Maine’s Wonderful “War on the Poor”

With a little bit of luck, Maine’s “War on the Poor” will become a blueprint for the rest of the nation. Under the direction of Republican Governor Paul LePage, the state has dramatically cleared the welfare rolls through practical legislation that puts people back to work. Over the last three years, the state has taken 58,000 citizens off food stamps and back into an independent life of economic self-reliance.

And of course, to liberals, this qualifies as a war on the poor.

At a Heritage Foundation event last Thursday, Mary Mayhew of Maine’s Department of Health and Human Services said it wasn’t easy being the left’s evil bogeyman. “I can’t stress enough what an attack campaign it has been from the media for four and a half years,” she said.

Despite the media’s take on the woman they’ve often dubbed “Commissioner Evil,” Mayhew and LePage say that their efforts have been solely focused on helping Maine’s poor, not hurting them. Mayhew recalled an incident that happened when touring a substance abuse facility not long after she took the job.

“I was taken aback by one of the youth who came up to me—it was actually several youth, who were just completely focused on whether I could help them get disability,” she said. “These were 15-year-old, 16-year-old young men clearly battling addiction, but they had decided that the answer for them was to pursue disability. And, frankly, as we all look at that pathway, that truly is committing individuals to a lifetime of poverty.”

What are Mayhew and LePage doing that has attracted such criticism? Well, they fought for legislation that requires food stamp recipients to either work 20 hours a week, volunteer for an hour a day, or take a class to improve their knowledge and skills. If you want to keep on getting your food stamps beyond the three-month mark, you have to do one of these things. How awful. How evil.

If you look at it in the right way, it’s not inaccurate to call this a war on the poor. It’s just another name for the war on poverty. The goal is to eliminate the poor…by helping them earn enough money to rise out of their circumstances. How is that in any way cold or uncaring? Why would we want kids to throw their lives away so that the state can take care of them in perpetuity? That’s it’s not fair to taxpayers is the least of the problem. These Democrats are ruining lives under the guise of saving them.

If this is what it means to be evil in 2015, then this country could do with a lot more evil.

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  1. By keeping the ;poor dependent on “welfare, food stamps and all kinds of freebies”, the democrats are able to control them and get them to vote democrat,,.. the progressive left has no incentive to help the poor , only to use them ….otherwise, they would get on board with a program to get them off welfare and rise above the poor level ….. the left is a reminder of what communist Russia was under Stalin ….

    • Right you are, gotta keep them down and dependent to keep them voting for Democrapper entitlements, forever.

      • And when that tit runs dry………????

        • Then they take away all those social security benefits we paid in our entire working lives, then when that runs out, they confiscate your savings, retirement, all liquid assets away from us in the name of white privilege. Then all hell breaks loose.

          • I vote for the all hell option. Lets have this out and be done with it. It will be a civil war not fought with guns, but with money. Well, maybe some guns. Anyway. I vote for secession from the union. (I live in the south)

          • It may take secession from the USA. Texas should take the lead, plenty of folks willing to guard the borders and they have all the oil they need to independently operate. We aren’t being left much choice by the illegal Muslim piece of crap are we? I say, let the liberals have New York, Mass, Conn. etc and the west coast. Give the south to conservatives and leave a few states for the blacks to ruin. Maybe Illinois, Wisconsin. I am originally from North Carolina, and would love to move back there, I plan to retire there if possible.

          • And they said the South would never rise again. I think we are there. Maybe no one has noticed but we have serious financial status. Atlanta, Dallas, Charlotte. But now, we not only need a fence along the southern border, we need one that runs from where ever along our northern border, not Canada.

          • Mason Dixon line sounds good to me.

          • Fine by me.

          • Stop the line at the AZ-CA border!

          • You’ll go down just as before. The largest handouts to to the “red” states — almost all of which are below the Mason DIxon Line.

          • B.S. BLUE states, run by democrats have the highest per capita welfare, look it up I dare ya.

          • A proven liberal lie.

