MAGA: One Crazy Leftist Professor Won’t Be Returning to Work Next Year

Drexel University professor George Ciccariello-Maher, who made a spectacle of himself by tweeting and expressing some of the most vile, misguided left-wing views in the mainstream arena, has announced his resignation from the classroom after one of his most controversial years. And while it’s true that President Donald Trump has probably never even heard of Ciccariello, much less had anything to do with his ousting, we’re going to take this as another mark in favor of Making America Great Again. At the very least, Ciccariello’s absence will go a long way towards making Drexel University great again.

In a statement released Thursday, the professor said, “Staying at Drexel in the eye of this storm has become detrimental to my own writing, speaking and organizing.” Blaming “right-wing, white supremacist media outlets and internet mobs” for forcing him out of a job, Ciccariello said that December 31, 2017 would mark his final day of employment with Drexel.

Of course, what Ciccariello calls “right-wing,” most Americans would call “moderately conservative.” What Ciccariello calls “white supremacist media outlets,” most Americans would call “websites to the right of the Huffington Post.” And what Ciccariello calls “internet mobs,” most people would call “decent people standing up to the insanity that is this professor’s anti-American mindset.”

But hey, those are all just words. And speaking of words, let’s go back and recall some of the things Ciccariello said to turn himself into one of this country’s most despised academics. Recently, in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting, he feigned shock over the assailant being a “white man” and blamed “Trumpism” for visiting this horror upon us. On another occasion this year, he felt the need to share this painfully nasty tweet: “Some guy gave up his first class seat for a uniformed soldier. People are thanking him. I’m trying not to vomit or yell about Mosul.” And anyone who knows this clown’s name will recall his Christmas wish last year, when he said that all he wanted under the tree was “white genocide.”

Yeah, he’s a real piece of work.

As happy as we are to see that Ciccariello will not be indoctrinating students in the comfy confines of his classroom for the foreseeable future, we’re sure that his busy itinerary of “writing, speaking, and organizing” means that we haven’t heard the last of him. Which is fine. Life just wouldn’t be as interesting without some easy targets to kick around, and Ciccariello’s blindness to this country’s greatness makes him an easier target than most. He’ll spend another year luxuriating in the very freedoms he hates and we’ll spend another year fighting back against everything he and his ilk believe in.

Should be fun.



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  1. McDonald’s is always hiring. He can get a night position and do some of his vitriolic writings during slow times when the boss isn’t looking.

  2. Karen VanCraenenbroeck

    I don’s think McDonald’s would hire him – customers would probably walk out once they see him. Thank God he will not be teaching next year. I don’t think his “writings, speakings, organizing” will be of interest to any one in the near future – besides what “organizing” are we talking about? Is he going to organize his house, his paperwork???

  3. Perhaps he could write obituaries.

    Na, not even the dead with put up with his nonsense.

  4. I think what’s really wrong with these weak minded, pathetic, self hating white liberal men is ordinary, garden variety masochism. This little worm likes to think of himself as some kind of firebrand, a leftist hero. I think all he’s really done is find a way to flagellate himself in public and glory in the resulting humiliation. You can’t tell me anyone takes such an enormous moron seriously. Even the most diehard leftist probably can’t help but notice how much he enjoys his own self loathing. As dense as they are even they must feel creepy and soiled when forced to spend more than a few minutes with him. This particular lunatic and all the others of his stripe are a perfect example in favor of the argument that modern liberalism is in fact a mental disorder.

    • How is this guy ‘self hating’ exactly?

      • Anyone that gets so angry about “someone giving up a first class seat seat to a uniformed soldier. People are thanking him. I’m trying not to vomit or yell out mosul”.
        You defend that?

        Calling for “white genocide”.
        You defend that?

        • He was making a joke about a B.S. conspiracy theory.

          And he was saying that veterans need more then small jesters that do more the make the people doing them feel good then the veteran themself.

          • Bullshit….you are putting words in his mouth to try and justify a pos person.

            Joke about what conspiracy theory? Show me a link to that. If that’s the case….why is he leaving?

            So he wanted to vomit or yell Mosul because he doesn’t like people thanking a soldier….because it makes them feel good??

            I’m a Marine 1973-83 ….
            If someone did that for me I’d shake their hand and thank them. Thing is, I didn’t enlist to get thanks.
            My family history goes back into the service….both grandfathers, my dad, my father in law, 4 uncles, myself, 7 cousins, my youngest and 5 nephews.
            We didn’t go into the service for what we got, we went out of sense of duty.

            This idiot professor….

          • He has openly said has just joke about the ‘white genocide’ tweet. Because “it is a ridiculous conspiracy theory that deserves to be mocked”.
            Did you see he interview with Tucker Carlson, he explains his views on veterans there, that was my source.
            Also, a lot of my relatives are veterans to.

          • sandraleesmith46

            Sorry, but publicly calling for any “genocide” is NEVER a joke! Anyone sick enough to think it is belongs on a nice padded cell so he can’t hurt himself or others.

          • He was not calling for any genocide! The point is that it doesn’t exist!

          • sandraleesmith46

            Really??? SO you just swallow EVERY lie the MSM spews out and don’t check into anything? Good to know; ‘bye; I don’t have time to suffer fools.

          • I’n Speaking truth.

          • He probably only said that it was a joke because Tucker shamed him.

          • Tucker is a a**hole, that guy was be sincere.

          • Tucker put’s the Liberals on a spot and holds their feet to the fire.

          • No, he pick people to get his audience pissed off and makes a dumb face.

          • I’m with you, Shecky. This is a pencil-neck dork who never was picked for a baseball team or always got the wedgies. Now he thinks it is his turn to get revenge. Pathetic POS. If you can’t thank a soldier, you just don’t know jack in my book.

          • Thanks for your service brother.

          • Love it, great comment, your family sounds like mine, all about the same here and have 2 nephews and 1 Niece in right now, 12 years Army here Brother!

          • Thank you for your service to the Nation Rodney. Four years USAF here and nobody owes me a living, only what’s legally due a Veteran.

          • and Thank You marshmil for your service to our great country.

