LOL: Jennifer Lawrence is Leaving Hollywood to “Fix Our Democracy”

Save us, Katniss!

That’s apparently the call Jennifer Lawrence (and literally no one else) heard ringing out from the heartland of America this year, because she told Entertainment Tonight this week that she was taking a temporarily sabbatical from her burgeoning silver screen career so she can focus on saving American democracy from the likes of the Republicans.

“I’m going to take the next year off,” she said when asked about her plans. “I’m going to be working with this organization as a part of Represent Us, trying to get young people engaged politically on a local level. It doesn’t have anything to do with partisan politics. It’s just anti-corruption and stuff trying to pass state by state laws that can help prevent corruption, fix our democracy.”

SURE it doesn’t have anything to do with partisan politics. You, a dyed-in-the-wool member of the Resistance, just happened to think this is a wonderful time to go out and get “young people” engaged in the democratic process. Nothing to do with wanting to throw Trump and the GOP out of office using little know-nothing millennial scrappers as your weapon of choice, of course not. We wouldn’t dare to suggest such a thing.

Obviously, Jennifer Lawrence is as free as anyone else to go out there and express her political opinion and become a, cough cough, community organizer. We hope she finds some happiness in her future endeavors. But don’t try to pull the wool over our eyes and make it sound like this has nothing to do with partisan politics, because we weren’t born yesterday. You would no sooner go out there and try to recruit voters who lean right than you would attend Trump’s second inauguration. Which is going to happen, by the way, sorry to let you know like this.

But we imagine this is not the last of the Hollywood arrogance we’ll see before the 2020 elections arrive. Even as we speak, you can bet that Oprah Winfrey is not the only celebrity thinking about challenging Donald Trump for the presidency. Who might run for the Democrat nomination? Will we see George Clooney finally do it? Will Alec Baldwin hang up his Trump wig and give it a go? Maybe Susan Sarandon has decided that she is the heir apparent to the Bernie Sanders phenomenon. It should be quite entertaining to watch a handful of celebs try to beat out the likes of Biden, Harris, and Warren for the nod, none of them understanding that Trump’s fame was only a small part of the potion that made him the perfect candidate.

But hey, Jennifer Lawrence is going to fix our democracy long before then, so who knows what might happen.

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  1. So the ditzy twit with more boobs than brains who makes millions playing make pretend is going to be a community organizer? Wonder which outfit she’ll choose from a wardrobe that costs more than the entire community makes in a month when she goes to smugly lecture the unwashed masses about how wrong they are for voting for the guy that’s actually putting more money in their pockets for the first time in years and years and putting them back to work? While smugly instructing them from the heights of her fake liberal moral superiority to vote for the party that destroyed their communities in the first place and has never done anything for them except make empty promise after empty promise while becoming even more extremely wealthy off their backs, just like the smug liberal celebrities they trot out in a continuous tag team of smug liberal lecturing to herd the unwashed masses in the direction they want them to go.


      Hey that mutt that was in the Whitehouse was a comunity organizer and look where it got him with the help of george soraass

    • You are 100% right Natalie! The Left has created yhis mess of a Country because if all their promises and nothing came true for the Blacks and minorities. You’d think by now those Blacks and minorities woukd have smartened up by now — bit they haven’t. Uneducated people can”t see the forest for the trees unfortunately so the Left just keeps lying to get their votes! It’s a vicious cycle and one that will destroy America if we let it.

      The only answer I can see is getting back in the faces of the Left and PROVE THEY ARE WRONG SO THE MINORITIES CAN SEE THEY ARE BEING “USED” AND TRICKED. How can
      we do that? By challenging any Liberal Leftist to a battle of facts. Believe me, they lose every time because I truly belueve their bra ins can’t process facts — but minorities can. And that is who we need to convince that they are just toys being played by the Left and the one person who really cares about them is actually making their lives better – President Trump!

      • Ask those leftist creeps, “If your agenda is so great then why do you need to force in down our throats?” or “If your agenda is so great then why are you screaming threats to kill anyone who won’t accept it?” The communist “utopia” is only “utopia” for the rich and powerful elite minority and everyone else would be a slave.

        • Agreed 100%! The only people who understand the Left’s insane rhetoric are other Leftists. They ALL have the same tweaked gene in their gene pool that makes them think their way is the only way.

