • Deert, some folk like to throw out generalizations as “facts,” and that is unkind. Just overlook Millard Huff, he/she doesn’t have any facts to give.

          • Ay, carumba!

          • millary duff -there you go again showing you ignorant bigoted colors…..

          • So are Hillary and Bill and just about all liberals these days. Just as many or more atheists, etc are anti-American/communists. They come in all shapes, sizes and color.

        • I am half Jewish and half German, but was lied to and didn’t know about the Jewish part until about 5 years ago. Does that qualify me as a JEW or a German or a GermanJew?
          Now that I know the truth I am afraid to go to sleep at night because I am afraid the German in me might try to kill the Jewish in me. It’s amazing my parents don’t think it is a big deal. Who lies about their heritage to their own children for 55 years and then says “it’s not a big deal?”

          • You should be proud of your Jewish ancestry.

            If you live in America, you are a proud American!

            BTW, it is not a big deal!!!

          • It is no big deal. You are who you make yourself. Countries of your origin have no hold on you. You could be purple, would that make a difference?

          • Many of the people responding to this have completely missed the point. They are unable to imagine being in the same position.

            Many of your reactions and responses to influences in your life might have been significantly different.

            Don’t forget, also, that Jews are hated for being both communists and capitalists. Your communist self might try to murder your capitalist self, so no sleep for you!

          • people that are ashamed or feel guilty could act that way…but why feel guilty about being a victim ??

        • Did Harvey use some common sense?

      • And like other disgusting anti-Semites, YOU are nothing more than reeking sewage pond scum!


    • Sharon Jeanguenat

      His case is just like Hilary’s. Blame everybody EXCEPT yourself!

  4. Another world-class phony, liberal, narcissist bites the dust. And all the democrat politicians who were willing to take his money – Hello, Hillary – knowing that he was a dirty old man, are hypocrites. Bill Clinton was doing the same thing Hollywood Harvey was doing and Hillary, by her silence, covered for both. More than anything, what these so-called Progressives, liberal, leftists lack is moral values, principles by which to live their lives. The White House Hippie would say, “it depends on what the meaning of ‘is’ is.” Yep, that’s some really wisdom to live by coming from good-ole Billy-boy Clinton. And Hillary just says,”It worked for me!”

  5. Weinstein = Commie = gutless = Social Demophobe All the women that slept with him = pigs with low self esteem Late night commentators = Commie flunky’s. Next from Hollywood black baller’s – loss of business that will change these phony fops

  6. Francisco Machado

    “the dude is done when it comes to being a force in politics” – ¿What? In Democrat politics? Perhaps you have never heard of Bill Clinton…

  7. Wait a minute, guys. Harvey’s not a bad guy. He just misunderstood what it means to be a liberal. He clearly understands the bit about “do as I say, not as I do”, but where he went off the track is not getting what liberalism means. You see, when they were sitting there in Liberalism 101, he thought they said that everything is free. Men were free from responsibility, women were free with their bodies and the consequences of premarital sex, marriages could be “open” without damaging the underlying relationship, and so on. So you can’t really blame him for getting the message wrong; it’s the professor’s fault! Yes, so now he is absolved of blame (at least in his mind – why won’t my friends accept that?) and can go on, hand in hand with his progressive friends working to advance the “liberal” agenda. Yep, that’s what he’ll do.

  8. who cares about hollyweirdos?

  9. Does roman palanski ring a bell? He is a leftist rapist hero and what makes us think this fool will be any different? His career is in the same place it was a year ago!
    What a joke!

    • You sure messed up the name of man accused. I know it is spelled wrong but not sure I can spell it correctly either! My guess Roman Polansky.

  10. Ballywood must be FULL of creeps like this and I can’t blame James Wood and others to tell them to kiss their butt and leave ballywood to the despots. What a shame. They can boycott and so can I. Just another stinking swamp.

  11. Isn’t about time to GET RID OF THE DEMONRAT 👹🐀 Party of Pond Scum?

    The vermin that make up the party and those that support them ARE basically SLIME!

    They are the Party of slave holders, K.K.K., perverts, sexual deviants, hypocrites, liars, thieves and traitors! Did I miss anything?

    God Bless America and Damn the Party of Pond Scum! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  12. Leave it to Patriot News to make great irrational stretches like this attempt to condemn Obama for the sins of one of the 1000s of people within his acquaintance! Shame!

    • Statesman Patriot

      Your name, headonstraight doesn’t fit you! More like headupyourass!

      Everything Obutthead said and did was racist and misoginystic!

  13. Yep all those hollywood feminist like ashely didn’t mind for decades doing the pay for play with weinstein for getting a better career path. Hypocrites. So when will the dems and msm scream their disgust 24/7, or does he know things that will keep them quit?