          • Michelle Minze-Bryant

            Not all blacks are brainwashed, liberal or part of Black Lives matter. Please leave out the that loose term. There are conservative blacks that want to pull themselves up and out of the food stamp line, not hate whites and lead a Christian life including not killing or stealing. I’m white and I’ve been around them all. Please don’t stereo type.

          • It is that sterotype which continues the problem, It seemingly will never go away. Fifty years later the only thing missing are the “whites only” signs.

          • Been to Ferguson or Baltimore lately? lol

          • You sound like you want to commit genocide on your own race. No white privilege for you, just white guilt.

          • Michelle Minze-Bryant

            Nope, just Americans only, kick out the anti-American, and make America Great Again! Run off the white/Christian haters. Keep all the Christians that love every race. Keep out the terrorists that promote hate for non-Muslims. And keep our guns to defend ourselves against a government that wants to take them away. If you call that white only, then you must not live in the South.

          • Nightwing K'Trevala

            Agreed, there are a bunch of crackhead whites in that line for the Government dole as well

          • Beeotchstewie: I’m from upstate NY, and you probably don’t realize that ‘blue’ NYC is about 62% popul. of the state, controlling 99% of the state gov’t, and there are many ‘red’ people both upstate and in the city. Although “let the liberals have” is more like “you’ll never be able to stop them from making more Detroits,” I’m resigned to not being able to sell my home and move to any freer state

          • You, me and millions of other Americans have the same worries!

          • Most everyone on here is conservative, your the surfing troll. Beat it douche.

          • GFY

          • Michelle Minze-Bryant

            I thought about that too, but unless the federal government agrees to give back all the money that the people of the south has given into social security and other taxes, we would be starting under ground zero from the get go. I’m disabled, so you have to think of the people tied to the government with a noose, sorry to say. But it’s a great idea in theory, but not reality.

          • Great point Michelle.

          • It could be like a divorce where community property will have to be split in half! OH……wait a minute, the government is 18 trillion dollars in DEBT!! Maybe we would be better off starting from ground zero!! The South shall rise again!!

          • Sink the ships bringing the foreign goods into this country. Put people back to work.

          • Right:The South Bronx!

          • the revolt should begin sooner than that

          • The REVOLT has occurred!!! Reading these Wing Nut comments IS REVOLTING.

          • Hey G, when that crack whore of a mom had you, did she know the name of the idiot that fathered you? Planned parenthood has got to be reeling at the thought of missing you.

          • Your foul language is a prime example of what is arong with America today.

          • And what foul language is that sweetheart?

          • Looks like it was Guillermo2

          • You’re a total idiot.

          • Maybe you should look in the mirror. There is one fsr closer to home.

          • Right > Pray for the RUPTURE,Bitch!

          • Up yours you loony tune leftist socialist wannabe.

          • then rush to the laundry room to throw your soiled panties in the washer and get a fresh pair…afterwards you can zoom down to the coffee shop to revel in socialist atmosphere…stalin, mao, fidel, and mugabooboo over in zimbabwa are proud of you…have you stocked up on your ho clintoney for pres signs yet?? or are you in the “bag” for berni sandersinsky ??

          • YOU Really MUST Try Harder,Herr Kent2012 !!! As a Wing Nut/Nazi_Repugnant One(EVEN as a Broad,BAD Cartoon of “right”-Wing Filth)You SUCK,Gomer!!!!!

          • you want to SUCK my gomer ??

          • When it really gets going the entitlement crowd will be the first to feel the effects followed immediately by the politicians and the MSM. All unnecessary creatures when the fecal matter hits the fan.

          • Keep buying those foreign goods. You made this happen. You are making it continue.

          • What do you mean he made this happen, where’s your crystal ball. Nice projection though. Seven years of crap policies made this happen lady.

          • Over regulation, labor unions, high corporate taxes, subsidized foreign competition, insurance & tort liability legal environment, and employee benefit cost [read ACA]… all of which drive product production overseas along with the jobs. Grow up, its a government intervention problem, which creates negative incentives for businesses to produce goods in the US.

          • About your speed! Blame the CONSUMER when the MANUFACTURER is the one who moved the production overseas to prevent paying taxes and take advantage of cheap labor! Thus causing lost of jobs, income and tax base! Get a life!! Why don’t you just move to Russia? You wouldn’t have far to go, and you already have commie ideals!!