          If they keep pushing their sick agendas at us, we will be pushing back to annihilate them. They would never see us coming because “their” worlds stop in front of their noses.

          They know nothing of what ails this country, or why Americans hate and distrust them — truly clueless individuals and totally removed from Society!

        • The only thing that will stop these asshole democrat/communist/liberals will be a CIVIL WAR and it will start when the democrat/communist/liberals come for are guns so get ready to fight or run it’s your freedom and your life. If freedom is not worth fighting for then you need to turn in all weapons to the communist. LIVE FREE OR DIE it’s your choice.

      • What about my bama phone?

        • Too bad it wasn’t equipped with an intelligence monitor which zapped facts into that culture wasteland of obama supporters!

          FYI: a lot of those obama tweaks used fraudulent I.D. to get more phones to sell as extra income. Yeah, they are all losers led by another loser.

          Thank God P.T. is wiping bho out of our lives by eliminating his fraudulent legislation. Now if we can just get that damned health mandate repealed, removed or shot full of holes!

      • The problem here is that Blacks and minorities will never smartened up as long as they can get free shit and play the system and you don’t have to be Uneducated people to do that and they will never see the forest for the trees that’s how stupid these people.

        • They’re stupid like a fox because they know how to play the system. Our society is the dumb ones because we let it happen instead of forcing their hand and “making” them work for their keep.

          Until our Welfare Rules are changed AND ADHERED TO BY STATES AND THESE INDIVIDUALS, these losers will keep playing their games…while you and I pay for them with our tax dollars. This ticks me off beyond words!

    • The Lord giveth and The Lord taketh away.

  2. A good start would be to renounce her citizenship and give Cuba, Venezuela or North Korea a try. She would apparently take much more kindly to one of those places and they would be more than happy to take her millions off her hands.

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      • why don’t you mind your own business. I am tired of the USA overthrowing governments I am sympathetik too. I am so happy next month when I am working in Khina, all you Amerikan jobs are going to the kountry that I will be working in, If you do not like another nation simply do not live there. I have no beef with Fidel Kastro Hugo Khavez or Kim Jong Un. They never threatened me . Maybe if the USA stopped bullying then they might listen to your point of view.

    • she needs to nestle with sean penn. He loved chavez. Oh I forgot, the utopia of venusuala is really working for the people. Maybe she should go on a fact finding mission to North Korea. I am sure the local peasents will show her how utopia really works.

  3. What an absolute babe, but oh what a bimbo!

  4. This Hollywood Idiot doesn’t understand that we live in a Representative Republic based upon the tenets of Democracy but with the protection of the Electoral College, thanks to our God guided Founding Fathers, which protects the USA from majority rule. If she would read the history and demise of a true Democracy, she would find that historically true Democracies fail at about 200 years.

    • Please stop using reasoned thinking facts and logic

      this is her “feel good” moment

      she will accomplish little be be able to crow she …fill in the blanks……

      • taking a year off means she has no work offered. how long since she was “working”? I don’t recall anything she has done in the past few years, if there was, it was not a block buster. maybe she should get her GED

    • I do not think anyone in Hollywood knows a thing about the history of our Founding Fathers and the dream they had for a great God-ordained nation like the U.S. which Hollywood LOVES to destroy. She should try reading her Bible to get the answers.

  5. Oh, for the love of heaven, Lady! Please learn something about democracy. Go to N. Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, any of these countries and , with your “fame”, fix their governments. Take Oprah, Bernie, Susan, George and the rest of your liberal ilk with you. You’d be doing our country a big favor. I bet Kimmy, Raul or Nicolas or the Ayatollah. would love to hear your dribble. And speaking of dribble, did Libwrong decide to meet with Laura Ingraham?

