Mail-In Ballots: There are Very Strange Things Going on in Pennsylvania

On Saturday, the AP, CNN, and everyone else in the known universe called it: Joe Biden had been elected the 46th President of the United States. It was over. Come January 20th, 2021, Donald Trump’s historic and incomparable presidency will be finished.

And that’s the end of the story. Right?

Well, maybe not. Trump has made it clear that he will not be conceding until he is confident that he lost on legal grounds, and it may be some time before we can know that for sure. Though it is being dramatically underplayed by the mainstream media (surprise, surprise), the truth is that this was a highly bizarre election. Never before in history have this many ballots been mailed in. We’re just supposed to accept that nothing went wrong? Apparently.

Unfortunately, the facts refuse to cooperate with that narrative. Take Pennsylvania, which is the home of some extremely strange aberrations in the vote.

From Just The News:

Mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania so far this year have been accepted at almost 30 times the rate predicted by historical rejection numbers, raising potential questions in a state in which Democratic challenger Joe Biden is maintaining a lead of just several thousand votes.

A county-by-county review by Just the News of accepted and rejected mail-in ballots throughout the state of Pennsylvania show that, when added up, the state only rejected 951 of 2,614,011 mail-in ballots this year, or a rate of 0.03%.

That is significantly less than the historical rate of mail-in ballot rejection, which generally hovers around 1%. For first-time mail-in voters the rate can jump as high as 3%.

In 2016, the state saw about 266,208 mail-in ballots; just under 1% of them, 2,534, were rejected, roughly in line with historical expectations, according to the 2016 Election Administration and Voting Survey.

At that historical rate of rejection, around 26,000 mail-in ballots would be rejected from this year’s final Pennsylvania tally.

This is huge.

If historical precedent and data predicts 26,000 rejected ballots, it would be easy to accept a number that was, say, two or three thousand lower or higher. But to get from a predicted value of 26,000 down to an actual number like 951? No sir. Something is wrong.

If TRUMP had won the majority of mail-in votes, thus costing Biden the race, you can bet that this discrepancy would be the number one story on every left-wing network in the country.

Now take Pennsylvania’s discrepancies and paste them on top of Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, and all the rest of the swing states. You’re telling us that Trump and his lawyers should just concede and shut up? In a year that has been this chaotic and unprecedented, we’re all supposed to just assume there was no funny business?

Not a chance.

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