Louisiana Flooding Reveals the True Colors of “Black Lives Matter”

In the wake of flooding that has cost at least 13 people their lives and destroyed more than 60,000 homes in Louisiana, residents are beginning to not only question the priorities of President Obama but those of an organization that is supposed to care very deeply about the suffering of black Americans – the same black Americans who comprise 50% or more of the Baton Rouge population.

The Black Lives Matter organization can’t claim ignorance; they have their grubby paws all over Louisiana politics. The death of Alton Sterling was met with an immediate and forceful response; BLM is actually suing the city of Baton Rouge for “unlawful mass arrests” resulting from the Sterling protests last month. Their seeds of racial discontent produced violent fruit on July 17, when a man influenced by their ideology killed three Baton Rouge police officers in cold blood.

But in response to the mass flooding, the best BLM could come up with was to promote a company providing free family portraits for victims of the deluge. That’s…something, but it’s not exactly what this organization has proven capable of in the past.

“All the drama that was going on with the Alton Sterling killing, they came out with guns ready to go to war,” said Baton Rouge resident Jerry Washington. “But here we go, all these people flooded out and truly in need of help and we can’t find not one of them.”

In a video posted to Youtube, Washington slammed black-identity groups for their pitiful response to the disaster.

“I ain’t seen one Black Panther boat or one Black Lives Matter boat,” he said. “All I see is our own people from our own city saving us.”

The profundity of that line should not be overlooked. Because that is all black Americans will ever see. In fact, it’s all any American will ever see. This is the core of conservatism; you don’t need external salvation – everything you need is already within you and around you. Once you surrender to that fact, you open up the mighty wellspring that is human ingenuity and realize there is a lot more “within you and around you” than you ever noticed before.

For the millions of Americans who have not realized this truth, salvation lies in the federal government. It lies in this political candidate or that one. It lies in feminism or Islamism or Black Lives Matter. Even when these institutions are functional, their “help” just strengthens the illusion. When they aren’t, it’s a little easier to see behind the curtain and realize that there was really nothing there to begin with.

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  1. Did you really expect them to do anything that really MATTERS?

    • I bet if you had your son murdered or subjected to a roadside cavity search over a traffic stop you would think differently about what MATTERS .

      • Anything found?

      • You don t get it and never will

      • I guess if you live in Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, or any other large city you would expect your son to…
        1. Be a drug dealer
        2. Be a thief
        3. Be a gang banger
        4. Be a welfare slug
        5. Be dead by the time you were 25 because you are one of the above
        6. Be dead because you were killed by one of the above

        Google how many were shot and/or killed just on July 4th in Chicago… Guess it doesn’t matter they kill each other at a hundred fold over them being killed by a white or a cop.

        • Who is ‘they’? You neglected to use a qualifier. Also a comma after the word ‘matter’ is appropriate. Is ‘they’ also ‘them’ or did you change subjects? A white what?
          I don’t understand your premise; why would living in a city cause someone’s child to be more likely to fit your list ?

    • richard hutchinson




      • Congress should pass a real quick Bill. NO MORE VACATIONS FOR THE OBAMAS.

          • I love taking to a liberal fool,. Almost all of GWB’s vacations were at Camp David, a short distance from Washington and his own ranch in Texas . He never left The W.H. before Christmas. Obama on the other hand has spent excessively more on his vacations n get aways than GWB. The Obamas sre so obnoxious and cavalier with the taxpayers money that they even vacationed in Europe, Africa , Asia and numerous trips to Hawaii, Don’t compare a weekend at Camp David to Obama’s week to 10 days in a foreign country which included his mother in law in tow. I could have given you the vacation expenses for both men but I’ll let you look that one up.

          • You certainly speak the truth. Obama appears to spend very little time in Washington, he must hate his job, except what he can do to destroy the USA.

          • I’m sure they report what they are allowed to !

          • He has to get out of the “White” House….you know mooch-el has a hard time waking up in a house slaves built. Although, there weren’t many slaves in the DC area to help.
            Wish we could make tree ornaments out of them and his cabinet.

          • Excellent point. They probably counted his Thanksgiving trip with the troops in the middle east as a vacation.

          • And yet Obama has spent more money on vacations than any other president. They don’t just take AF1, they also take AF2.

          • Bush spent most of his on his ranch in texas, not flying around the world on our dime.

        • Let him spend every day left of his term on Vacation. The Country is much better off.

        • Obama and his clan need the next 4 month on vacation at the Bagdad Hilton, no guards, no army and no secret service. Bill and Hellery could visit with them through Nov. haha

        • Michael Dennewitz

          What’s a congress?

      • BINGO………..right on………….BO=POS

      • Bingo!
        Welcome Home

    • The Louisiana Governor stated in a press conference that he preferred that CANDIDATES and GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS NOT COME to the scene because manpower would have to be pulled away from the people to accommodate those visits; so who shows up ANYWAY ? Despicable Don and Fascist Mike.

      • Are you that dumb to believe that BS. The statement came from the W.H. to him so that Obama could continue another golf vacation. You write like a inexperience idealist, who cannot see the forrest because the trees where in the way. You definitely need some life skills.

      • That shouldn’t stop Obama from making a supportive statement and directing his cabinet to ensure that everything they could do was done in a timely manor.

      • I bet you led the charge of criticizing Bush for showing up late for Katrina. Trump showed up and donated food and money, Obama hob nobbed with movie stars. President Kardashian

        • I also read that Trump provided his own security detail so he didn’t pull the local authorities away from their mission of aiding and assisting the flood victims.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            That’s what pisses them all off. He’s a “self-made” success and hasn’t accepted any backing money from ANYONE! They hate that!! ?

        • And today he raised the rent for the second time on his own campaign offices to cover the loss.

      • Stop getting your news & information from comedy central, assclown.

      • You’re a real piece of work. Did you finish the third grade?

        • ASA, Culinary; BA, Communication Arts; BA, Political Science; MA, Divinity; MA, Fine Arts. You?

          • But did you ever get a degree that meant anything?

          • No KingDing I don’t have degrees like yours; honey dippin’, gun tottin’, flea marketin’ or wyf beatin’; I’ll try harder .

          • Yep, you can flip a burger, talk into the order sign at Taco Bell, follow the new history written by the NWO ….fine arts, yeah when a disaster hits you’ll be real popular. We’ll just tell you to eat your art…lol

          • I should have taken this Bible verse more seriously …”Don’t cast your pearls before the swine”.

          • You think way to high of yourself. Like mirrors do ya? As far as pigs go, I’m sure you have plenty of them as friends.

          • We are a flock , not a herd.

          • Yep, you read your bible alright, we are a flock. Where as you are just piss ants, in need of extermination.

          • Wow, you really need to take some time and go within, find your center. The ugliness isn’t real; its self induced probably with some help from right wing radio. You are a perfect reflection of the universal energy but you allow hate to hide your perfection . Look within for balance .

          • What a dipshit. Go smoke another bowl there swammi. I don’t listen to the radio or watch much tv, I have a nice ranch that takes most of my time. Actually, I’ve been splitting wood which gives me peace. I just think of one you looney tunes that would vote for a career criminal like Clinton…you’ve heard just recently over half of those that had face to face meetings with her when she was Secretary of State…yeah they donated in excess of $145,000,000 to get those meetings. Or as they say, she used her position to make them pay to play.

            I worked hard most my life and retired to my ranch. I still work everyday getting things done around here and peace comes with what I’ve accomplished. You on the other hand are a loser, I don’t have much time for losers.

          • Where did you get the idea that I’m a Clinton voter? I will of course do what is necessary to save civilization from Trump, so if he gets to close in the polls I will vote Clinton instead of Stein.

          • Anyone that touts bs degrees is most likely to vote for a known criminal. Plus when you try to act smart but have no moral compass as far as our country goes, I only goes without sayin.
            Just know, when a civil war breaks out….Hillary and her legion of morons will be responsible. Obeyme has been the reason for civil unrest and the worst race relations since the 50’s, that criminal hillary says she’s on board to carry on…..oh, plus the national debt which will probably be at 20 trillion by the time he is done (slick Willie left it at a little over 4 and Bush bumped it to 8)…with that moron Clinton it will finish bankrupting us and that will cost your great grandkids kids.

          • Try mechanical engineering with a minor in electrical engineering. I’m also a machinist and too and die maker. Yours, on the other hand, are the usual non-technical not-so-hard to do liberal fields of study.

          • Yeah. The MA in divinity! What the heck is that?!

          • Odd that it is the only one out of your list that you can think of as being productive in any sense.

          • Who said it was productive? Read my above statement again

          • It’s possibly productive from a spiritual sense. Actually, I think that the guy is just a collector of degrees. Some people do that like others collect seashells or stamps. I personally know some people who have spent their entire lives accumulating degrees that they can then post behind their names. None of the things he posts require application of advance mathematics, chemistry, or any other such skills.

          • Hey Jazzbelly,nice letters after your name,I have a few but themost sacred to ME is that I am the owner and earned a DD-214,how about YOU!!!!!

          • So you’re a dentist ? What’s the 214? No, I don’t have a Doctorate as yet, I can’t decide what subject to peruse, there are so many options. Art, sociology, and jazz/history top the list since there’s no baseball degrees, sadly.

          • Great, you can cook, talk and don’t have a clue as to real life.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Time to block your dumb ass… ?

      • Its strange they didn’t think that way after Katrina. In fact, they ripped Bush to shreds for flying over to see the devastation and NOT using the manpower to see the scene “in person”. Why one standard for Bush and another for Obama?

      • And you remember what they said about Bush because he only flew over? This is BS, they’re just covering for Obama. There’s an obvious double-standard that anyone with 1/2 a brain can see. Why can’t you?

  3. Hiliary is corrupt

    They can’t yell and loot because of a storm so you won’t see BLM get involved with clean up.. it’s hard to burn stuff under water.

  4. YEP !!!! there aint nothing but PURE BULL S$IT behind their charade, all smoke an mirrors. an they should be ASHAMED, but they probably never be, just to much MEME


      Not just smoke and mirrors, there is dark money as well. Money that comes from people like George Sorros. He is, has been and always will be a Nazi at heart and Nazis don’t like black people. With his backing Black Lives Matters have convinced these people to erase their own history. The Nazis tried to erase all evidence of the Holocaust in Germany.The blacks here have bought into it. Within our life time there will be no more evidence that slavery ever happened and there complaints will be dismissed as nonsense. They will have no one to blame but themselves. You can’t make everyone the same if one group thinks they deserve so much more because they can’t get over something that never really happened to them.

      • You’re right BUT the old fart will soooon b DEAD….HURRAH

        • His prodigy lives on.

          • Unfortunately.

          • You are antisemitic?

            Are you aware that Jewish heritage is determined by the mother, not the father?

          • Everyone knows That!

          • Are you aware that Islamic heritage is determined by the father, not the father? Arabs are also Semites.

          • As are all decendants of peoples living in Southwestern Asia. The who, what and where is commonly based on language spoken.

          • Why do you need to tell this lie?

