Lt. Gen. Flynn: Obama Fired Me for Pursuing Radical Islam

Last week, the New York Post revealed that Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn was being considered by Donald Trump for a possible spot on the 2016 ticket. Flynn, a registered Democrat, was the former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency under President Obama. At first glance, this would make him an odd choice for Trump’s VP, but Flynn has been one of this administration’s harshest critics. And when asked about joining the Trump campaign by the NY Post, he appeared open to the idea.

“All I would say is that I have been honored to serve my country for the past three decades and look forward to serving in other ways now that I am retired from the U.S. Army,” Flynn said. “I’ve been a soldier too long to refuse to entertain any request from a potential commander in chief.”

Flynn was relieved of his position in 2014. In an op-ed last week, he said that his determined pursuit of radical Islamic terrorists led to his dismissal.

“I asked the DNI (Gen. James Clapper) if my leadership of the agency was in question and he said it was not,” Flynn wrote. “Had it been, he said, they would have relieved me on the spot.

“I knew then that it had more to do with the stand I took on radical Islamism and the expansion of al Qaeda and its associated movements,” Flynn continued.

There are obvious perils that come with selecting a Democrat, of course. Many conservatives are already wary of Trump’s political leanings and choosing Flynn would not settle their concerns. Flynn’s beliefs regarding domestic policy are essentially unknown, he doesn’t bring any particular name recognition to the table, and he wouldn’t do anything to bridge the gap between Trump and the Republican establishment.

On the other hand, Flynn could be the perfect fit.

“It infuriates me when our president bans criticism of our enemies,” Flynn wrote. “And I am certain that we cannot win this war unless we are free to call our enemies by their proper names: radical jihadis, failed tyrants, and so forth.”

This is right on target with Trump’s message, and Flynn’s military background jibes well with Trump’s image. It would show that Trump is serious when he says that radical Islam is the greatest threat facing the country.

Choosing Flynn may not swing Florida, it may not bring in hesitant Republican women, and it may not generate a ton of media buzz, but it could nonetheless be a brilliant move.

And besides, playing it safe just isn’t Trump’s style.

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  1. “Choosing Flynn may not swing Florida, it may not bring in hesitant
    Republican women, and it may not generate a ton of media buzz, but it
    could nonetheless be a brilliant move.” For who? Hillary? Get real. Choosing this guy would lose more than Trump could afford. Trump, however, might find a job for him in one of the Departments.

  2. Make him a security advisor or head of the CIA, pick Christie for A.G. and use Carson for Surgeon General.

  3. Flynn would not be a good choice for VP, but he might be a good choice elsewhere in Trump’s cabinet or admin. A VP choice has to be someone like Gingerich, Kasich, Rubio, etc. with insider Washington experience and influence in key states for the ticket to add votes.

    • I would go with Gingerich

    • We don’t need anyone who has been infected by government! We are dealing with some strong forces and nothing is going to happen as it should!!!

    • We the People do not elect a President.
      We the People have never elected a President.
      We the People cannot elect President — the Constitution does not permit us to do so.
      Suggest you learn how your government actually functions.
      Start with the Electoral College.

    • Kasich or Rubio? Are you for real? Hell no to either of those gang of 8 pieces of shit Rubio was neck deep in pushing for the tpp and tap. Kasich loves ovomit and may as well be a libturd more like Sessions or somebody along his beliefs and strong commitment for our Constitution gulliannie maybe a good choice also. I thought TRUMP and Cruz at 1 time until he went and voted against giving our Veterans and Active Duty better healthcare and pay gave out $2 million in food cloths and toys to illegals straight from mexico and did nothing for our homeless vets and families. The collusion with kasich the n.a.u and nwo with hiedi pushing for either when she was working CFR and Cruz was an establishment boy under bush sr so he is out. All muzrats should be deported back to their shithole MIDDLEEAST and nine allowed into this country as per federal law from 1952. They are all murdering rapeing pedophiles build wall close our borders deport all illegal mexirats and yes it can be done when ice department is allowed and told to do their job and enforce our laws Constitutional laws ship all haters of this country to Africa and let them see just how easy they had it here but not allowed to return
      . Remove all corrupt politicians from city level all the way up to and including ovomit. Purge this country completely of all garbage and then get to work restructuring or GOVERMENT the right way

    • I agree, Newt is one of the best speaker with a lot of Gov.experience and he knows how to deal with the corrupt Dem’s party!

    • i still like CRUZ

      • I like Cruz also and his time will come, perhaps sooner within a Trump’s admin., but not if we elect the ‘wicked witch of the west’!!

  4. This man has told one lie after another. He had a good run for many years, then could not take orders from a blac man.

  5. What the people need to realize is that Islam is not a religion but a political ideology based on hate, torture and murder in order to gain global domination.

    • Not true at all………that is just silly!

      • ralphie2 if anything is silly it’s your ignorant comments.

        • WHy do you hate America?
          Why do you hate everything America stands for?
          The first person to die in the American Revolution was a Muslim — Crispus Attucks.

          The first country to recognize our new nation was Muslim — Morocco.

          Our longest ally is Muslim — Morrocco,

          • She has a lot of it just like Obama. Obama says if I had a daughter like her.

          • You nees to go back to school, you seem to have skipped history class.

          • You have a lot to learn. Grow up.

          • Why would anyone take you seriously? You can’t even spell “needs” correctly.

          • AK ur are from muslim connection there..buckwheat or “h” is not gonna ever take care of u ..start thinking Trump

          • They say ignorance is bliss. The majority of Muslims are found in the Pacific and Asia.

            Many from thsoe areas come to Alaska to work in our sea frood industey.

          • Most of email live in the desert, they only come to USA to blow up buildings.

          • VOTE TRUMP

          • Crispus Attucks was the mulatto offspring of a black African man and a Wampanoag indian woman. It is not known if he was a free man or an escaped slave but he certainly was not a muslime. BTW I’m talking about islamic extremists not muslimes.
            Please AKLady, go home you’re not as smart as you think you are.
            Remember, It’s better to just sit there quietly and look stupid than to open your mouth and prove it.

          • Hope she will learn that.

          • I’ll bet you smoke a lot of that Moroccan hashish. lol

          • Muslimes were not here during the revolution

      • Are you nuts ?

    • You’re exactly right

      • Another one who insults our Constitution.
        Anothnor one who insutls everything America stands for.

        • Except you do not seem to understand the basics of our Constitution. You throw around generalized comments that are without merit because there is never any support for the comments and the reason is that you do not have any idea what you are talking about.

          • The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble, or prohibiting …

          • But Islam is not a religion. It is a system of laws that those who follow that system are in conflict with allegiance to the United States. Further, to my knowledge, Christianity preceded the formation of the United States and therefore did not establish any religion. Further, actions of some legal opinions has violated the free exercise clause by prohibiting prayer in school, on the athletic field, etc.

          • Is that lie how you justify your religious bigotry?
            You really need to take a law course. No law forbids anyone from praying in school. The law prohibits a school from forcing any one religion on students.

          • No law does but the Fed prohibits it and if you don’t adhere to their demands they start taking money away from the schools in the state you live in. Ask Mary Fallin, Governor of Oklahoma about that one.

          • Have you been in a pubilc school over the last several decades? This is precisely what they are doing = teaching islam and not anything else and students are castigated if they bring up even one word of Christian thinking or living. You need to come out of the dark into the light.

          • The mind of a bigot is like the pupil of the eye: The more light you pour upon it, the more it will contract.

            Oliver Wendell Holmes (1809 – 1894)

          • Hey! Klondike Dyke, How’s Sgt. Preston of the Yukon, and his wonder dog, Yukon King?

          • You’re both right so what is the argument?

          • YOU,Almay,make ABSOLUTELY NO Sense.Do you READ what you write?

          • Almay may not have written it right but the gist of her ideas are sound . Islam is not a religion it is a cult and radical Muslims will not assimilate into American culture if they truly believe what the Quran teaches.

          • BILL3000: I don’t believe the problem is with Almay, It seems to be your lack of comprehension. Just being an A-hole doesn’t make you right!

          • Well,Maurice:YOU Are Undeniably the Greater Authority on BEING an ASSHOLE than I am!!!


          • BILL3000: I guess that’s a matter of opinion. Like I said before ” Just being an A-hole doesn’t make you right!” I just commented in defense of another poster, on whom I thought you were being too hard. I also made a comment about your demeanor i doing so. If you’re so torqued up and upset about my comments, you must have a mental problem!

          • More that I have a Problem with Paranoid,Ignorant Allegations and with Blind Trust in Thugs,Maurice.

          • Maurice, don’t forget that BILL3000 is a PROFESSIONAL A-hole.

          • El Vagagondo: I don’t know that BILL3000 is a PROFESSIONAL anything. He doesn’t seem intelligent enough for that, but he certainly is a consistent LIAR, TRAITOR, UNPRINCIPLED HEATHEN and poster on this board who is a jerk to all other posters. He’s also a chickenshit who wouldn’t recognize the truth if it formally introduced itself to him. He spews multiple unsubstantiated accusations about Trump and I suspect anyone else who has a brain. (He’s so jealous of us!) But he can’t recognize any wrong doing by the most corrupt politician this country has ever seen. He’s such a fool/tool! (Useful idiot for Obama.)

          • Well said. A thousand likes.

          • It is not a “Christian” religion. It is a religious allegiance to a “man” and his violent beliefs. That being said, Muslims have discovered the weakness and permissiveness of laws in America. In practice, they are a festering pustule of hate and need to be made to answer for their violent beliefs and actions. They cannot and will not coexist with with the rest of society, Christians in particular. By the way, AKLady2015 is a troll who has no real purpose in life. Do not wast your time with her.

          • Mike S: I agree with most of what you said, but I cannot believe that Islam is any kind of religion. All religions recognize a higher power and work to worship or appease the higher power by showing positive human traits. Although Islam recognizes a higher power, the prophet who speaks for that power is Muhammad, who was a pedophile and he encourages; even demands that followers of Islam enslave, mercilessly torture, maim and murder their fellow men. They use their bloodthirsty agenda to justify their evil deeds. To Muslims, committing the most horrendous acts to their fellow men is the answer to EVERYTHING!

          • Yada Yada. We are agreeing to disagree. Look the word up in a dictionary and you will see the multiple meanings. Then, maybe you can understand where I am coming from. A religion is not necessarily good and does not necessarily worship a higher power. In the case of isis and muslims, they are just bad all round.

          • MikeS: I did look the word up in a dictionary and I see that the first or preferred definition of the word “religion” is “The service or worship of God or the supernatural” (higher power). We could continue down the other, non-preferred meanings, but that will only get us further from what religion really is.

            You disrespect anything that really is a “religion,” by allowing the Muslim agenda to masquerade as one. It’s wrong to give them that much credibility. Lunatics may be very “religious” in their beliefs, but you could just as easily substitute the word “diligent,” without giving the impression that the lunatic’s agenda is a religion. You’re assuming Islam to be a religion just because the word “religious” is used in the definition.

          • Maurice, calm down. Yes, we agree on everything you mentioned and I made no indication otherwise. If you want to continue to give these a-holes that much attention, please do it with someone else.