          • Thanks jaybird for your kind note. It is a great pleasure to have served to protect what our Founders risked everything for us to have…their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor. Thank you God for those great old geezers.

          • 30 years active duty with USAF, now age 83. We need to start placing certain values on being a citizen and if someone violates those values, action should be taken against that individual.

          • Thanks for your note king. You are 4 years older than I am. I fully agree with your suggestion about citizenry. Civility has been tossed away by the generations after the 1960s. We’ve acquired an “I got my rights” faction in the ’60s. The Obama illegal eight years merely poured lighter fluid onto that stinkin thinkin attitude fire. We have a faction that considers itself *entitled* to things it never made contributions for. After WWII Americans were occupied with readjusting. The gadgets of today were not present. School teachers were not occupied with teaching sexual deviations to elementary school pupils. Men didn’t try to be women and women didn’t try to be men.
            Elementary school teachers didn’t teach boys how to be girls and girls how to be boys. The social scene was stable. Marxists and Alinskyists have been busy lately at attempts to wreck the American social order hoping to establish those Godless ideologies in the land of one Nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all. Thank you king for your 30 years service to the greatest Nation on the planet outside of Israel. Shalom.

          • Thank you for your service Sir, one of my Nephew’s is in the Air Force!!

          • I was stationed first three years at the Aerospace Medical Division in San Antonio, TX where research was conducted for the moon shots per JFK. Kennedy dedicated the Division the day before he was murdered. I had the pleasure of seeing him and Jackie in person. My fourth year was in Athens Greece. After discharge went to graduate school at UGa.–Super Bowl Winner this year. Must confess I’m not much of a football fan. 🙁

          • I took my Oath in 72, had a low draft # so I just joined! I was told if you joined Nam was out of the picture, but turned out it was anyway! But my basic and AIT was still training for the NAM type war and basically didn’t go anywhere for a while! We had our brothers coming home from NAM. and everything was flooded for a while, most were going into National Guards, and almost anywhere to try to finish out their time! Sadly I had 3 NAM. VETS. from my hometown after 3 or 4 years killed themselves and it made me sick! They were a little older than me, but I knew them well, like today most are over medicated or are given the WRONG Meds! I hate to say it friend, but our Gov. doesn’t want people with military background to be able to have weapons and why they are in such a hurry to say they have a problem when they come home from war, but it’s true that some do have problems! But I am amazed that you actually got to be a part of history, that’s great friend, but I must say, “ROLL TIDE”, even if half my family lives in GA.!! I believe GA. might take us and I LOVE College football, no Pro!! Happy New Year friend!! 🙂 🙂

          • Thanks Rodney. I was in ’61-’65.

          • Thanks for your service Brother and welcome home.

            Semper Fi

          • Did the professor ever do active duty military service and is he now a Veteran? Can anyone get the answer?

          • I don’t think a Veteran would speak like that especially about another soldier.

          • Exactly..

          • I’m a Veteran. Nobody owes me a living. I did only 4 years USAF. I tip my lance to all Marines, living and deceased. I am formally trained in two professions and hold two professional diplomas. The negative nit professor under discussion does not deserve to live in the USA where he’s protected hourly by active duty military personnel from nuts like Kim Jong Un. Now that he has resigned he should move outside the USA.

          • I am with you Shecky.

            One of my ancestors served and was wounded (lost an arm) at North West Bridge, Virginia during the Revolutionary War. One of my great grandfathers served with the Union forces during the siege of Atlanta and another of my great grandfathers served with The Confederate forces in defense of Savannah during Sherman’s march to the sea. My father and 4 of his brothers served during WWII all of whom were wounded in action. My mother’s two brothers served In the Pacific during WWII and one was awarded the Silver Star. My brother served during The Korean War and was wounded in action. I served during The Vietnam War and came home with minor scratches. My son served during Desert Shield/Storm as a Marine. My oldest grandson served as a Marine in the Afghan War (Middle East) and my next to youngest grandson has just enlisted in the US Air Force.

            What has this idiot professor done except run his mouth and downgrade this nation and that goes for Higgins and his ilk also.

          • Been There…I want to Thank You for your service and Welcome Home Brother!!

            Semper Fi
            Marines 1973-83
            1st Bat 22nd MAU

          • jesters = gestures. You’re probably a product of our public school system.

          • No, that typo was the product of autocorrect.

          • Just tell it like it is, he’s a racist and socialist A-HOLE!

          • He not a racist, and how is he a socialist?

          • That is not what I read into it! He is a hater of everything and is always feeling wronged by someone.

          • How does he claimed to be wronged?

          • Just read the article more than once, maybe you will get it but I have my doubts.

            He is not taking responsibility for the things he has said that cost him his job. He is blaming the right-wing Conservatives for forcing him out of a job when it really is his big mouth and radical views that he has voiced.

          • His racial views are that white people should think they are victims, what’s wrong with that?

          • I am quite sure the veteran who was allowed to take the first class seat enjoyed the experience and considered it a thank you for your service. Our veterans have earned that thank you. To him it was way more than just a small jesture.

          • Healthcare, and jobs would have been more appreciated.

          • I thought we had the really wonderful obamacare! We add jobs every month and the small businesses will need to save a few bucks before investing. big corporations will likely do something within six months.

          • I’m just saying what veterans have problems with.

          • Those who qualify for VA health care will see no change. If he has that, he will be fine. Trump is looking out for veterans.

          • I’m pretty sure Trump has said of bad things about VA healthcare?
            But there are still job problems.

          • Trump has never criticized VA health care. He has done two positive things. First it is now much easier to fire a VA employee who is falsifyng records such as wait list or just not doing what they are hired to do. Second he has made it easier to get private care if waiting time is excessive. I qualify for VA health care, but have chosen not to participate.

          • Doesn’t using VA healthcare less make it easier to get rid of?

          • not at all. While the waiting list problem is being solved, a temporary solution is to allow veterans to get private health care at the expense of the VA.

          • You know, Obama’s was fixing the VA to?

          • Name one person who was guilty of falsifying records who was canned. Obama had years to deal with the problems and they were still there when he left office.