            Why do you embarrass America this way?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            truth is truth and we know a liberal melts when a truth is exposed

          • Arabs are by no means Semitic ,just look up the word Arab in a Bible concordance it means mixed race, people think Semitic people are some how an olive skinned race just because of all the Palestinian Muslims that live over, these are the same people who think that the New Testament was written in Hebrew , who think that homosexuality , lesbianism, pedophilia,pornography etc are all just alternative lifestyles …etc…the reason they believe these things is because they don’t really care enough about these issues to research them and find out concrete evidence of the truth of these matters and the reason why they don’t care is because they are involved in sins which turn their minds away from ever finding the truth which will save them from these sins…andbecause of these sins the result is mass murder groups like black lives matter who are nothing but black supremacist criminals, these bastards actually believe they are semitic, they are Israel ,whom the media loves because the media is owned by the same totalitarian communists , muslims, fascists and nazis who finance all of these demonic schemes because ultimately they worship Lucifer who dwells in them and will take them with him down to eternal destruction….black lives matter believe that white people must be exterminated from the face of the earth, and that is exactly what Josef Stalin’s plan for this nation was from the world communist convention in Moscow in 1928..their plan was to use our media which they own, to keep the race issue continually before the public , and to vilify everything about whites, to incite violent behavior against them, and to establish a Black Soviet State in the Southeast region of this country with Atlanta as the black supremacist capital. They have been successful in this very demonic plan, martin luther king who was a communist , bisexual , racist , violent and demomnic, was used by the communists to carry out this evil. Civil rights was funded by the communist international banking cartel, the Fed, who are behind all the evil on this planet, it is nothing more than a declaration of war against white people especially white Christians, and with Ferguson , Baltimore and the wanton murder of white police men and women, it is obvious they are very close to implementing their final phase of communist inspired civil rights , which is the state sponsored genocide of white people. Jesus is bringing war to this country, WW 3 to be exact and it will hit the southeast region first …why ?…because of the wickedness of communists and the blacks they have used to destroy this country. Millions are going to die, Obama has provoked Jesus tom fury and now it is too late….Jesus sent destroying Angels down to this nation from the beginning of Obama’s homosexual communist dictatorship….March of 2009 to be exact …they are the same Angels who destroyed Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah, Zeboim and Zoar…..that valley where those cities used to be is now called the Sea of the Dead….that destruction is coming to this nation and it will be far worse in its extent , so much so that every human being on this planet will tremble when it happens, even Lucifer and his fallen Angels will tremble for their lives, one more thing…”Atlanta shall fall just like Jericho..”…Jesus….Wicked blacks and those who follow their demonic lifestyle will have no one to blame but themselves for the slaughter that is coming upon them….these Angels were sent here for no other reason than to execute a death sentence from which all hope for appeal and mercy has been forever withdrawn, Obama and his criminal gang of thugs are ringleaders in this wickedness and they have given Jesus the middle finger one too many times, they have spit upon His blood and devised mass murder against His children…these Angels remember full well what Obama’s black ancestors , the Canaanites , had tried to do to them in Sodom and they are returned to exact revenge , which is long overdue……Jesus has “watched upon the evil “, something He is lothe to do , the terrible sorrows under which He uttered His terrible warnings of the certitude of the damnation of the Lake of Fire, these warnings Obama and his criminal gang have cast behind their backs, with a high hand , they have “sown the wind”, now they are going to “reap the whirlwind” …the Hurricane…..”something wicked this way cometh”…..Retribution Comes…..”He will render unto Babylon seven-fold , blood vengeance “…..

          • Semites, derived the name from Shem, one of the three sons of Noah.
            The most widely spoken Semitic languages today are Arabic , Amharic , Tigrinya, Hebrew, Aramaic and Maltese. They are all classified as Semites.

          • It’s real simple the Mexicans are not of Spanish origin just because they speak Spanish same with Brazilians speaking Portuguese The three sons of Noah , Shem , Ham and Japheth are the progenitors of all people now living. Ham’s name means “the burnt one ” from the blackness of his skin his children were Ethiopia , also called Cush, Egypt, also called Mizraim, Canaan, from whence came the Canaanites and Put .then Philistines were the grandchildren of the Egyptians…the children of Ham are the black race.
            The Name Japheth means enlarged, Jesus blessed Japheth with progeny. The children of Japheth are the brown skinned peoples, they are the most numerous, the Indian and Oriental races are far and a way the most numerous on the planet. The name Indian comes from the Indus river and from the word Hindian and hence the name of the language Hindi. the Indians of this continent are the blood descendants of the people from the Orient and India ,, they know these things as well. The Indians over here became exceedingly corrupt far surpassing anything ever done in China or India. This is why China and India are still sovereign nations, and I am not saying they are lilly white or perfect but if you knew the history of the Indians over here it was pretty damn bad, genocide, gang rape and cannibalism. The Nahuatl Language was the language of the Toltecs , Aztecs and Pipils, what shocked the Catholic Spaniards was the sheer number of words in Nahuatl dealing with cannibalism, how to kill ,how to cut up a human, seasoning, cooking methods, etc… despite the corruption of the Catholics, they were not prepared for a religion whose barbarric demonic rituals were a complete way of life for centuries among these Indians. The Indians now in Alabama and Georgia are actually of Mexican extraction, back in the 12th century Indins from Mexico invaded into present day Alabama, and Georgia and killed all the Indians in Alabama and half the state of Georgia…that’s genocide, but they don’t want people to know these things about the Indians, that won’t fit their hate kill whitey narrative. Shem’s children are the white race. Shem’s children were Arphaxad , Asshur (Assyria), Aram (Syria), Elam (Persia). The Governments of the white people were founded the laws found in the Bible, more so than any other people that is why they were blessed , that and no other reason, God is no respecter of persons. The children of Ham followed Lucifer to a terrible degree, Nimrod , the son of Ethiopia, built Babylon abnd the Tower, his brother Egypt established black supremacy , slavery and genocide in the earth when they enslaved the white people in Egypt, Israel , the descendants of Arphaxad, they used white slave labor to build the treasure cities of Pithom and Ramses and the Pyramids, they then passed the first genocide laws in the earth to exterminate the white race, it was so bad had not Jesus Himself come down to deliver them, Lucifer would have used black supremacist Egypt to exterminate them completely. Obama and civil rights is seeking to do the same thing in this country right now. If you can read Hebrew and Greek , you cam go to the Vatican Library in Rome right now and ask for the scrolls of Pontius Pilate , Gamaliel. Caiaphas, and Herod which contains the recorded minutes of the trial of Jesus of Nazareth, within ten minute an armed guard will bring to you these scrolls , as long as you have ID and show good cause for asking for them, historical research etc… and you will find in these very very old scrolls, that Pilate ,Gamaliel and Caiaphas gave physical descriptions of Jesus. who was of the tribe of Judah , He had blond hair and blue eyes , a Caucasian male, a white man. I could go on with far more evidence than this , but I do not want to be tedious, I have been researching these things for decades. Nimrod established Baal Worship in the earth after the flood , from which every false religion that ever existed can be traced directly back to Baal Worship, it is Devil worship…Cannibalism was one of the main rituals, cannibalism is a composite of two Coptic words, Kanna-Baal it means Priest of Baal….Coptic is the Egyptian Language it is based on Greek script .the Babylonians in the Bible are the Ethiopians

          • Ignorance and bigotry mixed togeather.

          • GEEZ! Another Ohillary “short circuit”

          • You are so far off base it’s insane…Lucifer knew that the only way he could conquer Adam was by getting Eve to wander from Adams side, which she did, once he had her , when Adam saw what had happened to Eve, his love for her was very strong and in desperation he seized the fruit and decided to share her fate. Without Adam , Lucifer had nothing and he knew it…had they not become separated , she would not have fallen. Because Lucifer had conquered Adam , the father of the race , Adam’s nature is now changed, his nature is evil just like Lucifer’s , the Holy Spirit no longer dwells in Adam he now has full control of all the entire race all children born of Eve are now under Lucifer’s control . Adam is the Seed Eve is the soil, if the Seed is good even if the soil is poor it can produce a good crop, but if the seed is bad it doesn’t matter if the soil is perfect , that bad seed will produce a poisoned plant, Adam bore the responsibility before God, not Eve, when Jesus confronted them He spoke directly to Adam and laid the blame at Adam’s feet,.”… because thou hast hearkened to the voice of thy wife….cursed..” Every human born of them reproached Adam for what he had done, now they all inherit his fallen nature, not hers…anyone who wanted to could go over to the garden and talk to the Angel with the flaming sword, you just could not ever get near that tree , you would be cut down, the garden was removed sometime before the flood. Both Adam and Eve’s lives were sorrowful, they both thought Cain would be the promised seed to bruise the serpent’s head and they would soon be back in the Garden, Cain’s name means to redeem , or to repurchase quickly, Abel means vain, of little value….and then Cain murders Abel and to say they were shocked would be a laughable understatement….The first time Adam saw a leaf fall from a tree , he wept bitterly because he began to realize this thing called sin and death was far worse than either of them ever had any idea…A Son, not a daughter , had to be born of our race , He must be born of our fallen evil natures, and He must never sin, and in so doing by dying for what we have done we might be brought back home, the entire mess was destroyed by this Son, this Prince.”….For us a child is born , unto us a son is given,: and the government shall be upon his shoulder : and his name shall be called Wonderful , Counselor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace… he is the ” nail in the sure place”, the Shepherd, upon Him hangs all the glory he bears the pressure of the fulcrum point, the darkness of the valley of the shadow of death…for your sake He bore the sorrow that is unto death, ,so great was that sorrow and agony …for you !… that His physical suffering in comparison was hardly even felt….When you see the face of this man who died for you, you will cry with an agony you have never known before…His face is far more beautiful than you can behold…..a God’s ransom was given for you…you who are so wretched and unworthy…you who deserves to die for what you have done…… you had better wake up…..

          • More ignorance and bigotry mixed togeather. And this one claims to be Christian.

          • you are obviously a communist lezbonazi and I care not what you claim to be or what you claim you believe, you are mouthpiece for a malevolent spirit, , homosexuals, lesbians, adulterers, pedophiles, pederasts, group sex groupies, whores…. etc…etc…are going to be burned alive , take a long hard look at “The Sea of the Dead ” that’s where your ancient ancestors ashes are…Sodom ,Gomorrah, Admah ,Zeboim and Zoar …I’m sure you miss their company…!! Don;’t fret you’ll soon be joining them…..have fun honey life is short !!!

          • And you claim to be a Christian. Wow!

          • Blah, blah, blah, insult …repeat ad nauseam.

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            You blah blah blah youre liberal racist ass

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            Are you aware that you are a Liberal Democrackhead racist hateful low energy liberal?

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          • ..Soros was never a Nazi.

          • Did I say he was? A NAZI would be a few steps up.

          • Are you a member of the Fourth Reich neoNazi groups which are recruiting here in America?

          • The Fourth Reich would have to be in Germany. That is the successor to the Third Reich of.Nazi Germany. There is nothing new (neo) about Socialist. As to being a member of any Socialist party, to answer your question, no. That honor is reserved for Democrats.

          • There is no honor amongst thieves!

          • YOU, Ohillary and Obama embarrass America!!

          • Embarrass not to mention TRY to DESTROY IT……

          • Why do you repeat lies?

            Have you considered doing so damages your reputation?

            Stevens was not tortured.

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            you liberal ignorant moron get FACTs straight!

          • Agreed. Working for NAZI’s does not make one a NAZI.

          • His father bought forged papers for his son. He was placed with a Christian family who claimed he was their godson. The father of that “Christian” family was in charge of confiscating property from the Jews.
            Apparently, people think a 14 year old boy, who saw many die, should have marched up to the nearest Nazi and say ‘Take me, I am Jewish’.

          • Perhaps he should have done what was necessary to survive. Oh! He did.

          • Sorry Barry went the other way. His way to Hell.

          • American ignorance and immaturity.
            Is it not beautiful to behold?

