Lynch and Obama Met Secretly to Discuss Hillary Investigation

According to author Ed Klein, Attorney General Loretta Lynch was no stranger to secret meetings when she welcomed Bill Clinton onto her plane this summer. In an interview with Fox & Friends, Klein said that Lynch regularly met in private with President Obama to update him on the ongoing investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server.

“She was secretly going to the White House with FBI documents and filling in Valerie Jarrett and the President about what was going on so that they could get a strategy to make sure that [Clinton] would not be indicted,” said Klein.

If these allegations are true, it would mean that the FBI’s pursuit of truth was compromised from the beginning. And in fact, that’s exactly what Klein believes to be the truth. Citing administration sources, he said that Obama and Lynch worked together the whole time to make sure Hillary did not face prosecution for her crimes.

Of course, anyone who has more than a passing familiarity with this investigation could already guess as much. It’s fairly rare that we get to see political corruption this transparent, after all.

What IS surprising, though, is Klein’s other claim: That Obama was originally gung ho about slapping Hillary with an indictment.

“He and Bill Clinton are blood feud guys,” Klein said. “They really dislike each other and his feeling was if the Clintons got in the White House, the Obamas would be marginalized.”

He said Obama only changed his tune when he realized that his preferred successors – Elizabeth Warren or Joe Biden – would not be running against her. At that time, Klein said, Obama realized he was “stuck with” Clinton and began protecting her from charges.

So, take solace in that, at least. Obama’s as reluctant about Hillary as most of her voters.

If the latest polls are any indication, though, those reluctant Americans are going to look this corruption right in the eye and vote this woman into the White House. And in doing so, they will give their active stamp of approval to these lawless thugs who have worked tirelessly to thwart the hand of justice. Her election will speak to who we are becoming as a people, and it will not be something pretty to hear.


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