  6. Also take Barry Hussy Obumbler.

  7. Jennifer Lawrence (you “Hollywood types”-I personally never heard of you) before you start running your big ugly mouth spewing out that nasty breath , you might want to look up the difference between a Republic and a democracy and know what you’re talking about because so far, you’re already missing the point ! What country you going to “fix this democracy in”? I live in the Republic of the USA , and if you want to fix something , run a real campaign and get elected ! And if you truly want to help, which we both know you’re obviously trying to get in the “spotlight” for whatever reason (name recognition maybe ?),keep your mouth shut, you’re already starting to sound like your idol , Nancy “crumbs” Pelosi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thank you Jeff! Yes, you are right about the distinction between a Republic and a Democracy. It’s ironic that Jennifer is working for an organization called Represent Us, when in a true Democracy, the government tends to have all the power given by a majority vote, but not all voices are heard in a Democracy, only the loudest. In a Republic, the voice of the people are heard and government servants do their best to enact policies in the best interest of the citizens. Democrats have long been the racist party who love to keep poor people enslaved by their failed welfare system. That way the Democrats can stay in power and money off the backs of all the hard working tax payers. The Democrats have never cared one bit about what is best for the citizens. It’s all about maintaining their own power and money. We finally have a man in the white house who cares about helping the lower and middle class citizens and many are blinded by their own ignorance, prejudice, and racism. The hypocrisy of the Democrats is on a level I never thought I’d witness in my lifetime. Praying for God to allow the shackles to fall off of Jennifer’s eyes, off all of Hollywood, off the Democrats, off everyone that believes rioting, violence, hate speech and divisive behavior and language is the answer.

    • Stephen Paul Lawrenz

      You make an excellent point and I thought we all could use a refresher course on the differences. As an added comment, when you read the linked article you will see that the Liberal Left probably does want a Democracy because then they can impose their will on everyone without limitations built into that pesky thing we call the Constitution.

    • Nasty Nancy still whining about the rich Republicans when the bit-h is a mega wealth multi millionaire. It must be tough to be Nasty Nancy!!

    • They only way Pelosi will shut up is if someone ties her hands together . Excellent post.

    • She was the one killing with a bow & arrow………Shooting at & bringing down planes……..She was fighting the system………….Just like the GREAT and NEEDED NRA…………..

    • Jennifer Lawrence I have never seen a picture of this slimeball.

  8. She was one of the loons applauding old One Shoe for wanting open borders as well as mass migration like the EU has. I would like for her to that the next year to travel through the ghettos that have sprung up all over the EU and see just how happy she is afterward. In fact, she could just travel south of our border with Mexico and try walking through their streets in broad daylight and see if she even makes it out alive. I also wonder who she and the rest of the entitled garbage are going to blame when the current generation of leaders is dead and buried?

  9. For all the novices out there, the N.Koreans and China have had Nuclear capabilities since 1994, given to them on a platter by a scientist working in the USA , and witnessed by a few others ,under the watchful eye of all you liberal assholes-Billy “the Pedophile ” Clinton.

  10. We all do not have to leave our jobs and careers but we all can reject the blanket of lies the Trump administration has laid over our society. A free society can not prosper without truth being the highest value. The Republicans lie in the swill of exaggeration and untruths. It is a coordinated part of the Russians to weaken America on the world stage and it is working.

  11. Oh thank you Lord. Now all of our problems will be solved. These self important narcissists are absolutely pathetic fools.

  12. “Anti-corruption and stuff…” So eloquent.

  13. I am certain she will be “missed.” Just not by me.

  14. Lawrence is living proof that idiots still think they aren’t idiots – which is of course, idiotic.

  15. DirtyDaveyDownEast

    Jennifer Lawrence is a classic example of White Female Privilege. She is definitely out of touch with reality with statements like fixing AMERICA’s democracy. AMERICA, tha Greatest Nation Evah,, is not a democracy, but a Constitutional Republic with democratic elections. So what gives her the right to tell me how I should live?

    Does she know what’s going on in my life? I did not think so.

    If JL doesn’t like it here in AMERICA the way the Founding Fathers founded it; then why doesn’t she just go someplace where it’s already the way she likes it? I hear Hell is looking for people!!!


  16. Is this a joke? This narcissistic idiot thinks she really matters!

  17. I love this “non-partisan” BS. it’s just another way of saying left-wing. Obviously, only Republicans and conservatives are partisan. Call me “PARTISAN.”

  18. A useless disciple of the Pelosi pig.

  19. Hey Jennifer Lawrence you are proving you know nothing about our country. We have a REPUBLIC that needs to be fixed.
    There is nothing any Liberal can do to fix our “Democracy” as long as they still believe we have Democracy.

  20. This Hollywood twit needs to SHUT UP and stay out of the Democrats destruction of our country.We have enough STUPID Democrats in our country that actually are COMMUNISTS

  21. In her shoe I would give careful considerarion to leaving the UA, before she i found with a pitchfork sticking out from both sides of her

  22. Hypocrisy has no limits for these Hollywood socialist!!

  23. Go ahead Jennifer Lawrence show the nation’s youth how you and the democrats supports the abominations of homosexuality, abortion and the rejection of God’s WORD…. Having seen or heard of the death of millions of babies through abortion since the Supreme Court’s approval of Roe vs Wade in 1973, is it any wonder most of our youth are so screwed up that they have no understanding of good and evil…
    Oh, Jennifer, we are not a democracy; we are a republic.

