MAGA Declares War On Marjorie Taylor Greene

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Former White House advisor Steve Bannon has stated that all 149 House Republicans who supported the debt ceiling compromise should be primaried, including Georgia’s Marjorie Taylor Greene, who voted in favor of the deal.

In an episode of his War Room podcast, Bannon – who is an ally of former President Donald Trump – attacked those in the Republican party who voted in favor of the bipartisan bill that allowed for a debt ceiling increase to be negotiated between President Joe Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. He proceeded to push for all those lawmakers to be challenged in the primary during their reelection.

On May 31st, the House voted in favor of a bipartisan bill that would suspend the limit through January 2025. The deal also included spending cuts of at least $1.5 trillion and was supported by 149 Republicans and 165 Democrats. Some of the people who contributed to the 314-117 vote include GOP figures like Greene, Jim Jordan of Ohio, and Kentucky’s Thomas Massie.

Bannon, who had served as the White House chief strategist during the Trump administration, is now pushing for all GOP House members who voted in favor of the bill to “be primaried” including all those candidates who previously had MAGA support. He repeatedly said that “all of them” needed to be primaried even if some of them were people they were fond of.

Bannon also posted on Gettr, a conservative social media site to state that both Greene and Jordan needed to face primary challenges by “Real MAGA” candidates following the debt ceiling vote.

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