          • No president has ever fixed every problem. Thing got better when Obama’s left. Even crime was down.

          • Just looking at chicago murders. there was a decline in 2017 compared to 2016, but i do not credit Trump for that. I do agree that with Obama gone our economy has soared.. Four straight days of the DOW going up and we reached a new historical high at todays closing of 25,295. I love it!

          • Crime rates have been going down nation wide for a while, 2016 also saw less murders the 2015. Despite it’s remaining problems Chicago is safer then it was in the 90s by a long shot.
            Also a extra fact, Chicago doesn’t have the highest murder rate Per-capita.

          • ??????

          • Are you confused?

        • I wonder if the professor puked and called for “black genocide” when he found out congresswomen Sheila Jackson Lee, a black racist, got a white woman to involuntarily give up her 1st class seat on a United airline flight and then the racist congresswoman had the nerve to call the white woman racist for calling her out!!

          • Perfect response drlarry. Thanks. Interesting that when the “color” switches, the liberals are neutral. Ergo, they are anti-white themselves.

      • sandraleesmith46

        He’s WHITE!

      • He’s ashamed to be “white”. He’s now a “FORMER” College Professor, if you can’t do, TEACH. If you can’t teach become a liberal “activist”, which now pays well, the Nazi Soros will back him. If they have a degree in the study of shit, they believe they should be taken seriously. Most are liberal morons with opinions and the liberal “FAKE” media gives them some sort of credibility. Another society reject.

      • Surely you can figure that one out by yourself.

    • Notice how you invent a persona for the guy, right down to his private self-image, and then criticize what you just made up? That’s the straw man fallacy, making your whole analysis invalid. Inventing reality to suit your delusions is, in fact, a mental disorder.

    • pretty much agree, but wish to add something. In his former position he had the capability to have a captive audience who in taking his course were subject to his ranting. Not saying they all agreed with him but some who entered his class had their mild liberal beliefs reinforced. I feel this is the problem with today’s left. Self Analyzing their beliefs logically may lead to rejection, However when they have a group of people agreeing with them they reinforce the mistaken beliefs. Who takes such an enormous moron seriously, other morons do. This is probably why leftists demonstrations are heavy on chanting.

    • unfortunately he is exposing young minds to his anti-American views and that is NOT teaching

    • The problem is that students don’t have a choice. They are a captive audience. If they are able to stand up and complain they are punished with bad grades or worse. Educators that do this kind of stuff need to be removed for dereliction of duty. Their job is to teach the subject they were hired to teach. Of course the whole purpose of Common Core is to inject the liberal agenda and in many cases anti-social perversions into every curriculum including classes like math and sciences where it is impossible to see how it can be considered appropriate. There are kindergarten and first and second graders being taught the joys of homo-sexual activities. That’s right. This is going on right now where Common Core has been adopted. .

    • wow!!!! You have really outdone yourself -This entire comment is one ad hominem attack with no basis in fact-Good grief!!

  5. Sound more like conservative snowflakes got triggered and got a skilled professor fired.
    He doesn’t hate America, or freedom. His ‘white genocide’ tweet was about making fun of the B.S. conspiracy. He comment about the passenger giving up his seat, was about him thinking small gestures aren’t enough for everything veterans go through. And yes, if the people who harassed him into resigning were probably much farther right then any ‘moderate conservatives’. The trolls who bullied him out of a job deserve to be doxed.

    • “white genocide” just fine with you is it?

    • The most embarrassing part of your post is well, all of it really. The mystifying smugness, considering how absurdly incorrect you are. The typical silly liberal tactics you persist in believing are witty and clever but just make you look even more foolish then you already did. And your insistence on blindly denying a reality that is so easily verifiable in favor of the utter nonsense you’ve swallowed whole.
      People like you who spend so much of their time atop rickety cardboard soapboxes smugly judging everyone else from the heights of your fake moral superiority blissfully unaware of the old bits if food moldering in your neckbeards while your doing it are the reason your party is now an irrelevant joke.

      • What about my poist is wrong exactly?

      • What a weird error! You made up your entire comment without a single reference to anything real. That makes you kind of nuts.

      • Well said Natalie. Thanks. And please do not take the bait to answer picky questions like below. You’ve got better things to do with your time than get involved in mental masturbation. Have a great 2018.

        • Thank you and you too. I know I shouldn’t answer them at all but sometimes it’s just to hard to resist poking fun at their absurdity. They just make it so easy.

          • I know Natalie. They have some kind of personality disorder that demands they always be “right” so they argue ad infinitum nonsensically about picky things that are inconsequential. That AKLady is one of the worst. I blocked her/he/it months ago as her (?) arguments were for the sake of arguing, not for increasing knowledge on both sides. Liberals are out to prove conservatives, in particular, are wrong regardless of the issue. It’s a game (fetish) for them. If an issue presents regarding supporting Israel for example, they drag in comments about “unfairness” to Palestinians. They do not understand that “WAR” is not a game played in a parlor like Chess, Checkers, Bridge or Poker.

      • smugness -you love that word -I have been counting .Other than simple prepositions it’s the most used word in you rambling mostly ad hominem diatribes.

    • sandraleesmith46

      Can I help you pack for your move to North Korea or Iran, where you’ll undoubtedly be MUCH happier since you so clearly HATE America and what made her great?

      • You the one who routes for a very Kim Jong Un man.

      • Thanks sandralee. Let’s hope more move to a socialist/communist la la land then the rest of us who live with reality can get on without picky masturbatory nonsense on posts.

        • sandraleesmith46

          Anything to facilitate their departure from our Republic so we can get back to living under the Constitution our Founders gave us, NOT as “interpreted” by activist leftist, black-robed terrorists!

          • That’s the American spirit Sandralee. Thanks.
            With the Donald at the helm hopefully we will rid the high court of socialist anti-Constitution trash and as you said return to Constitutional government. It’s time for Grandma to retire. Same for Nancy, Dianne, Maxine (Kerosene), Chuckie, John McC. and my do nothing 13th. District Representative who says “How high” when the local minority tells him to jump.