  24. When I heard that yesterday, I had a good laugh first but then I recalled all the other stuff she spouted and I realized she lives in LaLa Land. She does not realize that that her education is sorely lacking and her brain can’t distinguish between reality and fantasy. It is always great to see what these Hollywood types are thinking (or should we say feeling) to show us how much they despise the very people who made them rich. Not another Dollar to Hollywood from us! We are sick of the whole bunch with a handful of exceptions. MAGA ( they hate that more than anything and they hope we don’t succeed)!

    • I tutor people who need to learn Civics Class to pass their GED, maybe Big JL would like some help?,

      • She does need some Civivs tutoring because she is an empty head. The sad thing is that young people tend to listen to this little idiot unless they have educated and truth loving parents who discuss real news with them at home.

      • Jennifer would confuse civics with physics and physics with psychics.

        • her shot in that black dress cut tothe navel is probably going to keep her busy. That dress is a 25th anniversary dress to wear for a loved one, Oh that’s right, she loves herself

    • I’ll stick with Clint Eastwood. He talks to empty chairs. lol

  25. Screw you lady, your 15min. of fame is over!

  26. Maybe she should just leave the Planet useless B*tch

  27. If what she “claims” to know about democracy was dog piss, it wouldn’t even make a wet spot on dry concrete.

  28. Jennifer who ? Never heard of her. Probably some BB brained Hollywood bimbo.

  29. another airhead who wants to tell us how to think

  30. Get your own life in order ; another fake celeberty and who lives in a fake world .

  31. Yeah Trump is so dangerous he actually has help America and what is called the working class. Got rid of several Obama mandates that cost us all lots of big bucks and got rid of regulations that strangled big business that cost jobs, and this dizzy nut case is going to fix that? Hey it aint broken so leave it alone. Trump knows where the break-down is and will work to fix what is broken.

    • And don’t forget about ovommits forced tax on every single American with his ovommitcare mandate which thank God Trump rescinded. I’d like to force hard labor on that leftist black muslim radical and let him see what working a real job feels like, or better yet send him to Siberia to work under his collusion partner, Putin. Maybe jennifer Lawrence can be there too, performing her antiAmerican rant while in the gulag with ovommit.

  32. who in hell is this broad? just another democrat, over paid ho–lywierd dim wit.

    • Just another hollyweird that sold her soul to zionist globalist soros to be wealthy and famous while preaching the zionist globalist agendas.

  33. I don’t respect her. I don’t like any of her movies except for her first one. I absolutely hated the movie about her being the raped mother earth.. occult and weird. I don’t like her in ANY of her interviews. She comes off as completely selfish, spoiled and self absorbed. Ridiculous that she thinks she can fix the democracy.. what a nutter

  34. Guess this nitwit will be Okra’s running mate eh?

  35. Jennifer You need to stay with your fictional Life even though you are not very good at it you would be even worse on the Political Scene ….You Stars Only know Fictional Lives and Nothing about Real Life, Grow up try getting a real job or go back to the country you probably came from…

  36. Hilarious. These Hollywood types think so highly if themselves.

  37. The fame of Jennifer Lawrence has caused her to take on a “Messiah complex.” Obviously, she plans to use her platform to champion liberal causes. One thing she needs to remember is that to champion liberal causes, one may often champion immoral causes.

  38. Who the hell is Jennifer Lawrence?

  39. I hope her over-inflated ego pops like a balloon.
    Such self-aggrandizement! Bah!

  40. Hey, maybe she, George Clooney and Oprah can all run on the same ticket. There isn’t a red-blooded American brain amongst the three of them, so the Dems should love them. Then, our administration can be virtually overrun with Islmamists, illegals and all the world’s needy and homeless. Ah, paradise, at last!

    • That’s why lefty Geoge has armed guards and a gated house in Italy, so he can tell everyone else not to have these things that he supposedly despises.George is another leftist chickensh-t!!