          • What you have failed to discover is that the international banking cartel practically all of which are Zionists, they incite fund all genocide and war taking place upon this planet

          • hahahaha old fart soros is a POS sore-ass……a rotten to the core hitlery supporter…….one person the POS can’t con is JESUS CHRIST ~~~~~~~~~~~~

          • How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ while there is still a beam in your own eye? You hypocrite! First take the beam out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye. Matt 7:4-5

          • Blah, blah, blah, insult …repeat ad nauseam.

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            Thats all folks Im the Clown Obummmmmmaaaaaaaaa a disaster!

          • Soros has always been a Nazi he is a polish Jew he has also funded the Nazi dictatorship installed by the Asst, Sec of State , Victoria Nuland and Sen. John McCain, he funded Obama’s failed coup in Venezuela, he funnels blood money to black lives matter….you should join the Nazi /CIA established by Daddy Bush under mandate from Hitler….you are tailor made for such an organization…

          • “progeny”

          • Thank you.

          • Facts are facts. Or do you feel the progeny should have to pay for the actions of the father?

        • Don’t know Castro is still kicking.

        • .Soros was never a Nazi.

        • You seemingly celebrate the death of someone you do not know … someone who has caused you no harm.

      • the Truth is orginally Hillary is a Christian from the Methodist Church but then she fell away from the faith and now Her Husband is looking for Another woman i think they should stay away from Politics because it is destroying Her Marrige and her faith she must Repent and come back to Jesus

        • What marriage are you talking about? Bill and Hillary do not have a marriage. They are partners in crime i.e the Clinton Foundation. By the way, she is not a Christian.

          • Why do you lie?

            The Clinton Foundation is governed by a board of directors. There is no crime involved. The Foundation’s AUDITED finanial statements are published on line.

          • Deacon John Berstecher

            What’s in your Kool-Aid?

          • You are totally confused about supporting Hillary and her lies that she cares about people. The Clinton Foundation is a front for all the crap that they have fostered upon the American people since they founded it after their departure from the White House, in which they trashed it before Bush 43 moved into after the 2000 elections and you ignore that while supporting her incompetence in Libya and elsewhere. Consider the money they funneled into the foundation while Hillary was Secretary of State. They operate the Clinton Foundation like the Mafia does. You are so full of it that it is not funny. No doubt that your IQ is much lower than a gopher’s basement.

          • hahahahaha OMG………I cannot stand anymore BYE BYE

          • Which charity will you attack next?
            They are all governed by the state and federal laws.
            Each must undergo an outside audit every year.

          • Good riddance

        • Just1Saddletramp

          He is always looking for another woman. How do you think he found her?

          • Doesn’t say to much about his eyesight does it? Maybe he’s always had ocular degeneration. Rumor has it that he’s a degenerate in some other areas as well.

          • Just1 So if that is how Bill found her as you can see even Bill can make a huge mistake

        • richard hutchinson

          hon you mush be kidding her a Christian hog wash what lauf HA HA

          • Why do you need to tell these lies?

            Why do you embarrass America this way?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

        • Christian_Patriot7

          Everything that Hillary has done and said, she learned from Satan! Hillary sold her soul to Satan for riches. One day soon, Satan will come to collect what Hillary owe’s him and take her black soul to hell.

        • Her husband is trash. He has committed adultry from day one.

          • And she stayed with him, riding his coattails, hoping to get the power she’s hoping to attain in November.

          • Some people still take their marriage vows seriously.
            “I, [name], take you [name], to be my [husband/wife], to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us part.”

        • hillary is anything but a Christian. A marriage, I don’ t think so. This woman has some of the worst character traits I have ever seen……and her as “commander-in-chief?”……..scary thought. I am a combat Marine who demands that his “leaders” possess the character traits possessed by true, tried and tested , intelligent , honest, and that magic “I” word no bureaucrat gets…… INTEGRITY, etc…….things taught to every Marine Corps recruit in boot camp. It is occurring to me that any of those recruits or brand new Marines, could do a complete 180 as a leader and certainly topping our “president”…….

      • I believe Georges last name is sorryass. I still cant understand how so many stupid blacks still support Obummer or Hellery. Obummer has promised jobs, good health care, changes in housing and better relations for the last 8 years. ARE YOU any better off now than 8 years ago. At least Trump is a semi unknown quality. He has not sold his sole to the bankers, foreign governments, and other rich like Hellery. Just where do you think the Clinton foundation slush fund got its millions?

      • Christian_Patriot7

        Oh, don’t you know that the democrats are the New Nazis!

      • George Soros is a scumbag of the lowest order. He is a traitor to his own people. He helped turn them in & take their lands when the Nazis came into Poland. He has been all over the world financing marxist/socialist/communist dictators. That is why he has set up headquarters here in the USA to influence our heads of government & elections, & to make money from failed systems of government. He knows very well how to create chaos in the streets & turn ppl against each other. [rules for radicles] I have read he is a frequent visitor to the WH. I would not be surprised if he gives Valeria Jarett & Obama advice on a regular basis.

        • He’s a sick man. Uses his immense wealth to wreck havoc. When the devil tempted Jesus with ruling the world, He reused to worship the devil. Soros did not.

        • If you are going to lie. at least get some of the facts correct.
          Soros is Hungarian Jew. He spent all of WW II in Hungary.

        • Deacon John Berstecher

          That would have been a great trick, considering he was only 15 when Poland invaded.

          • He was 14 and it was Hungary, not Poland.

          • Deacon John Berstecher

            That is right. Read the message. Responding to what he did when the Nazis invaded Poland. He was not in Poland, and was 14 when they invaded Hungary. Hardly in any position to take anyones lands. BUT,
            the rest of the note is accurate.

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1


        • Dear Hillary,

          A serious situation has arisen in Albania which needs urgent attention at senior levels of the US government. You may

          •know that an opposition demonstration in Tirana on Friday resulted in the deaths of three people and the destruction of

          UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No. F-2014-20439 Doc No. C05778285 Date: 09/30/2015

          property. There are serious concerns about further unrest connected to a counter-demonstration to be organized by the

          governing party on Wednesday and a follow-up event by the opposition two days later to memorialize the victims. The
          prospect of tens of thousands of people entering the streets in an already inflamed political environment bodes ill for
          the return of public order and the country’s fragile democratic process.

          I believe two things need to be done urgently:

          1.Bring the full weight of the international community to bear on Prime Minister Berisha and opposition leader Edi
          Rama to forestall further public demonstrations and to tone down public pronouncements.

          2.Appoint a senior European official as a mediator.

          While I am concerned about the rhetoric being used by both sides, I am particularly worried about the actions of the
          Prime Minister. There is videotape of National Guard members firing on demonstrators from the roof of the Prime
          Ministry. The Prosecutor (appointed by the Democratic Party) has issued arrest warrants for the individuals in question.

          The Prime Minister had previously accused the opposition of intentionally murdering these activists as a provocation.
          After the tape came out deputies from his party accused the Prosecutor of planning a coup d’etat in collaboration with
          the opposition, a charge Mr. Berisha repeated today. No arrests have been made as of this writing.

          The demonstration resulted from opposition protests over the conduct of parliamentary elections in 2009. The political
          environment has deteriorated ever since and is now approaching levels of 1997, when similar issues caused the country

          to slide into anarchy and violence. There are signs that Edi Rama’s control of his own people is slipping, which may lead
          to further violence.

          The US and the EU must work in complete harmony over this, but given Albania’s European aspirations the EU must take
          the lead. That is why I suggest appointing a mediator such as Carl Bildt. Martti Ahtisaari or Miroslav Lajcak, all of whom
          have strong connections to the Balkans.

          My foundation in Tirana is monitoring the situation closely and can provide independent analysis of the crisis.

          Thank you,

          George Soros

        • OH, you can count on that……….you kno “birds of a feather”

      • Soros was never a Nazi.


          Sorros is a Jew that was hidden by his father in a Nazi household and grew up as a Nazi. He went with his Nazi adopted father to liberate items of any value from Jewish families as they were being shipped off to the camps. He stated himself this was the happiest time of his life. If that isn’t a Nazi, what would you call it?

          • He did not grow up in a Nazi household. Not all Germans were Nazi.


            Do you really believe that someone could be high enough up the food change to be trusted to go out and supervise the removal of everything of value in the homes of these Jewish people they were removing to ghettos and camps weren’t Nazis? Stop trolling already. If they weren’t they wouldn’t have been there.

          • What would you be willing to do to stay alive?
            How much control over your life did you have at age 14?
            Stop the ignorant nonsense already.
            It makes you look very foolish.


            And what threat is he under now when he says it was the happiest time of his life. That doesn’t sound like he was under any threat. You may as well stop trying to make up crap, he has condemned himself from his own mouth, he is a Nazi and he has regular meetings with Obama and the Clinton’s as well.

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  5. Well when Hillary finally gets there she will help them — like she helped — the Haiti earth quake victims enriching her Clinton Charitable Foundation scamming poor blacks including women out of relief money. They say that they are all so concerned about victims. Good thing Donald is presidential, not barking like a dog or missing in action like they behaved Benghazi crisis. Obama accuses not showing up and just flying over flood victims “unconsciouble ineptitude”. Oh how CONVULUTED and perverted for him to simply stay away and play. He would just give another self promoting political speech to support Crooked Hillary, ignoring flood victims plight.

    • Agreed 100%! Listen to some of those who form the “leadership” of this organization. What sort of jobs do these people have that allows them to hang out constantly? What is interesting about blm is that it focuses on those killed by police. I think that Dr. King would be ashamed of what they’re doing but since they have no presence of mind….they don’t get it…….so how and why is it that 90% OF African American people are killed by other African Americans….90%…….I’d sure like to hear that explanation…sadly, we won’t hear it because they can’t figure out the question let alone understand the answer……

      • There is a photo of a black girl carrying a sign in a parade. A picture of Obama, and Dr. King “I have a dream.” The sandwich sign says “HE HAD A DREAM WE GOT A NIGHTMARE”. Says it all DOSENT it?

      • You do know BLM is supported by George Soros? How do you think they are able to do the things they do, go the places they go, make the noise they do? Because Billionnaire Soros provides the $$.

        Now do you understand the “whys” of Black Lives Matter? The most interesting thing is that Soros is a Natzi at heart (was in Hitler’s Military Youth at age 14) and still hates Negroes (the name the Natzi’s used).

        So why is he doing this?

        Being a OWO member, he must cause chaos and division in the U.S. to fragment our infrastructure, thus rendering us weak enough to be overthrown. America is still too powerful for any country to attack, but Soros is working in the background to change that. Hence another reason Trump must be elected, because Soros and Hillary are close friends. How convenient for Soros if hillary were elected…and our Nation would fail and our Freedoms would disappear as One World Order took over each of our lives. Trump MUST win because Soros has no hold over Trump…period!

        Don’t think Soros cares abt the Black lives. He is simply using the Blacks to destroy their own wordl. Yes it sucks, but most Americans have no idea of Soros Sociopathy nor his extreme dislike of America and her people.

        • Why do you tell these lies?

          Soros was never in any form of Hitler’s Military Youth.

          Soros’ father placed him with a Christian family, who claimed he was their godson. Collaberator — foul nonsense, a ludicrous exaggeration.

          One can’t be blamed for saving his own life at any
          age, let alone a 14 year old boy!

          • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

            Well with out a right leader to run our country we’er sunk and AMERICA ISN’T AMERICA ANY MORE.

          • King Bush II did his best to destroy this country. By the last 8 months of his reign, America was dropping almost 1 million jobs each month.

            Under his reign, taxes were reduced and two unnecessary wars started. The result was a doubling of the national debt. He tried, but did not quite reach the level of his idol. Saint Reagan triples the national debt.