          • MikeS: Calm down? Who is getting upset? I’m just stating the facts! You said “Yes, we agree on everything you mentioned and I made no indication otherwise.” I’m still not upset, but we obviously don’t agree on everything, since you said that we are agreeing to disagree. And then you “corrected” me on the meaning of the word “religion.” Again, I’m NOT upset! I’m just stating the facts!

          • You sounded like you were disagreeing with me. You seem upset to me. Good night Maurice.

          • Just1Saddletramp

            It is as much of a religion to those that follow it as Christianity is to those who follow it.

          • Muslimes have no right to be in the USA. They will not recite the pledge of allegance, nor will they obey the constitution. VOTE TRUMP!

          • Right,harry bolt,and Trump can use Your Comments to demonstrate the Enlightened Intelligence of his Supporters!_And LOSE handily!!

          • Oh Billy Three Grand!!, Oh! Enlightened One!! Kindly Go F–k Yourself!

          • Thanks for your Kind Wishes shamu9,but I’m afraid that that is Physically Impossible!!

          • Crank too short??

          • Of Course Not,shamu9! There’s Absolutely No Shortage of Cranks here,Silly Wing Nut!

          • Sorry, Bill, but like Almay, you don’t have a clue and are blinded by stupidity and lack of research for facts. Trump is the only candidate that has actually said he loves America and he does and has since a very young man. He did not have to leave his successful businesses aside to run, but it was time to do so per his own statement many years ago. The only one with the skills, abilities, business acumen, etc. to get our America back to you and me and out of the hands of communism, which you won’t like and my family has personal experience of what it is! Which Harry, which Bolt? Your comment shows a lack of common sense as well as facts. VIDEO Uncovered Trump Interview From Over 25 Years Ago Will Shock A Lot of People – YouTube

          • Sorry,dear Rosech Levy,but,aside from your inability to understand the obvious}that I replied to the uncapitalized harry bolt who commented here,,if you are So benighted as to Believe ANYTHING Trumpty Dumpty says,that he actually has either a Workable Plan,or that Trummp cares about ANYTHING/ANYONE Except Trump,you,Roseach Levy are CLUELESS. Your “out of the hands of communism” remark is a Laughable Throw Back to the 1950s,1960s. Trump is a Scapegoating,Hate and Parannoia-Mongering Demagogue,,a cheap,imitation tin-horn Mussolini,WITHOUT Il Duce’s Talent.

          • BILL3000: You have no idea what you’re talking about. Trump hasn’t told us that he’s perfect. Nobody they elect is going to be perfect, unless it’s a Democrat. Then it would seem that all of the lies and other transgressions are nonexistent… at least to the Democrats. But minus the RINOs, the Republicans have better eye sight.

            Hillary has been proven to have lied MULTIPLE times and deleted classified documents. She has lied to me and she has lied to YOU. The well being of this country depends upon the person that we elect in November. Our government is so corrupt that whoever we elect, our lifestyles may very well crash or we might end up dead. I’d much rather take my chances with a President Trump than with a proven pathological liar, whose election would also bring a sexual predator back to OUR white house. Hillary has left Americans in foreign countries, without protection and support. She basically murdered them. Between Bill and Hillary, there have been over 40 “suspicious” deaths of their former associates, several of whom it was known that they were getting ready to testify against the Clintons. There have been MANY who were convicted with far less “circumstantial evidence” than is known about the Clintons. At least Trump has never been accused of having blood on his hands!

          • Sorry,Maurice,but a have Very Clear ideas of what I’m talking about. Your Extremely Long discussion of Clinton’s Sins,is at least in small part,true,but a bit beside the point.I certainly Don’t Like a lot of things about her,but given the Reality of Having only 2 viable choices,rather than Not Voting[a non-choice for me]I’ll have to accept Hilary,who I think is Good in many ways as opposed to the Scapegoating,Rabble-Rousing Demagogue Trump,a Worse Liar,whose Economic Promises are a Sham and whose Only Loyalty is to Donald Trump.

          • BILL3000: I told you the reality that is Hillary Clinton; the reality that everybody seems to know about, but all of you Democrats think it’s more important for a DEMOCRAT to win, than for us all to have a country that returns to the greatness we once knew.

            Please tell me your irrefutable proof that any of the things you said about Trump are true. Trump doesn’t have the blood of even one person on his hands, let alone the forty some that Hillary does. (That shows he’s not a murderer); he has never condemned any of his fellow countrymen to death, because he REFUSED to send them help.

            How can my assessment of Hillary’s actions be “…at least in small part, true,
            but a bit beside the point.” My POINT is that Trump hasn’t been PROVEN to have done ANYTHING wrong, but if you have read the FBI report on Hillary, you KNOW she’s guilty of more than one crime, even though they didn’t recommend punishment for her. He spelled out all of Hillary’s misdeeds, but he basically just pointed out that it would be futile to try to prosecute someone who is as skilled at lying as Hillary is. But now, it’s time for the second verse of that song. The American people, Democrats and Republicans alike, have seen the corruption and deceit that’s going on in everything Hillary does.

            (Trump has never been accused of treason, but it has been proven that
            Hillary is a traitor. But since she’s a Democrat, you’re perfectly willing to turn a blind eye to it); What kind of beast must Hillary be if she intentionally lied to the parents of the victims of Benghazi? (Look it up! It’s on Youtube!) She even called the mother of one of the victims a liar. There have been so many documented cases of Hillary lying that there should be no doubt whatsoever that she is unfit to be our president.

            Concerning your other posting, if you think that I have only made “… Paranoid,
            Ignorant Allegations… ” I suggest that you come out of your Democratic womb of
            deceit and allow the sunshine of truth to heal you of your affliction. You finished that sentence with “… and with Blind Trust in Thugs.” You just named one of your major afflictions. You exercise Blind Trust in Hillary Clinton, and she’s about as bad a THUG as you can get.

            She conspires with her sexual predator husband and helps him to intimidate his victims into silence. Is that the
            kind of president you want? Early in her career, Hillary defended people who had murdered a supposed friend of theirs, by scalding him to death with boiling water.
            It seemed obvious that the people were guilty, but somehow Hillary got them off. There are forty other people dead, basically because they were going to tell the truth about Hillary. She has no compassion for anyone but herself and her sexual pervert husband.

            Your claims against Trump are so far unfounded. Next to Hillary, Trump would seem to be a choir boy in comparison. She has already said that, if elected, she will continue many of Obama’s policies. Donald Trump has said that he wants to make America great again. If you still want to vote for Hillary, you’re deeply disturbed!

          • Too Silly to warrant a reply,Maurice.

          • BILL3000: Even you know that reply is a lie! There was nothing “Silly” in anything I wrote to you. But there were some downright stupid things that you wrote to me. You
            have no proof of anything that you said about Trump. If you did, you would have gladly posted it. I’m sure you must watch at least some of the news and I’d bet that you’ve seen some pretty damning evidence against Hillary, but you’d rather be a partisan a$$hole than to vote for someone who is going to HELP America instead of enslave us all. Your family will live to regret your stupid decision to vote for Hillary!

            It seems that every day, I become more and more sorry that I ever agreed to go to Vietnam and fight for the rights of idiots like you! You prove yourself to be blind, deaf and exceptionally stupid. I should have known that it was useless to try to reason with you. You can go ahead and say anything about me that you want to. It won’t mean a thing to me. I know I’ve been truthful with you. I wish you would have given me the same courtesy. You have proven yourself to be criminally complicit with the most corrupt presidential candidate in the history of our country,… except possibly for Obama!

          • And filth like radicals USE THE CONSTITUTION AGAINST US


          • So true, but are so-called leaders allow them to because they are so ignorant and out of touch!

          • Just1Saddletramp

            You post in generalities. There are a number of Muslims who are loyal to the U.S and can recite the Pledge of Allegiance and Constitution quite well. On the other hand, there is a greater number of non-Muslims who have been a U.S. citizen for a number of years who are unaware of how many states there are in the Union, what the stars in the U.S. stand for and can’t recite the the Pledge of Allegiance any further than the first 12 words


          • Just1Saddletramp

            Nope. Last work was law enforcement

          • Guess they had low standards even then.

          • Just1Saddletramp: Don’t get too comfortable because a few Muslims comply with what they’re supposed to do to be here, because the vast majority of them DON’T! As for the non-Muslims who don’t know much about our country, some people just fake compliance so they can reap the benefits of living here, and others are just too lazy to learn. Even our Muslim usurper president thinks there are 57 states in the United States. It’s obvious that those who have cheated their way to the top get a free pass. But those who are patriotic, have common sense and morals are the ones who must pay dearly for their “sins”!

            Harry Bolt is right when he said that Muslims have no “right” to be in the USA. They have been brought here by the wolf in sheep’s clothing, to destroy us.

          • Exactly, Maurice and this administration has mostly islamists in it, and spent our money on buying huge quantities of weapons and ammos for what purpose? Guess! The muslims are just awaiting the call but they will be surprised because we are Real Americans and won’t allow them anything to taking over America. However, if you vote for a DNC candidate, that is their goal as well – take us into communism so you might just want to go online and read their 1963 published Communist Manifesto to take over our country and they are at the last or near last step in doing so and altho they don’t really like Hillary, they need her in the WH to do it because she and Bernie have both been communists since their late 20’s. Might want to think about voting for America and our nominee because you won’t like communism!

          • Just1Saddletramp

            I am not at all comfortable with the current influx of unvetted Muslims coming onto our shores from what is commonly called the middle East. What I take issue with is the lack of any qualifying explanation for blanket statement “Muslims have no right to be in the USA”. I am not a religious fanatic but one of the fundamental precepts of this nation is the religion of choice. Now for some qualifications for a Muslim ( and any illegal alien ) to have the right to be in the U.S.A.
            1) Take out citizenship
            2) Swear allegiance to the U.S. over any other country
            3) Abide and live by the U.S. Constitution and U.S. laws
            It is interesting to note that more than a few members of professional U.S. athletes are also Muslims. Many people hold them in high regard. Do they not have a right to be in the USA?

          • Just1Saddletramp: My bad! I should have stated that the Muslims whom I don’t feel have the right to be here are the unvetted ones that Obama is now bringing into our
            country. He has brought them here without regard to whether we have the ability to absorb and sustain that many more people. In many cases these immigrants are being given everything, while those who have been citizens of this country for their whole lives are sinking deeper and deeper into poverty. We should take care of our
            fellow Americans FIRST!

            These latest “immigrants” would be jumping ahead in the line to citizenship, bypassing those who have been in the process for a good while, if they are to prove their allegiance to our country. How convenient for Obama that we all have to wait for that to happen. They didn’t come here for the privilege of becoming Americans and contributing to our society. They came here to fulfill Obama’s dream of overcoming the United States.

            From what I have seen and read, these immigrants have NOT attained citizenship, sworn allegiance to the U.S., and they are NOT abiding by our Constitution if they are clamoring for Sharia Law instead of the laws that we have already established. There have been many instances of these immigrants rioting and raping here in this country, but Muslims seem to be above the law. Most of the news media won’t report anything that sheds a bad light on Obama’s people.

