Lululemon Brutally Mocked for Telling Customers to “Resist Capitalism”

As lame as it is whenever companies use their corporate platforms to come out in favor of one woke agenda or another, it’s especially delicious when they do so in such a clueless, hypocritical way that it puts them in line for endless mockery. That’s what Lululemon did last week when one of its top brand associates tweeted out promotion for a workshop encouraging people to “unveil historical erasure and resist capitalism.” For a brand that sells leggings for up to $300 a pair, this message was just too much for many followers to swallow.

“Lululemon, known for its £128 yoga leggings, is facing mockery on social media for promoting an event about ‘decolonising gender’ and how to ‘resist capitalism,’” reported the BBC. “The event was featured in an Instagram post in which Lululemon recommended other accounts to follow, including the host of the workshop, Rebby Kern. The yoga instructor is a US-based brand ambassador for the firm.”

It wasn’t long before social media users blasted the company for trying to have it both ways.

“What do you think your entire business is predicated off of?” one user wrote. “I don’t see you giving away pants for free…or even selling them at an affordable cost. Also what are you doing with the profits?”

“Lululemon IS capitalism,” another user wrote. “It is literally a privately owned corporation that raked in half a billion dollars in pure profits last year, merely by selling overpriced yoga pants to women willing and able to pay for this luxury.”

While conservatives were the first to criticize the company for its post, the idea of a multimillion dollar leggings company telling users to “resist capitalism” was too much for left-leaning users as well.

“OMG. I’m tired of the hypocrisy. Lululemon’s yoga pants cost $150 and you are telling me to resist capitalism?” one self-described liberal tweeted.

Unable to come up with any way to possibly reconcile their message with their brand, Lululemon put out an apology, distancing itself from the original post.

“We recently shared on our social channels an upcoming event organized by one of our ambassadors. This is not a Lululemon forum and it does not represent the company’s views,” the brand’s spokesperson said.

It’s interesting, though. Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and all these other groups out there right now are explicitly against capitalism. How long until the rest of these corporations tripping over themselves to support them are called out for this exact hypocrisy?

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