  41. Jennifer WHO?

  42. Alejandro M Castro

    The Communists from Hollypoop are pulling the Jackass from the tail with their claim and plan on fixing the Democrap party. Yeah!!, like fixing Noa’s Ark.

  43. She needs to fix herself first before anyone is going to listen to her. People in general are fed up with Hollywood actors sticking their noses in politics. They ruined every award show we have to a point where the ratings are so low nobody wants to watch them. They need to get back to acting and stop thinking they make a difference to the average person.

    • Hollyweird needs to pass out an award for the “stupidest political statements of the year”. Unfortunately most of hollyweird would be nominated for the award.

  44. this dumb ass bitch could not fix a flat tire on a bicycle let alone fix the government…stick with your so called acting you bottle blonde idiot !!!

  45. Good luck

  46. Thank GOD finally someone from Hollywood want to fix something , since Hollywood is full of impeccable people, get ready parenthood Jennifer is coming after you she seen all crimes committed at your headquarters

  47. To begin with this ditzy twit as you named her, has no idea of what form of government we have, Our government is a REPUBLIC……………NOT I repeat NOT a Democracy. Try to get that in to what left of your brain, ditzy twit.

  48. First thing the Democratic party should do is apologize for their 180 years of mistakes, then change leadership, and put on a platform for Americans and not about hate !!!

  49. America is not a Democracy its a Republic


  51. Not worth a Shit in Holly Queer so Why Not try Washington DC, I gotta be good at something says the Ignorant BIMBO

  52. she wants to be funny, I guess.

  53. Just incase, someone needs to remind Jennifer Lawrence that we have a REPUBLIC not a Democracy.

  54. Hey, maybe Jen, George and Oprah can all run on the same ticket! They can start by letting illegals come and bunk with them in their multiple homes. They have room and can fully support all the poor folks they want! Oh wait, they aren’t doing that? How come? I thought they were all for helping people. By the way, Jen, we live in a REPUBLIC.

  55. Lawrence is just another delusional Hollywood liberal twit who has been over exposed to a tiny subset of “ass kissers” that either depend on her for their subsistence…or…are just ASS KISSING “hanger oners!” No Jennifer, grounded people REALLY don’t give a s**t about what you have to say.

  56. It will take more than a year just to learn who the bad guys are because she is starting out stupid.

  57. President Trump has finally got America on the RIGHT path and America is now becoming GREAT again!

  58. dummass jenn heifer—-America is not a democracy and never will be because of shitthedds like you and the US govt

  59. Jennifer all you have going for you are your looks & body. Nobody really cares what you have to say.

  60. Is she going to bring her bow & arrow to fix our “democracy?” We have a Republic you ditzy twink!

    F I X . T H I S . T W I T !!!

  61. Lawrence, like most celebrities is a legend in her own mind.

  62. Just because you can act, dance and sing does not mean you have a brain. I used to like JLO but not anymore.

  63. Lucille Stasiowski

    So lets see how miss Jennifer does with fixing our democracy ,first its not a democracy Our country is. a republic let her name one thing she is going to do …..Love to hear it!!!Maybe her year off has to do with her last bomb of a picture ,due to her spewing of her big mouth against the President of the United states that 62 million Americans voted for..let her know not paying to see her ,,,,,,…Resistance is not going to do it.Read up on the history and
    politics ,before you do anything ,before your name will be forever forgotten……

  64. Too bad being and acting stupid is not a major capital crime. Then there would be a lot fewer morons in Hollyweird.
    Who is this airhead anyway? Never heard of her. Given her remarks, she really needs a keeper–like a zoo attendant. A zoo is the best place for most of the Hollyweird morons. There are some fine exceptions so the population there is not all bad.

  65. Fix our democracy? I thought we lived in a republic? This Biatch is already showing she doesn’t know what she’s talking about going right out the gate!


  67. No big deal took her off my moves to watch list long ago / Hollywood going to be broke if these fools don’t learn to stay of politics

  68. Ms. Lawrence is a lefty loon. She is going to make an even bigger ass of herself than usual.

  69. Jennifer Lawrence you would be better off working with Mr. Thump then the falapart Demos–If you are a demos–good lock because what has happened in the past few months and years–is the demos have made the world and our country pay for the problems–that the FBi the NSA and alot of different org ==who tried to get the clinton elected–now we find all of the prooblems came from the demos in Congress and the Obama prior to Mr Trump considering to become President. Time the nation fines out the current personal in the democratic party are responsible for all the Soviet=commie and dictricator ship and lies and down grade of MILITARY COMPLETELY FALLING A PART..