            The fact that several professional athletes are Muslim doesn’t make any difference. Ali was a great boxer, but that didn’t qualify him to give people advice. Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Shaquille O’Neal were great basketball players, but would you trust them to handle your finances? Probably not, because finance isn’t their strong point.
            They have very little experience in it or knowledge about it. We hold them in high regard because of their prowess on their chosen fields of battle.

            Whoever is a Muslim within the United States still reads and follows the teachings of the Quran, which tells them to murder infidels wherever they find them. That is most certainly against our laws. These people haven’t ACTED on those encouragements to murder, but are they just waiting for the right time? The fact that they are supposedly grown adults, but they still CHOOSE to follow a supposed religion that openly promotes murder, tells me that they have no business here. I’m not a big sports jock, but I AM very patriotic to our country and am more dedicated to the safety of the U.S. than any of the Muslims!

          • Just1Saddletramp

            Won’t get any flack from me now!! Just had to push someone’s button to get things stirred up. Light some fire and it will spread.. Hope you will forgive the push

          • Just1Saddletramp: No problem! Have a great day!

          • BUT you must also take into account that the Koran states it is “PERFECTLY” alright to lie to accomplish ones/ Allah’s goal!
            If they are so gung ho to be Americans why do they NOT call out the bad ones?? If they DO NOT call out the bad ones then they are COMPLICIT in ANY acts of violence committed by the radicals! If, big “IF” they are with us, they in fact SHOULD be calling out the bad ones!
            If not then they are closet/ camouflaged radicals!! It must be 100% with us or here’s your plane ticket back to whatever cesspool you left!!
            Why are so many wanting to invoke Shahira law (however it’s spelled) in their cities??? That’s not integrating!! That alone throws out your #’s 2, 3, and 4!!
            I can’t validate this but I’ve heard that several mosques right here in the U.S.A. are storing arms and explosives! So much for assimilation into the U.S.A.’s way of life! Even if they supposedly fulfill your #’s 1 thru 4, remember they ARE allowed to lie like a cheap rug, it doesn’t mean diddly squat!! “Actions speak much, much louder than words”!! If they wish to be a U.S. Citizen then “start acting like one”!!!
            Islam is not a “TRUE” religion, it is a satanic ideology! Whereby killing all infidels is a right! NO God in their right mind advocates murder and lying as Gospel. No God says women and children, especially female children have about as much rights as cattle. A “TRUE” religion I have no problems with!! To the best of my knowledge no other religion advocates killing/ murder and lying as a virtue!

          • Just1Saddletramp

            I have caught a fair amount of flak so a little more isn’t going to hurt. I agree with a lot of what you post with a couple of exceptions. Religion is in the mind of the believer NOT the mind of the observer. Also, if Muslims refuse to assimilate into OUR country and comply with OUR Constitution and OUR laws then they need to be removed by whatever method it requires

          • I agree with you. “religion, like beauty is in the eye of the beholder” BUT how can they believe/ follow a religion/ cult that goes against EVERYTHING a sane, rational (emphasis on sane and rational) human being should embrace??? I’ll take nut jobs for $100!
            Even most if not all atheist don’t believe in murder!!! It goes AGAINST human nature! Yet their religion and I use that term very, very, very loosely condones it! Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini must have been followers of islam as they saw nothing wrong with killing anyone whom opposed them, just like Mudslimes!
            Their Koran, Queeran tells them it is “PERFECTLY” acceptable to lie, kill, beat their wives, etc., etc.! If one stretches the definition of religion to include a Satanic Cult that goes against everything that most human beings consider good and right, then I guess we could, barf, include Islam.
            Again even atheists, with no formal god/ religion would NOT consider one that advocates murder and lies as a religion. IT goes AGAINST everything as a human being! Humanity is NOT an Islamic strong point! Live and let live??? Nope!! Convert or die!!
            This, to me, does NOT make it a religion! It is a cruel, man made set of rules that violates basic human nature.
            I’ll take nut jobs for $200. answer is “what supposed religion violates every form of basic human nature”? Response “islam”! Correct you just won $200!
            Sorry but I can NOT and will NOT call islam a religion! It is a sadistic cult with many “nut job” followers that violate EVERYTHING that a sane rational human being would follow regardless of religion or not! It is almost anti everything most people follow as basic human principles!

          • Absolutely; And that LABEL of “brought” would be MSNBC!!!

          • Sorry, Just1, but if they read the Qu’rAn, which they MUST, then they have to do what it tells them to do or they will also be “removed”. Real the real Qu’Ran and not the redacted copy they like to hand out. Muslims/islam is also knowing for lying to throw you off base to think they are nice. Well, they don’t respect our flag, nor want to observe our Constitution and laws, but want sharia, honor killings, pedophilia, etc., etc. Get informed and know the truth. Even our Founding Fathers fought them off! Comparing real Americans to muslims does you no credit. They like lying and you like believing stupidity. Due to the feds literally buying off our educational system in the early 60’s with our money, and then the teacher unions to brainwash people for decades, does not mean those of us who are well educated and love America are not aware of all the beauty, laws, and, remember, Obama said there were 57 states! There are 57 islamic states, however. Did you help inform and educate your children or are you a result of the phony education today. I taught 3rd grade, high school and university when you taught about our history, our flag, our Constitution (both state and federal), etc., and regret that you obviously were not as well educated as you think!

          • Michael Dennewitz

            But…. No matter what “type” of mooseslimes they are, they are sworn to obey their queeran. And if yer not mooseslime, yer considered the infidel and they’re ORDERED to kill you… THEIR BOOK, NOT OURS!!

          • Just1Saddletraump .. Junki!! We do not need these Sharia Law perverts and their horrendous records of horrific injuries to THEIR woman .

          • Does that indictment apply to all the Muslims who are now serving in the U.S. military?

          • That was exactly so the government could not interfere with religion or our freedom of speech, the press, etc., as our forefathers had just come to America from just such an oppressive land.

          • ya gotta do something about it..whats ya gonna do?

          • What?????

          • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

            Knowing the Constitution is one thing and .believing it is another or even living by it.

          • I agree but islam is just a cult formed by Mohammed 1400 years ago and he told them to follow him and do what he was doing. Also for 1400 years they must marry a first cousin which means their brains are screwed royally! Their god is mohammed and an additional moon god. This is NOT religion in any sense of the word. If you are a muslum and read the Qu’Ran (the real one and not the redacted one they like to hand out), then you MUST OBEY to the slightest detail which means murdering infidels, gays, being pedophiles, marrying little female children, honor killings, etc. Obviously, you are not well informed and should stop spouting nonsense until you get informed. As a historian islam has been a problem from day 1 and even OUR Founding Fathers had to fight them off. Did you know that?

          • Wasabi islam is not a religion, it is an ideology of brutality and force against women, children and anyone who does not believe in their 6th century cruelty! I have read odrama is bringing them in for 2 reasons… 1 to let them vote for killary criminal liar betrayer 2 to have them to enforce martial law against Americans. I sure hope not. If it wasn’t for Trump the globalists might have already taken over,and make no mistake, globalists are not determined by political party. There are plenty reweaklicans who were on the globalist train too.

          • American religious bigotry.
            Is it not beautiful to behold?

          • What the hell was that?

          • I agree with her. Your erstwhile president does the same thing and you seem to think it’s ok for him.

          • Almay: Always HORSE SHIT.

          • AKLady2015 The mind is a terrible thing to waste. Do you have the slightest idea what you’re talking about ? Just because you reference the Constitution and America, this does not make you a scholar, though it appears you think you are.

          • AKLady is a liberal who tries to use conservative values to justify her position. She doesn’t even understand it. You’re right, and good for you for calling her out on it.

          • <<o. ✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤:::::::!gq564p:….,…..

          • She is a deep thinking student of wikipedia. Every time she spouts off she references her statements to wiki. I don’t know why she just doesn’t republish the entire article. Save herself a bunch of typing. She could call herself wikilady. She drove me nuts with her crap, so I blocked her.

          • Oh don’t block her! Just have fun with her! Most of these liberals are like a pet dog!

          • Don’t reply to that paid troll, it always posts this sort of feces. Ignore it.

          • Nothing but an O’muzzie Troll spreading lies across the web

          • Michael Dennewitz

            I’M sooo glad I blocked that bitch… ????

          • She is…irrelevant

        • Hey Alaska!! , You eat too much Yellow Snow! “Don’t go where the Huskies go, don’t you eat the yellow Snow!” [Frank Zappa, and The Mothers of Invention.'” Look it Up!

        • And let the TROLL crawl out again.

        • Obama violated the constitution, the 1st amendment.

          • Why do you need to tell this lie?

            Why do you embarrass America this way?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          • The head of the IRS visited the WH over 100 times. When he was asked about it, he said it was because of the Easter egg hunt. Nixon was impeached for attempting to use the IRS to target his enemies. When Lois Lerner was asked by congress, she please the 5th, twice. Obama knew about it.

          • Obama has been micromanaging the administration and the Congress. What planet do you live on? Or are you just plain ignorant and stupid. If a liberal, a Democrat or a troll, you know nothing and it is obvious.

          • I suggest you take an American Government class. You have no idea, whatsoever, about which you speak.

            One individual cannot micromanage 2,714 employees.

            One indivdual cannot micromanage 322,762,018 people.

        • So .. AKLady2015. To which “Constitution” do you refer?
          You assert “insults” to “our (US) Constitution?” You seem not to be intellectually competent


        • Dennis B Anderson

          If we were in Iran I could cut your cork sucking tongue out of your head using Sharia law Grand Mother Spokes. Take your skank @$$ and you putred muslims and vacate america before you get your head broke by real americans. Go change Iran back to the way you want dont do it here we have a constitution and our own laws that work.

          • America was founded on religious freedom.

            The 1st Amendmwnt guanees religious freedom.

            If you do not suppirt America’s laws, find somewhere else to live.

            Religious hate is wrong. Islam is the world’s second largest relgion. It has over 6 billion members.

          • Dennis B Anderson

            Radical Islam is not a religion and I dont like you either.

          • That is a decision well over you pay grade.

          • Dennis B Anderson

            Lets see? I make $10,000.00 a month on my investments, I dont pay rent. Ive got stuff I step in worth more than you.

          • You forgot to mention that you are also the King of Siam.

          • Dennis B Anderson

            No just a hard working Jewish/German, hard hitting American Indian. Im wondering how a Muslim community would like it if we went in and started cutting off heads. People should be careful of what they ask for. I for one have had enough of this administration. A Clinton vote is business as usual? Think again the food stamp program will be shut down no matter who gets in office. All Hillary knows how to do is loose money billions of dollars no one is holding her accountable for. Trump builds things and our infrastructure is colapsing before our eyes?? Where did the money go? We need a change for the good of america.