          • Then bust some heads

        • The usual riots, fire bombing, cop killing, Five Finger Discounting, etc.

        • the Real American taxpayer will be “required” to allow even more money be stolen from them…well until we revolt and go after the clowns…

          • I’m ready for that revolt , my friend. The streets will run red with the blood of traitors.

          • guillermoomoo69 is depressed that some folks are wanting to take the position that a more conservative approach is needed to run this country properly, instead of into the ground the way their messiah, kenyan boyo, is doing…he is also upset that the african pretender is not doing enough to support the rags and the commies and to disarm Real Americans, he is probably the block captain of the “cowards for gun control” organization…

          • He should take is own life if he is so depressed.

          • WHY,Kent2012,would you want to “go after” Yourself??

          • Freedom costs money.

          • How much do you charge for oral?

          • There is an old expression which says work smarter not harder. The government has granted itself a third possibility to work larger. Ever heard of a SWAT team, that’s how the government should work…small, fast, and effective.

            Take this collection of metadata by the NSA … utterly stupid to collect data on 350 million people unless you are planning a KGB style government with the eventual goal of dossiers on everyone. The better course is start tracking the data on 1 to 2% of the people who are known to be connected to the terror world and add to the list as you find others…cheaper, easier, and I would wager more effective. Its called Occam’s Razor. And yes I am suggesting looking at a good deal of the Muslims in the US, because they do not seem to be forthcoming with information, its what the Israelis do. Its not as expensive as you think, nor as invasive.

          • Makes perfect sense, hence it would never actually happen. Not with the rampant corruption throughout our government. You hit an a great point that Trump has mentioned, downsizing the government. There is so much waste and fraud that nothing is done about, proof that Obama is working to destroy our economy along with all our freedoms. Commie is as commie does.

          • Nightwing K'Trevala

            the clowns being all the rich SoBs that are elected to Congress? I’m of the opinion that the elected Government Officials should be paid Minimum Wage; NOT reimbursed for speeches; given 4 round trip COACH tickets per year for themselves, no family members permitted to use them; and required to live in public housing during their term of office and use public schools for their kids. ALSO they have to have served in either the Military OR Peace Corps or a group similar to that (including public servants) to be even considered eligible for election. The disabled that wish to run for office, like Greg Abbott of Texas, would qualify by serving publicly with a volunteer group that concerns itself with education or helping the more disadvantaged

        • Maybe you will stop buying foreign goods?

    • WHAT Welfare,Regressive??!!?

    • Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie? Why do you feel it is all right to insult the poor. You want people off welfare — stop buying the foreign made goods. You. and people like you, made the welfare roles what they are today.

      • So your saying that the illegals here haven’t taken jobs? It’s all because of foreign goods? Funny thing is, the business I owned for 25 years and my oldest son runs now….all materials bought through local wholesale businesses, it was hard to find American made. The thing is, many of the manufacturers left because of the cost of labor. Now the left wants even the unskilled to have a living wage. Well guess what, many of those jobs will go away. Ever noticed in some of the fast food restaurants they have a kiosk to take your order? Well, next they will automate the food prep and those jobs will be gone too. I know my son will cut all of the untrained minimum wage guys and only hire guys from the trade schools.

    • And under furhrer obama.

  2. that’s how the libs buy the votes, don’t make anyone work, give it to them free. Self respecting people work to better their lives and evidently support the parasites.

    • I agree!! Your key words were “self respecting” ergo evidently most have “NO” self respect! Why work when one can sit home, drink booze, get rent assistant, sell drugs or do drugs and get money for doing “ABSOLUTELY” nothing!

  3. “I am for doing good to the poor, but I differ in opinion of the means. I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it. In my youth I traveled much, and I observed in different countries, that the more public provisions were made for the poor, the less they provided for themselves, and of course became poorer. And, on the contrary, the less was done for them, the more they did for themselves, and became richer.”
    – Benjamin Franklin, “On the Price of Corn and Management of the Poor,” November 1766

  4. My hat is off to the Maine Gov. and his administration! I really believe that basicly humans are not lazy, but really want to better themselves, not collect gov. assistance. If I am not mistaken, vocational school programs that used to teach young people different trades so they could earn a decent living was stopped. This program was intended for students who did not want to go to college. To me, that was a great program, as I firmly believe, that not everyone should go to college. By the way, go hire a plummer, bricklayer or electrician and see how much they charge!! God Bless.