          • Since that bag eared dumbass Obeyme has been there the national debt went from 8 trillion and will surpass 20 trillion when he’s done. The jobs still haven’t come back under sit golfs a lot, in fact in our county it’s gotten worse.

            Oh, and let’s see there’s been 3 riots, police shot down in 6 different states and a group that should be on the nation’s terrorist list. Worst race relations in 60-70 years.

          • Congress spends the money.
            You elect Congress.
            Oh, and foolish one, thw national debt is cumulative. Funny thing, we are still accumulating debt from WW II.

            Also, you obviously were not around in the 1960s.
            You have no idea as to what it was like.

            Presidents cannot bring jobs back, let alone create them. Only you can do that. Stop buying foreign made goods.

            Oh, and your debt figure is incorect, but then you have been well brainwashed. The federal fiscal year runs 10/01 through 09/30.
            Spending under the Obama Administraion began 10/01/2008. The debt on 09/30/2008 was $10,024,724,896,912.49.
            The U.S.debt has not been under $8 trillion since 09/30/2005.

          • Okay, in one breath above you blame bush for the national debt and in the next it’s congress….you can’t keep a coherent thought.

            Next, I joined the Marines after graduation in 1973…so dumbass I was around in the 60’s.. Shows how stupid you are.

            So, national debt is at 19,434,790,000,000 and counting right now. That puts Obama way way way over when Bush was president.

            Again, two posts above you blame Bush for loss of jobs then you say a president can’t lose or make more jobs…WHICH IS IT YOU MORON???

          • Suggest you look at the authority granted a President by the Constitution. They basically have 90 day use of troops — 30 going in, 30 in action and 30 to get out.
            Bush started two wars. Congress approved the funding.
            As I states before, we are still racking up WW II debt. Add the Korean War to that. Top that off with Vietnam. Then along comes the Bush Dynasties with two Iraq Wars and one in Afghanistan — costing $1 million perdsy, each.

          • Jee – Hillary – Reid and Pelosi all insisted they be allowed to vote on Iraq war !!!!!!!!!!!!1 AND THEY VOTED FOR IT ! DUH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111

          • You are dillusional, the president can’t start a war. He can only ask for congress to vote on it. Your darling criminal Hillary voted for them. Your government voted to go to war…lol

          • Take an American Government class.
            YOu arw making a fool of yourself before the world.
            You are embarassing America while you are at ut.

          • I figured by now who ever took you would have flushed the toilet by now…even if they are on septic the saying goes “if it’s yellow let it mellow, If its brown flush it down”. You are by far the stupidest pile of shit ever taken.

          • Thank you.
            Do you now feel powerful and smart?

          • lol…dumbass

          • Trying to kill the coal and oil industry sure ain’t created any jobs dummy !

          • It is the coal industry that is the largest problem. It causes an emmense abount of illness and disability. Oil, on the other hand, is not as dangerious for workers. By the way, both industries are a staple here in Alaska.
            Pollution, on the other hand effects evereyone on the planet. When then human race is on the brink of extinction, what good will those jobs be? Clean energy also makes jobs.

            Come on up here to Alaska, I’ll show you the effects of pollution. Your pollution, not ours. Climate change is real, very real.
            There are trees growing in the Arctic Tundra — what used to be basically frozen swamp land.

            There is a new breed of bear out there. Very large and very mean. It is a mix of Polar Bear and Geizzly. With no sea ice to speak of, the Polar Bears have moved inland in seaech of food.

            Its bad news when ski resorts in Alaska have to make snow to stay open. Twenty years ago, snow fell in feet. Now it is inches, if at all.

          • Barrack and company been lying about the true unemployment numbers from day one ! It’s almost 20% even today skippy !

          • Or so right-wing propaganda tells you.
            America was dropping 1 million jobs a month under Bush.

            Interesting statistical fact: Unemployment has increased under every Republican administration. GDP growth did well under Kennedy and Johnson — apparently America’s best industry is war.
            It is not possible for the federal government to block facts about unemployment. Each state keeps its own records. There would be no way to keep the information out of the press.

            Use some common sense, skippy.

          • György Schwartz, did what was needed to survive. Including changing his name.

          • With rampant antiSemtism, even here in the U.S., I can see where it would be a good idea. With a net wealth of $24.9 billion, you address him as Sir.

          • I think he has to be Knighted for that? The Queen has not done that yet. BTW Arabs are Semitic also. Do you know what it takes to be Semitic? It has to do with language.

          • Semetic languages include Hebrew, Arabic, and Aramaic. Also dead langiages such as Phoenician and Akkadian.
            Semites are the people who originated in Southwestern Asia. and there decendants. They include Jews and Arabs.
            The term antisemtic is commonly used in America and England to reference discrimination against Jews.

          • So Obama is anti-Semitic, since he gave Iran $400 million and a nuclear concession?

          • The $400 million was ransom ! So Barrack could gain brownie points !

          • Why do you need to tell these lies?

            Why do you embarrass America this way?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          • Commonly incorrectly used.

          • Much of modern English comea under those terms.

          • Much of modern English has lost it’s definition to NEWSPEAK. Where words can and do mean anything you wish. That makes it easy for Democrats to live in their Democrat make believe world.

          • It also makeas it easy for the Republican, red state, school dropouts to live in their make believe world.
            In between the far right and the far left is a whole bunch of ordinary people who take in alll the information before making decisions.

          • So NEWSPEAK is now the language of politics? Does that mean Winston Smith was correct to consider that 2+2=5? And you enjoy making up definitions?

          • The name change came after the war.

        • Soros should be given over to Putin to deal with as he wishes. Soros is a Satanic demon who sold his own Jewish people out to the Nazis. He has been exiled from many countries for doing what Obama is allowing him to do here. If we had a president who actually did not HATE the USA, Soros would be exiled from the USA as well. Putin could make him into a perma-frost Siberian statue.

          • Why do you need to tell these lies?

            Why do you embarrass America this way?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

        • I’ve heard Soros owns the media which explains their “reporting” of his good friend Hillary.

      • White on white murder is 84%.
        Not a huge statistical difference between 84% and 90%.

        • Deacon John Berstecher

          Not the point.

          • She must have had a stroke like Ohillary did! She can’t make logical connections or sense. I’d bet she has frequent coughing spells too!

        • Black on black murder… It happens every day. See the problem in your percentages is total numbers. Just check out how many blacks shot and or killed each other in Chicago on just the 4th of July. Hardly a comparison when it’s 100 to 1

          • East St. Louis is thw murder capital of America. The close second is Chester, PA. Hate to tell you this, but Chicago does not make the top 30. World-wide, Catacas, Venezuela takes the title.

          • You mean that socialist utopia, Venezuela?????

          • St. Louis (15), Baltimore (19), Detroit (28) and New Orleans (32) make the world’s murder list. World-wide, Catacas, Venezuela takes the title.

          • Dimwit, I just asked you to check how many were “shot and or killed”. I don’t need you to tell me they weren’t tops. By the time this month ends there will be over 450 dead black peoples in Chicago…more than 2000 shot. Guess they aren’t good shots, just lucky some time. They beat Los Angeles and NYC combined and yet with these statistics they blame whites. Yeah, stupid is as stupid does!! There’s a murder every 12 mins on average and the over whelming majority are black and the assailant is also black.

          • You insult people who provide you with valid information? As of this writing there are almost 500 shooting deaths in Chicago.
            The commonality that binds areas of high crime is poverty and lack of hope.

          • “The commonality that binds areas of high crime is poverty and lack of hope”……Or no father figures, poor choices, spending that welfare money on dope, alcohol…………………

          • LOL. You seem so very blissful in your ignorance.
            Maybe you should look at what created the fatherless household.
            In 1935, when our economy hit the pits, and public assistence was created — only homes without a male head od household could obtain assistence. That rule remained in effect until the 1960s.
            Oh, and by the way, only white single mothers were elegible. Black families could not recieve benefits until 1962.

          • So that explains why a majority of fatherless black kids how???

          • If you were black and married, with the children’s father at home you could starve to death.

            Is that really that difficult to understand?

          • Yep, hard to feed a family when you won’t get a job, finish highschool or do anything but hang with your homies. If you can’t afford to have kids, STOP HAVING THEM….WE DONT WANT TO PSY FOR THEM.

          • Thank you.

            There has been a five-year limit on public assistwnce since Clinton was in office. Job hunting and/or job training are required to obtain benefits.

            Suggest you look at the laws in your state.

          • Yeah, basically they move to a different area, have another kid blah blah blah

            Welfare, EBT, WIC are run by idiots that can’t find their ass with either hand and fraud is rampant. They need to be sterilized if they have a kid out of wedlock and can’t find the father. Father should be paying for his kid. If he’s found and is a deadbeat, he needs to be cut. If you can’t afford to have kids and you still do your nothing better than a stray dog. THEY NEED TO BE NUETERED

          • LBJ – pass this welfare bill and blacks will vote democrat for the next 50 years ! QUOTE – UNQUOTE ! Yup – he gotcha ! Huh ?

          • Commonality….animal behavior and lack of ambition to go beyond waking up that day and figuring out who they are going to rob, steal from or sell drugs to. Liberals keep giving them more and they just suck on that tit just a little bit harder.

          • You have just displayed your hate and bigotry for the world to see. Your ignorance embarasses America. Oh, and child, the majority of drug runners and dealers are white.

          • You have shown just how stupid you are blurting out your ignorance. You clowns throw the racist bigotry card like it’s your badge of honor. Sorry, racism is your problem, not mine. My business hired many minorities…granted they had to have at a minimum a GED. Because we were bonded, you couldn’t have a felony record and if you couldn’t consistently do your job …. there was always someplace else you could work. I also paid top wages and had a great benifits pkg. Because your old enough to be years into senility which you show off with regularity….I doubt I could be your child….I’m way to smart to be genetically linked to your lowbreed mongrel tree.

          • Thank you.

          • Don’t talk to A.k. wacko 2015 , she’s delusional . Your aiding and abedding insanity

          • NOPE !!!!!!!!!!!!11111 The common factor is DEMOCRAT controlled cities stupid !

          • There she goes again!!!

          • That’s right Barry, some people actually look up facts instead of just running their mouths.

          • You “obviously” are one of them skippy !

          • White on white murder happens every day. White on black murder happens every day … and on, and on, and on. Crime in ghettos is an issue of crowding and limited resources.

            Homo sapien sapien is the apex predator. Overcrowding results in the break down of normal behavior with aggressive behavior becoming quite frequent — in all predatory species.
            Humans are violent. The many wars recorded in history documents that as a fact. The Japanese stand as a outlier. They have a social culture that permit individual privacy in crowded circumstances. How that is attained is something the psych community has been trying to research fo decades.

          • So you are relating animal behavior to these morons? Let’s see, you’ve had that plucked up POS in the White House and he’s made it worse for them.

            We have crowded suburbs where I used to live. Daily shootings….0

        • 25 people shot in 14 hours in Chicago last saterday – a city controlled by your hero’s ! Great job skippy.

    • And the press covered for him by saying he didn’t want to take up police or get in the way. But the hypocrites catigated Bush for just flying over. Double standard anybody?

      • It’s called the Hillary standard. She named it. Dumbing down of America, all these super elitists are banking on an illiterate brainless American voter to not be alert enough to question, and simply respond to propaganda as programmed. Then smokescreen with lies like
        “the governor said he didn’t want photo op.” Oh duh. Keep golfing because the governor said as I say. The commentators talk over, and tell us what they want the masses to hear. Offensive and dangerous.

      • Barak Hypocrite Obama.