          • How many of these, mostly Christian, American terror groups do you belong to:

            Alpha 66

            The Jewish Defense League

            Omega 7

            Army of God

            Aryan Nations

            Black Liberation Army

            The Covenant

            Earth Liberation Front

            The Sword

            The Arm of the Lord

            Ku Klux Klan (Now International)

            Church of the Almighty God

            May 19th Organization

            Occupy Wall Street

            The Order

            Phineas Priesthood

            Sovereign Citizens

            The Crips

            Symbioses Liberation Army

            United Freedom Front


            The Silent Brotherhood

            Phineas Priesthood

            Eastern Lightening

          • Dennis B Anderson

            None I see you have the weathermen on your list? I care nothing for Bill Ayres or Obama.

          • The 1st Amendment is one of the things that make America so very special. Whether or not you approve of the groups such as the Weathermen, one must admit they helped to end a war that should not have taken place.

            I lost two husbands and a brother to that war. I served my country in that war. No matter how hard we physicians worked, that war killed far too many young American men..

            Bill Ayres is a highly respected professor. He is also highly respected for speaking his conscience.

            Is your life one of those Ayres or people like him saved?

          • Dennis B Anderson

            I lost friends as well there and they came home and died by their own hand. You dont bomb and murder your own people to prove a point. Ayres escaped by the skin of his teeth while his girl friend got blown up by one of there devices. You were a lost little girl then as you are now. The Vietnam war was about drugs and the control of the Hoi Che mein trail.

          • Well, it is obvioous that your American history education is severeky lacking.
            #1. America’s involvement in Vietnam began during WW II. At that time, Vietnam was French Indochina

          • Dennis B Anderson

            Yeah – yeah June 6 th 1944 Eisenhower gathered around a bunch of kids and said that they were to embark on a adventure that would change the world, and smoke um if you got them. Whats that got to do with you cork sucking hippie burn outs that bombed innocent people here in the states. Youre to stupid to live.

          • What is your point?

          • Animal Liberation Front

            Alpha 66

            The Jewish Defense League

            Omega 7

            Army of God

            Aryan Nations

            Black Liberation Army

            The Covenant

            Earth Liberation Front

            The Sword

            The Arm of the Lord

            Ku Klux Klan (Now International)

            Church of the Almighty God

            May 19th Organization

            Occupy Wall Street

            The Order

            Phineas Priesthood

            Sovereign Citizens

            The Crips

            Symbioses Liberation Army

            United Freedom Front


            The Silent Brotherhood

            Phineas Priesthood

      • It is a lunatic population .. given their “own” tenets of total indifference to basic humanity .. vis a vis …. you do not simply go out to massacre hordes of people; these “people” need to be rounded up; secured from any possible threat to anyone of us in THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. =

      • Islamist cannot coexist legally in this Country!!

    • Who taught you that lie?
      Fredom of religion is thr basis upon which America is built.
      You insult eberything our Founder fought and died for.

      • GreyHairandGreyMatter

        Some comments from Edwin Decker that I’ve annotated…
        Not so fast…au contraire
        Once the shooter in Orlando had been identified as Muslim, the Islamophobes of the world wasted no time blaming Islam for the attack. This was immediately followed by the Islamophobe-ophobes accusing the Islamophobes of bigotry, which was followed by condemnation from a mis-Islamophobe-ophobe—namely, me—a person who condemns people who condemn people who condemn Islam. {Please take the time to re-read this paragraph because I’ll have to admit I had to read it twice to make certain I got the gist and I read it right.]

        In other words, it’s not right to call someone a bigot for pointing out the inherent bigotry of Islam. If you think that makes me a bigot please note, I am not condemning Muslims. I condemn Islam, a religion, which is simply a set of ideas. And no idea—religious or otherwise—is immune to criticism in a healthy democracy.

        As for the followers of Islam, I harbor no bigotry: I do not want Muslims banned from the country. [But I justifiably do want Sharia law banned in/from our country.] I do not want Muslims profiled in airports. [Under the current circumstances until we figure out just what the in Hades is going on I do think that we should profile Muslims especially young Muslim men not only at airports but elsewhere as well.] I admired Muhammad Ali for dropping his slave name thereby terrorizing the Caucasian industrial complex. I was all for building a mosque near Ground Zero. [Not] And whenever I see an Arab on a plane I don’t think, Oh crap we’re being hijacked! [I’d be less than trtuthful if I haven’t muttered these words on more than one occasion myself when sitting on an airplane and surrounded by Muslim men.] I think, Man—I sure could go for some hummus right now. [Not really…my lovely striking spouse yes because she likes hummus, but while I like some Middle Eastern food I’m not a fan of hummus.]

        I have absolutely no problem with Muslims per se but the religion they follow is rancid as a mangled-up road skunk decomposing in a cloud of its final death spray. [A tad over the top, but I only wish I was clever/erudite enough to be able to originally conjure-up such an apt depiction.]

        “[Muhammad Ali] understood the love preached by Islam that has captured the minds and hearts of over 1.5 billion followers,” wrote HuffPo blogger Najma Khorrami. “This is the Islam that has taught love for centuries…”

        Taught love for centuries? You are aware of a certain, centuries-old tome called the Qur’an, right? The rulebook transcribed, if not outright written, by the overlord of the universe? The one that says you must “Kill [unbelievers] where you find them…” and about a hundred other bloodthirsty passages which I know you know are in there yet for some reason skip—as if the Qurían is a cookbook and you are skipping over the eggplant recipes.

        Then there is Sharia law. [Sharia law flies in the face of the U.S. Constitution and for that reason alone in my estimation I respectfully believe that it should be justifiably banned from the U.S. No Sharia law in the U.S. period/exclamation point!] Sharia is a legal framework derived from the Qur’an. It is the medieval, barbaric, ridiculous frigging insult to humanity which prescribes torture and/or death for such “crimes” as homosexuality, inter-religious marriage, adultery, apostasy (defecting from Islam) and/or simply not being Muslim in the first place. [All right I only wish the president would call a spade a spade too and not an agricultural instrument.]

        It also contains the most egregious examples of misogyny under the sun. For instance, Sharia permits a man to beat his wife for insubordination. Female rape victims cannot testify against their rapist. A women’s testimony counts as 25 percent. The list goes on. And if you think this is some obsolete system of rule, think again.

        According to a 2013 report by Pew Research Center—a nonpartisan think tank widely considered one of the most credible in the country—there is widespread support for Sharia; especially in the Middle East-North Africa region. It should be noted that there are many countries with considerably less support, but get this. More than 60 percent of Muslims living in Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique (and more) favor it as law. In Egypt, Nigeria, Jordan, Thailand, Indonesia and Congo more than 70 percent of Muslims support it. Think that’s bad? How about Pakistan, Palestine, Niger, Malaysia, and Morocco Muslims, who clock in at more than 80 percent. Iraq has 91 percent. And a whopping 99 percent of Muslim Afghanis favor the savage tenets of Sharia so no, not quite obsolete.[If we don’t think we have a global problem with Sharia law…think again]

        About the gay nightclub shooting in Orlando, Samra Habib—a lesbian, Muslim photographer and activist—wrote in The Guardian: “…every time a criminally misguided Muslim commits an act of violence, the entire religion…is placed under suspicion…”

        You’re goddamn right Islam is suspect. What do you expect when its playbook calls for the execution of homosexuals? The only mystery here is how, with all its homophobic rhetoric, a gay human rights activist can even consider identifying with Islam. That’s about as contradictory as a slaughterhouse chicken butcher [which I was myself one summer when I was fourteen and working on a chicken farm with 20,000 chickens in addition to throwing 100 pound feedbags off of railroad cars. Thursdays were killing days and I was the designated assassin.] identifying as vegan.

        Friends, I have a dream. I have a dream that all the world’s peace and love-loving Muslims will come together and rewrite their scriptures. I dream they will edit out all fear and hate and crimes against humanity or, at the very least, tack on disclaimers to all those hateful passages.

        Quran (4:16): “If two men among you are guilty of lewdness, punish them both— just kidding LOL!”

        Hadith (9.84.57): “Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him—not!”

        Quran (2:223): “Your women are your fields, so go into your fields whichever way you like— Oh, c’mon, you didn’t really think we were serious about that now did you? We’re just joshing around with all this stuff. Didn’t you read Quran 5:544b:”…and Allah doth spoke, ‘Go forth and make jokes. Crack wise to unbelievers, for they are certainly a silly people. Go forth and make jokes about women drivers. And doth not the gays listen to some godawful music? I mean, ABBA? [Hey, I must sheepishly admit I’m still an ABBA fan.] Bronski Beat? Am I right? Make jokes freely but always remember to love them and respect them, as thou respect thy mother, and thy father, and thy garbanzo bean farmer…'”

        Of course, the extremists will howl bloody murder. They will say the Qur’an is the word of Allah and cannot be changed. Fine. The moderates can just rename their new faith. They can call it Blisslam, and market it as a religion for the 21st century. A true peace and love-loving religion. A religion even secularists [and a non-practicing Protestant] like me can get behind. As-Salaam-Alaikum.
        Fred Harden III AKA “GreyHairandGreyMatter

        • You are a frigging idiot!

        • Are you trying to say that islamist extremists are a bunch of chicken f**kers? I always thought they preferred sows and sweat hogs for their mating rituals.

          • Awaitingtherapture

            They prefer goats, when they can’t have little boys.

          • They were America’s fist ally. The very first to die in the American
            Revolution waa a Muslim.

          • Awaitingtherapture

            Not true. Islam has been the aggressor and the enemy to all western nations.
            Nothing but a copy cat cult, mimicking the Holy Bible for stories but trying to win converts by the sword. Pure evil.

          • Totally agree.

          • Hell, Ike warned about them after WW ll.

          • What a lie.

          • Documentation because now yu have me believing that you are full of fecal matter too.

          • Right! But only Billy Goats. lol

          • And sheep, don’t forget the sheep.

          • Why do you embarrass America with childish name calling?

            Why do you embarrass America with childish foul language?

            That is something most children give up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.

          • We have to treat you like a child, your brain has not developed yet.

          • “If we look back into history for the character of present sects in Christianity, we shall find few that have not in their turns been persecutors, and complainers of persecution. The primitive Christians thought persecution extremely wrong in the Pagans, but practised it on one another. The first Protestants of the Church of England, blamed persecution in the Roman church, but practised it against the Puritans: these found it wrong in the Bishops, but fell into the same practice themselves both here and in New England.

            [Letter to the London Packet, 3 June 1772]”
            ― Benjamin Franklin, The Life and Letters of Benjamin Franklin

          • “To Judaism Christians ascribe the glory of having been the first religion to teach a pure monotheism. But monotheism existed long before the Jews attained to it. Zoroaster and his earliest followers were monotheists, dualism being a later development of the Persian theology. The adoption of monotheism by the Jews, which occurred only at a very late period in their history, was not, however, the result of a divine revelation, or even of an intellectual superiority, for the Jews were immeasurably inferior intellectually to the Greeks and Romans, to the Hindus and Egyptians, and to the Assyrians and Babylonians, who are supposed to have retained a belief in polytheism. This monotheism of the Jews has chiefly the result of a religious intolerance never before equaled and never since surpassed, except in the history of Christianity and Mohammedanism, the daughters of Judaism. Jehovistic priests and kings tolerated no rivals of their god and made death the penalty for disloyalty to him. The Jewish nation became monotheistic for the same reason that Spain, in the clutches of the Inquisition, became entirely Christian.”
            ― John Remsburg, The Christ

          • U r crazy

          • Not only are you a libber, but also a preacher . What comes out next you are Gay ?