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    • The sad thing is there are thousands of good jobs in the “trades” that employers can’t find people to fill. They seem to have bought into the lefts obsession with college degrees so they get a degree in some useless social engineering discipline and are now collecting government welfare as the play with their cell phones all day in their parents basements. These employers looking for and offering apprenticeships say when a person does come in they can’t pass the drug test. And who is it that is all for legalizing drugs? The left wants a huge entitlement crowd so they can keep their jobs in government and politics. Time to let them starve. After all, isn’t it the democrats that think we need to reduce the population?

  5. Dependency is the democratic way of life and prostituting a vote for their party. It’s been done to the blacks, the Hispanics, and now the Syrian refugees. Wake up America!!

  6. New Mexico did it first.

  7. This is the tough love attitude, instead of the bleeding heart attitude (poor thing). So far seems to be working.

  8. I think what they are doing is the right approach. Help people help themselves. They have more self respect and pride that way.

    • It is the right approach but a lot of welfare recipients don’t know what self respect is they feel they are owed something by society.

      • AMEN!! You nailed it to the wall! I’m sick and @^##$^^ tired of hearing from them that they are in fact owed something! Total B.S.!!!!

        • Nightwing K'Trevala

          All the lazy able bodied welfare people are owed is a free daily sack lunch of either bologna or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and a bus trip to the Day Labor locations. If they don’t like that, then they can find themselves on a bus going a LOOOOOOOOOONG way either North or South and see how they like things there. I’m not talking about those that are in school or programs to try to better themselves but the ones that are sitting back and watching Judge Judy all day trying to rip off the hardworking Americans that are trying to make something of themselves yet are taxed to death to pay for those layabout “Welfare Mamas and Poppas.”

      • so when do we cut these corporate asshats off?

  9. It’s a vicious circle. I give you money and you vote for me. You vote me back in and I give you more money after all it is not mine to begin with but I have the ability to steal it from others.

    • And aided & abetted by FED/GOV employees who will sign up your dog as long as they keep (or look) busy and that earns Job Security, enormous perks, huge bonuses and rarely any criminal charges….(Just look at the VA Death By Delay policy – – no manslaughter charges, not even a firing – – Y E T?)

  10. No work=No Eat

  11. Governer LePage is awesome.


    I believe it’s called total control by the liberals in power, The State of Main knows how to handle their citizens with proper care. And now nobama wants all free welfare for the arabs coming in, he even threatens the States if they don’t give him what he wants. We are in trouble and you idiot liberals voted twice for him?

    • Nightwing K'Trevala

      Maybe we should make Ovomit pay for the Syrians/Arabs himself since it seems to be only HIM that want them here

      • Michelle Minze-Bryant

        Yes, I agree, or the people who want them here. Make THEM pay their way and keep serveilance on them 24/7 also. That’s about the only way to go that’s fair to everyone.

