MAGA Republicans Declare War On Potential Trump Running Mate

Photo by Natilyn Photography on Unsplash

( – On Monday, Steve Bannon, a former aide of Donald Trump, stated that he anticipated that there would be a big fight over whether or not Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley should be Trump’s choice for vice president in the general election.

Bannon advised that it would be a bad idea for Trump, who continues to be his party’s frontrunner, to select Haley as his running mate.

During an appearance on “Human Events Daily with Jack Posobiec” Bannon argued that one of the big fights is going to be the effort to have Haley added to Trump’s ticket. He added that they would claim that Trump needed to have a woman added to the ticket to balance everything out. She can also help bring the 15 percent of Never Trumpers in the GOP back on board and have them vote for the former President.

However, he warned that while this would be a fight that they would have, Haley would act as a detriment to Trump’s hypothetical second administration. He argued that she was a “viper” and that if she was included in the administration at all it would just lead to the administration failing. He proceeded to warn that Haley would try to be just like Dick Cheney had been to President Bush and would attempt to run the administration as if she were the prime minister.

As Haley’s performance in the polls has been improving many have been questioning whether she could potentially become the next vice President. Decision Desk HQ’s national polling average found that Haley had 10.8 percent support bringing her to the second place in the race, while Trump continued to lead with 63.1 percent.

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