          • Why don’t you mind your own business? I wasn’t talking to you.

          • Amen.

          • Yeah, besides which you made a valid point.

          • They love to rape females

          • But they mutilate their genitals first, usually when they are very young. They are a bunch of sick f**king savages pretending to be pious religious followers. Don’ worry! Satan has a special place for all of them and no 72 virgins are there.

          • Your forgot sheep, which I’m told is mentioned in the Quran.

        • Why do you need to tell this lie?

          Why do you embarrass America this way?

          Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

          Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

        • Hmm, lets see… The Muslim Major that Nidal Hasan, a Muslim, the San
          Bernardino husband wife team… Muslims, et al. Islamophobe or realist?

      • I can see that you are confusing religion and cult, Islam is a cult not a religion.

        One group is preaching “LOVE” and another one preaching “HATE”. You can put them in the same pot someone will get hurt.

        • She is one of them just like Obama.

          • Religious bigotry in America, mouthed by someone who claims to have fought for our country — Is it not beautiful to behold?

          • U r stupid.

          • That seems to be a step above idiot.

          • Really, AKL, you really need a check up from the neck up and keep your mouth closed as flies are entering your brain via the hole in it.

          • Is that like Stolen Valor?

          • I served in Vietnam.
            I sewed pieces parts back togeather.
            I guess that is Stolen Valor.

          • I was referring to your answer to REtired Lady, not you. I also served from 68 to 72.

          • Wow! so guess you lost your reasoning there as well. Actually, Vietnam used to be a country of real religion and then the commies moved in. Most Vietnamese here go to church every Sunday and are citizens and are working and are enjoying America and freedom. My brother fought in Korean and never came home thinking stupidly as you. And where you, if you are a female, and what were you doing in Vietnam at that time. Serving food, maybe. Pieces of what? Commie uniforms?

          • AKBitch2015: No! That’s just an ATTEMPT to steal valor. I doubt that anyone here believes you any more than I do. Specifically where in Vietnam were you stationed, what unit were you with and when did you serve there?

        • Well said to this moron!

          • Religious bigotry and ignroance, it is an insult to everything our Founders fought and died for.

          • You sound like a worn out record, do your parents know that you are playing on their computer.

          • Robert F. Kennedy:

            “Ultimately, America’s answer to the intolerant man is diversity, the very diversity which our heritage of religious freedom has inspired.”

          • Why don’t u go play in traffic.

          • That insult is something most children give up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.

          • It’s still good advice to a PITA, Like Your-self!

          • You sound like a broken record. You have the same lines in all these posts. Go play with the muslimes

          • She will never do that she’s afraid they will mutilate her clitoris.

          • “If we look back into history for the character of present sects in Christianity, we shall find few that have not in their turns been persecutors, and complainers of persecution. The primitive Christians thought persecution extremely wrong in the Pagans, but practised it on one another. The first Protestants of the Church of England, blamed persecution in the Roman church, but practised it against the Puritans: these found it wrong in the Bishops, but fell into the same practice themselves both here and in New England.

            [Letter to the London Packet, 3 June 1772]”
            ― Benjamin Franklin, The Life and Letters of Benjamin Franklin

          • That holds true even now.

          • Those who will not reason, are bigots, those who cannot, are fools, and those who dare not, are slaves. Lord Byron

          • U need a brain.

          • God gave you one, why do you waste it on hate?

          • Why do you keep Quoting that Long Dead Limey Fruit? Is he your god? I thought ‘Your Little Tin God’ was Obama!

          • Aren’t you describing yourself ? Or do you not see that.

          • “Punching the clown” with the other hand in mommy’s basement would be my guess.

          • Yes and those millions who have died in defense of our constitution and our nation and its people since that time.

          • You’re repeating yourself, as usual.

        • Who taught you that lie?

          Islam is the world’s second largest religion — it has 1.6 Billion followers.

        • “Difference in opinions has cost many millions of lives: for instance, whether flesh be bread, or bread be flesh; whether the juice of a certain berry be blood or wine.”
          ― Jonathan Swift, Gulliver’s Travels

        • We have seen a man dragged to death in Texas simply because he was black. A young man murdered in Wyoming simply because he was gay. In the last year alone, we’ve seen the shootings of African Americans, Asian Americans, and Jewish children simply because of who they were. This is not the American way. We must draw the line. Without delay, we must pass the Hate Crimes Prevention Act and the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. And we should reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act.

          Bill Clinton

          • Send Muslims back to their desert.

          • Muslims were in the Americas before Protestants arrived.
            Catholics were in the Americas before Protestants arrived.

            Maybe America should send you haters back to your poverty hell in Britian.

          • It’s now a Poverty Hell, because of the Moslems you Love So Much!! How about we send all the Hadji Moslems to Alaska, Lady??

          • Lol Slick Willie, the career criminal and his partner in crime want to rule

            America alone with Obama and will if we allow them to do away or modify the constitution so many of have taken oaths to protect and defend. They aren’t using religion as a tool, rather they are importing illegals to do their bidding.

          • Why do you need to tell these lies?
            Why do you embarrass America this way?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          • Kut’N Paste!

          • How many times are you going to cut and paste this into your response? It is old news go away Libtard.

          • Don’t like my response, stop lying.

          • Lying about what.. You must really be some crazy person.

          • Cut and paste, have anything original?

          • The fag in Wyoming was beaten by his lover (came out after all the hate hooplaw). Whites are being shot everyday now for who they are. We don’t need anymore laws on the books, it does nothing to alleviate any of those problems. People need to get over themselves and stop with the whinny, butt hurt feelings. This nation is getting ball less and it is being driven by the ball less, muslime liar in chief in the WH

          • AKBitch2015: Wow! A liar cutting and pasting the words of another liar. Cut and paste. Cut and paste. Cut and paste.

            You chose a very bad role model. After every heinous action that happened during his administration.. well, at least those that were perpetrated by others…, Clinton always made a big play, each time saying that those who were guilty of those atrocities would be hunted down and punished. But he never did anything about any of them!

        • Have you enlightened Obama?

        • Islam is a Religion and a Political System , Once in Power, it Rules/Controls everything it touches. Submit or be destroyed!

      • You are distubed. Get some common sense.

      • slow down..ur showing weakness at commeting..founders would correct u

      • Facts, Islam is not a religion it’s a political system that oppresses women and homosexuals. There’s no place for Sharia law in this country.

      • Dear, AK, even our Founding Fathers fought the islamists. Their is not a religion, PERIOD, but a murdering hate-filled cult since day one as followers of Mohammed and even fight amongst themselves as sunnis and shi’ites because one accept the other as the legitimate following of Mohammed (that wasn’t his real name either so lying islam started with him as well). Get informed or stay home and off this blog.

      • AKBitch2015: You need to lay off the alcohol and drugs while you’re posting. You’re beginning to babble. Oh! I’m sorry! You ALWAYS babble!

        You’re just jealous that nobody ever taught you anything except to cut and paste! Save your hateful, ignorant venom. You have nothing that I care to read.

    • “Declare your jihad on thirteen enemies you cannot see -egoism, arrogance, conceit, selfishness, greed, lust, intolerance, anger, lying, cheating, gossiping and slandering. If you can master and destroy them, then you will be read to fight the enemy you can see.” Al-Ghazali

    • I totally agree. VOTE TRUMP.

    • What,Informed,Intelligent,Sane People realize is that El Vagabondo knows NOTHING about Islam.

      • My post has 56 likes. This post from you has 2 and one of them is from yourself. So now I’m going to call you an A$$HOLE and see how many likes I get.

        • Don’t pt yourself to All that Trouble,El Vagabondo!! 56 likes only means there are at least 56 other “right”-Wing Morons besides yourself,And EVERYONE Knows El Vagabondo Likes ASSHOLES!!

      • Your posts always appear that you know NOTHING about everything!

        • weak Shot,Mary,dear.

          • BILL3000: HAHA! I’d say that Mary Brumley certainly nailed you on that one. She’s EXACTLY RIGHT!

          • HOW the F. would Mo-Maurice know if ANYONE was Right ? How would Maurice Know ANYTHING about Anything?

          • BILL3000: Thanks! You just proved my point… again. You don’t even know how I know anything. My parents taught me what things were right and what things were wrong, and WHY they were right or wrong. It’s kind of like learning to ride a bicycle. At first, it seems impossible to understand, but after awhile everything falls into place and riding a bike is easy. Unfortunately, in your scenario, it would seem that YOU were the only thing that fell. You landed on your head and nobody ever nursed you back to health or taught you anything but hatred and telling lies.

            It’s bad when you can’t even back up the many childish accusations you made against Trump. You might want to make smaller accusations from now on, so your minuscule brain might be able to come up with something that at least sounds feasible. Have a bad night, loser!

          • Yes,of course,Maurice.Unfortunately it seems they taught you in a little-known Dialect of Pidgin Donunnastan.

          • BILL3000: You have an imagination that is too colorful to be natural. May I ask if it’s something you smoke or is it some kind of drug that helps you to be so stupid? If you weren’t such an idiot, you might understand that it wouldn’t have mattered in what dialect my parents taught me. What matters is that I have learned to discern for myself what is good and what is bad, and I have the good sense to embrace the good and to shun the bad. You seem to be the founder of the country of Dumbassastan!

            You really should work on your punctuation!

          • Well, me man, the last two election cycles have weakened me. The stench makes me very ill.
            But, I do the very best I can!

    • And it is a Culture, not just a religion which most Americans think. It is one of the oldest cultures on earth and refuses to update its belief system to join the rest of the world. It is also a chauvinistic culture that treats its women like second class citizens, no, more like slaves or possessions without rights.

      Every American should read about this culture, all about it. Get the book, “The Kite Flyer” and learn abt a “portion” of the Muslim culture and how young children are kidnapped and abused by rich old Muslim men.

      One of the reasons America entered into the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan was because of the human element and how women and children were being abused, used, and then thrown away by their own people. Girls just recently were being taught in schools – until then, only boys could go to schools to learn anything. They wanted their women uneducated so they could control them. Many of the girl’s schools have been burned down and destroyed, but groups rebuild them again and again trying to help the young girls

      Did you know that the original Black Slave Trade during our Nation’s young years was run by Muslims? They stole Blacks from Africa and sold them like a cargo or a work animal. Muslims were very adept at the trafficking of humans…they still are today.

      Every American person, male and female, needs to research the who and what Islam is about. I guarantee you will NOT want any Muslims living in your neighborhood after you truly learn who they are AND experience their volatile nature. They DO NOT assimilate but CONQUER using numbers and quiet possession like ants take over your home…one minute there is nothing, the next minute your home is invaded and they are everywhere destroying your life.

      If you really want to learn abt that culture, talk to many of our Military who had to live amongst them. It will be an eye opening discussion!

      • Great post. I hope everynone reads it, some folks here really need it.

        • It is true. Many Americans are afraid to leave their “comfort zones” and discover that there are people who do not believe in our American world/faith.