    • Why do you need to tell these lies?
      Why do you embarrass America this way?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

      • Ask these questions to both clinton and obama. Or do they even know the truth? Reality is nothing, perception is everything…….

        • Oh they know thw truth. Question that needs asked isa who owns the media. Unless you see it happen, what yu get on tv is weritten to be entertaining. If gory, then the media shocks you.

      • Truth hurts, huh? Sorry you have been brain washed that your eyes are so closed. We are offended by ignorant people as you. You embarrass THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Get some, if you can, facts and figures. If you can see through the smoke.

        • Get help before you harm yourself or others.
          You local ER can help you find a provider.

          • You think I should get programmed like you? You are insulting and offensive aren’t you. As well as ignorant and know everything. You really would like to be a dictator, wouldn’t you? You commie plant. Won’t work we will not fall as an apple as your Kruschev idol predicted. You see the dr. Not the one Hillary saw. It did no good. Bark bark, is not presidential.

          • Thank you. You have proved my points.

          • .YOU, Ohillary and Obama embarrass America!!

          • You have proved my point. Facts are irrelevant to you. It’s all about your emotion. Intimidation obviously has worked for you in your life. You must scream a lot. Hillary does that too. She calls Latinos “tacos” etc. the handicapped she calls “retards”. Name calling and offending others are your family values, as well.

          • YOU, Ohillary and Obama embarrass America!!

          • Name calling is childish.
            Most give it up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.
            Temper, temper …
            You need to practice more, you have not yet gotten the adult part down.

      • Deacon John Berstecher

        Okay. What are the lies? SPECIFICALLY-what are the lies. Educate us.

      • Irene Elizabeth Grooms


        • LOL. Yet, another brainwash victim.
          Suggest you review the speecheas from 1930s and 1940s Germany. Oh, and by the way, Ivana Trump says he keeps a copy of Mein Kampf on his bedside table. She also said he keeps a book of Hitler’s speeches at the bed side as well.

          • And Obama and Ohillary both followed Alinsky, what is your point, welfare queen?

          • You just followed Alinsky’s rule # 5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions.

            The right-wing has adopted his rule # 11: “If you push a negative hard enough, it will push through and become a positive.”

          • You use the Alinsky tactics well.

      • Why do you repeat this same blurb article after article, day after day, week after week.

        • Tell a lie long and loud enough it is perceived to be truth. An Alinsky tactic.

          • Yes, and that is why you and I keep pointing out the liars.

          • You really believe that the Benghazi murders were inspired by a video on the life and times of Mohammad, You can save $2500.00 with Obamacare, Cops act stupidly, ISIS is a JV team, Islam is a religion of piece, the most beautiful sound in the world is the Islamic call to prayer, etc.?

          • There is no such thing as “Obamacare”. The price you pay for health insurance is based on the policy you select.
            Policemen are humans. All humans act stupidly at times. In parts of the U.S., the police are extremely bigoted. The Jeffrey Dahmer case is a prime example. I was in Milwaukee when that took place.
            Actually, Islam is a religion of peace. There are 1.6 billion Muslims. They are not all located in the Middle East. They are not all terrorists.
            Unquestionably, Christianity is not a religion of peace.

          • YOU, Ohillary and Obama embarrass America!!

          • You Got the spelling wrong. It’s piece, not peace. Don’t tell Obama there is no such thing as Obamacare. What does Jeffrey have to do with stupid police? I liked my previous insurance ans doctor. I was not able to keep either. And Obama moved medicare money to try and prop up Obamacare.

          • Quite frankly, the Adhan is one of the most moving sounds I have heard in my lifetime. It is extremely beautiful. The work and effort required to learn and perform it is huge. Maybe you should listen to it. http://www.approachguides.com/blog/guide-to-the-islamic-call-to-prayer-adhan/

          • Is that the call to sexually mutilate young girls, beat wives, behead infidels, throw homosexuals off of buildings, burn alive and……………………………. ?

          • Having another Ohillary “short circuit”

        • Because people keep lying, and lying, and lying.

      • YOU, Ohillary and Obama embarrass America!

      • Who ties your shoes dummy ? And why do you feel the need to defend the most inept prez in history ???

    • The Clinton Foundation is run by a board of directors. Hillary has no input into its operations.

    • You are hopeless. Go see Hillary on prison. Goodbye.


  7. The anti-American hate group blm are nothing more than a pack of murdering dogs

  8. Total uninformed delusional horseshit. Let’s see some “truth” articles posted. I’ve seen them here and like them here. The good LA Gov. doesn’t want emergency, rescue, and 1st responders diverted to escorting the POTUS and closing highways that are needed for transport of supplies to the flood victims before emergency staff can be spared. Don’t fall for this crap!

    • So who said he needs an escort? I thought he was more popular then Trump and Clinton combined. He would be carried on everybody’s shoulders,

      Or maybe not.

      • Your right.. maybe not because the BLM are not memers of MLM (Muslim Lives Matter) and that is what the POTUS ascribes to.

  9. Well, of course BLM is absent in the time of crunch for most of their own people. They care about parlaying minor events in the community into mass amounts of political power and the end goal is likely billions in fed funding for the ‘leaders’ to manage. The do not give two shitz about their own, only the power they can personally gain by playing their people and misleading them. As I wrote elsewhere, if those bastards cared about murders in the black community, they would be arming and training single moms and elderly folks, given that 95% of black folks killed by criminal gun use are killed by BLACK criminals using guns.

    • Would you really want a bunch of derelicts that never worked a day in their life? They need men and women who can actually do something to help not a bunch of agitators that can only try to blame whitie for the storm and burn down the only stores that are left.

      How ’bout a sign. BLM KEEP OUT!

    • They are an anarchist movement funded by Soros to disrupt the government, especially at the local and state levels. Why would anyone expect an anarchist group to do anything to help restore things instead of tear them down?

  10. God bless those people who are helping themselves.

    They have enough problems already don’t want or need a bunch of malcontent trouble makers like BLM.

  11. Louisiana is a Republican state that the Dems cannot win. So why would Obummer help them?

  12. Why don’t the states governors and AG’s sue Obama personally for overstepping his post and causing undue stress on the American people with his bathroom orders, immigration orders, selling out to our enemies like Iran and discriminating against our military and so on and so forth?

    • Many have. His bathroom EO was just stayed on Sunday. Unfortunately, the liberal courts side in his favor most of the time. He just ignores the court rulings if he loses and nothing happens to him.

  13. Black lives matter–unless you’re a black cop!

    • Since they just shot and killed a Black Cop….How is that Racist???? They, like the communist “sympathizers ” before them are PAID antagonists!!! When they finally start arresting them, the “truth” will come out, and they will all see that they aren’t even from the town or city that they are looting and/or burning, some will even be from other states. Obama has managed to re-set race relations back to pre 1960’s…..his ???LEGACY??? will be one of fomenting hatred, lies, and discrimination…..I watched as in Hartford, Conn., as they stood on the rooftops of buildings and threw bricks as the firefighters came to put out the fires that they , themselves had started! Now that they shot a Back Cop, the REALITY OF it all, is NOT “REASONS”, but “EXCUSES” for their behavior! Most other Nations would shoot on sight for doing what they’re doing, even for crossing borders illegally! I don’t intend this to be a “RACIST” statement, but there has been a lot of whining about the disproportionate number of Black People in prison compared to all other races. The REASON for that is based on statistical fact: Simple statistics show that OVER 70% of the crimes committed in our entire Nation are committed by Blacks! I have no reservations about voting for the right minded people for public office, REGARDLESS of color, Ben Carson for example! If Black Lives do really Matter, WHY are Black Cops being shot? Inexcusable, they are guilty of murder, on as an accessory to murder, PERIOD!

      • Upload the pay stubs.

        • you really, really are an imbecile – then again perhaps it isn’t your fault with a low IQ of maybe 50.

          • just block the liberal nut, I did.

          • Facts are just too painful right?

          • I will do that. I was only on here for a few minutes because of the article. Just wanted to see what other people’s opinions and comments were. I am so thoroughly sick of BLM and all of the other entitlement minded people out there stirring up trouble. Just be glad when this nation gets back on track and hopefully we can do so with Trump at the helm. Sure cannot get any worse…uh oh..not true Hillary would make it worse or at least status quo.n The self proclaimed “elites” will lose their high and mighty thought process once we Take Our Country Back and Make it Great Again. I know I’m in…I know what it use to be like as I am in my 70’s and know the difference from “THEN and NOW”

          • in your dreams. You don’t have enough command of the English or should I say your sentence construction and your comments don’t prove it for certain.

          • What amuses me is that someone that has all these degrees has nothing better to do than to troll the internet.Apparently all that education didn’t net a decent job.

          • Your right on the mark Edward Conely.. I occasionally read article and comment because on articles. I work from home as a consultant so am on the computer a lot , but people like Jazz… are trolls at best and I doubt that he or she probably has any higher than a high school education at best. Not that, that it is a bad thing but definitely an IQ of 147 LOL Only in their dreams, that is Mensa Society numbers (the comments would be far more intellectual for certain., if so)
            ” I think they doth protest too much”

          • “command of the English”? I make a concerted effort to dumb things down for you BM. I have read republican strategist Matt Lewis’s book so I’m aware of right wing efforts “to capture the ignorant to enlarge the base” since 2012. So, when in France … IQ is not about sentence structure or the English language. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1380ce13bf76ec6f367008d08b93b036d2f0e3a5b726b711a27d87dbea8535a7.png

      • Exactly right, Artemis!

  14. Domestic terrorist organization..

  15. The real name of the movement is Black Lives Splatter, which is obvious in Chicago every weekend. I think it was around 32 splattered last weekend in the Windy city.

  16. Butt licking mongroids.TRUMP will straighten out the criminals.March down my street and block my road,I’ll be putting GREASE SPOTS on the road!

  17. Hey I know what we can do. Put them all on an Island With sharks all around it and Put them in TENT CITIES. One TV and One channel on it That of their choosing. If they Can’t agree then it will be CBN . Provide them with food Housing (tent), Fresh Water, Out Houses (Toilets). And If they want to LOOT let them loot the jungle. I know the Local wild life will Keep them in Check. and they will be free to live like they want. On the Island!

    • Yes! On the island these innocents will not be murdered by rogue cops. BLM aren’t looters nor violent, standing for constitutional rights and equalities it seems would be something we could /would/should stand with. That would be the patriotic thing.

      • Like officer Wilson when he shot the black thug Michael Brown? They burned down Ferguson and Baltimore and looted and burned businesses. Hands up don’t shoot never happened. BLM is based on a lie.

  18. Hey jazzbelly….u r a first class asshole….u r just like gay obama and bi hillery…scumbag pieces of shit !!

    • …And your not smart enough to use the reply button, this belongs 25 comments down under our conversation. What I shared with you is fact, I saw/heard the Governor’s request that candidates /govt. officials NOT COME AT THAT TIME . Two candidates and their entourage showed up in spite of that request drawing manpower away from the people . Jeh Johnson was there, assuming you know who he is, which seems more appropriate and beneficially productive than two show ponies stepping around puddles.

      • You sound like Josh “Joshing” Earnest. Obama’s lying mouth piece.

      • tsk, tsk tsk, joe katoa called it right.. Your brain is a sponge totally saturated with bad information but again not your fault with such a low intellect. ..unfortunately that goes for all DemoRats.especially the major corrupt players like Obama, Clinton, Jeh Johnson, he is in their hip pocket too. tsk, tsk..(in case you don’t know what tsk, tsk means here you go>>as an exclamation of contempt, disdain,


  20. FROM A KOREAN WAR VET. 51/53,
























  21. Like I’ve said before black lives matter for s hit

  22. Michael Dennewitz

    There you have it. Blacks are envious of EACH OTHER, not just whites. When the dumbasses will loot and burn down THEIR OWN DAMNED TOWNS, that should tell everything about the velcro heads!! ??