          • sandraleesmith46

            My father said I had the pioneering spirit; I guess I “caught” it from my ancestors. I do know I’m sick to death of the crap that has been going on in this nation; and the leftists claiming to “love” America when all they do is work to destroy her!

    • giving up a first class seat may be symbolic, but it does show appreciation for what our veterans do to protect our rights. Kathy griffin took picture of bloody severed head that was meant to be Our president, She has suffered financially for that and I hope that continues. There is nothing funny about the white genocide tweet. This guy deserved to lose his job.

      • You know, my Dad was watching New Years on CNN last night and he missed Kathy Griffin, he think she shouldn’t have been fired. You probably think that Ceasier play with Trump was wrong to?
        Conservatives pundits saw stupider s**t then this guy all the time, but when when you get kicked off of campuses people go ape s**t.

        • What Kathy Griffin did with that fake head was despicable. We all need to know and accept that there can be consequences to what we choose to do. She knew what she was doing and even her buddy Anderson Cooper said it was way over the line. She deserves everything that has happened to her as did that professor. Your dad is very wrong. she got what she asked for and deserved to get.

          • Was this professor hurting anyone.

          • That professor was an idiot and got what he deserved.

          • Conservatives say more idiotic things, but when they aren’t allowed on a campus you all everybody else snowflakes.

          • To not allow a conservative or liberal speaker their constitutional right to free speech is wrong. Are those speeches offensive to some. Maybe, but they have every right to say what they say. Those who do not like the message can tune them out or not attend. Someone will be offended by nearly any point of view. Where do you draw the line. That is simple. You don’t. Colleges need to protect the right to free speech. When that is gone, what is next to go.

          • I’m saying both conservative speakers and this guy have to right to free speak.
            Spreading misinformation probably should discouraged, when you think about is it kinda defeats the purpose.

          • You are aware that those on the left criticize conservative speakers over the content of their speech. that is fine. Both are entitled to freedom of speech. those who rose against this radical professor have the same right to object that he did in the original post. If he believed so strongly that he did nothing wrong and all of his students love him so much, why did he resign.

          • He resigned because he got actual treats that would have broken the law if they were made in person.

          • Conservative speakers have been denied the right to speak. This guy stated his radical viewpoints and his critics said what they thought about what he said. Both exercised free speech. This guy happened to be a radical nut.

        • Trump is our President and yes I thought the play was distasteful. How would you have reacted if Obama had been the center of the play. AS for the campuses, i believe in free speech and that it should never be stopped, no matter the speakers politics. Those who disagree with what the speaker says do not have to attend.

          • Obama was in the center of the play when he was President. You know it ends with the one who killed Ceaser getting punished, so it’s not like it was anti-Trump.
            Even conservatives say canceling the play was wrong. “I call out snowflakery on campuses all over this country, and this is snowflakery”.
            The comparison I was making is I’d conservatives speakers can say whatever they want, so can people who actually work at universities.

    • What do you know or think you know about how skilled he is or was. Have you sat in any of his classes and seen whether he stuck to the subject matter that he is teaching or does in bring in his politics to his teaching. As for the first class passenger giving up his seat to a veteran. Good for him. sometimes the simple things like that count. Even saying thank you to someone who has helped you goes a long way and causes the person to repeat that action with someone else. Two words in our vocabulary are not used enough. they are the magic words please and Thank you.

      • I read a article about his guy a week ago. His students loved him. He didn’t repeats the ideas in his tweets to his students. I would love to hear how they react to his resignation. It would be great he said it was a violation of his free speech rights.

  6. ” And anyone who knows this clown’s name will recall his Christmas wish last year, when he said that all he wanted under the tree was “white genocide.”
    Ahhh, George, you’re a white person. Since you wished for “white genocide”, please get the ball rolling by putting a bullet in your own brain pan. It’s a start …………. don’t fret when NO ONE ELSE follows suit …………

    • Broadus G Rollins

      + Peter Smith He is probably a jew, not a white christian.

      • Being a white Christian diesn’t Mean you aren’t a pathetic bigot. I mean, look at you.

      • Your post leans toward Antisemitism. I wouldn’t go that direction. George is a communist, an anarchist, a f-cked up fart in a whirlwind progressive liberal. I find nothing about his religious or ethnicity in what I have read. But almost by definition, I would state he is most likely an atheist.

        • I sense the same Peter. There are many atheists who will jump onto the bandwagon here and demand proof but a general earmark of atheists is that they post negative. They point out things they see as wrong. They offer no positives. They pick over sentences and select out phrases then ARGUE ad infinitum about what was originally stated. They are negative minded with complaints about things that have worked for decades. The truth remains, THEY are the misfits in the social order.

    • Got to have a brain, to put a bullet in one…….

  7. This is the racial equivalent of the self-loathing so common among leftist Jewish intellectuals, which has been one of the chief enablers of anti-Semitism for several centuries and is still in operation today in this country and in the Middle East but particularly in Europe. The fellow was probably not re-engaged for the next year, most likely as an untenured adjunct instructor in some sort of pseudodiscipline.

    • There is no part of your comment that you did not make up. What’s your beef with sticking to reality?

      • Unfortunately, ongoing communist revolution and plans for totalitarian dictatorship imposed by the leftist lumpenprofessoriat are today’s reality in this country.

  8. He didn’t resign, he was canned.

  9. Huzzah! The purge of our education system has begun! Make Our Schools Great Again! Make America Great Again!

    • No such “purge” is in evidence, but that shouldn’t stop you from chanting your silly slogan.

    • William do you know of a laxative we could overdose our school systems with to purge them of their fullness of liberal swine excreta?

  10. Good riddance, now, on to the next ones!

  11. Why doesn’t this idiot move to say North Korea where he’ll have all the “freedom” he desires? He should feel right at home with the other nut job there.

  12. Good riddance — this is the kind of demented anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-American nut who never should
    have been “teaching” in the first place. We don’t need profs instructing white students to hate themselves for
    being white. There is nothing wrong with being so. There are too many of these left-wing zealots poisoning
    students’ minds and every time one leaves,(for any reason) it’s a victory for sanity in the education arena.