  13. The Maine media are spearheading the attempted hatred of Gov. LePage, but of course the rest of the left empowers them, if not openly cheering them on. What they fail to realize is that a majority in this state voted him into office the first time and he was reelected for a second term. The majority of Maine citizens are incredibly happy with what he’s doing. Personally I love his brashness and the fact that you know exactly where you stand with him. He is the only Maine governor who I really feel is on my side and doing his job. He’s also appreciative of the tax money we pay in and he understands that he needs to stretch it as far as possible and not raise taxes when he pisses away what was collected. The left thinks that money grows on trees and the fruit just hangs there and is theirs to harvest whenever they feel like it. They’re worse than coke addicts; they will never have enough of our money for their habit.
    Frankly, I don’t understand how the left, and that includes the media, thinks that people will somehow buy their narrative that there is a war against the poor. It hasn’t worked yet, but they keep trying to sell it. Gov. LePage came from very humble beginnings himself and lifted himself up by his own bootstraps. Of all people, LePage understands the poor of this state. It’s the left who doesn’t, and the left absolutely doesn’t understand the people of Maine if they think they can insult us and who we elect. They are out of touch with the majority of the state that lives north of Augusta. South of that is “Massachusetts North”, and we don’t really consider it to be Maine as they no longer have Maine values. They invaded the state and now live here only. The unfortunate part is that that tiny portion of the state drives Maine elections and has for many years. But maybe the conservatives down there are waking up. The left and the media needs to get out more and away from their butt buddies and find out what Maine is actually thinking and what we’re like and learn to accept our values as their own. Failing that, maybe they can just go back to whatever far left state they came to Maine from. Northern Maine has about had it with them; and by northern Maine I mean north of Augusta.

  14. You have to remember every program of the Democratic Parasitical Party is predicate on buying votes with handouts
    They will always call any successful program
    ‘War on the Poor”

  15. But if they get off “da wefair” who will vote for a democrat? No wonder the libtards are having a hissy fit. This should happen in ever state across the union! I would vote this program in immediately!

  16. Cherie Lynn Davis

    Democrats have lopsided thinking when it comes to their version of helping the poor. As Gerald says below, their every program is predicated on how many votes they can buy. It is sad to see how cold and indifferent they really are when it comes to solving problems confronting those less fortunate souls barely surviving in poverty. A good education is paramount in escaping poverty and what have the Democrats done in this regard…? Dumbed down the schools because they know if people get educated, their power base dwindles! What I don’t understand is how willing people are to accept crumbs and live in what is the equivalent of slavery, when they could pull themselves out of it and have a decent life with their self-respect in place as well. The only thing the Democrats are good at, is convincing people they can’t succeed on their own.

  17. Could this be working only because there are fewer blacks, Hispanics and illegal immigrants living in Maine, which would make it a war on Christian Caucasians?

    • muskat antonopolis

      oh come the race baiters….there are many black and Spanish, etc
      in maine….struff that junk and stick to the topic……

      • A simple question pointing out there ARE NOT many blacks or hispnics living in Maine and along comes a simpler idiot with his BS.

  18. I just sent my Demorat Governor(McAuliffe) an e-mail about this and requested a reply, 1st time I have e-mailed him because I can’t stand him. He is BFF with the Clintons, has campaigned with them and hoping to be VP if she wins. He is also doing Exec. order on gun control. I guess I had better get on this other letter now.

  19. muskat antonopolis

    workfare…shades of Regan…only it should require more of those on the welfare
    rolls…not a few hours but “get a job and we will help until you can stand on your own
    two feet”….and it doesn’t have to be a white collar or blue collar job, any job for petes
    sake, just GO TO WORK…off your fat, lazy ass and do Something for yourself
    and your family…..

  20. That is a step in the right direction. Help the poor but have a plan for cutting off all welfare if they do not comply.

  21. Bill Clinton, under Republican prodding, started a program to wean the “poor” off of welfare. It was working, so naturally it was shut down. (Before Bill, another Democrat (LBJ) started the “War on Poverty,” which took a problem the nation was solving, and and vastly increased the poverty level by stealing from the working folks.) After nearly two terms under 0, the Democrats are still doing what they do best, building a dependent slave class of parasites who will always vote for them. This would not be happening unless the rest of us, and many of them, allowed it to happen. Politicians have betrayed us, which is the reason for Trump’s popularity, but instead of listening to the people, politicians are salivating to get rid of Trump and continue their rape of the nation unabated. Corruption and greed will be the death of us.

    • I don’t remember the exact words but LBJ is said to have said something to the effect of “keep giving them freebies and they’ll be voting DemoCRAPZ for life”!! Some war on poverty!
      I’m not sure if the following is Biblical or from somewhere else but it says “give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach him to fish and he eats forever” or something like that.
      Needles to say I concur wholeheartedly with your post!!