          And those same people are delusional abt “who” Muslims really are — which are not the “Peaceful” caring people obama claims them to be, but raging volcanos inside their young men. And, of course, he would say that to defend them because he IS one himself…it has been proven and he has repeatedly told Muslim countries “I am one of you”.

          There are American Novels written by highly educated Muslim women who escaped Islam and who are trying to inform the world of the atrocities happening to women and children throughout Islam.

          There is so much info out there to read and learn abt this “enemy inside” our country — and why it is suicide to let any more in. Americans must be smarter than the fraud in the White House and defeat anything he does to advance the numbers of Muslims in our Country.

          One more thing. Muslims have decreed they will eventually take over the “World”. Do you know how? By infiltrating all countries AND BREEDING LIKE RABBITS. Each muslim man can marry 4 wives which he will keep pregnant and barefooted. If each wife bears him just even 5 children, that’s 22 Muslims in that one family. Now multiply that times the amount of young Muslim husbands living in a country and their numbers will eventually take over that Country’s National numbers.

          Country by country Muslims will work themselves into each govt until it is totally run by Muslims and there are no more Nationals. This is already happening in Europe and in many countries they have deported all Muslims to stop their invasion.

          The smartest Country of all was Hungary that put up barricades and tanks to stop those fake refugees from entering their lands. SMART. SAVY. INTELLIGENT. America needs to be the same: Smart, Savy and Intelligent. But we have one problem that Hungary doesn’t. We have home grown Muslims living inside our borders that are waiting time bombs. What are we going to do abt them?

          • Remove them down to the 3d generation along with all other invaders on our soil and we will support Trump in so doing!

      • Actually islam is a cult but use the word “religion” because they know we in general accept and respect religion. Their god is not OUR God but Mohammed who even killed those who would not follow him. I think his soul has drifted into the Clintons considering what they have done and are doing. Satan is always active and we have let down our guard to accept truly non-human ways and thinking and he is loving it.

    • Was started by a nutty merchant who was broke. Came up with a idea to make money, conquest of neighbors, enslave and make $$$$$. He was criminally insane and would be on death row in any number of countries today. Was a sex manic as well. Denounced his god to save his own skin when he was captured….loved to behead POW’s after battles were fought by his followers. Sound familiar? No different today for the religion of peace. You can read about this “prophet” and find the truth. And you know why Islam is for people with IQ’s of 6 or less.

    • Islam is only a criminal gangster extortion racket which blames a “god” for it’s holy mobster “muslim” crime-gang members’ own criminal desires and actions. I’m not sure naked extortion qualifies as a “political ideology” even in Sicily!

    • If u could call it a “religion,” if not a barbaric old world “religion” but more on the edge, bordering on mass psychotic death cult!

  6. The logical thing would be Flynn for his cabinet defense Honcho. Newt for VP.

  7. Hillary Clinton is being payed off by the Wealthy Muslim Oil Elitists from the Middle East as well as the Muslim Brotherhood of hundreds of Millions of Dollars to push their Islamic Agendas on all Americans and our Children in the School systems across America also has a lot to do with how Obama and Hillary are kicking God out of the Schools and our Military. Also has to do with how Hillary Clinton and Obama want to bring in as many Syrian Muslim so called Refugees that are really ISIS terrorists. That is also why Obama and Hillary want to UN-arm all Americans this way we will be defenseless against the So called Syrian Refugees that are actually ISIS when they start to kill all Christians and Jews in America. You all must pass this on to everyone you know. It is all true.

    • I agree totally and if Trump does not become our next president in which I believe the government at this point, if Trump wins we will never know he did BC this government is wicked and they want this one world government more than life itself and I don’t think obama plans on going nowhere. He knows if he calls for Marshall law it will end the election. He has blatantly caused all the division we are watching everyday! He don’t care for black,white or anybody else and he knows the plans of the UN taking control. As I was saying if Trump don’t win we better prepare to take our kids out of schools and prepare to be self sufficient or none of us will survive!!!

    • Why do you need to tell this lie?

      Why do you embarrass America this way?

      Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

      Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?


  8. Mr Flynn, could never support you! Every baby in a womb has a right to live! Right for life, pro-life!

  9. It goes to show that our national military service and others aren’t the least bit safe as far as keeping our nation from terrorists when we’ve had more crimes than B4 BHO; it will continue on if HRC gets elected! They’re the worst leaders possible!

  10. The Middle East Sheiks have paid off Hillary to further install Islam into American culture 100 %. If she wins, we’re finished unless we can take
    America back with an armed rebellion like South Americans do from time to time .

  11. He better pick someone who knows all the angles, someone who can play as hard as need be, and someone willing to strip away the granted powers and responsibility’s that have been shirked by letting unelected peoples write these fiat laws called regulations.

  12. At the risk of being accused of being hedonistic we don’t win respect and fear from muslims by installing an old corrupt carreer elists politician criminal out of touch woman of wealth and means as our leader. Its time for citizen politicians make our government for the people by the people. Vote Trump its still a three branch government with some some fresh blood on both sides of the isle past term limits.

    • To my great sorrow my own people- the Jews will change their skin color before changing their corrupt Dem’s party, they R loyal to the Dem’s party much more than to their own wives and I loath them all.

  13. Francisco Sperandeo

    When Trump wins he should make him Secretary of Defense And let him go after every one of the Big Os friends and relatives!

  14. Our Marxist Muslim President from Kenya B. Hussein Obama is acting in a totally predictable fashion.

  15. Ever hear of FinCen?
    It is part of the Treasury Department.
    Trump Taj Mahal paid a $10,000,000 fine to it.
    It was used, by terrorists, to launder money!

    • ever heard of F an F which was funded during Dem admin that reached ISIS terror agenda?Im Trusting Trump for USA positive future

      • LOL, another brainwashed Republican.
        Arns have been supplied to revolutioaries under every Administration since the First World War.

        • I must be a brainwashed USA party
          Why do u prove..self admitting..anti-American thoughts/beliefs?

          • Save your ignorant, childish insults for someone you can impress.

          • seen that.. ur reply on many sites..u are un..creative as are ur views that contain 0 merit..heres an insult..ohhh nobody likes u..ur alone again as always..smd?

    • Trump’s businesses laundered money — large amounts of cash.
      His casinos were in bed with the Mafia.

  16. Trumps message is beyond a political party..its about USA Citizen future of Good.. an trust of government once again..a military general reguardless of political affilliation past or present.. this Gen Flynn can provide/aid in a clear evaulation on direction of foreign policy..I am a US Army Vet from 43 yrs ago..dont know nothing about Flynn..hope he speaks real.. not a Dem sidetrack to reverse later…Im voting Trump

  17. VOTE 4 Trump and 4get that Crooked Btich.

  18. P.S Trump is thinking of the General as a running mate as V.P And, whom better than he to be the V.P. All I can say is S E M P E R F I To the General

    • Im a US Army Vet like US Marine Vet Slogans though

    • Mein Trumpf

      Vol. One: A Reckoning

      1. The Hispanic Peril
      2 The Arab Peril
      3. The Black Peril
      4. The Female Peril …

      • did any of these false thoughts put u in a wheelchair? i do wish u good luck..think ya can

        • I provide advocacy for the disabled.
          I am one of those awful people who help them obtain the benefits they are entitled to by law.

          • You are also a libber and Probably a Muslim. Your post give you away.

          • The first casualty in the American Revolution was a Muslim: Crispus Attucks.

            The first country to recognize our new Nation was Muslim: Morocco.
            Americia’s logest ally — 225 years — is Muslim: Morocco.

            Our Constitution guarantees religious freedom.
            What are you, some type of antiAmerican?

          • Pure Breed American who despise goofballs like you .Go back to the middle east and pew your garbage.

          • My ancestors have been in this country since before it became a nation. They fought and died for religious freedom.
            If you do not like our Constitution, pkease find somewhere else to live — move there today.

          • It’s you libbers that need to leave. you have been brain washed.

          • If you do not like our Constitution, please find somewhere else to live — move there today.

          • The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble, or prohibiting …

          • Trump didnt cause ur wheelchair disability..i do feel for u..great homework u do..comprehension needs adjustment..good luck to u

          • Please look up the meaning of tje word “trademark”.
            It will increase your comprehension.

          • well..mentally speaking ..thats questionable..would never question ya on being physically disabled,,ya do have another “handicap” avatar pics that u have displayed? not being critical..why u do that?need some company? bet ya ..I could help that out..

          • The only casualty is you, it’s called liberal brain drain.

          • Our Constitution guarantees religious freedom.
            What are you, some type of antiAmerican?

        • Apparently, you missed Trump’s threats. Here are a few quotes to jog your memory:
          “I’ll beat the crap out of you.” Kansas City
          “Part of the problem … is nobody wants to hurt each other anymore.” St. Louis
          “The audience hit back. That’s what we need a little bit more of.” St. Louis
          “Try not to hurt him. If you do, I’ll defend you in court, don’t worry about it.” Michigan
          “I’d like to punch him in the face.” Las Vegas
          “Knock the crap out of them.” Iowa
          “Maybe he should have been roughed up.” Alabama
          “I don’t know if I’ll do the fighting myself or if other people will.” Press Conference
          “In the good old days this doesn’t happen because they used to treat them very, very rough.” NC

          • ???thos are interpreted thoughts..not actions..”h” mentally ill has inacted..anti-American thoughts an actions

          • Apparently, you skipped elementary school grammar.
            Quotation marks indicate exact repetition of someone’s statements.

          • me on that..point is what i said is true..argue that..if u can?

          • She just spews out garbage and no substance.Plus never answers directly when cornered.

          • Quotes are not “interpreted thoughts.”
            Quotes are exactly what was said.
            The souce of each of those quotes was given — educate yourself.

          • You cannot even write English properly.

          • F-..u fail..adjective following adverb+ no need for a CAP..dont bore body like ya in Alaska..ya lonely?

        • Her mother must have dropped her on the head.

      • Lady you have a serious problem!

        • Muister, you hear only what you want to hear.

        • She is a libturd through and through. Ship her UNAMERICAN ass out with all those murdering rapeing pedophiles (aka muzrat Isis Islamic state terrorists) camel pole puffers make me sick. All your no lady that’s for damn sure. Go live with those so called refugees and see how long you last. They would do so.e sick shit to you and sell you to the highest bidder and just keep going until they tire of you and either stone you or cut your damn fool head off

        • Yes, Larry, it is called the First Amendment.
          That part of the COnstitution you do not believe in honoring.

  19. Good choice and anyone Obama disliked seems to be the ticket to counter the evil of Islam in the White House and current administration???

    • Another individual who mocks everythins our Founders fought and died for.
      Another individual who mocks our Constitution.
      Please find someplace that you lijk better — move there today.

      • The founders sure did not die for you libbers who spout of BS like you do.

      • F & off. BTW, as I have said before after running into your ignorance and anti American stance: You are no lady you are just in drag

        • Who’s antiAmerican stance? Maybe you should refresh your knowledge of our Constitution:

          The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble, or prohibiting …

          • F & OFF and perhaps you should see a proctologist about removing your Anti American, Pro Islam zika brain from your bowel .

