LOL: NY Times Board Member Says “We’re Not a Partisan Newspaper”

Sometimes liberals say things and you have to wonder how they even managed to keep a straight face. Such was our shock on Tuesday when New York Times editorial board member Mara Gay said that her newspaper is “actually not partisan.” We suppose that this claim is in line with the Times’s approach to reporting – anything goes, no truth is required for publication – but it’s still a marvelously fantastic lie.

It makes us ponder whether or not people like Gay actually think that others will believe what they say…or if they just say it because they’re trying to convince themselves of something. Either way, it makes for some hilariously entertaining cable news appearances.

“When The New York Times endorsed Joe Biden, we didn’t do it because The New York Times is a partisan newspaper,” Gay said on MSNBC. “We’re actually not partisan. I think we did it because we see him as the best chance at saving our democracy and can have policy debates later. I know Michael [Steele] and I had them too. This isn’t about — this election Democrat or Republican. This is really about right and wrong and saving the soul of the nation.”

Right, right. But leaving aside the tiny minority of Republicans (like Steele and the phonies behind The Lincoln Project) who have made a name for themselves by being NeverTrump, the fact is that President Trump enjoys massive support from voting Republicans. His policies are regularly supported by the rank-and-file members of the party as well as conservative think tanks and right-wing media. So to say that opposing Trump is “not partisan” is a blatant lie. The Republican Party and Donald Trump are completely intertwined.

Anyway, in case you weren’t sufficiently impressed with Gay and the “nonpartisan” New York Times saving the soul of our nation, why not listen to Steele, the former head of the RNC who has spent the last four years of his life bashing Trump on MSNBC whenever he gets the chance. For some reason, it was taken as a major surprise when Steele announced his endorsement of Joe Biden. Here’s him patting himself on the back for that bravery.

“This was a journey,” he said. “This is not something that you wake up one day and say, ‘oh, okay. I’ll vote for the other guy.’ This has been in the making for some time. In watching a lot of the things that I valued as a Republican that brought me into the party just get sidestepped, pushed aside from spending to how we treat our fellow man and woman.

“And this President has come to represent for me an enormous character flaw in the office and we have to resolve that character flaw,” he continued. “And he has to be replaced, I think, with someone who actually cares enough to listen, cares enough to put empathy and concern for us over his own interest. That’s Joe Biden. I know a lot of folks want to fall back on some policy prescription or something like that. This is not about it. This is not an election about policy. No one is having great debates in the living room or their kitchen tables over the minutia of tax policy. People are talking about the character of the country.”

Well, good for you, Michael. Enjoy Joe Biden’s higher “character” for the next four years while he joins the Democratic Party in crushing this country under the most progressive legislation that has ever been seen in the Western Hemisphere. Enjoy Biden’s “empathy” when the COVID recovery takes a decade instead of a year. Wallow in Biden’s “concern for us” while radicals like AOC and Bernie Sanders plunge us into an age of Big Government from which we will never recover.

We’ll take mean tweets any day over that, but we guess we’re just not as evolved as you and the editors of The New York Times, Michael.

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