  22. The way I see it if you are able to work you WILL do so or we will leave you to starve to death on the streets that seems more than fair to me. I will NOT pay for your lazy ass to sit on the front porch and smoke crack I prefer to see you dead and rotting in the gutter. If you are capable we will force you to work we will also drug test you and if you fail you get NOTHING. You WILL work to earn your welfare check and you WILL do what ever it is we tell you to do or you get NOTHING. I would have no problem grinding up your corpses and using the resulting muck to fill potholes

  23. There is no WAR ON THE POOR it is a war on the DEADBEAT LAZY.

  24. Maine’s program of getting the poor help and incentives to do something worthwhile for themselves isn’t a “war” against the poor but should be labeled “Hope” for the Poor!

    What an awesome woman to see right past all the crap of the democrat’s “labeling” people and taking away the people’s power to make better lives! The people of Maine are truly blessed to have her running their welfare systems.

    Too bad other states, like California, don’t do the same and get the loafers off their welfare system. Oh forgot…too many illegals that don’t speska the English language sucking up CA’s resources. Got it! Make it mandatory for “everyone” who gets welfare to have to speak English or no welfare check. Problem solved!
    Also, get those “bleeding hearts” liberals out of the CA govt system. All they know to do is screw up everything good because of their own personality disorders of feeling worthless. Libs Losers leave now!

  25. If they start working for a living they will see all the Taxes that come out of their checks and switch to the Republican Party!

  26. This is not a War on the poor. It is a War on Dependency. Dependency will get you killed. You can cost on Disability or living with your parents, or filling a rent house with people like a commune, but the coasting life will get you killed. First, life is cheap, until it is not. At some point, you will have a car accident, a fall, or a beating by a thug, and suddenly you have medical and dental bills if you want to make it, There is also cancer, heart disease, or respiratory illness that can make your expenses rocket up, and if you cannot make your financial “nut” from the increased cost, you might not make it.

  27. If you don’t work, you don’t eat. ——John Smith

  28. What happens when we are all poor?

  29. We will have anarchy in the streets.

  30. Death will be a welcome to all Democrats.

  31. It’s just this simple, liberalism/socialism CAN NOT survive without it’s control of the ignorant masses and economic slaves.

  32. May GOD BLESS this leader and have the message under stood by the flock that this poor crap is nothing but supporting drugs to kill their children and keep the self serving trash like the United States Senate running the country inot the ground and not committing treason working with Obama to turn over the country to ISIS and to kill all Christians

  33. May God take this POTUS away from us and leave us HIS JEDEO-CHRISTIAN nation. Deliver us, O LORD, from this curse that is Obama. Send him to his lord Lucifer, never to torment us again. AMEN.

  34. Of course, doing what the Republicans are doing and making many of these poor people self-reliant doesn’t sit well with liberals, as less control of the poor means fewer votes.

  35. Republican Governor Paul LePage…..Why isn’t this man running for president? Gawd, the libTURDS would shoot themselves….(er, that would require a “GUN”), strike that,……. they would shat themselves..

  36. Entitlements are usually an earned benefit. A person is not entitled to live off the system when there is a possibility of work. Nor are they entitled to a handout at others’ expense. Demanding that they put in a little sweat equity is not going to kill them, and it might make them feel like a real bread winner, instead of a beggar.

  37. Like ALL posts by PatriotNewsDaily:NOT Patriotic,but DEFINITELY Fascist Filth.Pure EVIL.

  38. On the surface,at least, it sounds like a good idea.

  39. I know right he got those lazy senior citizens and disabled vets off the welfare rolls !!! Way to kick them when their down !!! As he said ” the vets were well enough to go fight in a war so they can work just as hard at home , we don’t owe them anything ” Gov. LePage !!! & ” seniors had enough time to save for retirement and if they did not do it or if for some reason they couldn’t work Well that’s not our fault ” Gov. LePage !!!

  40. ConservativeSenior

    Not war on the poor. It’s been war on the taxpayers by the leeches in our society. If they refuse to work part time or volunteer, that’s their choice. They’re not “entitled” to freebies. The rest of the country should follow suit.