    • Lynne, you don’t understand university, where people go to test and develop their knowledge and thinking. It’s not indoctrination in the way primary and secondary education are. If a college isn’t asking scholars to stretch their thinking and explore social taboos, it isn’t doing its job.

      • That MUST be sarcasm. Doubt anyone is that foolish.

      • Wrong these colleges do everything they can to indoctrinate the students to believe what the twisted profs spew out or be flunked. If that’s not indoctrination I don’t know what us.

        • ‘Indoctrination’ is just s lie contrarians talk about to seem like victims, or ‘the voice of reason’.

          • You’ve been indoctrinated by something, but it sure isn’t by any school, that is as plan as the noise on your face!

          • Maybe you’ve been indoctrinated🤨?

          • Indoctrination is when a college instructor imposes his or her political beliefs on young impressionable students who are not mature enough yet to separate his politics from the text book material.

          • By that logic, all those conservative pundits indoctrinat kids to🧐.

          • It seems most college professors are liberal . I think every professor needs to stick to subject matter being taught. Kids just do not have the experience yet to separate personal opinion from the normal material. Thus they tend to adopt what is being taught to be true and take on liberal thinking.

          • He was reaching his tweets to his students.

          • When you use twitter, the whole world has access. He was a radical professor and the college is much better off.

          • His tweeter and his classes were separate.
            Also he got hired at NYU.

          • Sounds about right NYU is about as radical and liberal as a college can get. He should fit right in and can get right back to indoctrinating impressionable young students.

          • Do you even know what this guy taught?

          • He taught political science, which would be an easy target to inject his far left views.

          • There’s no evidence that he taught his class like his tweeter. Maybe instead of falling back of stereotype of the ‘leftist Academic’ and consider that someone got bullied of a job for expressing his free speech?

          • It was hate speech , but he did have a legal right to say it. Actions have consequences and many were offended including me. He said something to the effect that when he heard about the first class passenger giving up his seat to a Veteran, he wanted to vomit. nice guy huh. all i want for Christmas is white genocide. Real nice guy huh. When you are that radical and teach, it will spill over into the classroom. I was not in his classes so I have no first hand knowledge of how he taught.

          • Milo Yiannaopiolis sad meaning things then him, and he was the poster boy for ‘campus free speech’ for a while.

          • I did not condone what milo said ,but I do support his right to say it. Anyone who attended his speeches were will aware of how radical he was. This professor was repulsive!

          • How was this professor ‘repulsive’, at lest any more then Milo was?

          • What part of it made me want to vomit in reference to the act of kindness and appreciation expressed by person in first class who gave their seat to a soldier. I applaud that act and it makes me feel good, not sick to my stomach. This professor is a sick asshole.

          • He was saying the act itself was hollow, not that the reason was bad.

          • Giving up your first class seat is hardly a hollow act. This repulsive professor said that the act made him want to vomit. Picking up the tab at a restaurant for a solder and his group wpuld probably be hollow to this poor excuse for humanity also. If you condone what he said, you are no better than he is.

          • He was just saying small gesture was not enough for what soldier are put trough.

          • Just getting a simple thank you makes a soldier feel he is appreciated. first class is expensive. I read what this jerk said and my command of English is pretty good. He said it made me want to vomit. I do not recall where he followed up with anything that said the soldier deserved more. Again if you condone what this sick professor said, you are just as bad as he is. Showing our appreciation in even a small way is a good thing. This was not a small thing.

          • Frank, Will needs to give it up, you’ve bested him! I thought it was repulsive for this so-called professor to state that giving up a first class seat to a soldier made him want to vomit. How low can you get! My husband gave up his seat on the plane so a soldier could get home to his wife and 4 little boys. The “professor” would probably be foaming at the mouth if he heard that.

          • I am unable to afford first class, but I have picked up tab for meals several times and the soldier always says thank you. I served in the military and any small effort would have made me smile and say the only thing you can “thank You.” The act will be different but ths solder feels the same when it is done for them. We have our freedom and the right to do things due to the sacrifices made by those who serve.

          • My precious grandson did 2 tours in Afghanistan. It was hard on him and his wife and little baby boy, but he went and he never griped or blamed his country. And everyone who was kind to him was appreciated~~ not only by him but by his Dad (my son) and by this very proud grandma!

          • From what I can gather about him. His parents are both liberals and he lives at home with them in Arkansas and he is unemployed, which is not meant as a put down. I was employed a couple of times, but my skills are high and I found work each time within a couple of weeks.

          • He clarified by an interview were Tucker Carlson tried to shame him. Maybe he just picked a bad time for that statement?

          • Ok clearly you support him so that lowers you to his level. Clarify for me what act by the other passenger would have been more appropriate. To my way of thinking, it was his way of saying Thank you for your service. Enjoy your plane ride. I can promise you that the soldier thought it was great and appreciated the act of kindness and appreciation. What does this a hole professor think the other passenger should have done. His chosen words state pretty clearly what a low life this professor is. Each of us should let soldier know how we feel about their sacrifice. When I served , I gave up a $20000 per year job for a huge $90 per week $20000 now is not high but in 1967, that was a good paycheck $90 per week not so good.

          • Both statements are repulsive and there will never be a right time for such hatred.

          • He lied and then lied again!

          • Will, give it up~~ Frank has won this debate hands down. Your grasp of the English language is rather lacking.

          • No, he has not won.

          • I do know that i understand what most words mean, and what meaning is conveyed when you put words together. This nut case left nothing to the imagination in what he said. He allegedly joked about white genocide, and I see nothing humorous about the comment. The we have a stranger generously offer to change seats with a soldier and he says that act makes him want to vomit. You are just the same kind of person if you in any way condone that despicable, lower than human comment.

          • The point of his ‘white genocide’ comment was that it didn’t exist.
            I don’t like his other comment, but he doesn’t deserve to get fired over it.

          • That was not his statement. His words speak for themselves.

          • Yes, he clealified to statement, look it up.

          • he failed misearably in his clarification. Justifying those comments by saying they were just satiracal comments. I and everyone else who saw them know what they said and they are reprehensible as he is.

          • Again, conservatives has said more ‘reprehensible’ things.

