Los Angeles Officially (and Unnecessarily) Claims Sanctuary City Status

In a move even supporters are calling “mostly symbolic,” the city of Los Angeles officially declared itself a sanctuary city on Friday, sending word out to the illegal immigrants of the world that they could relocate to the City of Angels and not have a thing to worry about. In a 12-2 City council vote, the Democrats threatening to run L.A. into the ground decided to send a message to the Trump administration and any other American meanies who might actually like to enforce the law.

“We declare, for all those who have been under attack in this Trump era, that this city, in this day, in this time, will be a city of sanctuary,” City Councilman Gilbert Cedillo said. “It will be a place where people will know that they will be judged by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin, and not by who they choose to love, and not by when they got here. They will be judged by their contributions to our city.”

A brief pause to let your headache subside…


As we noted, the move is largely symbolic, since Los Angeles has been a “sanctuary city” for a very long time with a strict policy that forbids ICE agents from accessing LAPD jails without a bench warrant. And of course Los Angeles is subject to state law, which as of January 2018 forbids all manner of cooperation between local officials and federal immigration authorities. So the vote on Friday does not, in practice, provide illegal immigrants with any more protection than they already have, simply because there is no more protection that any California city actually can give them.

Well, unless you’re the mayor of Oakland, and you want to give illegals a shout-out every time you hear tell of an impending raid.

So far, the courts have largely sided with these sanctuary jurisdictions, insisting that they are under no obligation to enforce – or even cooperate with – federal law regarding immigration. These rulings have perplexed and angered the Trump administration, but until one of these rulings is taken up by the Supreme Court, there is little Washington can do to change the situation. Meanwhile, liberal cities across the country seem eager to prove they are part of the Resistance by passing stupid local laws like this one.

It’s hard to imagine that there are that many bleeding hearts in our country that would be impressed with this trend of protecting illegal aliens at the expense of citizens, but we’re continually surprised by what Americans will tolerate.

Well, if you want to call the leftists living out in California “Americans”…

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