  70. I was hoping Jennifer would be leaving the great U.S. for at least a decade so that she could go south and help out the VENEZUELANS. They could actually use her help if you could separate her from her millions. After 10 years in Venezuela no one would want to see her ugly mug on the big screen and hanging out with another bag lady (hillary worthless clinton) would do her some good.

  71. She wishes to help the democrats fight corruption?? That sounds like joining the US cavalry at wounded knee to help Indian community relations. I hope this actress grows up soon. She is about 28 years old and i suspect she will hate herself when she turns 56 and finally realizes what an idiot she is.

  72. Thay still have no clue why Trump won the election. Their arrogance won’t allow reflection. They feel cheated by what was supposed to be a done deal in 2016. But yea! The republicans were corrupt.

  73. Anyone joining the efforts and massive corruption of the failed and disgraceful democratic platform will be defeated from the start. The new motto with most voters is “Never Democrat”. After 8 yrs of the worst and most corrupt administration to ever run this country ( Obama) most Americans have woke up to just how close we came to loosing our country ( One world order- Socialist Sorros preachings), our freedoms, our Constitution etc. Never Again!

  74. Wont watch any more of that brainless wonder. Who can argue with stupid. Hooly-wurm can go to hell

  75. She’s in a world with the rest of the vagina hat wearing snowflakes.


  77. Liberal Tears Are My VICTORY!

    Seriously!? Not a political statement? Doesn’t anyone in Hollyweird have a FRIGEN brain? Fvck No! I remember quite vividly not to long ago, Ms. Lawrence sitting on the Graham Norton show…no I don’t watch that jack-a-lope, I did see the replays when Lawrence screamed quite loud, “Hey Trump, FVCK YOU!
    So when she says it’s not political, she, of course, is a fvcking lier!

  78. Before she quits her day job, she needs to make herself aware of the whole situation. So before you put your mouth in gear start your brain.

  79. Well here we go, Jane Fonda #2 and just as stupid, we live in a Republic and not a Democracy!!

  80. Jennifer Lawrence??? HA HA HA HA HA! Excuse me but that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard in a long, long time. Was someone pulling a joke on her to leave Hollyweird to become Liberalweird?

    That’s so hilarious that she actually “thinks” she can make a difference. Good luck with that. Cudos for giving it a try, but don’t fire your agent just yet Jennifer. Politics is getting ready to rock n’ roll later this year. Oh, I forgot. You’re going to have things all cleaned up by then…good luck with that Ms. Big Dreamer!

  81. What organization is she working with the Communist Party???

  82. So someone with zero life experiences other than acting (lying) trying to tell the rest of us what to do in our lives. I heard that a hospitalized patient with minor head trauma said If Jennifer dies and her brain is intact he hopes she would be a donor and leave him her brain because he wanted one that has never been used.

  83. Save our democracy? Someone please inform MS Snowflake we have a REPUBLIC NOT A MOB RULE DEMOCRACY!

  84. “….It doesn’t have anything to do with partisan politics. It’s just anti-corruption and stuff trying to pass state by state laws……”

    Okay Jennifer, to which “stuff” are you referring? I think you need to study up on the difference between Democracy and a Republic. And then try to define all the “stuff” you are wanting to implement. Can’t do that? Really? Okay, try this~~ go to Orange County, just drive around in your limo or Jaguar and look at the miles and miles of homeless people living in tents. They’re the ones who don’t have jobs because CA wants to give all the jobs to illegal aliens. Why don’t you give them some of your money before you start changing the “stuff” to stop corruption in government? How about starting with Pelosi, Boxer, Waters, and your very special “non-corrupt” Moonbeam~~ let’s see you stop corruption and “stuff” in your own state. And then, Jen, Sweetie, when you stop the corruption in your state maybe you can come and grace my state with your “stuff.” Good grief.

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  86. Marlene Marty Fowler-helfrick

    I don’t think she has the qualifications for this job. Lady you play dress-up and let’s pretend for a living. Hardly an asset in the real world, and your political opinions do not matter either. You and the other Hollyweirds seem to think because you are famous you should be respected for your opinions. The real world and those who live in it know you live and work in fantasy land. Nothing about you is real, including your opinions. By the way I haven’t ever heard of you, I guess because I don’t want to spend around $50 to sit in an uncomfortable chair to watch a movie when I can rent a movie for $1 or $2 and sit at home in comfort to see the same movie when it is released in a few weeks.