          • The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble, or prohibiting …

          • So, what you’re saying is the 1st. Amendment gives you the right to talk stupid in public?

          • their stupidity is allowed..thankfully u an the many/myself see their nonsense as BS..0 merit

          • Thanks, and I owe you a BLT sandwich.

          • She sure is dumb.

          • She couldn’t be any stupider. Just another uninformed troll.

          • If I guessed right, you r a communist.

      • Your a special kind of idiot aren’t you. Libturds are all the same. Quit puffing muzrat pole and wake up. Your hero’s are destroying this COUNTRY and you applaud them. Just amazes me how blind and ignorant things like you really are

        • Yes, those with eyes who cannot see, lije yourself, are very special idiots. Suggest you refresh your knowledge of our Constitution:

          The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble, or prohibiting …

          • That’s exactly what your piece of shit hero ovomit is doing. You liberal hacks are all the same. Turn everything around and make like you are so innocent and the PATRIOTIC AMERICAN CITIZENS are bad and guilty of your bullshit. Quit trying to quote the Constitution to save your corrupt hero’s because it’s a waste of time. Don’t use your 1st amendment when it only works for you. Your pathetic and always say the same spewing bullshit every time you open your big flapping lieing hole. Demofags and libturds are responsible for everything wrong in this country and you all need hung out to dry. Don’t respond to this as my conversation is done with a waste of flesh. Your an idiot and really need to quit sniffing kilary and michael lavaughn Robinson shit stained shorts

        • Look up these people and the contribution they made to America: Crispus Attucs, Yarrow Mamout, Estevanico, Norsereddin, “Hi Jolly”, Abdulrahman Ibrahim Ibn Sori, Ayuba Suleiman Diallo, Omar Ibn Said …

        • Congress makes the laws.
          Congress spemds the money.
          You elect Congress.
          Suggest you make better choices.

      • Shut up, he’s totally right.

  20. To Mr Joe Pewter. I say. THANK YOU SIR for your service to this great nation of ours. It is people like you that make us proud to be AMERICAN,

  21. I do believe that Mr Trump as Pres and the General as V.p would be a good solid combo. Because, one knows the ropes on making a good amount of money and. the other has a good military background to keep all of us safe.

  22. Obama has been soft on radical Islam here and abroad. Initially, ISIS was funding their Jihad with stolen oil, which they were trucking to and selling in Turkey. Obama refused to bomb their oil caravans, because (he said) there might be some collateral damage. When the French & the Brits began bombing them, we followed suit. But Obama would have stayed away, if he could. Obama is Muslim, through and through. He only wants Muslim refugees from Syria. Even though its the Syrian Christians who are the real refugees. They are being butchered by the Syrian Muslims. Just say NO to Syrian Muslims. Let the other Muslim nations in the region absorb their own kind.

  23. Every Hillary for prison shirt bought at infowars goes to paying for aerial message: Hillary for prison at the end and dnc
    Shirts are 19.95 in the store of

    • You are steaking.
      You are a theif.
      Pay for your advertising like honest business people do.

      • I’m doing nothing of that manner.
        This is not my site I’m simply passing helpful information on to those who feel it’s a good cause.

  24. The article doesn’t state that Lt. Gen. Flynn was warned not to pursue radical Islam; if he was, please cite the warnings to help support that argument. Without that, I’m not convinced that ‘pursuing Radical Islam’ was the reason for his departure.

  25. Just what rocks do you have to turn over to find these putrid lying sacks of shit? Fired for incompetence!

  26. Awaitingtherapture

    I will agree that there are SOME Musloms in America that really do believe that Islam is a religion of peace.
    BUT, when a few radicals invade their mosques , and tells them that if they refuse to kill the infidel that they will have their heads removed, their wives sold into slavery and their children butchered., BELIEVE ME, they will convert and become our enemies. We should require that every mosque is monitored and recorded. And for those who say they would have to do the same to all Church’s. FINE, any Church that has been found to have extremists in their mists, should be treated the same.

  27. I don’t want to see the Republican Party ride to political victory on the four horsemen of calumny – fear, ignorance, bigotry, and smear.

    Margaret Chase Smith (1897 -)

  28. America needs this man.

    • Your post was deleted, but I will answer here. Hopefully, you will see the answer before it too is deleted.

      Crispus Attucks, a Muslim slave, was the first to die at the Boston Massacre.
      He was the son of an Native American mother and an African father, Prince Yonger who was Muslim.

      Morocco was America’s first ally. Morocco haa been America’s ally for over 225 years. Morocco is a Muslim country.

  29. Just as I have said.
    The election has been rigged.
    Now you get Democrat slate 1 and Democrat slate 2.
    ANd it is all because millions of dummies have concluded that Trump is an outsider. INCORRECTLY

    • let ur county election board know u are watching..even bluffing..Trump will win truely..keep strong locally..Good luck

      • You must be blind. In the election for Obama, they had whole precincts where there was not a single vote for his opponent. Not even Stalin could get such a vote legally. No, it was rigged. In Florida they just found 20 or 30 thousand registered voters who were fraudulent. This is by ACCIDENT?
        And a Soros company is the primary provider of voting machines. Pre -programmed.
        In Texas when LBJ was running for Senate, over 600 dead people voted for him. All with the same handwritting.
        And in one of Bush Jr’s election, a deputy sheriff was found to have a voting machine in the back of his car. That was the county where the voting commission refused to start the RECOUNT till they had been advised what the GAP was in the vote. The state commissioner cut them off. LOL
        And then there was the election that West lost. It seems a black woman voting official went back a little after midnight and “found” mail in ballots, mostly for West’s oppoinent. And just enough to make sure that an automatic recount would not occur.

        Blatant, wide spread.
        And God sees it all.

  30. Flynn should be head of the military in Trumps admin.
    Then maybe we can destroy isis and al queda
    before they destroy our military.

    • Absolutely .. punk anti-American agenda will never be able to destroy US military or US Spirit..always keep strong..US Army Vet here

  31. Hard to Believe,and without Thorough Documentation,I Don’t,the NY Post hardly being a Reliable Source. Fascinating though that Quasi-Fascist “journals” like American “Patriot” Daily,while Touting the Bullying of Trump and Vending Angry Paranoia ALWAYS try to Sell us something_Survival Rations,IRAs in Gold or Silver,etc. before they get to their Main Propaganda.


    islam means peace islam is gods future religon(started from adam and he will not stop sending profits) what people do with it is given freedom to do it do what the want to do with it(freedom of choice)people who hate islam and same as who love islam without studing it-thay both not serving the cause of there respective beliefs-islam must be read by by one self-its like commenting on a book that you dont have read your self but heard from others or practice by them in there own way-qooraan is gods book and not every person can under stand it without the help of god him self-and its only under standable for the rightious ones-if you love god your future children and peace on earth than dont hate or over love god-islam is reliogn of all faith asks you to believe all the profits-adam moses ibraheem jesus-and more to come-he has not broken communication with humans-nothing in his world is last exept him self-he is the only one going to last for ever-if you are not sure about one thing ask him by begging him to tell you-he will tell you evantualy-these people sitting in chain because thay dont have the right to call them self mooslims in a islamic state(pakistan)-and this is a real islam dont make trouble in this world-even your are jailed for your peace full ideas-this called tolorence(islam)you will not see it in mainstreem media-

    • I think you mock us with reasonable English and no Capitalization or punctuation. Something is amiss with this post.


        i dont consentrate on how its said only what is said-because i am not english-though would like be perfect in laguage-

  33. Flynn would be fine as he opposed opukeo all the way and did what he was supposed to do…protect we the people in this awful regime

  34. Flynn would shake up the liberals being that he was a life long democrat, could be a good move, and to think he was fired for simply calling a spade a spade is disgusting. If you can’t name the enemy, you will never defeat it. Flynn along with hundreds of other generals were all fired by the fraud in white house, and this is a sure indication of his succeeding in his pledge to fundamentally changing America He is making it worse than ever in history. PERIOD

  35. there is a huge amount of money flowing into democrat coffers or hidden accounts fro the islimic countries. You may not be about to directly bribe the Clinton’s, Ogayarab, or the demo, but you can contribute to their charities or hidden accounts.
    The Clinton’s have been illegally receiving foreign bribes for their campaigns and charities fro three plus decades.
    They real of corruption and arrogance. Anyone thinking they are spotless or ignores their criminal activities has cranial rectal impaction.

  36. In other words the General was not an Obama YES MAN. He didn’t have his nose up the dictator wanna be’s a$$. He dared to disagree with the anti-American TYRANT

  37. Just more proof to substantiate my take on this:

    If you really want to be informed then I suggest! They just revealed that the Texas governor Abbot had been treated at an army hospital with second and third degree burns from his knees down – he is in a wheel chair – only hours before the Dallas false flag was carried out! There are no coincidences with this regime, Scalia’s death also points to this!

    Here we go again, and again, and again, another false flag timed conveniently as the Muslim-Marxist was out of the country and right after the disgraceful mockery of the laws of justice experienced with the ole ugly commie whore “Hillary the Pillory’s” get out of jail free card pass! This communist NWO regime has total control of every facet of government as they cleverly dismantle America! One shooter, two shooters, three shooters, four shooters – they don’t know, they say, but they do know because this Godless, Satan worshipping regime has their dirty hands all over this one just as the previous ones – Orlando; Boston Bomber, San Bernardino – and the future ones! This was a well thought out and planned operation and not some spontaneous, last second spur of the moment get even massacre! The sheeple just can’t or don’t want to believe that we have EVIL, POWER hungry demons at the top of our government but in the end when it is too late they will of wished that they had paid attention and took action instead of keeping their heads up their asses! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION – guaranteed; that is why these false flag operations will escalate in order for these Godless ghouls to brainwash and bully the sheeple into gun control, the last nail in the coffin of the “TRANSFORMED * TRANSGENDERED” AMERIKA! States should start manning militias in order to send a message to “Moscow West” as they prepare with war against Russia which has already begun

  38. In my Army spread, I never heard or met a General except one Brigadier who chewed my ass out for his officers parking their vehicles on his office grass yard when I was the MP 1st sgt in the 85th div!

  39. Why would Obama be harsh to someone concerning radical Islam? Given his exposure to Islam it is no surprise to me.

  40. Thank you for not calling that traitor the Commander in Chief.

  41. Picking a REGISTARED DEMOCRAT as his running mate could very well be a
    deal breaker with those who have supported him up to this point. Their policies
    are what has put our Nation in peril and this is not a good choice for the #2
    spot. I can think of many others who could fill the position much better and
    probably gain him support in the process.

  42. For GOD or against GOD! Islam is definitely not for GOD…and, there will be no Islamic believers in heaven! One Nation Under GOD…no compromise!

  43. Obama is a ‘First Class @ssh@le’ and a non citizen foreign born illegal immigrant !!

  44. Yep, it could be classified as a Foreign Mind Control Death Cult, by reasonable minds;

    Robert Spencer, author of “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam” points out that there are over 100 verses in the Qur’an that exhort Muslims to fight unbelievers; this includes ‘chopping their heads off’ (Qur’an 47:4). The verse says that Allah forgives only those who have the right beliefs, and non-believers’ actions will ‘come to nothing’.”