  23. I would imagine that the “bowel licking movement” and the “new black pu$$ies” will not be seen anywhere around any disaster….too wet for the stool huggers..

  24. lets face it. if theBLM’s could have figured out how to make a bunch of money right away off this tragedy they, Obama and Hillary would have been there a day before the rains came and the flooding started. their belief is “no money to be made, we don’t need to be there.”

  25. Just as I cannot fathom, even though our government is so corrupt, that Hillary has not been indicted, I cannot fathom how anything can be done about BLM.
    We have too many radical groups, and radicals can never be satisfied.

  26. Gregg the voice of reason

    One word for BLM THUGS

    • Sorry, but the definition of “reason”, and “excuse” is exactly opposite. The fact that they even shoot or condemn black Cops IS proof PLUS WHAT A FARCE “BLM” really is! thieves (looting), Arsonists (torching buildings), Murderers (killing)! It’s high time that the Politicians LET our Great Police Officers do their job….The whole “Stand Down” thing is now getting old. The root cause for ALL of the Nations Problems IS the Politicians! Coddling Criminals…You’ve got to be kidding me! Is it any wonder there are so many people buying firearms? Unfortunately, it seems that “Italian” Justice will eventually prevail???? SAD/PATHETIC!

  27. BLM is an exploited and totally unintelligent group of misfits and terrorists more interested in what they see as redress for slavery which NONE of them has endured and who have had the SAME opportunity or better than whites since The Formation of the Great Society Welfare State, by LBJ following thew JFK Assassination in November of 1963. I was then 18 and a Government Major and was very much aware of the consequences of dropping standards to artificially create a job market for under or unqualified blacks which could only result as it has in the society we see today, with a little help from the current Worst president in U.S, history who himself just happens to be black, and who has been supportive of the BLM activities rather than honoring the police in these events who died doing their duty. but hen he has done the same with our War Veterans, hasn’t he? All he knows is how to play golf badly and never to take responsibility or accountability for anything. It is in plain sight for sanyone observant enough to see and acknowledge it. I rest my case your honor. but, the decision will be against me in a leftist federal court! This may sound racist to some but, it is simply a personal view of what is ongoing and with the devastating fires in California, The political unrest in Turkey holding our Airbase personnel hostage basically while their government is in turmoil and with the addition of the horrendous flooding in Louisiana all at once, it is my belief that a real president belongs in office attending to business and cutting his vacation short as he takes too many of them and at huge expense to already impoverished taxpayers . And,in truth, he has done as the Democrat/leftist Alinkyite he is, NOTHING to help the blacks in this country and it is about time they realized it and began working to help themselves by negotiation and compromise ; not irrational violence in which the only things being destroyed are their homes , neighborhoods, businesses and futures and by themselves! As Peter , Paul and Mary; folkies and die hard liberals always sent the message: When will they ever learn?

    • The answer my friend is blowing in the wind, the answer is blowing in the wind.

      • AHH! Another PPM fan even if as today’s Administration they were totally deluded and incorrect. The only constant in human history is its own inconsistency in all but one endeavor in spite of all historical accomplishments; The need to wage war in ever greater proportions for evermore ridiculous reasons with evermore sophisiticated means resulting in the deaths of larger numbers of us all until as a former Kingston Trio song says at the end of the chorus ” we will all be blown away.” May the next REALLY sentient race to inhabit this planet do a far better job of managing their world and living in peace and plenty than we EVER have, with the exception of the one nation now being terminated by its lack of faith in itself and its Founding Principles and rule of Law; OURS! I also find it odd that one apparently raised in Conservative Texas and myself from utterly liberal Massachusetts should have an affinity for old traditions and wish to see them retained. Though born and raised here, I spend much time in the heart of the Confederacy in The Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. and I have been told by a Confederate re-eanctor in Harrissonburg, who runs a Confederate historically oriented shop that had I been born in the South before the Civil War , I’d have been a Johnny Reb for sure and: I WOULD HAVE BEEN, BECAUSE THAT WAR WAS NOT ABOUT SLAVERY; IT WAS ABOUT STATES VS FEDERAL RIGHTS AND ECONOMIC ABUSES FROM THE NEW ENGLAND WHALING AND TEXTILE INDUSTRIES MAKING MILLIONS BY UNFAIR AND OPPRESSIVE POLICIES WHICH DECIMATED THOSE IN THE SOUTHERN STATES. The NEXT war will be fought over the same basic differences in the power of the Federal Government to interfere in states rights decisions or what should be and their penchant ( the Federals) for rule by mandate rather than law or elective choice. period.. This time it will be all or most states who believe in Constitutional government against a government which has shown by its disdain for the Constitution and Rule of Law that it does NOT!

      • In 1956, The Kingston Trio had a lyric which bewailed the state,of the world it went: ” The whole world is Festering with unhappy Souls, the French hate the Germans, the Germans Hate the Poles, Italians hate Yugoslavs South Africans hate the Dutch, and I don’t like anybody very much. BUT: we can be tranquil and thankful and proud for man’s been endowed with a mushroom shaped cloud, and we know for certain that some lovely day, someone will set the spark off: and We will all be blown away.” Quite perspicacious wasn’t it? There have been wars and battles fought in all these places.SINCE, in other areas as well also mentioned as it closes. “There’s Hurricane’s in Florida and strife in Iran , what nature doesn’t do to us, will BE DONE BY OUR FELLOW MAN! Some things never change! Hurricanes Bob, Katrina and Sandy recently eternal floods and fires in California and the mid-west and someone as president who can only play golf badly and has no honor , duty or obligation to those who elected him AND will not until we hold our government both responsible and accountable to us and the Constitution they swore to defend and uphold but NEVER DO!~

        • So true. And, as I prepare to honor and bury my friend and fellow vet (Agent Orange finally won) on Thursday I’m reminded of lyrics from another Peter, Paul and Mary song. Where have all the soldiers gone, Gone to graveyards everyone, When will they ever learn, When will they ever learn?

          • My deepest sympathies and regrets for your loss. I am disabled fifty years after the fact and those multiple disabilities came from exposure to Agent Orange in 1968-1969 in my tour with the 199th light Infantry Brigade in what seems a lifetime ago because it was. Go in peace, and God bless both you and your friend, though today it is politically incorrect to so wish anyone. It is but one of many changes we need to make ; AND WE WILL!

  28. Interesting that when Blacks (bho’s chosen race) are absolutely in need, bho only casts a fleeting glance their way, safe and dry high above the flood waters and filth. What a President for the Blacks! A man of his word…NOT! He’s probably talking to his golf buddies abt Tee times and occasionaly looking at what’s left of his Black brothers and Sisters lives.

    BLM won’t do squat because Soros controls them…and he as every other current day Natzi, hates Blacks.

    What is it going to take for Blacks to WAKE UP? They are being deceived and used to divide our Nation – by the One World Order jockey – soros and obama together. Take a look around you Blacks. No one is there to help you LIKE BLM AND OBAMA PROMISED THEY WOULD DO. You and your neighbors and families will have to clean this mess up just like everyone else does in their neighborhoods. Work together, get to know each other, watch each other’s kids, become a real neighborhood, an extended family. Once you realize you are the Captain of your own ship, you’ll take control and fix this mess.

    Never rely on the Feds nor any Black organization that claims they will help you — they are just blowing smoke!

  29. The BLMs main problem is that their funding has come up short, lately. Old Georgie Soros and his minions and sheeple have not been satisfied with their lack of their activities. Some of the BLM front people are trying to take over more but Soros says “NO”. The old Commie rules with an Iron Fist.

  30. This Country would get along fine without BLM,black panthers ,ACLU ,Sharpton,and the rest of these race baiters who are getting rich stirring up trouble and taking money off them.If they would stop this we would get along

  31. There is no money or media attention in helping black flood victims. And another thing is, there are as many white victims as black. If they only assisted black victims it would look bad. The problem for BLM in this matter is it wasn’t raining white cops.

    • When it comes down to it they’re Soros-funded anarchists as were Occupy Wallstreet. Soros enjoys spending his fortune wreaking havoc.

  32. Pure and simple Black Lives Matter organization and followers are agitators and do nothing other than cause havoc with their demonstrations of chaos including including rioting, shooting, stealing, looting, setting fires on business and many more hostile acts. They are just that, hostile NOT peaceful. They create their own misery but then again there is the old saying “misery loves company”.and that is exactly what they want to continue. They don’t know how to HELP but only HURT. That is why you won’t see the BLM HELPING in LA they just want their collective voices heard and HURT. They do not have the intellect to be constructive only destructive. If they think Hillary give a hoot about them only confirms that their intellect is absent of reality. The Black POTUS hasn’t helped them over the past 8 years what makes them think that the Hilldabeast will do anything different. They cannot think past
    “give me” over “help someone else” especially in time of need like LA Pure entitlement mentality for the me, me, me.

  33. Black Lies Matter, is not interested, unless there is a political gain for their lies.

  34. Don’t worry they will be around to loot once the water subsides and then blame whitey for the storm.

  35. Just take a look at the Cajun navy and see how many of them are black

  36. BLM knows, there’s no “free ride” involved with “helping others”.

  37. Why isnt BLM THERE? That’s easy, it’s hard to burn the town down when it’s under water.

  38. when will the black community finally recognize that they are the problem ? do they think that cops are the problem because they protect the community from gun toting thugs who have no intent but to do harm to others ?
    and they continue to bite the hand that feeds them. as it is now, black lives don’t matter because they are killing cops and themselves. the cops DO matter !

  39. “Black lives matter” members, both white and black, are nothing but niggers.

  40. BLM is not equipped to handle disaster relief. They are not set up for this. This is best left to the people who actually know what they are doing. As to Pres Obama – he was specifically asked by the Governor of LA not to come there since the notoriety of his presence could hamper rescue efforts. Mr Trump of course just barged right in.

  41. BLM is only another divisive factor developed and paid for by Soros and other Progressives, and encouraged by Obama indirectly if not directly with his rhetoric. It is another effort to divide our citizens and cause crises. It has little or nothing to do with actually improving the lives of Black Americans. Trump is right. Jobs and law and order will improve the conditions and safety of those who are more or less ‘stuck’ where they live and how they are living. The opportunity to have more productive lives and change their own neighborhoods, whether Black, Hispanic, white, or any ethnicity, would vastly improve if people could get jobs which would afford them the opportunity to improve their own lives. BLM is definitely not the answer. Instead of helping to resolve problems, it is exacerbating the issues that many people in lower economic areas have.

  42. I agree that both Black Lives Matter, Obama, and Hillary are all a disgrace. They always show their true colors in times of need. They only show up when they can grand stand and put down anyone representing law enforcement, or middle class American citizens. Anything regarding criminals, illegal immigrants, refugees, terrorists, H-1B or H-2B workers, etc. they are all over it supporting the wrong side. And the stupid media are right there with them. Why? Because of all of the billions of dollars being funneled to these corrupt liars to support their campaigns. They want to strategically manipulate society changes to support the evils and forget about law-abiding citizens just trying to survive. You truly learn who really cares when you fall on hard times or have a tragedy. Thank God for many of the good people who have come out in support of the people of Baton Rouge without some political agenda. And, much credit to Trump and Pence for stepping up and showing how things should have been done by Obama and Hillary. I hope people remember this is November when they vote.