  87. Oh MY, how fortunate are we? Another know nothing about anything Hollyweirdo is leaving her ever so important job in order to ‘Save America’ by becoming an advocate for ???, geez, I don’t remember her ever saying exactly what it is that she has expertise in and can advocate for. But surely there is something. After-all she did appear in films where she read from monitors and followed a script written by some person with a penchant for foul language, nudity/vulgarity, and heinous actions resulting in death. This makes me feel so warm and fuzzy knowing that this brainless tramp and self-appointed ‘representative for us’, the ignorant sheep that you have make a living off of with your slut & smut career. Remember for a moment the others that rolled out last year immediately following the election of Donald J. Trump as OUR President, insulting not only Trump but those of us that voted to put him in office. They have slipped out of the public eye and couldn’t get a role in a peanut butter commercial. Some even called us undereducated, idiots, rednecks, old, white deplorable’s. I’m so glad that we have finally been noticed and I hope idiots like Lawrence continues to drop out of Hollywood. Maybe a real talent will get an opportunity to replace the caliber of low-life, no talent want-a-be trolls that have invaded our TV and movie screens.

  88. None of the celebrities named here would do any worse job in the presidency than the coarse, befuddled, bloviating ignoramus currently occupying that position.

  89. ROFLMAO, several times

  90. She’s probably made quite a bit of money by her acting experiences. But what she needs to really hope for is that somehow “dumb” will become worth money and then she’ll be extremely rich!

  91. hey Jennifer, does your momma know that she raised an idiot?

  92. ROFLMAO….tinkerbell doesn’t even know the setup of our government and she’s going to fix it???? She couldn’t find her way out of a wet paper bag with both ends open. Her latest movies tanked because she couldn’t keep her mouth shut much like a bunch of Follywood fools.

  93. She’s smoking more than just weed, she’s an over-the-top leftist who must think we Americans are stupid. But one good thing might come out of it. This kind of crap SPLITS the liberal party & therefore makes us stronger in the end.

  94. Since Alec Baldwin is mentioned, and since he has been mocking Trump on SNL for a couple of years now, when is someone going to bring back the tape of the telephone conversation he had with his daughter, 10 years ago or so, as he berated her as “a little pig”…..or something like that, in a violent rage, when she was just 12 years old, or so? This might inform the Millenials and younger, what a creep the guy is. He is a great actor, but a creep.

    Is child abuse anything less than the sexual abuse that has been recently exposed? Although all the liberals have heard the tape, I do not expect those hypocrites to expose him, but what about conservatives? The tape is out there somewhere.

  95. Jennifer needs to brush up on her American history before she joins the fight to save the democracy because this is not a democracy it is a Republic! Do your homework sweetie so you can speak to what you are actually going to “save”!

  96. I almost feel sorry for this Moron. If she would just shut the hell up and leave the Country the Majority of us would be happy.

  97. Forgive her people , she is just having a blonde moment . Go away Katness , leave things like governing to the grownups

  98. Good luck snowflake! At least it keeps your liberal azz off the screen

  99. Jennifer: Our founders considered a democracy and a monarchy, some even wanted George Washington to be our king. But old Ben and Thomas knew that democracy had failed in ancient Greece, and they were fed up with the British king, so they chose a REPUBLIC. People were waiting for a decision when old Ben told a lady, “Madam, you have a Republic — IF YOU CAN KEEP IT.” Why did he say “IF”? Why did he say it is up to “you” the People to “keep it?” So, if you want to fix our REPUBLIC, you need to understand why Democracies fail and how Republics fail. Republics fail when they are SUBVERTED by corrupt central bankers who want the nation to be IN DEBT to the private bankers; and, when people are elected to top offices who are not VIRTUOUS. A Republic depends on honest, moral, ethical people. The people who serve the PEOPLE have great power, and must be virtuous. This means the CIA, NSA, and FBI — the law enforcers– must be honorable, honest people. Because Obama, Hillary, Bill, George Bush and George W., all attempted to implement a NEW WORLD ORDER with America to be weaker than it is with less manufacturing power, and with no borders in order to serve the goal of central bankers to create a ONE WORLD BANK based in Europe, our Republic has been subverted to serve an agenda that was NEVER VOTED ON OR AGREED UPON by the People of the United States. Why should any nation be in debt to private bankers? That is the main question. How did our FBI and CIA get subverted to serve a New World Order agenda without any vote of the American people? Obama and Hillary and Podesta and Bill, and all their cronies are PUPPETS. The real MASTERS of DECEPTION are behind the scenes. What we see today is the SMOKESCREEN, a deception to cover up the source of the murder of people like SETH RICH. Goggle Agenda 21. Google Hillary Body Count. Google President Andrew Jackson and why he ran a campaign to close down the CENTRAL BANK of the UNITED STATES. He won, and he did what he promised. Democracies always fail and become Communist nations. Republics will fail unless the PEOPLE become educated and virtuous so that the common people can do what founder Ben Franklin said, “IF YOU CAN KEEP IT.” The answer is, YES, WE CAN. YES, WE WILL. But the American people must take action. We, the People, are the creators of the federal government. We must act as the parents and as founders of the Republic. We must renew and restore the Republic given to us by Georege, Ben, Ttom, and their friends. Let’s not disappoint them..