          • We accept your surrender!

          • Saying please and thank your are also small gestures, but they are very much underused. The size of gesture is not important. Just letting a soldier know that you appreciate his or her sacrifice, no matter how big or small the gesture is goes a long way.

          • Why do people go do crazy about veterans anyway?

          • what is hollow about the act of giving up your first class seat to a soldier. He was simply telling the guy he appreciated his service. How can any of that be bad.

          • You can’t call it brainwashing just because you don’t like his tweeter.

          • nothing in my comment said one thing about brainwashing, though this does show how the man thinks. I have not been in his classroom, so I have no personal knowledge of whether he lets this flow into his lectures. I do know his comments show clearly how he felt about the subjects of his tweets. Words do have specific meaning and even more so when used together like this sick person did.

          • One comment was a joke, the other has been mos-interpreted.

          • Could you repeat that in English!

          • Milo Yiannaopiolis sad meaner things then him, and he was the poster boy for ‘campus free speech’ for a while.

          • Neither you or I know how he taught in the classroom or how liberal his instruction was.

          • He was a good prospect for CNN or the New York Compost!

          • All Democraps seem to be idiots!

          • That’s hilarious! LOOK AT YOURSELF!!!

          • Indoctrination is forcing those under your thumb to believe your rubbish that they otherwise wouldn’t touch with a 100 foot pole because it’s baseless!! Let’s face it, no one wants corporate globalism, since it’s based on a baseless premise: that the best governance is one that administrated by elite international bureaucrats appointed by the mega corporations/banks, sans any kind of democratic/populist input! Don’t believe me, just look at the living proof, the EU out of Brussels!! Yeah, that’s right, that is exactly what the corporate globalists have in store for the entire planet!!

          • Seriously, indoctrination sound like what conservatives want?
            The E.U. has great things for Europe.
            And conservatives are the one pushing cooperat globalism.

          • What great things does EU do for Europe?

          • Helped maintain peace, and allowed for freer exchange of resources and ideas gave them a great economy, and great technology.
            They are also looking into building their own defense force.

          • The members are part of NATO and do not spend the agreed upon amounts for Military. We pick up the shortfall. Greece was bankrupt and got bailed out and stole 10% of citizens savings to pay off debt. What do any of them contribute to technology. I hope they do build up millitary, then we can stop paying what they should be paying. The EU is a joke. That is why the UK pulled out.

          • 🙂 :-), exactly!

          • The U.K. Is doing worse then the E.U..

          • The UK is doing just fine.

          • Their businesses are already suffering from the Brexit.

          • All of Europe has played to the wants of the EU, and look where it’s gotten them! Over run with and on the verge of falling to the hands of the death cult of islam!

          • The refugee crisis peaked three years ago now, and Isis is all but gone, thanks to Muslims themselves.

          • Europe is still living in pure he$$ because of these rapist and thieves, and Germany just had a 750,000 increase of migrants from Africa and that’s a 46% increase since 2011, and this was reported by ( Reuters) !!

          • The biggest immigrant group in Germany are Polls!

          • That was after WWII Willie! Stop denying it and Google it about all of Europe, they’re hiding a lot of it from the press!!

          • No, that’s what the numbers say right now.
            Can you give sources to the contrary?

          • It started out with the animal Brothels that Germany and the UK has set up for these gutter rats that prefer animals over women! Just type in Animal Brothels in Germany and the UK!

          • Would that search get me actual news, or far-right conspiracy sites?

          • It’s not far right or left, it’s real NEWS!

          • What is this ‘real news’?

          • MY Willie, you’ve been use to the fake world of Obama you can’t remember what reality is anymore!! Why it’s called a disease, its for the weak minded people, kinda like throwing a FREE bone to a dog and it’ll follow you around anywhere !!!!

          • How about a source?

          • My God, just forget it, it seems to be over your head !

          • It sounds more like you’re over your head.

          • And they are getting killed for it!

          • No, you just vote for who ever says the most crap you like. Conservatives is all about money, and that’s what outsourcing is all about to.

        • Write your (conservative) legislators demanding the public education teachers be made to submit to classroom monitoring to make sure they are required to stick to the curriculum they were hired to teach. Oh, they will yell and scream and go ballistic saying they are “professional” and cannot be monitored like prisoners but when they act like thugs and inject their own personal political biases and agendas in classroom where it does not belong, monitoring them is the only way to put a stop to the indoctrination. If they don’t like it stop going off track in the classroom or quit.

          • You’re an idiot if you think professors should sequester their opinions. That’s what professors do. They profess. Look it up if you know how.

          • maybe they should just stick to the subject matter and not mix their opinion in with the material.

          • A professor is an expert in his or her field. What he or she knows and thinks is often the subject matter. Many write their own textbooks. But college goes way beyond listing facts and figures.

          • Too much to ask of these radicals!!!

          • I agree! Parents send their kids to these liberal leaning universities and then Professors push their beliefs out as though it was part of the subject matter . Many of these young and impressionable young people are not even aware of what happens and the few that are are afraid to speak up for fear their grades will suffer.

          • They are supposed to profess subject matter facts and proven theories, not propaganda!! It would be a lot cheaper to get corporate globalist propaganda from the mainstream news media!!

          • Professors opinions are worthless that’s why the students are acting the way they do (crazy) starting on the wrong foot

          • Handy Dandy, TEACH your subject and leave the students emotional and personal development to professionals, you dope!!!!!!!!!!

        • The nearest University to me is in a town called Brighton. It ought to be called Looneyversity. It’s a bastion of leftiness, queers, wierdos, and multi-culti rubbish at its most septic. Here the already indoctrinated kids are polished further to make them perfect wishywashy democratic material. It is BY NO MEANS alone.

      • There is no Freedom of Speech if you are a Conservative or Christian student at these universities or colleges. They have been shut down in their classes and on campus, it is you that does not understand that there is no more debating subjects as it was done years ago.

      • Yeah right, that’s why they protest conservative speakers. Universities have become Fascist factories.

      • Jim you are blinded by the LeftWing.