    • Evidently you missed the memorial ceremony in Dallas. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5IcMdwV6Hg

      You were probably tuned in to some far right fascist radio jock reading that days fax from headquarters instead of listening for yourself . The same must have been happening during Governor John Bel Edward’s press conference . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rkRirA6JvyE
      About 26:00 you will hear the Governor say he “would prefer that the President wait a week or two to visit” because of the manpower to accommodate such a visit would pull workers away from the people. The President declared “national disaster” within two hours for 20 parishes, sent FEMA(which is already writing checks), Homeland Security and the Small Business Administration . Gov. Edwards states that he is “more than satisfied with Federal response” and that President Obama was in contact by phone regularly. You don’t go to someone’s home until you clear it with them, diplomacy and polite behavior, manners. So, who shows up uninvited, that’s right, Mr. Uncouth and his little buddy Maniacal Mike, my fascist governor skirting puddles. Trump dropped some money that day; on this day (Tuesday) Trump raised the rent on his own campaign headquarters to recoup the gift.I hope people remember this November when they vote Ginger .

    • When Donald Trump visited flood-ravaged Louisiana last week, he promised a $100,000 donation to a Baton Rouge church—specifically, the Baton Rouge church of anti-LGBT hate group leader Tony Perkins. Because let’s face it, Donald Trump isn’t going to cut a check to anyone who can’t do him a few favors in return, flood or no flood.

      That check has yet to arrive, and it’s unclear if Donald Trump himself will be donating even a dime.

      Perkins said Tuesday that Trump’s gift had not yet been paid.

      “I’ve been told the church should [receive] it on Friday,” he wrote in an email to The Post. Perkins said he was unsure whether Trump planned to make the donation out of his own pocket, or perhaps from the Donald J. Trump Foundation — a nonprofit group that is largely filled with other donors’ money, not Trump’s own.

      Hope Hicks, a spokeswoman for Trump’s presidential campaign, did not respond to questions about this promise.

      The campaign is also clamming up about two other supposed charitable gestures from Trump’s trip. His Louisiana state director claimed that Trump had donated a truckload of relief supplies. As it turns out, nobody can verify that and the campaign isn’t talking. And the Louisiana governor specifically asked Trump to give a donation to the Louisiana Flood Relief Fund before his visit; his campaign isn’t saying whether he did that either.

      This is really the easiest possible goodwill effort Donald Trump could possibly make. Flood victims need money. Donald Trump is known for one thing and one thing only: having plenty of it. One would presume a man who says he’s worth $10 billion would be eager to show what a kind and decent soul he was during a run for the presidency that isn’t going so well—even if he couldn’t bring himself to donate to anybody other than a hate group leader.And yet the campaign is keeping mum on it? Huh.

  43. Most can see through the smoke screen of BLM. Yet no one seems to see the real issue and that is the ways in which we do not deal with poverty. Few nations do. That usually ends in disaster. We are headed that way.

  44. blm only cares when they’re getting money to riot and demonstrate. Now if they had to part with time and money to help Black lives in the flood area there’s nothing in it for them, so your on your own.

  45. George E. Lefebvre

    Black Lives Matter is nothing more than instigators for civil unrest. They along with Obama, Sharpton and Farrukhan have set back all the efforts made my Martin Luther King in improving race relations, equal rights in the country, They aren’t out to help but to destroy.

  46. Tyronne Shoelaces

    You won’t find Black Lies Matter at the flood. That might mean they would have to do some work for no pay. All they want is pay for no work.

  47. Well the bottom line to this will be, most of all BLM’s and Blacks will vote for Hillary and the Democrat Party. Why? This party has from past history imprison, made slaves out of their own people from past years, have made them dependent on Government entitlements, which is causing the unnessary national debit to never be resolved placing this burden on future children of this country and giving in to Obamas agenda in destroying our country by furthering the divide of Americans herein.
    So. If they want another 4 more years of Obama, which has not done anything for the black Americans, the by all means vote for Hillary and receive what will be handed to you and don’t complain of becoming slaves again to the Democratics and their agenda of destroying all Americans which includes all blacks.
    This Government has been broken for many years and only the people, if they can come together, can fix this problem and restore our Government to being held by their oath of office, the Constitution and all laws within it.
    This is common since, WE THE PEOPLE……

  48. Well said. Like so many other specialty groups, BLM is only on the scene to promote themselves
    as being the champion of whichever cause they
    choose. When it comes to providing the kind of substantive help the people they say they represent need immediately, they are nowhere to be found. Is anybody surprised? Certainly they envy the notoriety of the activist groups of the ’60’s, and
    want to be able to tell their grandchildren how
    comitted and involved they were in the movement
    currently unfolding, but their inaction will put the lie
    to the self aggrandizement they will be spouting down the road. Hope their kids will be smart enough to see through their lies.

  49. And then there’s the President’s 16-page memo to Loretta Lynch to ensure that everyone is treated the same regardless of ethnicity. Does anyone besides me think he’d have left that golf course in a heartbeat if there were riots because some other poor, misunderstood black youth had been gunned down by a cop?

  50. The blm folks are just a sham outfit that dotes on anarchy type actions, especially riotous looting, and destruction of property.. And all because they hate the folks who are supporting them from cradle to grave.. And odds are that the vast majority of them are illegitimates who didn’t have a father in their lives from birth…..

  51. Okay so black lives matter did one thing right but that doesn’t mean that more police officers should be sacrificed to them. I see behind the curtain and I can see the reality that black lives matter will not only turn against us but they will target Texas and the police officers in Texas. I do not want to see that happening. It can not spread to Texas. I would gladly die for my country then see a black lives matter movement in my country. how ever that dose not mean I want to submit myself to them what I am truly saying is that if black lives matter wants my country then they would have go through me first because I won’t let my country fall into the hands of black terrorist’s. we are supposed to be a nation of liberty and justice for all not a nation of black terrorist’s who think killing police officers is for fun.

    hey black lives matter if want Texas then go through me first.

    • I am so sorry Nerdworld problem but your wrong. people tried to erase there mistakes but sometimes it doesn’t work. like for example Adolf Hitler he was a Nazi who will Jews in death camps, trying to create a empire, went against the law and he had to suffer the consequences. did you think that Adolf Hitler erased his mistakes? Absolutely not. he didn’t even try. and how about king Georg of Great Britain he taxed the American colienies, he made us to declare war against him, he taxed us on tea. He had to suffer the consequences. Did you he tried to erase his mistakes. he kind of did but then went back to his old ways. how about Brack Obma. he turned his back on Iseral, set up Abortion clinics to kill innocent babies, supported ISIS, he created ISIS, he is iagallyzing the right to be Charistain, he supporting a criminal who broke the law on public server to be our next president, siding with the black lives matter terrorist movement, and he is declaring war on police. did you think he eresed his mistakes. Absolutely not. if you think that you erese your mistakes, will look out at the window, look into reality. Do you really think these man would magically change? do you that these learned from there mistakes? how can you be shur that a terrorist movement like black lives matter will be moved by compassion? You think that deserve a second chance,did they the police a second chance?

  52. I agree we should stand up for what we believe in and fight for what is right. if we truly want to stand up against black lives matter we have to Unit all of us under one common goal. we have to send a clear message saying ‘black lives matter thinks shooting police officers is good however it’s not, we are standing up against you because this bloodshed has to stop, we are stronger than you, you that you are our masters but really you are just people who’s only goal is to shoot police officers and yelling for there blood. You are nothing but monsters who thrive off police officers blood, we will not let this continue anymore cause this has to end now’.that is the message that we will send to those who shoot innocent people just for fun. we are done with you, we are done of this war on police.

  53. I. Could’ent agree more. it is time to finish this, it is time to look at reality.

  54. You really didnt expect any of the panthers or blm showing up to do any work did you? Those lazy negr0s are only good for looting, running their diarrhea mouths,and burning peoples properties, ,kinda hard to burn anything,when everythings under water,,thank goodness for TRUMP showing up,,,a little late for hilldabeast and her butt buddy obambam, but Im sure they will only make it a political thing anyways,,,Iam truely sorry for the people in Louisiana

  55. Blacks killing blacks,muslimes killing muslimes ( i love that one ),lgbt filth abusing their own ,feminazis destroying true female values. Yes this is all done behind the curtain and now the curtain has been drawn wide open for all to see !!!!!.

    • StupidConservativeValues


      • You and all like you ,will be found dead on the ground when things go bad,you feminized piece of garbage!!!!!. You are an ignorant ,arrogant ,white scum bucket. Pull your head out of your ass you F@#$@#@G un American moron. Better yet pack your socialistic ass and get the hell out of America !!!!!.

      • Lets go toe to toe you white scumbucket,so i can re arrange your filthy mug like a mister Potato Head. Do us all a favor lady boy go and step into on coming traffic you pea brain dead above the neck white libretard filth. Take those pictures and shove them up your ass !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Ted Cruz for president.

        • StupidConservativeValues

          You’re so fucking stupid you don’t know when you’re bein had by a con man. Of course, conservatives are not very bright at all. that’s the way their fictional god made them, for Democrats to piss on! Having said that, you’re kind of cure when you’re upset homo.

          • You F@#$@#G low life bastard bringing my mom into this fight, i would snap your neck in a heartbeat then piss on you for good measure. Face to face you sniveling scumbag!!!!!@!!!!!@. But i know your not man enough for that , hatched from an egg ignorant arrogant white filth. My African wife would also beat the shit out of you while i watch laughing my ass off.

  56. It seems like the majority of black politicians or political organizations are not about “asking what you can do for your country” but about what can the country do for us!

  57. The only reason Obama went to the area was that he heard that the golf course was no longer flooded.

  58. Maybe a few people are just waking to the facts that Obama, Black lives matter, or black panthers; really don’t give a sh** unless they can make money or news coverage on it. Obama vacations, plays golf and does just what he wants. He could care less about the poor, black,white, or otherwise. He does not need their votes anymore and as for Hellery she is too rich to care. She and the Clinton slush fund have millions to spend on themselves, but nothing for the poor or needy. Their so called charity hardly spends 10% on charity and the rest on mansions, new cars and jets and vacations. If she is elected, she will vacation on the taxpayers dollar even more than Obummer, who has spent millions for himself, his wife, and his friends to fly all over the world for vacations.

  59. People look into reality. Do you think that Adolf Hitler, King Gerorge, and Brack Obma tried to erese there mistakes. you guys still believe that black lives deserve a second chance, did they ever give the police a second chance at life. look into the heavens. The heavens tell the story not us. they know between the people who did the right thing and people who ended up as the oppressors. take a deep step back in time to if the oppressors of that time changed or stayed the same.

  60. I am sorry about the people in Loisevill to. is that it’s time to face the facts that some times people can’t man up enough to really get a sense of what God is made for.

  61. Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

    It looks like Hillary’s time on this Blue Marble may not be as long as she would prefer, She already has more money than time to spend it, She should retire to a ranch far from all people that she obviously hates and live out her time there.

  62. StupidConservativeValues

    Uber Alles

  63. StupidConservativeValues

    Seizure boy

  64. This storm was just another cleanup of welfare recipients .

  65. Michael Dennewitz

    BootLipsMatter is just another terrorist organization that soros and the PMIC created. They don’t give a rat’s ass about their own people. They even encourage them to riot. Just wait until the PMIC creates the biggest race riot in history!! That Lil halfbreed faggot is going nowhere. ..?

  66. Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

    Just like there were No BLM Boats etc. There was No Black U.S. President either ! ?