  100. Jennifer, Jon Stewart gave up after years of trying to destroy the people who didn’t go along with his dystopian utopic dream. He realized it was impossible. He had a huge show with millions of viewers. Rotsa ruck.

  101. This Kunt kap would have a better shot at running for Guvnor of Jerry Brown?

    The Liberal Demo-Turds are desperate they’re going to have to pardon a lot of pedophiles, and they can’t do it at the local level.

  102. Maybe Jennifer will run as Opah’s Veep.

  103. Who the hell is Jennifer Lawrence?

  104. she also said she was going to “fix corruption”. I guess she just pi$$ed off the demonRats. we can also eliminate the failed DOJ & FBI. Jennifer has the con. what she doesn”t realize is that she giving up her most productive years. Their aren’t many senior actresses in hollywierd. they start dying off at age 50. They are all so full of themselves. Besides breathing, what has she ever done for the country that allowed her to make millions.

  105. she is so full of thit, her eyes should be brown.

  106. First we would have become a “democracy ” in order to save it. Twit.. we are a republic, a democratic republic..big difference, this form of government is designed to stop rabble rousing air heads from taking our basic constitutional freedoms. Take a permanent leave of absense, who cares..

  107. …and she’s going to do all this with her 8th grade education. Shut up and act.

  108. FIRST this dip wad needs to learn that the United States is NOT, never has been, and, hopefully, WILL NEVER BE a democracy! We are a REPUBLIC, Ms Idiotlawrence, to protect ourselves from simple majority rule. Go back to high school and take a civics class – if you can find a teacher who isn’t a flaming liberal (doubtful).

  109. Who the hell is Jennifer Lawrence ?? my suggestion to her is to get her so called friends is to leave the country and start one for themselves they don`t belong here. that would improve our democracy and clean out some of the swamp rats.

  110. I don t really go to movies much due to their choice to make movies about homo s and trannies and their overly sexual scenes so who is jennifer lawrence?

  111. Tired of seeing that ditzy acting fool in the news! She wants to fix our “Democracy” because she obviously doesn’t know we have a Representative Republic. If she can read a script she should read about the Founding of this once Great Nation! These idiots set us back every day and it will take that much longer to MAGA.

  112. Give her 15 years and her fake boobs will be slapping her knees just like her lack of brains will be obvious every time she passes gas………A “Has Been” before she ever gets there…..

  113. Not for nothing. Did anyone watch 60 Minutes last night? The interview with Ms. Lawrence. Granted, decent actress who dropped out of school at age 14. Is this the message we wish to send to our kids…drop out of school to become an actor. Ms Lawrence is that one in a trillion. Successful and rich yes but for how long? She admits herself all this could end tomorrow. Not my point…I don’t think government has to be all that complicated, our politicians make it that way to hide what they are doing but all and all I don’t think a person with an 8th grade education is the answer


  115. ROFLMAO……she’s stopping for a year to “fix” the democracy. She’s stopping for a year because her handlers told her to take a year off because her movies are flopping in hopes the din will die down, but it ain’t happening. She ran her ignorant mouth too often and she is now the loser, period, as she needs to be. She doesn’t even know the difference between a representative republic and a democracy.

  116. Will she do that with or without clothes…..Take along your cell phone Jennifer, you never know what you might show next……

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