  41. When I lived in Maine I read an interview of a young woman that believe it was her right to have as many children as she wanted and it was up to the taxpayers to support her and this was in the 80’s. And the cycle keeps going!!
    It is time, really decades past time, this type of think needs to be put to an end!! What ever happen to self responsibility, being accountable for ones actions??
    Good for this Governor, when is he running for President??

  42. Stan Joy right below this, spoke up for Vocational schools, and I agree 1000%
    Public Assistance was originally a hand-up… not a hand-out.
    People can be required to do a small amount of something to offset the cost of their help, without the radical Left playing the “slavery” card.

  43. “As Maine goes, so goes the nation”-we can hope so, anyway!

  44. Stan Joy right below this, spoke up for Vocational schools, and I agree 1000%
    Public Assistance was originally intended as a hand-up… not a hand-out.
    People can be required to do a small amount of something to offset the cost of their help, without the radical Left playing the “slavery” card.

  45. I’ve been saying for years, the way to end the welfare is to have everyone work at some job unless they cannot for some medical reason and give them food stamps, insurance, and provide some type of inexpensive housing. The caveat is they must work somewhere.

  46. What a wonderful idea. It cuts back on taxpayers spending, and offers welfare recipients hope, of being able to take care of themselves and their families. More states should try it. Good work Gov.

  47. You cannot put people back to work if there are no jobs to be had. As long as Americans continue to buy foreign made goods, there will be many people on welfare in the USA.

    • If the US removes every non-visa illegal, how many jobs would open up?
      Our government needs to start thinking of putting Americans to work, not illegals!!

  48. What work?, fricking bums want everything for free. Enoughs enough you sponges, get a job, or go hungry in the street.

  49. LBJ started the “War on Poverty”, which I have often said can never be won. Maybe there is a Light at the end of the Tunnel (and it’s not another Train coming at you).

  50. We used to call it “workfare” and if you were on welfare, able bodied and not actually disabled, you had to work while getting your food stamps, AFDC, Section 8 housing, Medicaid etc. Maybe you would help out at the daycare for the Moms who were working, or mow lawns or pick up trash or paint some buildings or remove graffiti, or repair cars and trucks of those who were out working. Just not sitting around wasting time. Plus job training, education, learning skills, cleaning up, drug testing, alcohol testing, It makes more sense to help people get back on track instead of keeping them down! Hey, how about joining the military or Peace Corp? Do something positive instead of wasting your life and teaching your kids to be bums.

  51. Good for Maine. The perpetrators of the war on poor myth are only interested in one thing: securing their own job security. Anyone who is opposed to showing people how to better themselves and get off the dole has an agenda that has NOTHING to do with the people they are supposedly serving.


    Liberals, liberals, liberals, what a bunch of assholes

  53. carry a gun everywhere you go if you want to live:

    Jihad on Americans
    and black on white murder is becoming a daily event.The exec. Gag order forces
    law enforcement agencies to hold back the facts. Need protection but don’t want
    the F.B.I. digging into your past to buy a firearm? There is a way. Replica cap
    and ball pistols can be bought with no registering. Then a conversion cylinder
    can be bough to make it shoot modern ammunition. All you need is a credit card
    or cash.

    a big one:

    and get:

    or a small one:

    and get the
    convertor cylinder at

    protection is a
    must and the government will come for registered firearms any day now.

  54. Nice start, make ’em work for it like we do.

  55. These parasites have been waging war on hard working taxpayers for four generations. About time we fought back. They are all capable of working in some capacity. But they chose to sit on their brains, collect food stamps and then trade them for malt liquor and crack cocaine.

  56. OMG … I think that I’m going to Get “the vapors!” – I may collapse! from the HARD TRUTH…. that is coming! OUR way!! OMG…. This is the way it SHOULD ALWAYS HAVE BEEN has! to Be !! Proverbs 22:6 “Train a child up in the way that he should go: and when he is old he shall not depart from it.” amen and amen

  57. There are almost no poor in America. Sure, maybe there are a half a percent or so who cannot eat or sleep in a warm place, but that is by their own choosing. People earning or receiving less than one dollar below the government’s definition of poverty are not poor! Wise up, Americans. End welfare and see how fast these jackasses go back to work.

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