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  94. Please do mention what the Bible Belt has been preaching to the rest of us; “Rugged individualism and prayer solves everything.” Please also mention that the Republican party, including legislators from Lousiana said that disaster recover funding must be paid for by reductions elsewhere in the budget.

    Rugged individualism worked out really well for those who thought they did not need flood insurance. Prayer worked out really well for those who asked god to stop the rain. Republicans have no moral basis to criticize the quantity of Federal aid that arrives.

    Sure, pick some random organization and condemn it for not helping while ignoring the beam in your own eye.

    The biblical term is “hypocrite”.

  95. Willie T Wt Smith

    Trump for president
    Hillary for prison

  96. good article and exactly on the mark blm and all these groups is just in it for the fame an the money that’s it they could care less about the people around them unless they need them as far as caring you cn forget that unless it’s them …rely on GOD and not people help one another as he says and you will be rewarded …TRUMP 2016 hillary to prison 2016 and Obama’s of the w.h. 2016 17 thank GOD

  97. Obama finally showed up in La. He was greatly concerned about the damage done to the golf courses in the area. Relief is on the way.

  98. Have said, and I repeat… Geo. Soros will throw the BLM ” under the bus ” like so much garbage when he is through using them, right along with the rest of the hoodlums and malcontents he supports once the elections have expired their useful idiocy.

  99. Richard Daugherty

    BLM= idiots and SOROS.

  100. What is a Black Panther boat?
    What exactly is a Boack Lives Matter boat?
    Do they fly special flags?
    Do they have identifying signs on them?

    • Forget it, these folks are incapable of separating the non-violent group BLM and BRLC(Black Radical Loose Cannons) which is no different than white people occupying federal land. Anyway, a waste of your efforts here; right wing fascist radio has sucked out their humanity. Its more and more like back to the 60’s all the time. The real issue here is climate change not BLM. Tony Perkins and 80% of his church is involved in the flood…irony…he’s a bigot, always saying natural catastrophes are ‘God’s wrath’, I can certainly see why a god would rough up Perkins.. .and cops who shoot Baton Rouge citizens for sport. My Best to you Lady.

  101. Thanks for your most educated response. I know about soros and note that he is a convicted felon. He’s old but I’m sure his hatred for America, keeps him going. I agree with Dr. Graber that American voters are not the brightest stars in the sky and so easily led, never questioning obama….whom I voted for in 2008.. did not repeat that mistake. I do not think most American voters have any cluee about what’s coming provided the Donald doesn’t…….I can’t even say that. I have actually gotten the support of some of the teachers I work with and being an independent with a strong need for conservatism amidst the outrageously wacked out dems. We cannot lose this election. I’m a Marine combat vet who will draw arms should that become necessary. I do not understand how anyone with a functioning brain, the ability to reason and any level of common sense…..can vote for someone they do not trust……then there is the fact that the two wacked out dems, bill and obamination, have put the military as some sort of social experiment……morale is never lower than right now and that scares me about our kids’ future. I will do all I can to help Trump reach the White House……….

  102. I hope someone records this for future reference. If we allow this nation to continue in the direction we are heading our future lies in history. NERO FIDDLED WHILE ROME BURNED. Several nations in history depict the future of ours. A ten year old child of today will see the fall of our once great nation. The powers behind the destruction of this nation have set in motion a plan to bring us down. Nero fiddled, Obama plays golf. When (Edi Ahmin) took control of that African nation he did it ruthlessly as bad as it gets. Pregnant women had their bellies sliced open and were left to die in the street as a warning to those who opposed him. Today there are those in power who are willing to see this nation burned to the ground if they are opposed. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are among those. It has been the intent from the beginning of this administration to take total control. Our military has been reduced to weakness, our constitutional laws are disregarded, our health care is in shambles, all of our government agencies, the IRS, EPA, FBI, Justice department, Supreme Court, secret service, everything connected to the federal government is controlled in favor of the government itself. The sabotage of the election process has rendered the voters choice helpless and useless. There is no bright future and no light at the end of the tunnel. We are headed toward becoming a nation such as Syria with destruction on our doorsteps. If we do not change direction NOW there will be no turning back. Just go back and look at the history of the fallen nations of old. We are only a couple of steps away from becoming one of those nations.

  103. <<hp.. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★::::::!il835r:….,…….

  104. Soros and the BLM organizers are using the blacks to foment division and hatred. They don’t give a rip about them. How many blacks are in jail or dead because of BLM. How many neighborhoods and businesses destroyed? Why aren’t BLM working to clean up the black inner cities and give those people a fighting chance at a good life? Why are they blaming whites and cops rather than drugs, broken families, and union run schools that work for the teachers and not the kids? I wish that blacks would open their eyes.

  105. BLM are a pack of thugs and terrorists what did they expect from them anyway.

  106. Like this is a surprise to anyone. Is that sarcasm? Yes Sheldon

  107. “In a video posted to Youtube, Washington slammed black-identity groups for their pitiful response to the disaster.” Has anyone found that video? If so ,could you please share the link?

  108. So, they are a bunch of cowards. I knew it!

  109. Well, it isn’t hard to see the chaos the world is experiencing which leads me to believe that Bible prophesy is indeed being fulfilled in these End of Age times that are leading up to the Tribulation! You Leftists can try and deny and rationalize all you want but seeing is believing! I’d advise those wise enough to understand that they had better start worrying about getting their souls ready for the ride out of here as it will get worse – guaranteed! Praise the Lord and button down the hatch because all HELL is about to commence!

  110. You are hopeless. Forget it. Go see her in prison. You do know Monmoth pollster busted? Weighted and Trump is in the lead. Bye.

  111. When Donald Trump visited flood-ravaged Louisiana last week, he promised a $100,000 donation to a Baton Rouge church—specifically, the Baton Rouge church of anti-LGBT hate group leader Tony Perkins. Because let’s face it, Donald Trump isn’t going to cut a check to anyone who can’t do him a few favors in return, flood or no flood.

    It seems that the check has yet to arrive, and it’s unclear if Donald Trump himself will be donating even a dime.
    Tony Perkins(“catastrophes are God’s wrath”/80% of the bigots church members under water) said Tuesday that Trump’s gift had not yet been paid.
    “I’ve been told the church should [receive] it on Friday,” he wrote in an email to The Post. Perkins said he was unsure whether Trump planned to make the donation out of his own pocket, or perhaps from the Donald J. Trump Foundation — a nonprofit group that is largely filled with other donors’ money, not Trump’s own.

    Hope Hicks, a spokeswoman for Trump’s presidential campaign, did not respond to questions about this promise.

    The campaign is also clamming up about two other supposed charitable gestures from Trump’s trip. His Louisiana state director claimed that Trump had donated a truckload of relief supplies. As it turns out, nobody can verify that and the campaign isn’t talking. And the Louisiana governor specifically asked Trump to give a donation to the Louisiana Flood Relief Fund before his visit; his campaign isn’t saying whether he did that either.
    This is really the easiest possible goodwill effort Donald Trump could possibly make. Flood victims need money. Donald Trump is known for one thing and one thing only: having plenty of it. One would presume a man who says he’s worth $10 billion would be eager to show what a kind and decent soul he was during a run for the presidency that isn’t going so well—even if he couldn’t bring himself to donate to anybody other than a hate group leader.

  112. Why do I often see white people and not black people going to the aid of black people in southern disasters?

  113. If Obama really cared about the people all over the country he would do differently and try to help folks. That is the same ole folks that help pay for his rediclous vacations he takes that puts him in the pricest rooms with the best of everything. Now that he has been spoiled by all the riches he uses and now he doesn’t want to give all that up. He wants to be the Zar or Dictator where all do his bidding, gives him the fanciest vacations when he wants them. Well the list goes on and on. Now he pays off Iran billions without authority. We aren’t this kind of people. We have laws for us all to go by and he will not respond when he breaks one or more of those laws. This a$$ hole needs to be removed now. He has created more felony’s that a real crook working 24/.7. We need to go by our laws one way or another. Remove him now as well as Hillary;.

  114. If you chose to take money instead of living with honor and do what is good and helps …is no ones fault but the one stuck on stupid and you know there is no way to fix stupid …gee ya think..

  115. My extended family and I, along with many neighbors have worked in the flood waters rescuing neighbors and now in relief are feeding those who are involved in tearing out everything wet (sheetrock, carpets/rugs, etc.) and drying houses. I have seen that White Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter, Grey Lives Matter, Camouflaged Lives Matter, but as yet I have not seen any Black Lives Matter volunteers or involvement in any of the areas of the state of Louisiana in which we were and are involved.

  116. You must remember they are led and controlled by the black panthers and as a group don’t care about anyone. They are just a terrorist bunch of thugs. Their agenda has nothing to do with saving lives but only destroying lives. Oh yea, they are also supported by the worst of scum George Soros. That should also help explain the lack of real compassion.

  117. Because there’s nothing to be gained by George Soros and company, Obama, Hillary, the liberals, and most of the democrats, if there was something else to destroy or gain they would be there!

  118. Yea black live matter and the tepid panthers only show up when the press is there and that because the George Sorryass company called them and then paid off the marchers or no-one would have showed up then either. Lousiana and the floods cannot help the black lives matter or panthers receive good press, so why show up. The real Americans that really matter showed up with hundreds of privately owned boats and used their own money for gas, watr, and food. Finally help started arriving with more staples and assistance. Not Obama though, he was to busy on another of his vacations paid for by our tax dollars. He flew ofr and commented Oh Tuff, then went back to DC for another golf game. He does not really give a shit about the people unless they are pouring money and vacations on him. Hillery will be the same only worse. Once elected (NEVER) she will ignore everyone and do as SHE (queen Hellery)wants. NEVER NEVER NEVER Hellery.

  119. Follow the money and it will led you to the truth!

  120. Soros is the BLM Massa, and he does not give to people who are suffering. All his money goes to enslaving people to a central government. The man is incapable of compassion. After all, he is the one who said the best days of his sorry life was when he was collaborating with the Nazis, when he was a kid. He is enjoying destroying our country. Britain wisely dumped him out of their country. He is also a big supporter of Hillary.

  121. OK–We have a Flood, a bad one, Folks hurting, in need, suffering. Do Hillary or Obama answer to the People who voted mostly for them, the Blacks of Louisiana who are flooded out?? Hey, they’re supposed to be “their” people, Leaders, who were going to do so much for the Black Community. It’s pretty obvious, every time Blacks Vote in Democrats, they lose more ground, conditions worsen. Now, it’s amazing the People who came forward to help, 2 White men, Franklin Graham and Presidential candidate, Donald Trump. Figure it out People, open your eyes to those that would help you, as opposed to those, that simply promise you things, and Lie to you. Broken Promises, for 50 years.

  122. Ask POTUS if black’s are the only ones to flip the race card when they over water their gardens: as he might surprize all of us who watch our P’s and Q’s!

  123. Louisianians care for their friends, neighbors and anyone who needs help. It doesn’t matter what color skin they have. It doesn’t matter if their are militant or whatever. I LOVE Louisiana and their people.

  124. When you cut to the quick there is not a penny’s worth of difference between American Caucasians and American Negroes. All the differences owe to politics. I know this for certain in my own life and have seen it for certain time after time over 70 years in the lives of others, both Negro and Caucasian. When the GOP, listening to a minority of its party membership, “freed” the Negro they had no idea how the Marxists in the Democrat Party would take advantage of them and turn Negroes against them. (Because there were no Marxists in America at that time!) What a turn-around that was and still is. Look at every sorry city where Negroes live in ghettos and kill one another right and left. All are run by Democrats. Lyndon Johnson set it all up, destroyed the Negro family, and bought the votes of Negroes for generations. Amazing!

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