  14. Never heard of him before today….I definitely do NOT follow the Hollywood gossip sites, and I could care less which of them does what to another of their brand. Just so the idiot knows this: he will probably try to destroy the NRA and is too stupid to know that it would only make the members STRONGER and more filled with hatred for those trying to take their protection away for a senseless purpose.

  15. Just a typical everyday Democrat!

  16. Power Corrupts and Absolute Power, Corrupts ABSOLUTELY !!…. It respects no race, ideology, nor office. It lays in wait and presents itself, when circumstances are favorable for it to take hold of its host and often spreading, like a cancer, metasticizing and affecting all who come in contact with it.

  17. No word from hollywood? No big speeches, no vagina hats, what’s the problem? Oh he’s one of your own and he may know some secrets that many of you want to stay secret. Maybe there will be a tell all book coming.

  18. As one gets higher up on the American Money Power Ladder it gets harder to satisfy your urges Not to much decency there Right Clintons? Oh the Rich and Powerful they are so different from you and I . And they want to dictate to us how we should live?

  19. What are you moaning about? Our own President thinks it’s OK to grab women by their genitals.

    • Statesman Patriot

      There’s a difference between locker room chat and actually acting things out!
      If you’ve never done locker room chat, then you were weird! The sickness island if you act out.

      • The real sickness is the transparently inane effort to justify Trump’s self-acknowledged sexual predation by calling it “locker room chat.”

  20. Statesman Patriot

    So, why does Harvey “Weinerstein” think he is even relevant after being caught as a sexual predator hypocrite?

    Are you sure you’re not Anthony Weiner’s half Weiner brother?

    Typical Hollyweirdo Looney Libtard!!

  21. Hey Clinton, I and many of us want to see you stand tall for once, and give the money back to Weinstein!

    Do you have the kahoona’s to do it? Most likely NO!!!!

  22. just a dirty old perv….. what else is new.
    I’m surprised he doesn’t do little boys too!!

  23. He’s a rich Democrat donor. He’ll be forgiven and all will be well on the plantation.

  24. Keep exposing these hypocrites for the non-political to see. It will be a great day when that puk-loosy woman and her husband are exposed for their cheap labor schemes in their off shore businesses.

  25. The libs/Dems/left/commis are going down the toilet really fast, more dirt should be dug out on all of them, I’m sure there is so much dirt and so many skeletons in their closets. They are all corrupt hypocrites and a menace to our country.

  26. It just shows you that most Libs are liars and conartists. They play to their immediate audiences and switch sides when another audience enters. They are so busy telling lies that their whole life becomes a lie – just like this conartist in the article. No morals, no boundaries, no idea of what they are doing!


    VOTE THEM OUT IN 2020!

  27. It’s taken a literal landslide of complaints, some old and some relatively new, to bring Harvey Weinstein down. … . Funny, Thing, Harvey, must’ve done something else wrong, because he certainly hasn’t been idle in his assaults against women, oh no, Harvey, has done something the Elite Weirdo’s that inhabit the Land of Sodom, he’s really violated someone pretty special, to get the entire Socialist Democratic Base, to turn on one of their own … .

  28. I am wondering what he did to piss off the lefties….because what he is/has been doing is nothing new from what I have read….they are viscious when they eat their own…

  29. Well Folks lets all stay tuned in for more exciting downfalls of the Rich and Famous coming soon to a web site near you. I can’t wait to see who will be exposed next. This is more exciting then Jaws 1, 2, 3 and 4 all put together!

  30. And you can bet we won’t hear a peep from anyone of those man hating leftwing bulldykes who are always screaming how much they hate Donald Trump. When a sexual predator happens to be a left wing radical like this Weinstein creep, the bulldyke women’s libbers all ‘miraculously’ go silent.


  32. Hollywood needs to rethink THEIR values. They are quick to criticize and preach to us, but they need to clean up their own backyard. They should just shut up and keep their stupid ideas and thoughts to themselves. The industry is full of hypocrites and scumbags and yet they think they are better than the rest of us!

  33. I curious to see how long it takes for the media makes this go away. The liberals do have a candidate for 2020 in the mold of their icon that wont go away, Bill Clinton.

  34. Hey Hollywood ____karma is hell as another one bites the dust, stay tuned——next ?

  35. Delusional dirty old man! What did Hilary say when you touched her privates? How your wife could stand being married to a sex maniac beats me, she had to know what you were about after 10 some odd years. Yet she dumped your fat ass like a hot potato!

  36. Hillary & Obama backs this pig, a disgusting, evil swine!!!

  37. Weinstein is demo trash —– but HIS MONEY’S GOOD……

  38. moab hollywood

  39. Who cares about Hollywood? Cher, Ashley Judd, Mad Donna, Meryl Streep etc.. all nasty people. Ashley Judd knows about nasty women as she is one. Get over your whining. Not many care.

  40. Good riddance1

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