      • I am assuming that is ‘tounge in cheek’ sarcasm. Otherwise, “are you serious, Clark?”

        • “Tongue-in-cheek?” LOL! These people can’t understand “tongue-in-cheek.” They are the “indoctrinated,” having emptied the Kool-aid jug at the feet of their indoctrinators – no matter if indoctrinated by one of our “institutions of higher indoctrination,” or, just hypnotized by the walking brain dead, socialist loving, media!

      • I think you’ve got it wrong, Mr. Dandy. It MOST CERTAINLY IS INDOCTRINATION. Left wing nuts and fruit cakes bearing the title “professor” have been indoctrinating college students for years in their left wing, anti-American, anti-white beliefs.

        • When were you last in a college classroom, if ever? You don’t know what you’re talking about.

          • That is the most presumptuous, pompous statement that I have heard in a long time. Even to ask that question in a debate is ignorant beyond belief and to assume that a person doesn’t know what they are talking about without submitting proof is ridiculous.

          • No, it isn’t. You don’t think or write like a college grad, so I thought I’d check my intuition, and I was right. You are a self-educated writer, which is kind of a feat, but you don’t really know what goes on inside colleges, do you?

      • When political opinion gets mixed with subject matter, it is hard for students to separate the two. Now if they do want to equally teach conservative and liberal views in a political science course, that is fine. The students can then sort it out and decide which works best, but all they hear is the liberal viewpoint.

        • The well placed socialist teachers from the Obama tribe, with Janet Napolitano, one of the DOJ’s under Obama that is President of Berkeley College in CA., one of the worst places to go! Proof she was basically a lying thug and on the same page as the NWO freaks!

          • JIM DANDY is a liberal parrot and believes that if it is liberal it is ok, even if illegal, He also thinks that any Conservative point is wrong and the person who supports them is a moron. Responding to him is a waste of time and just encourages him to go even further left. I am now blocking him and suggest others do as well.

          • Every forum has their idiots, and he’s one of them for sure, can NOT accept the facts, make up BS, and you know they’re always right!! 🙂 BLOCK HIM !!! 🙂 🙂

          • I already did, though he will likely just talk to himself when everyone blocks him.

          • LOL, it’s just more proof how bad that disease really is!!

      • You are a very stupid man pandy dandy.

      • You must be insane, if you cannot see what is going on in our University System. Professors failing students who speak out against their political views is indoctrination and this happens.

      • Wow. See you still drink obola juice and hitlery kool aid. And I would venture that you DO inhale..

      • THAT stretch is a stretch too far.

    • Ciccariello can eat-shit & die. Hope some philly Kieffer does him dead.

    • Charles Wolfe jr

      Amen to that. A nut case like that should be locked away for life !!!

    • This nut is white~~ and he is anti-white~~ and anti-human. What an idiot!

  13. AAAAAhhhhh…. the poor snowflake liberal finds out what responsibility & consequences are! Now he’s going to have to stand on his own 2 feet and make a living !

  14. The whack may be out of Drexel, but know his ideology is most adored by our current academic system of “higher indoctrination,” and look for the whack in another such institution! Remember, even bak-in-tha-day, those two Weather Underground bombers, Ayers and Dorhn, had “professorships” at two separate Indoctrination colleges, after their terrorist reign. Question our vaunted defenders of America might want to ask themselves is, how many of their progeny are walking amongst we the semi-sane?

    • They blew up a toilet with a cherry bomb. That’s vandalism, not terrorism.

      • Few if any of your comments deserve any reply. This is to “inform” those thinking you make any kind of sense. In 1969, Ayers co-founded the Weather Underground, a terrorist group which was self-described as a “communist revolutionary group with the intent to overthrow imperialism”, that conducted a campaign of bombing public buildings (including police stations, the US Capitol Building, and the Pentagon) during the 1960s and 1970s in response to US involvement in the Vietnam War. As they say, “you can look it up,” before posting some stupidity. BTW, those “professorships” came about AFTER their “terrorist” reign, only in America!

  15. Your self-serving interpretation of what ”most people” think of the professor’s views is about par, but how on earth are you able to characterize your steamy editorial as “Breaking News”? This is why Trumpies can’t tell fake news (like this blog) from real news (not like this blog). What you have written is a superficial editorial, not breaking news.

  16. Goodbye to the nutty professor

  17. The bastard will not be missed.

  18. I see no fun in this idiot professor breathing free air and us having to listen to unAmerican drivel. The damage he has done and will continue to do is terrorism and definitely traitoristic.

  19. What stupid nutjobs some schools put up with! Thank God for President Trump.

    • AMEN! We are blessed to have finally gotten rid of that foreign student Constitutionally illegal imposter just before the Donald. The nation is finally back on track and running nicely except for irregularities in the rails deliberately set by the anti-American crowd to derail.

  20. He wants white genocide. Will he volunteer to be first in line to give up his ghost?

  21. One down and many more to go…

  22. I finally found out the real truth about Professor George. He identified as a racist, leftist, black female. In fact under all of his make up it was actually Moochelle Obama posing as a man and what she said is true. She is going back to her mansion in D.C. to organizise, propagandize, and upsize her run for the White House in 2020. She was just practicing and honing her “stick” as a college professor. Who knows, she could win since we have so many leftist, racist, anti American citizens and college indoctrinated snowflakes who call themselves demonrats.

    • You are a insane a**hole. 🖕🤬

      • It’s “an” insane and not “a” insane. Learn proper English Won’t, I mean Will.

        • You are AN insane a**hole. 🖕🤬

          • Good work Won’t, I mean Will, you passed 1st grade English. Now get to work on being a better citizen and learn about Americanism and not leftism.

          • This professor did nothing wrong.

          • it might not have been illegal, but it did offend many and has no place in or around the classroom

          • The only people who would get a offended are believers of a racist conspiracy theory(white genocide), so what’s the big deal?
            And he didn’t do any of this in the class room, it was all on tweeter.

          • You are so inconsistent will. You support the right of protestors on campus to shout down a conservative who is doing nothing more than exercising freedom of speech. You then defend this radical professor when a lot of people speak against his radical comments. He had the right to post what he did and those who protested also had the right to speak against his radical comments. The Kathy Griffen photo was within her rights. Actions have consequences and she now feels those consequences.

