LOL: Study Says BLM Protests Actually “Slowed” the Spread of COVID-19

It was apparent from the beginning of the George Floyd protests-turned-riots that the mainstream media and the public health hegemony had absolutely no intention of stating the obvious: That these cloistered protests were the exact antithesis of social distancing. At a time when the coronavirus was hitting minority communities the hardest, public health officials actually had the audacity to come out in support of the gatherings, claiming absurdly that racism was even deadlier to black communities than the virus. A simple statistical comparison between deaths caused by unwarranted police shootings and those caused by COVID-19 would put the lie to that claim, but no one had the courage to say it.

So yeah: Trump rallies, lockdown protests, and even birthday parties are selfish and deadly. Gathering shoulder to shoulder in the streets to protest the police? Perfectly fine. Indeed, more than one Democrat said that even if the protests turned out to be vectors for the spread of the virus, Americans should not blame the activists, they should blame systemic racism.

Systemic racism was not available for comment.

But even though we knew that protesters would never, ever be blamed for a spike in the virus’s spread, we were nonetheless grimly amused when a University of Colorado-Denver professor claimed to have found “something surprising”: Not only did the BLM protests fail to spread the virus, they may have actually slowed the spread!

Just wow.

“A new study by a nationwide research team that includes a University of Colorado Denver professor has found something surprising: The protests may have slowed the overall spread of the coronavirus in cities with large demonstrations, including Denver,” reports The Colorado Sun.

They quoted Andrew Friedson, one of the paper’s authors, as saying: “We think that what’s going on is it’s the people who are not going to protest are staying away. The overall effect for the entire city is more social distancing because people are avoiding the protests.”

Oh yeah? You want to know what WE think is going on? We think you’re selling your scientific soul to jump on a woke bandwagon that you know will pay dividends in grant money.

Are the protests directly to blame for the spikes we’re seeing around the country? It’s unclear. It may be that the outdoor setting makes for a difficult environment for the coronavirus to spread. Then again, maybe not. What we know for sure is that if the protests ARE to blame, we’ll never know it. There are just too many reasons for academics and politicians to sweep it under the rug.

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