LOL: Now Andrew Cuomo is Calling it the “European Virus”

Well, just when you thought that the ridiculous “It’s racist to call it the Wuhan Flu” movement was running out of steam, leave it to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to take it to an idiotic new level. In a press conference on Monday, Cuomo not only failed to call the virus out by its true origins, he actually went in the complete opposite direction, referring to it as the “European virus.” We’re not sure how it’s racist and wrong to call it a “Chinese virus” but acceptable and proper to call it (wrongly) a “European virus,” but the ways of the left are nothing if not mysterious.

“New York, the cases are now on the decline. You look at the rest of the nation outside of New York, the cases are still on the incline. We took the worst situation in the nation and changed the trajectory. So, now we are on the decline. The rest of the nation, the cases are still on the incline. That is because of what the people in this state did,” Cuomo said.

“If you had said when we started this, yes we have more cases than anyone else, yes we had this European virus attack us and nobody expected it, but we are not only going to change our trajectory, we’re going to change the trajectory more dramatically than anyplace else in the nation,” he continued.

Presumably, Cuomo is basing his new name for the disease on scientific reports that the strain of coronavirus found in New York is similar to the mutations found in Europe. This, in conjunction with reports that 3 million people traveled from Europe to New York City in the weeks before the travel ban went into effect, does indeed lend credence to the idea that much of New York’s viral load came from Europe.

But then, take that logic a step further. Reports also show that many of the infections in Florida came not from international travel but from New York. Does it make sense, then, for Gov. DeSantis to start calling it the “New York flu”? How do you imagine Cuomo would respond to that?

Jeez, imagine if it were proven that most of the U.S. infections originated in Mexico!

To be clear, for any American to attack Asian people in the U.S. for their “connection” to the coronavirus is exceptionally stupid. But stupid people are going to do what stupid people do. That doesn’t mean we have to dumb down the country by pretending that this virus came from anywhere on Earth other than Wuhan, China. Stop pandering to the PC left and to the lowest common denominator. Speak truth and let the chips fall where they may.

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