          • I’ve never said conservatives speaker shouldn’t be allowed, I was making a comparison.
            If he was treatened with bodily harm the one trolling him were not exercising protected speak.

    • Great sense of humor driarry. Your use of satirical irony is brilliant. You are the polar opposite of the insane one who accused you just below. Thanks for the fun.

  23. Good ridence to an ass hole!!

  24. Liberalism is a mental disease. Liberals all need to consult their mental health providers

  25. It is always encouraging when an idiotic snowflake actually has to pay the price for their actions. I am sure they are shocked beyond belief that the world doesn’t award them a medal for their “social justice warrior heroism” or some such nonsense. Welcome to reality….

  26. The professor is a grown man. If he thinks he would be more content, or happier elsewhere, the best of luck to him and good bye..

  27. Mathematical certainty

    Drexel U, at one time, was considered a decent Engineering School. Yet they hired this clown! Drexel U. that is one sure fire way to degrade your reputation to a school that hires nitwits and graduates one-digit-IQ left-wing-liberal-slugs.

  28. petty chub for PND to swarm..Rex is a loooosa…

  29. I am so happy that I do not have a child who is looking forward to going to college. Those days are LONG gone but I feel sorry for you parents who do have children who may be going off to college soon. Are you going to pay thousands upon thousands of $$ for your child to be indoctrinated by Liberals rather then being educated? To see your child spend 2, 3, 4 years of college and yet not qualify for any job upon graduation. All I can say is good luck and I hope you do your part to make sure that your child gets the proper education that you will be paying for for many many years to come.

  30. He will no doubt immediately apply for “unemployment.


  32. Unfortunately, this type of professor is in many of our colleges. Certainly is the case in Berkeley and the Contra Costa College. I submit that the First Amendment was never envisioned by its creators as giving the freedom to try to overthrow the American ideology in order to supplant it with socialism or communism. Young students are given a view of socialism or communism that is totally incorrect, that inspires students to view our capitalist democracy as racist, divisive, and so on. We need a law prohibiting professors of political science and sociology from teaching socialism or communism in any way other than for what it actually is. We are on the verge of civil war in significant part because of these pro-socialist/communist professors and haters. We DON’T have to tolerate this type of ‘academic’ sedition.

  33. Crap for brains like this idiot is what is teaching our children today. Only we the ones that love America and our freedoms can end this madness.


  35. What a complete zit Ciccariello is!

    I don’t know the idiot and have absolutely no connection to him — but am VERY EMBARRASED, as a proud American of Italian descent, that, from his name, this idiot appears to also be of Italian origin. I hope that sensible Americans who read about him and are disgusted by his words and actions will not connect his vicious idiocy to his apparent ethnic heritage.

  36. Another operative of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic Terrorist Organization bites the dust. With any luck he will commit suicide.

  37. I’m laughing so hard my stomach hurts! Nice job George! Appreciate you ‘walking away’ from your job! That’s one less libtard I have to listen to or read about. Now you can move back into mommy’s house and mooch off your family for a while. You idiot!!!



  39. I am positive there are many more like him brainwashing young kids especially in these liberal institutions. Colleges have become indoctrination centers.

  40. White genocide? Do these people realize that without white people the world would end?

  41. This half-wit WHITE Jewish professor calls for “White Genocide” You first Georgie boy!

  42. The fact that he was able rant and rave crazily the way he did and not get arrested is proof we don’t live in a racist/fascist country!! He needs to just open his eyes to see the truth. He’s not surrounded by prison walls, like he would be in Red China or Iran!!


  44. Yeah, great…so which other university is going to take him on next?

  45. Get a rope for this scumbag. And for the scum that hires “it” in future.

  46. I think one of the good patriotic citizens who’s children were being brain washed by this guy, should have been taken into an ally one night and beat the crap out of!

  47. Bravo Drexel University. Goodbye to bad rubbish. What a poor example this trash is as a teacher AND as a human being. Hope he NEVER gets another job!!

  48. Thank God for a strong SOUTHERN California community who spoke up for student expelled for tapeing ranting anti-Trump hater professor and demanded student be reinstated and professor punished. Orange Coast College had to back off. More COMMUNITIES need to speak up.

  49. billy mack emmons billy mack e

    Look everyone I am back after a little stroke I had to reset more hell about these left wing nuts .they need to be run out of Washington DC alongside there sale outs buddy who has sold out the Amrican people for money and power this so called teacher in one of them .I like to say this to His not going away . either my friend on Twitter Mr Charlie Daniels on this everyday I hope ever one had a great Christmas and a have a happy new year in 2018 .I also would like to think the people in Washington DC that is for the real Amricans who won’ts or country great again .Mr Trump and more men and women like the congressman from South Carolina .and Louisiana . and Georgia I am looking forward to the 2018 election .

  50. billy mack emmons billy mack e

    One more thing ever one this also is called left wing brain washing they are trying to do a good job at it . After the swamp government is drain we need to start on or college institutions getting the right teacher in them .I was at or local Country Store gas station where we meet for coffee and breakfast some of us were talking about how much our kids were and have learned in school and college . young people comes in every morning . so we ask some questions to these young people.some of the question were easy ones.have you ever heard of the Vietnam War. Out of 20 young people 2 did . have you ever heard of president John F Kennedy president Richard Nixon president Ronald Reagan or president George W bush singing only 5 out of 20 heard of them .these are young people from 18 to 25 years old . this is sad .all 20 knew of Obama and queen Clinton .all 20 said they didn’t like either one of them most of them that voted went for Mr Trump and was proud about it. Would like to hear some feedback on this what do y’all all think

  51. Universities that used to be hailed as the bastions of an ivy league education have turned into sad jokes, due to the infiltration of Leftist Lunatics teaching in the classrooms. I used to be proud of the university in Boston from which I graduated. Today I wouldn’t recognize it. How very sad.

  52. Ciccariello should never teach children and glad he’s leaving. He must be an unhappy person and will face God’s vengeance one day.

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