    The Qur’an contains detailed instructions and examples of how to meet unbelievers. The Qur’an states categorically that Muslims cannot have non-believers as friends, advisors, consultants or protectors (Qur’an 3:118 and 4:144).

    (Qur’an 60:10). The second instruction is that unbelievers should be called to Islam; in fact, the Qur’an says you cannot wage war against unbelievers until you have preached to them. The third instruction is that if they do not convert to Islam, then, they must be fought. If they do not convert or surrender, then they must be killed. This is the optimum route for Islamist expansion: A tidal wave of war, subjugation and conversion.

    In other words, anyone who follows the Qur’an must ultimately convert or kill all non-believers. Therefore the United States faces a growing religion, through endless immigration, that cannot in any way mesh with or assimilate into the United States and its Constitution. Muslims must destroy America and her citizens in order to bring about Sharia Law. The Qur’an demands it

  45. Obama purged all Military officers who dared to disagree with his tactics. He is ruthless, petulant dictator whose idols are the Castro brothers and Hugo Chavez.

    • So The President and Millertrump both have idols; Obama chooses the great liberator, Chavez; Miller has Hitler, Mussolini(biographies and “Mein Kampf” on his nightstand) and Saddam Hussein. Wow!

  46. From: INDIANA

    Message: PLEASE ! Let it be PENCE, please. PLEASE ! Let it be PENCE, please. Get the fascist Governor out of our state. He was shipped here from the fascist Texas mother ship by Republicans in 1999 to be my congressman(Class A) and to rise to the Presidency through the farm system (Class AAA now) . He is a hand puppet, you’ll love that about him Mr. Miller. Pick him and end his career. He is an ugly chameleon, like you, he morphs into a lizard head. If the neo cons pick Pence for you and continue to feed him words like they now do for you it will be a sellable scam, Indiana will be a better place, our gain will be your gain. Mr. Drumpf, if you don’t like the Governor we have another more fascist fascist (Class A), Congressman Todd Young now slithering toward the Senate (the Majors). Both are anti constitution, personal rights grabbing, racist, bigoted reverse Christian guys, perfect for your agenda to destroy America. Please take one, not your mafia pals Chris or Rudy.
    Indiana Non Klansmen

  47. Islam is not filled with hate anymore than radical Christians are. I am a Christian, but we have our radicals, too. Just look at people who kill people who work at Planned Parenthood, or who kill Muslims because “they are evil”. Look at the United States, invading a sovereign nation called Iraq. Some will say we did it because Saddam Hussein was evil, exploiting and killing his people. So why didn’t we invade Miranmar, or North Korea or Russia or China or Venezuela, or any number of African countries that were treating their people horribly? We invaded Iraq because of OIL. We have done bad things. We have killed thousands of innocent Muslims as “collateral damage”. How would we feel if Iraq was a super power and we were a small country with a leader that they did not like? How would we feel if they came to “liberate” us? We have our own radical Christians who picket the funerals of soldiers killed in the middle east. They are the Westboro Baptist Church. Every group has its radicals, whether it be religious, political, social or economic, there are “crazies” in every one of them. We need to look at ourselves just as much as we look at others. When we are perfect then we can point fingers.

  48. Of course he did Obama and Hillary are the leaders of ISIS they created them armed them and set them free on the world while protecting them and Murdered our Veterans and our Ambassador in Benghazi to cover it up and now the sworn terrorist camey and Lynch have taken on the protection of Hillary and obama

    • Wow, you need to find the nearest FOX DETOX center, its hard to do I know but protect your verbal health. 22,000 Bush/Rove emails dumped from a private server in 2007, was there an investigation ? No. Benghazi, while sad and unfortunate, has been beat like a dead horse, no breath left. That would make a great Tea Party slogan … ‘The TP, we beat dead horses ! ‘

  49. I have no problem with him being a registered Democrat. He knows what needs to be done with these Islamic terrorists. He knows who the enemy is and isn’t afraid to take the proper actions. He hates the Obama policies and how he’s weakened our military. He knows Obama has enabled our enemies and made them stronger by denying they are our enemies.

    • YOU obviously have NO MILITARY EXPERIENCE other wise you would not be encouraging offices to act our side of the chain of command, as you clearly are !

      “He knows who the enemy is and isn’t afraid to take the proper actions.”

      For the 1st time in decades Congress Has Agreed to the WHITE HOUSE Proposal to undertake a huge upgrade in our military.

      Without that, however, The US SPENDS MORE on its military than the next 8 (EIGHT) military powers on the planet….COMBINED !
      ….and by the way.
      ….most of them are OUR allies.
      …unless Trump has called one of the ….Like the new UK leader … pehaps he’ll call her a ‘fat pig’ or ‘disgusting’ or something similarly ugly from the heart of HIS soul.

      All the world leaders agreed to talk about “terrorists” rather than the broader and LESS accurate
      Islamic Terrorists…….which ties THOSE TERRORIST more closely to 1.4 BILLION MUSLIMS…..
      Enabling Enhanced Recruiting for their terrorist acts.

      President George W. Bush steadfastly resist referring to Bin Laden as an Islamic Terrorist,
      for the very same reason……
      YOU and TRUMP seem to have a notable lack of REASON.

      Obama has killed more terrorist leaders than all the other Presidents in history !

  50. If this guy was ever a Democrat he is suspect, and if he was still a Democrat when Obama fired him then he is a poor American, and maybe not one at all.

  51. Michael Dennewitz

    He’s fortunate as hell. “Others ” have died mysteriously….?

    • WHAT ‘others’ is your fanciful & conspiratorial mind referring to????

      Provide a legitimate source.
      Any Actual FACTS or do you feel proud of yourself manufacturing LIES !?!?

  52. It sounds like he disobeyed a direct order…having to do with NOT Alienating ALL Muslims while going after Terrorists…..there is a difference.

    McArthur was/is a genuineAmerican Hero…but HE MUST Be obedient to the chain of command.

  53. He had to resign for his Delusional thinking-! This Traitor to America was fired for being a 9/11 Kabbalah Terrorist supporter & corroborator, This piece of Shit, shows how fucked up our intelligence really is-! Flinn, never saw or got close to any Terrorist, nor did anyone he know-! — This Terrorist protecting piece of SHIT, doesn’t recall the Kabbalah 9/11 Terrorist, stealing $3.9 Trillion from US Coffers, Months before 9/11, nor the Fact that the 9/11 Zionist Kabbalah Terrorist, were underground before 9/11, in their US Military proof, bunker city’s, safe from Christians,Muslims Buddha’s , Hindu’s etc.. think of all those found alive that we were told died on 9/11-! most everyone has been accounted for-! A true Miracle proving old Testament true today, like the old day’s-! This Terrorist Traitor F..cking SOB Flinn should be executed for treason-! THIS IS WHY ZIONIST KABBALAH CANDIDATE TRUMP ALWAYS PICKS THE MOST FUCKED UP PEOPLE TO LEAD AMERICA WATCH AS IT COMES TO A CLOSE VERY SOON-!

  54. The headline here is woefully misleading.

  55. We were supposed to obey dub-ya into two fake wars out of respect for his office.

    A President of the other party is not to be respected at all.


    Flynn is neither the first nor the last general to be reprimanded, suspended, demoted or fired for placing himself above his Commander-in-Chief.

    So he’s a patriot? If he did the same to a President Trump, he would be a traitor.


  56. I personally do not care what political affiliation either man had in the past. I am sick of the corruption inside the beltway. That is the most important issue for me in selecting a candidate and the next president.

  57. Robbert Hoekstra Azusa

    Hussein Obama is a Muslim by tribal right and a “Christian” in the interest of his political ambition, otherwise Americans would not have elected a Muslim as president. As a Muslim and an Arab Hussein Obama has no remorse violating the U.S. Constitution, betraying the American people and collaborating with his brother hoods of Islam. Treason and traitor are words encouraged and protected by Taqiyya and the Qur’an.

  58. <<o. ✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤:::::::!gq564p:….,….

  59. Obama like the little call me the score that he is fired all the good generals admirals etc. in the military as he learned a lesson from Egypt when the military remove him from office and put him in prison and the one world order was gonna make sure that didn’t happen to Obama. I might add one thing Chris Kyle was Manchurian style candidate murdered by the one world order/Obama ,, As he was a threat to Obama because Chris Kyle loves America even more than his own family. God bless America now and for all time.

  60. In the 1950s, many Americans agreed with Joe McCarthy and the House UnAmerican Activities Committee in their very zealous approach to dealing with the threat of communist/socialism in the United States. Programs such as “I Led Three Lives,” the story of Herbert Philbrick, as a private citizen, an FBI agent/informant and a member of the Communist Party, gave us insight into the inroads which communism was making in America at that time. Communism was more covert twenty years before that with chapters in many major cities of the United States. As Goldwater famously said, “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice.” Many of us believed that and still do. The idea of subverting and undermining our future as a nation under the guise of “liberty and justice” for our enemies is a reprehensible notion. He who would give freedom to him who would, then, deprive him of it, is an absolute fool. This is exactly what the immigration policies of the United States are, to some unknown extent, allowing. This is not fear-mongering. This is the recognition that irreconcilable differences which are known to exist, pose a fundamental threat/risk to the security of the nation. It is a simple fact. People need to get serious about it and understand that threat.

  61. Obama, a radical devout Muslim is determined to destroy all he can in America !!

  62. Flynn might be okay in many ways, but he is pro-choice and pro-gay. That rules him out for me.

  63. Flynn and Trump hold at least one position in common. Both of them contend that the U.S. invasion of Iraq was a big mistake:

    “Flynn was also quoted this month as telling German magazine Der Spiegel that the Iraq war launched in 2003 by then-President George W. Bush was a mistake that gave rise to Islamic State.”

    Apparently this view is shared by many on both sides of the political aisle. Other than Trump, you will not hear many conservative candidates for political office referring to that invasion, since they now regret having supported it and do not want to be reminded of their error.

    As perhaps the most influential advocate of the invasion, Dick Cheney, of course, continues to say it was the right thing to do. You can not cure an old mule of sucking eggs.

  64. Some comments below make reference to the views of the founding fathers on Islam. To clear the air on this subject, I commend for your reading this information compiled by the Library of Congress:

  65. Maybe at least assistant secretary of defense under John Bolton as that secretary?

  66. No surprise here…Allah needs to be burned at the stake. fry baby fry…

  67. Flynn would male a great Sec of Def in the Trump administration.

  68. IMO, the General was pursuing Oblahblah’s homies and that’s a no-no. The General would have been better off, pursuing Americans, in the eyes of this administration. I wonder if perhaps we might not only have our first black, but also our first muslim. I think he hates this country and it’s people.

  69. What the people need to realize is that Islam is a religion based on hate, torture and murder to gain global domination! Sharia Law anyone?

  70. I finally found an 80% D.I.Y. derringer! 22 magnum. I bought 2 and finished both of them in 3 hours with a cordless drill. Never leave home without defense in your pocket these days.//

  71. Obama is a f%#kin Traitor!

  72. He was not a yes man

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